The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1891
Page 7
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DOMESTIC CONCERNS. —Mice object, to camphor gum, so It may be sprinkled around their haunts. -Select a knitting basket as a gift for a friend who enjoys knitting. (She will appreciate your thoughtfulness. —No article whatever in the grocery line should bo put away in tho paper bags it, which they came. Macaroni should be placed in a tin box covered. —Take blood st;iins out by saturating the spot..* with kerosene, then wash out with slightly-warm water, Repeat Ihe operation if stains do not oome easily. —Irash on Toast: Tako small bits of cokl meat, one pintof hot water, thicken With two tablespoonfuls of Hour, agood- Bjxed piece of butter, pinch of salt. Turn over toasted broad and serve immediately. —1 Jostcm I hidget. —A late method of quieting the nerves is to press the lingers on each side of the neck below the ear, thus constricting^ the blood-vessels which convey «ieir load to the active brain. Rest the head in an easy position, tie a ligature over the towel only Mght enough to keep it in place, and, go to sleep. —'When any portion of a dress skirt or drapery has been torn or soiled, it can often be successfully covered by changing the arrangement of draperies, or by an ingenious disposition to trimming, in harmony with what is already in use. A rent should always be darned with raveled threads of the material, and well pressed on the wrong side, on several thicknesses of heavy cloth. —To make an eye-glass wiper: Cut two circular pieces of chamois two inch-js and a half in diameter, and buttonhole-stitch the edges with colored silk—pink, blue, purple or brown. Fasten these together at the top with a small cord and tassels, or with a narrow-ribbon bow, which should be sewed together tightly. On one side print the following lines: Tho world win never look Just rlirlit, Unless you keep your [jlussos bright.' —Lemon .Telly: One package of gelatine soaked in two cupfuls of cold water, two and a half cupfuls of sugar, a pinch of salt, juice of four lemons and grated rind of two, three cupfuls of boiling water, half a tcaspoonful of grated nutmeg; soak the gelatine two hours, add the lemon juice, grated peel, sugar and spice; add boiling water, and stir until dissolved; strain through double cheesecloth, pour into the molds, and set aside to cool and harden.—Boston Herald. Almond Cream Cake: One and one- half coffee cups powdered sugar, one- Aty J Cllp of Butter, one cup milk, whites /fc— i<J JUr e ° g ' s ' two and one -half cups .9 - ;', two heaping teaspoons baking I '•*• tfdcr. Cream: One coffee cup milk, * 'nusa.. tablespoonful corn-starch, whites cy as'Avo eggs, one tablespoon sugar, boil thp 5 'Hen cold, put between cake, cover ,-' with blanched almond; flavor the cake with either rose or almond, make the irosting for top with pink sugar and cover with almonds.—Detroit Free Press. vSweet Potato Turnovers: Grate raw sweet potatoes until you have a pint; sweeten and flavor rather highly one quart of sweet milk, set over the fire and when it comes to a boil stir in the grated potato, and allow it to cool slowly until the potatoes arc done, lie move from the stove, and when it ha become cool add two well-beaten eggs The mixture should be more solid thai, custard; if it is not set on the stove anc thicken with a tea spoonful of flou. » smoothed out in cold water. Make a nice pie crust, cut out as for apple turnovers and fill with the sweet potatc mixture; bake in a hot oven, and ea with or without sauce. If you expec. to use sauce, do not make the filling as sweet, and vice versa.