Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 15, 1908 · Page 31
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 31

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1908
Page 31
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N ) SUNDAY MORNING, " NOVEMBER 15, 1908,' -(3 ' 0&KLANP TRIBUNE WHAT s GOING ON THEATERS . i: xr' kjs. ,rK"' vm i villi tj4it I . r r i 4 X . K. f ft-:7 1 .4 r T 1 " V m I? L WCtXL 7 GEOBGfi 'EBnffi.C' .AND BISIMNGIKG-SO-CMLSKD CKPHEEWL Charles Horn, Joseph Sullivan and . Cor-win Luskmore. Kellie, who present a sketch that la one round of fun and amusement 'from the rise to the fall of the curtain. In con-Junction with this bill there will b at least two large reels of the latest Imported Pathe motion pictures. YE LIBERTY 4 ? y AMERICAN the novel proves that it is a play out ot. the ordinary. " It Is in a prologue and four acts, th prologue taking place on the Isle of Mart and the play proper in the London W today. It tells a wonderfu lstpry, a story of the fight," single-handed, of a young clergyman to save an inexperienced girl fron the pitfalls of a great city, j It is rich; in strong dramatic scenes, one scene especially, the great mob scene of the third act, being a remarkable .piece of realism. i Isabelle Fletcher will appear as Glory Quayle iand Landers Stevens as j John Sjtorm, both of whom are splendidly "suited to their respective roles. The! cast will include all the favorite Liberty rlay-ers, and the stage settings and garniture will bd equal to any ever attempted at . ,v-'- 1? I Tomorrow night . an exceptionally strong cast, headed by Isabelle Fletcher and Landers Stevens, will appear in a magnificent production of that intensely dramatic play, "The Christian." Few novels of modern times have had the popularity and met with such universal ptaise as this interesting creation of Hall Caine's, and when the announcement was made that the brilliant author Intended to dramatize it, the news was hailed with eager delight by lovers of the best in dramatic and literary art through- "Facing the Music," the comedy in which James J. Corbett will appear at the American Theater, San Francisco, this week, beginning with the matinee performance today, is one of the best comedies, written in years. It is the vehicle which was originally selected for Henry E. Dixey, and so great was its success that it ran for three months at the Mad- ritE- CIAKS3AH"AT ',v -1 .' item.' ' ' '-ap;Jte 4 A PROGRAMS OF THE WEEK prs-' meto-, AMERICAN "Facing the Music' MACD0N0UGH---"The Land of Ndd 8 J, W THE BELL Refined Vaudeville YE' LIBERTY "The Christian" NOVELTY Vaudeville ' ' ORPHEUM Advanced Vaudevilld success, will be seen In this unequaled MACDONOUGH city at th Macdonough Theater day, Frldn and Saturday nights. lng a ma mee Saturday, beginning No- vember 19 Mi One of the very best performances given' In this city last season will be repeated at the Macdonough Theater this afte'-'oon, tonUfht arvd with Wednesday matinee, November 16, 17 iand 18. It is ORPHEUM the Rork production of The Land of Nod," an extravaganza of the most Miss Hope Booth has helped to draw amusing and praiseworthy kind the -crowds! to the Oakland Orpheum during the laut week, entertaining them In - It is built substantially along lines of he prevailing musical comedy, possessing delightful fashion with her artistic work In George M. Cohan's sketch, The Little an arrangement of tuneful melodies of the Blonde Lady' f popular sort, and a comedy element ' which keeps . an audience constantly There will come to the theater this aft. laughing or applauding. j Supplementing these features are the this theater, which is saying a great deal, for the productions at Ye Liberty are always complete, correct and when neces- out the English-speaking world. The dramatization of one s own work has often proved the undoing of a successful author, hut Hall Calne certainly dJuncts which Justify the designation extravaganza" as distinguished from say most elaborate. I Inuslcal comedy. They embrace huge sets succeeded In giving us a play that hasi The Christian" is a play that all ernoon a Jt of new stars to Join Jier on the progra n, and the new. comers are expected tc make the program evermore brilliant, i 1 possible, than the show which has delighted the throngs Idurlng the last wek. j I j George ifrimrose the, famous minstrel, will .be the! headline attraction this week at the Orplfeum. He is sure of an ovation, for in' no city of the Union Is he held in M fantastic scenery, beautifully con costumed and has been a big hit all over the circuit. Al Coleman, the laughing hit of the bill, without doubt is a very clever dialect comedian that has a wealth of stories at his tongue's end. and tells them in a capital vein. Direct from the Eastern cities come the Three Newsomes in an