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New Castle Herald from New Castle, Pennsylvania • Page 3

New Castle Heraldi
New Castle, Pennsylvania
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PAGE THREE WEyr CASTLE KEEALDi Wednesday, octoier 3U, 1912. SUES TOWNSHIP HM TOURS FURNITURE ANNEX, MILL ST AT SHALL COST HIS OWN STATE mm, A Simple Remedy Beautifies the II air, Cores Dandruff, Stops Falling Hir. Euwers' Car Load Wlaii 5 Sale Continued All This Week (By United Press.) WILDWOOD, N. Oct. 30.

Gov. Wilson who is' today taking the second round of a two day trip from north to south Jersey and back again, has been discovered to have one superstition. As he Journeyed down on Franklin township, Beaver county, and its supervisors, J. B. Pander, A.

Parker and A. G. Best, are defendants in a damage suit filed in court at Beaver by George Clepper. The plaintiff maintains that the supervisors so negligently maintained a portion of the public road known as the Brighton and New Castle road beyond Hazen's bridge, that while he was driving his automobile over the road, on August 4, the machine was badly damaged and he and his wife both suffered from nervous shock. Damages in the sum of $1,000 are asked.

Cape May peninsula this forenoon, he flis Healthful OualiiiestoftelBod What a pity It is to see bo many people with thin, wispy hair, faded of streaked with gray and realize that moat of these people might have soft glossy, abundant hair of beautiful color and lustre If they would but use the proper treatment. There is no necessity for gray hair under sixty five years of age, and there is no excuse for any one, young or old, having thin, straggling hair, either full of dandruff or heavy and rank smelling with excessive oil. You can bring back the natural color of your hair in a few days and $12 Cotton Felt Mattresses On rrequentiy juggled a big, smooth horse chestnut in his hand. "That's my only superstition," he explained. "I always carry one in my trousers pocket.

I don't know why, but I feel I'll, always have good fortune if I have a horse chestnut with me." At Trenton yesterday, the gover forever rid yourself of any dandruti Read This Description "When You Buy and loose hairs, and make your hair NEW CASTLE SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY TO RECEIVE ANOTHER DIVIDEND grow strong and beautiful by using Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Rem edy. For generations common garden nor received half a dozen horse chestnuts from an admirer who knew of this habit. "I had them forwarded to Princeton," Gov. Wilson said, "to keep as a residue stock." Sometimes he loses his "mascot" but then he immediately gets more. has been used for restoring and preserving the color of the hair; and Sulphur is recognized by Scalp Specialists as being excellent for treatment of hair and scalp troubles.

The one he carries now he has hady If you are troubled with dandruff for years, and it ia worn smooth as a billiard ball. In his New Jersey speeches today, Gov. Wilson urged the election of a Democratic legislature that would or itching scalp or if your hair is losing its color or coming out, get a fifty cent bottle of Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur from your druggist, and notice the improvement in the appearance of yur hair after a few days' treat- insure the election of Judge William Prof. Prescott, of the Univers ity of Michigan, explains why Royal Baking Powder adds healthful qualities to the food. Testifying before the Pure Food Committee of Congress, the Professor stated that fruit acids were excellent articles of food and that of these cream of tartar, the acid of grapes, held rank with the highest both in itself and its effect in the process of leavening and baking.

He regarded the results from cream of tartar baking powder as favorable to health. Scientists and hygien-ists are in accord with this opinion. Royal is the only Baking Powder made from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar Hughes as U. S. senator.

hent. Agents, Love MeGown. AGREE JUST LIKE DV IS On Friday, November 1st, between the hours of 10 a. m. and 5 p.

the receiver, John H. Painter, will be at the Leslie hotel, comer Washington and Mercer streets, to pay to the stockholders another 5 per cent dividend. This will now make 20 per cent declared and paid up to date. It is the request of Mr. Painter that all stockholders present themselves with their stock certificates as no one will be paid unless they can prove their holdings.

