The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1891
Page 1
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VOL. XX. ALGONA, ZOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, FEB^IS^ rUULTHHfcU IDVKUY WKDNKSBAV STARR & HALLOCK, Proprietors JOS, W. 1 Terms of Subscription One copy, one year. In advance . „ . ' <u B « One copy, six months. In advance.. '.'. S 75 One copy, three montlis. in adrance ...... .BOOK is apnll- The 'firm of Mitcfedll & Shepherd of Bradford, England, f manufacturers of atpaoa, mohair, woolen and worsted goods has failed and the failure is attri bwted to the operation of the MoKinley ball. Somebody else will get the American market hereafter and the "somebody <dhc will be the American manufacturer." Sioux City Journal: The Fort Dodge 'Chronicle, which is one of the red hot democratic opponents of the McKinley bill, has in its columns the following advertisement: "The McKinley bill is a law. Goods are being, and will be sold as cheap for tire next two years as ever; before, in the state of Iowa. E. G. Lar son, the clothier and furnisher." all too high. - it < s generally conceded that it costs the farmers less to live than any other class of people Why? Not that tho farmers live on less than other people, as a geecral rule they live a great deal better. Tlie fanner obtains a lame share of the necessaries of life at the *c tual first costly virtue of his occupation. The meat that his family must necessarily consume in a year actually costs him less than the sarac meat would cost .a citv cousin when purchased a pound at a time at the butcher's block. The meat, potatoes bread, butter, vegetables etc that the farmer s family must necessarily con surae must be considered apart firom the surplus farm products which lie is at liberty to place upon the market. The actoal-ooat to the farmer of that portion of -frheiproducts of the farm which he can not sell but must necessarily -consume is not affected by the fluctuations of the market but is determined by the actual first cost of production. Apply ttos'argument to the corn 'question and making all estimates upoa'iho basis of the •aotual cost to the farmer and it will show a.reasonable profit in raising corn. The farmer raises his own seed corn and its actual cost is merely nominal. He raises .'his own horses and the same team that county us in Clayton county. Seed irom oc an ncrc in Wapello county to 18c in Gass-and yet the cost will not actually vary a mill in the two counties. It costs *8o.60 to haul 40 acres of com six miles in Cherokee county, acid only $14.70 in Carrol-two counties as nearly alike as any ,n tho state-six limes the difference One can husk and crib 40 acres in Carroll county for $27.02, but the poor farmers m Dubuque county have to pay $75 for tlie same work. I u good old Democratic Dubuque the tax on land is 50c an acre while in Republican Hancock it is only All the blame <of this is not due to Mr • Sovereign. Tire farmers who made the reports no doubt figured hastily. But the man who is pkced at the head of the la bor bureau of our state ought not to put forth in soberness a statement founded on such figures. • J A9 . N . MILLBII. SAC CITY, Cow a. rescued A Chicago man sold the body of his dead wife lo a medical college last week selfwUh Postmaster General, Wanamaker's post- nl telegraph scheme- was killed in the House committee on post ofllces and post roads last week. An express agent for the American Express Company at Albia, was arrested t^SY !,° r cmbeMl 'nS the funds entrusted to the company's keeping. Chairman Arnoux of tlie Pan American Congress lias issued a call for a meeting of the general committee of 200 to take place at Washington in April ne,xt. Theodore F Warner a, pioneer of North ern Missouri and one of the projectors of the first packet line on the Missouri river 1 a flftthn U,\ «••«.