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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 18

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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FRIDAY EVENING 3 UlTfiL SUBJECTS TREATED BY MISS M. F. BROVJH i i 3QP OPEEDY GARS GIVE niHG TOUCH TO TRIALS -r. I 's. Problems Confronting Educators Enumerated by Candidate at Home Club IJieeling where the merchandise is of the highest standard arid the prices arc the lowest Dressed Woman the Gown.

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FAST DRIVERS TO BE AT THE MOTORDROME Men Who Have Made Reputations for Daring to Be at Wheels. Tomorrow th rider and drivers entered In Sunday' race at th Motordrome will have their last chance to speed around the new half-mile track at Elmhurat. For that matter the train." lng grind for most of the contestant Is at an end and the work from, now on will be only to tune up to the highest point of efficiency. This morning five of the six car that will line up Sunday were out for their last real tryout. Of all the.

speedy cars, less ha been heard ofth Veil than any other. It Is the dark horse of the lot and to pass upon It's probable chances would be hard matter. This much can be said of It: wherever It ha appeared tn a race of 100 miles or under it has always shown consistently and can be counted upon to come in under the wire away up among the leaders. SPEEDY LITTLE CAR. On car that will surprise many 1 the The Motordrome 1 Just suited forhls type of car.

AU the spd the little motor of this 20-horse power speeder will develop used to food advantage. Mile after mile, every day It has been out has been made in 64 seconds and under. This performance is the equal of some of the other bigger cars: Johnny Jenkins will return tonight from Redlands and upon his arrival at Sixteenth street tomorrow morning will make haste for the Motordrome and pitch camp inere. Interest amone the automobile anal motorcycle men Is at a high pitch. Everyone of them Is looking forward with eagerness to inaugural meet on Sunday.

EVENING PARADE. The -parade scheduled for tomorrow night will start at 8 o'clock from the flagpole at Seventeenth street and Broad way. It will be divided In four sections, each one of which will line up on the streets leading into the Junction at Seventeenth and" Broadway. The rout of the parade will be down Broadway to Second street, back and up to Klghth Ftreet, thence to "Washington Fourteenth to Broadway to Twelfth and down Twelfth to Webster. Her the line will disband.

i A number of city official Including the mayor, have accepted the Invitation of Manager Prince and will be his guests on Sunday. A portion of the grandstand has been set aside for them exclusively. Promptly at- 2:30 the first race will start and th others -will follow at intervals of but a few minutes. Percy Walker, referee of the meet, is a stickler for the "running of these events with all possible dispatcn. The drivers named to handle the six autos are as follows: the Cole, No.

1, Jenkins; Cole, No. 2, S. Barker; Ford, O'Brien; Velie, Thompson; Cutting, and Maxwell. Karl Cooper. Cooper is the best known locally of any of these dare devils, of whom are eastern pilots making their premier appearance in this seotlon.

The Comet, a winner in many races around the bay, has been driven by Cooper for -the last "few years. Earl handled the Maxwell In the light car race In the Oakland Panama Pacific road race which was run on Washington's birthday. O'Brien has successfully handled th little Ford in track races held in this state and has a number of victories to his' credit. Thompson, driver of th Velie, makes his first appearance in Oakland on Sunday. It la a hard matter to get a line on him or his chances.

lie Nay drove a i fine race In the Los Angeles 24-hour event, finishing fourth against a field of big starters, up to a lear ago he was one of the National drivers and mad, a. mark for himself in the east. Barker and -Jenkins have both seen battle In Vanderbllt cup classics tn have a world of experience to their credit. Either one loks good as both have fast cars. Ladies' Hand-Made Hats Milan and Neapoli- 'C Cf tan and chip straws, pJ0J in different shapes and styles of trimmings.

There is i endless choosing in our $6.50 assortment. You will find large Miss Annie Florence Brown, nominee for school director Nb. 8, was the guest of honor and the speaker at a reception and luncheon given the Horn Club ye.iterday afternoon where society and club women greeted the popular candidate. In the course of her address she spoke at length upon the expressions uttered by ex-President Theodore Roosevelt in the Earl lectures given la the Hearst Greek theater recently. "Roosevelt dwelt at length on the fact that California" could ho longer" bring to the other states as an exeua for any failure to acoomplish th best its youth.

