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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 12

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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SYLVESTER' 8 Office, KIT 23rd st, nr. Telegraph FOR SALE MISCELLAH CPUS. A BUTCHER shop, $2350; daily sales $70 -to $S5; average profit $4000 25 years; rent only $30: this is one. of the best shopa in Berkeley; good- business for 2 nen. M.

Griffln, 1103 Broadway. Oakland. Leading Specialist for Vj 4 Women 1 1 Ladies-If You er iifrHn mm Wi ailment peculiar to your seat, about your condition and need heln. eon-1 fLV? specialist because he lai truhr the onlr rearularlv rrAmtA owJ 1 1 sician specialist for, women advertising, haying ft?) years of success WITHOUT ONCE without drugs, operation or need-. less detention frotnyowT occupation, wttfcu original PAINLESS HARMLESS- methods: with high professional standing and qualifications recognised by the high- ft eat medical authority, with office well appointed and strictly private, he Is the, SAFE STA-AND SUREST MAN to con- suit WHEN YOU NEED HELP.

Con- sultatlon and advice absolutelv freai Private sanitarium when neceasarr. fu4 moderate. Hours, 9 a. ra. to n.

bo.1 Open Sundays. Telephone Oakland TJOLrt DR. SYLVESTER'S Office. 51? 23d nr. Telegraph DR.

EM1LIE FUNK'S Maternity Vllla-3 Strictly private: 45 years practice; inH fants adopted it desired: also house! keeping 141 8th st. Alameda. CDONNELL, the renownedj specialist of woman diseases, is noin tocaiea at sis jusvisaaero o. when suffering from any meat consult DR. A.

WHITE. latest European methods: consultation! araus; results guaranteeo, oie pnone Oakland 5523. Hours 10 to MME. DR. SIMON, formerly of Francisco, graduated midwife and confidential.

Office hours 12 to S. 31204 Washington st, Frnlrvals. PRIVATE home for confinement 1309 Market. Tms. reaa Phone Oakland 2S08, PHYSICIANS' DIRECTORY.

DR. FRANK 8UMNER LOWEL: enronic ana nervous diseases. Washington st. Hours 2 to 4 tVlAV F.W. D'EVELYN Office.

2115 Call- fornla street San Francisco. Tele-' pnone west 1144: hours 1 to S. Real. denee, 210S Clinton avenue xeiepnone Aiameaa nours, to old story is truly applicable to newspaper advertisings Often a cheap rate offered by newspapers of uncertain circulation, making glowing claims, tempts the unwary To secure success experiment with none; but get results from the largest evening paper on the coast. THE TRIBUNE Biggest BestBrightest a 7 to p.

m. i dr. Dt d. Crowley, cn i tral Bank bulkllng. Office hours, I toi and 7 to8 p.

m. Oakland tribune Evtry evening and Sunday morn- ino. Delivered by carrier. 65c per month, including SUNDAY. TRIBUNE.

'On year, tingle -9c 1 Entered at Oakland Post office as second-class matter, -y i Sample copy free on application. Publication office TRIBUNE Building, corner of Eighth and Franklin street. Telephone land 828. Branch office. 1070 Broadway.

Phone Oakland 767. Berkeley office, 2133 Center street. Telephone Berkeley 180. Alameda office, Schneider's Sta-' tlonery Store, corner Park street "and Santa Clara avenue. Telephone Alameda 699.


ee ee You Gam TELEPHONE a "WANT" to TheTribmiinie Call Classified Department OAKLAND 528 All advertisements Intended for continuous Insertion under heading "TOO LATE FOR CLASSIFICATION," 15o a line dally. All advertisements ordered by telephone for a definite number of Insertions will be charged for the time specified subject to no rebate on discontinuance order befoie expiration date. An advertisers should retain counter checks Riven, as no mis- takes will be rectified without presentation of these receipts. No orders recognized for advertisements for Insertion "Till Forbid." No charges made for box rental to eatrons answering advertisements requesting answers to certain box numbers. Special Notice Patrons of TtTB TRIBUNE are Jiarticularly cautioned against pay-ng money in advance for any ad--Vertlstng to be placed In THE TRIBUNE unless solicitors can produce written authorization from the Business Manager.

TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. BUSINESS CARDS. CLEAN YQUK CARPETS ON THE FLOOR By Compressed Alr-Vacuum System "The Green Wagons." Phone Oakland 4013. Room 15 525 13TH ST. If yours la a reasonable "want." have the courage to advertise it more than once If necessary.

JAPANESE HOUSE-CLEANING CO. Mattings nailed, floors scrubbed, windows washed, gardens watered, etc. Phone Oakland 6871. 934 Telegraph Oakland. VIAVI.

a A HOME treatment for mothers daughters; booklet free. write for it I Viavl Comiany, 319-820 Central Banl phone Oakland 32S3. ri VALPEAU'S FEMALE PILLS VALPEAU'S female pills are sure; bfestij regulating pills sold; price $2.60 by ex-J press. Osgoods' Drug Stores. Oakland HAIR PHYSICIAN.

DR. M. M. CARTER, hair ohvslclan- Dlseasea of head and hulr trutMlf ed? scaln mnA nr-in 1 miiAn ihinnntMln! ana manicuring. Kooms 67 ana 68, 106 wasnmgton pnone uaklana SZO CHIROPODISTS.