M. FEUCHTWAKGER, Chairman Stockholders' Com. (Advertisement) POST CARD BALLOT FAVORS ROOSEVELT A postal card ballot on preference for president conducted in Butler county last week by a Pittsburg paper shows that there is an overwhelming sentiment in that county for Colonel Roosevelt. The vote was POLITICANS 1Y OKLAHOMA WITHOUT THE PEOPLE A car which 13 exhibiting and demonstrating to the public the (By United Press.) ST. PETERSBURG, Oct.

30. greatness of land in Oklahoma is now at the Union station and all per Russia and Austria have agreed on sons are Invited to visit it. The car the changes to be made in the map will remain here all this week. You Get the Best Mattress Value Offered." That's just what satisfied users of Stearns Foster Mattresses are saying. You owe it to yourself to have a well made mattress one that will prove Comfortable, Durable and Sanitary.

We don't know of another mattress that will suit you, as to quality and price, as well as a Stearns Foster. Built of many layers of springy cotton and then tufted down to just the proper tension giving them that Softness and Springiness not found in any other kind. Stearns Foster Mattresses never require the expense and inconvenience of having to be "made over." An occasional sun bath keeps them as fresh and clean as a newly laundered 6heet. Made in the best qualities of satin finish, dust proof tickings without extra charge. Come ia today and ask to see the Stearns Foster Mattress.

We'll be glad to show them to you in tha 6everal grades one of which we know will suit you. We will show you the Stearns Foster name on every genuine mattress. Made in the Largest Mattress Factory in tha World. The occasion of the car being sent out is the throwing open for settle ment by the government 2,000,000 from Republicans and Democrats alike. It stood as follows: Roosevelt 326; Wilson, 257; Taft 72; Debs, 65; Chafin, 43.

The ttal vote in five counties, Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland, acres of Indian land, now the Choctaw Indian nation. This land is in southeast Oklaho ma and surrounding McAllister and will be disposed of in tracts of one AN FOUND Ml 1C bell on Thursday, a boy. Mr. Edwin Ewing was in Beaver Falls on business on Monday night. The R.

K. K. K. club gave a leap of the Balkans in the event of Turkey's defeat by the quadruple alliance, according to a report circulated here today on good authority. If it is true that the St.

Petersburg and Vienna governments have reached an understanding a long step has been taken toward insuring Europe against a spread of the Balkan struggle, since it will be with Russia and Austria that trouble will begin if outside complications do occur. Russia was assumed to have safe-guarded the allies' interests which is to say, its own as much as the Balkan states are dominated by Russian influence and Austria, it was taken for granted, has seen to it that no insurmountable barrier was including the- city of Pittsburg is. as follows: Roosevelt, Wilson, Taft, 1.816; Debs, Chafin, 241; Reimer, 56. year dance on Friday eve. at the Kop- DEAD NEAR FREDONIA to six hundred and forty acres, it being the last great Indian land opening by the government.

The car is a Pullman, handsomely fitted up and lighted by electricity inside and out and contains views of the city with pel club house. Good music, and good time were reported by all who attended. Harold Taviland returned home af ter a two weeks' visit in Rochelle, PUGILIST JOHNSON'S CASE IS CONTINUED CHICAGO Oct. 30 When the case of Jack Johnson, negro pugilist, on the charges of abducting Lucile Cameron from Minneapolis, was railed before Judge Frev today a samples of minerals as well as products from the farms and gardens. Also a Etate exhibit of cowboy and Indian curios, including the famous Y.

Mrs. Dave Sumner is on the sick erected against its expansion to the list. Treaty Cane, the property of the Choctaw Indians, said to be over 300 southeastward. Turkey's interests Born to Mr. and Mrs.

Albert Gasser presumably, were not considered. years old and is considered one of on Wednesday, a girl. EUWER'S FURNITURE ANNEX W.N. CLARK MANAGER After he had been missing for several days, the body of Frank Cole, one of the best known citizens of Fredonia, Mercer county, was found under a tree yesterday afternoon by Miss Elsie Redfoot. Cole, who was fifty years old, disappeared, from his home last week and friends had been.

searching for him. Miss Redfoot was walking through a field when she discovered the body. She thought the man was only sleeping and when she returned to her home she reported the incident, with the result that a party of men went to the scene and found that the world's wonders. The car Is under the personal direction of continuance was granted until Nov. 12, owing to the fact that Johnson's case is now pending before the federal grand jury.

