The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1891
Page 4
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and DEPARTURE of TRAINS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, OOINO WKST. . 1 passenger 6:02 a m 3 passenger 4 -.37 p m 0 freight 7 :15 a in la way freight 11 :4r> a m fl freight 8 :17 p m OOING BAST. 2 passenger 10 :29 am . 4 passenger 0:30 pin No, 10 way freight 12:15 a in No. 14 freight, 2 j> m No. 8 freight 10 :G5 p m No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Chicago & Northwestern K'y. GOING NOttTH AND WKST. Freight accommodation !) :r>5 a m Chicago Mail and Express 3 :60 p m OOtNG SOUTH AND KA.HT. .Freight accommodation 7 :35 p m Chicago Mail and Express 12 :ao p m Chicago passenger reaches DCS Motnes at 7 p. m., Chicago <i :.iO a. in., and Kansas City 9:30 a, m. Tickets for sale to all points In the •Jnlted Stales and Canada, PROFESSIONAL SL BUSINESS DIRECTORY. ALQONA. IOWA, Jan. 14, 1891. KOSSUTH Market reports from every town in the eoun- ty published regularly eacli week. Reports from Wesley and LnVerne are nmde Tuesday evening. Reports from Whitemore, Bancroft, Hurt and Algomv made Wednesday morning, AIGONA. (Reported weekly by A. Hough.) $ .85 Corn Oats. Eggs ........... 17 Cattle ........ 2.00 Wheat. ....... 75 Flax Hay 1.05 4.00 $ .35 Butter 16 Hogs 3.00 Barley 45 Timothy 1.00 W. C. DANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTOUNEYS AT LAW, Algoua, Iowa. Ofilce Over Comstock's. GEO. E. CLARKE, A TTORNEY. Olliee over the First National Bank, Algona, Iowa. B. F. REED, A TTOliNEY. AT-1,A\V, Algnna, Iowa. Office in the (ialliraitli block, Oats Eggs Cattle 2.00 Flax 1.05 Hay 3.50 1JUUT. .35 Corn .18 $ .84 Butter 18 Hogs 3.10 Barley 45 WIIITTEMORK. Oats 33 @ .30 Corn 33 @ .36 Eggs 18 Butter ... .18 @ .20 Cattle .$1.50 @ 3 00 " ~" " Wheat 65 (S> .75 Flax 1.00 Hogs $3 @ 3.30 Barley 40 @ .50 Hay.. $3.50 @ 4.50 JAS. BARR, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGEON, ______ AIA50NA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., ~ P HYSICIAN jind SUIUUCOX. Oflice next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. Oats.. Eggs.. Cattle. Wheat Flax.. Hay, baled, choice ,.$3 AVKSI.KY. .$ .37 Corn .. .20 @ 4.00 .. .72 1.05 $ .35 Butter 20 Hogs. Barley .. Timothy 3.10 .53 1.00 6.00 I,U VKKNK. .S .40 Corn .$ .40 W. K. II. MOHSK. ,T, M. 1'HIDK. MORSE & PRIDE. ALGONA, IOWA. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions tilled. Deals in paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and Tlioriugton streets Alfiona. Iowa. E. E. Bayers, 3D. V. M., Veterinary Physician ® Surgeon west of the Tliorington House, Algoua.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. For luformation in regard to lands in North•western Iowa, write vo the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA, — IOWA. HOUSE and SIGN PAI1TTEE- Country work a speciality. Oats Eggs 18 Butter ".18 Cattle. .$1.25 @ 3.50 Hogs 3.CO Wheat ' .73 Barley 45 Hay on track 5.50 OUR PREMIUM. We have been offering our premium map of Iowa to all of our old subscribers who would pay up all back dues and a year's subscription in advance before the 31st of December. Many have taken advantage of the offer, and to accommodate those who have not,we will extend the offer to the first of February. New subscribers who pay $1.50 in advance will receive the map as a premium. Maps delivered at REPUBLICAN office. tar-Corn for sale. Charles Rooswall, ff***\ Pi 1 EL B * W 5 VU IT*** B"""k. PA NTER * c D I 3 M h hnufw B V • Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Residence south of Sponberg's tailor shop. Algoua Iowa. F. E. FOSTER, IB _^_ UEB IB IE ZE3! Opposite Court House. .Vljjona, Iowa. lgg°Woi'k lirst class in every particular. Kossutli County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and .sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage; tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. II. INC HAM. President. J. 1!. .IONKS. Vic.- President. LKWI.S II. SMITH, Cashier, DirecUors—W. )f. In.yliam, ,Jno. (J. Hmitli, J. B. .I'liH's, T. Clirischillf.s, Lewis II. Smith, J. W. Wadswortb. JSanirt Devine. Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Burt. Partly improved. For sale at a, bargain. Republican oilice Inquire at GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LAWKS try lir. Li-Due's Periodical 1'ills. from Jans, l-raiirc. KstalilisliiMl — Kurope ix3<> • England; Canada ISTK : I'niu-a States IKS:' 32 or Hi rue IKIM-S lor £,">. Positively remove all lBBE<iiu.A HIT lies or money refunded. THE AMK1UOAN 1'll.L CO, royalty proprietors Spencer, la. The trade supplied by wholesale agents. JI. Hoswith tt son, Milwiiiikt-o ; Kobe bteveiison & Co. Chicago. Uutailecl by J)r L' JO-40-yr' A, Sheet/,, Al^ona. Can be made iu u months i •illhiL': Tunison's Atlases, (.'hurts ami Wall Maps. Particulars free. H. C TUNISON, Chicago, Ills. SHIP YOUB Butter. ICgas, cheese, A|t|)lrs, Pears, Beans. Poaches, Pears, Honey, Beeswax, (Jrapes, Hops, Poultry,Corn,Oats, Wool, Waplc Sugar, J.amijs. Veal, Mutton, Ven- isou. Wild (Janie, Dried Fruits, Potatoes, Hay, feathers, Cider, Vinegar, Furs, Skins, Onions, Tobacco, Broom Corn, ( J.'oot. so tons live Poultry wauled. Will pay cash or sell on commission. Send lor daily market prices. \\". If. l>. liulluril & Co. Produce CojiimisMon Merchants, ao and^i, lies Plain. St., Chicago. 111. ju-20 LEGAL BLANKS o FOR SALE o At REPUBLICAN OFFICE LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Rumors of a Newspaper change. C. P. Brooks has moved to Mason City. E. F. Clarke was down from Bancroft Monday. Capt. Jensen of Swea was in town yesterday. Sociable at the Baptist Church tomorrow night. C. 1). Creed went down to Eagle Grove to spend Sunday. ITarveys' mugwump editorials are coming home to roost. Mr. and Mrs. II. N. 'Renfew of Bancroft were in town Saturday. Regular meeting J. C. Taylor Post Wednesday evening Jan. 21. ' E. G. Bowyer went to Port Dodge Monday on a visit to his sister. McGinty's troubles is booked for one night here sometime in Fehuary. A. Ilougli and R. M. Gardner started for Chicago Sunday night with hogs. There will be a meeting of the W. C. T. U. Friday afternoon at I! o'clock. Old Mrs Baker of Riverdale township died last Satuday, and was buried Mon day. Martin Thomas who has been visiting at E. G. Bowyers returned home yesterday. Knights will remember the regular meeting of Algona Lodge next Friday evening. P. J. Walker of Union Township went into Chicago last week with a carload of hogs. Mrs. G. II. Lamson went to Woodward Iowa Saturday on a visit to her daughter Mary. Fred Bugler and Mary Cole, Ernest Dixon and Emma Musson have taken out licenses to marry. A nine pound boy put in an appearance Sunday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Xolte. Rev. and Mrs. Calloway, of Rockwell City, are assisting Rev. Wliitlield in revival meetings this week. Miss Guile of Fort Dodge, who has been visiting Mrs. Alex White of this place, returned home yesterday. The Ladies Aid Society will give a chicken-pie supper in the Baptist church on Thursday of this week. It is reported that the Independence Bulletin and Journal will consolidate and a weekly horse paper be started. Boston Herald: There will be botli a Ketcham and Cheatham in the next congress, just as there are in this one. Jas. Taylor has a big ad in the RE- PCKLICAN this week. lie is offering some big bargains in cloaks. Read the ad. J. \V. Wadsworth and S. S. Sessions are iu attendance at a meeting of the State Agricultural Society at Des Moines. The Sons of Veterans are making preparations to observe Lincoln's birthday with appropriate memorial exercises. There will be a dime social at the residence of Mrs. L. II. Smith Friday evening Jan. 10. It is a conundrum, Come and guess it. Xext Sunday morning the Baptist pastor will speak on "the Failures in Religious Profession;" and in the evening on '-the Difficulty of Failing." Captain Cooke went to Des Moines yesterday at noon where he is to read a paper on the subject of Small Anns practice before the "Iowa National Guardsman's Association." Last week's Bancroft Begistet contained an account of the accident last December which resulted in the death of Mr. Troleson. There will be a special meeting of tlteW. E. C. for the installation of officers on Thursday Jan. 15. a full attendance is solicited-Sec. Pumping at the waterworks progresses as fast as the well furnishes a supply of water. The stand pipe is filled to a distance of about forty feet. A gentleman from Missouri—we were unable to learn his name, was in town last