The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1891
Page 6
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AN EVENTFUL YEAR. Many Things That Happened During 1890. RECORD OF NOTABLE OCCURRENCES, Dfoantrons Business Failures—Fatal Casualties and Startling Crimes—Leading Political and Social Kvents—Ne- crology—Disastrous Fires, Etc. BUSINESS FAILURES. {INVOLVING 8300,000 AND OVER, ON BANKS GENERALLY.] Jan. 0—R. Deimol & Co., Chicago furniture dealers; $300.000. Jan. 14-Srnith Middlings Purifier Co., Jack- eon, Mich.; (H84.000. Jan. 10—Bank of II. B. Plerson & Son, Albany, N. Y. Jan. 21—State Bank of Irwin, Kan. Jan. 87—John U. Lollande, New Orleans, cotton merchant: 5000,000. Feb. 4—Joseph P. Murphy, Philadelphia, manufacturer of cotton and woolen goods; $.>OU,000. Feb. 11—Franklin Woodruff & Co., dealers in flsh and salt, New York City; 3400,000. Mar. 13—Harrison & Loder, wholesale dry goods, New York City; $350,003. Mar 19—John F. Pluminer & Co., wholesale dry coeds, New York City; $1,000,000. Apr 7-George K. Slstare's Sons, bankers, New York City; $500,000. Apr. 8—Manhattan Bank, Manhattan, Kan.; •1581,000. Apr IT—Louis Franko & Co., silk merchants, New York City; $900,COO. Apr. 30—Bank of America and twelve branches, Philadelphia; $700,000. ji ay i—pechhelmor, Ran & Co., shirt manufacturers, Now York City; $400,000. May 13—Plattsburg Bank, Plattsburg, Mo. May 14—.1. P. Reynolds, broker, Now York City; $3CO,COO. May 10—Public Grain and Stock Exchange, New York City; largest bucket-shop in United States. May 23—Bank of Middle Tennessee. Lebanon, Tenn. May 23—Owego (N. Y.) National Bank. Jun. 20—Park National Bank, Chicago. -Jim. 24—Bunk of Hartford, Hartford, Wis. Jul. 29—J. K. Tygert & Co., fertilizer manufacturers, Philadelphia, Pa.; ff3l7,COO. Aug. 0—State National Bank, Wellington, Kan. Aug. 27—Potter, Lovell & Co., bankers, Boston; $6,000,000. Aug. 29—City National Bank, Hastings, Nob. Sep. 3—Hoxie & Mellor, Wisconsin lumber dealers, $500,000. Sop. 4—Sawyer, Wallace & Co., New York, Louisville itud London, commission merchants and brokers; $2,COO,000. Scp. 6—National bank at Kingman, Kan. Sep. 17—Gardner, Chase? & Co., bankers and brokers. Boston; £2,000,000. Sep. ST—Bank of Madison, Jackson, Tenn.; 8800,000. Oct. 4—Fleming Bros., patent medicine firm, Pittsburgh, Pa.; $500,000. Oct. 10—Indianapolis (Ind.) Car Manufacturing Company; £000,000. •Oct. 13—Wallace, Waggoner & Co., wholesale -grocers, Houston, Tex.; $300,0000 ... J. II. Hagerty & Co.'s bank. Aberdeen, S. D.; $230,000. Oct. 10—R. G. Peters' Salt and Lumber Co., Manistee, Mich.; $3,000,000. Oct. 31—Leopold Bros., wholesale clothiers, Chicago, $301,000. Nov. 11—Panic in Wall St., N. Y., caused the failure of brokers Decker, Ho.well & Co. ($10,000.000); C. M. Whitney & Co. (5300,0001, and Daniel Richmond ($200,000) .... John T. Walker & Co., silk importers, of Now York City, S900.C03. Nov. 14—Kansas City Packing Co., Armour- dale, Kan.; $500,000. Nov. 15—Kansas City Packing & Refrigerating Co., Boston; $1,000,000 Mills, Robeson & Smith, brokers, New York City: $350,000. Nov. 18—P. W. Gallaudet & Co., New York City, brokers; $1.000.000. Nov. 20—Barker Brothers & Co., bankers, Philadelphia; $3,000,000. • Nov. 21—Banking firm of Ragsdale & Co., •Oklahoma City, O. T. Nov. 22—First National Bank of Alma, Kan. ...Bank of Waverly, Waverly, Kan. Nov. 24—Edward Brandon, New York broker; 81,500,1)00....Thomas Fawcett & Co., extensive -ooal dealers, Pittsburgh, Pa.: $400,000. Nov. 25—Thomas H. Allen & Co., cotton commission firm, Memphis, Tenn.; $759,000. Nov 27—H. H. Bell, banker, Duluth, Minn.; $750,000. Nov. 28—B. K. Jamison & Co., bankers and brokers, Philadelphia; $1,000,000. Dec. S—Rittenhouse Manufacturing Co., Pas•Baic, N. J.; $800,000. Dee. 5—V. & A. Meyer, cotton 1 dealers, New Orleans; J2,500,000 Delameter & Co., Mead- viUe Pa., bankers; $400,000—Chicago Safe & Lock Co.; $700,000. Dec. §—Roberts, Cushman & Co., dealers in bolters' materials, of New York City, $500,000. Deo. 9—American National Bank, Arkansas City. Kan....Nightingale Bros. & Knight, silk manufacturers, Paterson, N. J.; $400,000.... "Whitten, Burdctt &. Young, Boston, wholesale -clothiers; $700,000. Dec. 11—Kendrick, Pettus & Co., Clarksville, 'Tenn., tobacco dealers; $400,000. Dec 11—Franklin Bauk. Clarksville, Tenn.; KOO,DOO, assets $2r>0,00;). Dec 12—Venable &Hoyman, wholesale liquor . dealer;;, New York; $400,000....Henry Seibert, tobacco dealer, New York; S350.0JO. Dec 13—Druid Mills Manufacturing Co., Batimoro, Md.; $000,000.... Collier, Robertson & Hatnbleton, wholesale grocers, Keokuk, la.; £175 000.... Bell Miller & Co., dry-goods dealers, Cincinnati; $400,000. Dec. 10—Maria & Smith, bankers and brokers, Philadelphia; $300,000. Dec. 17—Huron National Bank, Huron, S. D. ....Clearlield County Bank, Cleartleld, Pa., Dec 'l8-Spokane Falls (Wash.) National Bank....S. A. Kean & Co., bankers, Chicago. E, ec . 