Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on October 23, 1908 · Page 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 7

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 23, 1908
Page 7
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OCTOBER 23, .1908,', '"' f": .FRIDAY; EVENING, - OAKLAND .-TRIBUNE. 7 ociEm IMP The engagement Is announced of 1 halnty, winsome ; Gladys Church, to DUver "Watson" Fletter,. Miss Church Is the. daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Rod i JW, Churclvlwhose home Is on Falrvlew avenue, near Oakland avenue. She Is a very attractive- and talented girl, "Quite musical, playing and singing with finish. " - V : Fletter is the son of the late F. J. Fletter, of the -well-known- Alameda family of that name.. He is a University man and a prominent member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. The fweddlng will be an vent of the early Spring. Miss Church returned recently from an extended visit in the north-lern eitles,-, where she was the inspiration for much entertaining. The days prior to her wedding, will undoubtedly be occupied -with pleasures planned in ber honor. rJ 'St St ; GOLDEN WEDDING. On "Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hovey entertained at a dinner land reception given In honor of the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. tod Mrs. Elbrldge Hovey. parents of iCharles Hovey. The -affair was a J complete surprise .to the complimented icouple. A dinner was first served at 'which only the members of the family iwere present. . In . the evening about (fifty of the church friends of the esteemed couple called to offer their congratulations. During the evening ja musical program was given by Mrs. JElbrldge Smith, Mrs. Gerald Hughes, Miss Gladys Kemp, Miss Marlon Hovey and Carl Anderson. , ( ' The drawing and dining rooms were yttractlvely decorated -with masses of yellow chrysanthemums and ferns. Many gifts -were . received, among Jwhlch was a purse of gold coins from nieces and nephews in Chicago and Ulso from relatives In Los Angeles. St St St PUPIL'S RECITAL. Kenneth Fox, a talented Oakland Hlgh school boy, who 'has done good work as a violin student under the direction of Alexander Stewart of the Stewart Violin School, will give a program on Saturday evening, October 24. t The muslcale will be given in the Tecltal hall of the school In the Maple hall building. Fourteenth and Webster streets, admission being by Invitation. Students of the violin or other people Interested in the violin may obtain -in vitations upon application at the office of the school. - , , The violin selections of the program .will 4e supplemented by vocal numbers ty Miss Jessie Murray, mezzo-soprano, pupil of Mrs. Carroll-Nicholson, and by i piano numbers by Miss Eugenia .Vaughan, of Alameda, a pupil of Miss Elisabeth Westgate. aC " . ; J j PRETTY LUNCHEON. ! . Miss Alma Hollenbeck' entertained . seven close friends at a beautifully ap- pointed luncheon at her home In ; East Oakland ' on "Wednesday,- Miss Hollen-beck is one of Oakland's prettiest girls, who has the most gracious manner: .The occasion on "Wednesday was per-f etlv , annotated, the - -" color scheme being of white and gold. Dainty oval hand-painted 'place , cards with sprays of lilies of the valley tied with yd-V - I low ribbon were at each "plate. -A .'large' centerpiece, of yellow chrysah-,'themums completed : the' decorations. Covers were laid for . Miss Edith Nichols., Miss Bessie Grant, Miss Amy Ochs. Miss Marlon Hovey, MIsa Bertha Ochs, Miss Ramona Radcllffe, Miss Gladys Kent, Mrs. Jackson and the hostess. . " . 