CHIROPODIST Dr. Elisabeth Johnston, chiropodist and electric needle specials 1st. 1309 Broadway or 12 Telegraph; phone Oakland 1835. INVALID CHAIRS, I SOLD, rent, exeh'd; mfr. Eames TrW -cycle chair.

1808 Market S. F. Fell 9911.j SHERMAN Trance, Clairvoyant. Palmist Does alt he claims and advertises to do; in matters of law, speculation. Investment and all domestic-troubles the predictions of this inspired medium are Infallible; unites the causes speedy and happy marriage with the one of your choice, removes evil influences and heals the sick.

I Special This Week Only. My 15 Pull Life Reading, 60c 60c 50c 30c 1068 feroadwav. Oakland. PLAIN SKIRTS CLEANED and preaaed. Telephone and we will Golden Gat nunlnr anil TW Worka 1524 Pan PsHn Tel.

Oakland 1397. The ArnoM-Dlcksons, 663 37th be tween Grove and "tell every thing." Hours. 10 to 8. Phone Piedmont 2130. Public spiritualist meetings every ciiiutiy miu.

tiuruiy nan, uai ntn be. A MIDDLE-AGED man with small busi ness, wishes to make the acquaintance of. respectable lady, view to matrimony: kipdly give full particulars. Address box 7878. Tribune.

MRS. O. M. SHARPE Specially fine shampooing; scalp and facial treatment: suite 207. 203 Telegraph ave.

Phone Oakland 8976. All work done by appointment. YOUNG lady (27) wishes to meet Oakland business man, 28-34. of good health, character, appearance, position; no widowers, divorcees; marriage if congenial. M.

E. Seymour, general delivery. GAS CONSUMERS' reduces your bill 20 to 40 per cent- 116 Bradway. If yos want it. and It's not advertised here, advertise FOR it here! A merchant would -not think womae very wise if she purchased a yard less silk for a gown than jhe needed even If It were very fine allk.

Nor is the merchant wise to purchase a column less advertising space than he needa, even if It Is very fine advertising space and costly. THE VOGUE corsets; sole Miss 371 12 th Phone Oakland 3772. LEE suits to order: prices reasonable 930 Teleernnh ave HELP WANTED MALE Active Business Man Wanted for director in a large corporation Just being organized; small capital required; rigid investigation invited. Apply immediately room 54. 969 Broadway.

Oakland. BAKER'S helper wanted on bread and cakes. Apply The Domestic Bakery, 901 San Pablo ave. CASHIER Must have some experience as an accountant; give references, salary needed and former experience. Boa 7889.

Tribune. EXPERIENCED floor manager; fine future; good salary. Apply manager Abrahamson Oakland. FIRST-CLASS window dresser; one thoroughly competent. Apply manager Abrahamson Oakland.

FIREMEN and brakemen on railroads in Oakland and vicinity, to fill vacancies caused by promotion; experience unnecessary; state age. height, weight; firemen. $100 monthly, become engineers and earn $200; brakemen, $75, become conductors, earn $150; name position preferred. Railway Association, care Oakland Tribune. GIRL for cooking and light housework; apply mornings.

1439 Webster st. HIGH salaries paid for character, energy, brains. Address at once P. O. Box 14, Berkeley.

IMMIGRATION INSPECTOR Men over 20 wanted at once to prepare for examination for this position, paying $100 per month; examination August 12. For particulars call mornings, room 25. 1103 Broadway. MESSENGER, 406 6th St. MEN at Ray's Lodging-house; single rooms $1.25 per week.

776 7th st. MEN. women, children, pick hops. Par ticulars, E. C.

Horst, -361 utn st. open Sundays. OFFICES, stores and factories in this city are filled with workers secured through our ads. RELIABLE agents, experience unneces sary. Barlow, Picture Frame 869 12th near Franklin.

REAL estate firm wants energetic man of good appearance for listing properties on salary and commission. Address box Tribune. STOREKEEPER A knowledge of store room accounts necessary; state qualifications, salary required and references Box 7911. Tribune. SALESMEN Wanted, business lots suburban prices; improvement work now going on; highest commission: come see for yourself.

1069 Broadway. WANTniD Cement finishers and helpera Reno. Nev. WANTED First-class tinners: none but good men need apply. Call at 829 E.

16th st. WANTED Men to prepare for U. S. gangers (also custom house examinations). I guarantee you qualifications and easiest terms; demand la good and salary Is per day, all expenses.

Inquire for particulars at once. 6 to 8 p. m. C. C.

McCaleb. U. S. Gauger, 813 Oak near 6th. WANTED at once Young men over 18 years old to prepare for examination for government railway mail clerks; examination August 6.

For particulars regarding preparation, call room 25, 1H13 Hroadway. mornings WANTED A good handy man for porter: must be sober and industrious. Apply Arlington Hotel, 9th and, Washington sts. WANTED First-class railroad clerk, one familiar with reports, billing and claims. Address box two.

iripune. WANTED Neat boy at Hardy's bookstore. 961 Broadway. WANTED A No. 1 meat cutter.

