The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on November 10, 1910 · Page 2
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 2

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1910
Page 2
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Hjii 2 , . THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, THURSDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 10, 1910. , ,,,, M ! I Defeated for Representative by hi If Small Plurality in Smoot's mil Home, f k FOUR SMALL DISTRICTS II ARE YET TO HEAR FROM These Will Not Change the Re- I i U . suit as They Give Repub- lican Majority, "ill I ! Special to The Tribune. PROVO, Nov. 0. With four dis- jjj tricts yot io hear from out of fifty- villi! i two in Utah county, these heini: Cedar MU Fort- Fairfiohl, Clinton :ind Hjchland, Snl' which usually jjives a Republican ran- Swffi iority, the following is the total vote C m li Cist at yesterday 's' election: J I For congressman i Howell, (K.)' Erlckson. (D ) 17CG For judge of supreme court Straup. (Rl ........ Richards, ID.) -17G4 For state senator -Gardner, (R.) R2C5 Booth, (R.) r 53o3 Greenwood. (D.) 6 Taylor, (D.) 4D6S For state representatives Packard, (R.) 53SS White. (R.) 1S5-Wootton. (R.) Hayes, (R.1 n3S6 Hall. (D. SSi Knljjht, (D.) 12S Clarke. (D.) -I0R4 Money. (D.) -IS 15 Commissioner (four-year term) Ward. (R.) 50 Fjeld. (D.) Commissioner (two-year lorni) J. IT. Gardner (R.) , ?3r,r) Storrs. (D.) 1034 County cleric Kartclincr. (R.) 521? Bnrtlett. (D.) '. 1759 County sheriff Jtirid. (R.) , 5511 Williams, (D.) J UA601 County recorder Thome. (R.) 5301 Thomas. (D.) 1700 County attorney Jacob Evans. (R.) 3347 A. B. Morgan. (D.) 47S3 County assessor Chrlstensen. (R.) -fi5S0 Robertson. (D.) ...i ' '.4727 County treasurer Pnirroyrpan. (R.I ; "29S Mrs. Hayroon. (D.) ...i.5014 r'"iinty surveyor w.-ntz. (R.) 5529 Schow. (D.) 4723 Superintendent of county schools J. P. Crecr. (R.) "r-G. N. Childs. (D.) , 3P3f. Chi Ida's majority ISt As far as the vote has been received and tabulated. Charles H. White, Republican, has a majority over Jesse Kniht, Democrat, .by onlv G2, and it is a bare possibility that this majority may be overcome when tho vote from Fairfield, Cedar Fort. Clinton and Hieli-Irind is received, as it is Ticlicved that Knight is a stronc favorite in at least three of these places. The results on tho balance of the ticket will not be materially chanced. Provo City floes not vote" on the superintendent of schools, which accounts for that vote not totaling as man' as on the other candidate?. Provo Goes Democratic. Regardless of the extra effort mado by tho church Republicans and the irtim shoe workers, with the whisper that the saints must vote to sustain Brother Smoot and the church. Provo went Democratic by majorities from 15 lo 250. E. L. Jones. Democrat, was - elected justice of the peace over A. A. Noon, Republican, by a good majority. Following is the vote on congressman, supreme judge, state senators and representatives: For congress Howell, (R.l 12S0 Erlckson (D.) 1235 Erlckson's majority 15 For supreme Justice Straup. (R.) 12S0 Richards, (D.I I20fi Richards:? majority 16 For state senator , Gardner. (R-) 1100 Booth. (R) . .-... Greenwood. (D.) : 13.9 Tnylor. (D.) 1403 Greenwood's mnjority - ISO Tpylor's majority 250 For representative Packard. fR.) 1247 White, (R:) lit-' Wootton. (R.) 1249 Hayes. (R.) , ..1276 Hall. (D .' 1331 Knight. (D.) MOii Clark. (D.) ....MM Money. (D. 1320 Average Democratic majority for representative . 