Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on August 12, 1907 · Page 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 8

Oakland, California
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Monday, August 12, 1907
Page 8
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0 I.IOIIDAY EVEJIING, OAKLMID TlilBUNE. " augiO 12, . SISTERS. BEGIN OVER ESTATE OF UNCLE i ' : m a ' ( - ,.-ry 77 Accused by Relative of Using Undue influence to Get Fortune of Late Simomlsher. BAN nUNCZSCO, Aug. It Claiming that her later, Celle Coha. ha unduly influenced their uncle and prejudiced him rxatnst her M that ah was est eff la ' 'a wCl. Fannie Lark an back thla morn-ir.g began a contest of the wilt asking 'it a abar In tha aatata of the lata Bl-noa Asher. which wu probated oa Aa-g-uet n, MOl la bar petltloa Mra. Lackonback narrate! that bar uncle, for alz montha prior 1 hie death, was almoet blind end In no proper condition to make a wilt Before the Are be bad been living with hie niece. Fannie, the complainant but her stater, f as line; that she might unduly Influence him, bed playsd on the old man'e feeling by Insinuating that the food which bla niece wee clvlng him wee lit-uaily unclean. The eld man being of a G Long Star State May Soon Break j Monopoly, of Japan In For-I moaan Isle. ; Camphor farms are the latest addition to the reeoerees of the Lone St." State. So far there are only two. both of which are o Derated br the government, but Texans confidently expect their state to j become one of the greet camphor producing regions of the world. Practically tha entire supply of camphor now comes from Formosa. The de-j mend hat Inoreesed to such an extent that the attention of all the leedlng ' countries of the world has been directed j to opening up a new source of supply, j This la made necessary oy the fact that la the manufacture of modem explosives 1 which are use! In high power guns cam-ihor forma aa Important ingredient, j JAPANESE CONTROL. . Now that the Japanese government -on t role the world's supply of the product. It ie by no mesne certain that It may be" obtained in the desired quantities at at! times la the future. In order to provide against any euclt contingency thle the growth of the camphor shrub a being encouraged in Texee. ' The camphftr experimental farm at Vherton was established neerly a year tn. The shrubs have thrived wonder -'ully well, and they are now as high aa i man's head. i The process In operation In Formosa 'nr extracting the camphor la to chop he treee down and cut them into email leces, from which the camphftr le then (tilled. Dr. Watklns will adopt a dif- crent method tn Texas, i aowa the ataoa. ! He sows the camphor seeds like wheat r eats, and the shrub quickly sprouts. Chen It baa attained a height of about tiree feet It will be out down by a mow-ng machine at a height ef about one ot from the ground. The several per-ions will be put through the distilling rweea end the eemehor extracted. i From the tender etubble othse'shoots rill spring up. and the cutting process an be repeated once a year for several ars. It le asserted that a better ejual-ty ef cemphor een be obtained, by thle isthod than by the ancient process that In use In Formosa. The crop requtree oi attention except the sowing end har-etlng. I It la elalemd by Dr. Watklns that a i rge -portion of southwest Texas la spe-ally adapted to successful camphor rowing. At present prices one acre of mphor would yield a profit of about $9. It Is expected, however, that when s cultivation becomes general la Texas iere will be a drop la prieee. I - ' CRIMEAN WAR STARTS CIGARETTE SMOKING Who first introduced cUarattea into sla eeuntryf Taey were first used tn streets here by tha lata Laurence Oll-.ant, and, earienely enough, the Intra-if Won of thla method of smoking to the ngtlsh people came as s. result of the tmeen war. Our officers In Russia, none: ether hardships, could net procure Ueceo or cigars, and learned the uee ef e cigarette from their French, Italian id Turkish allies, and also