Apply to Melrose meat market. Alfred Rob inson, Melrose A NT Boy to learn showcase busi- ness. .760 ran Klin st. WANTED Non-union paper hangers; Ring up Oakland 3618, i vrrn tnr rt A rmr. a.ble-bodieL unmarried men, between ages of 21 an $5, citizens of United States, ofjrood character and temperate habits, who can speak, read and write For information apply ax recruiunj a i 1U14 tiroaaway.

umianc. $150 a week made by some of our so-licitoH easy proposition for men and women of abllitv and acauaintance. Apply room 407 Central Bank, 9 to 12 a. m. HELP WANTED FEMALE A GIRL for general housework.

Apply 2520 Ellsworth near uwigni way, A MIDDLE-AGED German lady for housekeeping; good cook. Call at 358 E. I4tn st. A GIRL to cook and do some general housework: good wages; keep second girl. 1423 ArctT rnortn neraeiey.

A COLOR SD woman wanted at 368 9th Oakland. A NEAT girl for general housework and cooKing. APyny litn et. CO! ODPn nrstmnn fft ViAltMWnrlt' fl ences required; good wages. Phone erKeiey iw.

i DEMONSTRATORS, house to house work. 19 weeklv and commission. As- ply from 3 tq.6. Mrs. Beatty.

1451 Frank lin Oakland. EXPERIENCED suit salesladies, experienced saleslady. Friedman's, ioo waanington. EXPERIENCED chambermaid wanted. as Broadway; call after 8 p.

m. GOOD girl wanted general housework: no $25 per month. 2914 Harper st. GIRL to set type-, etc. extra good post-f tlon of learning and advancement.

Chl- GIRL for general housework; good home; good pay. 778 1-2 Harrison GIRL to do second work and wait on table. 592 Sycamore st. GIRL for housework and cooking; fam-ily of three; work not heavy; no washing; references required. 1228 Madi- FOUND Pony, white face left front leg all white, right three-quarters white, blue eyes, full roan mane, white tall, stallion, spotted white and roan, by G.

aurw.w wenery oakiana. FOUND--Saturday morning, ion premises of advertiser, a red cow. Owner may recover, by proving property and pay-Ing cost, 81 Short West Xkland. LOST Pug dog. name jToneyj liberal rewards NoUfy E.

It Marquis. 2967 LOST Between 11:15 and 13:30 p. fox terrier pup? has Oakland, license; brown spots; rewartLt WesC Oakland Theater, 7 Peralta, -r LOST At Mora- Park, on Sunday evening. 1 a Siberian martin4 fur collar, 66 inches long; liberal rewards Phone wtri licrey ioia. LOST-Chaln with- pearl and diamond pendant, also crossed flags pin.

Finder return to room 47. Roslyn apart- in.TTg ITWBni. h03T Mink scarf, between 14th and Broadway and Hale's. Address Wallace. 2060 Bryant ave San Francisco: reward.

LOST Opal stickpin. Return 868 Fallon reward. LOST Packet foreign post 14th near Broadway. Tuesday afternoon. Please return to 470 Bay View ave.

LOST A fox terrier, black and white, black ears, left side black spot like ace of spades, black spot root of tail; new collar on; no lloense; answers to name of Twig. Return il Merrlmac; liberal reward. LOST On Fruitvale ave. ear, small gray leather purse, containing small-amount of money. Please return to Mr.

M. R. Feeney. Tribune office. LOST White bull terrier, answers to name of Don; 2853.

Return to W. C. Little, 3621 Broadway; reward. LOST English setter, on 65th white. witn large Drown spots; answers, to name Laddie; reward.

Owner, 859 65th. LOST Thursday, bafWeen Crellin Hotel ana postornce pcrcKetDook ana alary. Return Hotel Crellin; reward. LOST Gold monogram watch fob initial J. K.

Tuesday evening, at 14th and Broadway. Liberal reward If returned to the Oakland Herald office. $10 REWARD for, information that will ieaa to recovery or aitlerent articles stolen from automobile at 10th and Lin-den sts. H. S.

White, 941 Filbert st When you find a -article, advertise it here and thus restore It to the owner or establish vovir own title to it! MONEY WANTED WANTED MONEY $o00 2 years, 10 per cent net or 13 per cent per annum gross Interest, secured by first mortgage on lot 36x100, on Lloyd ifcar Fruitvale Frultvale. with store and 2 living rooms; value $1400. $8001 to 3 years, 8 percent net or 11 per cent gross interest secured by first mortgage on lot 80x100, on 62d near San Pablo between Oakland and Berkeley, with good cottage: value $2000. $10001 year, 8 per cent net or 11 per cent gross interest, secured py collateral noto of a No. 1 business man and pledge of interest-bearing bonds of the market value of $3000.

$12001 to 8 years, 8 per cent net. or 11 per cent gross Interest, secured first mortgage on corner lot. 100x106, Bond and High Frultvale, with fine 8- room bouse; value $7000. $15001 vear. 8 Der cent Der annum in terest secured by.

note of wealthy man ana pledge or interest-peaxing marnet able bonds worth on the market $4600. $20001 to 3 years. 9 Der cent net or 12 per cent gross interest secured by first mortgage on lot 150x205, at Fitchbtirg, on San leanaro. road, witn 3 cottages; value $2000. $3500 1 to 3 years.