__ . - 'he uses in plowing the ground and culti- The prospectus of "The American;' Trotter"—the "new horse paper just start- j edat Independence—is out. The nev/i paper is to be a weekly of octavo pages/ With the initial number will be inaugurated a series of papers upon the subject "Developing the Colts," from the pe'n-of Mr. C. W. Williams. The "Trotter" has the men behind it to make it ODC of «iie best horse papers in the United States. Our Democratic brethern in this state are in favor of repealing prohibition, 'because "prohibition has been hurting Iowa" you know. National prohibition couldn't hurt Iowa for it would put all the states* on the same footing. Is'-the Democratic party in favor of national prohibition if it can be enacted, or is it wed ded for better or for worse to the doggery and the saSoon ? We pause for a reply. Congressman Dolliver has recommended Orin Krouskup for postmaster at Hum - boldt, which makes the Kosmos redhead- t ed. Mr.;'-Krouskup has until recently lived f on a farm, but has been a patron of the L office for fifteen years. The Kosmos Chinks a town man of longer residence )uld'bave been appointed. We under |tand that the appointment is generally patisfactory to the patrons of the post- office, '-Mr. Krouskup is a crippled old Psoldier. "Tama Jim" said a few weeks ago that the farmer could not raise corn to sell I pay very much for labor and make mon' f ey. The Democratic organs quoted-this | statement quite extensively for the bare ^satisfatioa there was in it-trying to.make Jit appear as a substantiation of Governor i Boies' 'calamity speech. There was a very bare satisfaction in it. Mr. Wilson tells this week how the farmer .can have a dollar* bushel for his corn just as well ; as not. iDomocratic organs are at liberty 1 to quote. I The foremost Republican papers in i Iowa are-taking a square-toed position in favor of s prohibition. The leading Dem- Eocratic papers—and in fact all the Demo- Icratic papers-are taking an equally I square-toed position in favor of the saloon. To-have the saloon, or not to have St, that will be the question in Iowa nest pll. The two political parties will be |quarely arrayed against each other oa ihe question of prohibition and the pee lie must decide. Do the decent people |pf Iowa want the saloon? *) We publish this week one of the best /articles on the corn question we have yet "seen. It comes from Mr. O. P. Hale, of St. Joe, our former county surveyor, a, aan who has Lad 18 years of experience on a Kossuth Bounty farm and knows what he is tailing about. If there is any fault with Mr. male's estimates it lies in |be fact that be has been too liberalin dculatipn .«f expenses. It will be Noticed from M« estimates that every pssibleitemofoxpense j» taken into ^deration. .*« ilfvUe ft oarefuHll . Ipeetion of Mr. Hale's estimates. They from a practical common s<3DSe mer and bear the maibs of the most eful preparation. gating his 40 or 50 acrss of corn will raise j Plum a new team every .year. No practical ^former in figuring up-his profits at the •end of the year woidd thinks of taking into account the tares or four bushels of corn that he used for-seed or finding an expense of $2.50 perday for a team that had raised him a span of colts worth at the end of the year $100.00. If the farmer was compelled east, year to spend two dollars in hard silvenfor every bushel of seed earn that he used, buy a team of horses and hire a man to do the work, then there would be some truth in the story that farming diden't pay very big returns, and some sense in the estimates of the cost of raising corn, presented by our Democratic friends. There is no more sense, in estimating the actual cost of raiding corn, in charging tbe farmer the market'price for products of the farm which he is able to procure for his own use at the actual first cost of production as au incident of his occupation as a far mer, than there w.oald be in finding ' an actual expense to the man who owned a forest, of ,$3.50 per cord for the wood which he must necessarily make use of himself in the course of n year. There is abundant sophistry somewhere in the logic employed by Gov. Boies and his disciples; for farming in Iowa does pay, fts thousands upon thousands of Iowa farm homes bear testimony. Farming will pay .from a bare living to a good substantial income justiu the proportion that it is intelligently conducted. SOV1SBKION AN8WJSUK1J NEW HIIAKON, Jan. 29.