The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 28, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1891
Page 5
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TlfK COUNTY NEWS. To Oo'UKWfi'ON HUNTS :- -All f' for tlift HK.PI III.ICAN ilionld rf'. not. l.'itov thii" 'l'u(M(l;iy cvi niiii;. tilts In mfii-'l. Severn! l<Hl<!i-.s nrri tOO lil,tl!fl!V|)Hhlil'iVtinll. Uiis 'luasn il liisl, GICH.MAN Twr.. ,!an. 21.—A social time was had at the, Lutheran Church last Thursday eveniii'.;. Mr. Whilehill of !5:uicroft has been in this locality during the oast week on business. .Johnson and Drecsinan had :i bad smas'uup in their shelliii!; and p;rind- inp;business fids week, which caused them to lake a flying trip to Algona.. They are, rmitiini? again however all O. J'i. (^uite a numher around here an; roni- Tiliiin'mg of sore throal ami general disabilities. Can it be I ho Grippe has returnedV BANCI:O['-T, .Ian. ~l-.-; It has pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst our esteemed friend and co-worker. Mamie, I. Taylor; there- t'ore be it Eesolved; -That while, we. bow in humble (•iiibiiiissinn to l,!ie dei-rees of an all-wise iV.llnT. wo none the less mourn the loss of on;: who had endeared herself to us ;>•; a friend and daily associate. llesolvedi Tluit iii her d'/alli our profession loses in; enerjetic. laborer, our school a,n eliicicnt teacher and society a most, useful meiuber. Kesolved-. Tiiat we hereby extend to the Tamil 1 , of our deparliul friend the asHtinuie-;' 1 of our ;-;in;:;-re sympathy in their hour of deep at'.lictinn. be it for them Resolved; Thai, a. copy of these resolutions be published in Mie Uaueroi't Register aud an engrossed copy be forwarded lo I he. bereaved family. Adopted by the, IJancroft Public . School'-Ia,n. "2'.'>. IWtl. J. r. DODSI:;-:;:, Principal. LIITII-: WALI,.U;K i MAMU-; KKNNODV .- Teachers. .K.A'MK liYKNK } can procure one by nailing on fho two lady canvassers at F. W. Clarlc'H telegraph oflice at any hour. A. (.}. is oraitinjr a line mansion on his farm one-half mile north of here. The yomiK p;'oplo of Frvintfton are improving these moon litfht evenings by .skating on Hie river. O. .). Olson claims lo be the champion of Ko.s.-ii'lh on skates. Walk up boys and show your iiimbleuess on skates. !,<rr."s <: ;;!.•; J-; it. THE COUNTRY EDITORS. r r- •• n i. u I 1 ., UNION wi'., Jan. ->'!. — Clias. Schryver returned from a visit in 'Northern Minnesota Saturday. Stipt. (,!arey ha;-; been visiting our schools Hi' 1 past v>( ek. The social at Mrs. John Salisbury's Jan. 27.—Miss Mollie .Dutlvr has re.lurned home from her school at Milliard. Minnie. Mabion has been quite sick for a few days bill is bettor now. Will Freeman and wife attended the Old Folks' dance al, WhiUcmoro, Friday eveniu"-. Will Lacy and W. L. Hull are in our neighborhood buying;' c,aLfle to ship. The spoiling school was a fjreaf success. The program was rendered excellently, jirent, credit; is due to the teai-hers as well as the pupils. James Crawford curried off the, honors of the evening 1 by :-pellin«- down the school When will we have another: 1 Mrs. Hall spent Sunday at her home in Algona. Mir,. iTix'by went to the hub Tuesday, •iosie KaAvson spent a few day:, last week in Whitfeniore. visiting friends. Wurn'KMOK-.:, ..hin. :;7.—Dr. l.Vido, was called lo \V"nitteiiiore last tvaUir- day t» visit ;> f/afieut. lie retunu-d honii'. Sunday. T! 1 .'. 1 . many friends here ;ire always u'lad losee tin.; p;euial doctor. I\M:-.s j.oui!-,". Yap;er has been very sick with quinsy son; throat, is rapidly improving at present. A. nnmi'er of the youivr people, of the. 1. O. (r. T. visited the lit>dman lod^e lasl Saturday eveiiin;;'. Ladies Aid society will meet with Mrs. .)'