19—Owens Bros., Providence, R. I.; SI 000 000. Dec 23—Bateman Bros., wholesale grocers, Fort Worth.Texas; $500,000. Dec. 24—The firm of Eiseman & Co., dry- goods merchants, Council Bluffs, la.; $300,000. Deo 25—Sanborn County Bank, Woon- eocket, S. D....Marerick Bank, San Antonio, Tex. CASUALTIES. tCATJSINO LOSS OF FOUR OR MORE LIVES.'] Jan 3—Several lives lost in a snow-slide at •6ierra City, Cal....Four inmates of a logging camp cabin on the Tennessee river in Kentucky burned to death. Jan 0—Three men killed, others fatally hurt In railroad bridge accident near Wellsboro, Pa. Jan. 8—Five men killed by mine cave-in near : Trinidad, Col. ... , , Jan. 9—Fourteen workmen killed by giving way of caisson of new bridge at Louisville, I^y. Jan 12—Four persons kiWed and many others Mar. 6—Pour workmen killed by explosion In ooal mine at Plymouth, Pa. Mar. 0—Six persons killed and many others injured In railroad wreck near Hamburg, N. Y. Mar. 7—Eight persons seriously (some totally) injured In runaway accident at Baldwin, ^v iS. Mar. 17—Twelve firemen at burning of wholesale book store In Indianapolis, Tnd., imprisoned by falling wall and burned to death, many others being seriously injured. Mar. 19—Five miners burned to death in mine at Hurley, Wis. , Mar. 21—Five persons killed in railroad collision near Hancock, N. Y. Mar, 25—Four boys drowned by capsizing of boat near Omaha, Neb. Mar 27—Twenty destructive cyclonic storms in many parts of tho country. Tho city of Louisville and many smaller towns In Kentucky, Metropolis, 111., Jefiersonvlll'e, Mo., and other places suffered severely in loss of life and property. Number of killed several hundred with many others injured. Property loss manv million. Severe blizzards throughout tho north- Ma'r. 31—Four men killed and many others injured by dynamite explosion in mine at Cool- burg. Ala.... Several persons injured (some fatally) in lire at St. Jonenh's convent, Milwaukee. Aijr. 1—Six boys killed by caving in of sand bank near Vcrnon, Tex....Five persons killed by boiler explosion at Hatsonvillo, 111. Apr. 2—Three men killed and four others fatally injured in a mine explosion at Nanticoko, Pa. Apr. 7—Many lives reported destroyed by cyciono at Prophetstown, 111. Apr. 0—Four boys killed by faUlng slab at Webb City, Mo....Several persons killed and others injured by cyciono at Roanoko, Va., and in portions of Pennsylvania. Apr. SO—Fifty persons injured (five fatally) by falling of bridge at Springfield, O. Apr. 23—Three men killed, two fatally and four others badly injured in mill explosion at Now Castle, Pa. Apr. 24—Four men killed, four fatally and many others seriously hurt by explosion in silk works at Catasauqua, Pa. Apr. 25—Two young ladies killed, and one young lady and two young men fatally injured in runaway accident at Lima, O. j^uy 5—Twelve persons killed by wind-storm at Acton and Robin Creek, Tex. May 7—Ten persons drowned by capsizing of a yacht at Wheeling, Va. May 8 —Thirty insane persons -burned to death in county asylum destroyed by lire at Preston, N. Y. May 10—Five persons killed by violent wind storm in Northern Missouri, 1'our at Cedar Valley, Kan., and four at Oil City. Pa....Three workmen killed and several others injured by powder-mill cxnlosion at Minton, Pa. May 12—Five railroad employes killed in freight-train collision near Chattiuiosoa.Teun. May 15—Over 20 lives lost and nearly 20 houses wrecked by caving in of mine at Ash- lev, Pa. May 21—Fivo miners killed by falling rocks in a mine at Calumet, Mich. May 23—George Paterson, wife and two children, Sulincville, O.. killed by lightning. May Sii —Eisht. persons drowned by upsetting of boat near Fall River, Kan. May 20—Ben Mnyors, base-ball catcher, killed at Montgomery by ball hitting him in the mouth. May 30—Fifteen people drowned by tram of cars going through an open draw at Oakland, Cal. 