-Special to tho State . Register:-Some of Demagogue Sovereign's misleading corn enquiries were recently received by Hou.E. C. Hull, one of our^county commissioners, and the following is his reply: Mn. SorjsnisiGN, DBS MOINES, IOWA /. A u 11 r ~ Your <iuestions are so arranged that I cannot answer them with any certainty or satisfaction. We fertili/e our land with clover, and thus have I profitable crop getting one crop of hav and one of seed. I ifave realized $6 per acre as rent for seed crop alone, and in this way fertilizing my land besides. We farm OIK'land mostly with broodmares with fine Norman or Oyldesdale colte by S« rB8ld «f: Thus we find it difficult to give a satisfactory -answer to rnanv of your questions. I have been farming in Mahasfca county for 30 years and have found it very remunerative. I have never sold corn for less than 40 cents per bushel and thst was a good profit; P ! usually feed -it, however. When the drouth struck us I had about 10,000 bushels of o nnnT D ? n1hand -««»d have sold it, except 3,000 •bushels, at the crib at from 40 to 53 f f*Tl fr\l I nr\n\ »•»•• « « 1 • it *>»*.» n _ w cents. with p° nf _ ere nce between Secretary Noble he m' oux chicfe ' Jolin Grass, Bear, WO A 8 , tri . ka ' Hollow H °™ <"><! an Afrawl of His Horses, took place last Saturday. A passenger train on the Decorah brafflch'jof the B. C. R. & N. R'y was de railed about two .miles south of Randulia yesterday afternoon. The entire train left the track and the coach and combination mail and baggage car were turned completely over. The baggage car caught fire and was completely burned up. Aoout twenty persons were iniuretl but no one was killed. The president sent to the senate Saturday the following nominations: To be surveyors of .customs: C. J. Robb, of todiana. for the port of Michigan City, tod.; Emerson Eteridge, of Tennessee, tor the port of Memphis, Tenn. To be collector of customs: N. E. Nelson, of North Dakota, for the district of North and South Dakota. To be judges of Probate Utah Territory: J. A. Stark, of Utah, in i IPinte county, J. D. Jones, of Utah, m Utah county. Store, Burt, lowa. —- . •• Cash store, Burt, lowa V/UUHB, J.TUIIS. etc. We have tbe best OK — L '--•--•• vij illt»u in til" tell K. ' .._..,— A cracked Java We guarantee it eotial to nnv 2ft ket. Pure Sot ' ' " Flour. We sell get the benefit. or 25 cents. — on the mar'•••" «"•• e«»ijvii. We handle Waseca discount our bills and our customers Cady & Hallock. New Spring E. C. HULL. SITTINGS. MJR. SOVEREIGN'S FIGURES State Register: The. last Bulletin sent out by Mr. Sovereign gi vcs the cost of raising corn in Iowa to be $10.78 per acre This figure is arrived at in the following manner: The figures returned from each county are footed up, and the ,total cost is divided by the number of reports made This is taken as the average-cost in that county. The averages of the counties are then footed, and the total divided by ninety-nine, the number of counties in the state.This givestueaverageof the state. If the returns rt-ceivcd were all made upon the same plan, and were somewhere near alike the result would be approximately correct. But an examination of them shows that they are so widely different as to be absolute!y worthless. The following table gives the items enumerated in the cost of raising forty acres H re cash, the high i, two Tariff IMrtures. New York IPress: Yes, "as wu U , BU protection prices get higher "and higher other onions stop taking our products aad ihe farmer has no market for his produce." Stuff and nonsense! The value of domestic exports of breadstuffs<not including wheat) has increased from $22,887,081, the average of five years Commissioner's Sale. Hy virtue of an orirlei- of sale directed to thp uuderslBiied commissioners, fro .Athe«k-?kof tlie District Court of Kossuth county?Iowa on 'Jr judgment ohtuiiKMi in said 0011 rt. on M.TJ mt-h brfclf-w^HlMtl''' 1S '°''" ' " P1 ' lil as defendant, for the partition of'the YeaU-s- tate named find described in plaintiff's petition we will on the. 2lst day of Fehnmi-v IS'H oirpv Smh 1 .,? t0 H"' lligllost W(lder tllH t'ullowfiiK ;' scubttd real escate, to-wic : The. nortiip-isf niiartej; of section No. tliirtv-iour 34) in t w f- »h ip ninety-nine (!m) north of ••vulieN,, tIh-iv (30) west of tlie i'. M., lowa -Termsof'sain rti-ecash. .sniri «MI U i,, t..i,A . i'..