Evansville Press from Evansville, Indiana on June 12, 1927 · 16
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Evansville Press from Evansville, Indiana · 16

Evansville, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 12, 1927
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PAGE 4— SHORT SEL-mjv- Test Period of 60 Days Will Be Begun Wednesday Radio station WGBF of the Finke Furniture company will go on the air Wednesday of thia week with its power cut exactly in half liy the federal radio commission Harold Finke announcer of the station said last night This will place WGBF on a 250-watt basis for a test period of (0 days At the expiration of thia time Finke expects to have the station's power stepped up again to its old rating To this end he already has enlisted the aid of Senator James E Watson Indiana's senior senator Finke pointed out that gradually the commission has cut out small station interference in the broadcasting range of WGBFa 2361 meters No change is noticed in this week's schedule of the Evansville station Rev J S Kerr associate pastor of Central Methodist church will have charge of all morning worship programs which will go on the air at 7:15 a m dally Monday night cops first honors in the Week’s evening broadcasts Beginning with baseball scores at 6:55 p m and concluding with the Pleasure Park Troubadours at 10:46 the program contains many Interesting features The Troubadours are also on the air the eame night at 10 p m An organ re- cltal from Loew'a Victory theater intervenes Complete schedule of the station is found elsewhere on this page Week’s Program AtWGBF tuiar S a m — Agog Bible Class Rev J F Rake teacher DeiSir 7:11 a m — Morning worship suspires Deaconess Hospital Rev J 8 Kerr Associate Pastor Central Methodist church y 12:10 p m — Stock markets 12:15 p in— Weather and river forecast 12:20 p m — Farm talk 12:25 p m — Late news bulletins 12:30 p m — Coliseum organ re- cltal Louis K Swain organist 0:55 p in — Baseball scorns ! 7 p ni — "The Old Duke and His Cang” I 7:30 p ni — Gospel Hour featuring "Gospel Quartette" 5:23 p in — Baseball scores 8:JU p in— Purcell Seed company “Original Hayseed Band'' old tliuo requeu ! 9:30 p m — J Kit Swnnder Matt-t reea company “Arctic White Trio" 10 p m— "Troubadours" remote ' control from Pleasure Park 10:30 p m— Organ Loew’a Vic- tory theatre 10:15 i m — ‘Troubadours" Pleasure Park 11:1S p m— Good night Taesday 7:15 a m— Morning worship 12:10 p m— Stock market ! 12:15 p m— Weather and river forecast - a 12:20 p m — Timely auto topics I 12:30 p ni — "Troubadours" re- ! mote control Pleasure Park 1:15 p m — Organ Loew'a Victory theatre 7 p m— Hartniets Brothers Inc “Dodge Six Cylinder Boys" 5 p m — Kelvlnator Eskimos featuring “Kelvlnntor Hour" Wednesday 7:15 a m — Morning worship 12:10 p jn— Stock markets 12:15 p in— Weather and river forecast 12:20 p m — Fnrm talk 12:20 p ni — Coliseum organ recital Mr Lbuls Swain Organlat 2:30 p ni — Loew'a Victory theatre entire matinee performance Tharaday 7:15 a m— Morning worship 12:10 p ni — Weather and river forecast 12:20 p in— Timely aut ntoplea 12:30 p ni— Late news bulletins 1 ! Friday 7:15 a m— Morning worship 12:1 p ni— Stock markets 12:15 p in — Weather and river forecast 12:20 p m — Farm talk 12:3 p m — Civil scrrlea bulletin 12:35 p in — Wcekl road bulletin Auto Club 12:15 p in— Billy Hahn piano and Vocal 1:15 p m — Organ loew'a Vctory Hirst iy 1:30 p in— "Troubadours" Pleasure Park S p m— National Kurnituro company "National Male Trio" "Xw (lunal Hawaiian Quartette" :3A p in — "Truuhadoura" Pleasure Park Kalanlay 7:15 a in — Morning worship 13:10 p in — Stock markets 13:15 p in — Weather and river forecast 12:20 p in — Farm talk 12:50 p in — Late news bulletins Mona Motor Oil Twins To Broadcast From WGBF Mode Motor Oil Twins Colum-' bia recording artists will headline AVGBFa program June 24-28 inclusive according to an announcement last night by Hurold Finke Evansville station director It will be the second appearance ot the musicians on the air from this station Finke said The Mona Motor Oil Twins have broadcasted at 126 stations in the 1'nlted Stales and Canada since their organization several years ago The twins have lipt-u away from radio routine for a two weeks' vacation !7 ZIMMERMAN OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 118 South Fourth St PENCILS PENS INKS CARBON PAPER Anythin $ for Your Office Call Ua-We Will Deliver It Phone Main 