—Good House keeping. THE ORIGIN OF PHRASES, "THERE In no love lost between them" occurs in the old ballad of "The Babes in the Wood" and in a tale of the days of Shakespeare entitled "Montchesncy." "BETTEII late than never" was used over three hundred years ago by Thomas Tucker in his "Five Hundred Points ov Good Husbandry." Later on Bunyan used it in his "Pilgrim's Progress." "TirriN-o tho wink," generally regarded as a vulgar phrase, is to be found in a grave historical romance. It occurs in "Valerius, a Roman Story," by John Gibson Lockhart, Sir Walter Scott's son-in-law. "HAUMNO over the coals" dates six or seven centuries back, when feudal barons often used harsh methods of exacting gold frorn the rich Jews by suspending their victims above slow fires until they paid ransom or died. NOT a few of tho phrases in use at this day originated with Lyly and are found in his "Euphues," published in 1580. Among them are: "Caught napping," "brown study," "catching birds by putting salt on their tails," etc, THE term "blue stocking" was originally used in Venice about the year HOO to design ate literary classes by colors. Thc^ application of the term to women originated with Miss Hannah More's description of the "Blue Stocking Grub" in her "15as Bleu." "I ACKNowr.KDGE the corn" originated with a slave in the South. He was charged with stealing corn. Having a sack with him, he was .also charged with stealing that. His reply was: "No, sir;^ I 'knowledge de corn, but I ain't gwine to 'knowledge to de sack." "DISOWNING the miller" originated from the following fact: If the millstream below the mill is dammed or stopped the water is ponded back and the mill becomes "tailed." There is too much water, the mill not work and the miller is said to be "drowned ont." Arc You Going Soutii™ If so, you should look into theaflvantages presented by the Louisville & Nashville R R. tins winter. There are now thrco trains daily to Florida and the Southeast, with through sleepers to Southern cities: from Omcnmati and Louisville through to Jacksonville and Tampa, Ma., without change; from bt. Louis and Evansvillo to Jacksonville without change; from Louisville to Chattanooga and Atlanta without change tor mtonmitiou as to rates, routes, etc write to Georg-o L. Cross, N. W. Pass' Agont, 232 Clark St., Chicago. 111. THE difference between repartee and impudence is tho size of the man who savs it —Elmira Gazette. ''Hop smoke!" exclaimed a fireman, when he saw the church burning.—Boston MEDIOCRITY always copies superiority. Dobbins' Electric Soap, first made in 1865, has been imitated more than any soap made Ask your grocer for Dnhlrim' Electric Soap nil other Electrics, Electricity. Magnetics' etc., are imitations. NEVER was there a wi'f'o so near-sighted that she conid not discover a long hair on her husband's shoulder.—Boston Traveller. A COCGII, COLD, on SORR THROAT should not be neglected. Buovra's BRONCHIAL .LnocHEs arc a simple remedy, and give prompt relief. 25 cts. a box. ' LONG ISLAND DUCK FARMS. Tho Large Revenue Derived from that Industry. Speonk is the greatest duck-raising center on Long Island, if not in the country; the entire shipment will probably have exceeded 40,000 for the season just closed. These ducks are raised for the market, and the Pekin variety seems to be the favorite. The Muscovy is raised, but they do not grow so large or so rapidly, though they are, it is said, a more hardy breed, and this is an important matter, since a great many ducks die when young from cholera, or are chilled by the cold weather. The price generally returned from the New York market is from 75 cents to $1 for each duck. On this basis Speonk has received nearly $40,000 this year from this business alone. The raisers begin to set their eggs hi incubators or under hens about the middle of January, and the first ducks are ready for the New York market about the last of April, and weigh from three to five pounds. They are picked before shipment, and the feathers are scalded and sold at the close of the season, and it is expected that the price of the feathers will pay for the cost of picking 1 . Since the charge for picking is from four to five cents, it is easj' to &eo how much a duck's clothes are worth. The picking is quite an industry, and many of the girls made from S100 to §200 last summer this way.