Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 31, 1907 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1907
Page 5
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oai:la:;i- rii:ii!u;;.: rmm DummEn prepare SOHtOTll lege are Vrs r la town. anJ It U anticipated that At fete will, bt QHlt? sueassa. It Ma bee aanouaoed by the committee In rbarrf that delightful surprise la In etore for thote who attend. I'riw csr .THe aupTa. . " . .Among the society folk who will be present are' Mrs. Jack Spreckels. Mrs. VI. Dean. Mrs. D. W. Wlckinan. Mlaa Mary Eden. Mrs. McOettigsn. Mr. Agnes Moloney. Mine Caroline I-emrtine. kills Sal-von Lemolne. --ktlee Carroll, Mrs. H. Conway. MUa Tenntnt H?l Vertona Treplco. Ml Plrjes, Mrf. Frank Johnson. , Mill Enrifht. )tia Murphy. Mies Mry Colli n.. Mra. R- Shearer. Mlsa Ena, kfra. K-'Veil, klra. teul Ward. MUa M. Crowley, klra. Bell OTunnor. Miaa Ane kl alone y and, Mla May 6nhran. A anualraj proa-ram will be rendered In the evening by eorne of the best fnual clana on the ctwst. - , , ft . ' Emeraon: Fine niannera) need tho anp aro to dVata practical Irrljaiian a; I rec'smation. Vhn the cor rrs ' rfene here SfonJar. special atuntlon U to be fir-en dex-elormrt work In the freti l"a1irni a'.i.n apd tractlcal avss-atstlons for making unused land productive ot frest crepi lll be pi4 by tir. kleade. rlrertor- Newell of tho Reclamatlan pcrvlce. and arovernrnent fitglneeri who have devoted their talents to aetttnf water on arid lands. Tho board of control has oooitht to have all dlcusaina ftrtppad of loch nk-alltlea and octenttfle speculatloa, and responses from tho lecturera coots In aseurancea that their paper and aCctreseta. -r whpllf to be -practlraL fRESinpiff W1IEEIER TQ AID. Dr.' Benjamin Ida Wheeler, president of tho University of California, la taking deep Interest In I ha ron a-Toaa and ho will eaptala to tht del-, galea the. Importance attached to tho aubject by tho tTnlvemlty. Tbt Unl- l.iJ 11 I ' ... f. v l.t S , t!?nal r.-e and t ; r: :,d rf . United Elates Senator Nenlar ' Kevads. tht father of the rtc! T3 laws now In force, will deliver an i dress dealing with tht efforts f t government to bring millions cf a r within reach of bomseeeksrs. x Tht man who constructed the 1 easels and reservoirs In Keu UtalAand Idaho are to tell how t workwtt dona and tha great re aciiievVd by farmers who took t lands tor cultivation. - Fach Ttr bt Irrlgailon corvrf and Ita work lacreaeea la Imports to tht wholo country and It Is ti e l tentlon of tha eathuslastla men at ' hesd of tbt movement to make t Sacramento convention a hist, r! reark that will Mand for many e.. prince JEHwar. eMeet lSoo of J ht T r b'.im ivaioBd uuite aa St. - nr?nirrTinn a r?riir? yLiiwi i 1 1ltf ii:irfrvof Sfnfe and fJnny laymen fo vuaficrfor Ccramoncs af feiv y Cliurch Building. I Brilliant Night is' Planned for Widespread Interest in Irrigation ' Congress Which Convenes : Net Monday, Purpose of Aiding Fund (or P&yhouse. : CHURCH OF. UNIT ED BRETHREN. ! SAM RAFAEU 41, St. Th Doraral- fUCRAklEXTCJ. Af. II. Tt th dtacBSslona at tho IrrUrttloa cfnfTOM "Twill b of laaUng- bonefit to tbe Pacific Const and tht ' rt4 region onst of tho Rockies s fuaranteoa .fey tbt ran convent rourv wiit be Illuminated by thouaand of electric tight thla even ing, when society women win preside at different booths, .through which visitor will contribute to the fund for building a model