The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 28, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1891
Page 4
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ftKHUL and DEPARTURE of TRAfflS. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, f)O7?»" WK3T. No. 1 passenger Wo. 3 passenger No. o freight No. 13 way freight No. 5 freight ooi.v« BAST. No. 2 paswigcT No. 4 passenger No, 10 way freight No. 11 frc.iKht No. 8fr*i|i'!u . o :f>2 a m . 4 :.'!T p m . 7 :13 a m 11 -A't a 111 . S :17 p 111 .10 :2Ti am . '.) :'.V) p 111 .12 :l."i ;i MI . '1 :'.'fl p 111 .10 :.V> p I'M it rn ji m Chicago & Northwestern JLl'y UODSe, NOltT'I .S.N!> WKST. Frcl(?lit !iooomtiioil:iti»n : Chicago At'iil • l "'l K:v|>i-"--i irOT.Vi Sfil'TII AX1> KAST. Freight afKiHiiiiimlii'.io!! 7 :.':."» p in Chicago .M;til aid KxprssH )2 :-'n ]i u> (!hica;;<> im-sfsiii.'* 1 ! 1 rwlii-s Dos M«.inps_ ,".t 7 p. m., i:iiif:e_-o'•.:.••') a. iu.. i.inl Kan<;is utj 9:';n;i,m. Ticket* fur -'.I" t--> all points in Hie Jnitful Si-'"s and C;uii'.<U. , IOWA, Jan. 28,1891. KOSSUTH CO. MARKETS. Market reports from every town in the conn- tv mihlHheil regularly earh week. Reports from \Veslpy arid I.uVerne are made Tuesday rveniiiR l-opim* frnni Whutcniore. Bancroft, Hurt yntl Algona made Wednesday morning. .VT.OO.VA. Oats 9 .3o Kegs H Cattle.f '2.00 f". $4.00 Wheat . . Flax.. 1.05 Corn Butter .. Hogs Barley... Timothy PROFESSIONAL § BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Cattle. Flax .. Hav .. .1..JO TifRT. .35 Corn . . .18 Butter 4.00 Hogs. . .08 Barley 2.50 K. . A v,- ; .,,.v. v.. r. DAMSON, j Oats.. DAXSON BROS, TTOKNKY Over ('<>:ii AT I.A\V. Ai-rmia, Iowa. Ofiice GEO. E. CLARKE, Cattle*!.50 Wheat Flax . .15 t. 00 .T'l l.W r.orr. Corn ... Butter.. HOSTS... Barley . Hav ..$ .35 .. .16 ., 3.15 .. .45 .. 1.00 .35 .16 3.05 .48 .$ .35 . .1 . 305 . .48 . 3.00 TTO!;NF.V. B. F. REED. Ecnr«... Cattle. . Wheat . Flax.. .18 4.00 .75 l.Oi) TTI>I:XI-:V ' a. lov.-a. Of- ; Jlay, baled, clioife Corn shelled. Butter Hoes..$2.80 ( Barley Timothy .... JAS. U./VRIi, M. IX, IOWA. Oat? Y.'-?~ Cattle. .$1.25 \Vln-at Hav on track 15 . 4.00 75 . 5.50 Corn .... Butter . . . Hoi:? ---- Bftrley . .. Potatoes .16 3.15 I'.on 5.50 .5f 1.00 Goldfield Chronicle: Ike Finnell. r orraan of the Algona Courier, was in town the first of the week, on his way to Clarion. We received a pleasant call. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nolte desire to return their sincere thanks to the friends who assisted and sympathized with them in the recent loss of their little boy. Mr. Cleary handed ns the item appearing under the head—"An interesting Case" which will be of considerable interest to all Seventh Day ad- ventists. Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Henderson came home from Minneapolis last Wednesday evening and now occupy the house formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. TI. B. JIa'llock. Corwith boast* of the heaviest mayor in the state of Iowa, but neglects to give the weight. Perhaps it "is true, but when it comes to fame Algona's mayor takes the cake. Marriace licenses have been taken out by the following parties: John P. I-Vrdinansen and Ella ('often. Peter Barmann and Anna Espelding, Thos. Long and Kate Connely. O. II. Bonier has sold out his interest in the barber shop to Dick Slade. He -.rives possession about the first of May and will go to DPS Moines. where he will engage in business. The company mirrhi have been winters are so mild that a skating rink cannot be made without an artificial method of freezing