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APRIL 23, OAKLAND TRIBlSNE FRIDAY EVENING OAKLAND MS LOSES' CUBE TO BECOME BAROIJESS BIG CIRCUS PROUD OF ITS IfflT' FOUND IN r- Gill Ell I 0 HI LL PACT M0DEST0 Baby Hippopotamus Is Pet of Grace Cameron in Trousers Broke Oft the Love Match." tne sells-Floto Aggregation. 1 SOCIETY MAIDS AND MATRONS TO APPEAR VAUDEVILLE i ySWmSBMBSSBeSSTBlfWMMSMWir MSSSiSSSSSBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSBSSSSSS T- 4 -ph- frf Vu- Pretty Mae Atwell Wanders Away Without Informing Mother. IMPATIENT AT RESTRAINT SHE GOES ON VISIT Of course, every self-respecting circus has a baby. The Sells-Floto people have several, but oue they are most proud of is "Bon," the baby hippopotamus. How he happened to be christened is not of any grave consequence.

"Bon," you know," is the French for -good perhaps that's the -why of It. We don't know whether appreciates his name, but- he answers to it and fills the requirements. I "Know his name?" sniffed Allspaw. the animal trainer, the other day, when some guileless stranger in the crowd wanted to know whether "Bon" was cognizant of the fact when he was personally ad Vacation With Friend Results 1 in Tallinn flnt thA I nral inglo-American Arbitration Is favored by Prominent; Englishmen Premier Asquith Attributes to President Taft Credit for Movement PT SF 9, I BBS Detectives. dressed.

"Know his name?" Well. I should say he Don't you, "Bon?" "Bon" winked one Bleepy eye at his keeper, ruffled his porous cuticle And op ened his cavernous mouth. "That's the way he has of expressing himself, said his keeper. "Almost every Impatient under the restraint imposed upon her In her home life, and feeling the lure of freedom and adventure, Miss Mae Atwell, the' pretty 18-year-old daughter of Mrs. Inna Atwell of BBS Thirty-eighth avenue, left her home three days ago without giving her mother any lntfmation of her intention to (leave home.

The girl went with a Miss Brown, a friend, to Modesto, and there spent her little vacation while her mother, In her anxiety over the girl's disappearance. Invoked the aid of the police, as she believed the girl had been kidnaped. Grace Cameront' a pretty and accrrn. pllshed actress, well known to theateT goers, now appearing at the Orpheum Theater, has become quite famous in theatrical circles for her unsatlable ta! for adventure. Had it not been for this same love she- might Vave been a baroness.

Miss Cameron was taking a special course a few years ago In operatic sinking In Milan. While there she met an Italian nobleman, the Baron of Roselli, a young man of much wealth and high social standing; At the conclusion of course Miss Cameron returned to America, where, according to arrangements, the Baron was to follow and ttt wedding was to take place. The Barnn arrived in due time and seemed to more in love than ever with his betrothed. 1 MASQUERADES AS MAN. Preparations for the wedding wer rushed and the beautiful Miss Cftmron was being showered with congratulation! and good wishes by her companions In stage life when there was a rift.

It was a suit of clothes which made ths course love pause. When ths nobleman came face to face with' lila betrothed in broad daylight 'and upon the public street clad in the habiliments of a man it was more than he could bear and all negotiations were called off. Miss Cameron had a reason for hei masquerading. A relative had charge "of experiments with the submarine bout Shark, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Mlsi Cameron long had cherished a desire to take a cruise in the submarine boat and he pestered her official relative so that at the last he consented tor "take her on board on condition that she disguise herself as a midshipman.

Singers Who Will Society Benefit Tonight From Left to Right Top Row, William Woodside, Miss Ethel Beeleck Wiiliam Moyer, Mary Smith, Ray Larkey. Ray Morris, Miss Minnie George McCraith. Bottom Row Left to Rightr-Miss Alice Man-ley, Miss Grace' Meysel, Miss Marie Ross, Miss Lila Gannon, Violins Ernest Kauffman. Raymond Durney. H.

Schumacher. Will Hutton, LONDON. April 28. What Premier Asquith described a "thi venerable Guild Hall. without whose seal of approval no popular movement In London is really launched, witnessed today a meeting for the adoption of resolutions pledging the city to the Bupport of Anglo-American complete arbitration.

