The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 28, 1891 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1891
Page 1
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I • VOL. XX. ALG-ONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JAN, 28, 1891. No. 17, ILGONA REPUBLICAN I'Ur.l^lMI! !•'!> MVKUV WKI>NKS1>A Y STARR St HALLOCK, Proprietors. JOS. W. HAYS. Editor. Terms of Subscription. Ono nopy, OIK; year, in advance. :5i.r>fi OllO COp'y, Six imii'.tllS. ill adVMllCtt ".") One copy. Lin 1 ' 1 !! months, in jtilvsincin -Id SnhsWlplions (tonlinui! (.ill ordnred stopped and all ;uToar,v.;rs uri! paid, BOOK AMD JOB PRINTING. Tlio cqumim.'nl, o£ the KKi'.iTi'.uoAN Ofllne for Book an (I .lob PrlnMiii: i.s unsurpassed in Mils county. Slcain power, f* 3 /"Ailv(!iMislii:r rail's ir.iulc Known on application. paper Is the ol'iicia.1 paper of Kos- sutli uoiinty and Hie city ol' Algona, The KKI>UJH,ICAN i« in the light for prohibition. find punish tin; parly ullegiance." \vhichhc gives MO KM Q UE R! /v'.S />'/i'0 .If A b'A H M- Eli. What is class legislation? la there any such tiling MS class legislation ns applied to international inific.v If most Kuropiiiui nations have granted subsidies to their steamship lines for carrying J'reight and mails for the purpose of protecting their carrying trade, why has not the I', hi. government Hie same privilege? Has our government, ever granted a sub sidy? If so. what became of it? Was it a steal on the treasury? Who howled it down; and who ness lo IP, foreign The Des Moines Register looks better in its new dress, but there is still room for improvement,. The Oak: City Annual Trade Review is a credit to the publishers and a good advertisement of Keokuk. : "Tanni Jim" gives a picture of an Iowa Farmers' Alliance meeting this week. The Iowa 1'iirmer is not the ignorant clodhopper with liis hair full .of liny seed that he is some times pictured, in the opinion of Mr. Wilson. lie. is a well informed, thinking, intelligent man. our carrying bus-i in preference be- And what, if any lino pay for the Next, fall will see amoral 'question "got into politics" in this state. It will be a question of saloon or no saloon. Prohibition should receive a henry endorsement from every pulpit in Iowa. The church should keep out Of politics if possible, but it •would be reprehensible in the cliristian ministry to stand silently by and sec the saloon inarch back across our borders. The Dubuque Telegraph in controversy. •with the yioux City Journal declares that the McKinley law is probably not the cause of the high comparative prices paid for cereals— svhich everyone will admit — and in the next paragraph candidly ad mils the charge of the Journal that were prices lower, the democratic newspapers would probably attribute the responsibility l<> the tarifi! and the lack of a suiVi cieucy of money. ' The American Investment Company of Emmetsburg, has assets running away up into the millions, and does business in almost every state and territory in the south and west. Col. Ormsby, the dent, of the company, told the editors of the Upper Des Moines Editorial Association that low.l was the very, best state in which the company did business, and that an Iowa farm mortgage at G per cent, would find a ready 'market in the cast while it was hard to rind a sale for others at 7. cause it was cheaper? thina'. did the foreign privilege? "Under these conditions is it any wonder that we have few steamships and little carrying I rude? Is this the way lo make 'our Hag known and respected in all the purts of the world? Would it be class legislation to give the preference to our own ocean freight and mail lines even if we had to pay a little more for the ser vice; or would it be unwise or unpatriotic to do so? •What kind of a legislation is necessary in this country to protect us against either the rubber trust of South America or the tin-plate trust of England, or the discrimination against our pork in Germany, C. W. SAKCIIKT. Now is the opportunity' for the Republican of the country. . If the people arc properly educated there will he a landslide in the right direction in '0:2. Isow is the time for the work of education to begin, the people are i-ti-11 'interested in the tar ill' question and stilj remember the campaign promises of the democratic party. Time is beginning to vindicate the McKiniey bill. Keep the people in formed. Make the next campaign a cam paign of education and the people will vote an educated ballot. Johnson Brigham's address before the tapper De;; Moines Editorial Association at Eminelsburg, lust week, .upon the subject, "Independence within party lines," JL'JIE REACTION. At a late meeting of the American Protective Tariff League the president reviewed the work of the year. The league started out in enthusiastic support of the Me Kinky bill and fought every issue presented by the opponents of the bill.. As.a result of this course about the time of the campaign, the league ''began to find a strong current affecting