week, looking up the prospect for starting a wagon factory here. J. R. Thornton, wishes to have it understood that he does not intend to leave Kossuth County ns reported. His sale of the 17th is simply a surplus sale. San Jacinto California Eegister: Mr. D. II. Ilutchens of Algona, Iowa and a large property owner of this section, is the guest of Mr. "W. M. Salisbury. The Sixth Regiment I. N G. stands first in the brigade on rifle practice and Company F stands third in the Sixth Regiment: not a bad showing for Captain Cookes' company: J. G. Smith in company with Charles Grimm of Clear Lake went to Des Moines yesterday to attend a meeting of the State Sportsman's Association Mr. Smitlt is President of the association. The BuruHLiCAN in a very square toed manner questioned the Courier's veracity last week. This had the desired effect, for the Courier then quoted our exact words on the egg question. The fine weather continues in northern Iowa; Central Iowa is snowed under and the East and South is having winter.Europe is frozen from the poleto the Mediterranean. Kossuth County is the place. W. II. Shcweitert of Burt who has been on a visit to his old home at Colesburg Iowa was a pleasant caller yesterday evening. The country clown in the direction of Colesburg is all under snow and the sleighing is good. The RERUBLICAN has been somewhat torn up during the week, while the work room was being ceiled. We are now O. K. again and invite visitors to come in and inspect the work shop where the REPUBLICAN is made. James Wilson tells in this issue how he made a success of farming; how he commenced with a single forty and went on up to the big farm he now has. The article is short and pointed and contains the key to success. Quarterly meeting services were held at the Methodist church Sunday morning conducted by presiding elder Black. Union services were held in the evening at the congregational church, the sermon being preached by Rev. Black. lley. Davidson has undertaken to organize a literary circle for the benefit of the young people; of his church and all others desirous of joining. The preliminary meeting will be held in the parlors of the church Saturday evening, Mrs. Lucy Biglow. sister of Mrs. A. Hough, arrived in Algona hist Wednesday, coming from Buda, Nebraska. She was accompanied by her little daughter Grace and will make Algoua her future home. Her son and wife will follow her here soon. Market reports from every town in the county this week. These reports will bis made regularly hereafter and will always be found published together at the head of our local colums. Tho farmer readers of tlieRicpiH'.LiOAN can see at a, glance where to take their produce. Mr. A. L. Goddard proposes to stand right by Iowa as the greatest corn growing state in the Union and presents another article, in this week's llKi'ini- UCAN. Iowa has gone democratic severnlal times but has never had a complete crop fail tiro yet in all its history. Geo. C. Call leaves for the South in the course of a week to be absent until spring. E. Y. Swotting of Estherville who was with A. F. Call for several vears will remove here permanently taking charge of Mr. Call's business during his absence and occupying the family residence. closed up he will visit warmer climes and spend much of his time in the open tir. Kossuth county will still be his home and headquarters. w^ M ie me 9 ti " B of the b °ai-d last week three of the county officers-Attorney, Mayne, supervisor Olson and Recorder Creed-retired, and their successors assumed the official capacity. All three have been faithful servants of the county and it is with the best of g m° • , eel ng . on evoi 'y haml that their official relations are severed. The new officers are competent men and have the good will of the REPUHLICAN ir- r respective of politics. The Courier has been giving its fanner readers able agricultural articles lately. The gist of several recent articles is that the farmer has been actually losing money on his corn crop tor years and hasn't hadsense enough to quit growing corn, and that the ordinary lieu doesn't lay as many eggs in the winter as'in the summer t'imo. Air. A. L. Goddard claims to have a species of corn—the Silver King—which is by all odds the finest and best corn ever propogated. It is the