playhouse. ferslty of CallfornlA ha takto too ofigoi'r ngv- Many friend and alumnae or the eol Jtl(i) Undard ef tht apeciaiuta wno port o( lie rnnre in otner. c MURDAv.i;vE::xxjof aii-BEiiffli- : V TO W LAUDS ill ESQ lM"tWM 1 ""' " '"' M": ' J,..MMMM,MMaaaasaaa-saaaa ' " ' . t - ' ' 1 ' i t ,L l w"v""" '' . w y. vv vjsy A-.y;" I s BISHOP WM. BELL, Tomorrow Is to be a great day for tht United Brethren of this city, the occasion being the dedication of their new church on Thirty-fourth and Adeline atreeta. The congregation, which has existed more than tire years, la proud of tho new and up-to-date quarters. The entire ministry of this denomination In the Ht.ne and represent Ml vt laymen from all the churrhew will be present to rejoice with tht local church and tht pastor. Her. t'. t Bell. Bishop Belt will preach and cored-it t consecration serlcea thfi evening, beginning at 7:4fc o'clock. REV, CUNTON C. BELL. The program for Sunday follows: rraise service at lt:4i a. m. Dedicatory aermon by JlHhop YV. M. Ben. it. v.. at li a. m. Platform meeting at 3 p. m., at which prominent ministers and busi ness men of the city will apeak, amonn whom art Rev. E- K. Baker. Council man Elliott, and Mr. G. O. Ilotle. Preaching and consecration sen Ices at 1:45 p. m. VIMS SPLBtiDID Dusy on Translation Info English of Old IVWer. HINDU STUDENT RAPIDLY . ADVjmCBS m ENGINEERING y-oja i ant. - ajt' BETRKEIGT, Auf. 11. T. C. Ma-soomdar. a Iljndu student attending tht Valrertlty ot California, recently won, attar passing the roo,ure4 eaaen-Inatlona. scholarship In tho Winona Technical Institute of Indianapolis. Mgaoomdar la ant of the four llln-dua attending . tho State Cnlveraity thla year. Although he haa born In thla country for only about ton months ha can apeak tht English language gultt fluently and is vnderslQQi) with ease by hla Caucaalan friends. He la taking tho electrical engineering course and la making rapid strides In his studies. For thrtt rears ha attended Mulr Central College at tht Allah Bad University In India. It was there that he first took up sertpus study. But he did not wait to complete the course at tht Indian university, as ha was offered an exceptionally good opportunity to oomt to tht United States to pursue his studies, which he quickly accepted. TRANSLATING HINDU. kfasoomdar Is now busily engaged In translating tha writings of an an tlent Hindu author Into English. He hay In time have the translated writ jngs put into book form. Bivsral months ago, Masoomdas an lertd Into a competition with a num ber of students for a scholarship. In r I - t- r - : ' . it'- ... . T. C. MAZOOMDAR. the Winona Technical Institute of In-d la na polls. In which he came out winner. Although the scholarship la worth fioa to him. Matoomdar la doubtful whether he wjll. attend the School, aa ht thlnka he can gain no more by leaving the University of California. Tht Winona Technical In stitute Is one of the best known engl? neerlnt colleges In tho United 8 rate a. IMPROVEMENT CLUR TO MEET THIS JSV2NIN0 Residents of that portion of the city nown as tbt Santa Ft tract hava or- kanlsed the eata Ft Improvement Club. .he objects of which will be to secure r tht district tht following Improve- litnts: First, better Are protection: eeo id. better police protection; third, bet- r lighting, for atreeis; rourta. Miter isnst-ortatlon facilities, particularly on (e Fifty-flfth street Hoe; fifth, to try fj