The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on February 4, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1891
Page 5
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THE COUNTY NEWS. To OoRuiwfONUhNTs:—AH correspondence lot tho KBPUKMCAN should reach this oflice not later than Tuesday evening. Please bear tills in mind. Severn! letters arrived last week too late for publication. All communications to the RKMJHMCAN— Including news letters—must bo signed by tho author to insure publication. J.OTTH C1U5EK. Special CoiTeHporidence. Lo'i'rs CHKKK Twr., Feb. 4.—Mr. and Mrs. John Finnell returned from their wedding trip to Wisconsin Friday evening. Tho long looked for snow has at last arrived. Mike Flanagan and family have arrived from Illinois and moved onto the Fulton place. lie has bought the place and intends to make his home here. Welcome to all such men. Miss Josephine Liddy was unable to get to her school two days last week on account of tlie storm. Mi'. Matson and son Alsord went to Algona Saturday, taking in some cattle •which they had sold. Howard O'Brien lias been sick for a few days but is improving. James O'Brien has gone to Hancock, Shelby county, on a visit. IUJFFAI.O FORK. Special Correspondence. BUFFALO FORK, Jan. 31.—Buffalo Fork has been unusually gay this week, beginning Monday with a birthday party at Jesse l)avison's. About twenty friends of Mr. Davisons met at his house and presented him with a chair. Mr. Bacon making the presentation speech in his usual happy manner. Mrs. Davison, of course, was in the secret, judging by the bountiful dinner that was served about two o'clock. Monday evening skating was in order, and such a beautiful evening it was. Over twenty young people took advantage of it and held a skating party on Union slough where we had plenty of room, nice smooth ice awd a jolly time judging from the racket and appearance. Tuesday night we had an oyster supper at the church. "Everybody and their friends" were there, over two hundred all told. Dr. Clark exhibited his Stereopican views of the Holy Land gratuitously for the benefit of the cause, and after supper music, recitations and dialogues followed, to the general satisfaction of all. The ladies deserve great credit for the bountiful supply of the '• creature comforts," especially as their number is so limited. Thirty-five dollars was the net result of the occasion. J. K. Faus made a abort visit at Webster City last week. The Methodist people intended beginning a series of meetings Sunday evening but owing to the stormy weather have postponed it. Cady & Balloek's stock of groceries arrived Monday and they are now busy putting them on tlie shelves. They have a nice fresh stock and ask you. to come and inspect them. The merits of a cash store will be appreciated by a good many. We bespeak for them a liberal patronage. ButtT, Feb. I!.— We are not having Florida weather this week, but think it is satisfactory to all, especially coal dealers, who are pleased to wait on customers generally and like to sell coal. Our merchants have a good supply of winter goods that are in good demand. The new meat market is nourishing. Creamery continues to be one of the best managed concerns in the country. Hotel business is good. But few if any kickers in these parts. The little boy living with Ernest, that got his hand in the corn sheller, is doing nicely and Jolm Meinzer's little boy that was kicked by a horse is getting well. Our creamery ice house is full and the meat market house is being filled this week. Select school gives great satisfaction to advanced scholars. Champion Liav Located. AVJiStEY. Special Correspondence. WESLEY, Feb. 3.—Lots of snow, plenty of sleighing. jSfow is the time to look for winter. * Gray Bros, have shipped in a number of brood mares from Illinois. They Franklin Co. Recorder, Jan.28.— The eleven alliances of Franklin county, in joint meeting, unanimously endorsed Gov. Boies. Is it not time for the organs to stop their yawp?