The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 18, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1891
Page 6
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THE REPUBLICAN. STAKtt A. MATTOCK, PablUher*. ALGONA. j : s IOWA Epitome of the Week. INTERESTING NEWS COMPILATION. CONQRtbSIONAL. Second Ho-tsloii. TJTK Senate adopted a resolution on the 9th calling upon tho President for correspondence relative to the importation of products of the United States of A bill to i uthorlzo the construction of a bridge across the St. Louts river between Wisconsin and Minnesota •was reported....In the House a bill was introduced to prohibit aliens from obtaining title to public lands. The sundry civil bill was passed. A joint resolution was favorably reported prohibiting tho manufacture, importation, exportation, transportation and sale of all alcoholic liquors as a beverage m the United States. IN the Senate a bill to divide the judicial districts of the United States into ten circuits was reported on the 10th, and tho naval appropriation bill ($3l,r,fi-1,000) was considered....In the House tho bill appropriating 5200,000 for tho extension of tho public bulletins at Dallas, Tex. was passed over the President's veto. Othe bills were passed increasing to $100 a month th pension of the widow of General Cnster; for th_ transfer of army officers on the retired list from the limited to the unlimited list when they at tain the ape of 64 yours, and to make Nashville Tenn., n port of delivery. ON tho llth bills were passed in the Senate to construct a bridge across the St. Louis rive between Wisconsin and Minnesota; continultn the laws of Nebraska in force in the Tcrriton of Oklahoma till July 1, ISUI, and tho r.aval ap proprintion bill....In the House bills were passed to establish a record and pension offlc In tho War Department, and providing for thi selection of n site for a military post at San Diego, Cal. IN the Senate on the 12th bills were passed establishing pier lights at Ahnapee, WIs.; foi the relict of settlers upon certain lands in Iowa groining a pension of $103 a month to Genera N. P. Banks; establishing a port of delivery a DesMoines, la., and the District of Columbia appropriation bill ...In tho House the time was occupied in discussing the legislative an propriation bill. THE Legislature of New Jersey passed a bill exempting foreign Insurance companies from taxation and imposing an additional rate on domestic companies. Fotm railway employes were killed in a collision at Elmira, N. Y. _ GOVERNOR BIRD, of the Indian Territory, was organizing- the militia to eject intruders from the Chickasaw nation. The Government would assist. It was estimated that there were at least 10,000 intruders. JACOJJ WKKKK, living near Sidney, O., was shot dead by William Cisso, a from tho years. Bv shaft an DOMESTIC. an explosion of g-as in the new at Simpson & Wutkins' mine at Wyoming, Pa., two men were instantly killed and two fatally injured. TEN THOUSAND DOLLAIIS, half of which was in bills and half in Government bonds, was found in a Pullman ear in Chicago by Henry Prentice, employe of the company. WILLIAM II. AKXOUX, chairman of the Pan-Republic congress, has issued a call for a meeting- of the general committee of two hundred to take place at Washing-ton April 10. A PASSKXGKU train was thrown from the track near llanclalia, la., by a broken rail, fire immediately broke out and the entire train was consumed. No one was injured. HELENA, Ala., was swept by a cyclone, several buildings being- wrecked and three persons badly injured. _THKKE miners intombed by the rush of water in the Susquehanna coal colliery at Grand Tunnel, Pa., were rescued after going five clays without food. _OVER 17,000 miners in the Councils•ville (Pa.) coke regions struck for an advance of 13 per cent, in wages. The fight promised to be a long and bitter one. CHARLES MoTvnr, imprisoned for for- g-ery at^ Columbus. Ind., was fatally shot while attempting to escape. EXPLORER STANLEY denied at Akron, O., the story that he intended to present to the Salvation Army all the valuable presents, diamonds, etc., which he had received from monarchs and others. AT Leopolis, Wis., Charles Knock killed his wife and committed suicide. They were an aged couple and had frequently quarreled. THE visible supply of grain in the United States on the 9th was: Wheat, 23,358,790 bushels; corn, 2,501,951 oats 8,218,092 bushels. A JOINT resolution asking Congress to enact a law providing for Government loans on farm lands was passed by