Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 30, 1911 · Page 21
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 21

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 30, 1911
Page 21
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SUNDAY MORNING. OAKLAND TRIBUNE APRI L SO, 101L 21 ESTABLISHED 1834 GRANT AVENUE NTRANCES UTTER STREET POST STREET SEMI-ANNUAL SALE OF ORIENTAL RUGS FOlXiOWTNG THE PRECEDENCE OF FORMER TEARS, Sh 33htt SflttEJ.. WTLIi COMMENCE THIS IMPORT- SALE TOMORROW (MONDAY), MAT 1. MIX. A SAVING OF 20 TO 40 PER CENTTROM THE REGULAR SELLING PRICES WILL. BE MADE ON EVERY RUG IN STOCK. : ALL THE WELL-KNOWN WEAVES OF THE ORIENT WILL BE REPRESENTED. j AN INSPECTION WILL THOlROUGHLY CONVINCE INTENDING PURCHASERS. IT' WILL AMPLY REPAY' THOSE NOT IN IMMEDIATE NEED TO ANTICIPATE THEIR WANTS. RUGS WILL BE HELD FOR FUTURE DELIV ERY IF REQUESTED. BEE WINDOW DISPLAY .ON SUTTER ST. NIL TRIBUTE IS PAID DEPARTING BROTHER Students of St. Mary's Hold Re-ception in Honor of Rev. Zeticus Joseph, T : WORM OF PRAISE ARE " UTTERED BY SPEAKERS Former Prefect of Athletics Is to Go to Belgium at' v Once. : -i ' SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. IN ORDER TO CONFORM STRICTLY WITH THE LAW LIMITING TO EIGHT HOURS PER DAY THE WORK ' of women. QJhe -tUhit Sous. OPENING AS us- UAL -AT 9, WILL HEREAFTER CLOSE AT 5:45 P. M., ONE HOUR BEING ALLOWED FORLUNCH. " ' C J SAN FRANCISCO Passengers' iistaKe Brings Steamer BacK i A.SAN FRANCISCO, . April 29. The rots-Take of ten passengers who had bought tickets for Portland on the steamer J.' B. Stetson, but called on the steamer Kla math, this afternoon, caused . Captain Johnson to return to port a couple! of hours after he had sailed. The error was not noticed until the Klamath had Vrosssed the bar and had directed her course for the north. The . passengers were lanaea at inc eoawau, oun "'m" tne steamer aaraln proceeded to fa, I BOURBICHICES GOOD, SAYS BRYAN - it 1 . Am ; ' f ' . -I -v EFTS A Little Money Goes Iong Way via Santa Fe. ack East TT-I Excursions SALE j)ATES. May 1. 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 31. June 1. 2. 3. 6, 7, 8, , 1014, 15, 16. 17, 28. 29. SO. July 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,19, 20, 26, 27, 28 I " August 3. 4. 5. 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22. 23. 28, 29. 30. - I September 1. 2, 3, 4, 6, 77 f To destinations marked tickets will also be sold on October 12, 13 and 14. ROUND TRIP FARES (Direct Route). Atchison, Kan. . ..$ 60.00 IJaltimore. 3Id ..107.50 Most on, Mass. . 110.50 Chicago. 111 72.50 Colorado Springs, Colo 55.00 Council Bluffs, la.. 60.00 Denver. Colo. 55.00 Dallas, Texas . . . . 60.00 Duluth. Minn. , Houston, Texas Kansas City, 51o. . . . . Leavenworth, Kas. . . Mnphis. Tenn , Minneapolis, Minn. . , Montreal. Que ....... ; v Orleans, La 1 Work. N. Y. . . . I Yi, Neb. ......... L . Colo ilelphla. Pa. ..... FA iand. Me. . .. , jyM " ......... S. Joseph, Mo.. St. Louis, Mo. St. Paul, Minn.. Toronto Ont. .Washington, D. C Limit, October SI, 1911. Stopover at Grand Canyon. x Always tickled to talk tickets. JTf. WARNER, T. A. RIGDON, 4- Cien'l Apt. Pass. Agt. -U 1112 Broadway. I Phone: : Oakland 425; A. 4425. Lu W. POTTER, Agt. Depot. Fhone: Piedmont 10SS; A. 1033." 79.50 60.00 I' 60.00 60.00 70.00 73.50 108.50 - 70.00 108.50 60,00 55.00 108.50 113.50 116.50 60.00 70.00 73.50 95.70 107.50 Attends "Peace Dinner" and Reviews Actions of Demo- . . crafs in House. ; CHICAGO. April ; 29. William J. Bryan is In the city; and attended tonight's "Peace Dinner." Ho de clared the present ', harmony of the Democratic party, as shown in the smooth working of the House majority In Washington, was a bright omen of success In the Presidential campaign next year. "I am very much pleased with the progress the Democrats are making In the House said Bryan. "So far they have done excellently and I have no doubt from the spirit they are manifesting they will continue to merit the approval of i the public, as they have in measures thus far presented. Asked as to what forces he attributed the harmony In the House, Bryan said: .. j "Champ Clark has exerted a strong Influence