. M. Fiirley next Thursday afternoon. A full attendance is desired •for election of officers, other business. The contract; for the separator building is let and work, upon it will commence very soon. The surprise parly ej.von by Mr. and Mrs. (.'hrisHiilles i'or their dautfhl.vr Li//.)'-; 1 , on her sixteenth birthday, was much enjoyed by the vomit' people,. The third semi-anniuil meeting of the Upper Des Monies Editorial Association was held at; Mmmetsburg last Thursday and Friday. The meeting was well attended, two.nty-two newspapers being represented, and an interest manifested thai was indiea'civo of a wide awake and progressive sp-irit among the fraternity of northern Iowa. Tiie convention closed with the following program, which was given Vo n good audience in the Music hall Friday evening: I'rnvi'i- A(l(lrc>:,s of Welcome. Mibcrniiiii HiiiHl Ilitv. I/. 1'. i\!';i)on;ikl . K<'V. I 1 '. II. MiiHilriwrn i\l 1C. Ciioir I'l-i' Sclli'.ITli'r I'rof. \V. I,. l''l<i.v<! Friday evening, was tended. Fifty '.ju^sls won; present, and partook (;!' n boimlifi;! supper, provided by the ladii.s of liie church. JlraJiiii Vv'atkins and dbas. X'.clmls have added much io tin; looks of their farms by erei/fins svind millV, Mat KichLirdsoii did the job. llattie. KchryviT sucnt Hunday at- home. 8he leaches near Ledyard. "JU'ILT BUUT-, Jan. :"i ( ).--Mr. F. E. Allen has moved in town, lie is a lirsl; class mason, bis work in the line of pi aster- ing showing tluil IK: iia-; no superior in this part »i the country. The reporter visited the; M. J-'. parsunaj'-e which Air. Allen !; ; .!ered. Tho walls are white as chalk, liai-'i and i-anoo! :•. Our town i.-ii-aill bo-r.-.iin:.:. Mr. lA:; : c is Jiaiilin/-- iMi-'k for his :H;\V hotel. Also the. re.!-;, is ;viii;.!; bauied i'or tv-.'n more busii.vHs i;.i;-.-,-.-s. Tlu; L;;''.;.:'.. ,'!i!:-'.'u:i.'MVi'-nl.on t ho. l-!lh was a sue:-., ss. i I ;".-(.'ipt;-; !;•;>(>, net ftrW.o 1 ). Mrs. :•! ieholsou iiMs been Vv'i'V i;ick for HojiK 1 i.'i'aiitifid {.'.'il'ls v.'i.'iv pj'e.sented to the vomit; lady by her in.uiy friends. Xonnu;i (..'(itt'in is off on :.'. trip to Wisconsin for u few day;;. Yv T liKteiriO;v ln;s a- uev,' grocery stove locati'd iu liie Ivl.u'et building. J. E. He;'.! (he proprietor, says goods \vill be sold dicap. Farmers may now find it to their advantage to come to VVliit- tumore for groceries. Douglas IJcc-k brought I'rom bis h'.>;;;e a load of turkeys and sold them here for nearly ^i'.'M. They sold for ];; ce:it.-. a pound live weight. This branch of fanning must pay v.'e'u. Our Lutheran church is nearly completed and i- is a liuudKomo structure. A !:U-L;(; lic-li \v;;s raisci! to the belfry Saturday. Mr. Mud Mrs. Fred i'hiu'lei- ivturned froit! iliei 1 .- v\'e.!diiiq toui: Friday and. Ucsponsd Onnicf, .Stilo....... ,V(klri!ss—IndciKiiidt-iKM 1 Vv'il hin I'urly .1. !>ri^li:iin. C.('((;i.i- Uiiplds Itcimli-ti^iin. \'ocnl Mclccliiiu \V. [•', A!I;|CI-S<III iVddros.s—-ICiiiliK'tshnri; Mini l';ilo All.o <',o Sui)t. 1". II. I'onlon, Sun;; AsHiiviiitlon <Jli!irt.p|.t(! Iti'c'iiiit.ion—Tim lOilitin- . .. Miss Kutn l)iirr;iii Mr. .Britflmm's addn.'