not only public opinion but the income of the league which steadily declined"—But the tide is already begining to turn. The president said further in his address. I find that the latest sentiment,'evidenced in the correspondence which comes into this ollice is that there .is no reason to doubt that Ih.i; people are becoming more enlightened and more favorable to Protection, although their minds for a. time may be diverted by some more urgent contingency. For instance, the farmers are now diverted by the question of currency, u-so that, it is the engrossing subject which occupies their attention. "I am confident, however, that as time goes) on we shall lind that this question of currency will lose some of its present importance, and the farmers will recognize that it is to Protection they must look for prosperity. The strongest sentiment in the letters which come into tliis office is that we must buckle on our armor and go ahead, and the result can not fail to be. satisfactory to us. "During the course of the year, in meeting the various questions that have come up, we have issued special docu ments from time to time; one of which wns called "Export Discounts," sent out to meet the assertions that were circulat ed in all the agricultural and weekly papers to the e.l'iieet that the fanners in this country were obliged to pay more than foreign fariiicn for agricultural implements. The argument made in this oflice to discredit that statement was successful, and was published in full in the Congressional Record as part of a speech of Major McKinley on that subject. "If the later assertions made against the McKinley bill could have been treated in the same way, we believe that the elections would have been other than they were. But with the adroitness that the'enemy has shown all along, they waited until the election was upon us and then began their crusade, when they knew we would have but little or no time to refute their statements. Tlieir assert shot and killed by a tramp last, Wednesday morning, at Long Point, the first station east of Tain a. ^Spain lias accepted the proposal of the United States to negotiate a treaty of reciprocity with Cuba. The Eleventh annual convention of the Fanners alliance is in progress at Omaha behind closed doors. A western genius has invented a machine for the manufacture of binding twine from slough grass. Boswcll, the cattle thief, bus been sentenced to (lie penitentiary for a period of three years and six months. Officers at Tama now believe beyond a doubt that they hnve the murderer of conductor O'Neill under arrest, Rhellroek has been having a big revival. 240 conversions and 150 persons joining the church on one Sabbath day. The prohibitionists at Ynnkton, Dakota, have iiiMiigiiratefl a war upon the saloon and all kindred institutions. Both the Elections Rill and Clot lire Resolution were sidetracked in the Senate Monday by a vote of !35 to 84. The Freedmans' Aid Society of the M. E. church, organi/.ed just, twenty live years ago, is holding a jubilee at Cincinnati. The loss lo the electric companies-in Ne-w York from the recent storm, will, amount to more than one half million dollars. The 21st Annual State Convention of the Young Men's Christian Association will bo held in Burlington Feb. 18 to 22 inclusive. A train loaded with the Seventh Cav- alroy collided near Irvine, Kansas, Monday _ night with another train. Several soldiers were injured. The latter is fast black, and. not a lady in the county but what knows she can't 'Buy any of the above less $: was so lull ol'good ideas and so entirely in accord with the views of the RuvuiiLi- CAK that but I'.'! 1 lack of space we should be glad to publish it entire. • The address hit hard at the 1 so called independent newspaper.-;, and ought to be tiled away for reference by certain editors who took a questionable p;.rt in the late campaign. We will notice a few of . the leading thoughts in the address. "In our social economy there is an infinitely more important fact and factor independence of the individual, aud that is the interdependence of all." ' Those who would carry their dreams of the emancipation of the party press into operation will wake up to liud society adjusted lo "correlation, interdependence, reciprocity uud not to individualism and consequent isolation." There is .ample scope for independence inside party lines, while independence outside of party lines, upuii the part ol the political newspapers is marked by "isolation and 'serious loss of force." The enslavement Of the party press U) the fetich aud tyranny of party, exists solely i» the heated imagination of the reveler m independence, aud the 'tyranical party boss', is, so i'^r as your experience aud mine is concerned, tinian of straw set up for the satisfaction found in kicking him over." "There is nothing iu the idenlilieation of a newspaper with one of the great part its of the country which stops the utterance djf u single stricture upon dishonesty . in high places or u bingle