9 per cent net or 12 per cent gross interest, securea Dy nrst mortgage on 10 lots at Ala meda county, or tne value or $40001 year. 8 per cent net Interest on note of capitalist, secured by pledge of aepenture mteresT-Deanng oonas; vaiue $11,000. $9001 year, 8 per cent net or 12 per cent per annum gross interest secured by first mortgage on 7 acres of land near Broadway and adjoining Claremont Country ciud; value vs.uoo. $10,0001 year. 8 per cent net Interest on note, of rich man.

secured by pledge of interest-bearing- bonds ana dividend- paying stocks; value, $35,000. 1 W. Matthews. 209 Bacon block. Oakland WANTED A loan of $4000 on two new cottages In Santa Fe tract, 8 per cent interest.

Address box 7910, Tribune. WANTED Money, $100 and up to loan on real estate, 1st mortgage, 6 to 7 per cent net to you without charge. Lut- trell ft 59 Bacon block. EDUCATIONAL MUSIC AND A MUSICIAN teaches piano, singing, thoroughly in 6 months. Box 7879.

Tribune office. BANJO, mandolin and guitar studio. Prof. Palmer, 460 13th; st priv. lessons.

BELLE MYERS Piano Studio. 1011 Washington st Rooms 10-11. Southeast corner. COLLEGE teacher wants few more pupils during vacation, all subjects, German, French. Apply to box 7791, Tribune, Oakland.

CARICATURE, NEWSPAPER AND MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATION New classes open May 1st. under the direction M. FRECK. Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings. HEALD-DIXON BUSINESS COLLEGE, 16th and San Pablo ave? ENGINEERING Civil, elec.

mechanical, survey, assay: day. est 1864. Van der Naillen School, 5100 Tel. Oakland. HEALD'S Business College i 16th and Ban Pablo Oakland, and 1451 Franklin F.

VIOLIN STUDIO Max Lercher. 629 San Pablo ave. Phone Oakland 2314. MISS RANSOM'S school for girls will reopen at 484 Prospect Oakland, on Wednesday, August 21. Single daily session from 8:30 to 1 o'clock.

Marlon Ransom, Edith Bridges, principals. OAKLAND SHORTHAND INSTITUTE A high-grade private school that specializes in shorthand and typewriting. 1065 Washington 8t. over Lace House PRIVATE INSTRUCTION Given by experienced lady teacher in English branches of both private and nVklto ailSAt wAlr fsffnl wiswIava A' ws wa sw uib vafc tutt est of references. 380 Fairmont 4aA IIAklSMil Rlngvalda Prepares applicants for teachers' examinations in any county.

Over FOUR HUNDRED graduates successful. 262 Bacon Block. Phone Oakland 8409. SHORTHAND learned in two months; course $22; hours short; finest studio In California; 30 minutes by cars from Oakland; write for circular." California Shorthand College, Wright block. Cen-- ter and Shattuck.

Berkeley. DAY AND CONTRACT. WORK ARE YOU GOING TO BUILD 7 The new way of building cheap, yet good, -will Interest you. W. H.

Porter. urove st. rnone -aa vemon. BEFORE letting the contract for your new home, get a bid from J. P.

Mor-teAaen, 801 E. 21st st CHAMPNEY ft SCOTT General repairing, painting, paper hanging, plastering, cement, glaxlng, key fitting, shades and carpenter work. Telephone Berkeley 4632. CORBETT. Contractor Jobbing and -store fitting a specialty.

Hit Fraaklla st Phone Oakland 8642. CHIMNEY, mantle or other masonry work. 8SC Hay, phone 6717 Oakland. JAPANESE Housecleaning Company By nay, mrar conirnw, tw weoster St. nrac OAKLAND Roofing' and Paint Co.

Inc now at 1788 Telegrash ave Gomni nting ana roonng. raone Oakland TODD ft LUCAS Carnenters and kinld, prompt work. Office 425 lith; THE PIERCE Cycle Shop removed te 230 Saa Pablo XTye want a motor cycle bicycle? Now' the time to buy. 8ee mm first or phone Oakland tie. 1MB easy J.

Chick. A TOUNO. fresh milk cow for famUy, $40. Apply 594 59th st Oakland. A 25-FOOT sloop In good Inquire 5,4 E.

14th st. ALMOST given away, atorage pianos dirt cheap. Whitehead storage. 405 San Pablo ALMOST new awning and -Iron frame used as sidewalk covering for wholesale house; size 16x60 feet in sections; oargain u. taxen at Apply busl- nesS Tribune.

BELGIAN bares for sale. 1771 Highland East Oakland. CONSIGNMENT of new oak dressers cn.aoniers, roller top desk, enameica Iron and brass beds, kitchen ranges from the Peerless Furniture 'to be sold at less than wholesale prices at private sale; now Is the time- to spend your money right for furniture. Oakland Auction 403 8th near Franklin; phone Oakland 4479, CALIFORNIA' Wood Turning Works xumea una pressea art momaings; composition and plaster caps, band sawing and planing. 610 2d st.

Phone uaaiana 2561. ELECTRIC light, bath and treating table tiieap. am win t. FOR SALE English bull terrier pups at go i cjigni-n i. p.

ti. xaaxweii FOR SALE No. 6 Remington typewriter. sngntiy worn, very cneap. sli campoeu.