from their r.h Malta en4 Gibraltar. Introduced to London military and ether clubs, the w custom made very slow progreee. it Ite uee gradually spread from 117s IMS, when the fashion was eet by e goldea youth ef those daye. London ader. i i . ' . - a 1 BUT M tBFT THE CAT. "Bllklne eat yelled for three hours the ler night, and then I got up and threw lump of coalet It." i"Htt the cattr j"Kope.. I. hit Btlktns. who had Just ne out to let the eat in." ("There must have been soma eatlsfac- it In tiiat," "There was for a moment, and then kins returned the coal through on of v plate-glass windows. But that wasn't worst of It." ,"NoT" I 'No. Me Went In the house and left tha t Outside yowling." . I i ' ' V kind eld gentleman, seeing- a small y who waa carrying a lot of newest rs under hie arm. aald: "Don't all e papera make you tired, my boy?" Naw, I don't read "em." replied tha '. Canadian Courier. . a The new excuse. 'r farmer raised hie shotgun. What are ye doing up there cm my T" he roared. Kxouae me." eald the housebreaker! lr. "but I am a member of the Aero I. end have Just had the misfortune to p'it of my balloon." The. Duck Motorcycle -horsepower, slngle-cylladar, l-cycle la rr.kee a winning, this time at crd. Contra Costa, defeating a I-r.der. t-horaepower that waa es- 1 there for the purpose. The Duck - r: !Jen from Oakland to Concord by r '.r. F. E. Karslake. who made the a at the track in the fast time . .:. cr an average of .K to the . i he motor Is new oa exhibition at : re. 12Jt Broadway. The same r won the t-mile event easily, r r'.vtng all the ether mechlnee a i'e start, and rJ them an 4it ue tin of : for vu ere H nOVAT GAMPHDR BATTLE vary religion torn of salad, this effected him so that he went to lire with hie ether niece, providing with hie money a heme la which he installed 'her aa house keeper. . . At the time of the Are the home wu burned and uncle and niece came to live with lira. Lecksnbeck. but baa. quarters were so crowded that she could not make room for them. This, lire. Conn told her uncle, cloeely reeembled being turned In to the street like a dog. according to the complain of Mrs. Lackenback. Asher's will. In which he hed divided his property evenly between hie two nieces, waa also burned up. Mrs. Lackenback alleges that he made a will after the nre, in which he wee practically disinherited through her slaters working on their uncle' a mind. . which wee, at beet, none too strong. Mrs. Lackenback claims to have proof of her sister's misdoings which the can present in cgun in support cm nor statements. WASHINGTON. Aug. 11 Attorney General Bonaparte returned today from hie vacation at Lennox. Mass. Hs was unwilling to discuss the reports that he had returned to begin criminal proeecu- tlon In the Harrlman and Standard Oil cases, but. speaking generally, he aald the department stands ready to bring criminal action when there seems a good chance to convict. The taking of testimony In the 8t. Louis case against the Standard Oil Company tor tne aissotution of the concern Mrill begin in New Tork on September t. Bulletin Quarters How in Market-Street Home SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 13.-The Even-leg Bulletin moved today Into Its new building on Market street, between Third and Fourth atraets. The structure Is of fire-proof conat ruction and pleasing architectural design. The offices ef the newspaper are equipped with an entirely new plant, much more complete than the one destroyed by the great Are. VIGILANTES SHOULD HANDLE BOAT ROCKER As to the paralytic cramps which sometimes seise those la the water, this is a mishap which cannot, of course be foreseen. Every swimmer, however, should take the poeelbillty of euch a disaster Into consideration before he makes a venturesome effort. The Individual who cannot swim should never wade In wster that Is above the waist line without wearing a Ufa preserver. Better still, be should never go out over knee-deep until he learna to awinl. As to the fool that rocks the boat, what more caa be added to