The Lord Mayor of London, In his scarlet robes and with the mace in front of: him, held the center of a temporary stage. On his right was the pJme minister, at Ills left former Premier HalfouA leader of the opposition in the House of Commons, while massed about the mayor wre the archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster, Lord Loreburn, the lord high ohaooeUor; Lord Strathcona, high commissioner of Canada; Sir John G. time I speak to him he opens his mouth. It's his way bf telling you he under- stands what you are talking about. Oh, he's is.

"Hurt anybody? Oh. I don't know. That depends. wouldn't be a good thin for a stranger to go Into his cage. probably resent that as an lntrusionon his privacy.

But, say, I ceuld go to sleep In 'Bon's' den and he'd never make a' fuss. We're good friends, you see, and hips mighty sociable with keepers when they know them." Though the hippopotamus is a very timid animal despite Its huge size and great power, it sweats real blood, not through fear or angec, but from the cold, to which it is not by nature accustomed. The Sells -Flo to shows come to Oakland on Monday next for a two-days' engagement It must not be forgotten that this year the price of admission has been cut in half, a fact which will undoubt Miss Mary 'Smith. J. Robinson.

'Cello Hj J. Starkweather. Flute C. Eaton. Solo cornet T.

W. Maguire Jr. Trombone F. McFarland. Double base I Cleverlng.

Clarionet Ed. Magulre. Comet Chester Steele. i Brums-i-Walter Fink. Accompanist Miss Eva Steele.

ALAMEDA April 28. Society la Interested In the organ to: be given at Adelphlan Hall tonight by the Cecillan Choral and Dramatic Society. Following Is the program: i Overture T. M. I.

Orchestra Monologue 1 Walter Perry (Orpheum Circuit). Peerless Trio "Something I Will SaywelL Webb Randolph, i Ray Brouillet. Club Swinging J. J. Lehmer Glimpse of Falryiand Selections M.

I. Orchestra Solo ..,4: Mrs. Lillian Accompanied by Miss Rita Thompson. Comedy Sketch Dude and American Girl Daly JDeane (Orpheum Circuity. Selections i Cabrilho Council, T.

M. I. Glee Club. Solo Miss Ethel Beeleck. "Ten Me, Pretty4 Double Sextet Misses Messrs Marie Ross Geo.

McCraith Mary Smitb-J" I Will Woodside Lila Gannon Ray Grace Mysel Ray Larkey Minnie Kist Will Flanagan Alice Manley Will Moyer (Under direction of Miss M- Cleaves.) Overture. M. I. Orchestra Director." Prof. T.

W. Magulre. Patronesses Meadames Mc Carthy. Wj H. Hynesj Edmund Burke premier of New Zealand, and other M.

T. Hal ton, Chas. Foster, T. O'Connor, C. P.

Pnd, T. King, S. Poorman, J. Tobln, D. DeBernardJU J.

J. Tompkinson. The committee of arrangement 1 This morning when the mother had become almost franUa with anxiety and worry over, the fafieibf her daughter, she received a telegram from Modesto, which read as follows: I am all right, with Miss Brown. Will be i home toaay. "MAE." INFORMS POUCE.

Mrs. Atwell hastened to mrorm the police that her daughter was In safety with friends; and to have the search for the girl discontinued According to the police the girl was kept under rigid restraint in her home life. Mrs. Atwell Is a widow and since her husband's death she has, had the exclusive care jpf her daughter Mae. Fearing that the loss of the paternal influence might have a bad effect, she was very strict in her manner toward the girl, a Mae Atwell Is between- 18 and 19 years of age and Is very pretty.

She is of the brunette type, has brown hair and eyes and Is a petite, well-dressed girl. With the spring came; a spirit. of adventure, a desire for freedom and liberty. Submitting herself to the "wanderlust" she did not tell her mother of her plans for three days vacation in the country, for fear she would be denied. 1 Baby Eugenie Clmcnard Accompanied by Miss Queen.

(a) Won't you Come and Splash me?" (b) Parasol dance. (c) I want to play house with you. Mrs. F. B.