.ss w;is the I'oa- ture of the isveninj-; and was thoroughly appreciated by the audkuice, lie is OIKS of the i)i'i;;'htt'st; young editors in the state and his address was a scholarly effort. At the close, of the session the following resolutions were adopted by the association: The Upper. Des Moines Editorial Association having enjoyed the generous hospitality of the, business men of 10m- me.tshiirg, viewed with pleasure i.he many evidences of recent and marked growth in this thriving city, and having employed their si-mi-aiinua.l session in deliberations which cannot but exert u powerful iulluetice for good to the newspaper fraternity of northern Iowa, desires in formal manner to express gratification and return its thanks to dtixcns. otlidalM. and speakers alike for the favors they have extended. Having enjoyed a. program of great, interest we desire to acknowledge the of- licient services of our otllcers. aud especially of our secretary, who has in so many ways shown, herself a true member of the craft and so satisfactorily demonstrated that the journalistic Held is a. proper province of female effort. For the eloquent and able address of M.r. Brighain, tliis elaborate, banquet, the sketch of Palo Alto by Mr. Donlon, tho many courtesies extended to us by all the citizens of Eia- inotsburg, in so many ways, and especially the attention;-; shown us by Col. Oriusby and the editors ol: the city, we are under obligations not to be adequately expressed in resolutions. Our visit to Kinme.tsbnrg has been one of unalloyed enjoyment, aud if. our deliberations shall result in an increase in professional spirit and greater eiiicieiicy on our part as editors, not the least part of the credit will be due to the line buildings we have seen, the business enterprises we have inspected, the hospitality we have mot, and the A CHEAP NEWSPAPER PLANT. T%venty l)e>llurs Purchased an Office nnrt Good Will In Wyoming. "Bonght a iiewspapex- for $20?" "That's what I said," replied a tall, lame man with a G-. A. R. biitton. "Young SmkJgely went out to Nebraska in 1877, about; tho time Bill Nye started his Booni!T;mg in Laramie, Wy., and bought oni. tin; Lone Treo Courier, good will, office fixtures, plant and everything, for $20. Hz sold the i-amo paper in two yearn for ( l '«.'Ji)0." "Great !;?>;>,n'jk'r?" "Yes; •', judicious combination of finance;;;):! journalistic instinct. Billing';- ly tu'rivtd iu Lrnio Treo with only §25, and put; np ;\u ,-i liolol wliwotlis tv/o men —or rat IK;- Loys—who owned tho paper bearded ! J'-io (/(' tl'ein vraB a I'rintor— tho yoviii;." ;• c:: ; tlie othi.T w;.s a stoclc ID,in up i;ii i; : ,. JjDjip i-iver wlio didn't hnovv- .'in CM q-Tid t'ro;n ;i, tvipenuy lath )!.•;;!. Tli-' price a:; 1 ..'/.'?'! ['(;;• Til;: (.'orn'irr \;;\:\ 01.-I'll), (-'iinidg'-'ly lc,:ik'rl thy oilice n',-.;;r. f;;ii:l \-.<'>\ ta.'ko it, ]i;iid (.'K; boj-s $20 Teachers' Department. f"*>ToiimiiiiiH'ntloiis fur Uiis DcpnrtniPiit arc OHi'iieslIy solicited I'roiP t,ln» Ic'ivcli^rs. Mr. J. W. ('.use. of Waverly. Town, takes the plaeo at l.aneroft, made 'va- cani liy the recent death of tins inter- uiediaie teacher. fie is M graduate of Iowa. Stale Normal School. Will not. Me:-;: ami down, pu1;-:d off his coat and wont to work. Th'To was of rorr.-o ,-;, moi'tgiige on tho out i'l. I never saw a country pa- j,'-r in Hi.-;!, nl'ato whl; >nt 0110. O,T: infe of lp'i'00 wa.-i duo tho iK:xt week. Kmidgc- iy got; out ,-t, ratt.lui"; good pap<T— -it "ivas a- wcelil;.'. Tho ir.suo showfid up sir^is of miprovemont, and tlif.-n ho vront (.1 o%vv v ;uid introdnce-1 himself to tlio Bei'uru ho loft !:o got that olTicial to pror.iiso io n,so hi;; niflnc'nco \vitii th'! l:.--,fc to pao-i:;li, :md finally finccccded in houn.'j on r.ici tax list f:;t. Tho !:;••(; c;;i:fi(? to i[il.100, !:11 (;le;iv n-'Oncy by tlie way, i'.n-l then S.nidge-ly f;ot iho couuty com- urL-:f;ionev.; to publish tho ofucial proc.'?t.>d- ings of tli" bc;ard—rT,!! n .tiiing that had novor bee;-, doiio bs.'i'ore,—and tliis at '10 cents an iuch, ho i'attcd np to bo worth at leas:b sT.O ;i v.