the California Legislature. THE twenty-seventh anniversa^ of the tunnel escape from Libby prison during tha war by 109 Union officers was celebrated in Chicago by seven of the survivors of that event. Ex-Cm- HKGISTKR UHN P. ALLKN, of Memphis, Tenn., pleaded guilty to robbing the city and was sentenced to ten years in the penitentiary. JOHN FRAWLEY was indicted at Lafayette, I ml., for advocating the lynching of a negro murderer George liennett. FISHER C'OUI/I-KR'S saloon in license town of Frcdericksbnr blown up by dynamite. THE frozen body of Joseph Freeman, editor of the Daily Progress of Independence, .Mo., was found in a cornfield near his home. Two MASKED men entered tho house of James Lindrem, near Manchester, la., chloroformed his wife and stole a large amount of school funds kept in the house. IN the recent blizzard in Omaha five persons perished and many others were missing. THE old mansion at Appomattox, Va., in which Lee surrendered to Grant, has been purchased by a Niagara Falls (N. Y.) company and will be made a museum for war relics. WALTER and Teddie Friederickson, aged 0 and 10 years, while coasting at Salt Lake City collided with a streetcar and were fatally hurt. Two HOYS aged 10 and 13 years, who had frozen to death in the late blizzard, were found near Utica, Minn. KEY. EDWARD EVERETT HALK, Sirs. Mary A. Livermore, Uev. JSIinot J. Savage and others have signed an agreement to form a society at Koston for the investigation of spiritualism. BI/WJLAKS robbed the notion store of Joseph A. ISigel & Co. at Cincinnati of $50,000 worth of silks and velvets. _M.\iE, AUGUSTA HERO, a famous Swedish artist, committed suicide at New York with morphine. THE San Miguel Consolidated Gold Wining- Company was formed at St. Louis with a capital of $1.5,000,000. General li. F. liutler is at the head, and the object is to buy up and control all the free gold claims of the Sun Miguel rnin- district. named the no- O., was neighbor, while stealing corn hitter's barn. Weber leaves a widow and ten children. TIIK Indiana Legislature passed a law making- it a felony to conduct a bucket- shop, deal in margins or rent a building for the purpose. Ix a hotel at Columbus, Kan., Louis P. llolscy, of Arizona, shot his wife, who had instituted proceedings for divorce, ancl .then committed suicide. A rASSKNGKit train was thrown down an embankment near Maynard, Ia., and sixteen persons were injured, some seriously. JAMES GAFFNKY, of St. Louis, placed $3,800, the savings of years, in a stove for safe keeping. Some time after he started a fire in the stove and the money was consumed. NATHANIEL GHKKNK, book-keeper for Farmsworth & Ruggles at San Francisco, was said to be $30,000 short in his accounts. THE First National Hank and the North Middlesex Havings Hank at Ayer, Mass., closed their doors. IN a quarrel over a girl at a dance at Palmyra, Kan., John Uenton and Hale Cooper were fatally injured. TIIK shortage of J. Eldridge Pierce, the absconding secretary of the City Loan Association of Wilmington, Del., was placed at 600,000. TRIO iron ship Bruce and two tugs were sunk in the bay at New York and eighteen lives were reported lost. D.USY JiuKXK, sent to the Illinois penitentiary for life for murdering a woman, was pardoned. She had served sixteen years. GKO.KHE C. GIBSON, of Peoria, 111., secretary of the great whisky trust, was arrested in Chicago on the charge of plotting to destroy the Shufeldfc dfs- tillcry (which would not join the trust) with dynamite. JACOH FRKUNDLICH and his team were drowned in sight of 100 people m the Ohio river at Evansville, Ind. A BILL to rcsubmit to the people the question of a prohibition amendment to the constitution was passed by the North Dakota, Legislature. The Census Office announced the population of Michigan to be :2,0'jy,SS9. ONK IIUX-DRKD converts were immersed in the river at Owensboro, Kv., as the resiilt of a revival meeting. ALLAN M. Muni'iir, a l?araga°(Mich.) farmer, was fleeced out of 83,800 by New York "green-goods" men. TIIK .British steamer Thanemore, which left Baltimore for London on November 2(5 last, was given up as lost. There were forty-six persons on board. THE Missouri Legislature passed a bill prohibiting pool-selling in the State on horse races and elections. EinvAni) JACKSON, ex-member of the .ndiana Legislature, committed suicide 3,y hanging at his home near Lawrenceburg-, Ind. FIFTY of the Indiana survivors of the Mexican war held a reunion at Indianapolis. EXTENSIVE prairie fires raged through out Hale and S wisher counties in Tex