He pointed out. not only to the student, but to the parents, that we are no longer in 'the pioneer stage of development; that we are three generations removed from that stage. We could no longer us that' excuse for lack of advancement of educational institutions. We can no longer call for a spirit of toleration from Eastern states. As we have advanced so rapidly in our commercial interests, we need no toleration from the other states in that line, and we must, not expect It when It comes' to educational matters.

NEED OF GOOD order that our "schools may eope with schools of other ciUea, we must place upon our board of education only such persons as are qualified for that important office. We' are no: longer an insignificant hamlet, but busy, active city, with varied interests. That our school may advance in proportion to our other actlvitie. more care must be taken In the choice of our school directors. "The schools have grown to such an extent and education ha becomeso complicated that the community must demand more of its school directors, and to be successful In that office one should have at least three necessary qualificationseducation, experience and temper, anient.

"As th school is the institution whose business it is to give children the education to equip them for servo In life, one must necessarily possess that education himself in order to administer it to others; he- must understand the points it involves from the kindergarten through the university. I do not hold that one must of necessity be university graduate to be a successful eohool director, but I do maintain that he must have had either a university education or Its equivalent to accomplish the highest good in the educational work of his community. EXPERIENCE NEEDED. "The second qualification for a successful school director is experience. By experience I do not necessarily mean actual teaching in the school room, which, however, I consider Invaluable, If it can be had without the exclusion of a broader view of life.

Experience in educational matters means not only a knowledge of all topic that touch the lives of growing children, but It means a keen insight into the vital problem endangering th moral conditions of the boys and girls, soon to be the men and women of th next generation. "Th third qualification is temperament. By temperament mean not only understanding and sympathy with "-eHl educational problems, but time to devote to the solving of such problems, and willingness to give that time to look pet sonally into all school affairs. This w4H often have to be done at the sacrifice jot social functions and other person 1 pleasures. WOMAN IS HELPFUL Tt Is her that I think a woman can be helpful to the mothers of the community, and should I have the honor to be elected one of your school directors I should think it a privilege if you.

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125 San Pablo Avo, JSXXS, SIXTEENTH I PHOXE HOME A 87X4. 29c lib. Co. 16TH AND SAN PABLO CREAM 1 ICE ful f.o each other I will enumerate briefly five topics of educational interest that are now being discussed by the thinking people of this community, and will doubt less have to be discussed by i ur own board of education. The topics are Kindergartens, intermediate high schools, problems of co-education high schools, teaching of sexual physiology tn our schools, need of more practical training for the boys and girls who are going inT to business.

PART OF SYSTEM. "The tonio of kindergartens ia being discussed with great interest in this community. Ehould we make them a part of our public school system? Some effort has already been made in this direction. If the young child is to begin his education in the kindergarten, should that department not be under the executive board that supervises the remainder ef his school training? This plan met with success; when introduced elsewhere. Or should we continue to maintain by private subscriptions, as we have been doing? This is a matter of importance to the mothers cf this community, a matter that they should think of and discuss.

"By the intermediate high school Is meant that gathering together -of the seventh, eighth and ninth grades into a system like our high school. A few advantages of Jhia system are these: The beginalng of modern languages and manual training under competent teacher; also the bringing of the- vast difference between th grammar and high schools. SOME OBJECTIONS. "Some of the objections may be th extra cost of! additional expert teachers; the temporary upsetting of our present grammar school system and the taking of time from the fundamental studies. These I bring as a mere suggestion.

"As to eo-edueation during the high school age there is much to be. said on both sides of this question. The main object of a school should be to train for life. TheiJif. of a girl and the life of a boy is to be vary different, "The boy, when he ha attained manhood, must be prepared to support his family.

One of the first requisites of a successful man Is that shSuld be a good provided. The very fact of his going tnto business for this purpose gives him opportunity to come In touch with the great, problems of life, to develop his mental capacity and the dignity of his character. 1 j. AVENUES OF. KNOWLEDGE.