the columns ef literature that have already been publlahed for his discouragement T Apparently he cannot be weeded out: It Is Impossible to eliminate him aa the evil genlue of the fee-tlvitlee of many and many a summer outing. It Would not. perhaps, be a bad Idea to organise a vigilance committee for every pleasuring party that goes down to the barslds or to the riverside. Bueh a committee might observe premonitory symptoms of the boet-rocklng erase and deal with the boat rocker In time to prevent tragic consequences. Baltimore American. WOMEN TO BE TAUGHT INDUSTRIAL LABOR A school in which women and girls Shall learn housework, trade or any suitable bualneee which will "enable them to earn an Independent and an honorable living and teach them tha nobility and dignity of Industrial tabor." la a prov talon In tha will of the late Frank B. Cotton, the Brookllne banker. The estate Is SeM.000, about half ef which le left In trust to beneflrlarlea After the deeth of these beneflctaries the residue of the estate goee to tha founding of the school, a TO START MOLB FARM. Now comes a man with a proposition to e tart a mole farm. "The first mole farm In America will soon be established In the southern part of the Cumberland Valley by Thomas Thrush, a young Carlisle man." says a press dispatch from Carlisle. Pa. "Several aeree'ef ground will be scooped out to the depth of five feet and aaad filled la. The bottom of the plaAt will be ef brick aad a three-foot wall will be erected around the entire plot, thue caging the molee In. Mole skin, for which the animal la prised. Is much more valuable than seal akin. A ! New Tork man recently paid ffiooo for a coat made of the mole's fur. The animal is a little larger then the rat and Is of about the same color." Bricke be- i Irtg coetly. It Is suggested that Instead of several acres one hundred feet square be the dimensions ef the "trial farm." Forest and Stream. w THE SMITHS MOVE INT "Ton kid." said little Willy Jones. "Tom tit light off our walk Aad fust take care of what you do and how you act and talk; ' Around this block a kid like yon la better seen than heard." And the little boy who'd Just moved In he never saw a wora. "I s'poee that where you waa before you thought you waa a lot ' And Just as good aa other kids -and hatter T like as not: Bui let me tell you, right here bow. that : you ain't such a bird' Ant the little hoy who'd Just moved hi he never said a wora. to anderetad.M said Winy Jones, "don't sit too freeh with us. A kid that tries to run thla town like you hs starts a. f. And he gets licked, and thery yoa bet, he's And the little boy who'd J us t moved tn he n never eata a woroy No. he didn't meek. But he sort ef ducked hie head down, and after a hasty feint earns in one-two ena croseeq rignt to Jew and left to body, advaaoUig oa dotted Mne es per diagram. After that hs losaed a sockdologer of a right hook and chased that Jonea bow Ciean up the allev and into hie own hack yard. I tetl you simply there s no suck thing aa Judging by tpi.ee ranees. Puck. . THREB FINQKR. : t understand the Colonel has sued the rat' road for damages." , "Tee, sun; he wet three fingers la the colllstoa." "Frjm hie r?rht or his left handr From his t 9 rocket, esa. The eon. sioa th'ewJ 1 i s?!Urt a Stat aal brtVa 1 ttsij.-i' : ticii phiests lit flEET SUI1DHY Archbishop's Call to Pastor May Kesuit in spread of Charity K work. I . BAN FRANCISCO. Atlf. II. A meeting of tha St Vlaeent da Paul Society, wklcte waa bald Auarust 4. has resulted In a call by Archbishop Rlor-dan for pastors of evry Catholic church to convene next fUinday. Judge J. M. Burnett presided at last week's meeting, when a talk was given on the work of reorganisation, followed by a discussion on tha charity condltlona of tha elty. Tha need of such work waa dwelt upon at length, and the outcome ef which was tha formation of a committee to wait upon Archbishop Rlordan, Thla waa dona laet .Wednesday morning, tha Arch bishop then calling tha general meeting for next Sunday. It la expected that a