demand for measures needed. Iu fact, oue of the important duties of a journalist within putty lines is'V> tone up ] weaken, ion that the McKinley bill augmented the cost, of living had a great influence, and I think no other reason can be given for the result, of the November elections. Now the country is becoming aware of the falseness of'this statement, and that we and our friends have presented the honest side of the question. It will result in popular confidence in us, aud a reversal of the recent vote. Miss Grace Gridlcy, of Am boy, Illinois, hns just awakened from a nine month's sleep. Her ease, bus excited considerable interest among the medical fraternity. Some of the democratic legislatures have pnssed resolutions to the effect that if the Force, bill is passed no appropriation will b<; made for the World's Fair. The deadlock of the election nf senator still con lines in the Illinois legislature. The vote has stood 101 for Palmer on joint ballot, 100 for Oglcsby rind 8 for Slre.eter, the Farmers' Alliance candidate. Gen Millos left Pine Ilidge Monday for Chicago, tnkinir with him <10 Indians who«will go on to Washington to seethe president. • A. sufficient force of troops bus been left :it Pine Ilidge to bundle the Indians. An immense avalanche of snow fell last Friday from the cliff on the plains of Abraham into Cliamplain street in the city of Quebec In 1889 an avalanche occurred in the same vicinity causing tho death of 52 people. Aguin the Republican Renalors hiive been outwitted, Senator Stanford was absent and not paired when bis vote would have saved the, party. Both the Elections Bill and Clotnre Resolution were displaced Monday on motion of Sen 'fitor WnlcoU. One Joseph Kohn ,1 Dubnqtie Jew has appealed to the authorities for protection to bis brethern who have sworn to kill him. His offense ngiiinst the tribe is that lie told the truth recently on the witness stand in n, case involving the interests of other Jews in the city. Nc'.v York was visited by a storm Saturday nipht whose work of devastation was the ffroatest since the memorable bliz zard of 1888. The lines of the Western Union Telegraph company were badly damaged by tho storm and until one o'clock Monday New York was without telegraphic communications with the rest of the world. A lMus!!!i.;.y« To Jioii-s. Atlantic Messenger: Tl. S. Thompson says that the tenant on his farm can give Governor Boies n, few points that may knook out one or two of his pet theories. The tenant paid a grain rent of two-fifths last year, and (iftor settling up hud grain to the amount of over $000. He had lived, paid his expenses, and this was his net balance. The renter came to Cass county three years ago §000 in debt. Ho has been on Mr. Thompson's farm during that time, and has not only paid off his indebtedness, but has also made ft good payment on a 120 acre farm which he has bought. At the same time we will continue to give the same prices on That we did last week. We have about twelve Plush Cloaks left at real bargains. A 'few of those fleece-lined gloves left at 10 cents. Can give you some bargains in Children's wool hose at 10 cents and 15 cents. Q Tlio Tjivv/ Is No Good. Tho Oliio law which demands all executions be conducted in prison and between midnight and chiylifjnt v/as intended to suppress newspaper part-ictv lars; but in this it is a, grand failure. Full particulars aro always to be obtained by ti hustler. If there can be any cruelty in hanging a murderer ifc is certainly cruel to ronso him up at midnight to walk to hi n death.—Detroit Free Press. The Penobscot river, tho largest in Maine, drains 7,400 square miles, a region as largo as tho state of Massachusetts. From Old Town to Bangc-r, a distance of twelve miles, tho river falls more than ninety feet, giving several of the finest water powers in tho world. A np "^^ J"i. JL "^^ BRIEFS. The late Samuel J. Randall was in public life for a lony period of years. With largo opportunities for amassing a fortune, ifc appears that the total value of hi:; estate r.nionnted to about §5,000, consi:.-,; in;j entirely of personal effects. The curator of the Brooklyn institute told a reporter tliat one beautiful butterfly in the collection of tho institute is vnlvu'd at $1,000, that Bran having recently boon paid for n duplicate. We will sell Remnants of all kinds ' of Goods at a Sibley is enforcing prohibition. Tho Senate will soon consider the copyright bill. The new air ship will soon begin a trial at Chicago. The House passed the Naval appropriation bill Monday. yilas will go to the senate from Wisconsin in the place of Bporuer. Independence, Iowa, is to have a system of electric street railways. A. general strike at the Union Stock Yards iu Chicago is imminent. The next State Encampment of the G. A. Ii. will be held at Dubuquo April 14, 15 and 1(5. Tlie first spade full of earth taken out for the exposition work at Chicago was dug yesterday. Harris A. Srniler, the, New York wife murderer, was sentenced to suffer death by electricity. Frank Hull a Viuton Original Package man lias been taxed $1200 and cost, for the benefit of the city. The police think they have a clue to Organs. ,..