The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 14, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1891
Page 2
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:HE REPUBLICAN. A HAMMOCK, 'ALCJONA. IOWA. Epitome of the Week. tKTERESTINQNEWS COMPILATION. CONGRESSIONAL. Nwoiiil Si'-.slon. MB. MoCoNNEUi (Rep.), of Idaho, took tlio oath of office as Senator in the Senate on the Oth. The deletions bill was (Unplaced and tlio .ftnnnctal bill taken up in its stead and discussed. The apportionment bill was reported bade from the census committee without amendment — In the House bills were introduced providing for carrying fourth-class mail matter ut the same rates charged third-class mall matter, and subjecting Treasury notes, National bank currency and United States notes to State and local taxation. The bill for a public building at Danville, 111., was passed. TIIK session of the Senate on tke Oth was occupied in discussing the financial bill In the Souse n bill cmuling a pension of $103 per month to Franz Slgel, late Major-Gencrnl of volunteers, was favorably reported and the shipping bill was discussed. THB free coinnRc measuvo was apain considered in the Senate on the 7th. Senators Shoup and McConnull. oC Idaho, drew lots for the terms of service, the former securing the long term.... In the House a bill was passed Increasing from llfty to seventy-live the number of army olllccvs who may be detailed to military colleges. The shipping lull was further discussed. IN the Senate bills worn passed on the Sth for •public buildings at Davenport, la.. and Akron, O., and the finance measure was further considered— In the House the time was con sinned in discussing the shipping bill. The bill authorizing the ecrtilieatcs of service to telegraph operators with the Union army in the late war was passed. DOMESTIC. small children of M. C. Hell, a farmer living in linrbor County. Kan., .strayed stway from home and were frozen to death. 'A SALOON' belong-in^ to a man named Stephenson was burned ut Van J-Juren, O., by persons repi'esonting 1 a secret society which is pledged to see that no saloon shall operate in Van litiron. AT Toledo, O., two employes of the Lake Shore railroad were, instantly killed by the backing of an engine into a train of flat ears. TIIK Secretary of War has transferred to the Interior Department the abandoned military reservation of Fort Gibson, Ind., T.. containing ii.JMl acres, and the abandoned militavy reservation of Fort Crawford, Col., containing '5,473 acres. MAXY hundreds of hogs in Urown County, Kan., were dying from cholera. TWKI.YK men were killed in the Utica mine near .San Andreas. Cal., by the fall of a cage. AT Lone. School-house, Tex.. Charles Beal (colored), who assaulted Mrs. Fisher, was hanged by a mob. EmvAKD and Ifenry Spiers and Harry Stower. aged respectively ID, .liiaml:JO years, were drowned while skating 1 at Keyport, X. .). Six citizens of Dodge and Telfair " counties, (Ju.. were convicted o£ the •murder of .John C. Fovsyth at Xovnum- tlalc in October last and sentenced to life imprisonment. A msi'ATcit from Pine. 1'idge, S. 1).. says that Captain Wallace killed at least live Indians before he himself was slain at the recent battle, of Wounded Knee. TIIK Bureau of American, llepublies is informed that the C.overnment of Canada has decided to establish commercial agencies in Mexico. Brazil, the Argentine Republic and Chili. THE stock of wheat in the Northwest was figured at ;.jy,;-!54,S5:; bushels, an increase of r>:-;:j.:-50ii bushels since last •week. AT Michigan City, Ind.. an assignment was made by J. L. Wilson & Co.. lumber dealers, with #150,000 liabilities und assets of .R50.000. THE visible supply of grain in store in the United States on the 5th was: Wheat, So,847,075 bushels; corn, 3,757,505 bushels; oats, 3,795,00:! bushels. Ax assignment was made at Cincinnati by the Dueber Watch Company •with nominal assets of $1,500,000 and liabilities of §450,000. TIIK Arnold Shoe Company, one of the largest concerns in Findlay. O., made an assignment. A BLOCK of fourteen houses at Owingsville. Ivy., was burned. SKCUKTAUV WIN DOM has lixed the salary of Miss 1'hiwbe Coiizins as secretary of the board of lady managers of the Columbian exposition at S:i,000 per annum. MKS. JOHN STI.NSON, of unsound mind, wife of a farmer ' living near Danville, Intl.. saturated her clothing with coal oil, applied a match and was fatally burned. J. A. I'ATTKISSO.V & Co., wholesale milliners at Montreal, assigned with liabilities of §-J50.0UO. A I'A.ssKNiiKu train on the Pan-handle »x>ad struck two hand cars near Co.shoc- ton, O., on which were twenty-two men, killing two. Tbe others escaped by jumping. DKCKKK, HVMVKM, & Co., the New York lirm of brokers which failed for 812,000,000, has resumed business. NOUTH DAKOTA farmers will resist the payment of fri.OOO.OUO now owing to the harvester companies on the ground that the recently-formed American Harvester Company is a trust. ALL the business buildings in the little town of Jlolivur, Tex., were destroyed by lire. Tni': old log .school-house near Xanes- ville, ()., in which President (JarHelil tanght in ih-51. has been pim.