branch of tha Et. Vincent da Paul Eoclety wll be established In every parish la tha city under tha control of tha particular council of tha rathedral. i A etmllar work la In crorress here tn the Catholic Ladles' Aid Society, and at a preliminary meeting recently of the board of directors the differ ent worka of charity, which thla society undertakes, cama under discus, slon. Thla same aort of work win hereafter be carried on more efficiently than ever. Plans will be more thoroughly discussed r at the Grand Council of tha society to be held at Del Mar on September 14. . i EXPLOSION Boiler Bursts, Destroying Part of Elevator and It Valuable Contents. OMAHA. Neb.. Aug. lt.One end of the ten-story elevator of Merriam A Humquist at Sixth and Nicholas streets. is mown out tnis afternoon br the explosion of a boiler. The elevator waa full of grain which possibly will be a total was. The loss will be heavy. No one was injured. SLIGHT DAMAGE PROM TWQ SMALL PIRES An alarm ef fire waa turned la this morning at I IS from a Chinese Ice-cream parlor at 0 Webster street. The building was owned by d. D. Turn. Damage by the blase waa email. An alarm waa turned la Sunday morn ing at t:lt from the gospel meeting bouse belonging to the Beulah Homo Associ ation, me disss originated in a rear closet. Damage waa email. PUTS HOSE IN MOUTH AND TURNS ON GAS SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. it A man by the name of Hanson, fifty-five years old. aad who rooms at 11 01 Fillmore street, was found dead In his bed at 4: to o'clock thla morning. The mag. before reUrlng. had placed a hoee over the gaa Jet and the other end In hla mouth, and died from as phyxiation. The people at the bouse knew nothing of the antecedents of the man and there wes nothing on his person which could give a clue as to tha reason for bla act. a AUGUST H. HAVEMYER DIES AT AGE OP 52 NEWBI7RO. K T.. Anm it Havemver died tntln. at hi. hm. . 2 yean. lie waa a son of the late George Havvmyer of New Tork Cltr. who was connected with the American Bugar Refining Company. A. C. SMITH 1COW M. D. Arthur C. Smith, younsrest brother of Police Judge Mortimer Smith, last week successfully passed hi examination before the State Board of Medical Examlnera and la now a full-fledged medico. Since his graduating In June last from the Oakland college of physician and surgeons. Dr. Smith haa been Identified with tn staff of East Bay Sanatorium. ORDER, A LA CARTE. Arthur Dunn, the "little Joker." tela a good story of one time be happened to drcp Into a restaurant and found the me. prletor In a great state ef excitement. --nners tne matter T" eaked Mr. Daaa la hie Inimitably funny wax. I oat ireen guy down by the window these insulted mt." "What did he dor i "1 handed him the laaeh eard. Me looked at It and said. 'What yoa grr I Juat knew he waa going to geVssnart with me. ee i arew mysetr up end said, to him: Til have yeu understand, air. that we -rve everything that's aa the bin f are.- , - 'Wen,' he replied. ee you seem to have plenty on the carl J ist bring ate a meed of fly specks.' "Burlington Hawk By. SYMPATHY. The blessings which the poor and weak can aeatter Hare their owa season. TU a ttttla thing To give a cup of water; yet It draught Of cool refreshment, drained by fevered Hps. May give a shock of pleasure to the frame I Mora exquisite than when nectarean at a w juice Renews tha Ufa ef joy Iq hour. happiest ft la a little thing to apeak a ohrasa Of common comfort which by dally use Ha almost lost Its sense; yet on the bill LOST Of him who thought to die unmounted twill fall i Like choicest music; fill tha glaxing are With gentle tees; relax tha knotted hand i To know tha bonds ef fellowship again; And ahed en the departing aoul a sense if or preeton than tha berUson et friend About the honored deathbed ef the rich Te htm wh else war lonely, that an. other i Of the great family Is near and feela. , ClrT. Neon Talfourd. A MUC.J,yniT. .7 -Me father.