113 II' , GEANT AND SAN JUAN; X . A DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATOR, rile j fj ; Special to The Tribune. !,. MOAB. Nov. 9. Complete returns from l all districts in Grand county give Howell 1, i a majorltv of 10: straup Irt. Iverson '., pulled through with 01 majorllyr Miller. p Republican, for representative. car- i ' .riea the county by 40. T. W. . Bran- ' son and A. P. Mohr, Democratic V , candidates for county commissioners. , are elected by majorities of two and v ' one. respectively C A. Neff, Demo- ', crat. was re-ekcled county clerk by ina- 4' , l Jority of 57. and C. A. Robertson. Demo- ji 1 rrat. Is elected eountv attorney by a ran- P i jority of 4S. F. A. Manvllle. Republican, i is re-elected county treasurer for tin il eighth consecutive term by a. majority S? ( . of 201. W. J. Bliss. Republican, carried 'iV, the county by 92. Arthur A. Taylor Ki- ijJJ , ; publican. Is' re-elected county assessor th : by 116 majority. C. A. Johnson. Ropub- If j t lican. was elected superintendent of M schools by a majority of "Or El i,S With the exception of John B. Ducketl. f ) t eandldate for lonK-term commissioner. H ,1 who died a few days before election. San ij? S Juan county elected Its untiru Pemo- ft ' cratic county ticket, sending B. D. ' Havshberger. Democrat, to Hie state lcs- '! islnture. San Juan went Rcnublicau for Sift t tne stalc Ldtct by 20 majority. 1!' f Livingston Defeated. Special to The Tribune. If ' I MANTI. Nov. 9. The election results 1 ! 1 1 in this county, with thrcu small pro- i yi cinets yet to heiir from, show that fi j- Howell and Straup have carried it by L )l approximately 300. l-ivlncston. the Re- ; f publican nominee for state senator. Is tjj jj! defeated. The Republican r"pre;'UH- frf ijl tlves are leeti'd. and tin- entire Repub- ht ( Jlcan county tielo't. with the exception P 1 of the county iittornoy Is nlso elected, a r MantI Livingston's home town. kIvos f Jli L. M. Olson, his opponent. 10 majority. If 4 1". The total vote was .2052 for Livingston, Ki,'; to 2879' for Olsoiij, with three small pre-Prfi'N " cmc,a to hear frqm. Washington County Precincts. Hi t. Special to The Tribune. fj MODENA. Nov. 9. Complelo returns jk ;ii from Cold Springs show Howell 3. Erick f son 5. Sanfnrd 4. Straup 3. Richards 2, 1 1; M Street 7- Bulance of Democratic cau- 1 , jii dldiitRH, state and county, received ma- f fd Jorities with few exceptions. State Line. m (!) Pipto and Entcrprisu precincts report ; ' j Republican victories. Elf Rheumatism is A Constitutional Disease. It manifests itself In local achca.and pains, Inflamed Joints and stiff muscles. but it cannot be cured by local applications. It requires constitutional treatment, and the best Is a course of the great blood purifying: and toni' medicine Hood's Sarsapanlla which corrects the acid condition of the blood and builds up the system. Get It today In usual liquid form or chocolated tablets called Sarsatab& BUM IS LEFT BflMIITY Right Bower of Federal Bunch In Cache County Has Been Relegated. Specinl lo The Tribune. LOGAN", Nov. 9. Fuller returns for Cache county hnve greatly chanted things since last night, when the indicator pointod strongly to tho success of the Democratic legislative ticket. Strong Republican districts -where insurgency has beeu rampant lined up solidly for the party, tho managers having whipped or coaxed tho refractorv ones into line. Bullen, for state senator was bcateu by J. W Funk by a majority between 50 and 100, while bhonff M. W Crookstou and Recorder tannic Pel ford, both Democrats were re-elected. All the rest ib Republican. Complete roturiih will not hi- available until the canvass on Monday next, as the ludges in Wheeler district scaled up their returns and they cannot be had. Very little is known as to the amendments, but it is fairly certain that most of them carried, although but 15 ner cent of the people voted on them. Here arc the returns, with the exception of the district noted. Congressman HOWCII. (R.) . nRnn Erlckson. (D.) !n073 Majority ;t r--. Supreme Justice " ' Stiaup. (R.) ?r.,G Richards, (D.) 1 1 . 1 1 1 ! IMIilil 2 Majority i State senator Bullen. (R.) , re7 j. h. Funk-, (do ;;:;3353 Majority 55 Representatives C. Funk. (R.) s.rifis Robinson. (R.) Beekmore (R.) 1.3533 Benson. (D.) J Anderson, (D.) ; '... "z,,0 J. P. (D.) , '.. 13107 Commissioner Lonp term Mrikle. fR.) - -Ufi2 Pond. (D.) ;;3208 Majority 254 Short term Parker. (R.) .174 Facer. (D.) 3013 ' ' - Majority r. .V."'