The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1891
Page 5
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DOINGS Otf THE COUNTY FATHERS Official visor" Mlnutim of the n,, M ;l of ftu vc r- JicKntar .Tiimmry, ISO t, iVteut- I "£—.A. I,oii;; Hi-sKlon. ALOONA, January f>th. 1891.—Tlie ioaru oi supervisors met at 1 in. Members present Peters Holt/, O'Uotirke and Lovell. 'Mr! Novell and Peters having qualified as supervisors. -The Hoard organiml by electing wo If. .Peters chairman for the ensuing year. Miluites of November meeting read and approved. The bonds of the following countv awl Township officers elected at, 1 lie November election, 1800, were improved in the following amount: 'LC Smith, ttccimler.. A A Hrunson, County Clui-k.'.".. '.'." W L Joslyii, County A1 t.ovuoy i V JJiivla, J tisl itio of Hiinci-oft presented by tbe treasurer Hi-it- unable to collect, bedSed f' lefl , tlmt tlie to Jntnes and Phoebe ai ' s1882 to 1884inclu- °" Payment of tax. M-llor f m ( \ CH ff icd tllllt the Carl mldlMni n Si r e nI '°V e(1 $2 P er moilth til April 1st! d lr " m the P°° r fund tln - T.OTT.S CltKKK. Special Correspondence. LOTTH CKMMK Twi>.—Mrs. James •"»•""• and cbildi-en Teachers' Deparienl f>,ooo Phil Donvolller .Tolln A Carlson P E.lohiiHon. K W Hannii J K Uutton, GcoO Austin, C Kicknvd, 8 A Thompson, JNEstcrly, John Mcrlx, C AMolinder, 1' M Taylor, P E Johnson, ^,<., n John II Hongtson, do J w Hates, do Paul Doi'wocllcr, do Wlllliim Johnson, do CEHravcndoi', <io Alo.v Ki-nsor, do C Kiobsnmen, do J H Morrltleld, do do do do do do do do do do do do do do clerk Miu-llpUi.'.'; Harrison., (lorirmii... CPU-SCO JIlUK.Tofl;... Stephen Nicholson, do H P H atoli, Hurl- 0 iirlloltl ... Hwcn Alfrunn Gc'Vniiin Tp. HiirrlHon... OSiirflolil'..!'.', Ocsco Swcn Ocsco Hufftilo Itiimsoy. Will "><IO noo WK) fi(K) fiOO WX1 500 noo noo niio noo noo fiOO take al] necessary action. And that all bills so foiih-i ajonWbe properly n ade ( ,," t a er t.f.ed to by the Township Trustees he- lore presented to the Auditor Moved ami carried that Sec. 2(i-<)<)-27 l " lut Deville for * 40 for th « M E Duvlson, WA Chipimm, OH Lle'hty, do do do do oo Whlttomoro" Oi-coinvood... Portland Plum Crook.. LuVcrnu... ECTultk', WW Wnlton H S Duilcy, Vf A Patterson, A E Button, John K Kriisc. J Wiulilen, OlcO Qnaiii, Ass Moved ami not accepted count of boinj the County 1000 .1000 noo noo JOIHI 500 noo aioo noo nm noo 500 ooo noo noo noo noo noo noo noo noo 500 noo 500 .noo carried thai, the bonds at this meeting on ac{• incomplete be left with and i tor and that the. . Moved and carried that the Auditor be autliori/ed to rent the school ds lor grass purposes for the year 1801 Moved and carried that - V y /! nm Wlth th ( Ml ' 3 / Ostwald. mother- of Fred and Thursday morning. She was Kixtv? four years olU, a native of ttermmiy s lie was beloved, and will be missed by •in who knew lien. The funeral ser- m'onihiir ufc tiiB cjuu>ci1 ' suiui " y Miss Josephine LidkSy was able to go back to her school Monday morning. Miss Libbie Butler ia-spondaic a few nays in Alprona sowing for Mrs. Lund The "Socialliop" at Mr. McDonald's iM-Klay evening seems to be a success there being twenty-four- numbers sold' A , 8 ,, a , S, uid e to the assessors the fol- n °i f()l ' ffet the spelling school 2i ^rsoVsuTiraglS''^! TlP tll!lttwo points, nut 1 think Hr, will FonSv 11 ! 0 m i lttei '»ow tliwvfflnl n] ,i n - ww may IK-there must be a correct vv >\,y . ^"I-Si.SSST 1 is OMe tll!lfc 3ST -AT- NilsMuhson, Constiililc nui-rlsoii'Tii" C A Erlokson, do do do do do do do do do Swcn Alg'oim Wesley. WliiltfMiioro. LuVerne. ... Crcsco doi'iimn Whltlomoi'c. Hebron StaHloiiHfor smiccjst ci !lss Horses " 1( >0-<><>t<> '200.00 Hlllj.s'. 10.00 to 4(1.00 5.oo to (i.oo to 8. no i .. ,. 4.00 to 0.00 „„„..,.... »•<><> t» 4.00 Heitoy^ja;;;-;;;;- /.V. tK ^ Sheep 2.0()to ; »''« s .«v«-fi'monUisrtl,Y •:.•.•.".•.•. 