'St Vjl" 'St ' " ;,. RECEPTION AND TEA. Miss Ethel Am weg has. Issued cards for an elaborate tea to compliment . II I lll'li nr m : yLd I ' . COTTOLENE is a'pure and wholesome frying and shortening -medium, made from refined cottonseed oil. There is not an ounce of hog fat in it to make food unwholesome, greasy and indigestible. As evidence of its superiority, COTTOLENE received Grand I Prize (highest possible award) at the Louisiana Purchase Exposi- V ' MRS. DAN BELDEN ENTERTAINED ,: AFTERNOON. ; AT BRIDGE ' Y MISS RAMONA RADCLIFFE, Who Will Assist at the Boys' Brigade Entertainment. Miss Clarissa Lyons, one of the season's brides-to-r be. The affair is to be. given on Wednesday, ; November 4, at the Amweg home in San Francisco. Miss Amweg will be assisted In receiving her guests by Mrs. Clarence Monroe Reed, Mrs. Thomas . Kurtz, Mrs. Harold Law. Mrs. Frederick Stott, Miss Marion Lally, Miss Helen Wilson, Miss Elsie Schultz. . ' The date announced for the wedding of Miss Lyon and Alexander Bretevllle la November 12. ' Jt St St TO SOUTHERN HOME. Mr. and Mrs." Lon K. Wisehart left on the Owl Wednesday evening for their home in Los Angeles. A party of friends went down to Sixteenth street to bid them farewell. The marriage of Mrs. Lillian Zahn and the young attorney was an event of September 30. They have been spending the last ten days In Oakland where they have been the Inspiration for several smart affairs.- MrsW. W. Whitman, mother of the bride, was hostess at a prettily appointed dinner at the Hotel St. Mark on Monday evening, which was followed by a thea ter party. 'St . 'St TSt LITTLE SON ARRIVES. ' . Mr. and Mrs: Harry D. Bishop are receiving the congratulations of their numerous friends upon the' arrival of a dear little baby boy in their household yesterday s morning ,,,,.. .. j : Although not formally christened, the little lad will probably receive the name of 'Harry Dalton Bishop Jr. : Mrs. Bishop is at the East "Bay: Sanitorium and she and her little son are both doing well. ' The ' little fellow 'is a r.obust chap and is said to be the Image of his father The Bishop family are located at the Key. Route Hotel for the winter. ',' 'St 'St . Jl ' . .. , LUNCHEON FOR BRIDEtELECT. 7 Miss Elinor Parker entertained at luncheonyesterday at the home of her aunt, Mrs. E. A. Heron... The affair was given to compliment Miss Geral-dlne Baggs, whose engagement to Ker-mon Robson was a recent announce The Swine or Oh met I saw a huge and loathsome styy Wherein a drove of wallowing swine were barred, Whose banquet showed the nostril and the eye; Then spoke a voice, "Behold the source of LARDl" I fled, and saw a field that seemed at first . ; ; ' , One glistening mass of roses pure and white, . With dewy buds 'mid dark green foliage nursed; And as I lingered o'er the lovely sight, , The summer breeze that cooled that Southern scene, Whispered, "Behold the source of COTTOI-ENEP "Nature's Gift from Made only by THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, Chicagcv ENGAGEMENT.; ANNOUNCED OF PRETTY LI N DA VISTA GIRL ment. The guest list Included Mrs. Lawrence Draper, Mrs. S. K. Colby, Mrs. Traylor Bell, Mrs. Geprge Chase, Miss Gladys Wlckson, Mfss Marlon Walsh, Miss Clarissa Lohse, Miss Katherine Brown, Miss Anna Poston, Miss Taylor. . 1 'jj CARDS THE DIVERSION. Mrs. George H. Kelley entertained yesterday afternoon in honor of her young slsVr-ln-law. Miss Muriel Kel ley, whose engagement was a recent announcement. Bridge and 500 formed the afternoon's diversion, after which a dainty supper was served.. 