-hused for exhibition at the world's fair. A i.AisiiK crop of ice. eight to ten inches in thickness, has been gathered at Staimlim, Va. Tin-: \Yabaxh .Uailwtiy Company was ordered to pay Os:;ur J. l-'riedman oi Chicago, s:;0,0:j; for injuries lie received in a wreck on the Wahasb road. Ix a riot at a ivJigioiis jneeLiug near Englisli. Iml.. live mi'ii were mortal!v hurt and several others were seriously injured. A co.MiJiM-: \vus t'oriLicd by nineteen of the leading manufacturers of ghis:, table \vuiv in Ohio. Pennsylvania and West Virginia. 'i'Jje number of 1111-11 employed by the nineteen factories i.s over S,(JOU and the aggregate weekly j>ay-roll is fc-.iuo.uui). A crcioNR in Texas wrecked several houses near .Sherman and killed four pel-sons. Household goods were scattered about for miles and the loss was great. Near Yoaknm houses were also blown down. ONK man lost his life, and three others were fatally injured by an Illinois Central train at a crossing in Chicago. TIIK Standing Hock. Rosebud, Pine Kidge. Cheyenne River and Tongue River Indian reservations have been temporarily placed under military control and (Jcneral Miles has been given full authority to act. TnitF.K stores at Cairo, 111., were burned, causing a loss of about S105.0UO. THK Laredo Land Improvement Company at-Lnredo, Kan., failed with assets of $-> ( .>5,000 and. liabilities' of $355,000. THIHTY-TWO members of a sleighing party from Seranton, Pu.. were, hurt, eleven of them seriously, by 'the overturning of their sleigh on a hill at Rend- h urn. F. Y. .IlvKNios, a farmer ;34 years of age living near Mexico, Mo., cut his young wife's throat and then killed himself. Insanity was the cause. SMITH. WADK &. Co.. lumber-dealers at Quebec, failed for :?K!!2.000. AT Modesto, Cal., Jacob Claypool, 10 years old, and twenty-two horses were burned to death by a- lire in a livery stable. CiiAitLKs M. ROK. a young man living near Bay City, 111., shot and fatally wounded his .sweetheart and then shot himself dead. Lie had been forbidden to call by the. lady's parents and took this terrible revenge. THK business portion of McComb, 0., was destroyed by fire. DAVID DAVIDSON was taken from his. home in Indianapolis. Ind., by White Caps and terribly whipped for abusing his family while drunk. ROHKUT DK BOSK, aged 37 years, shot and killed his wife, aged 33 years, at San Francisco while in a jealous rage. TKXKMKNTS at Bayonne, N. .)., occupied by Hungarians, were burned, rendering' about 1,000 persons homeless. The victims lost all their effects. L. II. COHSK, the Alliance 'exchange agent at Lawrence, Kan., was said to j be short ?-(,000. FP.AXK UIXON was killed and John Ross fatally wounded at Monroeville, Ala., in a fight over a dog-. TIIK international monetary conference convened in Washington on the 7th and a cordial address of welcome to the delegates was made by Secretary Ulaine. A KKCKIVEU was appointed for the Farmers £ Merchants' liunk of Clarksville, Term. IT was reported that H. Webster Crowl, ex-city councilman, prominent real-estate operator and a leader in social circles at Baltimore, had victimized his friends and the Baltimore bunks out of more than S:iOO,000. Tin-; Indiana State Board of Agriculture asks for an appropriation of 8300,000 for its display in the world's fair at Chicago, 111. A TitAiN on the Richmond & Danville railroad ran oif the track on passing over a trestle near Gaifncy City. S. C., killing the engineer, fireman and two brakemen, and seriously injuring three others. IT was stated that the Hatfield-McCoy vendetta in Logan County. W. Va., which had been quiet for some months, had been renewed, and that in a fight 011 Hurt creek six men were, killed. FitAXK M. COXI.KV, a leading member of the Steuben County bar and a leading' citizen of Cohocton, N. Y., disappeared, leaving debts of ,5100,000. TIIK village of Springfield