'jun. 3—Pen persons killed and many others injured by storm at Bradshaw, Neb....Four farmers struck by lightning near Caro, Mich. Jun. 5—Seven school children killed by lightning near Flandrcau, S. D. Jun. 0—Engineer and four section men killed In a railroad accident near Rookford, 111. Jun. 9—Eight men killed and many others injured in railroad collision at Warronton, Mo.... Ten men injured, some of them fatally, in railroad wreck near Plymouth, Wis. Jun. 13—Mrs. Esther, her three daughters and two sons and about a dozen other persons on the banks of Bull creek near Waynesvillo, Ky , drowned in a flood, andthrcetrainmcnloserhcir lives in a washout caused by the high water. Jun. 18—Eight persons drowned by flood caused by cloud-burst near Appomattqx, S. D. A woman and her twin children killed by lightning at Williamsburg, Ky. Jun. 10—Four persons drowned at Peoria, 111. Jun. 80—Many lives lost by cyclones in Leo and La Salle counties, 111....Engineer and tire- man killed and many passengers injured in railroad accident near Childs, Md. Jun. 25—Throe men instantly killed and four others fatally injured by boiler explosion in stave-mill at North Star, Mich. Jun. 28—Two persons killed and 27 others injured in railroad wreck near Nevada, Mo.... One hundred persons poisoned (four fatally) by drinking lemonade at a pionio in Wichita, Kan. ....John Mosser. wife and daughter, Wilkes- barre, Pa., fatally poisoned by eating sausage Entire family (Jerry Soarles, wife and child) idlieil by lightning at Vanceburg, Ky....Two •women killed and seven other persons injured in railroad accident near Joliet, 111. Jun. 30—Four persons killed by lightning in Columbus, O. Jul. o—Seven children were injured (five fatally) by gunpowder explosion at Industry, Pa. Jul. 7—Seven children named McCarthy killed by destruction of their house by cyclone at Fargo. N. D. Jul. 8—Several lives destroyed by severe wind-storm at Pittsburgh, N. Y....John Fosberg, wife and two children killed by lightning near Jamestown, N. D. Jul. 9—Fivo men killed and six others fatally injured in railroad collision near Birmingham, Ala . Nine men drowned during a storm at Ball's Bluff, N.Y. Jul. 10—Three ladies killed and two others fatally injured by a train running into their carriage at a crossing near Owego, N. Y. Jul. 11—Fifteen men killed and eisht others injured by an oil and gas explosion on a freight steamer at Chicago. Jul. 13—Between 100 and 200 lives lost in cyclones near St. Paul, Minn. Jul. 14-VTon lives lost in railroad collision at Smithville, Ky. Jul. 15—Ten men killed and many others dangerously hurt in a powder-mill explosion near Cincinnati, O. ... ,.m Jul. 10—Mrs. John Hamlett and her four little children perished in their burning house near Valparaiso, Ind.t Jul 21—Two men killed, two others fatally and one seriously injured by explosion of threshing engine near Princeton, Ind. Jul 22—Seven persons killed by cyclone In TraillCounty, N. D., and two at Ghent, Minn. Three men killed and many passengers injured in railroad accident near Limdon, Col. Three persons burned to death and one fatally injured in a tenement house lire in Cincinnati O....Four men killed and one other fatally injured in a railroad collision at Antigo, Wis Ju'l 23—Eight people killed, eleven others fa- tally'and sixty slightly injured in cyclone at South Lawrence, Mass.... A man, wife ana three children killed at railroad crossing at Graf ton, W.Va. • Jul 28—A collision between steamers off Fort Carroll, Md., caused the drowning of live pur- Oot. SO—Four men killed and othets injured by boiler explosions nea* Pittsburgh, Pa.... Steamer Annlo Voung burned off Lexington, Mich., and nine of the crew wefe drowned. Oct. 21—Four men blown to pieces by premature blast explosion at ColllnBton, Utah.... Five men killed by boiler explosion near Milan, C?ot'. 