acrobatic exhibition that has a distinct title to merit. These wizards of the air engage in a number of feats that seem lived up to the merit of the book. nived and wonderfully executed trans The piece was originallv produced bv formations, unique and brilliant electrical E. J. Morgan and Viola Allen, and from ison Square Theater, New York, and for a similar length of time at Powers' Theater, Chicago. As everybody knows who has ever come In contact with the popular actor, Corbett is a prince of good story tellers and there is every reason to believe that he can sustain Interest m a comedy character during the movement of a three-act play, which is one continuous round of laughs from start to finish. Manager H. H. Frazee haa surrounded him with a carefully selected company of pla,yers, including Eleanor Montell, a favorite in this locality; Amanda Hendricks, Lillian Logan, May Dudley, tffects, massive "properties" and mythical characterizations sueh as are Encountered in fairyland and In Arabian should see. for it impresses one in a manner that few plays ever do, and as . a specimen of modern dramatic writing .it is indeed a model. It will . be given throughout the week, with the regular Saturday and Sunday matinees. "David" Harum" Is the Lioertys. announcement for Thanksgiving week. j I- i its Initial performance met with unqualified success. Morgan used It as a vehicle for his splendid talents for many yeajs, and the fact that the play is still a popular one long after the "boom" is off higher estejpm than in San Francisqo. His name brings back happy memories, and Nights tales. All of the people of last season's cast without the realm of the possible, and their execution is clean-cut and polished, and the act is a pleasure to witness. his immense popularity is deserved, for he has donie much to elevate his branch of the profession. For his vaudevillSe season he has prepaied an act which will fully display his ability as the most grace w " THB of if OD ' Who made distinctive hits an retained in the cast. Including .Knox Wilson as "April Fool" and Grace Drew as "The Jack of Hearts." And there have been additions to the list of players which. It Is said, add materially to the charm of the performance. The sale of seats for "The Land of Nod" is large. fapecial NOVELTY ful of danders, and In which he will be assisted by! "His Four Dancing Boys." At the Novelty, commencing with today's matinee, the Laurent trio. Euro Alfred Ktlcy, whose visits are always welcome, wll be an important feature of pean acrobats, will appear for the first prices are to prevail. next week's Orpheum program. - He will. Hotel seems to be the general opinion that nothing more enjoyable in the way of high comedy has been offered on the stage of the Oakland Orpheum since its opening. Miss Booth will -begin the last with the assistance of that clever young actress. Mips Mathilda Bothe, present a one-act ! play, entitled "Uncle Phineas," which Is ohe of the best things 6 its "The Clansman." ; ' Not many years ago the' race problem .was, confined entirely to the south. - At the present time it Is the great throbbing Westminister Los Angeles. CaL Fourth and Main Sts. - ample tiuefttion In every part of the United States. No one appreciates the danger more than President Roosevelt, and it week of her engagement this afternoon. - Valadon, the magician, with a number of extraordinary illusions and some clever sleight-of-hand tricks, will be among the attractions. Five people assist him in his act. which is one of the most elaborate specialties in vaudeville. Lewis and Green, with a lot of novel comedy stunts, Black and t Jones, two clever comedians, and some new motion pictures will complete the bill. Is now universally admitted that hhi ending of the American fleet to thw Far Kant was a warning to Japan not to go American Plan, Reopened Rates C7 fjfl Rooms with-Per Day out Bath too far in her designs on western clvi llzation. 1 nils With the race ploblem such an all Im kind that Have been given to the vaudeville stage. I i f ' The FourfNightons, Olympian gyrrinasts from the Berlin Wlntergarten, will! present an adt next week that attracted considerably attention In Europe. It is an exhibition of Herculean strength and of remarkable gymnastic skill, artistically staged. Tjjhe poses with which they begin their performance call to min$ the statues in a sculptor's studio, so symmetrical arJ their figures and so realistic their attitudes, but the most .wonderful portion of Jtheir entertainment is itheir display of A strength which seems Hardly possible to human beings. Audiences at the Oakland Orpheum during the last! week have been charmed by the rarely Irtistic work of Hope Booth. This distinguished : comedienne has achieved a triumph in George M. Cohan's little play, YThe Little Blonde Lady.f' It I . ii