«:. V" 1-. OI A dl ? HAVE ARRIVED. FOR BARGAINS GO TO Tbe American Iron and in front, of .... at the hour of -,-;,,'.• •••." •••••-»" niid when dnent- e w-Hl be given by tlie underwRned Algoua, Iowa, January 15, isoo. „ . I W. L OOSLYN. Coiiiiiiissiouers.- <). K. PALMKK. a '' ls E. 11. CLAKKK. toons weekly "-Bulletin" gives complete returns of .the pig iron production of the United -States in 1890. It was 10 • 817,026 notions of 2,000 pounds, or 9,202,703 gross tons, and the highest anfl counties: Fertilizing Plowing ground".'.'.'.".'.' estimate by c 2 co ',",§ 8t«ed corn '.... • '•,'^ Oultirittlngtwice '. '" «•! ( VA Huskins mul cribbing ... ' 7". nn Cost of crib room... i,'g? Hholllug 7', r'! HaulhiBsix miles ....V.'.'.'. 1 .;' $ on Fenclna aud reualw l Lowest. 9 IT 8,1 4 80 35 00 0 33 fi 25 2 (X) 30 00 27 02 4 0!) 17 SO 14 70 .1 00 3 00 1 15 57 GO VIEWti ON QUESTION. RBU-UULICAN would take e*cept- to tbe great majority of the eetl- >s yet made of the actual expenses of Jucing ft crop of core. Looking at t coru question from the stand ~ by Gov. Boies iu his New •the real expenses and actwil „ tpitftl required in producing * 'P of ftqrn a( market rates ot labor-tin; by Tax on laud ..,., ,„, Tax ou uorses, etc ' " 5 AO Eight per cent ou hind 154 J T 57 60 Of these several items the only two on which there ought to be any material difference are the tax ou land and the tax on horses, which vary in different COUD t les, and the interest on laud should vary slightly. If we estimate these two items we find that the average of the highest reports is 118.83 per acre, and of the lowest, $5.<J4. Now there would be just as much sense n taking this highest average, or lowest average, as to add together Ml the figures and divide by the number of reporters The system pursued by Mr. Sovereign is n 1889. iHow is that for America's growth in producing and consuming power under protection? Factory lots of cut steel nails were worth $3.60 in Chicago in the month of January 1898. In December they were worth $1.75. During the same time the price of wire nails went down from $3.90 to $2.23. Had 'the price of nails gone up our Democratic (brethern would have laid the bJame on tire McKinley bill. .NEWS BEIEFS. Free Coinage ic'dead. Nevada is talking about electric lights. • ^n ( * cat * * oclc * a ltl10 IHtoois legislature is still on, The town of Beaaett has rid itself of the O, P. nuisance. President Harrison lias signed the bill granting Gen. Sigel a pension. Injunction suits have been filed against 24 saloon keepers in Oskaloosa. Senator Vorhees is seriously ill with complication O f rheumatism and other It is estimated that the tiioux outbreak i&SioJooo. cost tlle e° vernme »' ' The snow storm of Sunda ally severe in •• - Colorado. John Phelan, member of Congress from ennessee. died at Nashua, "w»S v«_i. ™ lor Tax Deed. B. Miltohell. _ f -X"i ¥ e hereby notified that on tlie nth dav of .October, 1884, the folknviiii' described HP u ^8 West of otli P M Iowa, was sold liv VhH Treasurer of said conntv to T E Black/or 1 and duly lualgued to F. t. Mlll ith, who ?H now the lawful holder of tho certificate of Durcli-wp thereof That tlie ri K ht of redeoption "n expire and .a deed of said land be niade iinless re- ueiiiptioi) jroiii such aulo l>c ITIHOB within ninn notice 8 1 ' 1 '°'" tht ' OOB1 P Iat «l service of tins Dated this 28th day of Jan. AD isoi. ls ~ 20 Holder of Oortiilcate. The CashStore Price Current. Buy where your Dollar goes the farthest 1 dozen clothes nins fnr « r»i on i ,, Administrator's Notice of Final JBeport. ^lip.'wntter of tho estate of Joseph Kaney, 1 dozen clothes pins for $ 01 One package 5 cent yeast for..'