- eald Mrs. Murray. -aJweys gits up wfaia a lady anthers the room." "Ti t euli rr.ara Is too eur kioue," Mr. I.fur- vy rrnst 1. -I ntrer ea tve wo-n- sa ?.t that ti be r-ar.e enoj,i t I t ya -t!a je wai sit: a" a?a. ODDEO DEATH IS PISTIff IOC itrike-Breaker Dies Under Most Peculiar Circumstances City Chemist Called. BAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 1J. Until tha City Chemist has completed aa analyala of the contents of William Recbenberg's stomach, a shadow of mystery will hang above tha audden death of tha man laet Saturday night. Tha peculiar circumstances surround ing tha case cava aroused the police to an investigation and tha chemist's report will either bear ent or refute the poison theory. Rechenberg. who waa a strikebreaker employed by tha United railroads. was stricken suddenly 111 last Saturday night in Louis Zimmerman's restau rant on Geary atreet, Fifteen minutes later ha had expired en tha operating table la tha Central Emergency hospital, and before the attending physi cians could observe any symptoms of poisoning. If the man had been poteoaed. which la tha natural theory of tha po lice. It must Jiave been before ha entered the restaurant. No sooner bad ha become seated at a table and ordered a cup of tea than ha sank to tha floor unconecioue and never regained hie senses. e Labor Day national Holiday for Employes OTSTER BAT. Aug. 1J Pres e- Id ent Roosevelt Issued aa executive a- order today making Labor Day, September t, a holiday for govern- e- ment employee aad laborere who a- are employed by the day. a CAUSED POLICE T .A" ' y T :: t' '-'l t This is picture of Mr. Lrw Lee, "the woman in blue. whn haa given the Secret Service men at Oyster Bay so much trouble. LOSES HIS JOB AND JUMPS INTO THE BAY SAN FRANCiann a u- , . - - - William Fee. a bed maker, formerly em- . . "'t'"a nouse. made an Ineffectual attempt to commit suicide by jumping into the bay from tha Howard street dnck at 7 i . morning. " ""' The watchman k. a i. Fea acting usplclousry, and kept his eye on "hinu When he saw the man Jump Into the water, he was on hand wgrlrti ennas a k...a a " puu mm out. When w" to the Harbor hospital, he etated to the attendanu that be eolt btcm ePondent on account of loaing bla position at the Arcade ham ir j . . : ont of work since. He Drnmlaed thZ Hospital surrenn that k. , . again make an attempt on his life. TEA AND ITS MAKING. Here e a anwvt . know what kw-" "mJIT ""n, lo she know I drink tear la the lest five mra the Ceylon teas have eorae te the rront amaaingly. They are eheap and good. I kin nam. .. . . . , w ..w . w . ivwn grass in them. But a fellow must live up to hie "ninie. naving await among the Ruaslane fin New Tork) for several years I learned their h ablta anf - Proeelvta tn earama ti..u m - - i . r ior- l",TW gradee. The price ranges from M cents te 14 a pound. Tea at 14 a Pound Is aa eoqulred taste. It te else a waete ef snoney But ns -object as ae money" to me I buy ft caravan. One pinch of It makes the strongest lafu'sloa you ever tested. There are twenty-one ymawm in me ounce, or lit pinches te the pound. Each pinch brews a big. fat eupful. which mahes the east not much over 1 cent Cheap enough. There la ne economy In buying grass unless you weal it fee the cattle. The Russiiuie know tea. They make It f T the ctook. la America we are care-lae. It seems a matter of no importance te as whether In making this deoae-t on we "draw." "steep " or "boll;" and Ume le noohjeet I have drunk tea in American homes that would almost tie my tongue Into a clove hitch. Imarlne the effect of euck stuff upon the lining of the, stomach. Some families pride themselves on their "week" tea. It thertf keep It for family use. aad give their guests something to drink. Mak- In waaa. tarn saaaan M W Ti . log tea is one of the fine arte. Ite con sumption is so enormous tnat its mpuo" ie ao enormous xnai its DrvDai- J ation demands our highest consideration, ta effect upon our national life la to be Its effe. coma or century, coma one ef the weighty eubjecu of this in lory. &UUI.M tt,1U. Ik. I .L...t J . aney use tnree ciar pots, ne for