—Algona Courier, Jan. 28. There are only seven; alliances' in Franklin county. They never had but one joint meeting, and that was in the spring of 1889—long before Gov. Boies was elected. A prominent member of the alliance, who regularly attends the meetings, told the editor of this paper yesterday that he had never heard Gov. Boies' name mentioned at an alliance meeting, and that the man who had gall enough to publish the above item was certainly entitled to wear the belt as the champion liar of the universe. Fancy Honey Table Syrup only ,'JOc. a Gal. at W. F. Carter's. Big bargains at Galbraith's remnant sale. Small in size, great in results; DeWitt's Little Early Risers. Best pill for constipation, best for sick head ache, best for sour stomach. Sold by Dr. Sheete. t>«m*i»di tot One-of th^cttrloeities to Mrire-at the pottofficfr was a letter addressed to "Dr. Koch, Esq., New Haven, Oonn." Itwaa postmarked from a tovm in western New York. The postoiBce officials were not long in reaching a logical deduction that it was intended for Dr. Poster, and it waft so delivered. This reasoning proved correct, for it was written by some one cle- j siring moat earnestly the lymph treatment. Dr. Foster said that he was heartily glad the lymph reached New York and Washington, because it might have the effect of lessening the increasing stream of applicants and applications that have been pouring in on him. This demand has grown daily since the second arrival of the lymph at an alarming rate. Letters come from all parts of the Union—California, Indiana, North Carolina, Vermont and even Colorado—written by those willing to do anything in the hope of obtaining even some slight relief from dreaded diseases. They have the hope that perhaps they individually will be chosen from the others. No matter what the distance is, they are willing to come on to make the experiment. Many have the idea that, like vaccination, ono inoculation is sufficient, without realizing the long course of treatment which is necessary. But ono and all have to be refused, as further experiments at present are impossible. Dr. Foster is nearly worn out in the vain attempt to answer .1 part of his correspondence, which occupies nearly all his time.—New Haven Courier. The Voiing Man Failed to Suit. A lady a few days ago arrived on the Comstock in response to a matrimonial advertisement published in a temporary local newspaper, her expenses being paid by the advertiser, a young man of this town. She is still here, but the young man is disconsolate, as she is not pleased with his appearance, and refuses to perform her part of the contract. He is a a. losa to account for Ms inability to please the feminine eye. He has good habits and is steadily employed. It seems that this is only the last of several ventures of tho would-be groom toward connubial happiness. In one of his former trials he forwarded $30 to his fair correspondent, who returned him $20 and a letter containing a great deal of good advice, for which she kept as a fee the remaining $10. She concluded the epistle by informing him that she was about to start for Portland to join ker husband. He is not at all discouraged by his good or ill fortune, as the csise may be, and intends to keep tryin;/ until he is successful.—Virginia City (Ntsv.) Enterprise. What Koeh'i Discovery Leads T«K ' It can safely be assumed that ev«ry Statement made by Koch himself is time and accurate. He has gone no further thftfcifi justified by the actual scientific facte. With this asaompfcion, no >one can doubt that Koch has made one: of the most important discoveries in ;tfa> history of medicine. If it be tree that "phthisis in the beginning can be cared with certainty," it ia possible, if not probable, that consumption may be cured in the later stages by supplementing the injections by general hygienic measures of treatment, antiseptic inhalations and BO on, which have already been found useful. The direst value of the discovery of a means of curing a disease which is re* sponsible for one tenth of the deaths from all causes, including violence, is indeed great: but the imagination almost fails to grasp the importance of the' method extended to other diseases produced by micro-organisms. If we know the exact mechanism of the cure for consumption, it is certain that we shall soon je able to successfully apply this knowk edge to the study of other diseases. It is possible, in the light of what has recently been accomplished by Koch* that in the near future many curative 1 lymphs will be discovered, each produced by the special micro-organism of each disease. It would then be not too much, to i •;.; jpct that these agents would promptly anvst 1,hw different diseases to which they M"f applicable. For example: The tyjiiH'i'l lymph, the diphtheric lyinph, rlv 1; •• ;'li for measles, scarlet fever, etc., w-i,-.