7087 RADIO BEACON The first radio beacon to guide airplanes on their true and sate rsnrse now does service at the College Park nlr mail Held In Maij lud I hr George K Burgeai director ot the II areaa of Standards Is shown behind the pilot la the airplane Which first took wing with the aid ot this device Soon 40 others will glide air mall pilots along the 8224 miles ot air rentes across the country RADIO PROGRAM SUNDAY JUNE 19 NOTH— Ail ycnrrnrao are standard time r daylight caving tins add ae hoar i 1 ’ tVSAI f SCI) Cincinnati — Services WIJI (IK) Chlr-aio— Service WCKL (-494) Chicago— Horvlc KTW (lit) Chicago— Harvicci 11 WHAD (114) Milwaukee— Organ WSM (111) Knnhville — Morvleeo WLB (145) Chicago— Organ nonce rt WJZ (414) New York— Tho MeUlter ranouno To WBS (SSI) WHC (411) W SB (4TI) Atlanta— Servlceo-I II -KMA (2T0) Shenandoah — Song cervices two piano muelr WON (10C) Chicago — Organ WJJD (IC4) Chicago— Organ Wig (4541 New York — Houy and hie gang To KDKA (311) WBZ (311) WOO (1C1) WJK (441) WHC (4SC) KYW (CSC) ISsSg WHAD (214) Milwaukee — Trio WBAP (CIO) Fort Worth— Kiddles' houy 1 WJJD (3CC) Chicago— Bible rlaoaea W1BO (410 Chicago— "11 usto that never growe old" WHT (411) Chicago��' Concert WJR (441) Detroit — Services from ohrlnr ut the Little Flower WCFL (4141 Chicago— Fellowship leg gue In popular program Best Picks The Naomi Hewitt atring quartet will broadcast from WBZ at 6:80 p m central time Sunday June 12 Other picks are: WHO 4 p m central time — tiles club concert KDKA 4:30 p m central time— Twilight hour of mu sir WPG 6:30 p m central time— Band concert WJZ 6:30 p m central time— Cook's travelog "Bits of Oid England” KTHS 8:30 p m central time— Mualc Lovers' hour WEAF 7:45 p m central time— “A Tribute to Cap-taiu Lindbergh's Trans-Atlantic Flight" WON 1301) Chicago— Baseball Cuba vo Giant KDKA (HI) Plttoliunth — Orsan WWJ (373) Datrotl— Baseball WUY (179) Bchnoii lily — Orxnn SlS Brswpri u Toledo WFAA (5N) DUu — Former1’ hour BIUSlc s KFNF (270) ZliMimdooh — Mtlo choru WJJD IJ441 I'hlnxo— Concert WDAF (37) Kunauo City— Bind concert KYW (321) ChiL-uro— Loeturo ids WJZ (434) New York— People's Aidio Veopor KMA (271) Shenandoah — Sons sorvict talk WLIH (313) Clileafo— Sony: ‘ trio WDAF !7Q) Ksnuui City — Veopor WKAF (432) Now York— OrchMlml con-re rt WHO (339) Deo Molneo— dice club 4lSO KDKA (315) Flttibureh— Twillsht hour if munlr WJIl (441) Detroit — Orpin) WGN (333) Clilctfo — Punch sad Judy irtrlax quintet WKHH (1(3) Chirac O— Organ WTAM (490) Cleveland — Urclioitr WIBO (419) niluifo— Hiring trio WJZ (454) Now York — Organ aololut jubilee olngaro To WBAb (235 WHB (479) Aslant— Veopcro WHAI (id) Fort Worth— Vespers WHO (335) Deo Molneo— Orchestra 9120 WEAF (492) Now York— Major Edward Buwm family — vocul and Instrumental To WTAU (211) VYSM (319) WWJ (373) WKKI (4471 WHAS (411) Will' (499) WSH (473) WJAR (494) WCAK (517) WHC (517) K8U (543) ide WIBO (4lSi rhb-um— Kmumhl “It Pays to Look Well" NATIONAL LOOK WELL 0 WEEK June 11 to 18 i Sponsored by Associated Master Barbers of America GUIDES PLANES WABQ (113) Phlladolphla — Tho moto-illnns atring trim WON (391) Chicago— Million alng Almanack Corrtll and Ouadan) atring quintet - WLB (345) Chicago — Uttlo Brown Church: play era: malo quartet WKB H(lll) Chicago— Orchestra WTAM (400) Chicago — Musical comedy memories WJZ (414) New York— Orchestra :se WOHP (244) Datrult— Services KOA (330) Denver — Organ reoltal WJZ (454) Now York— Travelog KOITj (271) Omaha— Chlldron’a story orchestra WJZ (434) New York— Godfrey Ludlow vlnllnlat Lolita Cabers lialnoborg To WBAb (!5fi) KDKA (310) fill WKA F(492) Now Ynrlc— Atwhlor Kent hour To WSAr (JC1) WAR (303) WON (300) WOC (353) WWJ (373) WGY ((370)- WOCO (403) WEBI j flSS l WHT (411) Chicago— Concort WTR (434) New York — Unnombte To WBZ (331) KYW (323) WIP (303) Philadelphia— Coneort WHO (333) Dcs Mnlnaa— Orchogtra “ 7:45 i WEAF (412) New York— “A Tribute to Captain Idmlliergh'o trans-Atlnntle flight Tn WHB (3C3) WEEI (447) WHC (430) WCAT3 (517) WSAT (201) Cinelnnntl— String quartet WHAD (204) Milwaukee— Organ WON (300) Chicago — "Our music room" KPAB (300) Lincoln— llunaell'a college program WCBD (345) Zion III— Choir cornet quartet: urgnn WJJD (331) Chicago— Variety KTHS (341) Hot Spring— M ualo lovora' -r WLAC (2231 Naahvlllo— Program e( i gHpifll mil ale I WHAD (2041 Milwaukee — Tun Tinker (WON (SOI) Chicago— Sam'u Henry -the Halernoa: organ raoitnl Malernn organ reeltnl 'KPAB (309) Lincoln— Onhentra !KOA (330) Denver — Services choir of i 130 voices W1BO (410) Chlrsgn— Popular ! SltO P St KTIIH (341) Hot Spring— Organ WBAP (BOO) Ft Wurth — Mixed quartet I St P SI ! KOlt (2731 Omaha— Orchestra IWFAA (300) Dallas — Preheat ra By NEA Seiwle XTEW YORK June 11— Radio's future lies in the development of as great broadcasting features during the entire day ae are now being presented in the evenings This statement comes from George F McClelland vice president and general manager of tho National Broadcasting company operators of tho WEAF WJZ and KGO networks of broadcasters McClelland gives four reasons for asserting that broadcasting will have to make a daytime job of it in fact one of 16 hours dally These arc: t 1 There are 21000000 women in the country who remain at home moet of the time 2 There are 25000000 school children In tho United States the mnjorlty of whom are Btlll waiting an organised plan of service that will bring radio to the classroom 8 Thera are millions of night workers whoso only time for entertainment Is by day 4 Thors are the many radio stores which wan firat-clgsa radio programs during the day so that prospective buyers of radio receiver may he convinced of tho value nf radio THE EVANSVILLE PBESS- U F WATCH ECLIPSE Only Means of Communication in Frozen Norths Is by Radio By SEA Service ' CAMBRIDGE Mass’ Junk 11— Rtdlo Is to play an Important part In obtaining scientific observations on June 15 of a total eclipse of the moon which will be risible over the whole of America Moat important observations to be made are In Canada below the arctic circle and so far fron civilisation that It has been impossible to Bend an expedition from Harvard college there thia year Bo the aid of trappers missionaries and the Royal Northwest Mounted police baa been sought to make tho scientific observations wanted Working In cooperation with Dr R Meldrum Stewart director of the Dominion Obaervatory In Canada: Dr Wllllard J Fisher of the observatory staff of Harvard college haa arranged for 12 groups of the white inhabitants of the Canadian wilds to make the necessary observations the most Important of which will be in the vicinity of Bakor Lake Tirq Months’ Travel aa Sleds Many of the places from which observations are to be taken are two months travel by dog teams and because of the short summer It is not expected that all the data will be collected until the summer of 1928 The only means ot communication between these outlying posts and 'the United States Is the powerful broadcasting of the Westing-house stations at Springfield Chicago Pittsburgh and Heatings Bo for the last month a regular feature of the Saturday might broadcasting of these stations haa been the text of Instructions to trappers missionaries and the police of what to watch for during file eclipse Because Baker Lake is the only spot on the North American continent where the eclipse can ' be observed properly Dr Fisher is depending treaty upon' the data collected there for a scientific report of the event ' The last eclipse of this nature was In 1892 but because the place where the eclipse could be best observed was then In the Atlantic ocean It was impossible to collect much data v law for Laymen ’ Prof David Stewart Edgar - ot St John's College School of Law has begun a sorles of talks on "Law for tho Layman’ from station WGBS New York Other members ot the faculty will con tlnue tho scries every Tuesday evening at 8 eastern time for the Graduate Graduation Gifts The elaborate selection of gifts for tlie graduate wo have on display will not only provide you with something appropriate but save an endless amount of time and bother SmtHi&Bniettldd EXEE LtV Wfl 460 — PHONES- Main 646C USE T0NIQUE UNIQUE: to look your best A Hair Dresser - and Dandruff Remover ASK YOUR BARBER h r- ' Manufactured by DE VRY CO 26 Main St Flood Victims ' Get New Sets Oy XU Stirlca PHILADELPHIA June 11 —The storied hardheartedness of big business sgaln gets a Jolt In the ex-- ample Just set by A Atwater Kent the celebrated radio Impresario and manu-- facturCr ' Kent has wired to his New Orleans distributor H - Van R Chase offering to replace gratia all Atwater Kent radio equipment that has been damaged by the ' flood Chase Is now making a survey of the area to see that Kent’g promise is ful- filled Station WGBS : Announces Its Program for June 14 ' "JLindy pay" ' Ry KEA Sorvlro V VTEW YORK June 11— Radio fans far from the hubbub and