Cramer, Miss Margaret edly tend to make this ever popular attraction still more so. notables. Over their heads the Union -Jack and Stars and Stripes were entwined. TREATY MARKS NEW ERA. Mr.

Asquith and Mr. Balfour spoke eloquently of the treaty first proposed by (3Presldent Taft, declaring that It would mark a new era in civilisation, but both Cleaves. Miss Mary Smith, Geo. Mc Cralth, F. B.

Cramer (chairman). BLOCK IDENTIFIES PAPER President Refuses Par dbn 'pointedly disclaimed' that a peace pact between Great Britain and the United CARLSTON PLANS TRIP TO EUROPE States providing for the submission of all differences to arbitration would mean an To 4 Convicted ISlebrashans THAT OF WILSON alliance between.the two countries. Mr. Balfour warned his hearers, than whom. TO BE EOECTEO D.

Wilson to Make Substan- WASHINGTON. April 28. President he said, none in the world felt more the burden of preparing for war, that the treaty would not mean the Immediate duction of armaments. Kytka JJecIares Wrapper on the Nebraska Land and Feeding Company, with principal offices at Ellsworth, Neb. The evidence at the trial showed they had induced-homesteaders fraudulently to claim thousands of acres of land which was turned over to the' corn-pay for grazing'.

Richards and Comstock were- sentenced to a year and Jameson and Triplett to six months. The meeting represented the democracy WUieuy pacKing a uit.c-5 wim a ibwi x'll 1 1 4 1U necessaries, the girl left horne, and neg-f- 1131 ImprOVCmentS On 1 4tn nprovements on Taft today refused to pardon Bartlett Richards, William G. Cometock, Charles C. Jameson and Acquilla Triplett, wealthy Nebraska who had been convicted of conspiracy to defraud the government of grazing lands along the Wyoming border. The men are owners of Street Property.

With Taft the Central National Bank President Will Travel of Knglaad rather than the aristocracy. Among those on the platform were- the Bishop of Hereford, the Earl of Aber Poison Was Identical With That Used by Prisoner. lected to leave a note to relieve her mother's anxiety. As a result a number of detectives were glaced on tne trail, and every effort was made by the police departments of several cities to locate the girl. deen, Lord Lieutenant of Sir George H.

Reed, high commissioner of Australia, agents of all the other British SAN FRANCISCO. April 28. -Theodore colonies, along with representatives of Ranches Raided by Horse Kytka, the local handwriting expert, this morning identified paper, found in the the banks, the railways and the steam ship companies of England. Premier Asquith; said in part: room of JohnS- Walter Wilson at the WANTS $25,000 FROM TRACTION CO. Netherland Hotel, asHiImllar to that in J.

F. Carlston, president of the Central National bank of this city," leaves May 6 on ia trip to Europe, which will keep him the continent for the next eight weeks. He will be accompanied in his Joumeylngs by H. C. Taft of the well-known firm of Taft A Pennoy-er.

They will sail from New Tork May IS on the steamer Berlin of the North German Lloyd, one of the finest of the Thieves; Animals Sent Here NOT DIPLOMACY'S CHILD. which the poison was wrapped which was responsible for the death of Henry "Xhe unlcjue situation which have Boas The witness that he FRESNO, April 28. Horse thieves met to recognize and welcome has not Next Monday 'morning A. T. Wilson, vice-president of.

the Security Bank and Trust Company, is to-egln the construction oa modern business building Immediately east of -JJia First Methodist church on Fourteenth street opposite tli new Capwell building now In roumn of construction. It will hate a fronta of fifty and a depth of 100 pet, will be four stories in height with a mezznnlne ajid basement, the, last-mentioned of which will be used for display This will give the tenants the use practlly of six The will bn'of brick and steel, of ornate cjterlor and has been rented for a period of ten yenrs by the furniture firm of Busey Ml hun, which ls-now located on San Tahlo avenue near ElgtifXenth street. The building contractor Is Percy Walker, whir Is now building the Hotel Oakland. The new structure in to piwt $100. ono.

was not necessarily a paper expert, hav floating marvels which ply between this ing never had anything to do- with the manufacture of pulp, but declared that a posse of Coalinga citizens scoured the country in search of the bandits, but failed to locate them. It is said that the thieves shippped the animals to accomplices in Oakland, who sell them at auction. Sheriff McSwain went to Coalinga today to investigate. He may deputize ranchers to assist Mm in the-, work. have raided several ranches in the mountains between Coalinga and Los Gatos canyon, according to information received at, the local sheriff's office today from Constable Arnold of Coalinga.