the ice what is the use of California? For a complete report of the foot race and slugging match at Emmetsburg last Thursday night the readers of the IlEPunuc/VN are referred to the Upper Des Moines and Courier. Each had a reporter on the grounds and consequently got the start of the less enterprising PiKPUr.UCAN. The first meeting of the Kossnth County Medical .Society held for years took place yesterday. The following officers were elected: Dr. 8. G. A. Head of Algona, president: Dr. J. Hill, of Wesley, vice-president: Dr. Cutler, of Bancroft, secretary. The fire interfered somewhat with the deliberations; of the society, which finally adjourned to meet the first Monday hi April. That we need a better organised fire company was demonstrated yesterday. The water could have been turn- ABOUT GEO. BANCROFT. From the Bancroft Register. Ed. lityislcr:— The recent death of George Bancroft brings up and perhaps makes appropriate a bit of local history which may be new to some of your readers and possibly of interest to others. It is perhaps well known that the three northern congressional townships in Kossuth county originally constituted the county of Bancroft as designated and named by the Jowa Legislature, making the symmetrical number of 100 counties in the state. Kossuth county by an organic act passed in 1S55. locating the county seat at Algona.absorbed the county of Bancroft. Later an attempt was made to reorganize Uie northern portion under the name of ''Crocker County" which proved abortive. When the two conn- v*tt T • 0. 1 IV. »l Cl V(,. JLV.»limilt*lV*.'V\Ml**».H-I,. ... , , .. , . T cd on several minutes sooner than it tu ' s were wnsolulnted by .the legislu- yesterday afternoon. The boys ture the name of Bancroft \vus the should organize and practice coupling [ unanimous choice of the few settlers. hose occasionally these beautiful spring J ,,., w , d h th tv , , d b d , ' • ' ' evenings. And while there is woi'K . . . , , , . . , . .., for the fire boys the crow.l that gathers I IKlU>a - bul the legislature decided about every lire needs to be taught a 'otherwise, as Algona the county scat lesson or 'two. j was located in the original Kossnth L. K. G-ARFIELD, M. D., pnysiriA;; : v' l;i . Sl::!ii;K( ' N ;,,^':; r ' 1 { r]! ;. f ;- ;t LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES, Cit PRIDE. ALGOI-JA, 1CWA. Druggist /. f' i ' C C T 7 /•i. Olil I /-I & Stationer. ;: ,,;-. •',:.- <i. i)i-r::hiii puints, ! -las. TY.ylnr's bi;.r ad. ! Try the lli-;rrr,LicA.\ for job work. J. 1). Beniitson was down from Swea i yesterday. | A. W. Mofi'att is around airain after I a short illness. ! Birch Matron visited the ancestral i acres last Sunday. \ "We have been having rernarkal.ile : weather fur .June. \ Father Smith, of Emmcisbur<r. was i in Al#»na yesterday. 1 Mr. Burns, an Klmoi j was i;i t'nvn Tuesday. ! Bert Edmonds made ; : of iiie week the Chicago. Al An infant child of ('has. N'olte died S'lud; Miss Emma Smith is: nt-iiralf/ia of the >';,im;' • hay dealer. tri]i the first Mr. and Mrs. erionslv ill \vith olfe is iakiticr orders for Tlid- (••xcii.