madness that will be New York when Captain Charles Lindbergh arrives here from Washington may participate In: this reception nerertheless 1 Station WGBS Is the first of the New York broadcasters ' to announce a program on June 14 the day of Lindbergh’s scheduled arrival that will takp thew fan thru every experience and emotion of that aviator In the three days be stays here The atatlop Is planning the erection of special portable stations In different parts of the city thru which the air man will pass Expert announcers well known to fans will report thru the mother station every cannon boom the applause of the crowds the fan-fare ot bands and the reaction of Lindbergh himself to all this The fan will feel himself transported from the moment “Undy” arrives at the -Battery np Broadway under the hall of ticker tape and the yelling of thousands to city hall and then on to the various spots where receptions are being planned tor the aviator - Station WBZA in Boston moved Into It s' new studios' and headquarters and -celebrated the occasion with a 10-Hour program of big hits The new-Hotel Statler also was Initiated Into broad casting Everyone should look his best: A fnan is judged by his 1 o o k s To be a success one must have a neat appearance Clean well- i groomed people reflect the character of a nation You don’t see yourself but the other fellow does “It pays to look well” v THE ASSOCIATED MASTER BARBERS OF AMERICA' r LOCAL No 270 0 n LOOK FOR THIS SION ‘AUNT SAMMY’ BEFORE HER MIKE Mbs Dorothy Stelnbaugh at Aunt Sammy of KOIL Council Bluffs la spends more time answering Inns’ questions than broadcasting her cooking talks - KFUO Dedicates New Plant By XU Servian ST LOUIS Mo June 11— Radio statloh KFUO Is ' checking np on reception of the program that celebrated lite dedication of ltg new $60000 plant to tho Luther- -— an church Cerda were sent out pre- vloua to the day of dedication to thousands of fans In the middle west with the request that they fill out the questionnaire regarding weather conditions and remarks about the way KFUO’a programs' caue in The directors expect to learn a great deal from these cards regarding their future form ot broadcasting ' ! FADA GETS CONTROL OF PATENTS IN COMPACT - Frank A D Andrea president of i Fada Radio announces a covenant 'H with the -Radio corporation of!? American and allied companies un- j der which a large number of basic i patents are licensed to this- lead-! j Ing Independent manufacturer As-gia soclatfd with the Radio corporation in the making of the compact with 'the Fada company are: General Electric company Wpsting house Electric and Manufacturing company end the American Telephone and Telegraph company — The summer radio forum con ducted on the WEAF network - la being conducted by M H Joachim noted author and lecturer and known aa "The Son of India" He will talk on the great religions of the world during thespjgunday aft-noon hours KV CXLK KKSil 'i il IN I T Splendid new brick homes five and ix rooms Modem complete and at most attractive prices Terms with ) on deferred payments For Appointment Call ' EMIL H NIEDNAGEL Kentucky and Lincoln Aves a -SUNUAY JUNE 12 1H27 Aunt Sammy Gets ' Questions Daily By XU HmtIco Council bluffs is June 11 For every hour Miss Dorothy Stelnbsugh spends at tho microphone of station KOIL heie there are seven hours of study of reading and answering many 1 otters and of preparation for the next single hour of broadcasting Such Is the life of Aunt Sammy of KOIL otherwlso Mlsa Steln-baugh one surrounded by encyclopedias dictionaries and atlasee 1 and filled with the "Now You Ask One" habit 1 It started serenely with au hour of cooking talk dally It has developed into a bureau of general Information with1 which few others cau compare ' Aunt Sammy gets aa many as 176 letters dally low of them relating to the subject of cooking "The radio audience" ahe explains "has come to consider Aunt Sammy a regular information bureau flllod with vital statistics and a knowledge more profound than Flato’s They must be answered and they are" ' Another Blrthdafr Birthdays continue to crowd one another In the ether WSAI at Cincinnati cornea In for a fourth anniversary celebration of 15 (hours duration All the old favorites pissed In review - DR W O FRENCH Rect&l Diseaaei 407 So Third Ik Can Laeaal Fhoss Hala M THE EAST I END i i i n & i o 4 ' i DE VRY CO I 26 Main St X T AM- — - :s :

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