result of years of experiment. Mr. Goddard is a veteran corn grower and has succeeded in producing an excellent variety and a variety especially adapted to Iowa. He will mail a discriptive circular upon application. The pigeon shoot last Thursday between Budd, Grimm and Smith attracted quite a crowd. Budd made the best score getting 03 birds out of 7o, Smith got 5!J and Grimm 54. Everything considered the scores were very good. From the location of the grounds it was necessary to stand facing the the sun and the glare from the snow made it hard to see the birds. M M M-n V ' McArthur. agent for "The McMillan Comic Opera Company " was in town on Saturday last and closed a contract with the manager, Mr oVicoulin, for Jan. 20, 1891, when they will appear in the prince of comic opera entitled, "The Doctor of Alcantara. This company is composed of the best artists that it is possible for money to secure and as they come well reccomended there is no reason why then- appearance here will not be the leading musical event of the season. In another column will be found a notice from Durant Bros, requesting a settlement of all outstanding accounts as they are going out of business. Hie announcement is somewhat of a surprise to ail as they are one of the standard firms of Algona. They will not leave the county. The reason for closing out is on account of the health ot Henry, who linds that the confinement of the store is more than he can stand. He is troubled with a severe cough and as soou as the business is lic»ii " *-T" '. — —~* v j I.AUII. J.I1G JMC- Millan Comic Opera Comany" is an artist of National reputation, he has a very lino tenor voice of great power Last season with the Henderson Gon- dalier Company and formerly a great favorite with the Boston Idea s. lie appears as "Carlos" in "The Doctor of Alcantara." Miss Patrick is an exceptional y fine contralto, and has won great laurels on the operetic stage and is a most estimable lady, she appears us "Dona Lucrecia." Spirit Lake Beacon: A Hurnboldt correspondent of the Sioux City Journal suggests ex-Senator Chubb, of Kossuth, as the Republican candidate for governor. This is a most excellent suggestion. Senator Chubb is lirst, last and always a farmer. A farmer wlio farms. A farmer who knows by actual experience what the average farmer on the Iowa prairies enjoys, endures and suffers. He is unalterably a man of the people, and his ability and public experience are ample. He would make a winning race and a strong governor. You received a sample copy of the Home Market Bulletin last week, it was sent you at the request of the ALGONA REPUBLICAN. By special arrangement with the publishers of the Bulletin we can furnish a year's subscription to our regular subscribers for ?5c. The regular subscription price is 50c. Everyone, more especially every Republican, ought to take some good protection Journal. The tariff question is to day the greatest question in American politics. It remains for the individual citizen to decide between protection and free trade. We cordially recomend the Home market Bulletin to our subscribers. The County printing is avery small affair to light over according to the Courier and the Upper Des Moines. The Courier declares that the printing is worth but little over $100 per year rind Harvey Ingham repeatedly assured :he board when he was trying to liavis the REPUBLICAN'S list rejected, ;hat the county printing had paid the Upper Des Moines less than $200 during the past year. Why not tell a good one, and then swear off for a while? From the schedule of claims allowed the past year, and published in botli the Courier and the Upper Des Moines, the U. D. M. was allowed over $-500 for services to the county. It is a cold day when the Algona Courier isn't looking for an excuse to quarrel with the REPUHLICAN, and it is a far colder day when the editor of Courier gets any satisfaction out of the RuptiiiLicAN. Two weeks ago we reported eggs to be worth 20 cents a do/en on the Algona market and noted as a, coincidence in connection with this fact, that eggs had increased in price since October (J. when the new duty on <-ggs took effect—just about the amount of the tariff. The REPUH- LICAN asked if tlio tariff in case of eggs was added to the cost of the article, and if it was,how