as and thousands of acres of range were ~ tally i destroyed. AT Kearney, N. J., non-union em ployes of Clark's thread-mill were at acked by a crowd of men, women and children, and nearly every window in he mill was smashed by stones thrown jy the mob. JUDGE WILLIAM LEWIS, of Pincville vy., who had been suppressing bloody ends in that region, was shot and tilled by his own son, Sidney Lewis whom the judge had put under bond as >ne of the unlawful gang. THE Lake Superior & Northwestern ailroad lias changed its name to the Dultith, Mesabic & Northern. BY an explosion of natural gas at La ayette, Inci., four persons were inured, two fatally. THE National Miners' convention a' Columbus, O., adopted a resolution that all miners and mine workers in tho United States demand the eight-hou work day .May 1 next. A Fimo at Aurora, 111., caused a ios, of 8105,000. AT Wichita Falls, Tex., a fire destroyed five hotels and four business houses. O.NE HUNDRED certificates for 100 shares each of the American Sugar Trust, aggregate face value £1.000,000, were pronounced in New York to be counterfeit. THE river which was rapidly rising at Cincinnati drove out of their homes sixty families. AT Sumner, 111., John Graham was sentenced to thirty years in the penitentiary for killing Duane Johnson, of Kussellville. AKTIIL-K MCALLISTEB, of Cleveland, O., was elected president of the National Builders' Association at their annual session in New York. AT the meeting in New York of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association James W. Scott, of Chicago, was re-elected president. ^ TIIK mines recently discovez-ed at Florissant, Col., prove to be rich in copper instead of gold. THE entire edition of the Steamboat Springs (Col.) Inter Mountain was excluded from the mails because it contained an item pertaining to an entertainment to be given by school children in which a watch was to be given to the person holding the lucky number. A SINGLE man held up the assistant cashier and a clerk at the Citizens' Bank uf Minneapolis, Minn., and swept the into a bag, but he wa.s captured as he was leaving the buildin"-. THE Idaho Legislature met In Joint convention and elected W. H. Claggett United States Senator. He will contest the seat of Senator-elect Dubois. DANIEL LOOPEK, an ex-soldier aged 101 years, died at his residence near Carrollton, 111. R. HOLLAND DUEI.L died at Cortland, N. Y. He was a member of the Forty- second and Forty-third Congresses. SAMUEL Monray.who came into prominence during the Presidential campaign of ISSO, ancl who was arrested in connection with the "Morey Chinese letter," died at Nashua. N. II., aged 08 103 ist, joy' Yorty' cei' /on^ AND P °H TICAL - towiism&.J* 0 Irish National- secured hiur turer ' died at New the next ehtii 8 of injuries recurs, 'own by a horse MRS. THEODORE FRENCH, aged y^nrs, died at Syracuse, N. Y. STEPHEN S. HARDING, Governor of Utah under President Lincoln, died at his home near Milan, Ind., aged 83 years. FOREIGN. F. H. MOUSE, United States Consul- General to London under President Lincoln, died in Surrey, Eng., where he lived since his retirement, aged 34 yeai's. THE steamer Chiswick, bound from Cardiff to St. Nazaire, struck a sand bank off the Sicily islands and sank, and the captain and ten seamen were drowned. SIR JOHN MACDONALD, Premier of Canada, in a manifesto to Canadians says the reciprocity idea is vailed treason, and says that unrestricted trade means annexation to the United States. ON Baron Wodlauer's estate in Hungary twenty peasants were devoured by ravenous wolves. A REPORT was circulated at Toronto, Ont., that arrests of prominent politicians were pending on the charges of treason. BOYD BROTHERS, dry-goods dealers at Toronto, failed for .5100,000. CABLEGRAMS from President Barillas, of Guatemala, ancl President Begran, of Honduras, say that rumors of a revolution in Honduras and Central America arc untrue. DURING January the poll tax on Chinese arriving at Victoria, B. C., was 8:3,817, an increase of §801 over the same month last year. OVER 3,500 unemployed men in Toronto, Ont., paraded the streets bearing a flag with the motto: "Bread Work." IT was said that King Alexander, ol Servia, who is now about 15 years oi age, was suffering from a dangeroiis chronic malady. AT South Colchester, Ont., M. Brown, aged 84, led to the altar Mrs. Margaret Clickert, aged 97. The groom had buried four wives ancl the bride moxtrned the loss of five husbands. Her last husband died two years ago, aged 124 years. THE development of smokeless coal