-f'd for turning the hose on the crowd yesterday afternoon. When the next fire occurs stand back and give tbe boys a chance to work. F. II. Paine and Mina Millis, of Port 1 a 71 d. will sell patent medicine this cmnincr summer. They each have two counties to work. Their territory lies south and southeast of Kossuth. "Tam-'i Jim" tells this week of a plan adopted by Prof. Snow, of Kansas, to «-et rid of chinlx burrs. lie introduces diseased chintz bucrs among j healthy ones and spreads the disease. J. O. Armstrong writes from Leavenworth Kansas, and says: "Send me the FvKi-rnue'AX. we can't get along without if. Weather mild and not any snow, and no ice in theMissouririver". Assessor. G. IT. Lampson is making his annual call upon the citi/.ens of Al- jj'Uia. It is to be hoped that he will find owners for all the dogs in town and then lefthe Marshal shoot allthehome- ICFS ones. All Ladies who are interested in the Heading llooni an-requested to attend the regular meeting Friibiv Jan. Klilh. at ;•; O'clock P. M.' Miss 'Heaves and Mrs. James Patersoti will furnish the procrramrne. Davoira'i-gard got a fall last Friday eveningthaf lias laid him up for awhile. l-'or ::.:"• wcs'c-rn ! path's history of the wor 1 ' 1 | Henry Wiuki i to Chicago the ia ! Then : subject ' der construction, arramremen! Simon Spear i.s back airain. we have [ county. During the years of ]8S() and arMinnressiori. to remain permanently j \si,v,-hen the C. & N. ."W. Ily. was un- tho writer was by to locate the two first stations north of Algona to be surveyed arid platted under the supervision of the company. When theplafc returned for my certificate the OIK ough are heartily glad to welcome him back to Kossnlh. For agricultural purposes we have just ascertained that Kossuth County is a failure but for a pleasant winter residence when the rest of the country i.s locked in ice and buried in snow northern Iowa has no superior. Mrs. Spear is still in the east. Xow that our system of water works is completed and the business part of the city has the best possible protection from lire, it would certainly be in order for our business men to commence a prolonged and unanimous kick against the excessive rates of insurance that they are now paying. According to principles upon which lie fell striking his hack on the door- si en and the result is several ribs , . torn loose from the spine. ITe is doing expects to make a trip iis wr .:j ,, s ( . ou ] ( i 1)f , ( -xvieeted. oi t all insurance companies fix their ratings tho city is entitled to much better rates than it has been getting. The rates can probably be had for the asking Phil. Dorwciicr has an article in the lastCoiiricr "on the. corn question. : 'Mr. Dorweiler makes the actual cost of producing an aero of corn lobe !?!).!0, and ,->ays that laud .suitable for raising corn "cannot be hail here abottts for less than ?~ per acre, or a third of the crop; that in eastern Iowa the rent, is from?;; to *o per acre. Xow if corn is the ruo-4: profitable of all the cereals and it is produced at a. loss and if rents are so high we are at a !".-,s to know ho 1 , 1 . 1 the thousands of renters in Jowa manage to make a living. .Vine tenth:; of them, raise very little or no slock and sell tlie grain the moment it is cribbed or thres- to ist people are agitating the I iiiildin.g a new church. j I AJ/;;):;A. IOWA. A. L\ CLAKKE&CO. daughter was born to Mr. AVill Conwav Monday night. e Episcopal wee!: from I'd. If il costs these men mor. raise corn than the corn i.s worth in the world do they manage to give have been revested to statf! for th<> one third ni' the-crop to the landlord iiiornll who mav wish to attend I*'- 11 t!u ' :^>er_ two thirds and make at"the Mai- ; money. Here is a nice lit'Clo problem in Arithmetic for farmer Dorwt_-ile,r. Poultryr-Kd Donovan. Sheep liaising—Dtigal Wallace and '3d Donovan.* Small Fvnitson tlie.Farm—W.C.Hart IIorticttltiiro™-Mis.s Alice Mann and M. l)e L. Parsons. Home Influence—Mrs. C. A. Ing/mm. Agricultural Instruction in the.'