LAUNCH for sale: 25-ft. measure launch caom. targe varopi coacn umaows, n. f. engines, sail, 'nearly new; everything first-class: speedy and well adapted for use on the bay; accept cost $1250..

Stubbs, Venice, Cal. NEW tents for sale, 12x14. 1138 Adeline rear. 4 ONE Wagner 60 cycle 208 volt motor; iw. rDont Oakland 6583.

SCOTCH collie pup (female), genuine. very pretty, ror saies sa castro St. THOROUGHBRED cocker, spaniel dog ior saie. Apply 57 valley between Z3n ana wtn orr yeiegrapn aye. TYPEWRITERS.

Fox Visible $100. Blick- ensaener w. laeinnk ire croor Safes: Vertical Filing Cabinets: Inspection service: rentals; repairs; carbons; rtbbops; office appliances. Geo. C.

Bornemann Uth and Clay, Oakland. 546 Market st. S. F. OLD papers for sale, any quantity.

In quire circulation department, Trioune OfWe. WANTED MISCELLANEOUS. DON'T sell your household goods until you see J. uoiman. 4lz list wnere you will realise more for it Phone Oakland 32G8.

FURNITURE wanted Ws will give yon more ror your furniture ana nonsebold goods than you can get elsewhere. 3. A. Munro ft 1007 Clay st, Oakland. Telephone Oakland 4871.

2320 Fillmore st. San Francisco. Telephone West 2828. HIGHEST prices paid fqr diamonds and old gold. M.

J. Schoenfeld 40 San Pablo ave. If you have an idea that. "things are a little dull in this town lust now." look over the advertisements then "drop in" to some or tne stores ana you will conclude that you must have had some other town In mind. IF YOU must have the most money for your furniture, merchandise, call up Oakland Auction Meysel ft Meysel.

Auctioneers: they will pay you the cash or sell on commission. 403 8th at Franklin: phone Oakland 4479. PASTURE for horse. 2 or 8 months, near ave. ana county road.

Box 486. Frultvale. SECOND-HAND. -furniture, carpets, any, quantity; a 40-room lodgmg-nouse; will pay highest price. Address A.

P. O. box 9. UNCLE MORRIS BUYS Gents' east off clothing, etc. Send postal MORRIS LEVY.

477 7th St. HORSES AND WAGONS A RUBBER-TIRE buggy and a good nurse, yearn uiu, iou: etui tiner p. m. 423 65th 8V A RUBBER-TIRED phaeton; a snap; Hurry. 804 10th- rt; phone Oakland 270.

A THOROUGHBRED young mare, gen tle for lady. Phone Merritt 3479. East 17th st. FOR SALE I mpor ted thoroughbred Kentucky saddle horse; has all gaits; fast Bingje-footer: no handsomer horse In state. Address P.

O. box 2694. San Francisco. FOR SALE Fine horse, weighing 1250 suitable for express: also a wagon, nearly new. just painted: can be seen at 1008 Franklin st.

Phone Berkeley 3056. FOR SALE Rubber-tire runabout or open buggy. $90: phaeton. $25. Phone Oakland 6658.

HORSE, saddle and bridle for sale, $40. Apply 1055 Poplar St. HORSES to rent. 367 E. 12th st.

Phone Merritt 3673. STUDEBAKER buggy and harness, cheap. $45. 826 Castro st. MOVING AND STORAGE.

At C. ft W. B. SCOTT'S EAST OAK LAND EXPRESS Furniture, baggage and piano moving a specialty. Office 412 15th st Phone Oakland 6S08.

BEKINS Van ft Storge Inc. lusDeot our- new brick warehouse, 1 24th and Market; largest vans for moving; first-class furniture packers. H. H. goods shipped to-and.

from the east and south at reduced rates. 968 Broadway. COOK-MORGAN Storing ft Moving Co. Furniture, pianos, merchandise, packing and shipping. Office, 603 st; phone Oakland 3235.

LYON STORAGE AND MOVING Packing and shipping. 468 Uth at, Oakland. WE ARE amply prepared to store your pianos and furniture in iron warehouse at reasonable rates. F. F.

PORTER. 468 8th St. phone Oakland 1990. MASSAGE. A SCIENTIFIC massage and alcohol rub.

Parlor 8, 503 10th st; select patronage. DR. MAUD IN MAN Vacuum developing. 458 8th st. room 4.

near Broadr way. ENID MAURlCB-rMassade. 918 Broadway, Room 2. FLORENCE CUMMING8, alcohol massage and tub bath. 32 Sth st 1 FRANKIE WILLIAMS of San Francisco.

1241 Broadway, rm. 5. to the right; massage. LULA CIRCLE Magnetic Scientific mas-sage. st.

Room 202. 2d floor. LOU CARTER, alcohol massage. 913 fc Broadway, rooms 3 and 4. MME.

MONTAGUE Genuine magnetic massage and electric treatment for both sexes; select patrons only. 955 Washington -sty first floor. MISS FIELD, osteopathy. Go fo aide entrance. 506 Sth st I MISS CLIFFORD, alcohol znasaaaa.

419 Sth st. suite 1L TUB baths and scientific Suits za. Miriam st. VAPOR alcohol massage and scalp treatments. Room 15, Pacific House.

869 Washington st PRIDING SCHOOL. i OAKLAND RIDTNO ACAEDMT. -t Ladles, gents and children given care ful Instruction by Prof. Wm. Andersos of Kentucky.