the, tariff on eggs was robbing the fanner. The Courier has been sputtering for two whole weeks over that little item and explains in the most serious way that hens don't, lay as many eggs 'in the winter as in the summer time and that the tariff has nothing to do witli the price, for eggs have gone down .some :•? cts in price and the tariff lias not been reduced. Well—we will never attempt any sarcasm on the democratic party or democratic campaign stories again. When it comes to sarcasm the REPUIIMCAN is a failure. At least our feeble efforts are lost on llinchon. Remnants cheap, at Gal-braith's. Four cough will not last all winter: You will not be kept awake at night.; MADE A SPECTACLE OF ITSELF. the Upper Des Moines Unable to Pi-ovo Its BenklcR Chnrgeg Against the Republican. "Another otic of TlioBo Ingtnnce* where the Vigor nncl SncccKN of the "War <U<1 not <JuMo Cotno tip to tlie I^ofty and Nonndliiff XMmiHo of the atantfento." After hearing what the Upper Des Moines had to say in proof of its grave charges of fraud against the BBPUHLI- caN, and after hearing what the RE- rtn»LicAN had to say in its own defense, the board of supervisors brought in a unanimous verdict of not gujjty and awarded the printing to the HE- PUBLIOAN. The decision of the board was followed by a ghost dance around the premises of the Upper Des Moines in which Harvey and Bob were the principal participants. It was stated to a RKPUULICAN reporter on good authority that Harvey's language has been much more irreverent than usual since last Thursday afternoon. The general charges made by the Upper Des Moines were to the effect that the IIEPUULICAN'S list was "permeated with fraud;" among other things it was charged that the paper in scores of instances had been given for less than the regular price, that the REPUBLICAN'S agents were instructed to take subscribers at any price, that the paper had in many instances been sent to parties when it was never ordered, and so on. The U. D. M. produced an affidavit from a former agent of the REPUBLICAN to the effect that he had while in the employ of the REPUBLICAN taken subscribers for less than the regular price. The REPUBLICAN produced another affidavit from the same agent stating that he had taken in all, not to exceed twelve subscribers at less than the regular rates, but that he had taken those on his own responsibility and without instructions from the REPUBLICAN. Both Harvey Ingham and his attorney, Geo. E. Clarke, held to the rather remarkable grounds that proof of a single subscriber taken for less than the regular rates ought to be sufficient to warrant the board in rejecting the entire list, but the REPUBLICAN produced an affidavit from Mr. W. B. Bossingham to the effect that a years' subscription to the Upper Des Moines had been given to him as a present by the renowned Freeh,andllar- vey wasn't quite ready to have his list rejected as fraudulent. Another argument upon which Mr. Clarke dwelt with peculiar emphasis, was that the REPUBLICAN had been sent in many instances where it had never been ordered and that these methods had been especially adopted in the south end of the county where their agent had never gone to look up the record of the RKPUUMCAN-. Mr. Clarke ventured that the REI'UKLICAN'S list had been padded at least 150by this method in the south end of the county; but when it was proved that the RJSPUHU- CAN only claimed to have a, list of about fifty in the entire south end of the county and that all but about six of these had been on the books for over You will get immediate relief if You will use DeWitt's cough and consumption cure. Sold by Dr. Sheets. Soft <.'<«il for !(i.'J.5O j>«>r Ton. Nauclain Bros. & Winkie at the N.-W. depot are selling a good quality of soft coal for $3.50 per ton. Three other grades of soft coal, also hard coal. 12-15 A Cough Syrup That Can lie Uclied Upon. Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup gives won dtrful satisfaction wherever it is tried. It allays irritation of the throat and bronchial tubes, makes expectoration easy, and relieves all soreness of the lungs and chest. Every bottle is warranted to give satisfaction. Price 25c, 50c, and Si per hottle. The large bottles Sold by P. W. Dingley. Si per cheapest. 