Johnson was not COMMISSION UPHOLDS ROOSEVELT SOUVERNiR Judge R. Van Trees. Associated with the judge are five western SENT TO EVERY VOTER boosters, who will show the public, free of charge, how they can secure some of this Indian land. Maps and U. P.

CHURCH SESSION TAFT COMMUTES BANKER'S SENTENCE The Washington party, which is charts, as well as government statistics concerning same' are on the car penitentiary. Wilson's sente' was commuted to expire Dec. 23 so That he will be able to be with his family for 1 ChriStmas. the Progressive party in Pennsylva in court -but was represented Dy Attorney George Gunther The federal grand jury heard no witnesses today, work being put over on account of the death at Logans-port of Judge K. M.

Landis' mother. Ada Banks, a singer in Johnson's cafe, who is supposed to have shot the pugilist in the foot several days ago, during a quarrel over Lucile Cameron and "Bud" Red, a bar-tender in Johnson's saloon, were instructed In its finding on the appeal of At nia, is sending out this week to all Also a visitors' register and all who register will receive literature con torney C. L. McQuiston of Butler from a decree of the session of the the- voters of the state a large souve the apparently sleeping man wa3 the body of Cole. From the condition of the body he had been dead for several days and death was due to heart disease.

nir postal card which contains a spec First United Presbyterian church of Butler, which refused him a letter of imen ballot, the platform of the three leading parties and an autograph WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 President Taft today extended clemency to James Otis Wilson, formerly cashier of the People's bank at Salem N. who was convicted of making false entries in his accounts last June and sentenced to five years in the The fellow who bemoans that his "fortunes are at low ebb" is bunking himself because he would gain a better hearing if he would out with it and say he's broke. New York Evening World. dismisal in good standing, a commission appointed at the fall meeting message from Colonel Roosevelt.

to appear before the grand jury On previous occasions, certain over of Butler presbytery early this month has upheld the session of the zealous postmasters have taken it up cerning these lands. It will be possible to secure some of these ValuableTraces without going west. However, the car does not sell the land, as only the government can do that. But those who become identified with the car will be represented at the land opening free of charge. The idea is to bring to McAllister a great number of desirable citizens to take up these lands and with that object in view the Butler church.

The case grew out on themselves to hold up mail they considered harmful to the interests of their particular candidate. This is a condition that will no longer be of the fat that Attorney McQuiston appeared in the Butler license court as counsel for an applicant for a li-uor license in the bitter anti-license fight of 1911, and when the matter tolerated. The postmaster is a ser Koppel News Mrs. Harry Huffman and Florence Haviland were in Beaver Falls on Saturday afternoon. Miss Elizabeth Ewurch of Aliquippa was the guest of Pearl Damont on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Bates of Sheridan visited at the home of Mr. Bates' father last week.

Mr. John Damon moved into his vant of the peopie and he has no came up in the church and the attor judge will act for responsible parties absolutely free. Everybody is welcome to visit the car, especially ladies and children. right to with-hold any mail, but deliver it promptly to the patrons of his office and any postmaster found so doing will have to answer to Wash ney applied for a letter of dismissal in good standing the session imposed conditions, with which it is said he failed to comply. The presbyterial ington for the offense.

tew dwelling on Saturday. commission made public its brief Miss Carrinne Ewing spent Sunday finding, which sustains the action of The Washington party has taken precaution and has notified some twenty thousand of their friends throughout the state to see to it that with friends in Beaver Falls. the church session as follows: "In C. W. Meyers was in Beaver Falls view of the fact that Mr.

McQuiston IT SAVES YOU HONEY Howard's Dyspepsia Specific; Regular Price 50c. Druggist McKee' Price 25c. they receive this special mailing card Dr. was under discipline at the time of on Monday evening. Born to Mr.

and Mrs. Ray Camp his request for his certificate, we They will in turn notify their friends so that it is estimated that 100,000 Roosevelt men in Pennsylvania will refuse to sustain appeal. CITY OF ERIE GETS be on the lookout for this mail and see that it is not held up by any The Bpecial half price sale of Dr. VERDICT AGAINST postmaster. Any person not receiv ing one of these souvenir postals can Howard's specific for the cure of constipation and dyspepsia by McKee means the saving of a few dollars on PENNSY.