-c-eV:—all net g;r';i. The v;liok v town Ml dead iu love- with S'.midgcly, advcr'iising rolled in. they elected trim justice of the peace, f : ;-ut him to tlv Icvriivlatvivo anil boomed him for c.ll iliei'o v;;:;-. i;i sight. Well, when dcii)-;;, as 1 Bidd, Smi'.lgcly i,';;), \vent to Denver avid .! <;r t'ii:-. Htoiy i ; true, - r-.)--'noilili'wa v.'liicli are always biomhig un i:'i yovui;;'.'.-.s toi young. ei;(•,;--rprisin:i; mer.."—St. Paul Pioneer Pro.--;. Summers i'avor us with their analyses also of the ;-i'i!lcnc(\ "To be or ui/t to IK;— that is the question." .M.MK-v. Concerning my sentence. aual.Y/.od by Mr. Hammers. I will say 'thiif though [ have spent some little lime <luring my waking hours, and his au- alsysi:; ha:; also troubled my drciiius. yet I am nuabk; to SIM; what, |>e is "driving at."' His analysis however has an (.-miiH'iiro in Ibis; it is original. Can some one, else give, us some,? Home one please, aunly/i\ "Our country t isof thee Sweet bind of liberty. of thee. we, sin ' alysis aec.oriHng to 11. aud K. mostly used in the (-'oiuify/ "c. );•- :is it is K IDD'H (JKKM KIJ. \I)ICATOU I'o.s euros a!l disc.Jtsos, liocnnsc it, kills tho i niic.rnbes. jiiul nil ;imiii:tkuiliio ((M iht: human, Tlio ah'in!i;il(nl, wjitor (ll-.-uik, voRptfi- lilos mid fruit eiit.en. «VP tcomini? \vltli tlieno lo thn iiakRil eyfi imppi-cot'Mlilc litflcwornm,known liy |.li(» iilidvo iiiirijp.s, Cfiusinf; (MluiTh, coiittiunp- tioi.i, dialiotcs, IJri(ilit,'.s ill-^usc;, o;iii('pv.s,ti | iiioi'S. and nil so-ciilloil inoiii-iililc! diKcjisos. (Never noy IfonVilcs. sypl'iills.) Ii'ctallcd In ^.MI .*5sl7.PS sent iiiiywiu-roDM rent, (if pi-ice, or <'•.«).I), if dfi- Mcil. Co. royalty wliolcsald am f)i> you wnnl, a rood, square meal? Do you want t^ood, relinbli; insur;ince? Do you want to rent, it farm or hind?' ' Dr> yon want, lo (I'JI.I'K; or sell your or other property? Do you wnnl to buy a fnrm or unimproved bind on lonjjr lime with hut little or no c.itsli payment '*. Do you v.-smt. to m:i.ko a loan on your farm at, iiu; lowest cnn'ont rate of inter- csf. find f'ii.yoi'iibk 1 t.ermsV Do you wnnl iinyt.hin^ in n lc.'i;it,inuvlo lini! of^? For liny and all of tlio above, please consult. 1'?,. I'll". l{i<<]!ttsoii(l at, Iho Commercial Hotel and ]i'arni(!rs' and Tnulers' >iink Block, l?!i!icrol'l, Iowa. the man c; ; fold oiit f'ivC-C.^.';! Kiml: th:- \v1icl'. 1 'i tion. LIv.'-vy v;o:\ and it :-l;;,ws Ilic- are tins v,vei; home at l:.m;vte in their new ii few days l-ut The ir.ecting weeks ]/;^;i. by success, .'-.i)! 1 ,:! is sl->\\ !y ivcovenny;. at. i-'; nlon held for two }\-'.slor T. U. Fans is a i.'i iia-.'i 1 made a si art in tin.-!)! ai-e the oo 1 d i'or its church was liv. 1 quarterly oc- cr'uui! M. IJ three t'a:-,ii!l on. The higi: succe.y;-;. jJurf is in people. Las;. Sou cnsion at ! !i Their cluircli \v;\s cvowiied. 1 n the morning at tin 1 ;-;;'.n;e ti;n-:- the I'resbyteriau church was crowded with the English Methodist, people. .Methodism seems to have ([iiiie a sU'-m-. 1 ' hold iuthisplace judging b\ llu'. large congregations at both churches. Mrs. McDonald's new store room is about ready to be occupied. Ei'iv: 1 , .fan. :.'7.— niisinest; in Unrfc is brisk and wiili llu; line wt^atlior all feel liappy. Tlu; many friends of Harriett ,1. CookcMVil! be pleased to leariior her arrival in London safe and in good health. Hoy jM<-( M.-tchie, bit,-; just been to town and ivporl ' »mw ilov. inj; 1 well and reports iiimself satislied with Kossuth yet. A\ r e are pleast Meiiv/.er's little a hors(; so badly speady riicovery •il to note that John boy wlio was kicked by isl iu a fair wav for llKi'.uixN', Jan. ^ii.—Ilebnui is having fine winter weatlu-r. Miss Jiurgeson, of Lake Mills, is visiting wilii Mr.'s family. F. L. Urowu has gone to drilling wells. Miss Caroline Ohnslead has returned home. Hjiitcial Curri.'