mines in Tonquin, China, shows much larger deposits than were at first believed to be possible. A GERMAN explorer stated that the whole of South Greenland was covered with a sheet of ice that was 5,000 to 0,000 feet thick in the valleys. UPON landing at Folkestone, Eng., Messrs. Dillon and O'Brien were arrested, ancl they would be taken to Ireland to serve a sentence of six months for alleged unlawful agitation of the home-rule question. THE boiler in the Quebec Worsted Company's factory near Quebec, Can., exploded, partly demolishing tha works, and at least thirty-two persons were killed ancl more than a score wounded. ANOTHER woman was found murdered and horribly mutilated in the Whitechapel district of London. She was believed to have been a vii'tius of "Jack the Ripper." or LATER NEWS SENATOR STOCKRRIOGE introduced a bul in the United States Senate on the l.'tth to incorporate the National Guarantee Loan & Development Company of _the United States, which has for its object the amelioration of the condition of the poor. The copyright bill was discussed. In the House the legislative appropriation bill was further considered and finally passed. _ ONE man wa.s killed ancl three fatally injured in a boiler explosion in a board mill at Elkhart, Ind. _ATGuthrie, O. T., Mrs. Frank Alcorn ailed her three children by accidentally giving them an overdose of medicine ADMJUAL DAVID POUTER, the hero of many a naval battle, died suddenly in \\ ashmgton on the 13th of fatty de'«vn- cration of the heart. He was 78 years of age. - JESSE H. PROCTOR and Frederic* Young were hanged at Dover, Del., for murder. BY the explosion of a boiler in a flouring mill at Windsor, Mo., ILL. Smith, Jhomas Thillberry, Walter Beaman and Charles Sturtevant were instantly killed. MRS. LA FRANCE ancl two children lost their lives in a burning dwelling near St. Albert, Ont., and Mr. La 1 ( ranee was fatally burned. NKW counterfeit $5 Treasury notes Have been found in circulation in New i ork. The bill is signed \V. S Kose- cransas Register, J. N. Huston as Treasurer, ancl the work is poorly done. ELEVEN persons in St.' Louis were poisoned by head-cheese purchased of a farmer. O ne would die. MRS. KEHOE, 60 years of age, and Mary Ann Keardon, ten years her junior, were suffocated by smoke during a fire in their home in Chicago. AT Austin, Tex., Sam Alexancler was fined &i50 for mailing lottery tickets JN the United States the business tail u res during the seven days ended on the lath numbered 397, against 800 the preceding week and 303 the corrc.spond- ng week last year. Cfi A ui.Ks HITTER, teller of the First National Bank of Evansville, Ind., was "fcported short §50,000. MR. LAUHIEH, leader of the Liberal party m Canada, said in Toronto in an- svvor to Sir John MacdonaW'smanifesto igamst reciprocity with the United Mates that the policy »f the English government was a failure and a fraud •vlnc-h farmers and artisans alike should ondemu. Sir liichard Cartwright said nat Canadians were bound to have un- estricted reciprocity with the United 'tates. ADMIRAL PORTEH. Death of tho *-lr§t Naval Officer-Arrange ments for ing Funeral-Sketch of Ml Life. WASHINGTON, Feb. 14. — Admira David D. Porter, who has been in fail ing- health for som time, died suddea ly on Friday a his residence in this city. Dr Wales, the physi cian attending Ad miral Porter, waf hastily summonec to his bedside, but the Admii-al was dead before he arrived. All of tho members of the DAVID D. POKTKH. f a m i ly were at home at the time of his death. Wore was at once sent to the Prcsidcnl and i the Secretary of the Navy ancl the flags on the White House and'on all other public buildings were placed at half-mast. Sccrctai-y Tracy at once visited the family and conferred with them in regard to the funeral arrangements. It was settled that the funeral should be marked with the highest military honors and that the interment should be at the Arlington National Cemetery. The President was informed of Admiral Porter's death by an orderly, and sent a feeling message of sympathy to the family. He subsequently sent a message to Congress notifying that body of the death. The funeral will take place Tuesday at 2 p. m. The Navy Department will be closed, the flag will be displayed at half-mast at all navy yards and stations and on board all ships in commission, and seventeen minute guns will be fired at noon from each navy yard. The department will be draped in'black and all officers of the navy and marine corps will wear the badge of mourning for thirty days. The