—Brooklyn Times, A Mystery Explained. t Doctor—What you need is more exercise. What business do you follow? Patient—I am a brick-layer. '•Humph! I should think you would get all the exercise you required, but your symptoms indicate that you are of a sedentary disposition." "Well, you see, doctor, I work by the day." "Ah, that explains it."—Texas Sift- —A certain poor Chinaman has had a bad time of it between the United States and Canada. The United States authorities told lain to "clear out," which he did by «:3-o«siuj|- the Niagara bridge to Canada The Canadians would not ad- ; ,iait h.ui into the Dominion unless he paid a toll of fifty dollars, nor would they admit him ug'ain into the United States unless he paid fifty dollars toll at that side. At latest accounts he was fitting on tho bridge.- -H. Y. IT is a false set to when a cracked tenor tries to strike the high C.—N. O. Picuyuue. n r£«n wl« tll1e ,? ide n 0 ?*^ always comes from ^disordered liver and is promptlyrolicved by Carter's Little Liver FM1 3 . Don't forget this A FELLOTV' who had cramps found fault with his physician because ttio latter didn't take pains.—Bhig-hamton Leader. • — No MATTER how deaf a man may bo elsewhere ho can always have a heariii" 1 in court- -Washington Hatchet. THE MARKETS. NEW YOHK, Jan. 10. LIVE STOCK-Cattle .......... 81 35 © 5 50 Sheep ........... - ........... 400 ©575 Hogs ................... ... 340 44405 PLOUR-Fairto Fancy ........ 3 00 © 5 00 Minnesota Patents ......... 4110 <a 5 fiOV WHKAT-No. 3 Red ............ { WJ4 g ? gfo m No- 3 Red ................... 10 o>{(fc jor" CORN-NO. 3... ............... r,oy 4 @ aa/, Ungraded mixed ........... fiH'/iia 00 OATS-Mixed Western. .. 49 ft 54 RYE-Western ............ 7? @ «) POgK-Me.siS, Now ............. H50 ©13 0 0 LAUD— Western Steam ........ o 37W m 0 30 BUTTEK— Western Creamery. 19 © as CHICAGO. BEEVES-Sliippin^Stucrs.... S3 00 Cows ..................... ____ i 35 Stocked ............... '.".." a 0!) Feeder* ..................... 3 50 Butchers' Steers ........... a 40 Bulls ....................... i 50 HOGB-Live ...... -440 SHEEP ............. '.'." V, ...... a S3 BUTTKR-Croamery ...... '...'.' 18 Good to Choice Dairy ia EGGS-Frosh ......... ' '.. " «'« BROOM COKN- ..... Hurl ....................... oi/(^ Self- working ................ X <&. CrooUud .............. I'/iij? POTATOES (per bu.) ..... .'.Y ! .' 75 & ® 5 80 (n -J 75 <&. 2 50 ©i a oo (ft 3 75   3 oo © 3 80 @ 5 00 © H7 P- 20 © W ................... 1.AR1J— Hteiim .................. 5 HO F^OLTU— SpiiiiK Patents ...... 4 r>0 Wiiilo.' Patouts ............. 4 eo BaUei'H .............. ;j 05 GRAIN-Whoat, No. S.. ..'..'..'.' No. a .................. 43 • 5 4 «u 0; ' '. Bye, No .3..... .............. Barley, No. 3 Cash .......... 75 LUMBER- Siding ...................... 1000 Flooring ..................... ad 0 : J Common Boards ........... 13 Oj 5 ftjjl <rr, 4 75 © n 00 «, •> r,(\ 91 70 SO © Lath, Dry '. a SO Shiiiglus $ oa ST. LOUIS. CATTLE—Steers fci oo StocUovs ami feeders 3 ix) HOGS—Fair to Choice Heavy. 3 50 Mixed Grades 3-35 SHEEP 4 4H OMAHA. CATTLE—Prune §3 00 Fuuey 4 40 Fair 10 Good a 7.