„•,„.,,.., , L. Leasing bus several styl\" ; 1 ; organs which he will sell at low'lijfJres. Also i-'ewing machines on good terms and cheap. « 47-tf ;.'<W,r>' Family .Hrdicinct;. These medicines are daily gaining greater popularity, and the steadily increasing demand for them can only be accounted for by their true merit. They arc prepared with the utmost care,ami each medicine is put up for a particular disease. Every bottle is guaranteed to do all tjiat is claimed for it on the label,so that no one who buys a bottle of Beggs' Family Medicines can be de disappointed. Sold by F. W- Dingley. 10 28 Our friends should give De Witt's cough and consumption cure a trial. No disappointment follows the use of tbis reliable medicine, and it merits the praise received from all who use it.. Sold by Sheetz. Remnants cheap, at Galbrailh's. the firebug who tried to destroy Coving tpju, Nebraska, recently. A-diulnistnvtoir's Notice. l j ublie notice i_s hereby glvon that the undersigned has HUM day been appointed and commissioned by the District Couyt. of Kussuth county, in the statu ol Iowa, administratrix of the estate-ot Smith JI Carlisle, deceased; and all persons havius chums against said estate lira hereby notified to lile them with the clerk of said court, clearly stated uud duly sworn to, and \vitliiu legal timo, preparatory to their be' .,u? aho\\od or proved ; and a'l persons owing said e^Lato are leque.sted to make immediate payment to the undersigned, aud avoid costs. O'Neill, a freight cooduetor on Jg%%*W***>™imm*V« *»- Original Notice. STATIC OP IOWA, i K oss nth County. ( J)istrict Court, March, i;-ui, Term. . \Vo1coit I!. Pratt Aua'mst The American KmiBrant Company. To said Defendant : You HIV hereby notiUed that there, is now on ill 11 a petition of the. plaiutilt in the above entitled arlion in the oi'iice of thu clerk ot said court, oliitmiiiK that ho is tho sole and absolute owner in fee simple of the. south halt pi the. southeast quarter of section No. two (•_') 111 township ninety-six (9U) north of range ISO. twi'iitv-eUht (as) west o£ the r.tli P. M., Iowa, and asking said eourr. for a decree conlirmin;; said title in him, the plaintilV, and barnui': defendant from eviu 1 setting up any claim or title thereto. And unless you appear thereto aud dttend on or before noon of the lirsi; day of the next March term of .said District Court, to be liei'im and ho'dim at the court house in Aluouu iii said county, on tho ami day ol March. is»l. default will bo Call and look them over and get a big bargain before the best bargains are all gone. ered against you and judjjnvJiit rendered theieoii. 17-si J. B.JONKS, Pills Atty. Commissioner's Sale. liv virtue of an order of sale directed to the commissioners, from the Heritor the Disii-ii't Court of Kosswli county, Iowa, oil a lud"iiieiit obtained in said court on Ike tutu dav of December, isao, iu lavor ot .Solon 1 mi- brick ai plaintiff, and against Half M. (iastiii as defendant. lor the partition of the real estate named and described iu plaiulilt s petition, -we will on the 2lst day of l<Ybniary. 1KH. otter for sale to the highest bidder the iollowuiK described real es-ate, to- wit: The northeast ornater ol .section No. thirty-four CM) HI township ninety-nine (!M) north of raijifo No. thirty (30) west of the Dth P. M., Iowa, 'terms of sale are cash. Said sale to 'take place in trout of the court house tioor m Algona at the hour 01 two o'clock p. m.. where aud when due attendance- \vill ue (,'iveu by the undersigned. Dated Algoua, Iowa, January 15, iww. ( \V. i-. •JUfc»Jj\N. Commissioners.-. 0. K. PALMEK. 17-16 ( E. 11. CLAKKE. Oau be made iu e months Xuuisou's Atlus- Clxtu-ts uud Wwll particulars free. [ j Buy where yoiar Dollar goes th© farthest. 1 dozen clothes pins for One package 5 cent yeast for.. One package soda (strictly pure) One package Dixon stove polish One box axle greose Oue box Lewis lye 01 03 05 05 OG 10 bars good laundry soap (1 box).. 20 Ibs. choice butter crackers (1 box) 20 Ibs. Crystal rice (try it) 12 Ibs. California dried grapes 13 Ibs. choice raisins ...... A good lantern for only 90 1 00 1 00 1 00 1 00 We sell other goods in proportion to the above. We ara agents for BOCK SALT for stock. FARM LOANS. We can now wake loans on Improved Lands from oue to ten year's timo and give the liurrower the prU'Hcso of paying tho whole loan or anv part thereof iu even $100 at any timo wUeu Interest tails due. This is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of waking a loan will unable Uiw borrower to re- ctuee liis mortgage at any timo aud save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once ou perfect title. Call wi or address, H. UOXIK, Algoua, Iowa, At Lowest Kates and optional payments. Interest payable at our oflice. If ycm want a l<4a call OB us. Wi

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