102S Ladies, clean your Kid Gloves with Mather's Glove Cleaner. For sale only by Setcuell & Setchell. Fancy goods and notions for the holidays. Ivorinc, China and India silks, cords, ornaments. Kid, silk and wool gloves and mittens. Ice wool fascinators, furnishings of all kinds. 20 7 yr SETCIIELL & SKTCHKLI,. Winter Jixoursions t<> Warmer Climes. Excursion tickets to Mexico, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, the Gulf Coast, Texas, Hot Spnngs of Arkansas, and Excelsior Springs of Missouri, now on sale by agents of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. Apply for rates and other information to the nearest agent, or address Geo. H. Heaf ford, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, Illinois. __ 12-17 Sheets issues regular Co's^giiarantee to cure all ailments with Kidd's Germ Erad. A <;KANI> HAM,. There will be a grand public ball at the Court Hcuse Hall, Friday evening, January 23rd, and a n'rut class oyster supper at Peter Wimkel's the same evening. Everyone is invited to attend; it is to be the big ball of the winter. The music will be furnished by Brickey'x Famous Italian Quadrille Band. Remember the date and that everybody is invited. school books wanted. Must be complete and in good condition. 12 tf _ DuitANT BllOS. Constipation poisons the blood ; DeWitt's Little Early Risers cure constipation. The cause removed, the disease isgooe— SbeeU a year, Mr. Clarke subsided suddenly and silently. And so the hearing proceeded. W. C. Danson assisted by Mr. Moiling, of the Emmetsburg linn of So- pevAllen&Morling represented the RE- PUBLicAN.For thebenefit of all interested in the controversy between the two papers, the REPUBLICAN'S case was as follows. No fraud was intended upon the part of the publishers. A few subscribers—not exceeding one dozen in number—were taken for less than the regular advertised price, but this was done without authority from the REPUBLICAN and entirely upon the agent's own. responsibility. The RE- i-UBLicAN made no attempt to disguise anything, but admitted its cut-rate subcribers and courted the fullest investigation, resting its case upon the good sense of the board. Mr. Clarke laid much stress upon tha argument that a subscriber who paid less than $1.50 was not a subscriber. The REPUBLICAN, contended that anyone paying a reasonable consideration for the paper was a bona iide subscriber. These grounds were endorsed by the county attorney. In fact no one having any knowledge of the law of contracts could hold to any other opinion. The Upper Des Moines was a little bit mistaken in its estimate of the board of supervisors. Harvey boasted that he had the board at his disposal, and that he expected Mr. Clarke to bulldoze his case through for him. If pettifogging and bulldozing could have accomplished the objeet, the Upper Des Moines would now be one of the official county papers. Nothing but the Geo. E. Clarke style oi' conducting a case could ever knock off 78 bona fide subscribers from the REPUBLICAN'S list and give the printing to the Upper Des Moines, and Harvey knew it, but he was mistaken just a little bit in his estimate of the board. stated by Mr. Boies. Also that the av- enige price of corn in Iowa for a period of years was double the price named by Mr. Boies. In the rear 1889 the corn crop of Iowa was about 820,000,000 bushels. And the average crop of Iowa for a period of fifteen or twenty years has been about 250,000,000 bushels. And there is no reason to doubt that this vast amount could be increased at least fifty per cent, without material additional cost. An improvement both in quality and quantity of the corn crop of Iowa is desirable. An improvement in the quality would increase both the demand and feeding value. It is a well known fact that corn is the most important forage crop of the state, not excepting grass. We are dependent upon the corn crop for the production of the vast quantities of pork, beef and dairy products which we are sending east to feed the hungry people of the world. Iowa beef, Iowa pork, and Iowa butter, the production of Iowa corn, are in good demand, owing to their excellent qualities. We should all feel proud of our distinction as an agricultural and intelligent commonwealth. It becomes the duty of every lover of Iowa soil, Iowa intelligence and Iowa manhood to repudiate and