-) HOGS-- 3 00 -J33 IX) <aa-i oo (rtJlJi f)'J ©15 50 6:c a o:) © a oo © 5 10 <a 3 40 <a 3 ?o @ 3 65 © S 50 (fh 4 55 f(fi 4 05 («i 3 05 CANADIAN NORTH-WEST NOTES, An Important feature in immigration into Manitoba during 1890 was the influx of settlers from Dakota. A number of these were Canadians who had become discouraged by a succession of poor crops and decided to return to their own country. Settlers from Dakota drive across the international boundary into tho Canadian Northwest, all along the frontier, being anxious to shore in the prosperity of what appears to be a marvelously productive country. 1 Quite a number of families will move from Ontario to Grenfell, and other points in Eastern Assiniboia early in the spring. Since September last twenty-seven families have left Michigan and secured new homes in Manitoba and the Canadian Northwest. A short time ago a caravan of five wagons bearing the families and household effects of a number of French settlers passed through Morden, Manitoba, on their way to new homes near Carman, Manitoba. These settlers had driven all the way frorn Kansas. Mr. P. Burnett, of Craiglca, Manitoba, lately sold 300 acres of land to two Canadians who eight years ago emigrated to Dakota, but who have now decided to locate in Manitoba, being satisfied that the Canadian country offers the best chances. Every indication points to an immensely increased settlement in the Canadian Northwest next season. The manifold advantages of the country are now better understood and practical farmers and others anxious to better their conditions in life are turning to the Canadian Northwest. PROFANE history has pages added to it at tho putting up of every stove.—Hutchinson News. _ REAI> carefully what is said in next week's issue ot this paper by J. C. Shipley, of Mus- catme, lovvii, about Bhallenberger's Antidote for Malaria. If you are a sufferer it may be oi interest to you NEXT to malting a mistake yourself the easiest thing is to criticise the mistakes of other people.—Somcrvillo Journal. WHY don't you try Carter's Little Liver rills i JLliey are a positive cure for sick headache, and all the ills produced by disordered liver. Only one pill a dose. Can't Be Cnrcrt py local application*, as they can not reach tne diseased portion of tho ear. There is only ono wny to care Deafaess, and that is constitutional remedies. Deafness is 7- ' y an '""amed condition of tho mu- t .""* of , tho E «stachian Tube. When JO F ct9 in named you have a rumbling i , m l'°;' f ? ct hearing, nnd when it is i? lo ?°?i 1)uafnC89 & «»8 l -^«lt, and lio inilatnniation crvn be taken out and this tubo restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever: whlPliT. 0 " °^- ° f ^ n aro (;a " sod b ^ cat-arrh which )S nothing but an inflamed condition Of tno mucous surfaces. « a ^'V il i, R ' i ^ <!0 ' loHundrC(1 ^lla" for any casei ol DcsarnoBB (caused by Catarrh) that rnro Bn 2 ot , C F° !»' takl "B Ball's Catarrh cure, feoud lor circulars, free H«I,I K l t( J - c ."™'-'v & Co., Toledo, O. Bold by Druggists, 7Y>c. lf f U V f ., to death for Loader. is ono before that a man is ho settles.- Confirmed. The favorable impression produced on the nrst appearance of tho ngrceabio liquid fruit remedy B.yrup of Figs a few years ago hao been more than confirmed by the pleas- nnt experience of all who have used it, and the success of the proprietors and manufacturers the California Mg Syrup Company. A rort:i,,vu air with the ladies—"Sweet buy and Iniy."-R am ' 8 Horn Rheumatism. N. Ogdon, Mich., May 17,1890. "A half bottlo Of your invaluable medicine, St. Jacobs Od, cured mo of rheumatism and rheumatic swelling of the knee. Itisthebestla the universe." J. II. L. PORTER. Neuralgia. Ilagerstown, Md., April 21,1890. "I, and others of my family, have used £t. Jacobs Oil for neuralgia and found it a speedy, eflectiva cure." MKS. AQNES KELLET. IT HAS NO EQUAL. TUB cake-baker never gives away.