posslhle to have the Key Route repair, light and keep In flrst-rlass rwn? d I Hon the statlona In tha district, and Sixth, to assist any movement toward securing for the district land for the purpose Of a public square. Through courtesy of Professor Tan dec KalUen of tha Vn d kJalllen School of l-iglneerlng the residents have been enabled to eecur his classman, located at the corner of Fifty-first street and Telegraph avenue, for ?na purpose pf holding the meeting tonight. Tho secretary of the club has mailed letters to residents of the district not members which ear: We Inclose self-ediresed postal card Inviting you so Join us In thla movement, which kindly Stan and return to us as soon aa possible, as we are deslroua of knowing how many will be present at tbt meeting and Immediately upon receipt of the card to will place your name prt the roll and consider you a' member vf the .club. "We trust you wal retlica toe Import-ancc of co-opersttoa. aa by alt piulutg together wa can acccmpllf k amah . for the good of our district." ROBBER SUSPECTS ARE BROUGHT TO OAKLAND William Irwlt and Fred Belt were lodg ed In the County Jail thla tnornintx by Constable Roderick who arrested thern on August II at Klles oq tht charge of robbery. Tbt constable claims that tht patr atopped Frank Ferry -on the road outside of Nllea and took a watch and ! 1.6ft from bin). They were unarmed at he time of the alleged robbery. Belt la said to bo a deserter from the United State Army, Rtnee their arrest the twa suspects have been detained In the lal St Crntervllle. where the cases will com up n thf Jujtlce of the el "are Court on rrouay neii. WORKMAN'S CLUB FILES INCORPORATION PAPERS, The Workmaa'a Club-Sled art Idea of larerpvrattaai with the County Clerk to day. . Tha organ la t ion ts Incorporated for social purposee with headquarters la Oakland. The directors are A. I Lewis, of Hit 8eventh street; J. F- Bummers, oj tltt ThUty-eecond stkeet: AV. II. Will laaia. of UJ I-eralta etreet; William ft. Morey, of Mt Thirty-second etreet; an qaorgo Morten of lie Eleventh street. rjAVQWiisE sers Quadnipl Vat.' now an, sxhlbltlan la Washington street wniaw, Cn salt Tet day. Btgutat price, f i.b. Special. ftl.SV. P. f. ,pa;it , di. Co.. nortneaat corntr Wasr.intun and tun streets. r. . - ( " ", . -' " " . " ' - v . f j i ; ' t it in t - , ... ...... irn.,.. v . 4 .,r,?..-; ! AA-:y .. i , :''r': r'.'. :.J ii'i I " :&M VA :v:. A r M iS VA ; If T ' iyyA : .v vA v . t - i ' v. r i . -. . . i . -1 . - . - ;i. iy):k:M i ; N . - - t ( s. i T . Every 1 ' PI i )rf 'aUam Atlla 4VaaiasV kA ww amaaiAVA ttei an KIITs large enough t brctllie. QUARTER-ACHE L0T5. an early rhoUf; hu " turet a quick proliU xQUARTER.ACRS LOTS.' llreet cart run NQ'V. HVhere street work U tc!. ; done. AVhere water malra are L inflaicJ. vWhere you can build a her-- NOW. AVbere Q75.C03 werth :': ; sold the first three dzys. tCfBf vNYhere 01 0 monthly, ne f r ; nq interest ftr Ivroj . : faket ft quartet ecm t Where many are buj-nj ? .-acres or acres with tha t -money which in r iracti fcyi only a tn-.-Il I On San Pablo Aver. v. , l' greatest street of all. On the Santa Fe HeUrc r !. Qn the 4Q0-foot Key F GQMlcmdr j In tlt Ritb of prccrr: Ten mmytei from V:;' ' Thrty minWtei f rem 0 ' 1 -' Forty rninr? frrn r Fruncitcg, TakSfn Pftp Avr -get off M th? r I4ne our cffipa r riagei nr t!ere. cor:;

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