1,00 hi iiSS 10.01) to 50.00 10.00 to 311.00 ,•,•,;, 00,00 to ino.oo i| ."" L ' 1 30.00 to 100.00 . That the County Tre'isur- and is hereby authorzed to re- YVlf'limif -int-*-.-..«,.4- 1.1. o n Mr. and Mrs. McDonald are- happily ensconced in their new home, west of Whittemore. We wish thenvgood luck and happiness unalloyed. Organs 1'liuioes .... Tlireshin K Al auditor be authorized to approve and accept the same when completed. The report of the auditor of lees of office from Sept. .1st, 1890. to Jan 1st 1891, of $1)6.7;-), translVr IV.-s $ : ?o -'5 redemption fees $10.50, record in'' boivl'iarfv/iO, tax sales certificates and of court house hall was placed on file, of the clerk of district received from April 1st. January .1st... 1801, as follows: >st new $188.45, old *.-!!) 00 lei us $2(i f 'i" •. """""rv '"• .v-nv.i7.-3 ''Bi5.00 iiatur- ,/,'//a!;ion papers $38,00 was accepted and placed on file. Moved and carried that Lotts Creek- township l.«j allowed $4:2.00 to pav for bridges petitioned for bv John Shallin and others and that, the auditor be authorized to pay the same on presentation of bill proper!v endorsed bv township clerk. Moved and carried that Dr. James Earr-ue allowed $'71.00 payment in lull on his bill of Oct. Ih-cl. 1800 Moved and carried that L. I), Lovell be a committee, to view and report at April meeting on bridges and grades petitioned Cor by J. °S. Gallagher and others on East line of section:^ and :U Wesley township. Ihe rest, of the. afternoon was taken ip with consideration of bills. At 5:110 )). m. board adjourned until 0, a. in. Jan. (ith. Jaii'. titli, 0, a. m. board nx.'t pursuant to adjournment members all present except I). A. Huell. 9 o'clock bein^ the time set for examining the. list of subscribers to the various county papers for the purpose of awarding' the county printing and the lists not having died the board proceeded to other business. Moved and carried, that S. Benjamin be appointed trustee for the town or Alji'ona for the ensuing year. And movod and carried that the lees of ollice reported by the treasurer be _ refunded. On motion I he salaries of the county officers were fixed for the year 1891 in the following amounts: County treasurer $1300, clerk hire $200, and fees of olflco. County auditor $1200, and $200 clerk hire. Clerk of courts $4(50 and fees of office. County recorder, fees of office. Sheriff, $400 and fees of ollice. The publishers having presented their lists of subscribers tbe board proceeded to canvass the same and found the list of the AJyona COUIUKH to contain 870 names, the Upper Dos Molnes 7(50 names, and the Algona Republican 847 names. , This Alyona COUIMBU havino- the largest list it was moved and carried by the board that the COUKIUK bo declared one of the official papers. ihe Upper Des Moines, through their attorney sJw.. E. Clarke, made the charge that the lis of the Bepubli- Van is padded and is largely a fraudu- "iit list and that they can produce 'iclence to that effect. r . -A-fter careful consideration the board on motion laid the matter of county printing over until January 7, at dp. ui. that contestants may present evidence necessary to decide between them. Permission was granted the county attorney to take charge of the. court I reports belonging to the county. . J-he board, on motion, laid on the tab e the petition of the board of health (>t Wesley township to allow J. i, Til ? ]' ful1 P a y iis health officer f Moved and carried that the county [pay for 32 feet of 2* ft, tiling for cul- •vert on south line of section 14-9<i-'>8 indthat county auditor be and "is hereby authomod to draw warrants [for the same when bill is properly pre- rented. , Moved and carried that Geo. II Peters be a committee to build bridge across Ilaggerly creek in Plum Creek township. i. The d)innv.'