- i ; comptly arrest these diseases and sir.v i,.L...i.-iits from the degenerations and the cccuiciits which arc liable to occur when tlicKu diseases are allowed to run t'iioiv conrse, and that convalescence will l)-. j prompt because the diseases have not produced damage which can only bo repaired by time. Truly this would be-a revolution in medicine, and it now seems to be impending.—Dr. Austin Flint in Forum. A good sun-cured. Japan Tea only 2Oc. at \V. F. Carter's. are iiue ones and thorough bred Clyde. This addition to their already large stock, which makes over forty now on hand, goes to show that raising corn is not a loss to the boys. 31. P. Chapiu's boy, Marshall, who has been ill, is now getting better. We are informed that Mr. Longbottom's boy, George, is very sick and is under the care of Dr. Hill. We hope for his recovery in the near future. Barrett & Co. sold an eighty acre lot adjoining the town plat at $17 per acre. It is a bargain. As Air. Flack lias sold his farm four miles north of town he will hereafter have the satisfaction ol' living close to the corporation and good schools. Farmers who contemplate buying farm implements for the coining spring can be iitted out with any and all machinery tor farm use, as the old reliable dealer can be found when spring opens up, with several car loads coming directly from the factory at prices that defy competition. Remember Wesley is the place to buy cheap. An inspection of the machinery as to quality and prices will suflice, that people will buy and go home happy knowing they got their money's worth. A young man made a sad mistake a short time since, he wrote a letter to bis best girl and one to Lyle Minn, for a couple gallons of stuff or alcohol, getting a postal note to pay for same, and by mistake sent his girl the order and S istal note and the love letter to the innesota firm. There being no package sent and ho being badly off for a drink, he is now away looking up the postal note and the holder thereof.' 'The ladies and the leading colored, citizens of Wesley petitioned Judge llobinson not to come on the 2nd inst., being afraid lie might see his shadow and not go back for forty days, but low and behold he forgot and was in town in the afterrfe^m and was kept till after sun down. So we may expect to see him out now daily as he got no chance to see his shadow and crawl into his hole. The village barber, C. L. Liyermore who went on a visit to Clarion last week, is unable to return yet. We notice several of our citizens having quite a growth of under-brush on their faces. Boone Co. Democrat: The entertainment, given in the Presbyterian church last Friday evening was one of rare merit. Miss Thomas has proved herself worthy of the name, elocutionist. Her style is dignified and natural; nothing extravagant. The program was carefully chosen, grave and gay selections finding place. Eight selections were given each of which was excellent. Tho lazy Mini H»s Been Fotuiil. A frisk;,- little dog that lives in a c<3xc- fortable home in Ninety-fifth street, west of Ninth avenue, has a master with a resourceful mind. The fact that the aforesaid master, when not too busy arrangin; investments for his surplus cash, does a little newspaper work,.perhaps accrunts for the resourceful mind. Late Friday forenoon this gentleman opened tie front door of his residence prepared for his customary saunter to the elevated station. A snowdrift from two to ttree feet deep completely covered his doorstep. His wife at his elbow suggested that he go down stairs ft ll>s. j>-oort Butter Crackers for 25 cts. at \V. P. Carter's., school books wanted. Must be complete and in good condition. 