Horses broke, trained and gaited; alse boarded and sold on commission. .1428 Grove: phone Vernon 19L PATENTS H. CARLOS -P. GRIFFIN Patents, Irade-. marks and copyrights: late examiner in u.

u. ratent. Offlce, 812 CaO -Spreckels F. LADTES AND GENTLEMEN! Attention! Vlnnle E. Field ft Co.

have opened offices andlaboratory at 7 Telegraph ave. Free applications of "Par Excellent" hair tenlc. the itching scalp, falling hair and dandruff remedy; ladv attendants; office hours, 9 a. m. to 5 p.

Mondays and Thursdays until 9 i p. m. Call and, see; 'tis marvelous. LADIES, get your hair and scalp, face and fingers attended to by Mrs. F.

SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE A GOOD Qerman laundress wants day work, $2 and car fare. 856 19th st. A RELIABLE woman desires the care of a child afternoons. Apply at 525 43d. A WOMAN wants washing by the day.

971 5th st. A COMPETENT girl wishes position as chambermaid or waitress. Please call at 665 Sycamore st. A FINNISH girl wants position doing housework; $35. with washing ana ironing.

Call 767 61st near Grove. A COMPETENT girl as cook or, general housework. 567 16th St. COMPETENT woman, neat housekeeper, good cook; no washing; adults; nurse for male or female. 1015 Castro south basement COMPETENT girl wants to do housework 4n small American family of adults; wages $35.

Phone Berkeley 5040. CLEANING and plain sewing- by the day; give address and phone. Mrs. C-, 213 San Pablo ave. COMPETENT woman wants work by day.

Box 7880. Tribune. FIRST-CLASS girl for cooking or housework. Call 1511 Broadway. FIRST-CLASS German cook wants position to do costhg only.

Phone Berkeley 3781. or call 2042 University ave. HONEST Japanese girl- wants place help cook. Call 475 24th phone Oakland 8755. LAUNDRESS wants day work.

Phone Oakland 4185. NEAT, reliable woman wishes position for any kind of light work: home more an object than wages. Box 7873. Tribune office. RELIABLE woman wants ppsitloa as housekeeper for gentleman with children.

Fhone C783. Address 837 33d St. SWEDISH girl wishes a place to do housework or second work. Call from 10 to 4 at 1062 11th East Oakland. WASHING wanted by day; write or call.

1476 22nd East Oakland, YOUNG woman wants day work. 1940 Poplar Oakland. 5 YOUNG lady would like to ro out sewing by the day. Address G. Hultgear, 1092 Arlington ave-.

BUSINESS CHANCES A BUTCHER shop, with vegetables fruit and groceries; dally sales $70; froperiy run should clear $300 montn-y; established 10 years: other impor tant business causes sale; price $3000; on terms. M. orirnn, 1J03 Broadway. A VEGETABLE business, wagon and team for sale; call after 6 p. m.

130 west st. A REAL estate business, making money; an interest can be naa by re- sponsiDie man ior $su. tsox ii3. in bune office. A 8NAP For sale cheat), wood, coal hay and grain business.

Including 4 norses, 3 wagons, harness and ail equipment in first-class Condition. Box 7565, Tribune. FOR SALE First-class saloon and restaurant; fine location; lopg lease; well-estabrished trade: room 40x100. Apply 13. F.

Mlnney. 422 11th st. FOR SALE Grocery store; good location for right, party; owner leaving town, Box Tribune. GOOD money-making proposition for educated men of energy and acquain tance: easy employment. Address r.

Q. box 105. Oakland. GOOD grocery store for sale. 3803 Grove st.r corner 3Sth.

MEAT market, fruit store and grocery for sale: old stand: good business, with gooo lease. box 7976. Tribune RARE opportunity for mrfn; will sell established business for $150; must be sold at once; proposition unequaled. ao areas oox fsts. STORE, general, household goods, tea and coffee route, $800.

Oswald, 1155 Twenty-tnira ave. WANTED Man with $500 and services to take interest In a well-paying legitimate business that will stand investigation; salary of $125 per month and share in profits. Call 1611 Brush oaxiana. $14,000 For $3500 This old-estabilshed grocery business turned over $14,000 In cash last year. Can be easily- Increased to $25,000.

Large store in a spienata location, in snow windows, 5 good living rooms, barn yard and other conveniences. Not a cent for rood wHI and only $37 rent 111 health of owner the only reason for selling. 563 East Twelfth comer Twelfth ave INVESTMENTS. HIGHEST price paid for Chiapas Rubber. Oakland Crematory.

Realty Syndicate "2 Certificates, Turlock Irrigation For sale the above and many other de sirable W. E. BARNARD. room -17. -Bacon- FOR SALE A flrst-dass candy store.

centrally located: long lease, cheap rant: au necessary macniaery; ooing prosperous business: reasons for seO-lng, failing health of proprietors. la- tttr st Kaon lis. Bacon block. 96S Broadway. Oakland.

CaL hlgfr- ciass secunues ana investments; mln-- ing companies Incorporated and tinancea; coast agents ior cor DETECTIVES: MANNING'S Detective Agency, room 30. 55 Broadway; best of references; phone ftELP WANTED FEMALE (Continued). MIDDLE-AGED woman, good home with small compensation. Apply trost, lUiU Broadway. REFINED educated lady, widely ac quainted can obtain easy employment by addressing P.