.V'' 08 One package soda (strictly pure)... 05 One package Dixon stove polish 03 One box axle greose 06 One box Lewis lye 32 bars good laundry soap (1 box).. 90 on i, 9j lolce butter crackers (1 box) 1 00 ^0 Ibs. Crystal rice (try it) 1 00 'Mifornia dried grapes.'.'.'.'.'.' 1 00 13 Ibs. choice raisins... •nrr n ^ '" ' iu A-good lantern for only We sell other goods in proportion to the above We are agents for ROCK SALT for stock. You are hereby notilled that on or before the & Langdon, Ambrose A. Call, President. *utli county, Iowa, his Hnal report id ask to " 8 *^!- ai V? yo " " re lurt iSr noMHed objections thereto must be Hied with erk o.u or before the nrstdayofsai W1 Cl >"vene and be and his. 1U-21 -~—• v ice-jrresiaent. i FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Tn\VM._ ing?— f A TJTnr* Avd>wA«. AA * . . , Administrator. of Sunday was eepeci- Dakota$ ' Wyoming and ofaliog, and by tUe different weights guessed and dividing by twelve, ' tbe true weight would be obtained. do not doubt that Mr. Sovereign We . ane these figures from farmers throughput the 8t*te, but to base aoy estimate upW i tfe em HI ridiculous and we wonder that any 9m p/eteodiag to fosses* Burlington, of tbe city Tne large Dubuque packing house of George RotU & Sons burned last latur- day. Tne Joss is *30.000. * r A tornado struck Helena. Alabama, Monday afternoon, unroofing a number of buildings and injuring several people? . T j e Businessmen of Keokufcfcave entered the law and order league with the Admiuistra.tors' Notice of Final .Report. In the matter of the estate of Milton D. Bian- chiird, deceased, to all tlie heirs or creditors of «>e a xwe named estate : Yon are hereby notified that on or beiore the ism davof Mareh |«)».«iWexecutoi-s W m file with theT Clerk ot Jhe District Court-ot Kosputli County Iowa their nnal report and ask to be"dlsclm"ge ' And you are further«otilied that all obiectTonii thereto uuist he liled W | th the said Clerk on ? whfc-h wlu cmiveife 0f |i 8aid ' tem of ^ a ' l f "" ult KossutU County, Iowa, on tho 2nd dav of March 1891 ur said report w 11 be approved and ?*!«!' QM dUclial * ea »ouThelr bonds 'c. S. BLANOUAIID i . , , , __K. W. JxNKiNsos [ Ad "Mi»'istratore. Montana, Oregon atff asMugtiT The remarkable growtl) in population of the region occupied by the states of Montana, Oregon and Washington Is only surprising to those who are unacquainted with the unusual natural resources of this section. Mining lum- beriug, grazing, fruit growing and agriculture are li«ra carried ou with a degree of success unknown Iu any other septum of N. America The states of Montana and Wasbingti now the scene of a large amount of ra building, but the principal and H ost 1mm nne in these two states; and In /«J* tii« one traversing theflj from east to wMtwtf E&Mjsirffi ssatE i £SS ^se^^s^sss^^^^ Is tbe only LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE Best of Horses and Carriages West of Thorington House. ' M 7 ^r,,,.... . ...-——--... M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. IT WILL PAY ^OU rn^v f\ « T v- i i , ^^^r TO CALL AT Wintifl R?iA 5 o IFY ° U AREIN NEEDOF EElfilL^^sorHardware, Election is Over-So is High Prices foTstoves oollinn. «>• v._i«. . ~ . MUlHcrS. i SUQll meet all CnmnntiHnn f&^^£SSS^fytas^. V'p^sy^s^fa^ tails, Wasli., and -,-, ~— .-,„ .„,, W u U «»uv» IBBKUC wiui me intention of closing tbe &<xw of tte « ern tlie North- f? ~" •"^-— •-*'••»• »^* V44W Ol/ selling at bottom prices. Take one. FARM LOANS. G. all competition, HOWARD, »e». ipHuotun ln« b. "» M 9' •» H, HOXIB, Baroa Hiflsch has given et Bleeulug Cars, Firat and g«oond uiiws i>»v Oars vl» FortU- ortU Dakota, At Lowest Bates and tional payments, Jnt payable at our office, If want a loan qajl on us. can save you money Note Heads and Envelopes. ®BT THEM AT BBPUBLmAW nmmsm •^f

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