Center, N. Y., was nearly destroyed by names. BY the explosion of a cartridge which had been placed in an oven to dry air. ,1. II. Powell, of Amherst, Mass., had both legs blown oft' and Mrs. Nelson Powell was fatuity injured. TIIK dates of the National Prohibition camp-meeting at Dceutur, 111., have been fixed for July 14 to 3(5. TIIK falling of a scantling at the new edifice of St. John's Lutheran Church at Lancaster, Pa., caused the death of four men. THK Denver Iron & Steel Company, with a capital of 85,000,000, was incorporated at Denver, Col. Mus. PKTKHS and her daughter were robbed and burned to death in Cordele, C,a. JOII.N Mouias and Frank Chatham, two well-known ranchmen of Carbondale, Col., met in Lea&ville and renewed an old quarrel, and both were fatally shot. BILLV DAVIS, a Pueblo (Col.) negro, shot and killed his foster-mother and foster-brother in a quarrel about some property. SAMi'Ki. McCLK.v.VAX, employe3 at (Jeorge West's paper mill at Bullston Spa, N. Y., was drawn between two hot cj'linders and crushed and roasted to death. RKI-OKTS from fifty Kansas towns show that the severest storm of many years was raging in the Sunflower State. AT Rusk, Tex., two well-defined shocks of earthquake were felt. Several chimneys were leveled with the earth and sleepers in various portions of towii were awakened. Illness of four days. Her husband, Eiigene Wctherell, died of the same disease two years ago. The prima don- na was a native of Chicago. THK Legislatures oi North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Delaware convened on the (>th. TIIK New York Legislature convened at Albany on the (!th, and Governor Hill in his message announced that he would not again be a candidate for the Gubernatorial chair. AT the joint convention of the houses of the New Hampshire Legislature Hiram A. Tattle (Hep.) was elected Governor over Amsden (Dem.) by a vote of 185 to 150. AT Boston Associate Justice E. Charles Devens, of the. Massachusetts Supreme Court, died at the age of 71 years. THE Legislatures of Missouri, Michigan, Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts convened on the 7th. llKNHY II. MAIIKIIAM was inaugurated us Governor of California on the Sth. THK fifty-seventh session of the Indiana Legislature, opened on the sth and both branches were, organi/.od by the Democrats. IN his inaugural address Governor Russell, of Massachusetts, advocated an amendment to the constitution of the State annulling 1 so much of it us requires the payment of a tax us a qualification for voting. HIISAM A. TUTTLK, was inaugurated as Governor of New Hampshire on the j Sth. In his message he quotes the Commissioner of Immigration as say- ' ing: "From the best statistics at com- j mupd there have been left in the State by summer tourists during the past year more, than 85,000.000. A large portion of this has been left with the farmers." SCORES COMING IN. FOREIGN. Awi'incrt revohitionary effort was made in Lima on behalf of ex-Dictator Pierola and twenty-six of the revolutionists were killed. TIIK ice on the Danube, near Pesth, gave way while it was crowded with skaters, many of whom perished. RUSSIA has forbidden the enrollment of Hebrews as barristers and the expulsion of those already enrolled. AN unknown English vessel foundered on the Sicilian coast and twenty* four persons were drowned. THK Government statement of failures in Canada for the year 1890 shows a total of 11.000. with liabilities amounting to S-il80.ODO.000. TIIK monk known as Fattier Pasquale died in the Casertini monastery at Naples, aged 110 years. THK Canada cotton mill combine has been completed. The trust controls all the mills in the Dominion and an output of 88.250,000. IT was reported that Mr. Gladstone had written a letter to an eminent social reformer in which he declared that practically his end had come so far us public life and politics were concerned. A COMPANY has been organized in Jamaica, for the purpose of cultivating fruits and vegetables on a very large scale for the United States market. "JoK" DOXOOIIUK, of Newburgh, N. Y., amateur champion of the United States and Canada, Avon the half-mile international skating race at Amester- dam in 1 minute 35 seconds. He also won the two-mile race in 0 minutes 10 4-5 seconds. IT was reported that the iioods at Carlsbad. Germany, caused a loss of 13(5 lives and ^00.000,000 florins' worth of property. THK Royal Hotel in Moscow was destroyed by fire, and nine persons were fatally burned. Among the victims was a Russian General. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. RANDOLPH COYLK, Assistant United States District Attorney, who framed the indictment of (Juitcau for the murder of President Garficld, died in Washington on the -1th, aged 4". years. Mus. ADKLAIDK M'AIKK died at New i Orleans, aged 10:.! years. ' THK funeral of General Francis E. Spinner, the •• Watchdog of the Treasury." was held at Mohawk, N. Y., on the -1th. Jl'iXiK HKXICV I!. P,i:o\v.v, of Michigan, was formally installed at Washington on the. ;>th as an Associate Justice oi the Fnited States Supreme Cmirt. THK Legislatures of California and Montana convened on the 5th. GoVKiiNoii PKCK and. other newly- elected ollicers of the State of Wisconsin wi-iv formally installed in oHJcc at Madison on the 5th. TiiK newly elected State oiHcials of •Jowa entered upon their duties on the ; Oth. EMMA AIUJOTT, the famous songstress, died of pneumonia in Salt Lake City, U, T., on the oth, aged 40 yeii-s, after an LATER NEWS. IN the United States Senate 011 the Oth a bill was passed for the relief of Major Wham, array paymaster, crediting him with §38,345, Government funds of which he was robbed in Arizona in 1889, and House bill to provide for an additional Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Arizona. The finance measure was again discussed and the bill creating- the office of Fourth Assistant Postmaster-General was reported favorably. In the House the time was occupied in committee of the whole on the private calendar. At the evening- session sixty private pension bills were passed. Tuny-rent shoemakers' strike at Rochester, N. Y., has been declared oil. AT Mount Yernon, Mo., two newspaper offices, a bank and fifteen dwellings were dstroyed by fire. JACOH MiTiiiMiv, a colored wife murderer, was hanged at Culdwell, Tex. Cor,u weather prevailed throughout all Europe and many persons were frozen to death. l.\ the United States the business failures during the seven days ended on the Uth numbered 403, against 348 the preceding week and 373 the corresponding week last year. ALMOST the entire business portion of Armour, S. 1)., was destroyed by lire. ISKAU Clintonville, Wis., Herman Puntleeft 1 . a wood-chopper who had cut his foot, was devoured by wolves while his companion was seeking assistance. FIVE Russian smugglers broke through the iee while crossing a lake on the Persian frontier and were drowned. TIIK great harvesting-machine trust, known as the American Harvester Company, with its enormous capital of $35,000,000, lias been dissolved. A'KiUNK magazine exploded twenty-five miles south of Toledo, ().. the concussion being so great that the people of Toledo mistook it for uu earthquake hhoclc. A nr.NTi.No tribe in Xew Guinea attacked a village and killed forty of the inhabitants and looted many dwellings. Ai»vici-:s from Cuurtanx:. Germany, say that while a large crowd wus skating on the I'ro/A-u JJoden si a the ice gave way and forty people Were drowned. •I. \V. i;.\ UMAX was stopped by in'gh- wayniiMi i:eur Lima, ()., and robbed of Tm;!.; JJtuvau has issued a bul- li-tin which shuws the total Indian population ( ,f the I'uited States to be :>-H,- VI.M. 'Ihi.-j makes the total population of ilio country, including; Alaska, estimated at 37,000, almost 03,000,000. Heel Cloud SnwMidors to General j\tllen—> Bti»ny Other Mostllcs Giro Thcmsclvc* ITp—tiletttonant Casey's Murder — &lvo« glumes I'ut on Tlu'lr War-1'alnt In Idivlio. PINE Jtmow AOENCY. S. D., Jan 9.— General Brooke, from his camp on White Clay creek, writes General Miles that he has been notified that many of the principal men and chiefs now on that creek will visit General Miles today. It was expected that General 'Miles would hold u conference with Red Cloud, who came in Thursday morning, but the expectation was not realized. The General had decided that ho would hold no more talks with the aged chief, as he hud given him the ultimatum several days ago to abandon the liostiles or suffer the consequences. The in-rival of the, old man is considered an evidence of his good faith, as is also the. effort he made to save Lieutenant Casey's life, by warning him of his 'danger. lied Cloud told of u fight between the Ogallalus and the lU-nles shortly aftei the killing- of Casey. The former made an effort to separate from the lirules and return to the agency. Tito latter objected and tired at them, but no one was injured. Thursday morning about 200 of the Ogallulua succeeded in forsaking the lirulijs and came into the agency. Young- Man - Afruid-of - His - Horses, with several members of his band. returned Thursday from a friendly visit to the Crows and was granted an audience by General Miles. Buffalo Bill, attended by Buckskin .lack, arrived at noon from Kushville. He was warmly greeted by several Irmulred Indians who thronged about the sutler's store. He bore a letter from Governor Thayer to General Miles setting forth Colonel Cody's connection with the State militia and assuring the General of the hearty co-operation of the State troops. Yanktou Charley, now employed as a scout here, brings particulars of the murder of Lieutenant Casey, of the Twenty-second Infantry of General Brooke's command, near the hostile camp Wednesday. The Lieutenant had started out to visit the hostilcs in order to induce the chiefs to come in and talk with General Brooke. He passed a small band of Ogullalus. who were butchering, and proceeded further, followed, however, by two of the Indians, who appeared to be friends. He was shortly afterwards met by Pete Richards, son- in-law of Red Cloud, who had been sent by the latter to -warn him not to approach the liostiles, as it was dangerous to do so. Casey said he would ride to the top of a little knoll, where he could get a view of the hostile camp. Richards dissuaded him, and he and Casey turned around and departed. Just then Richards heard a shot, and, turning back, saw Casey fall from his horse, the bullet having passed through the Lieutenant's head. The shot was fired by the younger of the two Ogallalas who had followed Casey. Richards would have shot the murderer but his cartridges would not fit his gun. Thursday night General Brooke sent out a detachment under Lieiiten- unt (Jetty to recover the remains. The body was found stripped but not mutilated. It was borne to Oelrichfi, whence, it will be sent to Fort Keogh, Mont. DKXVKH, Col., Jan. 9.—A Salt Lake City special to the Rocky Mountain News says: A special from Pocatcllo .says the town is in a great state of excitement over the action of the Shoshone Indians on the reservation. Last night they indulged in a war danc# and otherwise evinced a desire for bloodshed. The chief, Mayer Jim, declared that the Indians would fight, giving as his reason that the "bad Indians get heap grub and blankets; good Indians get nothing. Indians heap mud; will fight." The people are fieeing from the city for safety. The Indians are in war-paint and can not be restrained. The latest advices say: The Governor's guards and the United States cavalry at Boise City have been notified to repair to Pocutello us soon as possible and by this time they are thought to be en route. The town is in a state of wildest confusion. The place i.s almost entirely destitute of arms and a force of not over tiOO men is all that can be mustered for service. The ranchmen and cowboys from the surrounding country are assembling to the rescue. Recpaests from Blaekfoot, Idaho, for transportation of arms have been sent to the Union Pacific authorities here. People of Pocatello are pleading with the railroad people for the trains to remove their families from the town. REFUSED HIS SEAT. PERISHED FROM COLD. The Wenthor on the Continent Is Disastrous in Its Uesults. LONDON, .Jan. 9.—The weather continues intensely' cold throughout the continent. Three unfortunates have been found frozen to death in the streets of Paris, and three children lout in the woods in the department of the Nord perished from the cold. From Hamburg comes the news that the lower Elbe is frozen over solid. Fleets of vessels are, detained. Some which were provisioned for short voyages are frozen in and their crews are suffering for want of food. At the mouth of the river over twenty ships, miuble to enter, arc driven helplessly about by the strong northeast winds among the heavy flouting ice. Great loss of life and property is feared. All the North German ports are blocked with ice and navigation is suspended. ACROSS DARKEST AFRICA. THE French traveler, Captain Trivier, has but recently made the journey. FRANCESCO COIMBHA and Silva Porto made trips through the interior in 1838 and 185S. MB. STANLEY during his recent extended search and explorations for the second time. In 1854 the great Dr. Liringstone who devoted his life to this dark spot made the journey. GKKHAT.D ROIILFS in 1865 penetrated the swamps and jungles &nd safely arrived on the other aide. yes- hut State busi- Thc Moytl, of Net>vi»»ka, After Mitnh Trouble, Is Swottt tn, but Governor 'flift5-er ReftiBes to Vacate Until DoubtH