COMPANY receive one by addressing W. L. Me A Vote For Teddy is a Vote For Real Reform The planks of the Progressive platform tJhat, in my opinion, most accurately interpret the common demand, relate to the farmer and to the doing of social and industrial justice. I believe in the other planks most emphatically, particularly the proposals regarding the tariff and the regulation of trusts. As to industrial justice, our main point is this: We do not say that we are going to get this Justice provided the courts will let us have it.

We say we are going to get it! When we say that we intend to write into the law our platform regarding work, ing women; intend to put a stop by law to the spread of occupational disease; intend to provide for three shifts of eight hours in the continuous industries, we mean to do it. We do not do as our opponents do that is, express a platonic sympathy in the heart for these needed reforms and then regret that the courts will not permit them to be carried out. We say that questions of fundamental justice are for the decision of the people themselves for nobody else and that in these matters the will of the people, deliberately expressed after full consideration, is to override the will of any or all of the servannts of the people and is itself to determine what the fundamental law is to be. Therefore we insist that the people must have, wherever necessary, the right to a referendum as to whether they will accept or reverse the constructio'n of the courts in a given case affecting social justice. Or in the language of our platform: "The Progressive party demands such retriction of the power of the court as sliall leave to the people the ultimate, authority to determine fundamental questions of social welfare and public Now there is nothing vague or indefinite about this proposal.

Dean Lewis, of the Pennsylvania Law school, and Dean Kirchwey of the Columbia Law school, who prepared this plank, saw to it that there could be no mistake as to our intention; for the Progressive party pledges itself to provide: "That when an act, passed under the police power of the state, is held unconstitutional under the state constitution by the courts, the people, after an ample interval for the deliberation, shall have an opportunity to vote on the question whether they desire the act to become a law notwithstanding such decision. "That every decision of the highest appellate court of a state declaring an act of the legislature unconstitutional on the ground of its violation of the federal constitution shall be subject to the same review by the supreme court of the United States as is now accorded to decisions sustaining such legislation." It is always easier to understand a principle if we apply it to a specific Our platform demands an eight-hour law for women in industries. The Massachusetts supreme court has already declared that the people have the right to the protection of such a law if they wish it. Rut the court of appeals of New York has said that thb ten millions of people of my state have not got that right if they wish to exercise it. In New York the people did not ask for an eight-hour day asked only for a ten-hour day for women.

Then the court of appeals said that under their interpretation of the constitution the small sweat-shop keeper or the big factory owner may work haggard women twelve, fourteen and sixteen hours a day, if he chooses, and we cannot stop it. Personally I will not submit to any such interpretation of the constitution, and our proposal is this: When a court decides that we have not the power to do such an act of social' and industrial justice as described, then in decent, law-abiding, orderly fashion the people shall decide for themselves whether or not the constitution is to be a defense of vested wroni? or a means of permitting the people to work for righteousness. Theodore Rooserelt, in Saturday Evening Post. Cullagh, secretary of the Washington every family's yearly bill for ERIE, Oct. 30.

A verdict in Executive Committee, 711 Highland favor of the city of Erie was render Building, Pittsburg Pa. Each 50 cent bottle (Mr. McKee tf; NEW rKJRKRTF.n TIPS MAKE ed today by the jury in the ejectment case of the city of Erie against the Pennsylvania railroad. As a result ANOTHER AVIATOR sells it for 25c) contains sixty doses of a medicine that is pleasant to take and which can be depended upon to cure the worst case of constipation, FALLS TO DEATH Arrow of the verdict, returned under bind dyspepsia or liver trouble. ing instructions from Judge Paul A.

Benson, the city recovers 116 8-10 acres of land that the municipality (By United Press.) This remedy is not an ordinary MUNICH, Oct. 30. Lieut. Ham- medicine. It is the favorite formula WING COLLARS STRONG WHERE OTHERS ARE WEAK.