"Th girl will not have this same opportunity after ending her school days; therefore many avenues of knowledge muse be opened to her during her school years Permanent Interests ia life must be awakened In her during that time. She must be prepared to be not only a helpful i member of her community, but the central power of her home, the Intelligent guardian of her child. Can this be accomplished best for her in a co-educatlonal school? From a moral standpoint, does the continual association of boys and girls in the high school age, during hours of study and play, develop our strongest men and women? Is It true that the grlris have an uplifting influence upon the boys? "Would 'separating them atf this age make our- girls weak, and insipid women? Our boy, awkward and ill-mannered men? It Is a topic worthy of our consideration. TOUCHES THE HOME. "The Mbject dealing with the physiology in our schools is one of vital Importance because it touches the" home.

It is true that the Immorality that sometimes exists among girls and boys of an early age Is greatly due to Ignorance of the laws of nature? Huxley, the great scientist, who devoted much of his and knowledge gained from 'original r- search to uplifting the moral condition said, knowledge of the facts of -science Is the soundest basis for moral law! "It seemed to me that the place' to teach tbis was In the sacredness ef the home, from her, who should be to. the child the greatest of teachers his mother. But If It is not being done there, where shall it be done If not in the school? i "Are we to send the girls and boys Into a world se full of pitfalls with no knowledge of this subject, or to gain a knowl edge of it in a vulgar way? Would the teaching of sexual physiology. Jn the school perhaps awaken In the young mind a morbid curiosity that would other wise not be there? Let us give heed to this question. which is awakening interest not only Among th greatest ed- Lucators but the leader In th pulpit.

HIGHER THINGS OF LIFE. "Are we giving insight into some of the higher things of life? Are showing them that education means not only making a living, but the making of a life? Are best fitting the girl for her duty in life? Although many who do not go ta college may earn their living for a few years, they ultimately marry. Have we helped these girls to become better wives stnd mothers? Could we not do more to make them a higher type of womanhood, a more intelligent factor In the home, a more valuable member of society? Could they not be taught In th home, a more valuable member in Could they not be taught a broader domestlo science, including not only household sanitation, but 'the ar-UstJo arrangement of the home? Would pot a course In simple nursing helpful? -V "The complicated life of today-; call for more attributes In a successful woman that it did a few years ago. CoUer will not only lengthen her happy dxa, but it will keep her body well, as th5T is no greater stimulus to good health? than a mind kept busy with noble wort. It win change and broaden her ideals of manhood and womanhood.

College days are not days of mere book "iut associations" with great living It win rive her higher and mors perrs' fcent In terests In her later life. It wf develop in her a spirit of helpfulness, jj i.onlx in the but In th community It will teach her that a woman's life should be that of service; her mission, to tnlnister, rather than to be ministered I i -1 CHARGES PERSISTED SUITOR MADE THREATS SAX FRANCISCO. April 21. Eunice Blats. a clerk employed in Hales and re- siaing a hi mwni street, compiamea 10 the police that, Thomas Sibley, a middle aged man, who had been paying her attention and whom ah has epurned.

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Mgr. and small styles and the be comingly trimmed Hats embrace single flowers, large bunches, wreaths and quill ornaments with ribbons and velvet bows. With such a large assortment choosing your bummer Hat Is an en joyable task. CQ.D.' The Wireless Hero of the airship i and eight other big fea tures at tne Beginning Matinee Sunday The Bell is the coolest place in town on a warm afternoon. KATSURA IS ADVANCED IN JAPANESE PEERAGE TOXXO, April -ti.

The-adyaaces In th peerage of Premier Katsura and otbTS in connection with the annexation of Korea, are conflnnsa by th pra A change In the cabinet 1 predicted In some Liuarter. but this is not likely to occur prior" to the conclusion of the pending -The creation CKatsura as a prince Indicates the approval and con tinuance of his policies. CLAIRVOYANT AND PAL.MISTV A. Norman Del Martin ia the -most gifted clairvoyant ia the world. TT eives full names, datea, facts and figures important bualneee advic tells If huaband.

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When asked why was opposed to mating th bill a special order Browne said: "Becaua It i a bad bill and has no place here; I am againat It first, last and all the time." FRENCH CAPTAIN iN MOROCCO ASKS ARMS PARIS, April 21. A telegram was -re -ivd today by th foreign office from Captain Bremoad of the French military mission ia Morocco, dated April 12, requesting- that ammunition and men seat him. The government will comply with the requeat. I This is th glad season when a thor eughly competent graundkeepr at then baseball park would strengthen any ticket 'if he had time to run for som offlc ef Treat trust and reaponeibility. Columbus Journal.

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