('om- non School—Bertha Carev. Small Grain—8. E. Chambers. Advantage, to the Farmer of Organ- zation—J. E. Black ford. The Duty of the People in Relation to the County Fair—Ifarvey fngliam. Lead Pencil Farming, by flu! <:ditor of a weekly newspaper .i.W.l !Inchon. ( Making—1». S. Wright. It is the earnest desire of UK; committee that this meeting be well attended.' Every farmer in Kossnth jovnty in invited t<» be present. _ . ... - ». -IQj^, ^ ._ _ ... THE KIKE. 01,:-i!('d Oil'- '• Mrs S. I). Drake »!' Ma.rshailtown— former! 1 -" i,C Algima--is visiting in this | ], city. MV- O'.Veil!. of Burt. vcsterdav. I). Mcl).,n:dd and Mrs. S. . •e Al'_ r ona visito •hciil bouse, that, ample measures ie taken to see that the recent disturbances will not be repealed. A. I). Billsbovongh. who has boon worki'i'/ in Bruiser Bros, barber shop. is gojiiL 1 ' into iiusiues.s at Burt and will rnv>;.red to slur i 1 /.---:^ of that Ii •m ='.:n-other sen in- long-haired town or render y. :•!. ('. . l .. .••>!'/. rc <::o:•; •;!,•;•;• ;ox. This important meeting of the Young >Ien's (,'iiri.stiau As--oci.-il ion i.s called loo meet at Bm-Smtnon, [ovra, ] r '<-b. 18-22. Prominent ,-unoijg ibr- men on I lie pro iriMiii arc lion. .!. \". Faiwcil, Chicii^o; F. L. .lohi'.sion, St. L'nii.s; Si:ite Secre- oic-Li ^.ft-.u -VJSTA, io\vk. S. Blatichard. : dealer uf K!uv rustling bard- was in Algoha Charles P S ly fii' Io I :.rd t)rompt- ideiice south .; Mr Arnold Ivsser has latc-ly returned j from a. vi.-il: to \Viseonsiii when; his i parents r >side. TiiCi'.- "•/•."il! be ;;. meeting of the A. ]?. ' C. Xo. :.:•.:-:. Tliursdiiy eveniii;:-. Jan. !'.>. i at 7:110 o'clock. Miss I-:i' ':' llavve" rvigh:' 1 .!:! mud • his deb '•.'. as an ii'"i'.'r!. singer at the editorial con- venlion. Wo never !-:ue\v before that Harvey could sing and were surprised not. a, lii'Me '.vlien be sveiipe'l out lir-fore the- i:ud'(•!)(•;• Friday evening and be- !;-,'ui to warble. in tlie lonsorial tary b. \i. (Joidon, | ol' Nortlin'i'M, Mass, gospel sinu'lier in lii (.MurUe, of lo'.va, Joli Yoik. Cusities-', 11-, men i.i'i- iiis'iled. K:t Ejiworih Li.-;iguti is le;e~t. oni: deieO.-r.e.. Dr. Oarfield h. 1 !:-: a Sal'.-J \' bicvc'c. an ae'eney for wheel' i-; listed :ii'in is tbe best i'ur t lie m<-;:cv. end days but is malarial fever I'oi rej'i'ii ted belli-) 1 . i !Ier;-:;!:ir meet inguf '\V. C. T. I'. .— .•-.•-.-.-•::: j dav. Jan. ."Dili. '•'.. o'clod-:. in ihcir room | : j on Dodge street. infornn-d 1 h; 1 .! ._. _ , -,--. -,--. , Jlw 1 ,..' i _J. uiii-|. II,iii •". A I'-naa, I'i\va. clas:; in i-very particular. Ferris is in Burl. ssutii County ALGOMA, IOWA. \i *- are |ire]>ariiig The hole;* ISii-cb 'Mat-on is at Ilumbohlt this j week initiating the newly clef-led county clerk into the mysteries. The piano recital lasl night is complimented in high terms by all who attended and the bouse was crowded. Ilaivey Ing-ham of the I'pper 'Des Moiues i:--. a'.vay on a trip to tbe east to SS0 3 000. i begone as long as his mom-y lasts. Tvro rival editors from Algona occupied liie .same room at the hotel during I owner, lender of i.n. T E. |-'f J'iC\V "ii V. i'. S. (.,' E and reiiliesleii to Kf-nd at Ruiiii-nibi:! 1 the dull- find pl:<.!i to nlteiiil. li'-iluci (I r.".tes on uli railrnieU and iree enli-rtiunnient, for ih.'lf jrtites win) send nuini-s iiy Fei). l."jih. to E A. i5;m\-tte, Ijtirlin::' on, [o\va. Fo: flirlher iiil'i.i'iiia'.ifin upplv to StaU; Sccn- iary *V. A. iiiau'ce, l)e^,• ?i[oines, lov.'u. A -rood .