22—A man, two women and a child killed at railroad crossing near Chickamauga, Ga.... Two men killed and 88 passengers injured in railroad wreck near Bfrminghaui, Ala....Six men killed and seven other persons injured in a collision in railroad tunnel at Sloan's Val- lev, Ky.. No ov."13—Five track repairers on a hand-oar near MillersburR, Ky., killed by passenger train....Five persons killed and nearly 100 others injured in railroad accident near Salem, Nov. 17—Four persons killed by Riving way of span of bridge at Kansas City. Mo....Throe workmen Killed and others terribly Injured by boiler explosion at Mertztown. Pa. Nov. 27—Five men drowned at Bayfleld, Wls. Three men killed and four others Injured by saw-mill boiler explosion at Scotland, Ga.... Seventeen lives lost by burning of steamer at Port Adams, La. Nov. 28—Four men drowned near Oswcgo, N. Y, while hunting in a boat....Mr. Gebhard, wife and two children killed by railroad train at Closter, N. J. Nov. 29—Six loggers drowned near Illco Lake, Wis Dec. 1—Fivo negroes drowned at Evansvillo, Dec. 2—Four men killed by saw-mill boiler explosion near Espytown, Pa. Dec. 3—Mrs. Hucker, Shelbyvlllo, Ind., and her two children fatally burned by explosion of natural gas. D OC . 4—'.t'wo men killed and four others injured In railroad accident at Jacksonville, 111. .... Three workmen fatally injured by explosion in a Cincinnati chemical manufactory....Nino men killed and nine others injured by collapsing of blast furnace at Jollot, III. j3 CC . 9—Four persons killed by a cyclone in Dec^ll—Mr. and 'Mrs. E. T. Todd and their daughter, Mrs. Slayton, of Sioux City, la., wore killed by a train at Minneapolis, Minn.... Three sons of I. S. Archer were drowned in tho Delaware river at Valley Falls, Kan. Dec. 13—Tho steamer Baton Uoguc, was wrecked at Hermitage, La., and ten persons said to have boon drowned.... Brakeman James was killed, and Engineer Nichols and Fireman Girso wero fatally injured in a collision on the Union Pacillc near Coyato, Wash. Dec 13—Fivo girls fataUy, four others badly burned at Buehtel College, Akron, O....Five pcracns killed by express train in Bristol, Pa. Dec. 17—Four Hungarians killed by fall of coal in mine near llazelton, Pa. ]3 00 io_Four persons were killed in a wreck on the Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad near Dec. 20-One man was killed and four others fataUy injured in a wreck on tho Colorado Midland near Cardiff, Col. Dec. 23-Five men wero fatally burned by an explosion in tho New Jersey steel and iron works at Tronton. „ Dec. 24—Five men were hurt, two fatally, by tho overturning of a car of stone at Gosport, Ind .. Seven workmen were buried in the debris of a falling building at Barbcrtou, O., and one killed and two fatally injured.... At Brazil, Ind., four men were fatally scalded by a boiler eX De'c 20—Mrs. John Dietrich and three children burned to death in their home at Rochester, N. Y. CRIME. Patetson, N. J.; Mahle Lake, Minn.; Aurora, a. i Black Rive? Falls, N. Y. i Cheney, Wash.t leading, Mass.; Madrid, Neb.; Denver, Col.; JoaltonV O.; Kirksvllle, Mo.; Maysvllie. Oft.;, Uexls, 111.? Kearney, Neb.; Elmorla, Col.: Pi- racer, O.; Mitchell Station, Va.; Marshnold, alo.; Cornwells, Pa.; Theresa, N. Y.; Pearsall, Tex ; Gibson City, 111.; St. Elmo, Col.; Knights- vllle, Ind.; Korrodsburg, Ky.; Greenwood, Miss.; Sierraville, Cal.; Hortsvllle, Ind.; Oil- boa. N.Y.; Latham, 111.; Soranton, Pa.; Elli- cottsville, N. Y.; Hot Springs, Ark.; Ashley, Pa,; Auburn, Neb.; Cambridge, Wls.; Rathburn, I. T.; Doggott, Cal.; Chatsworth, 111.; Harlem. Mo,; Mllaoa, Minn.; Bigbee, Mo.; Oerrillas, N. M.; Blue Hill, Nob.; Carbon, Wyo.; Pullman, Wash; Livermorc, la.; Calloa, Mo.; Lamar, Cal.; Delano, Cal.; Sherman, N. Y.; Sherrods- villo, O.; Travcrs, Cal.; Walnut, Hi.; Madison, Mo.; Groteu, S. D.; Pembroke, O.; Plnkstaff, 111.; Oxford, la,; Cocoa, Fla,; Hiawatha, Kan.; Park City, N. Y.; South Haven. Mich; Whitehall, Mich.; Crawford, Nob.; Ilion, N. Y.; Oneonta, Tenn.; Johnsonburg, Po.; Pickroll, Nob.; Bralnerd, Minn.; Fnlrfield, Neb.; Osa:?o City, Kan.; Fairport, O.; Hamilton, 111.; Virdon, 111.; Leavenworth, Ind.; Stillwater, Penn.; Ulysses, Nob.; Andover, O; Apalaohicola, Fla.; Arling- and Moorhead and near aiyndon iftd Ma* MM. \ A* I gassed 15—Earthquake shook at Marttnsville, | Akron, N. Y.; Uuyvlllo, La. FOREIGN. Jan. 1—Royal palaco of King Leopold, near SOME OF THK MORE ATROCIOUS MURDERS. Jan 7—Eil Church, aged 17, at Guyandottc W. Va., poisoned his father, mother, brothers