boliing the fresh water, one for steeping, the third for eervlng. While lh r,tt I. .Ai1t t . j f v.l W & M . & i .u. mj tea rir ira veins thoronealr heated in the eeoond, en tee Kirk ttf t n . . r rrv. n k. . tit. i ...... . . nill,t AT ftM r-m A A ... . W . . . - i . of tne tea, A cheap tea. a tablesporr.f a! 10 earn cup: sa eitra fie tea, haif a -k.t...., .v, ,t;w o v. i lied ir.t Wltr is actually bctlirg. pn.ir It n the leaves an-t it a;ep t r eiact! x -. or. ha.f rrrtnutes ne;tfr more nor !. i c-ur!e In yrur t v'' It tr r-n-t . t e t i r t t I - a i. i t e r . . - r 1 t ' It f MUCH ESSEOGERS Ifeesenger boys with wheels are wantea in THE TRIBUNE editorial rooms. i - t Yerkes Obsenratory Has Recent invention Which Measures - Stellar Movement WTXUAM8 BAT. TVIa.. Aug. 11. There ha been added to th equip ment of th Terkee observatory at Wll llama Bay one of the moot Important of recent Inventions In the line of me clmnieai optica. Tha Instrument Is known, aa the s terse -com narat or. and appllea tha prinoiplea of the ordinary stsreoscops In the comparison ef slm- iiar ODjeets, or two different photo grapha of the same object Tha Inatrament In nee at tha Yerkes Obsenratory la one of the largest of Its Kind as well aa cms of tha most delicate and eomolex. It Is used In the study and comparison of stellar and solar DhotosTanha taken with tha forty-Inch Terkea telescope and the enow photographic teleacoDe. One object Is the detection et the proper motion of stars, planete or comet. For thla curooss two nhoto grapha of the same region of the sky. taken at a carefully noted Interval, are placed ta the Instrument, where, aa In tne stereoscope, the lmace of one la spetim posed upon the other to fornrkne comoinea image for the eyea looking tnrough the double eye piece. MEASURING STAR CHANGES. Those stars which occupy the same relative position on the two ntateasrlll appear In the combined Image the mo as u out one plate waa ussd. Ths Instant tha niunlnr Innka mt Ik. combined photographs he will note which of the stars have moved, and rrom tne amount of displacement may measure the distance moved. Of course, if the distance Is very great, a double Image will be seen. Delicate hair llnee In the eyepiece and measuring Scales With Sdluattne- trrui V moving ids piates provide for meaeur- usi u cuajige m position oi tne Doay under observation, so as to compute ins rats or motion. In another mthnrf nf mablnar lum tarison a slnale evenieo i nmA m,A or an automaiie dii m nwrmA k. electricity the vision Is shifted Instantaneously from one plate to the other, alternating at regular intervals aa long aa tne operator cares to observe. In thla ease ths bodies hih th. aarae on the two platea remain stationary to the eye, while thoae whose position Is changed appear to Jump m,u w:n Willi. SAVES ASTRONOMERS MUCH. Hitherto the aatmnnmm servatorv have nnt Hmh ki - complete results from their observa tions, ror lack of time or trained assistants tO BtUdv anil rnmn platsa Most of the astronomical work la now photographic, for the sake of greater accuracy and permanence of eevru. mm inia instrument the astronomer can obtain In.a M. . - -- mw IUUUIl heervatlon the same results In ths stuay ana comparison of the plates that heretofore rnnii-tt w f m i xa uuy g aa la painstaking labor with microscope and ... vi aswew, . The ItFrwi-rnmnaralnr I. k r mm til, IUVFI- tlon of C. Pulfrtch. hi i. . " --" cuiyivCU in the famous instrument ma km works of Carl Zeiss at Jena. Germany. Not more than a doaen have' been made, aa ret. and n tku. . In use In the United States, one at the uoafrrrsiory nere ana one at the solar observatory at Mount Wilson. Callfor- S Toledo Operators Inject Personality TOLEDO. Ohio. Aug. . It. A. T. Zimmerman, who has been operating a Postal wire for a local paper, left his work because "Peg" Randall, was said to have accepted a position with the Postal. Later alx operators employed by the Postal In the produce exchange, walked out e Messenger Boys Join the Strikers ST. LOUIS, Aug. li. Thirty-five