In bringing the party to gether, but i the result would have been Impossible but for the progress of public opinion along Democratic lines. This is the largest and most encouraging factor in the present ait' uation." . .. BRYAN , OFTDnsnC. Bryan Is optimistic as to progres sive measures in the Senate. He said progressives are" In the majority on the Democratic side and will control the caucus when it meets to consider partv measures. ' He declined to discuss the11 availability, of any men for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 1912. "It is too early to discuss the can didates." he said, whe nasked to give his opinion as to the availability of Governor Woodrow Wilson of New Jersey, Governor Harmon of Ohio, Spearker Clark and other prospective candidates. j "When the ' time comes I shall let my views as to each man be known; What I might say now would be misconstrued purposely by some." A final tribute to Rev. NBrother JZetl eua Joseph, who leaves totaorrorw for Europe, was paid by the suderts of St. Mary's College and numeroWfriends when they gathered in the St. Mary's gymnasium last Bight for a farewell reception to the popular educator. The reception was under the auspices of the faculty and the associated students and consisted of several musical numbers and recitations, addresses by representatives of the faculty and the student viody and a farewell talk by Brother Josef k. Brother Joseph paid an espet4al trib ute to the members of the faculty and his many friend-who have helped during hia work at St. Mary's College, declaring that his work signified' nothing unless viewed In Its relation if, to the cause of Christian education for which he had been striving. . Brother Joseph told of the condition of the St.- Mary's College students when he.: first as sumed prefectship six years ago,' and at the present time, saying that during all the time that he had charge of the student body that his . ideal had been, not to have St. Mary's stand IJrst in its various fields, of endeavor, but to come out on top honorably. - PAYS COMPLIMENT. : . He paid an especial compliment to Rev. Brother Vellesian. the former president of St. Mary's and to Rev. brother Flor- inus, his successor and the present head Of the institution,- insisting that the pres ent favorable condition of the students is mainly the result of their aid. and cooperation. ' . .- r - The reception was opened byi Rev. Brother Lewis,' the present prefect of discipline at St. Mary's, who as aj representative of the faculty, sketched the career of Brother Joseph since he first entered the Christian Brotherhood when but a , lad and spoke m glowng terms of his labor and seal in beh'rif of the cause that he , had espoused Clifford Russell, president of the Associated Students, conveyed the felicitations of the student body upon Brother Joseph's promotion and spoke of the regret with which his departure Js felt. I. GIVEN HIGH HONOR. ! Brother tJoseph leaves St: Mary's tomorrow and is expected to : arrive at Lambecq-Les-Hal, Belgium- where the mother house; Is of .the Christian Brothers. within a mftnth. Ttf'ts expected that Brother Joseph will; be stationed at the Christian Brothers University in Brussels as Instructor joT English. Brother Joseph's promotion comes as a recognition of his splendid work of the coast. ! Brother Joseph has been prefect of discipline and moderator . of athlf tics at St: Mary's for the past six yeai. Previous to hisappointment at .'Sty. Mary's he was a member of the faculty at St. Joseph's Aeademy.t Berkeley; ; He also filled a position of WJngllshi instructor at the Christian Brothers' , Institute, Walla Walla. Brother Vantaslan, who will succeed Brother Joseph as , prefect of athletics, has already assumed full charge of the athletic situation and the various activities are in full swing under the new management. - AwAIT DECISION NIC SE Chicago Judge to1 Render Verdict On Banker's Habeas 'Cor pus Writs. LEG O S INFEST MEXICAN sum UH T Dust and Electric Storm Gives T Insurgents Rumors, of - Broken Armistice. STORIES AT FIRST . . -ANNOY REBEL CHIEF After Flurry Is Over Prepara tions for Peace Conference Are Resumed. (By EDWARD