. . .V.. . . G61 Clerk R. w. James. (R.) 3599 J. Ed Hyde, (D.) 3044 Majority 555 Sheriff F. Kckland. (R.) , 3316 X, W. Crookston, (D.) .; , 340S Majority ' '.' ' 92 Recorder Duna Beach. (R.) 3326 LInnle Pelford, (D.) 3383 Majority 57 Assessor . Bnllam. (R.I ....3561 Lelshman. (D.) ' 2994 Majority 5fi7 Treasurer Phllo Austin. (R.) 3365 A. B. Chambers. (D.) 3163 Majority 202 ! Attorney , John A. Sneddon. (R.) 34'? Roy Thatcher. (D.) 311 1 Majority 305 Surveyor . v Schaub. (R.) Jfin Humphreyii 31 Majority 204 Locan City, which last year gave a prohibition majority of 42, we:.t wet yesterday by 75. STOLEN TOURING CAR LOCATED AT MURRAY j The Thomas louring: car stolen from in front of the residence of H. W. Walker. 1265 East First South street, some time Tuesday night, was found lat Wednesday afternoon near the new substation of the Utah Light. & Railway company- about a. mile and a half south of Murray. The car had apparently been abandoned when the tires gavo out. The police are looking for a certain Ivnunp chauffeur who is believed to have I' taken the car. and who Is reported to I have tuken it to Murray oil a Joy ride. Alleged Fighter Arrested. Marshal Mnus of Murray, Wednesday night, arrested Ed Smith" and William Colbv. who are alleged to have participated In a fist fight in a saloon at Mur-ray. The men are in the, county Jali. Only About One-Hall' the Counties in Utah Have Been Heard From. THESE INDICATE REPUBLICAN PLURALITY FIVE THOUSAND Official Canvass of the Returns . Will Be Made by State Board Next Week. Roturns from the election in Utah are coming very slow, and several of the counties thus far reporting arc incomplete, and the missing precincts will not bo heard from until Saturday, and perhaps not until next week. From the returns thus far received the figures show a plurality of above 5000 for Howell. Here arn th rliirn? as far as received for congress and justice of tho supreme court: S H w 3 sj o w x: - COUNTTo 3 w ? P ? 3 Box Elder II7iS13U3 19R3IHS6 Cache I i.'3 307.V 3S16 3112 Davis . 14521114?! 1415I11S2 Juab 1469I11SJ M6J) 11S6 Millard 10031 70s! 1010 r,'3 Morgan 4401 277 3l 259 Piute I 2541 SSil 256 S4 "Rich I B83I 2S0II 3S6 275 Snnpcto 126261251411. .1. .. Sovler I1577I12.S1M15G9I126S Summit 136SI1043M1349I105S Tooele Of.r.l r.fis!l 910 562 Utah 5470i 1766' 1541 II t764 Wasatch I 01SI 60011 SSOl 756 Weber Hl:io3n20lU021 13C02 Summit county Lund (S.). 53; Street (A.), 19G. Three Democrats in Beaver. Special lo The Tribune. BEAVER. Nov. ' 9. The Democrats elected three men on the Beaver county ticket, viz.. the four-year commissioner, sheriff and assessor. The remainder of the. ticket was Republican. Here is the vote: For congress. Howell (R.) received S43 votes to 664 for Erlckson (D.) ; for the supreme bench. Straup (R.) received 913 votes to 661 for Richards (D.); for. state senate. Tolton (D.) led Lnnt (R.). KOlMng 776 votes to his 747; for state representative, Farnsworth fR.) received S20 votes to 6S1 for Dotson (D.). Result in Tooele. TOOELE, Nov. 9. With several districts to hear from. ToocTo county's vole ns It now stands Is as follows: Representative Howell. (R.) 955 Erlckson. (D.) 56S Supreme judge Straup. (R.) ' 916 Richards. CD.) 562 State legislature Woolloy. (R.) . ' S56 Bcvans. (D.) '. 720 Error in Ballots. Special to The Tribune. MODENA, Nov. 9. On all the ballots used here there Was a typographical error, the ballot reading "Republican party ticket." This error has raised the question of the validity of the votes cast for that ticket. The error has occurred on nearly all the Republican ballots in the southern part of the state. HOLDS ALLEGED THIEF TILL OFFICER COMES Throwing his arms around a man, who. he claims, had stolen his coat out of his wagon, which was left in the feed yard back of the Salt Lake livery. 