messenger boys employed by the Postal walked out this afternoon declaring their grievance ta that the company to supplying tha place of striking telegraphers with non-onion men. CHINESE HELD FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER Aeeueed ef attempting to murder See Too Vah at the corner of Fourth aad Harrison etraata oa .. La Lea, a highbinder of the Ping ". was aoaaji rormaiiy charged at police headquarters. He Is la custody. - flee Too Wall, la m. n ). Chines residing at TTT Clay street. on c huihto. uenies mat ha Is a member of the Hop fling tong. Ae to tha eauaa ef Lee Lea s firing several pistol bullet 4a hi direction Lee Is aauallr reticent. Tha eniii ... - - - - - . -VtT,l, ( r holding him aa a witness, under tne aeiiei iai eaiuraty night fust-lad at pistol shot was the Inetplent skirmish af a thraatane n.i - tha tong war tn local Chinatown. MERICAN BOAT WINS AGAINST THE ADELE ROCHESTER, K. T., Aug. It. The American defender of the Caftadae cup, Beneca, defeated the Canadian Challenger Adeie. today tn the second of th races. ft t , BALTIMORE MEN OUT. , BALTIMORE. Aug. It. Th entire day force with the exception of the chief operator and traffic chlefa quit work. Between fifty and eixty operator were employed in the main offices. a . less than cne hunched cut. rirTLArrxrniA. a-. i:. t- " t cf tv -i r- - i t 1 V i . i . at..: I05WI0TT0, GOMPAilE STARS Oil DM Uncle Lem'a Double Stomached Chicken Alarm Entire Barnyard. DATTOJf, W. 3 Aug. ben follertn with consider'ble Int'rest th' experiment o Luther Burbank oa a Callforny," aald Uncle Lena e Wetberbe at Osborn's general store last evening. -Ue'a th' scientific cos a. y'know, 'at' b'en a-croestn' n" pef- dnctn' all .sorts o' new-fangled froote n veg'tables. Now I b'en -tryin' t" do aoatbln' li that Una myself, but t ain't a-elalmtn' nothln wonderful. What Tra done la, as you might say, ord'nary, n cl'd be done by any one with sense enough t put two 'a' two t'gtther. There' my succotash plant frinstanc. 'At' a comblnashun o' corn 'n' llmba bean, with both of 'era on th' earns cob. t Fr sv'ry tea grain o' corn there's a bean a-growln' In betwixt rte'just raised enough o' th' succotash plant fur my own use this yar, but nex' y'ar I calUte t hay It on th market ' IMPROVES NATURE. "In theee her pursuits o' science. though, I sometime think a feller's downright wicked In tryln' t Improve on what natur 'a given us. It's sa much sarin', Txok here, Lord, I kin do bettern you.' I got la mind an experiment I triad aom time ago la hatehln' out aome double-yelked algsi When I sof th ol' Chlny hen on them there aigs she looked at me sorter reproachful-like, g If aha knew some great calam'ty wu 'bout V happen. But though I c'ld aee 'twus clear ag'ln her conadenshus scruples she tackles th' job, fur she's jes' so plum crasy t aet ehe'd aet oa doorknobs. "T'other hen 'd come aroun' 'n try f git her to blow her job. but she knowed her dooty when she aeea It, n' eot 'n aot 'n' sot till from thos double-yelked alga she hatched out eleven double-etummlcked chickens. In all other respecks they wua like other chickens, with one head, two wlnga 'n' two legs, bat their stum-raickr wus double 'n lopped over 'n' each 'other. PERFECTLT PLAUT. -It's all plain enough. If you start A GERMAN LETTER RECEIVED BY OMLMW AD CLUB FROM KOLB AfJD DILL ' I '" ti -in i ' i j. ji wi it f:r ! ;nau ii in mm i ' I i . ' - r-y ' vT" - ." V.: !M ' ' C ' It ft li 1 i F KOLB AND DILL. Kolb and Dill, the lmtch comedians, who play "Ixttieeome Town" at the Co lumbia tonight and who will present a scsns front he play at the Oakland Ad Club show at the Macdonmigh Theater nest Thursday night August IS. surprised the entertainment . committee of the club by offering their services. In the form of a German letter. Upon receipt of the letter the members of the club epent aome time In tiring to translate It and after considerable dlseusaloa it was referred to the wife of the club's secretary, who quickly made the contents known, which were as follows; . -Oakland. Cat, Aug. . 