and sisters. , Jan 14—Motion for now trial In case of Coughlin, Burko and O'Sullivan connected with, tho Croniu murder in Chicago, overruled and prisoners taken to Jolict penitentiary. New trial granted Kunze. Fob 12—Four of the alleged jury bribers in the Crouin ease, Chicago, pleaded guilty. _ Feb. S3—Cronin jury bribers were convicted and sentenced to three years in the peniten- Apr 10—A girl named Emma Stark confessed to having poisoned the Newlnnd family, of Chicago (two of whom died), by putting "rough on rats" in their food, though she did not intend killing them, Apr. 14—Two of a gang of masked men who had visited a man's residence near Doniphon, Mo., for the purpose of whipping him, were killed by their intended victim's 14-year-old son.... The U. S. Supreme Court approved the judgment of tho California circuit court exonerating Deputy Marshal Neagle for tho shoot- 1U Apr. 20—"judge Wallace, U. S. Supremo Court, granted writ of habeas corpus in case of Komm- ler, sentenced to death in New York State by Cl I)ec. C 8-r>!ivid Hoke, Wellington, O., killed S. L. Sago, who had detected him in stealing, and then killed himself. • Dec. 11—Hathaway Wall, of Henrietta Mills, N. C., shot his wife and brother-in-law and then committed suicide. . Dec. 12—At Jenny Lind, Ark., Joplin Miller killed live persons and then shot himself At Kulamazoo, Mich., Louis Scott killed his wilo and himself. Deo. 2;—In tho Indian Territory Deputy United States Marshal). Ln Jd shot his wife and then himself Henry Christiansen, in Chicaro .killedhis wife and then himself....In a ll"ht on the steamer Dig Sandy, near Queensboro, Ky., Frederick Johnson killed two men and fatally wounded two others.... At Bayou Cain, La., Ephriam Meudaza shot Mary Case because she refused to marry him and then killed himself. Dec. 23—At Bradwell, W. Va., during a gambling dispute a man fatally wounded live persons and was himself shot dead. Dec. 2-1—At Now Corydon, Ind., Wesley Tnllis killed Miss Fraybill because she refused to and then took liis own life. Brussels, destroyed by flro. Jan. 7—Exchange building of Brussels, one of the finest structures in Europe, burned by incendiaries; loss. 87,COJ,000....Dowager Empress Augusta, of Germany, died at Berlin, aged 73 years. , . Jan. as—Nows received that another revolution hafl broken out in Costa Rica, Central Fob 3—Mr. Parnoll's libel suit against London Times settled by compromise, tho Times paving Mr. Parnoll $25,000 damages. Mar. 18—Resignation of Prince Bismarck as Chancellor accepted by Emporor William of Germany. , . . , , Mar. 19—General von Caprivl .appointed by Emporor William to succeed Prince Bismarck as Chancellor. . Jul. 81-Insurroct on in Argentine Republic reported suppressed and peace re-established. One thousand men killed and 5.00J injured dur-. ing tho progress of hostilities. Aurr. U—Cardinal Newman, eminent English Catholic divine, died at Birmingham, Eng., aK Scp 83 'l8-John Dillon and William O'Brien arrested at Dublin, charged with conspiracy and in inspiring tenants not to pay rent. Deo 4-Bcvis, Russol & Co., London bankers, failed for over $1,000,003. Dec. 0—At a meeting in London a majority of tho Irish Nationalists deposed Mr. ParnpU from leadership and elected Justin McCarthy m Dec. J 8—Three hundred lives lost and many houses wrecked by powder-mills explosion at Fat Ping Foo, China. Dec o—Twenty Chinese Christians reported massacred at lioong-Tuy Tein by members of the Loo Huy Sos Society, and mission and tho buildings were burned. Dec 11—Mr Parnell and followers seized the plant of United Ireland, but it was afterwards recaptured by the anti-Paruollitcs. Dec 18—Previous to Mr. Parnell's departure for Cork lie and his followers again recaptured the office of United Ireland. j3 ec is—Reported at Zanzibar that the Sultan of Vitu had destroyed an English mission station on Tana river and killed several native Christians. , , , Dec 10—The political campaign in Ireland rfc- sulted in a free light at BaUinahil in which several were injured. Lime was thrown in Mr. Parnell's eyes, blinding him. Dee. 10-Fifteen persons were killed and about 40 injured, four fatally, in a wreck on the Intercolonial railroad near Quebec, Can. Dec. 20—Over SOO persons wero killed by a powder explosion nt Taiping. China. Dec 23—In the election at Kilkenny the Parnell candidate waa defeated by the McCarthy candidate by 1,000 majority. . Deo. 24—Tho Hamburgh ship Libussa collided with the British ship Talookola from Calcutta for London and the captain. 