34-to South West Temple street. W. H. Bur-mSnghani of Bountiful, Wednesday night, hehf the man a prisoner until Patrolman Gilfillan came and took him in charge. At the police station the alleged thief gave his name as Mike Murphy, and said that he" was 3.1 years old. MRS. FRANK SHAFER OF MISSOULA IN CITY Mrs. Frank Shafer of Missoula. Mont., has been spending a few days in bait Lake- a gue3t at the Wilson hotel. This is Mrs. Shafer's first visit to Salt Lake and since her arrival she has been shown much of the city by her friends, among whom she mentions Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Moore. Mr. Moore Is a well known passenger conductor on tho Salt Lake Route. In speaking ot her visit Mrs. .Shafer said: "I like Salt Lake City very much and would like to live here." JAPS WHO SOUGHT TO KILL MIKADO MUST DIE TOKIO, Nov. D. The findipg of the spcial court, organized to try tho plotters against the life of the empc-ror, was nnnounced. Twenty-six nersrms were found guilty, including the r hglejidcrs, Kotoku and one woman, the wife of Ko-toku. The court rocommends tnc severest penalty under clause 73. which provides capital punishment for the plot-ters against tho. Imperial fnmllv. To Make the j Wheels of Business "Go" 1 I Without friction and nerve- i wrecking jars, be sure you are I well-nourished on digestible food., Grape-Nuts I strengthens Body and Brain. 1 "There's a Reason" I PoBtum Cereal Company, Ltd., Battle Crook, Mich. 4 YOU SURELY MUST TRY THIS IIT HE YOU HAVE A BAD COLO OR THE GRIPPE.. Proves Quinine is Never Effective and Tells How to Get Relief in a Few Hours You will distinctly feel your cold breaking and all tho' Grippe symptoms leavine a:cr talchic the very first dose. Jt is a nositive fact that Papc's Cold Compound, 'a km every two hours, un-' til th'oe consecutive doses are taken, will end the Grippe and broak up the most severe coid. oither in the head, chest, back, stomach or limbs. It promptly relives the most miserable neuralgia pains, headache, dullness, head and nose stuffed up, feverishness, l ' THREE DEMOCRATS HITE0FU1 Two Republican Strongholds Will Be Represented by Church Democracy. In the coming legislature thcro will he a sprinkling of Democrats in both senate and house, three in the upper houso and three in tho lower houso. Hero is the way the ninth session of the UtRth legislature will stand: In the Sonato. First "district. Box Elder and Tooele counties William C. llorsley. Republican. v Second district. Cache county James W. Funk. Democrat. Third district, Davis. Morgan and Rich counties Christopher Burton, Jr., Republican. Fourth district. Weber county Rudolph Knchlcr, Republican; George J. Kelly, Republican. Fifth district. Summit and Wasatch counties lames B. Wilson. Republican. Sixth district. Salt Lake county Carl A. Badger, Charles IS. .Marks, fa. J. Stooklcy, Bennor X. Smith, W. N. Williams, all Republicans. Seventh district, Utah county Henry Gardner, Republican; A. L. Booth, Republican. Eighth district. Juab and Millard counties J A. Hyde, Republican. Ninth district, Sanpete county L. M. Olson. Democrat. Tenth district. Garfield, Piute, Sevier and Wayne counties J. W. Sevy, Republican. Eleventh district, Beaver. Iron, Kane and Washington countioB J. F. Tolton. Democrat. Twolfth district. Carbon. Emory, Grand, San Juan and Uintah counties G. A. Iverson. The senators elected on Tuesday were". Second district James W. Funk, Democrat. Fourth district George J. Kelly, Republican. Sixth district Benner X. Smith. W. N. Williams. "t Seventh district Henry Gardner, A. L. Booth. Ninth district L. M. Olson. Democrat. Eleventh district J. F. Tolton, Democrat. Twelfth district G. A. Iverson, Republican. In Lower House. Beaver Frank D. Farnsworth, Republican. Box Elder Milton H. Welling, Democrat. Cache E. W. Robinson. Ropublican; I sneezing, sore throat, running ot tho nose, mucous catarrhal discharges, soreness, stiU'ncss and rheumatic twinges. Papc?s Cold Compound is the result of three years' robepreh at. a cost, of more than SuO.UOO and ennfaius no quinine, which vvrt Luve conclusively demonstrated is not ell'ectivo in the treatment of colds or grippe. Take this, harmless compound as directed, with the knowledge- that there is no other medicine, mado