2 for 25 cents has been endeavoring to obtain for a number of years. berger of the German army, fell with his bi-plane at the military aviation of a well known physician and has the endorsement of hundreds of physicians of eminence in their profes The result of the suit is a great field here today and was killed. personal victory for Mayor William sion, who prescribe it in all cases of Stern, as this case, which was pending at the time of the election constipation, dyspepsia or liver trouble, knowing from experience that it will make a complete and lasting cure. (Advertisement) last fall, was one of the issues upon which he stood. Mr.

Stern asserting that if elected mayor he would insist that the case be taken up and Salary amis GREENVILLE WOMAN threshed out in the courts, the pre vious Democratic administration. HURLED INTO WELL which had been in power for seven years, having allowed the suit to drag through one term of court after v. Anybody can borrow from $5.00 to $25.00 from nie pro. vided they have steady employment. Rates are reasonable and fair.

If you need a small loan see me and avoid paying excessive rates. No security necessary. PRIVATE LOANS, 207 Lawrence Savings Trust Bldg. another. ENNSYLVANIA OSTRICH GREENVILLE, Oct.

30. Three persons were injured, two of them in an unusual manner, in a runaway accident at Conneaut Lake today. Brinton McCurdy, a farmer, drove into town with his wife and baby, and while he was in a store the horse ran away. Mrs. McCurdy, who FARM IS A SUCCESS Nearly 100 stockholders in the Bloomsburg ostrich farm, who live in SEEJ Rochester, met last night to complete weights 250 pounds, was thrown and precipitated to the bottom of a well plans for a series or pictures, depicting the progress and growth of the into eight feet or water, only par Are You Building a farm, to be shown there this month.

tially conscious, she clung to the sides The Bloomsburg farm is in Pennsyl until rescued. ania and is the only farm in the world where ostriches are raised in a The lines became entangled about the baby, and it was dragged and fcadly hurt. The third victim was an intoxicated man. who was knocked cold climate. The pictures will be Buy a loaf of RIity-Nsce bread; it will be wrapped.

On this wrapper, which is a special waxed paper, the words ity-Nice appears twice. Cut out the letter are two each wrapper. When you have saved twenty "MV that's ten wrappers take them to the Nixon Moving Picture Theatre, turn them into the box office and get an admission ticket Free. educational and are promoted by own ers of the farm. down by the horse.

Avoid Sedative Cough Medicines. BUTLER TO PLAY HERE ON SATURDAY If you want to contribute directly to the occurrence of capillary bron- chitlc and pneumonia use cough medicines that contain codine, morphine, heroin and other sedatives when you have a cough or cold. An expecto If so do not contract for your heater and boiler until you have talked with us in regard to the installation of a regular gas heater. If you heat with hot air or a boiler; if you heat with hot wate or steam, these appliances are built to burn natural gas with economy. ELL WOOD CITY, Oct.

30 Local lovers of football are promised a good game Saturday when the Butler team will arrive here in the afternoon for a game with the Collegians. The latter team is practicing every afternoon for the contest. GOING TO WALES FOR TWO MONTHS rant like Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is what is needed. That cleans out the culture beds or breeding places for the germs of pneumonia and other germ diseases. That is Start today to be the guy that took the out of ity-NIce.

why pneumonia never results from a cold when Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used. It has a world wide reputation for its cures. It contains ELLWOOD CITY, Oct .30 William no morphine or other Bedative. For sale by all dealers. (Advertise If your grocer doesn't keep Rlity-Nice let us know and we will tell you where you can get it.

M-m-m-m-m-m, but Polity-Nice is good. MAHONING VALLEY BREAD -COMPANY EXPERTBAKERS 1 ment). Richards is now in New York and on Saturday expects to leave that port for a visit in Wales, his old home, He will be absent about two months The Manufacturers Light Heat Co. 30 MOUTH MILL STREET Bell Phone 83. Union Phone 83.

and during that time Mrs. Richards The giggling girl Is just as apt to become a lemon as any other when she has been married to a mean Plan, will be the guest of her parents, Mr. I land Mrs. C. Robinson, of Monaca, 1.

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