honorary pall-bearers will be: Vice-President Morton, General Schofield, Senators Manderson, McPherson and Hawley, Representative Boutclle, Hear Admirals Rogers, Almy, IIowclls, Crosby and Stevens, and Governor Pattison, of Pennsylvania. The death of Admiral Porter has been so long expected that it caused little excitement. The Admiral has for several months been practically dead to the world. He has not left 'his room since he entered it in October, on his return from his summer home at Newport. His death finally came from the rcsxilt of a combination of causes, not the least of which was his advanced age. The Admiral's death will result in no naval changes. Though nominally on the "active list," he has been in practical retirement for a great many years. In fact, he could not be retired except at his own request and that request the vanity and ambition which have ever been the Admiral's strongest characteristics would never permit him to make. He long ago determined to die at the head of the navy in name if he were not so in fact. By his death the rank of Admiral ceases to exist. The ranking officer of the navy now will be Rear Admiral Kimberly, who was executive officer of Farragut's flagship at Mobile bay, and who two years ago lost his own flagship, the Trenton, at Samoa. Admiral Porter leaves several children. One son is a Lieutenant in the navy, another is a Captain in the marine corps, and David Essex, the eldest son, was formerly an officer in the army. There are also one or two daughters. One of them recently married Captain Campbell, of the army. During the war Admiral Porter received more than §100,000 in prize money and since 1870 he has received $13,000 a year as Admiral. He therefore leaves a very comfortable estate. David Dixon Porter was born in Chester Del Juno 8, 1813, and after studying- in Columbian college, Washington, accompanied his father in the John Adams to suppress piracy in the West Indies. Subsequently he' served m the Mexican navy and in ]f entered tho United States navy as midshipman. His promotion was rapid until he became commander. When tho civil war broke out ho had charge of the steam frigate Powliatan, which was dispatched to join the gulf-blockading squadron at Pensncol* Then, in 1861, lie was 'placed in command of the mortar fleet which assisted Admiral Fan-asm in bombarding Forts Jackson and St. Philip below New Orleans He also assisted in the operations at Vicksburg, though the navy did not take a conspicuous part in the capture of that city In 186-J he acted as rear-admiral of the Mississippi squadron, mid in January of the following year helped General Sherman to capture Arkansas Post. In 18<H ho had command of the fleot that bombarded Fort Fisher, and in 1805 took part in the capture of the same fort In tho course of the war Porter was four times voted tho thanks of, Congress. After the rebellion he wa.s made Vice-Admiral and served as superintendent of the naval academy until 1889, being then detailed for duty in the Navy Department at Washington. He was appointed Admiral of the navy in 1870.] GOING ON~A TOUR. President Iliiri-ison Contemplates an Extensive Trip When Congress Adjourns. WASHINGTON, Feb. 14. — President Harrison is expecting to make a pretty extensive trip after Congress adjourns. No President has yet gone out to the Pacific coast, but this is what General Harrison expects to do. Presidents Hayes and Cleveland swung around through the Mississippi valley, and President Arthur went as far as the Yellowstone valley. Senator Stanford some time ago invited President Harrison, on behalf of .the Pacific coast, to make a visit, and the invitation was conditionally accepted. Now the President thinks he can go. He. will probably be accompanied by one or two members of the Cabinet. The South will also be visited. The journey will probably be begun in April. WOMEN IN VARIOUS PEACES. IT is said to bo a curious fact that all of the girls in Wellesley College who lead their classes are blondes. THE gamblers of Peru, Ind., havft been warned to leave town by a committee of sevcut/jsrfive women. THE Sultan of Turkey has conferaed upon Mrs. Whitelow Eeid the order of the Shefkat, the highest Turkish decoration that can be given to a woman. A MBS. FLETCHEB, who died lately ia England, was a direct descendant of Jo»n Hart, Shakespeare's sister, and the owner Jof the poet's jug and stick. She WM a prosperous {run-maker. ~''' ' ?JAC« CORES PROMPTLY AND P&RUAiwm,? ... fiora Throat, Swellings, Frost-bites, Sprains* Brnlgct, Bmmg. Scoldo. tHB CHABIE9 A. VOOEILEB pp.. BattJmott, W, IP YOU IMMOB jitctt HE AI» ACT tJEI.tllllNG J If y«n» loot! «l'ocsVjot"a«I •imUatti ana you have no appattte, ,. 