portant, vital issue the popularity of "The Clansman," which is the only play dealing directly with this question, must THE BELL not be wondered at, "The Clansman Rooms With Bath $3.00, $3.50 arid $4.00. a European Plan $1.00 per day and up ! With bath $1.50 and up AND teaches the lesson that this Is the white man's country and that all other races, black or jyellow,- must be kept in their prcrer places. While teaching this les son. It presents a stofy thrilling and fas clnatlng in the extreme, i "The Clans F. O. JOHNSON Prop. 1 ' n vercoats man," which is now In Its fourth year of Many have read Edgar Allan Poe's weird tale of the German professor's invention, a mechanical figure, which whirled a beautiful girl to death in a mad waltz. Enigmarelle, apparently an electrical automaton, which will be the head-liner at the Bell Theater this week. Is the realization, of Poe's vivid imagination. If he is a mere machine, he is certainly the nearest approach to a human being that anything mechanical has ever become. An amusing story is told of the figure. It was being exhibited at the Circus Busch, Berlin. Germany. One night, WhllA mnlrtriv Yiim rAimHs thA wiltrhman 4 wr J II 9 1 VW'l $25 "and $30 values - m mi $" .00 , Si. - DC. BROWN Formerly of Brown . & McKinnon, Has opened a Tailoring Establishment at 111 San Pablo Ave. fourth door north of J3th street, where he will be pleased to meet old friends; also hopes to make many new ones. Cutter. W. C. BARTLETT, Formerly of Sa Francisco. ' I -i ... -Ci- ' 'k Pt ' ' , I f Who Has Catarrh? Read This Sberlal FREE TREATMENT j OFFER FOR THIS WEEK. ! To further! introduce the DRS. BOL-TKT & LOBJ.Y SYSTEM and prove Its wonderful cuf-ative power, we will give to all sufferers who call any day THId WEEK EXAMINATION AND FRER TREATMENT UNTIL CURED, positively making n charge for our services. Our treatment cures Catarrh to STAY cured and wel are willing to prove It. When you fure cured you will naturally recommend or treatment and the benefit will be mujtual. This liberal offer may not appear again. .1 ii If you havi a cough, ihawk and slt. discharge frohri the' noB or ears, dry catarrh, throft trohble, pr bad breath, you ' are invitfed to call. I A TALK ON CATARRH. Cntarrh of jhe head causes deafness. Catarrh of he head causes blindness. Catarrh of khe head taints the breath. Catarrh of the head causes Catarrh of the Stomach. at me ineaier was siariiea 10 near some tone walking about the' stage. It was Enigmarelle. . They tried to stop the figure, but being! unfamiliar with the mechanism were unable to do so. i The manage) of the figure, summoned hurriedly to the theater, thought something had happened to his Invention. Taking in the situation at a glance he walked Enigmarelle back to his dressing-room, where he shut off the current. The other attractions at the Bell include Mr. E. T. Emery and his select company in a! vaudeville production of "The Devil." This represents the standard production, as seen all over the coun-i try, with much of the heavy and verbose passages eliminated. The Magianl j family of musicians pre HEINTZ SAMPLE SUIT CO. yjCTGRIlTB ANt) (SOLA First National Bank Building. ! FOURTEENTH AND BROADWAY FIFTH FLOOR time in America in a series of acrobatic j feats. The Swickards. billed as vocal-. The Athens Hotel sent a very unique musical act that is "Those Musical Bar ! ists and entertainers, are fully both, and i decided novelty. Catarrh of the Stomach causes cancer bers" is a clever melange of Instrumental their songs and witty sayings are sure' It gives me great pleasure to say nf ,V. q tu- tk.. or the Stomai xne siomaojh. Cancer of the Stomach causes DEATH. .o,cl iiuiio eAtcuim vn any numoer 01 , to piease meir auqemce. the most unlikely instruments imagin A trio never soon In this city before. nuuKs ioto 4. Consultation Free. hn cured me of partial deafness, catarrhal dropping in the throat, ear noises , and nervous trouble. MISS ANITA ANDREWS. R. F. D., San Jose. CaL Drs. Boltcy & Lobay Go. having just completed a tour of the globe, are Vlctorino" and the Zola sisters, pppcti'-ular dances. Another act of fntAmft tfnnstl -nrttA 1 T.ittlA Allrle-Vit tVij aDie. . . The two Glaziers Introduce some exceeding high-class dancing in their bright little skit, "Going Into Vaude Next to Pcstaffica, v Family and transient hotel special banquet room. TRIBUNE SUBSCRIBERS who fail to receive their paper before 6 o'clock every evening should telephone to the Circulation Department, Oakland 528, and the Carrier will be notified to deliver coov immediatelv. - -, ',' ! " 618 j Ninth Street, between Washington ville. Please bring this ad. and Clay, i j iuious jaauese juggler and equilibrist, This is a refined exhlbltftn. elesantly I Another team of merit are Mr. and Mrs.

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