23 of the crew and the passengers of ths Talookolar wero lost. Dae 24—An Insurrection in Pern was suppressed at the cost of forty lives. Dec. 26-Dr. Heidrich Sehleimann, famous archseologist, died at Berlin, aged 68. JuL 10—Destructive cyclone at Pacific Juno- Ju'l 22—Destructive cyclones in Trail! Ooufl- ty, N. D., and at Ghent, Minn. Sul. 23-Buildlngs demolished by cyclone near Marshall, Minn. Jul. 20-Much damage done by cyclone at South Lawrence, Mass. Jul. 31—Destructive tornado In New Hamp- Aucr 4—Wind and hail-storm In Dickinson, Emmet, Lyons, Osoeola and Winnobago counties la,, destroyed crops, killed several horses and cattle and severely injured many persons; large hail-stones fell to tho depth of six inches. AUB. 18—Light snow at Denver, Col. Aug. 10—Destructive cyclone at Wilkesbarro, Pa., and vicinity. Sop. o—Destructive cyclone In Jackson and Roan counties, W. Va. Qop, o—Destructive cyclone in Clinton town- Sc'p. 18—Destructive cyclone near Wlannlng, Oct. is—Damaging hurricane at Andalo. Knn. Oct. 23—Two shocks of earthquake at Capo Girardoau, Mo. Nov. 13—Every house in Capo Graclos, La., blown down by a hurricane. Dee. S<i—Earthquake shock felt at Knoxvllle, Deo. 5—Violent earthquake shock at Lockwood, Mo. Dec. 0—Mercury 33 degrees below zero at Lydonvlllo, Vt....Destructive flro in Walton County, Ga. , Deo. 18— Severe storm in eastern portion of country; much damage along Atlantic coast. Deo. 20—Severe blizzard at New York City and on tho Atlantic const—Ten inches of snow at Washington, D. C. INDUSTRIAL. Jan. 2—Suspension of colliery near Mount CarmeL Pa., threw 1,000 miners out of work. Jan. 18—Fivo collieries at Sharnobin, Pa., shut down, throwing 20,000 men and boya out of WC Ap'r. 7—Over 0,000 carpenters in Chicago struck for forty cents and eight hours'work; strike subsequently-nettled in partial victory for May 20—It was reported that the carpenters' strike for an eight-hour day had been successful in 117 cities, to tho benefit of 40,000 members —twenty-four strikes, still pending. Au« s—The switchmen's strike on the Mao- kay "system of railroads ended_by company ay s granting increase in wages....Knights of Labor employes on New York Central railroad between New York City and Buffalo went out on a strike because of discharge of men of their number. , _ ... A U " 17—Fifteen Pinkerton men and five citizens Injured (some of them fatally) at Albany, N. Y.. in trouble growing out of New York Central railroad strike. Aug 23-About 05,000 men reported out of work in New York City, owing to brick-makers Auf' "5—Engineers' and flremens' strike at Chicago stock yards ended in victory for strikers. The switchmen then struck for higher wages, thus preventing the resumption of business.... Supremo Council of Federated Railway Em- ployes decided not to order strike in aid of. New York Central railway Knights of Labor, but voted sympathy and aid in behalf of strikers. Au" 8-8—Tho railroad strikes in Chicago vir- NECKOLOOY. Jnn 8—Ex-U. S. Senator E. G. Laphnm at Canandaigua, N, Y., aged 70....Ex-Governor George L. Woods, of Portland, Ore. Jan. 9.—Congressman W. D. Kolley, at Washington, aged 70. Jan 15—Walker Blaine, examiner of claims In Stato Department at Washington, aged 35. Jan. 17—Judge S. T. Holmes, ox-Congressman from Now York, at Hay City, Mich., aged 75.... Ex-Congressman II. M. Speer, at Huntingdon, Pa., aged 52. Jan 23—Adam. Forcpaugh, veteran circus proprietor, at Philadelphia, aged 03. Jan. 34—Ex-U. S. Senator H.H. Riddlebergor, at Winchester, Va., aged 40. ' x ,_ Jan. 25 — Ex-Congressman William Crutch- flold, at Chattanooga, Tcnn. Fob 82—John Jacob Astor, tho wealthy capitalist, in New York City, aged 07. Mar. 1—Ex Congressman Charles L. Mitchell, at New Haven, Conn. Mar 8—Ex-Congressman and ex-Governor James E. English, at New Haven, Conn., aged r>rj Mar. 4—Ex-Congressman Daniel B. Tilden, at Cleveland, O., aged 8J. Mar. 11—Ex-Congre«sman W. P. Taulboo, of Kentucky, in Washington....Judge and ex- Governor MeCouns, of Virginia, at Fort Scott, Ma'r. a 83—General