1>UMJ1 ACttTE, COS* trill ettre tliene troubles. Try fttetm you have nothing to lose, tin twill n-nln • vigorous body* 1'rlce, 25c. per box* SOLO EVERYWHERE. E Hero ohown is the most magnificent flowering vine In cultivation, eitlier for the house or garden, for it Is loaded with b pom every day in the year. In tho houne it can bo trained all around a window, and will be a solid wreath ot bloom. both summer and winter. In the garden, its charming beauty surpasses everything. Flowers, intense scarlet, tipped with yellow, tho most brilliant and striking combination, and borne by the thousand, each flower keeping perfect over a month before fading. It is of the easiest culture, and euro to thrive for any cue with ordinary care. It can be trained on a trellis, strings, or used for drooping from hanging baskets; In any way a perfect mass of the most lovely flowers and foliage from the root to tho tips of the branches. „_,„... ,,„.,« ,„ - l ts great beauty and novelty attract every eye. Supply limited, and this ofler will not appear again. Order at once, and if you are not ready for tho plants now wo mVnmfii Sw Il i*T l «Sfif1ri?n ^ hcn y .°, u sa ?- i >KIOE ot 6tro "6 Plants, of tho truo variety. AUIKADY mlDl)KW OtJ BL«, by mail, post-paid, guaranteed to arrive in good order, 80 ccnU each, two for , , order wo will add another clci nnt novelty free. is An elegant largo bulb of the Amaryllis family which commences to . .-.- ., - - j- . -» bloom soon alter it Is potted, sending up great spikes of lovely, lares pure white blossoms of exquisite fragranca and unsurpassed beauty. It is oneof the oddest, sweetest, and loveliest flowers grown. Large bulbs which will soon bloom. 85 cents eneli, three for 6O oeuti, post-paid, or for 00 aenta wo will scud UmtttUn Vino, SplUcr Lily, a Superb Seed Noyelty and Catalogue. SEEDS, BULBS, PLANTS, Extra Choice, by Mall Post-paid. n Extra choicei mixed Gladiolus, flowering bulbs, aftt. I 6 Grand Lilies, B sorts, Including Auratum, BOo. f New Doable Pearl Tuberoses " " 'c5«. 6 " Cacti, different sorts named, 60cl 6 Rare Chrysanthemums, 6 sorts named, 60c.' 80 Bulbs and 10 pkts. Flower Seeds, all different, SOe. ^PEfilfiL flPFFH The abore liberal offers are made to Introduce our superior goods. We •will send, nT V 7?. tils post-paid, everything offered tor only Q&.&OI Manettia, SpiCttr Lily, Gladiolus. OUR BLU^ICflTlTflfiilp 8 ' ( ^ Ct8 " p " r ^ B '^°^ B '° eftCart ln blne > ot FLOWER AND VEGETABLE !?„„.? ToT if* j j U ¥M C * SEE08, BULBS, PLANTS, ANI» HAKE I'ltDITB. ia tha finest ever Issued. 123 pages, hundreds of elegant engravings, Stippla Lithograph Covers and 6 large colored plates. Wo 3 nnest novelties in Flowers. Vegetables ana Fruits, notably: Our great Japanese Wincberry, Floral ims, Butterfly Orchid, Star Phloxes, Water Plants, New Roseo, Dahlias, Gladiolus, Chrysanthemums, .-.-,. ° v . u e greatest collection of rare Cacti and Flowering shrubs. Tors elegant and expensive Catalogue will bo sent tor only TEN CENTS, which is only a part of its cost to us, or if you order anything here offered and ask for a Catalogue it will' be sent FREE Address ««>»w «S@HM LEWBS CHILES, Flora! Park. Qu@ens Co., H. Y. Your health is a citadel. The winter's storms are the coming enemy. You know that this enemy will sit down for five long months outside this citadel, and do its best to break in and destroy. Is this citadel garrisoned and provisioned ? The garrison is your constitution. Is it vigorous or depleted ? How long can it fight without help ? Have you made provision for the garrison by furnishing a supply of SCOTT'S EMULSION of pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites of Lime and Soda ? It restores the flagging energies, increases the resisting powers against disease; cures Consumption,Scrofula> General Debility,and all Ancemic and wasting Diseases (especially in Children}, keeps coughs ana colds out, and so enables the constitution to hold the fort of health. Palatable as Milk. -f' and ls P™scrib«d by the Medical Pro- scientifically combined i» 8 u clx . eet ?h^Tn?£;~^S 0tt ' 8 E ? ul ? io « lsc PUt «PJn salmon-colored wrappers. Be sure and lold bySl D'uggF/tlP y y SC ° tt & Bowne ' Manufacturing dfemisU, New York! .EST OF ALL RUE TO NAME ES EiCP RY US ONCE URE TO PLEASE EDS. END AGAIN. tffl»^%Wtf«&'«B5S HORRORS «r ***• w? m«« .,„, to, ^^

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