H. HAMILTON.) EL PASO. Tex., April 29. While a dust storm swept the-insurrecto camp today the electricity, in the air gave life to all sorts of stories and rumors of marching federals coming from all directions to the relief of Juarea and the" breaking of the armistice. Federals have sprung out of the desert like Falstaff a men In Buckham and in Lincoln Green. They have generated in Chihuahua after the manner of toadstools after a thunderstorm. Thousands , of them have' marched - In all directions, but chiefly toward OJinga, Today, however, the advance of the phantom host was toward Juarez. Up came the following dispatch: "CHIHUAHUA, April 29. More than a hundred freight cars loaded with 1000 federal troops and equipment left here over the Mexican National railraad today for Juarez. The troops are commanded by Generals Rabago and Oro, and are provided with guns and ammunition for heavy action."- J .REBEL CHIEF ASTONISHED.' ; When Francisco Madero.was shown this " dispatch he seemed to .take it more or less seriously, saying:! "I am astonished at the troop movement in the zone which is included In the armistice agreement. Will certainly stop any troop movement into Juarez. I have men stationed along the National railroad below Juarez with orders to , stop-any troop movement over that line. "It may be that the federal officials In Chihuahua do not know of the re newal of the armistice and the terms upon which it was based and have sent the troops. out of Chihuahua for this reason. I will make a presenta tlon of , the case to the Mexican gov eminent probably through General Navarro and Insist that the terms of the armistice be kept." "Will you allow these soldiers to reach Juarez?" - "Certklnly I will not. Most cer tainly not. My men have orders to stop them and they will do so." In any event General Navarro will not permit the repairing of the railroad which Is largely controlled by tne insurrectos and Madero will not permit the repairing of the railroad largely controlled by the federals, and on top of the story that Rabago was coming with 1000 men came another tale that Peace Commissioner Carba- Jal had left his oncoming train upon receipt of a telegram from the City of Mexico. .... ; . MADERO EXPECTS PEACE, Alarmists took this as a hint that peace negotiations were to be broken off. But at the same time Madero seemed calrmy assured that peace; will result and that all the revolutionary leaders will agree to the terms ; ar rived at here. Tomorrow Madero! will have a conference with his chiefs; and Dr. Vasquez Gomez, who will be here at that time. Gomez Is expected to be Madero's peace commissioner. Should Senor Carbajal arrive by Monday the peace conference Is expected to open on that day. , , . E IS BREAKING LAI' RE UPHELD Man Justice Fined for Violating Came Regulations Gets Sweet Revenge. TWENTY JUICY DUCKS i CAUSE ALL TROUBLE Alter Mulcting Warden-$100 for Possessing Birds Court ' Pays Like Sum. ; BRTTLE, Neb. April 29. -Justice Otis, whose decisions affecting the rights of married women have attracted attention the country over, has himself been caught in the meshes of the law and has fined himself $100. V : ' , Henry Nelson came here from Fremont and out of season killed twenty wild ducks. The game wardn caught him red-handed. He .was taken before Jus. tice Otis, where he pleaded guilty and was. fined $5 on each due in his possession. . The money was paid over and the Justice took possession of the birds, remarking to the game warden: -"The law provides that all game Illegally killed shall be destroyed. Now, here are twenty Mallard ducks and If you will leave them with me I will see that they are destroyed and you win not need to pour coal oil over them." - . GAME AS THE DUCKS. The game warden did hot get out of Brule as Wot as he expected, and a few hours later going to the home of Justice Otis, he found the family at dinner and with two deliclousry baked wild ducks on a platter in front of the Judge. "What does this mean?" asked the warden. -V - - --- "It means wild ducks for dinner. Will you sit down and help me out. You will find them cooked to a turn." The game warden refused to eat of the ducks, but