.-i)ii:iidenco. iuv r JKfiON, Jan. :'.j.—Cleary and Bchiclitl, ",ilil bachelors," who live on the Cm-Ion farm, had a yery exciting adventure with a wild cat last Sunday. The animal cnum right up to the door, and one of the boys started for it with a club and it took fright and ran into an out house and after several moments of closts lighting the boys came off victorious. It weighed 23£ pounds. Mr. Leroy Barton, of LuYenie, shipped a car load of hogs from here last Our agent F. \V. Clark is getting very ambitious, he sees the necessity of rustling when lie is young so that lie may take it easy when his head is white, lie was seen bringing in his north switch lamp at half past three Sunday morning. We wish you prosperity, 1\ W. 0. The latest fad in our town is an "embroidery needle." Any person II;T;ii:u is her;', vis e v.ill si Henry isusiness >'• !';',ys is- attending school in :; winiev. Si-.hulU 1 -. of Vr.irivii county, ting hi;; sister. Mrs. Miller. i.v till after the masquerade. .-I'.nnu-r went to Algoua on .Uurdny. Honey Table Syrup at U. at W. F. Carter's.' c-!l aiore ol' DcWUt's Little Eiirly .Iiis-i'iv. iliiin iiny other pills their action is c;isy. do not j^ripo or cause pain, are tlio hi; si iv^uliitoi- of the liver, stomach and b<nvi;l:j.-~ L. A. A :.'; to-ii-'Oc. nt W. Carter's. itovra Bc'^s' Cherry Cou^h Byrup gives won dtrfiil satisfaction wherever it is tried. It allays irritation of the throat and bronchial lubes, makes expectoration easy, and relieves all soreness of the lungs and chest. Every bottle is warranted to give satisfaction. Price ^c, COc, and §1 per bottle. The lary;o bottles are cheapest. Sold by F. Vf. Dingley. 10 &J 5 Ib3. of sjood Butter Crackers for 25c at VV. F. Carter's. Headache is the direct result of indigestion and stomach disorders. Remedy these by using De Witt's Little Early Risers and your headache disappears. The favorite little pill everywhere. Sold by Sheet/. 2O ibs. cf fancy New Orleans Sugar for $1 at W. F. Carter's. Four cough will not hist nil winter; You will not hu kejit awuke at night; You will get immediate relief if You will use DC Witt's rough and consumption cure. Sold by Dr. Sheet/. Finn quality Oolouy Tea only at W. F. Carter's. FOItTONATJi i'KOI'LK. Tin-: LONDON TIMES says—and all lawyers know it to be true—that the more than half a, billion dollars of unclaimed fortunes in England Ireland Scotland and Wales belong to people in America whose forefathers emigrated from the old country. There are also large fortunes of the same class in Germany and other European countries. We have gained a number of such claims and have several iu hand now which we expect to gain. If your ancestors came from across tho sea write us all you know about it aud inclose 25c for a reply. We charge nothing for investigating and if you have a good claim we will attend to it on very reasonable terms. E. Ross, EUROPEAN CLAIAIS AGENCY, 12 19 59 Pearl St., New York, N. Y. Milwaukee Brick Parmasou Pine Apple aud Full Cream at W. Ft Carter's. spirit of entl.uisUi.sin thai: has been imparted to us, giving us renewed conli- dence i).i the possibilities and future o? this great northwest we represent. To say that the editors were royally entoiia-iK.'d !.>y the people of Emmetsburg would not \'f putting it very strong. Everyoiu 1 present at the convention returned home with kind remembrances of the citi/.eus of Ermnets- bnrg und with his eyes opened up to the growing business imi;ort;;Tiee of has the progressive kind of people and as a natural couseqiience Is progressing. The pork, packing establishment speaks '.veil for the enterprise of the. lil.i/en.'i. Tliis (-.