--.uri-cur-od Jap.j.n 2Oc ac 77. F . Carter's. located on section 124-07-29, wa.s named ••Buel" and the one on 24-98-29, "Jiurt." The writer believing then; wa.s something in a name and that the iippci town, owing to its location had a bright future before it. promptly substitute! ••Bancroft" for "Burt" and filed the plat tor record under that name, wiring Mr. Simmons what had been done The reply was "all right, but we desire that the first station shall be callei Burt." which change wa.s made. Noticing about Oct. 1st, 1.S82, that a reception wa.s to be given the eminent historian at his home at Xew Port on the anniversary of: bis £".d birth day (the paper ]iad it Sod). I wrote him aeon gratulatory letter and closed by inform ing him that we • had taken the liberty of naming an embryo city after him and making the request that lie send a copy of some of his publications containing his at.itog.raph. as the nucleus oi u city library. The following is his reply: 1<)-(X'T.-S2 . Dear Sir: Yes with all my heart. i>ut where !:• your Bancroft CityV Yous.s truly, (>KO. JiANX'UOL-T. "vEt.ati;-> siiie" i>2 and not bo. Direct answer t.o Washington, 1). C. And later. Iii2:;-Il. Street X. W. Wash,, D. C. 7-JIay. !>,>•;•].' MY J)J-:AI: Sn;: J !:-!.•> llu' town ihi'.t you wrote to me aij.iuc and ihat you s,;id would be named Baaer.iH cotue inio existance yet? As .-.uijii as il is nrg;ini/A.-u i desire to Inii'.iV." ;,our sugiie.-Aioii about sending i<.i ii copies u f i,;;> publi:-,!ii'd wrii.iii;.-;.-), etc. Yoiir.-i very truly. GI-VJ. Jxv:N'Ci:oi-'T. .V i'c\v yearjj ago when our indei'ali- .ii-;i.bii: Slate liistoriiin. lion. (.'Ita.rles .'vldriclt v. as in Washington hunting; up ;i-ni\'i:!iirs for our slate historical library, iu prociii'ed from Mrs. (k-n'l. j^ogan I ;i uf introduction and bad an | uudionco v.'ith tin: distinguished histor- I Onr sjfitem of water works got its first practical test yesterday afternoon. A tank of gasoline exploded about half past ono o'clock in the work room tit the rcar'of G. M. I Fo ward's hard wans store. Before the lire; could be extinguished it had caught overhead in the partition between Capt. L. M. B. Smith's ofiice and tlie wart: room. By the time' the lire company reached the scene the, building was so full of smok« upKlai-rs that it was impossible (o get inside and locate the lire. The boys soon had two strong streams pouring in at the,-windows and thebnil'-ing wa.s fairly flooded with water. As .soon as it wa.s pos.sible to get inside with the IIOH.O the lire was quickly extinguished. The building is covered willi sheet iron which kept the flames on the inside. Mr. Howard had *2,0f)!) insurance on his stock'and the building was insured for about *!,000. It is impossible to estimate at present what the los,s will amount to. The lire did no great damage beyond Capt. Smith's ofiico and the greater part of: Mr. Howard's stock down stair.'j was saved, although considerably damaged by water. Hut for the water works the lire would certainly been far more- serious. The water wa.s only lowered about tv.'elve and half feet in the stand pine. n iiitere.sriii 1 -, 1 <' i-'C f Tennessee, -read The case of E. M. King which has attracted such attention fur the last } ear. b; 1 .:-, just been tried on appeal in th'.' Federal Court a.t Memphis. Teui:.. .' inond presiding. It v. iil be ed that Mr. King, who i.s :; ^ observer, after resting 01 plowed turn in bit; field on d^e Ilam- remember- eveiith-day Saturday, iiud.iy.for The incrca.-.i'd demand ior IJe.ui:^' Gc-r man S:i!v<: not only proves lliat il hns ineril, but also makes it almost, u uuivers id iioiiscliold )'/'i>icfly. \VJn-n roll wish a j/cod re that the sleighing b'.'