-'.l..i; to examine road in "German township appointed at last not having reported Messrs ;e and Holtz were on motion anted to view and report on same, .t 12 in. Board adjourned to 1 p. m[ p. m. JJoard convened, u motion John Niering was allow^ &10 suplimental damages on road oa it line of S. W. i Sec. 27-95-27. r ,oved and carried that $3.64 taxes of be refunded to P, J. Byjrae on ac•* of doiitoie ajssieisnjent. „. leases ..^^ ! taxes tliereby became w2liP^ 0t i° n ","? bi J ls of trustees ^ jvealev Xownsliip for services at a .special election to incorporate tbe town were not, allowed. On motion the quarantine bills from Wesley were laid over for investiga- Moved and carried that all bills for goods tor Poor House be laid ove r f„r tlie signature of the steward of Poor Parm; aiK t[ ul t all bills hereafter con- tidcteil by bun be so signed before being presented to the Auditor. On motion the petition of W. B L-arey tor relund of taxes on S W i of u,'or * oi ' Sec> 25 -08-2H from 1880 to .KV>o war not allowed. At op. m. J3oard adjourned toi) a. m. Jan 7th. Jan. 7th, 0 a . m. Board met pevsuant lo adjournment. Members present Clm.nmui Peters, Lovell and Holt/, Minutes ot meeting read and correct- At 10:80 SupeiTisor O'llourke appeared and took his seat Resolved, That the Auditor charge tor use oi Court House Hall for 185?l, lor travelinfi shows $7 for dances $7 for charitable purposes the G. A R and inihtia company one half. O Hourke voting no on the Grand Army clause. On motion the Treasurer was aiith- "o iX?(1 t u,i; e . deem ^"n tax sale block M in \Vliittemore, the same beiii"- clnirch property. Uesolved That the pliysicians be allowed sot the regular fees for attendance on the poor farm and that the County Auditor send to each of the physicians an agreement for their signatures to that effect. b Moved and carried that M. O'llourke he a committee to view the location j 01 , »• ondge petitioned for by John iscii, ;J. L. (.ntton and others on South hue ot Sec. 29-95-30 On motion tno Auditor was instructed to pay judgment aud costs rendered in Dec. term of court against Kossuth County in favor of Myron Schenck. Judgment *li52, costs$31.00. At 11 a. in. Board adjourned to 1:30 1:30 p. m. Board convened. T 'M » t , ateme »t ot ' W, II. Ingham and J. M. I-urley it was moved and carried to reconsider the action of the Board at the beptember session in regard to the location of highway petitioned for by J. M. Parley and others and on reconsideration the petition was granted and road declaim! laid, that V. II Ingham be allowed $50 damages. Costs' assumed by the county. On motion M. O'llourke was appointed a committee to build a bridge across lour Mile creek between Sees. Special ••Correspondence. I>u VISHNU, Jan. 18.—Lu- Verne is yet on the go and every one is trying to be happy and' make themselves believe they are doing well. . The M. E. people are holding meetings in their church this week. The Home Comedy company was quite a success last Saturday night. W. 13. Mason's child, ift months old H^Mn U>1 7 y cho & cl on a P iiece ot ' m eat well iy ' cililcj is now doin e d «for "- some u; toi me" but mod nes "me" HIP principal word of the phrase. ™-Me to n!!r S e T, the , Princi l 1!l1 term of tie iSc, Ilie( P Imi «e modifies difficult. Here's another: "God never made his work lor man to mend. Analy/e C. B. PAUL. We hear the News has changed bands, J. L. Clark taking full contra We are sorry to have Lacy & Platt quit the paper, but hope that Mr. Chirk w 11 continue to meet the wants of tlie people, as he is an old hand at the busi- nnl?Hn^ H Wen l learned Wll!lt «W politics qt the new paper will he but the cfo P advocat e th e cause of JOIN THK ,,„„. To the teachers of Kossnth countv who really wish to do sometliing to Sip themselves jind at the same time help those to whom they must look for employment and support, I would s-iv join the Farmer's Alliance. You JS do more to get the uniform text book aw passed in this county in that w v than any other. You will bee no a 2- millinf-.Ofl Vl-itl, 4-1,,. I! w-ymv; lUj Israel Meires was buried hero last JU-ulay. lie was an old citi/en, living here some thirty years. f, Ch % Simons »"tl wife returned from O'Brien county yesterday. They like that part of Iowa. y «5hv 0 fvr 1)0 " sllt an imported Shue stallion for which they paid $000 lie is a good one, All lovers of good horses should see him Special Currespoiideiice. LEV Jan. LS.