addressing tne judge said: "Judge, having these hires in your possession, you are Just as guilty of a viola, klon of the law as the man who shot them." "Right you are, and I am going to fine myself." The Judge immediately convened court in his dining-room and entered a plea of guilty. He imposed a fine of $100 upon himself, which he at once paid. ' Want EarlyAction K on Twin PeaKs Bore C NTT NS DAfiGERS OF FAT KOW FAT AFFECTS THE UVEA jJVER. Next to the heart, there is no organ of the body mora susceptible to an abnormal i n - crease of fatty tissue, than the liver. When the liver becomes too fat. its action is impeded, allowing the fat-making. foods to make more fat than is needed for normal symmetry": The liver, ciegged with excess fat, 'becomes inactive, and, front disease, the nature of the organ ender-goes a change. Constipation, bead-aches, biliousness and similar local disturbances of the system are not the least of the fat man or woman's troubles, for the rolls and layers of fat on all portions of the body increase, clogging other Organs, paving the way to obesity. All this can be avoided, if the proper remedy is resorted to at once . Nothing ever d iscov-ered for the removal of fat is so effective as the famous Marmola Prescription. However, from the same high authority came Marmola Prescription Tablets, containing all the elements of this sure, harmless Prescription and offering a more convenient means for reducing to normal weight at the rate of 10 to 16 oz. a day, without dieting, exercise or resulting wrinkles and flabbiness. Marmola Prescription Tablets are sold by all druggists or the Marmola Co., 75 Monroe Ave., Detroit, Mich., at 75c the case. CHICAGO, April 29. Developments marking the latest phase of the Helm Senate ccfmmlttee's investigation into the alleged $100,000 Lormer slush fund centered today about. the courtroom of Judge Petit.' who is to render his decision Moday or i the writs of habeas corpus which hve secured the temporary liberty of pfdward" Til-den and his 'banking confreres, cited before the bar of the! Senate on charges of contempt, t. - Judge Petit refused to ;see a.hy newspaper reporters unft .after he had rendered his decision.!: Attorney J. J. Healy, iteunsel for the Helm committee, ani ounced he had completed for the' preient the examination of the books f Edward Hines, who is charged with "p.utting Lorimer over." Ho refused to state whether he had found any pertinent evidence. Further -examination of Hines" books will depend on the, committee's attitude fter Hekly makes his report. ; . Attorney Healy Intends, making a vigorous attack on the wrt of habeas corpus on the fact that thuwrita u-om Issued before the men actc lly were ar- resiea. ii is Deiievea ay the Helm committee that . precedents can be shown Indicating that such procedure invalidates the legality" of the court papers. ; ' ! 1 ". . Boy Leaves Home With His Dog and a Dollar SAX FRANCISCO, April' Fred Bruning, the 14-year-old son of Mrs. Fred Bruning, 50 Athens street, not liking the idea of returning' to school after m. two- weeks' vacation, took his little fox terrier and a dollar early on the morning of April Z4 and left home. I The police have been notified of nls disappearance and the parents nave-hsi' stituted a search, but no word has been received of the boy's whereabouts. It is thought that he may be found working on some ranch' in the vicinlty of San Francisco. : i ' : He is small for his ageandvwhen he left home he was dressed in knee trousers, black coat and a slouch hat, much too-large for ' him. Hla'lface Is slightly pock-marked. , : . ATTTOlf 0BXX2 R0ADSv TO" BYB03T. P Are in splendid condition." Take a weekend run to this delightful watering place; enjoy the Invigorating baths nd the restful environment of this typicU California health and pleasure resort. RED HAIR WHITE Metabolic Poisoning Following Injuries Makes Great Change in Victim's Appearance. 