-.iablishment .has a ca- iiieily of 5 f u) hogs per day, gives employment to i 1 . large Hismber of people nul makes the farmers of Palo Alto county u, bettor market for their hogs. The packing house was secured to Em- metshurg by a bonus of $120,000 from the citi/.ens. The headquarters of tlio Airievican Investment Company, one of the- heaviest institutions in all the northwest, having a capital of over B;i,- r )00,<)0(), are located at Emmetsburg. As a business town Eniuv , ;bnrg is abreast of any city in northern Iowa. The schools of tlie town are deserving of especial mention. The city schools, under the rn-iueipalship oi: Prof. Howard Gemmill, a graduate of Cornell, aud the parochial sshools located there, are a just credit to the town. By the courtesy of Col. Ormsby tlu. business meeting.s of the associatioi; were held iu his private o!]ice, a kindness that was appreciated by'every member. For tlu; evening's progran the association was given the use o: the new music hall. It was a very profitable meeting for every editor who at tended aud all carried 'away pleasant recollections of. Emmetsburg. All tht old oliicers of the association were re elected, and it was decided to hold the next meeting at Ft. Dodge. Ttt Diiln't Work. A doctor 011 tho north side played a neat little trick upon his wife. Evei sinco she iir;;t met him ho has been bearded liko tho pard, aud both whiskers and mustache havo been regarded us no inconsiderable, part or hi.5 professional outfit. The lady was returning from, the country, and her lord was to meet her at tha (lo'iut. Ho visually we: a Prince Albert Llaek coat and a tall silk hat, KU beconu.ih tlie dignity of medicine man. II'..- changed all that upon tho appointed ("lay. Fhvt ho went and had his face ck-;a; shaved. He then purchased a straw hat with blue ribbon baud, and hasteiieci to array himself in a light tmit, oi 1 wliicl. the coat was a tihort sack, buttoned iq to tho chin. He saw hi a wife looking out for him, and, keeping his heat turned down, lw approached the car am" said in ;i disguised voice: "Can I bo o: any at-siatance, madam?' The some'.vhat diKcousolate lady thanked him and said she would b much obliged if he would call a carriage When she had taken her seat he jumped in and sat beside her without saying a word. She gave him a long, piercing look, and then said calmly, "Why, you great idiot, you're aliaost naked, "—Chi cago Journal. :<:'::•.•',>. V;i-!i:f! 'i:> CitJ!' Water. Pivrbrd-iv yon ncvfi' heard of it before, lit t'i" -..-.-i.tor ol' fiii' 'JS-ulf 5iti';-;:m is co-i- .:lc:nilv 1 •'•lievcilbv c•erl'.-iin old peopli? on >tate?i tv'.-ind to be* a sovereign romr.'dy or difio'nli.'ri-i of t'.-.cj stomjich. Th;;y drink nil' il !;-i;i.--:-,!'i-l r.i'f.i'r ci'-ch me;il, smack htir lip;-, and iu al-out three day;; they ?ct well. 80 ill-'-- ;-'-tv. So pilots and tlier s^\if,-:ring m;>:i v/V.o get out to the Giulf titro:;:..M ;:r ,o briirr ia iv.<. ll.eport i'or school in Scott school house I'or the mouth endiue; .Jan.:'"d. Number pupils enrolled:.!.!'.. Average daily attendance 1!), Tin; following names constitnie the roll of honor, (neither absent or tant 1 -'')' Cora. .Frank and Myrtie 1'ixby. ,!oe 'ler; Lena. Fra.nk and Joe, lv.;s('i-:, Frank Liddv, Kmrna find 'Mov.'avd O'lJrien; Mark arid .\.l!;-j Scott. >"!"i"i'.']-; Jj. ll.\i,i^Tei'.c.bcr. <y this time wo are quite familiar with tlie sentence. "This si-nU'iice is I; too dillicult for me to analy/.e,.'''!)!!!. my analysis is different from a.ty 1 have seen. If 1 should ask "What is too difliciilt." (lie ans\ver would be. To <r,uilijzt'.* j-r/i/o.'r/'. Then tin; iniini- tive |)ln - ;.i.'