rebuke such misleading statements that the Iowa-farmer is getting poor by growing King Corn. Surely every lover of Iowa, be he farmer or not, should take a lively interest jn the welfare and prosperity of our beautiful state of Iowa, whose destiny is onward and upward in the scale of prosperity and intelligence. It has been truly said that no country in the world has bluer skies and greener fields than Iowa. Less than fifty years ago it was a wild, unbroken wilderness, the home of roving bands of savages, but today it is the foremost agricultural state in the union and the world, and King Corn is the staple crop. Without it we would be very poor indeed. Our yearly income from the corn crop alone is nearly or quite $200,000,000. Truly a nice little sum. But the distinguished governor of our state tells the people that we, are getting poor every day growing coj in Iowa, A little more than a yi ago I saw placarded on the stars an stripes, the emblem of o-ur greatnes'i and honor, and in the? streets of Algona, "Iowa Redeemed." "Iowa's Saviour." This was in honor of the election of Mr. Boies as governor of Iowa. I have always been under the impression that Iowa was abundantly capable of redeeming herself, and I believe a majority of the better element, are of the same opinion. Respectfully, A. L. GODDAHD. »--<«!*-•« NORMAL SCHOOL NOTES. The winter term at the Normal is now under full headway and everything points to a very successful terms' work. A class of over twenty has been organized in book-keeping, which is using Goodyear's system of business training. A class has also been organized in Commercial Law. The school was favored on Monday with a call from Mrs. Russell, a, former teilflu'r in 1'liic inu1-it-iifi,M-i Keep It Before the People. -Kcl. liepullicun: Does growing corn impoverish Iowa soil and Iowa farmers? This is the question now before the people of Iowa. Governor Boies misled the people of the east iu the belief that the Iowa farmer is getting poor by growing corn. In a previous article l eodeavored to show that we could grow com at a less 00$ teacher in this The Normal Literay Society will render the lirst program of the term on Thursday evening of this week all are invited. A course of lectures will be given during the term for the benefit of the students, the first of which will soon be anoimced. Quite a large class lias been organized in physical culture, and promises to do good work. The school is in great need of a library. Any one having standard works iu History, Biography, science, Iravels. Literature, or Fiction, to spare will be doing the school a great favor and increasing its working force materially by sending or bringing them to the library. Local and other papers and periodicals would also be gladly received. Kossnth Councy Agricultural Society. The Regular meeting of the Kossuth County Agricultural society was held in the Court house hall last Saturday afternoon. The following officers and directors were elected for the ensuing year. Capt. Dodge, Pres; Chester Ricard, V. P; J. W. Wadsworth, Treas; S. S. Sessions, Sec; E. P. Keith, Marshal. Directors:—Harvey Ingham, Levi Hodgson, Robert Lane, C A Potter, T •* m i\t . .t -r i -. . .• . « . . . .* telling, Farnk Kernan.JB. J. Duulap. At the close of the meeting, J. B. Jones, Jos. Thompson, J. 11. Jones and Edwin Blackford were appointed a cominittee to arrange for a farmers' institute. The report of the Secretary and Treasurer showed the financial affairs of the society to have been very successfully managed. The total receipts were $1.209.39, including $110.79 on hand at the previous annual meeting. The REPUBLICAN earned the society $67.50 on the premium list, the gate receipts were $041,60, and other fair receipts brought the total up to $831.10, while the expenses were $1(59.87. $8(3.13 was expended in improving the grounds, $100 was paid on debt and $67.50 as interest, $722.00 went for premiums and $63.29 remains in the treasury. House to Rent. CAN office. Enquire at REPUBLI- Mrs. Biglow, at the residence of Mrs. A. iiougu, Algoaa, is prepared to do family sewing or to go out as nurse- We sell more of DeWitt's Little Early Risers than any otter pills tbeir action fs easy, do not ripe or cause pain, ace the

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