'Among the guests were Mrs. Hiram Hall, Mrs. Arthur Crist, Miss Chellie Sharpe, Miss Edna Orr, Miss Margery Coogan, Miss Evelyn Hussey, - Miss Marlon Lally, Miss Helen Dornin, Miss Kate McElrath,' Miss Ann McElrath. DINNER HOSTES8. Mrs. Maxwell Taft entertained at a dinner last evening, which was given In honor of Miss Chrls3ie Taft and Miss Edith Seltoy, who are leaving for New Tork next Wednesday. Covers were laid for Miss Taft, Mr. and Mrs Charles T. Hutchinson, Miss Edith Selby, Miss Elsie; MarwedeL Victor Henderson, Amsley Sals, J. W. Bryan of San Francisco, and Mr. and Mrs, Taft. . J t RETURNED FROM OUTINQ. . .Mlss Gertrude Russell has returned from a pleasant outing spent at Colorado Springs and vicinity. She was with her sister, Mme. Barry, and a party of eastern f riends. The time was devoted to hunting' and other out of door sports. It was expected that Mme. Barry would return with her sister, but her engagements prevented and she went directly to her New York home. J 'J - , LUNCHEON FOR BRIDE. Miss Carmelita Theobald has issued Invitations for a luncheon to be given next Thursday, . October 2$, when the complimented guest, will be Mrs. Lawrence Knight. Mrs. Knight will be remembered as Miss Marlon Speddy, the Flower? the Sunny South" iion; and Gold Medals (also representing highest awards ia each case) at the Charleston Exposition, the Paris Exposition, and the Chicago World's Fair. In fact, in every case where COTTOLENE has been exhibited in competition with other", cooking fats, it has invariably been "'granted the highest award. BIG BENEFIT FOR Judge T. I; Lennon Delivers Address of Welcome to Large Throng (SDeclal to The Tribune,) ' SAN FRANCISCO. - Oct. 23. Approximately I0OO persons filled Dreamland Pavilion to overflowing last, evening to witness the grand benefit arranged by the Alumni Association in behalf of the building fund of St. Mary's College gymnasium, and the excellent program arranged by the committee was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience, .who repeatedly applauded the numbers as they were rendered. Hon.' Thomas J. Lecnon,, president of the Alumni Association, opened the program with a speech of welcome, . in whlch he thanked the numerous friends of St. Mary's College for their, attendance and their loyalty to the. Institution which is now in its forty-fourth year. .- EXTENDS WELCOME. "While I am pleased beyond expression," said ' Judge Lennon,. in '. part, "with the compliment conferred on me In ' selecting me to make thlp address. I cannot refrain from saying that I - am honored overmuch because, as I gazd whose wedding was a pretty event of a month ago. . 44 0 & MUSICAL AFTERNOON. The Catholic Ladles' Aid Society, No. 27, will, give a tea on Tuesday after-. noon, October 27, at their hall on East Fourteenth street. A musical pro gram will be given and Mrs. Hugh Ho- gan, a. former president,-will give a travel talk on Europe. Mrs. John -F. Hanlon Is the president- of - the so ciety. J JX TO ENTERTAIN EASTERN GUE8TS. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Heron are ex pecting Mrs. L. Holden Parker and her daughter, Miss Carolyn, to arrive shortly from the East. It Is expected that they will remain In California for the winter. - 0 Ol 3 OUTING IN MILL VALLEY. Miss Eliza M'cMullen has been en- Joying an outing i Mlll "Valley, where she has been the guest of friends. Mrs. William Hinckley will entertain the young lady for the week-end. $fi 3&. WINTER HOME. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mendenhall will spend the winter in San Francisco, where they have taken apartments at the Charlemagne. Mrs. Mendenhall entertains frequently and will . Be greatly missed among the social set this winter. S PERSONALS. . E. R. Sturteyant is in Grass Valley. Mr. and Mrs. H. Mellbln are stopping at Wilbur Springs. G. A. Mau was a guest in Martinez last week. Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Buzzell have returned from a visit in Winters'. George C. Codding Is in San Luis Obispo, where he is registered at the St. James. Mr, and Mrs. S. H. Deck have returned from a visit to Kelseyvllle. P. W. Fowler Is making a visit in Pacific Grove. Miss Alice Bartlett is visiting her mother at Isbel Grove, near Santa Cruz. 1 A. I Harlow and wife spent the week-end at Toulomne, where Mr. Harlow has mining Interests. Mr. and Mrs. William Wllkle are visiting Mr. and Mrs. David Frost in Wllllts. W. P. Stewart was In Flacervllle last week. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Clark are visiting relatives In Dallas, Texas. Mrs. George Jessen has returned from a visit to her parents in Sacramento. j R. McLaughlin was in Sacramento last week. E. R. Sturtevant, J. Dawson and William H. Brown were registered In Reno last week. - i n 13 ST. MARY'S - GREAT SUCCESS around this audience ! see many of the boys, many of the good old boys, who are far better qualified' to speak than I. There is Charlie Heggerty, with- his bright eye and - smooth : tongue, who might better talk to you. There is Garrett McEnemey with his great brain and personality, who, if he were brougnt up here on the platform, would not fail to add weight and magnitude to t the occasion. Then there is Barney Flood, who would -not fall to lnjusftsaefm and vigor into the program. Lastly I have in mind a man dear to the old boys, the real old boys, one who would add tone ' to the entire program; a magnificent big-hearted man. I refer to Frank. J. Mur-asky. TALKS OF OLD DAYS. "Wouldn't it be a line thing If we could get these and the many other old boys whose names I have not mentioned up here on the platform and make them speak and recite the pieces of the old days? What a grand good thing ;it would be if the whole big bunch would render the speeclvftof Spariecus to the Gladiators. "St. Mary's College, as an Institution of learning, is now In the forty-fourth year of its existence. Forty-four years, amounts to little In the world's history, but it marks an epoch in the history of the college. In that time St. Mary's has turned out .hundreds of good men who hive made their mark in every walk of life. ."I had, prepared a little statement as to the whys and wherefores of this en tertainment and submitted it to my friend Joe Coffey to revise and add to and give back, to me again. He didn't do it. but printed It In the program, so I must refer you to page 7 of the first section. FRIENDS ARE MANY. "Now on behalf of the alumni and the Christian brothers I want to thank you all. St. Mary's College, I see, still has many friends in San Francisco whom I hope will always be at the call of the old Bchool and bid her hall and wish her Godspeed dowu. the pathway of time." Among the features of the program that were most enjoyed were two Irish songs by Arthur Cunningham of tae Princess Theater ;a whistling solo by Miss Gertrude Judd; the work of the great Lester, ventriloquist from the Empire Theater; the comedy work of the Trans-Atlantic Four from the National Theater; and the funny Jokes of Miss Belle Will-: lams, the clever entertained and parody singer. The committee of arrangements report the affair a thorough financial success. . 1 DIRECT IS y Speakers Address Men's League in Eighth-Avenue , Methodist Church, . Direct primary legislation was the subject discussed last night at a meeting of the Men's League held In the Kighth avenue Methodist Episcopal Church. Geo. F. Witter acted as' chairman of the evening. George Van Smith, secretary of the direct primary league of California, was the first speaker of the evening. He declared that the direct primary law would open the Uoor to political freedom and destroy parties and bosses. "Local Option" was the subject of Dr. W. M. Burke, After giving a history of the temperance movement