13 tf DURANT BROS. Constipation poisons the blood; DeWitt's Little Early Risers cure constipation. The cause removed,the disease is gone—SheeU 2(> Ifos. of iancy IS ew Orleans Sugar for $1 at \V. F. Carter's. Worked 1-lke a Chiinu. Bradfield's Female Regulator worked like ft charm; improvement been wonderful; cannot express my gratitude. Wish every lady afflicted would try it. I kuow it would cure them. MRS. Lui.A A. LONG, Spring Grove, Fla. Write The Bradfteld Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga.. for further particulars. Sold by Dr. L. A. Sheets and F. W. Dingley. - 16-19 Go to the remnant sale at Galbraith's. 1O Ibs Good Raisins for $1 at W. F. Carter's. FOR SALE.—-A bran new Winchester repeating shot gun. Never been used. Gun will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. Great Clinrcliineii Dead. The year which has just closed will be memorable in the annals of the Church of Rome for the loss of Newman and Von Doliinger; in those of the Church of England for the loss of Lightfoot, Liddou, Hatch, Littledale. Oakley, Henry White, Caiiou Cere and of the dean of St. Paul's. The deanery of St. Paul's lias been held by many greater men than Dr. Church, but never by 0110 of more stainless and beautiful life, riper culture, more untiring devotion, couipleter self forgetfuhiess. The story of his life would be little more, however, than the st Ary of his friendships; with most of the brightest and most fruitful minds of his generation. He was a severe judge of himself, and shrank from anything like "leadership," even from that of the London head. His affection for Newman was unbounded and reciprocal. It was in the quaint old house under St. Paul's that Newman played on his favorite 'cello for the last time and put it away forever. He presented it to the daughter of his host at the time.—London World. and get flie snow shovel, but he treated the suggestion as a playful jest. After contemplating the snowbank a few secDnds he-whistled for Ms dog. An animated bundle of hair came tumbling into the hallway. "Oolah!" spoke the master, "do you want to go for a wallcV" With a quick bark of delight the little dog plunged out of the door and rolled down: the steps to tho sidewalk. Then, after a of kicking and rolling about, the animal regained Ms feet, and obeying Ms master's call scrambled up the steps and back into the house.- Again he was sent out and called back with the same snow scattering result, and as he seemed to enjoy it, the act w;is repeated for even a third time. Thus was an open path down the steps made for the man with the resourceful mWl. Oolah's "walk" was postponed until a pleasanter day.— New York Times. r,ay in Yo This ' is the tim calendars. The r; with the insurance TO BE SURE ! HUIIT. Special Correspondence, BUUT, Feb. ».—S. M. Ferris is putting up a dwelling opposite the M. E. parsonage. lie must expect a partner soon. Mr. Cooley has rock on the ground for a new store, with a hall on the sec- 9nd floor. 4 hall is very much.needed in Burt. A good harness maker could do a profitable business here. Old lowji winter has come at last •with his pinching cold and storms. Last Sunday was a bad day but the good people or Burt attended church as usual. The meetings at Fenton closed with good success. If there is anything in the old ad- dage of the 2nd of February we will Lave, six weeks of winter yet. It certainly lias started right for it. Mr. Nicols and wife had a sleigh tide Saturday. They run on a snow bank and upset, tumbling both of them in the snow. They were very cool about it. Wm. Scuweitert has come to Burt, from Colesburg, aud has purchased a farm about a mile southeast. He has tne appearance of a toe youwigpian »ml wiU doubtless make a good ; &nd citizen. WE HAVE ON HAND """"Per'Too Warranty Deed blanks Si 00 (Juit Claim Deed blanks l 00 Lease blanks l 00 Beal Estate Mortgage blanks i oo Chattel Mortgage blanks 500 © l oo Satislaction of Mortgage blanks 1 00 Original Notice blanks soc ® l oo Teacher's Contract blanks 1 00 Teacher's Report blanks i oo Teacher's Term Report Cards l 00 Land Contract blanks /:•••,•• * °° Contract lor Building School House blanks 1 00 Notice ot Trial blanks 50 Probate of Will blanks 60 Tax Sale Notice blanks 50 Petition blanks • l 00 