4 ' ALTON1. El.". April' 29. Frank Baul-fleld, whose hair once was a bright strawberry tint, is i now gray haired although he is only. 33 year old. The hair turned to silver' white following Injuries Baulfleld received' in a wreck on a railroad. Bauifield was a victim of the ru briquet Ked,".as is the fate of all auburn-topped persons of the masculine gender, bur no more will that familiar nickname apply ;to him, for not a tinge of scarlet remains on his head. Surgeons attribute the change In Baulfield's hair to metabolism produced in his blood at the time 6 fthe wreck, which also cost him a leg. The metabolism is a poison which In some cases is carried in the- circulation to the hair and destroys the coloring pigment. Doctors in this section say Baulfield's case is the first they know of. red hair being so affected. SAN FRANCISCO. April 29. The Board of Supervisors in : a communication sent to them today by! a large number of interested corporations and individuals has been asked to take Immediate action to obtain from the city engineer plans and specifications for the proposed tunnel Sunder Twin Peaks, lii order that the project may be carried out as early as possible. Thar ptp'posi tlon j is that the easterly end of OS tunneli should be at or near Seventeenth and Market streets, and Its westerly termination somewhere near the Relief Home, on the Almshouse tract, s The petitioners i believe that the entire cost of the tuinnel, with the expense attending the securing of rights of way, can be provided by the creation of an assessment district and r the issuance of ten-year street improvement bonds, as provided for in the, recently adopted charter amendment. Jt Is not Intended that the city shall be put to any expense ia the matter. ! . TO RESUME RIS DENTAE PRACTICE Dr. Jesse B. Schafhirt, Formerly Manager Rex Dental Company, Opens Private Offices on San Pablo Avenue. ' A $50.00 Wedding Gfu From the Oakland Furniture Co. to a May Bride and Groom Who Will Be Married in Our Store Windov BOXING BOUTS HiSE WELL Carcl at Pleasanton On Night of May 6 Carries Good Talent. '.. . j ''.:.'. rJA - V B f- ' J ,J" ' s ' . " . - r PLEASANTON,1 April 29. The Trtons bouts which ara to be pulled off at tba Nerls Opera Bouse on the ereninc of ' May 6 hare been arraaced for.- and though one of the mala treats has been lost on acconnt of postponement. Professor Warren of tha Oakland Clnh has secured a better one In tba person of rehan, who will meet Jim Phillips of the Wheelman's Club In a sls-rounl boat. Two special erents, one between Ed Camp! or tba East Oakland Club and Charles Barnes of tne Wheelmen, aod another between Harry Whitaker and Manual Vierra. will keep tba fsns on their feet all the time. For the preliminaries. Jo Murray of the Wheelmen win tangle with Jlmmie Gordon, the local whirlwind. , ' . ' '' Harry Harris, who rongtit here' some months so at one of the Pleasanton Club 'a cards. Is to meet M. - Brlones, the Texas Kid of Pleasanton- George Neablt of the Wheelmen is to meet Eddie Smith of ths East Oakland Clob; Ted feblne of the Wheelmen is to meet Pete Thomas of th East Oakland, and Frank Ma-loon of the Wheelmen is to meet C. Ford of the San Francisco Club. ; : j Close " out Apgar Furnitur C. at auction Monday, May 1, 10:80 a. m.. Broadway and Eleventh streeM Oak-i We want every young couple who are jto be married this summer to know how beautifully a home can be furnished at this store and how easily everything can be made lovely at the very start. Just to show how delightful it; all is wc want to have a pretty,-dignified wedding right here in the store and, as the host, we will give the bride a $50.00 gas range or dining I table as a wedding gift. ' Any couple who wishes to avail them selves of this offer, please call at the . ! 1 Oakland FnmitareCo Corner Twelfth and Clay Streets and we will make all arrangements. We can insure a beautiful setting and a delightful wedding. EDUCATION IS FARMERS MECCA University Exhibit IV Shown the Residents in Vicinity ot Pleasanton. Fillowa and mattresses sTertfiaefl and I Broaaway ana luievenxn streeaa made orer. J0 28tb at. Oafe ; j 0y land. J. A, Munro, auctioneer ' -.. x - - v I , - . ; ! . Those who know and appreciate hlsh- class dental work will be glad to learn that Dr. Jesse B. Schafhirt, who for years has been associated with the Rex Dental Cpmpany in the capacity of manager. will not discontinue the practice of his profession