—Scranton Truth. a soft snap THE Grip of Pneumonia may be warded off with Halo's Honey of Horehound and Tar Pike's Toothache Drops Cur/) in one minute. NOWADAYS a bird on the bonnet is worth a dozen in the bush.—Baltimore American. A GUOCEHY clerk puts clown an order, and then he puts it up.—Yoiikers Statesman. ELECTRICIANS do not do a cash business All their batteries are charged. Ho-sv to get ahead of your own shadow- lace the light—Puck. BEST, easiest to use and cheapest. Piso's Remedy for Catarrh. By druggists. 25c. is issue of §1,000 Treasury notes called the edition de luxe. Here is something from Mr. Frank A. Hale, proprietor of the De Witt House, Lewistpn, and the Tontine Hotel, Brunswick, Me. Hotel men meet the world as it comes and goes, and are not slow in sizing people and things up for what they are worth. He says that he has lost a father and several brothers and sisters from Pulmonary Consumption, and is himself frequently troubled with colds, and he Hereditary often coughs enough to make him sick at Consumption^stomach. Whenever he has taken a cold of this kind he uses Boschee's German Syrup, and it cures him every time. Here is a man who knows the full danger of lung troubles, and would therefore be most particular as to the medicine he used. What is his opinion ? Listen! "I use nothing but Boschee's German Syrup, and have advised, I presume, more than a hundred different persons to take it. They agree with me that it is the best cough syrup in the market." © xi' Else Will Do It. We have volumes of evidence to prove that S. S. S. is the only permanent cure for contagious Blood Taint. I suffered for five years with the worst form of blood poison, during which time I was attended by the best physicians I could find, and tried numbers of proprietary medicines without any beneflcial results. I continued to grow worse all this time, until my whole system was destroyed by the viledis- tongue and s.s.s Is as near infallible as it is possible for a medicine to be In the cure of Blood poison. I then commenced taking Swift's Specific (8.8. S.), and in a few months I was entirely oured,and to this great medioine do I attribute my recovery. This was over two years ago, and I have had no return or any effects of the disease since, and my fiMn is to-day as smooth as anybody's.—William Sowers, Covington, 0. ease, my ___ o throat havinggreat holes caused by it | gy Books on Blood^and Skin DUewesf^.' THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta. Ca. •cvnimii for 4 Ibis Picture, Panel Elze, mailed f o J. F. SMITH & CO.. Makers of "Bile Beans," 255 & 257 Greenwich St., N. Y. City. CURE Biliousness, Sick Headache, Malaria. BILE BEANS. THE GREAT WRITERS OF THE DAY! Y\ To convince everybody, before subscribing, of the high! , Lj quality and interest of our Beautifully Illustrated jour-| ^ Lnal in its new form, we will send to any address "TWee \V SEND TEN CENTS for a trial subscription, and we willi send you three numbers, including our CHRISTMAS NUMBER, with an artistic cover; also, our Calendar Announcement for' 189!, with a painting—" The Minuet "—by J. G. L. Ferris. f These three numbers contain the following reading-matter: I (I) Mrs. Amelia E. Barr'S new serial, "The Beads of Tasmer." Mrs. Barr is the author of that most successful serial, "Friend Olivia," just completed in The \ Century; but hereafter Mrs. Barr will write exclusively for The New York Ledger. (2) Hon. George Bancroft's description of «The! Battle of Lake Erie," beautifully illustrated. £'(3) Margaret Deland'S latest story. "To What End? fa(4) James Russell Lowell's poem, "My Br 00 k,"i written expressly for The Ledger, beautifully illustrated' by Wilson de Meza, and issued as a FOUR-PAGE' SOUVENIR SUPPLEMENT. (5) MrS. Dr. Julia HolmeS Smith starts a series' of articles giving very valuable information to youne 1 mothers. 