A few District Township blanks 26 ® 50 Notes (bound in books) each 50 Other forms made to order. We also do all kinds ol job printing. Magazines bound. Address, THE REPUBLICAN, Algona, Iowa. Deer Hunting. David Hoover, of this place, caine in from the hills Saturday with a fine doe wliich he had the good fortune to run to water. When the snow is deep a deer pursued by dogs will invariably make- for the water. Wading in where it is the deepest, the trembling animal will stand and wait for its canine enemies. It is cute enough to know that it has the advantage of tho dogs while in the water. The dog having short legs must swim, and the deer by striking with its feet can defend itself much better than on land. The hunters, knowing*tbis peculiarity, station themselves near the water, and the terrified deer, thinking only of the dogs, become an easy prey. Last week some hunters from Du Bois shot five deer in this way, and the fact that every ono of them was hit between the ey.'.-i shows that the hunters were in easy range and had things very much their own way.—Punxsutawney (Pa.) Spirit. r Calendars. to lay in a stock of ilroad companies vie companies in getting out Iwmlsome calendars. The drug numvir'acturers' monopoly of the almanac business is only disputed by a few newspaper publishers. I ••VvY ;;rt' overrun with applicants for c;;i!i-::i1.-.v.-.." said jv veracious insurance aijy "' ••' --^i-day, 'land if we had2,000,000 'MI .-i \vo would give them all away i' two \reeks. Women are the u'l-sistent applicants, and if we roll-.fir requests they'll return the for blotters. Some applicants are verj nervy, and will 'ask for one of each kin<.,' and if we give the ap- plicani a handsome souvenir ten to one lie or she will ask for another for her pa or ma or big (brother. They come in droves at all quite a number themselves as ill;-: 111(1 reqii next chty and as' The calendar the year is a poor advertisement, press. tours, and we encounter who boldly announce collectors of, calendars,' >usiness at this time of ecided nuisance. It is a too."—Buffalo Ex- Yoone 'Xen in the Seiiute. Henry Clay distinctions th man ever elect >d senate. He hid Experienced energetic party to repre- ent us as sales agent in Algona. Liberal arty to sent us as sales agent in Al commission. Spring samples ready. WANAMAKEB & BUOWN, Philadelphia. The largest Clothing and Tailoring house in America. 18 MO. uouis AUQ9HA, Churles Marvin's Death. So Mr. Charles Marvin is dead! Every one remembers him as the much berated hero of the Salisbury-Schouvaloff-Globe comedy in 1878. It was said that he when elected, managed to "convey" the document in his memory; but, however that may be, ^as only 83 w its untoward disclosure, which led to the jrby, tne sena utterance of a celebrated "Salisbury" at St. Stephen's, was swiftly followed by Mr. Marvin's retirement from theforeign office. Mr. Marvin passed his early years in the dominions of the czar, and entered the English civil service three years before his leap into notoriety. Since then Mr. Marvin has busied himself with authorship.—Pall Mall Gazette. Block Island's Turkey Glory Goue. Block Island no longer supplies the markets with its old time quantity of famous turkeys. Ten years ago the Christmas shipment amounted to eighteen tons, but last year only three tons were sent out. The people of the island are depending more on the attractiveness of the place for summer visitors, and paying less attention to poultry raising and vegetable growing.—Boston Herald. Bossy Climbed » Tree, Ben Stanfield and others, while engaged in working iu a large sycamore tree on the farm of W. H. McDonald, were astonished to find a calf iu the hollow of the tree, thirty-five feet above the butt The calf was alive and all right. —Seymour Cor. IndianajwUs Sentinel. enjoyed among various t of being the youngest to the United States not reached the con- Btitutional Ifcjiit of age—30 years— but had just passed it when he took "jus seat. Franklin Pierce en he was elected. Mr. or-elect from South Carone youngest member of as Senator Merrill will Una, will be the next senat be the oldest. Senator Dujjois, of Idaho, is, however, not yet 40, anfl other senators 50 years of age and under are: Wolcott, 43; Gray, 50; Biggins, 30; Spooner, 47; Aldrich, 49; Pettigrew, 49; Daniel, 48; Allen, 45; Faulkner, 43, and Kenna, 43. The average age of the senators will be considerably J.owej in the next congress than ithaa b«en for several years.