-The people feel elated over the line winter weather we are having Kone better anywhere than in northwest Iowa. The farmers are busy hauling their produce to market and find splendid wheeling. A girl of more than usual weight . Ihe hour having arrived for deciding the contest between the Algona KJSi'UBLiuAN and the Upper Des Moines tor the county printing, the matter was taken up and after considerable discussion and arguments bv attorneys for both sides it was decided by resolution of the Board that the Algona EEPUULICAN be declared one of the official papers. By resolution the appointment of A. roved *"* I)eputy llecorde1 ' was ap- liespived. That the Auditor be authorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this session and that the supervisors are entitled to the amounts set opposite their several names for services at this session. H 60 ™' Pe , ters 3 d »ys 16 miles $13.92 M. O'Boiirke 3 " 8 " 12.96 JM. D. Lovill 8 ' ; 14 " 13 68 J.IIoltz 3 " 16 " 13'93 f ill!? motlou tne Board adjourned until Monday, Feb. 2,1891. NOTICE TO SETTLE. All who have accounts with us will please call and settle as soou as convenient as we wish to close up our business as soon as we pan closeup our books We will keep a stock of 8 taple goods at our usual low prices until all are settled. DUKANT BltOS. JOHN <i, SMITH'S OPINION OF THE Sheriff Stephens was staying in town one clay last week and it transpired after the passenger train arrived from the east what his business was He took in tow a sleek looking fellow who was wanted in the southern part of the state. The sheriff took him to Marshalltown the same evening and delivered him over to the authorities. Some of the orators of Wesley went out to the Ivernan school house Monday evening to get up u debating club ami get a chance to let off some gas. Ihey propose going again and all better turn out and hear the eloquence of the Daniel Websters of Wesley. We had the pleasure of looking at as nne a bred colt, as ever came to Weslev the property of E. E. Waite. The colt is a yearling, purchased last summer of Judge J II. Cartwright, Oregon, Illinois. Warrant, bay colt, No. 11233 registered in Wallace's American Trotting Register, Vol. 8. The cult is bred from some of ihe best trottiug stock in the United States. Call on Mr. Waite tor further information. We notice land seekers in town quite frequently. All the uncultivated land in the vicinity of Wesley will soon be disposed of. • . % •-••••"•• .•.w« «jji utjijomo tic.- quainted with the farmer and his eels in the way of education. You w 11 1 e better lifted to teach his children ir in way to please him and at the same time benefit the children more than if you did not know the parents. On the other hand the farmer will become a£ quainted with you and see the advantage ot having good teachers for his children, teachers who can become Is friend in counsel and in time of need when he needs some one with a good l,«fn ? dl V s of busilie ss, business laws, and who can make accurate calculations anil give reliable advice n,l f rt i now is the farmer considers the teacher a cipher in every respect when taken outside of the school room and in many cases it is too true* And in some cases the teacher might prove to be a mere cipher in the school room «?