.s b in that vari oi' the state Iowa rejicrts n first class ince, January first. Kossalu Count v farmers are lllildc |i tr;tii-.:. '- COIIn'.'-i- \V ii. I - l)i:-.J). ,J.',i "\Vu.i - .11 l. . .Siui 'F arm for Sale. Tbe windows and seats for tlie Episcopal church came last Saturday. The Chapel will suon be ready for occupancy. A. C. Cady will move to Burt the Matter part uf I hi.-; wee!;, and they ex! peel: to open the cash store, some time i uexl week. ! Mr. Allen, of Pocahoiitas Center, was in town Tuesdav. He i.s connect- U'e will take our \ acat ion in th< hcreaflcr during the hot months. Robert Mash, a youug lies Moiues ;ie,no about Is year-;:)':!. siiDi am! ba'l- I 1 , v.'oiiuded anolher c>i!.ired L'-eutleiuaii, his ri\ ai iu the afi'eciiuu.i </i' a fair damsel of that cii v. las! :ain dav rely was Burt. nalc at ii)ip!'O'v"c((. tin. inquire, at ed with one Ol' | las county. of Hie banks in ''ocaliou- GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LA IU I-, K. V . Swetlin"; arrived in town yesterday morning to take charge of (jeo. Call's odic;-. 1 1 is family will be hi're in a lew days- Mr. and Mr.;. II. S. Laii";don visited in Lu\'erne la:-t \veek. and Mi'. Lan^- (lon \\'(-nt from there to DCS Muim-s on a business trip. early this it is barely Il commenced sii'own morn in.'.;' and is still at il. Mutton. Vtu- s, I'liUitoes, ll;iy, I' la-.s. Skin.-,, (Jiiioiis, • i-n;; Hoot. .">(> Ions |i;iy i-.-ivli or .sell tM^y "iul for (hiily inurkcl piii'i-s. . -s7 ' "-'. li:il!:ii'il >t t'o. .itrrcliaiits, -U ;;nd __', I. -Ki--"J •setter dog o'f Pittsburgh, is dead. AN unruly £ t&ining Mrs. over aa at Oro, Col.» BLANKS LOAN OFFICE . possible that \vemav yet have sleijjh- | iie.j before Ihe close of winter. The man who doesn't ride a bicycle will be way out of si^'ht behind the li::)esJ!i AK-'ona next scar, i'ivt; safe- lies havi; been ordei-i-d this week. Mrs. . I. II. Xc', ins. ;t sister of iJi 1 . Hudson. died in San Francisco the, llth of this month. She was well known lo many readers of the Hici-r nur.v.s. The Home Market IJullelin for /Vjds. Subscribe now and <j;el the February number. You oii;j;lil to have H. The regular siiliscri])tiou price is o() cents. Henry Mason has sold his residence property in the north part • oi ! town to Eli Ijiii'lniuk, a farmer living west of town. Mr. Ikirbank will move to town. night. Tbe shut ('•••>;•: ii> the vising uiai.'"> )''•: ic., ; fatal. S. S. Sessions declares that hei-; --."ery sorry Ilia!, be was iml eleeled supt-r- intendant of the depar! uienl of (mrscs and mules by the Slate agi'icultural ,so- cietv. ;:-•; reimrted by the !ii-:!'!'r.:.H'AN last \ve;-l;. ifehas lobe :-a;islied this year with looking after b-mths and pi 1 !', ilexes. (iCiii'ge Call lefl yc^ti-rd-r." al noon I'-.:! 1 JJa.uo Texas oil lupines-;, lie will be gone about I hive mmith.-:. Mr. JO. \'. Swell in!/ of .'\rmsirong v. ill have, of Mr. Call's be..-ines., until be returns in Ihe spring. Theo. Chvis- cbilles and \vife. aecomr-anied hint to 10 I.':.' niiit nu-ii t call for ili < , ciiul you will r.f)i be ilissi Sold anil warranted by F. \V. L)iiu.rlev. ()u:ilitv ' To i, only 17-18 E.Nciii'sioti tickets to Mexico, f/alifor- un, Cayir/.'isi, Morth Car'nlina, Florida, he (Suit (,'onst, Texas, Hot .Springs of Arkiinssis. and Kxct-isior Springs of Mis souri, now on sale by unent« of the Clii- go, Milwaukee k St. Paul By. Apply 'j 1 rates and other inl'oi'ination to the agent, or snhlrt's.s tu-o. II. Ileai' ford, (M.-neral PiissiMiyei- A'.rent, Chic!u r o, Illinois. " " !'.