In most cases the thieves have taken but one horse from each ranch. Yesterday. been organized or engineered by the apparatus of diplomacy. The seed which the President of the United States cast fell on ground 'prepared to 7 receive iC That which a few years ago, even a few months ago, might have been regarded as the dream of idealists has not only under the microscope the two papers seemed to be identical. Suit was filed in the; Superior Court today by Mrs.

Mary Sears against the Oakland Traction Company for $25,000 damages, alleging that on April IT-of this year, while attempting to alight from a car at Firty-flrst avenue1 and Ease Fourteenth street she wa thrown to the ground in such a manner that she sustained severe Injuries. She claims that the car started before she had alighted. S. Sears, the husband, is also a party with plaintiff in the suit Counel for the defendant attempted to rehearse the testimony of yesterday in passed into the domain of practical which it was shown that Kytka occa- but has become the set Vled purpose of two great democracies. lonally made mistakes, but-: the court TO BOOST LOCAL LEAVES MANSION "The profound significance of the new ruled against him.

departure Is thaC between Great Brtt- and the United States, whatever- the country and the shores of Europe. This is the first trip which Carlston has made abroad and has been designed solely with the; view to rest and recreation. He declare he will pay no attention to business of; any kind, regardless of what inducement; might be offered to disrupt the season iof rest which he has planned for There is no person who knows Mr, Carlston who. does not entertain the hope that his Journey may be attended with unalloyed pleasure, because they know that he richly deserves the respite he is 1 taking by reason of his unremitting attention to business for the past few years, involving as it did the successful conduct of one of the strongest national banks on the Paelfio coast. Than H.

C. Taft there is no more companionable gentleman with whom to travel abroad, because of his urbanity and equipoise, as also because of his acquaintance with every part bf the con tylty of the issue and the magnitude Ihe Interests Involved, whatever the FOR A SHANTY MANUFACTUR ES Mrs. W. L. Brubeck Tires of Chamber of Commerce Committee to Give Aid to the Business Interests.

Life With Spouse and Stepchildren. Preferring a life in a- shanty with tinent, for the reason that for years there has not been a -year that the gentleman has not eent some months traveling abroad either in search of pleasure or The manufacturers" and producers' committee of the Chamber of -Com purchasing; the novelties of foreign design or conceit which have been a feat ure among the attractions' of the store of rhickens and a cow to a life of, plenty In a handsome home with seven step-children and a husband 23 years her senior, Mrs. W. Brubeck, wife of a -wealthy country land owner and San Francisco business man, has taken up her abode In a shack at Douglass street and Thirty-f ijfth avenue, And apparently this arrangement has proven an-amicabie one to the husband as well as the seven children, and it is Taft Pennoyer. REPRESENTATION mf IP (Is? ft Jpf I 'yj After you leave San Francisco, you reach Stated that the capitalist is pondering the CLUB HAS RALLY Rdvisabillty of suing his young- wife, who, bv the' is his third, for divorce.

Four pi the stepchildren are nearly as old as the young wife. Miss Edna Brubeck, tho oldest, being but four years the unhappy Junior. I "I had to do it." said Mrs. Brubeck. "I had either to ask Mr.