«',-1 f UJ T l >'' tlie Patron of the school should T ,ot be cheated. If you are what you should be as the instructor of the farmer s children, you may be sure that he will see it and be pleased with you and know you as a friend and helper and a good citi'/en, whose principles «ue all right and whose counsel is not to be despised in matters pertaining to r!n,Tvo m a v the P™Per training of his children. You must know tliat the farmer's wife and daughters are join- Hig the Alliance, and by your help, counsel and appreciation of their efforts gain their good will and hearty co-operation. If you are not made of the right material, hide. This is no mere idle fancy of mine (as you mav some, of you suppose at first) but a fact planted upon solid foundation, as lean bring abundant proof of in the way of experience. I belong to the Alliance and find myself benefited daily by mv intercourse with the parents of my pu- mls. Don't join the Alliance with the feeling that you are doing them a favor by so (loins and carry the idea that they are the only ones to be benefited i>y it, but go in honestly with a determination to help and be helped J. E. PAUL. We will sell Remnants of all kinds of Goods at a BIG + SACRIFICE the SCgalnfar^S ££ "* ** * ^ « *«"• G. L. Galbraith The Cash Store Price Current^ ^L^ re J ow Dollar goes-the farthest. dozen clothes pi * Q~ •' wnu Jf ^uo L JUJL ^0 One package soda (strictly pure).... 05 One package Dixon stove polish. 05 une box axlo greose ...... 06 One box Lewis lye .'.'.'!.'." 10 • We sell other goods in proportion to tlie above We are agents for ROCK SALT for stock. 90 '?~~~ •-••""• j "via,^ \i! uojti-. . choice butter crackers (1 box) 1 00 ox 19 hS" n h r? e ^ew Orieans. sugar . . 1 00 12 Ibs. California dried grapes 1 00 A good lantern for only. ... ..... . ',[ [ 35 Townsend A.*™. A . Can D. H. H« S& J§ 0 . Black FIRST NATIONAL BANK ^"^JJ. 1 .^?:?- "" i!ll " a to !«>"" at >• K.. Fersriisoii, ^^L^i. AND SALE STABI -E. West of IhorlnBton House. M. Z;.GROVE, MANAGER. FARM HANOKOFX. Special Oon'espondence. The First Baptist church of Bancroft was organized Jan. IKth 1888, and proposes this year to celebrate its anniversary in an appropriate manner. On Friday evening, the 16tb, a social reunion and missionary supper will be Riven at the church. Sunday morning an anniversary sermon will'be preached. At 3 p. m. Sunday will be held tlie first "roll call" of the membership. Jiveryone who has ever been a member will be expected to respond. In the evening there will be a praise meeting. 1HJBT. Special Correspondence, BUKT Twp.-Mr. .and Mrs. Knoll are uome trom a visit in Bremer county. Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Ilulburt from -Kansas, are here visiting relatives. The social hop at the Grange hall proved a decided success and a verv pleasant time was enjoyed by all. Mr. James Marlow is back from a visit at his old home in Butler county. The ladies of the Grange appointment will hold a Draw Pie sociable at the home of Mr. Thomas Haiiua, Fri'" " " Tan. 16. All are cordially THK TEXT HOOK QUKSTION. The time has come when every taxpayer voter and patron of our public schools should consider this important question. The time will undoubtedly come when everyone will be called upon to express their opinion on this point at the ballot box. That opinion should be given with intelligence. Blindness on such a vital question will prove ruinous to the educational facilities of this state, to which we and our neigh- •f in ,,$! ier states Point with much pride. "The greater tbe extent of the uniformity the better," is the statement often made. Yes, providing the machinery necessary in operating such nmtormity is not too cumbrous and that much supplementary work be introduced in all branches. For these reasons good objections are taken to state or national uniformity. Pupils confined to one line of texts grow narrow. The mind is reared like the bird in a cage; does not know the immensity of space on all sides. For this reason a set of books should be exchanged every seven or eight years. It is the individual of great mental