and ex-Congressman Robert C. Schenck, in Washington, aged 81. Mar. 20—Ex-Congressman Samuel L. Sawyer, at Independence, Mo., aged 70. Apr. 1—Congressman David Wilber at On- oonta, N. Y. Apr. 10—Ex-Congressman Eugene M. Wilson, of Minnesota, utNasson, Bahama Islands. Apr. 13—Congressman »nd ex>Speaker Samuel J. Randall, at Washington, aged 62. Apr 19—Ex-Governor and ex-Congressman James Pollock, at Lockhaven, Pa., a<jed£0.... Ex-Governor W. W. Hoppiu, at Providence, R. ''May's—U. S. Senator James B, Beck, in Washington, aged 58. May 10—Ex-Judge Thomas Drumrnond, U. b. Circuit Court, at Whoaton, 111., aged 81. Jim 1—Ex-Congressman John Thompson, at New Hamburg, N. Y., aged 81. Jun, 25—Ex-Congressman J ohn M. Crebs, at a jul. 3—General and ex-Congressma% Gilman Marston, at Exeter, N, H., aged 79 J ul. 8—E-K-Congresstnau P. D. Wiggingum. at Jul. 9—Goneral Clinton B. Fisk in- New York Ju'i. a fl—Ex-U. S. Senator Thomas O. Me- Creerv, at Owensboro, Ky., aged 73. Jul.' 13—Major-General John C. Fremont In New York City, aged 77. ,> -ro- n „)• Jul.. 10—Congressman James P. Walker, at Dexter, Mo. _ Jul 2U—Judge and ex-Congressman Samuel S. Marshall, at MoLeansboro, 111., aged 08, Aug. 10—John Boyle O'Reilly, poet and editor, at Cohasset, Mass., aged 40. Aug. 23—Ex-Congressman Horace F. Page; at San Francisco* aged G7. Aug. 25—Congressman Lewis F. Watsoo, (Pennsylvania} at Washington. Aug. 27—Ei-Congressman M-. L. Ronham,. at °Sep!^General and ox-Governor E. F. Noyea, at Sep! C 8^3ix-u! 8 S. Senator Isaac P. Christiaucy, at Lansing, Mich. Sep. 13—Ex-Congressman Rufus H. King,, at Catskill, N,Y.,aged70. Sep. 19—Ex-Congressman Jacob M. Thornburgh, at Knoxville, Tenn. Apr. 3-B111 for admission of Idaho passed irt U. S, House of Representatives—129 to 1; Democrats refused to vote, and Speaker counted • ouorum present, Apr. 1»—Pan-American conference ended at W Apr. 3?—World's fair bill passod-48 to 13—W U 9 Sonate, with slight amendments. Apr. 35—World's fair bill signed by President Harrison. Apr. 80—Lyman J. Gngo elected president at CnicaKo of World's Fair Association. May 2—U. S. House of Representatives < feate'd—ISO to 08-international copyright b! Mav 0—New York State Senate defeated V to abolish capital punishment. Mav 21—McKlnley tariff bill passed-103 to 142—bv U. S. House of Representatives. May 83-U. S. Supreme Court rendered decision In tho case of Kommler, sustaining tho Now York State law providing for execution of • murderers by electricity. May 87-»John W. Davis elected Governor by tho Rhode Island Legislature. Jun. 17—U. S. Senate amended and passed— 43 to 85—House silver bill, enacting free coinage. Jun. 23—Dependent pension bill Hnnlly passed in Congress. , . Jun 3;')—U. S. Senate amendments to free- coinage bill defeated In House. Jun 27—World's Columbian Exposition organized in Chicago by electing ex-U. S. Senator Thomas W. Palmer, of Michigan, as president, and J. T. Dickinson, Texas, Secretary. Jul 3—President Harrison signed bill for admission of Idaho into tho Union as a State. Jul 8—Louisiana House of Representatives nasscd-fia to Hi-lottery bill over Governor's veto. Jul. 0—Lousiana Senate denied right of Governor to veto tho lottery bill, and returned veto Jul. 10—Louisiana House adopted Senate resolution declaring that the Governor had no power to veto lottery bill....President Harrison approved bill for admission of Wyoming as a State. Jul. 12—Comtn-omiae silver bill passed in U. S. House of Representatives. Aug. 1—Special session Illinois Legislature ended after passage of World's Columbian Kx- PO Aufi; 0 4-First triennial cantonment of Patriarch's Militant I. O. O. F. convened in Chicago. Aug. 5—World's fair bill signed by Governor AUB 8—First Assistant Postmaster-General larlcfton tendered his resignation to President Clarkaon tendered his rosiguatio Harrison. „ Aue 11— National encampment G. A. R. eou- venod'at Boston. General W. V. Voazoy elected Commandcr-in-Chief. Au". 