.ii', ti> nmi'iizi: tldx fcn!(-,i<:c, is the subject; ./>>/ nu is'iho predicate.' I have this analysis from good authority, though not from a book. Aud I differ from Mr. Paul when he says there is (jiic c.orri:<:l. way. for grammar is not Jin exact science and we have only the opinions of others to guide us. and opinions are so diversified that we cannot accept the opinion of one man. even though he be a builder oi' grain- in a r. as law miinl'dngr'able. Mr. P. proposes uuoihc-r sentence, ; -(<iid never made iii;; work for man to mend." (Ifiil is tin; .subject, -,'it'idn- the predicate, and u'Ot'k UK; object. \}'(>i'k is modified iiy the phrase /<;/• •/,(/•(;•! lo mend. ./'''.);• is cxpnijiosition; tin. 1 j-i.'st of the jyhri'ise, ;/;")i./c» iii':/.'(.?. is iis reject. But why ii'it give this iho same disposition that wo g.ivo Hie olherV True, there is a great similarity in the forms of the phrsisi-s. but their relation to the rest of their sentences is very different. Let me :. ; !YO you something easier: Hogs are worth three dollars a hundred. Analv/e. W. I. s ft F7-''f OS-.S t-\[ tlOl i, IK, VVJil 1)1! ;;i\f!l tl) ISC.Mll! Of COIIVt; L. PAHiSH. ',v:i th •:"' wlio---» fdthhi thiif-o.-t of o»{v' a ?> f'"-' i'.bou'; I'v/o-i year.-"; a ccrt.-.;;i vllot of !.!:-j ;:.'-qi\;xu^.;aiico tobrin;? him in ;onu- (»l ! 1h« v.':-,t«i-. But; 'A?, pilot always Tlie other r-;y, lunvirver, he tick-eel the jid man :.!•.!;-. ;; to death hy bring!!-,« lim tViree .'i'.'i;-.:'. of tlio precious liojiid. Ilio K:!).OO:I i;'-;-"; ; 'r l.c:-::: i» bivico up :it .nice, and tlnv.'o (I;'..'.'.; I:I'\T he c'n-.'.Bi}-.! tli^ [lilol; half w.-vy a:; i lUii-.l the island to overwhelm him. with gratitiulc. "So it did you good, did it?" E.-iys the pilot. "GoodV" s-y,s tho old ma:]. "Why, :••:-.?, yon, my boy, it has added ten years to ir.v life. I feel li!:o a youngster again. I'll bet I can beat you in a foot race ?'ut here." A:;<1 tho pilot did not smilo nor jibe nor ji;er. But \vb/:-n tho flood tide had -en ruiinin.'X alwpt; an hour that evening he went softly down to the end oi' apV.-ton p'ier, urov/ out a tin bucket and. nipped np about, a gallon of the limpid, stream. Aud tho next morning the saloon kecpc'r \\*a:". overjoyed to got two more jngs of Gulf r,t;-eain water from his thoughtful friend. "It's kind of a shabby trie)-:," s-iys the pilot apologetically, "but a:; there are buckets liaudy arnniid ton I guess Uncle JCL;!I : go without G-nlf Ktr?ani watev."—-Now Yorl plots. "I hav '.'ui in real life by of ii cort Truth Is Istr-.iisg't'i' Tltun Ij"i;:titin. A v.-cll known novelif;!; of llu< city was telling how he finds h found nearly all of t'u intercourse v/itb p',-;-!- Boci-rly. There 'Mro ro v/loirj to be froia the imajyinatiou i hat are equal in iuti rest to those that can he learned by kii'.Avin:; iho actual e.vporknce.-; of mar of i-v.i 1 men and women. H;.'r.- in New Yui'-•" yofl c;ui hear of plenty c" love-lorn das;;; : L:;i and bold swains: you c-;tu lii'icl heroes and heroines a-plovtty; you can heav i'i miirvelo;i:j ailvciitr.rc-.-;; you can find people whose c.;irc;.-r 1:::;:; been ro- miii'.ti:; you can hear of iii'a-ig-iies ;i:id thf-ir donoueiaent; you can meet charac- tertj ^vho would shiiio o:i the printed page; \ou can easily find in the actual experience of your acquaintances all the Uijiierkil needed for tragical tales or humorous yarns. Why, the best plot I ever wrote up was nob of my invention, but was in the story of her own life given ma by ray cook."