Brubeck to send1 his children away or leave myself, and I chose the latter. There was no houi larere enough for his children and myself. I discussed the matter with my husband and he bought this little place for me. I told him he could secure a divorce if he wished to. I would not oppose Strong Political Organization of Fruitvale Indorses Frederickson.

poignancy of the feelings it aroused, there will be a feeling for the abandonment of war as a possible solution and the substitution of argument for force; for the suppression by Judicial methods of the old ordeal of battle." IMPLIES NO MENACE. After declaring that this implied no menace to the rest of mankind and did not provide for aft Anglo 'American alliance, aggressive ors defensive, the premier continued: x- "But we may hope and believe that other things will follow. It is not for us to dictate or to preach to nations, but If the United States and Great Britain renounce war a step will be taken of Immeasurable and Incomparable significance in onward progress of humanity." MOTION INTRODUCED. Mr. Asquith theri moved the following resolution: "That this meeting of citizens of London, assembled in the Guild cordially welcomes the proposal of the United Stales in favor of a general treaty of arbitration between that country and the British empire, and pledges Its support to the.

principles of such a treaty as serving the highest interests of the two nations and -as tending to promote the peace of the world." There was tremendous applause, which continued until Mr. Balfour arose to second the resolution. The opposition leader said that Anglo-American arbitration seemed nearer to fruition at this moment than ever before. Some, he faid, regarded it as an Idealistic dream and believed that when the clash of conflicting interests came all paper barriers would be swept away, nd, he continued: 'v Tt is true; that it Is folly ti make International laxy go. far lh advance of pub- lie opinion.

I cannot imagine a greater blow to civilization than if, or, I will say rather, when, such treaty was matiie, either party should break it. but as far as I can read opinion on both sides of the Atlantic I cannot endorse these views. I believe that the great mass of public opriion on both sides favors this move. If the skill of diplomats can embody this feeling in a treaty I do not believe when the I stress of international difficulties corrte-it will be broken. WHY ARE VALUABLE.

"Some ask if public opinion is thus, why a treaty is necessary. I do not believe that these logical dilemmas represent what actually happens. I grant that paper formulae are useless In themselves, but If they represent the settled convic- inere was an enthusiastic meeting last night the Representation Club of THANKS TRIBUNE FOR rT-uitvale in Carpenters' Hall at the in LOS 4NGELES i merce held the largest meeting; in Its history last night and after discussing plans for furthering local business interests appointed a committee to take up the matter of looking; after the interests of local manufacturers and producers, especially in the getting of contracts for municipal' buildings arid other work. The committee consists of J. A.

Fenton, R. S. Toung, H. J. Saddler, M.

L. Hadley and A. A. Dentson. i i i Following the adjournment of the manufacturers' and producers' -i.

committee the newly formed body met and discussed plans for tho appointment of a business secretary, hose duties it will be to gret information on all questions of vital importance to Oakland contractors, builder and architects. The committee wilt also inaugurate a campaign, to increase the membership of the manufacturers' and producers' committee, besides placing it upon a firmer financial basis. A plan will also be adopted to increase and perfect the present card index list of all manufacturers and producers In Alameda county. A subscription for financing the plans of the organization was1 started. The committee will meet again tonight- rLANT FOR OAKLAND.

A communication was read I from tne California Motor Cart Company stating that it Intended to locate and build a plant in this p'rdvtdlng a suitable site could be Xounid and requesting the support y-. the body. The letter further stated that worth of shares had already been subscribed to and that $75,000 worth will be disposed of in Oakland. According to figures compiled by5 the company $40,000 leave California dally for the purchasing and up-keep of automobiles. It was stated by some of the speakers, among whom were MJ L.

Hadley, E. H. Marwedell. R. J.

J. Coburn, H. T. Parsons and A. A Den-ison, that the political code of California is constantly violated relative to giving preference to California materials for use in public buildings and other works.

ACCOUNT OF ADDRESS tersecuon or isast Twelfth Btreet and Fruitvale avenue, at which a number of speeches 'twere delivered by resident members, that the greatest in SBBS A WHI I -I 0 Jl 1 a i A qufot, restful journey. All the accom EDITOR TRIBUNE: I have noted the terest obtains there in the present cam modations of a first-lasa hotel when you trarel-by the paign. C. Frederickson was warmly inaorsed fpr the position of commission er ro. 4, and promises were made to work for him at the polls.