> 17 ' IViilwaukee Brick Parrnasori Pino Applo and Full Cream Cheese at W. F. CARTER'S. D.AViU's Little Early lii^ers; only pill for chronic, constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia. None so ii-ood. Sold by Sheet/.. Jill 1 , jiancroft upon learning thai ill 1 . Aidrich was from iowa, iniiuired eaniestly c-.inci-niin.g t)ie town of Bancroft and seemed much gratified upon learning that ii: wa.s a prosperous and growing town. Mr. Aidrich secured a pa:;e of maiiuiicripl copy in Mr. Ban- c.soi't's bmid wriling, \vbicli i.s framed and dei>uhited in the historical archives t the. State Capitol. That Bancroft vas the greatest historian AiiK-ric'.i iias "i-r pi'uduci'ii is conceded. That he a:J one oi' our uioil dist.inguislK d choiars and ritatcsmen cannot be de- licd. Thoi'oujiliiy versed in .French I (ierman literatun:; the intimate .-ml of .such men a.slii;i4Xi, Ilinnijuldt, r\v'in. iJuethe. }]i:;mark. YonMolike. is \vi-il as all the distinguished men uf iis own country; minister a.'.the courts )f St. .lames and Berlin, be was prnb- ibly the nin-;t promim-nt n ; an in liter- U'V circles ci'tin- present age.. To ro- <,-i\e the ;;il'i. o; a !.ihrar.v selected by •B:iiicrol'v" is an honor perhaps no jtiier town or city In the country can )o;;:>t. Your city .should appreciate i lie which the court of his cov.uiy lined him :?.7o and. cost:-;. By tiu: ;::!', iec and help of the Xatioiial He!:;:,iou.-; Liberty A:-sociat:on. of \vliich M'r. i\ing is a member, be appealed his eas-' to the Supremt^ (/nut of :he Si ate. \vbich allirmed the decision of the hi•.-.•• r court. O:i t!ie iclusa 1 of King t' > pay , i;:- line assessed, he was ;J;u'e,i in jail, bui was released on r. \vrii iu' /,.•?.,-,-.•.• ,,,- ; ,^(«, wliieii was mad" r'e'jv.'n.ibi!' in the I'uited Sia^i s I '-i.-.iri':i: Cni'rt :;;: Mein- pbi.- 1 . Tenn.. liiv sec-nd ^i'e;,^l^- in .January. l-S'.H. In tic.- i-iean Lime, the Heligio'.i.s iJberiy A:..-,.,cia! i-u secured the scrvici-s ';!' [lu;>. i/on I 1 .'. "• >ir!;i::.-,on of L'etiriit. r--i;c!:i:';"-i». to a^.i-t it: the i;a.-;i', with I::;.- <!e.-'i i t;ii ol' carr\;u.r il. if possible, t-;> tile .Snpivnie C<!.ivt \\\ the I'niteil State.;. \}\: :,- |o te••• Die (-..insti- ttitionalitv of S-"idav h'.\vs in ll;>- var- \\''-ai'eit| rerrcipt of a coiiy oi' an illustrated edition o!' the Uockl'ord Gai'.olte. H is devoted, of coui>e, to boom "n ii. 1 ; the. town and is a iar.ife suc,- ce,-s. .\ i^ood live nevo.pajier will do more !o build up a town than a halt do/en business cnlerprisi s. but the people sometiines fail to appreciate the i'acl. l.ars, L. Olmstiid. oi' Hebron lown- shij) Vi'as in AJinma Saturday soliciting .-iMbscripfions for a new ..Norwegian evangelical church to be built, in Lincoln township. Wiiincbau'o county. The church will be known as "Liberty Coiijrivgaiioi).'" The trustees of the society are Ole O. C^uum, Arul Rake and Koibeu Krdahl. Mr Olmstad met with very good success. Ilumbohlt Independent: A skating rink was planned andparfially built last week on the lots east of the JJaplist church, but the mild weather interfered with the making of ice and the scheme awaits u colder time. When For iiie Ttliirdi <j; p iis 10 he held at New Orleans, special round trip tickets will bo sold Feb. iid to 8th inclusive i'or fc'.iiO by the C. M. Jj St. P. liy. Co. A fxood 5Oc Tea marked dov/n to 4-Oc at W. F. Carter's. Sheet/ issues regular Co's giiiirfintee lo cure all liilments with Kidd's Germ Erad. Fou SAI.K.—A hnm now Winchesterre- pc.iiting shot, gun. Never been used. (Jun will he sold at, a bargain. luciuire at Republican (-ifiice. 