breadth that takes and occupies the advanced stations in lite. To the individual that keeps running in the same old weather beaten, deep cut track, so deep that only the hair of his head is perceptible, lite becomes monotonous, troublesome and hardly worth living. County 'uniformity, with the right to change every five to eight years will best subserve all .practical purposes. The machinery can be easily handled and troubles that arise in township uniformity would disappear. The poorer classes that move from year to year are to be considered. Township uniformity has been tried again and again and it was through the power of leading educators of this state that the new law was passed. Men that have made these things a study for life surely ought to be competent judges on this matter, and it county uniformity did not present educational advantages no such effort would have been made. CYMJSN. LOANS. H. HOXIE, Algona, Iowa. Farm Loans, Abstracts, -A- ZD. GO At LoAYest Kates anrl optional payments. Interest payable at our offiee. If you want a loan call on us. We can save you money. .TON3S & SMITH. IT WILL PAY YOU WinBe Bro's, TO CALL AT IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF Stoves or Hardware, Election is Over-So is High Prices for Stoves l f !" J^ll?, 00 .^*^ ^ eate ' S : among wllich ls ** "lebrated ROUND ALGONA, IA., Jan. 6, 1891.~At the age ti nnn° u Ut x? u eadowinent policy for *1,000 in the Northwestern Mutual" Life Insurance Company of Milwaukee payable at the age of 45.It was a good investment for me. Ipaid out f 440 and at 45 years of age I received $1,000. Tbe {BOney came promptly aud with »o trouble to me. Every young man should take out ttue kjod of% policy so as to ««T« wmtewg coming to Wca at middle - I b»y found tbe ,N«rtt»w«8iw«i liwurau STOCK SALE. * signed will offer at Public at his place 1^ miles southwest of Algona. near John Rawson's, commenc- ftf fi ^o'^k. oa Saturday, Jan. 17th, aita M*H° wing P r0 °P ertv: Span mules, set double harness, 8 cows, 9 2 year-old steers, 2 3-year-old steers, 8 8-year old heifers, 1 3-year old full blooded Durham Ml, 13-year old seven eighths Durham, u y eftrl ">g steers and heifers, 10 bead of shoots, Standard cultivator, Steel mower, ««?' ?f lkin e stirring plow, 1 wagon PIANO flBflfl LAMP rnM GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK for December or Jan uary will tell you how to procure a Kocheete Brass Piano tau n » without cost. Seuil 15 ct f^* 6 i Ul | fr n , umber -, You wi " Ret furetiinvthe best laclies' inagazhie in America, it hiwth greatest variety of Departments, all ably edit ed—Literary, Fashions. Flowers, Engravings »s cu ^^^ u ata Eec!pes ' et<; -- a " e a & ^SSHSflSS^tf** tue uew pow ADNA H.LIGHTNER BKT11XKD Under the Chastening UwurtfS* ffamjlv o» •****•*j **»•»•'»**\^jjitrr». These medicines are daily gaining greater popularity, and the steadily increasing demand for them can only be accounted for by their true merit. They arc prepared with the utmost care,aud each medicine 18 put up for a particular disease. Jivery bottle is guaranteed to do all that w claimed for it oa the that no one who buys a bottle of Beggs' Family Medi- P w.°Di le ^PPointed. Sold by Remnants of Satiu W d Flushes for fau- cy work sold cue»p fey "•-" " ~ &Co. Ow friends* |fy<;}p« Witt's cough Nodii Tie Pride of the Whittington's Author of ''Shadow and Sunshine," "Creta, "A Wayside Violet," etc. Also, short stories aud serials, with original O-liotogravure) illustrations by Olivia Lowel Wilson, Adna Marie Peck. Builly wead, Marian Reeves. Humorous sketches by Belle O.Green Flowers aud their Culture byEmwaJ,G $8.00 a Year. Always in advance. Beautiful premiums for _ , TB8M8 TO CLUBS. Two copies 03 go Tlu-ee copies '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'", ^$i Fiy» copies > '.'..I'.'. 7 6Q tenwupWeEotabi ifP Oo

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