About the fortune's Eligibility Are Removed. LINCOLN, Neb., «Tan. 0. — The joint session of the Legislature for the purpose of opening, canvassing 1 and publishing the returns of the late election was held Wednesday, and for the greater- part of the time the wildest anarchy reigned. The Alliance members had a clear majority, but the Democrat!! and Republicans were not willing to quiotly lay down their hands, nntl a fight was made. The afternoon was spent in wrangling and nothing was accomplished, the Republican and Democratic members being able to keep the Alliance members from bringing 1 the contest casiis up in the canvass of the returns. When tlio joint convention met Speaker Elder, of the House, insisted that he was the proper presiding ofTlccr. LiC'Utcnant-Govcrnor Meiklejohn. presiding officer of the Senate, however, took possession of the speaker's; stand and announced that he was the proper presiding 1 officer. This led to much confusion, and a recess was finally taken until morning. All the doors of the representative hall were closely guarded terday morning, and none members of the Legislature, officers and persons having ness inside were admitted. Alliance members had taken session of the House at 6 o'clock in the morning. They placed the speaker in the chair and put a cordon of assistant sergeuuts-at-urms around him. Lieutemmt-Governor Miekeljohii got in through the cloakroom and was served with an order of ejectment, [but he defied the officei and was not taken into custody. Both sides had a force of sergeants- at-arms within call, and any attempt on either side -to proceed with the canvass would have precipitated a row. To avoid this a committee from each party was sent with a statement of the case to the Supreme Court, and the House waited several hours in suspense for a decision as tc which officer had the constitutional right to preside. Fifty • sergeants-at- arms were appointed and thousands of people besieged the doors. Governor Thayer called out the militia to suppress the disturbance at the State tlouse. The Supreme Court issued a writ of mandamus compelling the speaker to canvass the returns. This is a point in favor of Governor-Elect Boyd. Sheriff McCloy served the writ on the speaker only after a pitched battle. He was guarded by a squad of police and Captain Carder's clothes were torn off, but after smashing hats and heads with their clubs the officers secured an entrance and served the writ. Lieutenant- Governor Meikeljolm then declared the session adjourned, and Republicans and Democrats filed out of the house. Mr. Elder then called the Alliance. members to order and directed the roll to be called. Mr. Elder called the eighteen Senators and fifty-five Representatives of the Alliance to order as a joint session, but Attorney-General Leese advised them to submit to the. orders of the court. Nevertheless, Elder was declared the presiding officer of the joint session, and the Alliance men started to begin work. Governor Thayer tried to quiet the crowd, but with no effect. The militia cleared the State House grounds, but the people crowded by them every time they could and a howling mob surrounded the capitol. The proceedings at the afternoon session were less sensational than those of the morning. The mandamus of the Supreme Court sobered .the radical Alliance men and a spirit of moderation was manifested. At (3 p. m. the Independents were in their seats, but transacted no business until the entire body was present and the Lieutenant- Governor appeared and called the convention to order. A number of conciliatory speeches were made, and the Independents, seeing that they could not gain their point by instituting then- contest before the canvass of the vote, offered no further obstruction to business. The speaker of the House proceeded to open the returns and the Democratic candidate for Governor (Boyd) and the Republican State ticket, with that one exception, were found elected on the face of the returns. A resolution was then passed, receiving the full Alliance vote, declaring that the canvass had been conducted under protest and that the Legislature in nowif.e recognized the election of the officers who had been returned as receiving the highest number of votes. The officers, however, were sworn in promptly by Chief -Justice Cobb. The contest will now go on as prescribed by law. There i.s a prospect that the Legislature will unseat every one of the now ofiicers. Matters were further complicated Thursday night. At S o'clock (Jovernor- elect Boyd called on Governor Thayer and was informed that the latter would not give up the office on the ground that Boyd was not u citizen of the United States and was therefore not eligible. Governor Thayer has barricaded the executive office and remains inside with police and a committee of militia on guard. It is impossible, to reach him to ascertain his purposes, but it is understood that he will remain Governor if possible until all questions affecting his successor are settled. You've tried Dr, Pierce's Favorite. Prescription t> have you and you're disappointed. The results are not imittdi* ate. And did you expect the disease of years to disappear in a week ? Put a pinch of time in every dose. You would, not call the milk poor because the cream doesn't rise in an. hour ? If there's no water in it the cream is sure to rise. If there's a possible cure, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, is sure to effect it, if given a fair trial. You get your one dollar it costs back again if it don't, benefit or cure you. We wish we could give you. tJte makers' confidence. They show it by giving the money- back' again, in all cases not benefited, and it'd surpHse you. to know how. few dollars are 1 needed to keep up the refund- Mild, gentle, soothing and healing is Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Cures tjhe worst cases permanently. No experimenting. It's " Old Reliable." Twenty-five years of success. Of druggists. Thousands Uietl of SmuU-l'ox. PA.VAMA, Jan. O.—By advices from Guatemala it appears that the epidemic of small-pox which has ravaged several cities has abated. It lias be. n the canst; of over 20.000 deaths, according to the accounts in possession of the Government. Th-:- l; is now a demand on the part of the medical faculty for the establishment of compulsory vaccination. Niue IVj-xoufi Fatally Jitirncil. Moscow, Jan. !).— The Royal Hotel in this city was burned Thursday night. Nine persons were fatally burned during the, fire. Among the victims was a Russian General. Some Children [ Growing Too Fast become listless, fretful, without energy, thin and weak. But you can fortify them and build them up, by the use of GF PURE GOD OVER OIL AND HYPOPHOSPHiTES Oi* ILime and. Soda. They will take it readily, for it is almost as palatable as milk. And it . should be remembered that AS A PSE- < TENTIVE OR CORK OF COUGHS OE COLDS, | 18 BOTH THE OLD AND YGUM3, IT IS ! UNEQUALLED. -Avoid substitutions offered. PBJOES WITHIN EBACH OP AT.T. Styles and Colorings Equal to foreigiu BOLD BY ALL LEADING BETAILEH.S TTNDEH, THH ABOVE TBADE MAKE. •a-NAUB TUIS VAPSUtTBT Umt Touwntt. "It Disagrees with Me." A common remark. If-you take Tutttr* fills you can eat anything: you like, and feel no bad effects. They act specifically on the liver, stomach and bowels, causing- a free-. flowof gnstrlo juice, -which Is essential to good digestion and regular bowcle. Don't Fear Now* ' Rev. K. Bnrts, Maneta, Flo., «ays: "Tntfu- Fills are held in high repute as a Liver Regulator. X hardly know how we could get' along without thorn. Chills and fever hava lost their dread. Our people take one or two doges of the Pills, and follow it with fifteen grains of quinine, divided in throe doses dur-- fag the day. Tlio oh ill never returns." Tntt's Liver FilM CURE CHILIS AND FSVEE. Prloo, 2Bo. Oflico, 39 & 41 Park Place, N. YJ GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878. W. BAKER & CO.'S JT» absolutely pure onef it is soluble. No Chemicals are used in Its preparation. It hu marc than thru rt met the ttrcngtli of" Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, nnd ID therefore far more economical, costing leas than ono cent' a cup. It \9 delicious, nourishing, streogthcning, EA6U.V DlUESTSD, und admirably adapted for iuvaliito as well an for pcraana in health. Bold by Groco 1-8 everywhere* - BAKER & CCLDorckester. Mass- Eaavatioai OUS LEADING SORTS. LATEST NEW VARIETIES. LIBERAL TERMS. Labor, Not Experience, Live, Energetic Men Succeed. O sell first. Location Permanent, If Desired. T«CK , nn i* | nii-rriT rnrri - by uu. LOOK! OUTHTFREE! i««. LET US CORRESPOND. G£0. SlOKLSIMf ti SO.V, lulau Kunvrlr», KUUIKSTEIt, K. ' ' class Uiuc jtu > JTI3 by C!lll> • of youug UH-U anil uaitu iii tho u. B. A. o«» thtir livoii unit their health »o4 HMMCwiiHMMwBlzvidgti'^ Food. By Druggist* IKJOjJa SOOll IS 36<*awup. WOOLKICH t tOl'MIUiS- .V c« M PiOmcr, JAftM« uaily diet in Infancy uutl Childhood tum '

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