upon his "retirement from, the above-named concern, which took effect last week, but has already provided offices at 72 San Pablo avenue, corner of Sixteenth street, where he ia now prepared to attend to the dental wants of the many mentis ne maae in cis old connection, and to any and all who appreciate hisrh grade, thorough dental work. Dr. Schafhirt is prepared through years of experience before coming to Oakland, to execute the highest class af workmanship in his line. For a number iOf years the doctor practiced in Washington, D. C, and among his clients were included many of the best people in the naUonal capital. Later coming to California, he built up a lucrative practice and made many friends in his connection with theKex Dental Company. Now that he has discontinued his relations with the latter concern, the doctor hopes to see his large clientele at his own private offices on San Pablo avenue, where his specialty of personal attention to every patient will guarantee the jmoat satisfactory results in the dental line. The doctor's reputation in dentistry has been made through his wonderful treatment of loose teeth known as Pyorrhea, or Riggs disease, and also for the replacement of lost platea without I plate. i PLTT-AS ANTON, April 1 . '.ends! by one of theilargeat c.-cmls that lvl ever been seen at its opsnlng in all It (travels throughout ! the country, the special agricultural and horticultural car owned by the Southern Pacific railroad company, and traveling under the auspices of the professors f the State University, made its formal I exhibit in this city today. Farmers from all ever the valley traveled into town to view the wondefs of practical farmlngr; andKhougbT the same car will be thrown open t3(,ne. public at Niles tomoi-row. many of the residents of that city, wishing to take advantage of its teachings, were at the doora before they opened. i , Field crops, soils, fertilisers, animal industries, veterinary science, the dairy, horticulture, viticulture, irrigation, native birds and mammals, entomology, plant diseases, poultry, home economies and the rarm scnooi tutu n. - ..vki .r in charare of a man well versed in each subject. CLUBS TO CRUISE.--BAN FRANCISCO. April 29. The Hen-. . i.,,v, ' cnniisrht has been chartered by the Oriole Club Of the Mis sion district for tomorrow. and friend! of the members numbering about fifty will spend the day cruising around the; bay. ' J A. Munro, aucUoneer, will sell tomorrow.! 10: 30 a. m.. Broadway and Eleventh streetas lot of furniture. Iron and brace; beds, etc. ANNOTTITOZMEMTS J. N. DAVIS NT Forced to the Wall Steinberg Fire, Smoke and Water Shoo Sale Will Continue at 0C2 Washington Street. J. N. Davis of Sen rFrftnclsro has arrived to dispose of the balance of the hlgh-grsde footwear which was slightly damaged by fire on February 25. J. N. Davis wishes to announce to th .public that rather than pack nl ship wtho shoes he will give the publlo the bmj-flt by placing them on sale at less than one-half cf what they are worth Tt will ,be a grand, mad rush for bargains. As a matter of fact, so many sales are brought to notice that one might say, What guarantee have I that this Is genuine and the prices are what they claim T It is wll known that Mr. Davis does not lend his nam to any fake sales. ; A lnrge force of clerks are now busy murk-Inn downi every pair of shoes In the houis It will pay you to wait until Wednesday a the store will he closed Monday and TuosdaV.I Watch and wait for announcements, Ira THE TRIBUNE. LAUNCH ON TRIAL TRI. SAN FRANCISCO. April l A fw J5-foot launch for the United States Engineering Works has Just been completed and was given a trial run upon tht bay Th. .raft wmm riiillt rv flwinifiri. the boat builder. H8w USING. OIL BURNERS. SAN FRANCISCO, April 29. The liar, vey & Roberts water tug Water NympK has been Installed with oil burners during the last few days. It is said thai the saving In ful over that of coal will amount to fully 60 per cent. All the N ew Memdo Corsets are Wow ohm MM ELF-RETJUCINfj 72 Display inn Oor " Corset Departmemiii: t 459 Thirteenth Street, Near Broadway

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