—Buffalo Commer?ial A Brtlegroom'u Hard Luclt. There wai a wedding at Westport yesterday, a id the wedded couple started iu one cf I errVs landaus to take the 5:45 tra^» srom New Bedford. Wnen near Bli^' < orner one of the horses was affected jwith paralrsiB. and a message was sentjto the stable for a relay. On the arrvvjil < >f a fresh horse the disabled left by the roadside and the » resomed. In order toac- f te the party the train was held minutes and when the bride- ted, in bis agitation, he put t! trough one of the plate glass of the carriage,—Fall River DO DO O Z O) r H r o DO VJI O) z pi X K IDD'S GERM Ett\DICATOR — Posltlvety cures all diseases, because It kills the germs,, microbes, and ; unnnaUmlne (In the- human system). The air Inhaled, water drank, vegetables and fruit eaten, are tceminp with these to the naked eye imperceptible Uttlcworms.ltnowii by the above names, causing catarrh, wnistimp- tlon, diabetes. Hvlght'*disease, caucers.ttimors. and all so-called Incurable diseases. (Never- known to fail to cure <wnsuni]>tion, catarrh,kidney troubles, syphilis.)ill<'talled In $2,$s $5 size* sent anywhere'oti reel, o£ price, or C.O.IX i£ desired. The Am, Pill ft M«d. Oo, royalty prop's* jr, clay O. la. Hold 1 wholesale and retail- Hpencer, .., ... In Algona by l)r, Hheete, druggist. 20-0-yi- To and for the Peulo. Do you want a good, square mealy Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? Do you want to trade or sell your farm or other properly? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved land on long time with but little or no cash payment? Do you want t,o make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of interest and favorable terms? Do you want anything in a legitimate line of banking? For any and all of the above, please consult Ii. M. Richmond at the Commercial Hotel and Farmers' and Traders' Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. F. L PARISH. n ui Tin Sl&p; S PECIAL ATTENTION will be given to all kliuls ol repairing, Including Tinware. Gasoline Stoves, (Jims, PuiiHis and Clothes Wringers. Am also prepared 10 put In Furnaces and do plumbing and <ias Pipe lltting. Iron and Tin roofing. Prompt attention win lie given to all kinds ol .vork In my line. South of court house. F. L. PARISH. DOOMED TO DEATH! Under prevailing conditions, many hogs are doomed to deatli by disease, merely because the owners full to take measures to preserve their health. Dr. Joseph Haas' .. .1 WiLUNSURE'HOGS , \frHEN-FED MY REMEDY . 'ib'R MERCANTILE AGENCY. Hog and Poultry Remedy Will arrest disease, prevent disease, ex-worms, stop the cough, increase the flesh and hasten maturity. PKIOES—sa.BO, $1.25 and 5(ic. per package. 25 pound cans §12,50, The largest packages aro the cheapest. For sale by J. F. LACY & SON, ALGONA, - IOWA. EBr*"HQgology," a pamphlet on swine, will be mailed to any address on receipt of a two- cent stamp, Jos. Haas, V. S. 8-2G Indianapolis, Ind. 3.00 .12.58 tefi W. L. DOUGLAS and other specialties tor Gentlemen, F. S. Stough, Agent. Teacher's Reports AT REPUBLICAN OFFICE. NEVER A FAILURE. The Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota has never had a failure of crops. It produced 30,000,000 bushels of wheat besides other cereals in 1890. Farms can be had on the crop plan, or long time cash payments. It is not an uncommon thing to pay for a farm from the proceeds of one crop. It has all of the advantages of an old country in the shape of school, church, market, postal and railway facilities, and all the chances of a new country in the way of cheap lands, rich soil, and increase in values. It is one of the most fertile and promising regions in America not yet fully occupied. In the rush to the far west, however, this rich valley has been overlooked. It has room for a million more people. Write to F, l, WHITNEY, St, Paul, Mum., for particulars. - ff*.-

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