KT1 Frederickson Js making specialty of holding meetings at the homes of his rvara friends in i various parts pf the city, and it is understood that. In this manner, he is strengthening nis chances for election. He has; also: established hoannartor. 1 1 111 1 1 in rooms 21 and 22. in the Hotel Merrltt.

fastest, most sumptuous vessels on excellent account of the lecture by Mr. Gross published in THE TRIBUNE last Tuesday, and on behalf of the Christian fViorttpts wish to express appreciation of the way in which your paper has re- ((rud this address. Newspaper men Tiave sometimes been kicked why they made such frequent mention' of events connected with the phristlan movement, and the re-jtl has been that this subject was one rf interest to so many persons that it a news value which should not be ignored. I On people do not desire to advertise heir rellKicrus beliefs, or to'' urge their Bortance upon others, yet they stand ready to share with others the good they found, and they are glad to note jlhat editors are generally willing to give matters of public interests connected with Christian Science the same degree of tiotice and kindly comment as is given Other events connected with progressive activities in corfimunity. at the corner of Twelfth and Franklin streets, for the accommodation of his friends in; the Interior of the city.

There may be found information regarding the th Coast. No dust, clatter or cramped quarters. Brass Beds. Private Baths. Splendid Meals.

,11 i mmmmi campaign and there, from time to time, his friends will hold their deliberations for thep urpose of advancing his political Call at our office, I OjO Broadway and let us tell you interests. Educator Asks for more about these splendid trips. tii ns of the people they are International agreement with 110 more power of enforcement had made war far more civilised than' in' the past, the peakfcsald. and asked why they could not ntf ya-ar impossible. Tours sincerelv, OLCOTT HASKELL.

Bequest From Alumnus eevtng San Francisco at ilVtrSfc Leevti DORMITORY BURNS. AN ADA RKO, April Fire ROSE WELL. N. M-. April 28.

Dr. Da 4 P. Man Burns to Death On Grave of Wife i vld H. Galloway, a prominent physician of RoseweH. received a peculiar request added that he was most optimistic regarding the prospects of the treaty, but warned his hearers that they 1 should not mix up' the question of morality of war and the methods of avoiding It with the question of reducing the burdens "of armaments.

i early today destroyed the three-story dormitory of the Rrverslde Government Indian school on the Washita river, north of this city. today front Edmond James, president of For further information, foUen, tickets or feservatiom, apply to any of offices. Pacific Navigation Co. the University of Illinois, Galloway's alma mater. President James asks that KoDiays, Fridays, YTetfBesday, Satardsys, Twmm Pfev TmUMm St.

Waarf. FOR LOS GILES and L05G BEACH FOR. SA1T DIEGO and C0B0XAD0 BKACH We4ae4ay Fvtaaya. in making jhls will Dr. Galloway give tthe university his library rr 600 bound vol GREAT BAREJNGTON.

April 28. Forest fires continue to. do widespread damage throughout this section. Two fires In the outskirts of GreatBar-rlngton have denuded more 200 acres of choice woodland and scores of men are at work today in an effort- to subdue the flames. One of these fires was started by--Au-crust Bersmann.

an seed farmer, whn had Archbishop of Westminster, Chief Rabbi Adler of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British empire, and Rev. Frederick 's. Meyer, minister of Regents Park chapel, who spoke for the free thurches, seconded the resolution. umea and jrequerts especially that he be 107U bnUAUWAT Telephone Oakland 3523 jjfcto, Beckwith, Agt. i SAN FRANCI8CO OFFICE queath a Ithousand pamphlets that Dr.

Premier Warl of New Zealand. whoJ GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. England would, have as great respon-rUibliities; in all parts or the world which yhe 1 treaty between English-speaking peoples could not lessen, but the determination of these irommunlties Joining to etJffcc example to the world at large wouldA only-'make for certain peace tetwtr'a them but -would mark a significant epoch In the progress of civilization. The Archbiafcop of Canterbury, the Galloway has classified according to the Dewey decimal system. The pamphlets areworths a fortune and cover every pbeen at work cleaning the weeds and CS0 MARKET Tf known branch of science and" technical knowledgel They are classified with rpoke briefly fo-the colonies, recelvedan fnthurlastlc reception.

Averbury, Lord Rector of St. Andrews' university and Lord Rothschild, who were unable to be present, telegraphed their regrets. 1 bushe from about his wife's grave in a suburban cemetery. He was burned to death on the grave by the blaze which he had started to dispose of the gathered brush. a.

system of. 5000 cards. The wuest will be granted. r-.

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