1 O ibs Good fiaisins for $ 1 at W. F. Carter's. y/orkct! a Clia:-iu. Uradiield's Female Regulator workei like a charm; improvement been wonder ful; cannot express my gratitude. Wisl every lady ;;11!tcted would try it. I know it would cure them. Mns. Lc/.A A. LONU Grove, Flu. Write The Uradliel r Co., Atlanta, Ga.. for furthe parlicu'.'irs. Sold by Dr. L. A. Sheet and F. V. r . Diugluy. 1C-1 Go to the remnant sale at Galbraith'a. ior.:, slates of ! iu- liiiion. The .•'.r.guiiK-ni. ,>i' !a- case lias just l.>e<Mi concluded in ihe Federal C-.iurt, but the-Judge reserved bis (!e;-i.-,ion, which will ]irobVibly be bar. in a few da\s. The ik-ciMo- anxiously looi-ied for by man;, Lie one, which will materially operation of Sunday laws iu thai Judicial District, and probably in all parts of the l/niled States. ed u i\vn will be as ii will ai'iVci the, O U>s. «>(' ianey - lor . V M sit, \\. Orle-nns j_-?;j"Ohl school books wanted. Must be complete and in good condition, mf _' br!5.\vi.'P.::os. Constipation poisons the blood; ].)<;\Vitt's Little Early Itisers cure constipatiou. Tho cause removed, the disease is "-one-- Sheets cts. sit W. V. Oni-ltu-'s. :'s is the place to «•(.'!. bargaius ; n remnnnls, they aro i;-oiiH>; cheap. We Inivo been fortunate enou.n'h lo MI- io:iMi-. As time'passes the books will I nin! "'e asrency for Bu^s' Cherry Cmi-h .,, , . - , .. j Syrup. It i.s a trustworthy- medieine, iiuu \\ Uli earii \eai- become moiv valnalde v' (! miiirantee everv bottle' snld Mo -ivo is souvenirs of tlie grer.t \vhi.ini they wi:ri- n-ceiveil. man from Hudson & Shadle. Fiue cabiuets, family groups, baby pictures. Work ahvay first class. Tlu! committee, '.•.'liich was appointed ut a recent meeting of the Koss.ulb County Agricultural Society to arrange for a Farmer';-; ! nslilute, met yesterday and the. following program i'ur the Institute, which will be held Feb. lioth and -7th, was the result: Address of Welcome by the .Mayor of Algona. Kcspanse by Krnest Bacon. Address by'the President. Kai.>ing Corn— Chas. 0. Chubb and Samuel Piot-d. Dairying — K. Uaeon, J. It. Dulton. Hog liaising — JMeAdums, J. Ji. Jones Horse, liaising— -Best Roadster, J. AVadsworth and Ben Smith; General purpose, W. II. Conner; Draft horse, H. I. Brayton. The Steer and I low to Feed Him — H. J. limit amlC. L. J.und. Agricultural Implements— J. II. Jones Grass Culture— C. JJ. Hutchins and Steve Pettibone. Bee Culture— Wm Cleary. very iri! satisfaction. \\ r e would he pleased ,o have ourcustomcrs u'ive it ;i IVi.'il. Sold >yF. W. Dingley. H> ^! asjcv ilojicy T;sHlo Syrup only . a Gal. si I; W. I' 1 . C!mMiM''s. Bi£ bargains itt (jidbi'idlirn leinnimt Small in si/.e, ;;rciil. In remdl'-: l>eWilt's Little Early KiiicrM. Hc^i pill I'n; 1 consti- ation, best for sick hewl nehe. li'v-'-l for sour stomach, Sold liv I'r. Sheer-. 'Toil MIII cured only iJOe. at, "iV. I 1 , r W«>;-([l llllllill-tMl-l ( .f lln|!:n- . Jly wife used only two bottle^ of ''Molher's Fi'ic'iid" liel'ure In r third confinement. Hiiya she would not be with out it for hundreds ol' dollar^ Jl.-niuut half as much tnoiihle. as bct'ove. l)oi:ic Jtiucs. Lincoln Parish, Lu. Writo tho Bradfiekl Beguliitor Co , Athnitii, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by F. W. Dingley and Dr. L. A. Sheet/.. 1O Ibs. tJlood itiiisins lor Jpl. W. P. Carter. Acts atouce, never fails, DuWiU's cough, and consumptiou euro. A remedy for asllima aud that foveiiah couditiou which aecomnunies u severe cold-— Dr. Slice it.

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