17. -Members of the Oakland. Ad Club Oentiemen: Being Informed et year Intention te give a blg enow on August IS at the kfardonougu, and knowing the benefit your club caa be to Oakland ia promoting publicity, we. aa temporary citizens, are anxious to asaiat in the effort of keeping Oakland from being a 'Lonesome Town." and will be g!a4 to contribute our act for the occasion. " "Tours fr amueemerst, "Xnt3 AND TILL." T - " t'.'a v. - n T-i'r, t' T T - I i i . . . i i . . - , t y t ' GOAL HIE 7 15 POEDIBTED E. H, Harriman Believe Shortage Near Deprecate Loyer ing; Freight Tariffl. OMAHA. Aug. II. K. H. Harrtnoa gavs out a long Interview yesterday, la akleh he tail; "I think we shall have a coal shortage this winter, due to the general Increase tn the consumption nf coal by reason f th great e a panel on ef all llaee ef industries all over the country end also te the fact that some m!n are not able to turn out es much as they might berau of a lack of labor; and then there le the shortage of freight cere to be reckoned with. And to this car ahortago I might ear a ward la reply, to the general charge that the railroads arp wholly to blame for the cer shortage- The charge te unjust In many respecte. Numerous causes conspire to bring about a shortage or ormgestlonln cere ef which the people know noth!ngand they are causes for which the railroads are aot respon sible and cannot avoid.' DEPRECATES LOWER RATE. Harrlmaa deprecated the recent tend ency of rate legislatUra. Said be: "In the development and improvement of railroads one factor ef vital consideration Is ths relative coat of material and labor and the scale of rates for traffic. Labor te scarce and much higher paid thaa ever, material la often hard te get and costs mors, yst rates have been reduced aad texee Increased. This Is aot a consideration which holds out either to the people or the railroads the brightest prospect. Under the present conditions of ths higher cost ef labor and material the tendency la rates should be to remain stationary." A Baltimore Men Are Out BALTDaTOR. Aug. It Th Postal operators In the mala efflae struck this afternoon. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee t' reaaon It out Th yelk, a yett might aay. Is th' stummlck a th lg. In' where there's two yelk Bacharly Ifg boon' f hatch out hi a' chicken with two stummlck. Anyhow, It's raised Cain tn my barnyard. Th ol' Chlny hen's b'en ostracised, n'one the other hens'll speak thr. "Th roosters haa cut her dead. -What they're all sore about ' Is that theee double-stlummlcked chicken baa got th' fiercest appetite you ever see. The Domlny' ara't nethta' to 'em. Havin' two lnatdee C avppty they're alios a -work In' their gutyets overtime f fill 'em, an none o' th' rest la git tin' a square meaL" AartfaJ f-.jSss Oakland, and will present an act from the 1 romantic play, -Heartsease.- The Bell Theater, which a! ware haa At acta, will loan the club Gertrude B. Busk, a clever - Impersonator, and Dan Roby, black-face comedian, "the maa that makes a notee like a trombone." While the Novelty Theater has corns forward with such star actors ae Hayee and Ahl-polnt, "the midget aad the giant"; Keg P.ennett champion trick hone soloist; the Novelty Trio, America s greatest singers, and Slaters Eacella. singers, dancers aaj contortionists. The Kmptre Theater will be tepresented by Clinton and Bmlth la -the aketcb, "Wanted, a Partner" 8 were t and Weetbrook, singers and dancers, and ' Joe ronseca in illustrated songs. I dor ? Park will send la Lavs el le and Grant, hand balancers and heavyweight lifting. Epecltl arrangements have beea made te secure Willis Vs. Ballaatyne. premier New Tork baritone einger. In selections , from grand pera, both In Italian, and . English, and V. E- l r Tti eraon In ballads. One rf the many features of the program wiil be the amateur performers. U.e mn.t r-romlpnt tlng Sm lior-w!n' sn4 t" e I - ii tj-iartet. 1:' . ::',, T'-, (ii i T'r rtfli ! i a It r ' -rut t , , r . i H r

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