he indorsed A. A. Leonard of Frultvtfie for the Fifty-flret Assembly. Leonard expressed his views on the Initiative, Referendum and Recall. Rev. Mr. Leon L. Loofbourrow and Rev. Mr. San borne also participated in the meeting. HARBOR LEAGUE TO HOLD BIG MEETING An Important meeting of the executive committee of the Harbor League has been called for Saturday, Oct. 24, at 3 p. m. at 1016 Broadway to consider the OTimir' hotvran the citv and the Southern Pacific and Western Pacific. nf th mmmlttM Will be presented to the city council on Monday nignt, uctoDer o. RECALLS LOST POWER. a a nt tjtj atcptsoT). Oct. 23. In the wit ness chair of the United States Circuit Court former Mayor Eugene E. Schmits yesterday recalled the days of the great i i t A. .M 1,1a nre, wmcn was ai mo ueigui vi m anA tnA 9wi he called together tn now historic Committee of Fifty on the morning of April 18, 1906. Bchmitz was summonea as a witness n h. a.iit nf tha Ci. H. Hammond Com pany of Chicago against the San Fran cisco Red cjross itenei uommmiw vo recover ?6352 for two carloads of canned meat. . ; COLLEGE DEBATERS CHOSEN. cTAWimun TTMTVTCRKTTY. Oct. 23. The freshman debating team will be composed or Al. K. unmes or san jose. H. R, Person of Redlands and N. C. Walson of Oakland. R. S. Worthlngtort ii.nsiii vHll prvft as alternate. The sophomore team is as follows: F. -,H. Hilton or peruana, m. j. nupims San Jose and R. J. Miller of Hanford. F. Hill of San Jose will serve as alternate. : , GUESTS NOW AT OAKLAND HOTELS Tk. &h.n T orV TJnnima.n. Los An geles; T. S. Gilmer and wife, Tulare; W. C. Ewing, l.nncmn.; o. c rrireii., T Anomba." Mrli Tlrtlittt. T jOS An valaa T W - TTr TT1 1" . - MfdTIOtld 1 M. F. Terry and wife, New York; H. L. Beach and wife, ' New' York; :E. J. Balrd and wife, iiaitimore. - Adams Hotel HI Burrows and wife, Chicago; G. Anderson, San "Francisco; M.. Vt T.oHmflr I3nn liVnnrlsOi XI. Ash ley, Sacramento; H. Morgan and wife, Fresno; Miss uunuara,- tum. r rancw. I. sengan. Ban j?Tancisco; jr. utga.i, row York; Mrs-N. Lighti. New' York ; A.-T. TBnrat ruiiiniRi i Mra. -T H Rocers. Los Angeles; William Gavin, Seattle; C ri. mcnarason, oajtianu. a. iu. x-icp-ton, New York; Jamess F. Borden, Phoe- nlr flfv !At1ra CL ROWML NfW York! Autonia Stross. New York; Felia Robinson, New York. ' Hotel CrellW Karl ti. vesper, oan Francisco; James . Goldman, Merced; E. Reynolds, JSanta osa; ta. ru neynoiuo, Santa Rnu' W. R HfM and Wife. St. Helena; S. SternbuTg. New York; W. Harvie ana wire, Bacramemoi Lewis. Kentfleld; Cnarlea Kyle, Memphis. Tenn.;- A. a. HeiiDrum,. irsasa v,". Kant.; W. C. smrtn, umco. Key Route Hotel M. J. Mitchell, Sac- McCarthy, i Seattle; C. L. McCarthy. Seattle; Spoon Maekay, Loc Angeles; Captain and Mrs. Harding, England; Mrs. W. R. Lodge, Boston; Mrs, L. S.' Eddy, Los Angeles; Mr. ana sirs. w. n.-roiier, San - Rafael; S. Strong, Paciflo Grove; Joliii A. Bunting. Centervllte; A, T. Boist, PR MAR DISCUSSED 3aallnaa GOLD DUST gbes after-dirt with a "big stick" and does all cleaning quicken ; and more thoroughly than; soap or any3" other cleanser) t GOLD DUST is more than soap -does more than soap. Soap merely cleans, GOLD DUST gets under the surface, kills every germ, washes out every impurity and, sterilizes everything it touches. It is a sanitary cleanser and saves ,1 i j :r J.-L- a 1 ut, j .