—New Yorl-: Sun. THB F< f\ T)>"P j| njiii ii) DM In T Uiuifi' iirrviiilii'j; I'oniiilioir-;, iiiiiny IIOJM arc 'ooiii"i! to ilfjiUi by (!i-i-;!si'', merely because he onni'is I'nil lo tillsu lurivsures to pre-'-ei-vo t'licir lienltli. liaat emey U tlii; i IEIKLI lo. The Aggressive Republican Journal of tiie Metropolis A NEWSPAPER .'-OR THE MASSES, 1st, ISK:. u<'-'X r ,i::st. i-'or sale by ik"' T A n'^7 ~ ,-.-^.-»,-r- T » Lt AU X <Z£ CS v^l\ ,' AUiOMA, - IOWA. on swine-, will mi ruceiiit. of a two' irciiiatioR over 108,089 Copies Til!'; I'KI-:HS is tin- own; of no fuciicn ; pu'ls no wires ; h,-.s no iiuiiiui-iilU'-i to iivt'ii:;-^. 'rhe-" York. The Press io a National Nev/s.papsr. Uiitvip news, vuljt;!! 1 scnsiiiiiins iinil iVasli (hui no place, in HID columns of The fross. Tlie. J'rcs.-; IUIM tin: lii-ijrlit(.'st editorial p:ige in I\c:\v Voi'k. II; spai'kley v.'ith iiohits. The Press tiinuliiy i:illtinu'ls a sptcnctlil t.\yi;js- t.V l'.'is<- impc; 1 , covi'i-iiiy; evt'i-y cuiTunt toiiic of Intcrtst, The I'ress Vv'ci'kly edition contains all the good tiling's of tho Daily and Sunday editions. Foi- thosu who cannot silt'onl tli» l>ui!y, or are (ji'tvi'iili-d hy <!i.stauce I'I'OKI early receiving Jl. tlio Wct'kly is u spli'iulul sMii-stitut'e, AS AH ADVERTISING MEDIUM Tin; I' lias no .superior in I\ T . Y. THE PRESS. Within the reach oi' all. The. best am] cheapest .Newspaper published in America. Dyily and Sinuiay, jne yeai 1 .............. . ,^."1 (in '- ' t-i\ inonihs .............. ":> wi '' " t/.'ie irionth .............. -J"i Daily only, on;: year . ................... ;; no •' •• four months .................. i wi Sunday, one yeiii- ........................ 2 CO Weekly Tress, one year ..................... 1 00 Send for The, Press Circular. Samples free. Agents wanted everywhere. 1/iberal connm.ssinns. Address, THiO I'I'.tOss, I'otter lUiildini!,-, o^ Piivk 1'inv, York. and other specialties for Gentlemeu, Ladles, etc., are warranted, and so stamped oil bottom. Address S, iirockiuu, Ittass. Sold by F. S. Tlie Value of Parailoxical as it may eeeiii cathartics aro reiuediea for diarrhoea as veil as constipation. That is, in tli3 earliest stage of diarrhoea tho first thing needed is to wash out tho intestinal canal. Castor oil has peculiarities which recommend it i'or this purpose. In most cases if the intestines are properly freed and. tho diet is restricted for a few days to bland foods tho diarrhoea v.'ill subside without further treatment. If it does not small doses of parugoriu will generally greatly favor a cure.—Boston Herald. A daughter of Gen. Eosecrans ia an Ursmiue iron, who until recently was assigned to tho coavent at Saoita Bosa, Gal. Fifteen years ago.^io-,w«s-pn9 of the mostxcl|§nping;.anaiap3t popular of A pamphlet of Information and ab- t of tho laws, Bhuwiua llow to nin Patents, Cuvent 3, Trade Marks, Copyrlijlits. sent Si Stongh, Agent. Teacher's Reports AT UEi'UJSLlCAX OFFICE. LOUIS LESSINQ, ALQONA NEVER A FAILURE. The Red River Valley of Minnesota and IN or 111 Dakota has n ever had n failure of crojis. It produced-30,000,000 bushels of whesit besides other cereals ill 18'JO. Farms cau be had on the crop plan, or loii£ time Ciit.h payvuents. It is not an uncommon thing to pay for a farm from ihe procettLs of one crop. It, has all of the advantages of an old country in the shape of school, church, market, postal and railway facilities, and all the chances of a new country iu the way of cheiip lands, rich soil, and increase in values. It is one of the most fertile and promising regions in America ' not yet fully occupied. In the rush to the far west, however, this rich, valley has been overlooked. It has room for a- million more people. Write to F. I. WHITNEY, St, Paul, MUun«, for particulars. free.

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