O. box 105, Oakland. TWO first-class hotel waitresses, $30. room and board. Apply steward.

Carlton Hotel. Telegraph and Durant terKeiey. WANTED Experienced girl for general housework In small family of adults; also woman for a couple of days the first of next week fQf housevcleaning; call before 10 a. m. or after 6 p.

m. Mrs. W. H. George.

953 Madison st. WANTED A German or Swedish cook. Apply from 12 to 1 o'clock or 6 to 7, at -1397 Alio st. WANTED Girl for general housework: two in family: uerman preferred. 1427 Walnut Alameda.

Women and girls to work In fruit. Code Portwood Canning new cannery near Fruitvale station, Frultvale. Highest wages. Steady work. Particular attention Is called to the courteous treatment of employes and cleanliness of the cannery.

WOMEN, children, men pick hops. Particulars E. C. Horst, 361 12th st; open Sundays. WANTED Good honest girl to assist with housework.

941 Wood st. WANTED An experienced bindery girl. Apply Schmidt ljttnograpnic oui and Adeline Oakland. WANTED German woman for housework and cookintr in family of wages $35. Aoply 2001 Bancroft way.

WANTED Young woman with refer ences to cook and assist wltn Housework. Apply 1817 San Jose Alameda. WANTED A neat, tidy girl for second work in small boarding-house; good wages. 1358 W. 7th- St.

WANTED Girl to mind baby and help with housework. Apply 6303 Genoa, near 53d st. fVANTED Shirt operators; steady work at good pay. Goldstone 768 E. 12th.

Oakland. YOUNG girl to assist in housework and cooking: call forenoons. 6151 Shattuck Oakland. EMPLOYMENT OFFICES JAPANESE employment and houseclean-lng office. 311 7th phone Oakland 6622.

JAPANESE employment and houseclean-lng office. 319 7th phone. Oakland 2911 WONG NON GER. prop, of Hosay Charley 377 Ninth teas, general merchandise; employment office; Chln-' e.e hovs at any time. Oakland.

Cal. TYPEWRITERS. NEW and second-hand typewriters bought and sold, rented, repaired, ex- changed. Smith 462 13th st. SITUATIONS WANTED MALE A YOUNG man wishes position as office assistant; references.

Box 7907. Tribune office. A RELIABLE man with horse and spring wagon would like to get 'a job; furniture store preferred; wages reasonable. Incfuire 1623 San Pablo ave. A GOOD Japanese boy wants position for housework in Oakland.

Thone Oakland 9549. 69 Tenth Oakland. A- COMPETENT plumber's helper, with experience in setting gas grates.wants steady job. J. Thormahlen.

469 E. 11th. ADVERTISING man desires position for two hours daily; references. Box 7S8L Tribune. AN experienced and honest Japanese boy wants situation to do gardening and take care of horse or housework.

Mlya, v721 19th Oakland. A FINE Japanese laundryman wants position in a family. Please send let-ter to 910 Clay Oakland. A GOOD Japanese boy wants position as waiter; wages $7 a week. M.

Suklno, 819 7th Oakland. Phone Oakland 3918. A GOOD Japanese- gardener, wants situation a private house in Alameda, Oakland or Berkeley. Address Kido, care H. Hayachi 1703 Park Alameda.

HONEST Japanese boy wants place to help cook. Call 475 24th st. Phone Oakland 8755. MAN- 33) who speaks, writes and reads French and Portuguese and reads Italian and Spanish and handy with carpenter tools. Box 7870.

Tribune. MAN wants chore work. Phone Oak land 4185. JAPANESE boy wants short hours; job. such- as water to garden or to wash dishes, etct George Yansa, P.O.

box 7. Oakland. TWO good painters, all around workmen and paperhangers, having their own tools, want work by day or contract. 1561 carred j-Toitraie. To employ one more man in your busl-ness is to increase your Importance ha this community.

YOUNG Japanese boy- wants any; kind of work. Box 7S74. Trlbone. t. YOUNG man desires position keeping books for any small firm; rates yery reasonable; caH or wrHe.

tB. Cheater. I 4 A HAIR GOODS. WE Import human- hair and manufacture win ana aii ainas or nair goods; SPa'-ty- CHARLES HOFFMAN formerly of Goldstein Cohn, S. are the largest dealers on the coast.

1195 Washington? upstah-a Children's hair cutting done. 1 ggga ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW. ALEX. Murdock General law business. 40 cacon puiidirg, oaxiana.

A. A. MOORE, attorney-at-law. 15 Id str San Francisco. D.

A. KNAPP Attorney and conseloiti at law. Office 962 Broadway. Phonal Oakland 3047. Residence phone Berke-n ley 33).

STANLEY MOORE, attorney-at-law. til za sen l-ranclsco. BEN F. WOOLNER. Attorney and Counj selor-at-Law and notary public.

1003 Broadway; rooms 7 and 8. L. S. CLARK. 851 Jacksoni st; consultation free.

Open evenings. B. H. GRIFFINS, Attomey-at-Law. S.

Bk. Oakland: tel. Oakland 65 li CLINTON G. DODGE, rooms 15 and 1J 906 Broadway. FREDERICK E.