-li.: j. me nousewiie tue iuu ui Other cleansers make you show what you're made of. GOLD DUST shows what it's made of. GOLD DUST makes its own cleansing suds. It does the hard part of the work; you merely assist it Made by THE N. K. Makers of FAIRY WHETHER you buy and wear corsets ; for style or for comfort, there's a Kabo corset for you. You can't be well, dressed if you arc poorly fitted c in corsets. If you want straight hips apd . back the Kabo corset made for thaipurpose will give them to you. Reducing a figure with a corset sounds uncom- . fortable; depends on the HAS THE IAN CALLED to polish your telephone with BRIL LI METAL POLISH? If not he will. After making a thorough trial of . all metal polishes the telephone company has decided that BRILLIAlNTINE was the best. It not only polishes but preserves the metal. The standard polish for 25 years. For sale by all hardware and grocery stores and automobile garages. ' ' " , Manufactured by 1 , SMITH BROS. HARDWARE CO. 1213 Broadway. WIFE'S AFFINITY IS NAMED BY HUSBAND SAN RAFAEL. Oct 23. Divorce proceedings, which, are ald to be the e-auel to the sensational chargea made a year ago by Mrs. William lysher against her husband, a San Anselmo blacksmith, were begun in the Superior Court by Frank T. Duley, a capitalist, against Harriet Duley. - - ; ' In the Deysher divorce suit Mrs. Duley was described aa the soul mate of the recreant husband. In the present proceedings Deysher la playing the same role. He Is mentioned In the complaint as one of the cause which makes It necessary to sever the marital bonds of Duley and hi wife. - The friendship between Mrs. Duley and Deysher dates back several years. It Is alleged that they spend much of their time together, and when they were publicly accused in the Deysher suit, neither appeared to enter -a denial. Duley expects to use much of the evidence given at that trial to make good his charges in the present proceedings. Mrs. Duley is 'xrmch older than her . alleged affinity. It, Is said that-she U a grandmother. ' " WARN E D .TO BE CAREFUL. ' . BIRMINGHAM, Ala.. ' Oct 2S. Judge Samuel Weaver, who has Issued several warrants for alleged prohibition violations, today received a postal card Informing him that a night rider organisation had been formed here and that be was on the list for attention If he was not mors careful. Judge Weaver rays. lis wUI pay no attention to the warning. ru uuiug tuu &uuuum( O TV), i J Wm "IM tto QQLD DVST IWm do your worW FAIRBANK COMPANY SOAP, the oval cake. ' : corset. , You can reduce your figure 3 to 5 inches with this Kabo corset; without discom- ' fort; keeps the figure stylish; Can be adjusted after being put pnT.. v . Kabo Jorir Reducing Corsets. UnbrcakableJ "steels -no brass ' ' eyelets. Guaranteed.1 JJ ' Sizes io to J6. Price I3.00. Ask your dealer.- " ' Kabo, Corset Co. r Chicago v. ' AWTIWE TO MAKE INVESTIGATION. INDIANAPOLIS, Oct 23. A.t the con-ventlon of .the Nagonal Spiritualists' As sociation this afternoon steps were taken '' to put out of business all "fakers and falsa " mediums" who practice their profession" on pretenses of having communication i with spirits. The action takn by the . "Portland, Oregon, association in this t- ' gard was endorsed. . Mediums whose, -character and ability to establish spirit " communication Is beyond reproach are to be exempted from this order. TEA Good: tea and tea are . quite different; bqth grow on the same bush. Teur rroeer returns year raenty if yes dosl Eke SchffliBts Best: e pay him - .1 How to Cure The Drink Habit "We are honestly desirous of ftSJ; Who are addicted to drink, and . you are Interested in any one needing On-lne we invite you to write u. Our correspond ence la confidential and 0Vr.I?pllJT sent in plain sealed envelopes. Orrtne No. X. ts the secret treatment and Np. .. 2. for those who wish the voluntary treatj ment $1 per box. Orrtne Is sold on ar absolute guarantee to effect a cure or money will be - refunded. . The. Orrine . Company. Washington. D. C. The lead- ing druggists endorse Orrinei . , Bold by all druggists. 1 .. . A,

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