anywhero else in tho world, which will cure 3rour cold or end grippe misery as promptly and 'Without any other assistance or bad aft-I or effects as a 25-conli package of Papo 's Cold Compound, which any druggist in ! the world can supply- C. L. Funk. Republican; D. N. Blck-more. Republican. Carbon Anthon Madsen. Republican. Davis J. W. Thornley. Republican. Emery W. J. Soly. Republican. Grand J. P. Miller, Republican, Juab J. D. Stack. Booubllcan. Millard Jacob A. Langston, Republican. Morgan J. A. Anderson, Republican. Rich John F Sponcor, Republican-" Salt Lake C Y. Russell. Ropublican: Daniel McRao. Republican: E. J. Eard-ley. Republican; T L. Holman, Republican; L. Dahkiulst, Republican: J. A Ek-man. Republican; Harry B- Cole. Republican: Frank L. Hlnos. Republican; W. H. Tobias. Republican; C. H. Crapo, Republican. Sanpete T. F. Koarns, Republican; S. S. Sanderson, Ropublican. Sevlor II. E. Llsonbee. Summit Seth C. Jones. Democrat. Tooele E. J. Wooloy. Republican. Utah J. II. Wootton, Republican: C. H. White. Republican; M. O. Packard, Republican; W. L. Hayes, Republican. Washington D. IJ. Morris, Democrat Weber Sylvestor V. Grow, Republican; Charles Zclmer. Republican; Myron Richardson, Republican; William Allison. Republican. FOOD AND DAIRY BUREAU TO REPORT TO GOV. SPRY At a meeting Wednesday afternoon of the stnte food and dairy bureau arrangements were made for the annual report to Governor Spry for tho past year's work. The board will give a complete report of the things accomplished and will make recommendations and changes in 'the law and the operation of the office of state food and dairy commissioner. Tho report this year will show more things accomplished by the department than at any time before in history. Sousa in Hospital. NEW HAVEN. Conn.. Nov. 0. John Philip Sousa, the bandmaster, was taken to the New Haven hospital today suffering from what is said by the attending physicians to be malaria. He has experienced fainting spells recently. His physicians say that his condition Is not serious. Prescription for Backache One of the Best Known In Medical Profession for Kidney and Bladder k Troubles. "Half ounce fluid extract Buchu; half ounce Murax compound; six ounces good pure gin. Shako the bottle well eacli time and use in doses of one or two teaspoonfuls after each meal." These ingredients can be mixed or supplied by any druggist. Backache, frequent or highly colored urination and rheumatic pains arc symptoms of kidney and bladder disorders that usually terminate In dreaded Bright's disease or diabetes. The above prescription Is known to give quick and perma-nent results. we must.vacatI S And on Thursday, Nov. 10, at Sail I We begin io unload our entire stock of I ! HIGH CLASS MILLINERYf I At less than manufacturers' C0S( I W W dren's steI 75G1 II We cannot secure a desirable location to mo this stock, so we are going out ol business a m we must sacrifice the entire stock. m GIVE US A CALL AND WE WILL CONVINCE! YOU THAT. WE" MEAN BUSINESS 1 I HEATH1 CO. I 57 SOUTH MAIN STREET f Aeroplanes for War. WASHINGTON, Nov. 0. Congress will be asked by Secretary of War Dickinson to buy five or ton aeroplanes for tho army. General Allen, chief signal officer of Iho army, has recommended twenty aeroplanes. UNION DENTAL SO. 212 MAIN STREET. HONEST WORK HONEST PRICES Painless extraction of teeth or no pay. All work guaranteed. Remember Us. We Treat You Right. A THURSDAY SPECIAL Df J Fire $a!e oj Leather God One lot of Regular i $1.90 SUIT CASES, Not damaged in the leu $1.39 fd There'll bo another tomoiOT! for it! .' ij MEREDITH'S Trul 135 SOUTH MAIN STREET.' 1 1 1 1 II 'l The Big White Store lfl iSk JPW The Big White S f St om $10 j 3TORE3 CQ 1 f $10 on $ij in w'ic to ear rs- Marshall's JSXi I I PiJS unsurpassed lectures on pgyg 1 in which women of '"M domestic science Jttm in which to select I I pertse0M the jjf fi Range andsecurehe I I 'oEOK fast Set FREE I Thursday Mrs. Marshall will tell mimS " . 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