WHITNEY. Attorney at-Law, 957 Broadway; rooms 17 andi 19; phone Oakland 4873. GEO. W. LANGAN.

202-203 Bacon BlockiJ GEORGE E. DE GOLIA. 957 Broadway.1 northwest corner of '9th st. room telephone Oakland 38. HAROLD L.

MARTIN. Attorneyat-LawW Room 61. 969 Broadway. HARRY W. PULCIFER.

Attorney-at 967 Broadway: rooms 22 and 23. JOHNSON ft SHAW. rooms 49, law office, 69 and 51. 96 LAW OFFICES of J. L.

Smith, formerly 8. now 1117 Washington st. Oak1 land; phone Oakland 3606. Residence? phone Spruce 562. MELVIN C.

CHAPMAN. Attorney-at- nw, 9S1 uroaaway. NYE ft KINSELL. 861 Broadway. Attorn eyt-at-LawJ! SAMUEL BELL M'KEE.

Law. U. S. Bank Attorney-at-) Oakland, CaL SNOOK A CHURCH, Attorneys-at-Law 906 Broadway. Wilson ft wilson, (Mounuord 2 Wilson and' Charles H.

Lovell), Attor-4 neys-at-Law. i860 Webster st, cornesj Ptno, San Francisco. DRESSMAKING BUTTONS and button holes; and fancy dress pleating; sunburst andP all kinds combination pleated skirts' mchlnga; pinking. California Piesuns Ce. 405 14th st DRESSMAKER wishes sewing at home.

316 Ceiegraph near 19th St. FRENCH accordion and side plaiting, bo plaited, ruehinga. pinking. Latest sua burst skirta Plain and combinatinar buttons to order. Oakland Plaiting Parlors, 1107 Jefferson st, opp.

-Hlga LADIES' sewing; shirt waist suits a rpe-t cialty. 484 Mernmae near zsta ana Telegraph. MrnowELL drassmakins: and mlllinsrr uhuH: oldest and most reliable: pettsnuu eat to order. 101 Washington stj Evening ciass. PERCIVAE.

Dressmaking School dU plomas given. 1065 Washington, ovec Lace Hmise. FLUELESS AND ODORLESS GRATES. i Burns more air than gas. Has absoiuteiy no odor.

Costs less than-X cent per hear. Supplies IU own oxygen. When building, demand It HAMILTON GRATB Vn Tti st ANTIQUE FURNITURE. TB OLSE CTJRIOSTTB 8HOPPE hogany tables, chairs, bureaus, desks, davenports. 760 7th st ARCHITECTS.

ARCHITECT and builder Flans and tl mates furnished on all Work free; will save money by calling at 773 stv'or phone Oakland 8515. 0 ygpnnnu, laia tirouqwny, room 7. PROGRESS "PRESS Ellis E. Wood, Mgr. Phone Oakland 1361 Printers.

Commercial and Society Printing. 876 Broadway, at 8th St, PHONE us. The Alert Dvelng and Cleaning Worka. Oakland 2737. 1563 Broadway.

PERSONALS CAROB Cares rheumatism, kidney and liver complaint stomach trouble and constlpa-tlon. Send postal for full Information to CAROB, 129-135 Telegraph Oakland. with Gardiner-Mitchell Co. LADIES! Do you want health and beautyT Tou can have both by consult- Ing or writing Mme. Cole.

3224 Boise South Berkeley; charges reasonable UNCALLED for suits, trousers and over-t coats at less than cost at Chas. Lyons 4 the London Tailor. 958 Broadway, bet. stn ana iuui uaxiana. WANTED 1000 men to get a good shave for 10c.


Phpne Oakland S450; hours 10 to 6: electric asedle work rinnt jwiiu inrwiuu; Mir, moies. warts, wrinkles, red veins removed, will not re-t turn. Hair and scalp treated. complex-Ions made beautiful as in childhood I i mi -rrorewmon mugni ny Mrs, uorvell uicic iir some interesting things in the want ads. for you.

OAKLAND WINDOW CLEANING -Special prices on weekly or monthly contracts for cleaning windows, mir- roxs, show cases or scrubbier floors; neat work guaranteed. Office 472 10th 4Tear Broadway. Phone Oakland STli-. Nine out of ten of a store's NEW CUS-TOMERS enter Its doors because Its advertising attracts them. HIGHEST price paid -for gent's cast-oft clothing.

133 Broadway. Phone Oakland 619S. THERE are many substitutes for Boston, nruwu menu on in, nuirsei; me Li. B. B.

ts the only original sterilised bread; recommended by physicians as health food: mild laxative, 6c per loaf at groceries and delicatessen itarM Home Depot. 938 6an Pablo. Phone ilISS M. A. BLOEDEL Scalp and facial massage, shampooing, izii Broadway.

none aio. MlSd IF. MAYNARD, electrolysis, scalp treatment, formerly of 1209 Broadway, playter block, has located at 4 1-2 13th st. over Chlnn-Beretta's; phone Oakland 3899, GOODYEAR SHOE REPAIRING- mends your shoes while you Walt. Best material; latest Improved machinery.

215 San Pablo ave. OAKLAND'S nalmUt and card reader; Udlea, 2t; genta, 60c $5 Broadway. suite.

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