6j (6) Robert Crant'S entertaining society novel "Mrs! Harold Stagg." ' '' Harriet Prescott Spofford, Marion! Harland, Marquise Lanza, Maurice Thompson, and George Frederic Parsons contribute short stories. James Parton 9 M. W. Hazeltineand Oliver! Dyer (author of "Great Senators") contribute* articles of interest. « TII In ad [ di * ion to Tthe ^ove, SPARKLING EDITORIALS tj • 2rS£^^,£^J!ii5!^.^^ «^SJJ5* (7) The foregoing is a. sample of the matter which jroes to m f!l Pm Si e carp1o^ r£eCtNati0 " alFamiIyJOUrnal ^ rS ^ Send Ten Cents for these three numbers and iuctee for ^yourself, or send only Two Dollars for a year's subscriptio^n to Robert Bonner's Sons, Publishers, 150 William S!,, N, Y, Cfy.i WATERPROOF COLLAR OK BE UP TO THE MARK THAT CAN BE RELIED ON B5T<Ot to- Spilt i •to BEARS THIS MARK. TRADE MARK. MEEDS NO LAUNDERING. CAN BE WIPED CLEAN IN A MOMENT. THE ONLY LINEN-LINED WATERPROOF COLLAR IN THE MARKET. VASELINE One two ounce bottle of Pure Vaseline, 10 cts. One two ounce bottle Vaseline Pomade, 15 " One jar of Vaseline Cold Cream ...... f5 " One cake of Vaseline Camphor Ice-... 18 " For One Dollar Sent us by matt, we will deliver, free of all charges, to any person in the United States, all the'fill- I lowing articles carefully packed in a neat box: FO CATABBH.-Best. A cure Easiest GATARR N ""e/? 1 " "o* rj*£ vli * small particle is ar ii8oc. Bom Dy druggists or sent by i |^ *£ Tf A'/tPT.TTlgTir ' One cake of Vaseline Soap, unscented 10 cts. One cake of Vaseline Soap, scented-. 25 " One two ounce bottle of White Vaseline 25 " Or fop iUmjui anj »Ugte artJde at the prlee. $ 1.10* careful to accept only genuine goods put un by us In CHESEBRQUCH WI'F'C CO., : 24 State Street, New York, -,-~i. BothSI, P . v ^ yj! ,™^^ •«^~— Paid, I l.oo. ^HiiijSS'rLS™? 8 > Van- Rheumatism s ot two kinds, acute and chronic. The former is accompanied by high ferer, and In the swollen oints there U Intense pain, which often suddenly changes from one part ot the body to another. Chronic rheumatism in without fever and not BO evore. but more continuous, and liable to come on at every storm or otter slight exposure. {neuinatism la known to be a disease of the alood and Hood's Sarsaparllliv has had great sue- ess In curing It. This medicine possesses quail- les which neutralize acidity, and purify, enrich nd vitalize tee blood. Hood's »arsaparilla loldbyall druggists, fl; six forts. Prepared k Q 1. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries. Lowell, I BOILING WATER OR MILK. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA LABELLED 1-2 LB. TINS ONLY. 100 Doses One Dollar ,000,000 For FREE ENTRY and R SAUHa tho OKJEA, Prosperous * Canadian * Northwest, TO B, Clwk St., CUeacoi'c. I NFORMATIONK ARKANSAS WEEKS' COMBINATION BEAM (U. S. 8TAJSD.1BD) No weight* to be Miherl Grosb, S Street TOLEDO, OHIO. NSTANTLY; EMORY Mind wondering cured. Books learned m one reading. Teutimoaials from all tu UMO lauuuig. itiUUimiaiftlBirom Q parta or the globe. Prospectus POST t'UEE, beat oa application to Prof. e.a»KjC&Ave.Nen Worki Prompt Action Moderate Charges; — -- - — .—• .••». MW ll^WK^^ V* DJLwJb* w 5-TON $60.00. For Catalogue ajjd fall information, ad- I.Y. TuftHlJl, ou^!?to2! v ff? ary * Df.'Komi$^ :*o.rJflfliee-iiion and rivanam,t n r,« m n^ti* & VA n n ^ immediate relief present to each customer BendforOiroular. P.O. ., provwenee, a. j. r euooeeafuiiy PROSECUTES CLA ^S^^fiKS^^Ss^ •VJlAlLMTHlli n »i»fc B^Tr*:T **'* t "W** W*HM»j fkVVjf ^—T-, ,— ,- C« CLAIMS. ^u*wi». Ktav*. ^BfeSafflESS 818 *"*

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