28— Farmers' National congre'S adopted a series of resolutions relating to National political affairs .... Colonel Leland J. Webb elected Commander-in-Chief of tho National encampment of tho Sons of Veterans in session at St. Jo&oph, Mo. Sep. B— National Reform party organized at St. Louis. g e p_ o— Tariff bill, with amendment, passed — 40 to 29— in U. S. Senate. Sep. 10— Washington Legislature adjourned sine alt. _ . , _. gep 19— colonel George R. Davis elected Director-General of World's Columbian Exposi- Sen 23— Lake Front, Jackson and Washing^ ton Parks, Chicago, accepted by tho National Commissioners as tho site lor the world's fair Sep. 27 — Conference report oatariff bill agreed to— 158 to 87— in National House of Represents marry him, -«-. . , , „, , Dec. 24—At St. Louis Samuel Mickles killed ^^. his daughter, fatally wounded his wife and then tually settled and men. resumed work. killed himself; business despondency. Sep. 17—The strike on the New York central | railway declared oil. FI11ES. Jui 29—Rev. David Plumb, wife and three children perished in their burning house at Cole, I rid. injured by cyclone at St. Louis, Jau 13—Eleven persona killed and many others injured by cyclone at Clinton, Ky... .Two young ladies and two young men were drowned by upsetting of boat near Carmi, 111. Jan. M—Four little children burned to death in building destroyed b.y lire ut Erie. Pa. Jan. 10—Fcur men killed by premature blast •explosion near Johnson City, Tenn. Jan. 17—Five raeu rousted to death in railroad accident near Cincinnati. Jan. 21—Four men killed or fatally injured in railroad wreck ut Omaha, Neb. Jan. 23—Four persons attending a funeral billed at a railroad crossmg in Chicago.... Five men killed by a powder explosion in Wilkes County, N. C. Jan. 84—Six persons killed and many others bauly injured by natural gas explosion at Co- lunibus, U. Jan. 25—Five railroad men killed at a col Vision ut Camp Hill, Ala. Jan 87—Seven persons killed and many oth< •era injured in railroad accident at Curmel, Ind. I hurt Jiin. 28—Fivo men killed by premature blast explosion neur Suubury, Pa. Feb. 1—Six men Uilie 1 and two others fatally Injured by gas explosion in coal shaft at Wilke-iburre, Pa....Five trainmen fatully hurt In railroad accident ut Alma, Mo. Feb. :;—Residence of Secretary of the Navy Tracy in Washington, burned and the Secretary's vounper duuuhter und a French timid perished in'the lire, and Mrs. Tracy received Fatal injuries. The Secretary was rescued m a Martially asphyxiated condition. Feb 4—Ten men killed in railroad -.near Cascade Locks, Ore....Two wo two children burned to death by upsetting of a lamp at a dance in Murtihwood, Pa. Fob 5-The town of Burke, Idaho, and tho -minim,' camp of Lyo:i City, Mont., givutly damaged bv avalanche., of biiow, und many lives ^eb S-A iimn named Roth, his wife and lour children perished in iheir burping dwclliii}?. Aus 1:5—Fcur men killed and a number of others' seriously injured by explosion of molten motul iii steel works at Joliet, 111. Au". 14—Engineer arid fireman killed and several other persons injured in railroad accident at Augusta, Mich. Auo . jo—Fourteen persons killed and ten fataUy injured by cyclone at Wilkeubarrc, Pa., and many lives were lost in surrounding country... Over 20 lives lost in railroad accident "AUK" sil—Four persons killed and several othei-H ftitaily injured by blowing down of street ruilu-ay Khed at Philadelphia, Pa. AUK 22—Four men killed, two others fatally und several seriously injured by disconnected car descending gravity ruilroad at, Reading, Pa. Three men killed and many others seriously injured by jumping from unmanageable locomotive near Lynes, Cul.... Four men killed in railroad uceldeut at Summit, Cal. Aug. 27—Six persons drowned during severe rain-storin at Eust Union, O. Scp 2—Sixteen persons seriously, two fatally urt in railroad accident near Eagle Gorge, Wash....Three ladies, two children and a inun drowned by overturning of Bloop at San Diego, sen 4—Four men and a woman killed and several other persons irflurod in railroad wreck U( "'s'i) 5-Em'ia'oor and four tramps killed and fireman fatally scalded in railroad wreck at G &J.p i 'o-Fi'fteenmen killed and many others injure'd by premature blast explosion at Spokane Fulls, Wash.... Engineer killed and llremuu und three trumps burned to death ill railroad accident near Summit, Italians killed in railroad accident near Can- Jan. 10—Elevator at Baltimore, Md.; $5SO,C«X>. Feb. 13—Three wholesale establishments in Farwell block, Chicago, 111. Feb. 85— Court-house and jail at Vancouver, Mar. 7—Village of Liberty, Ky. r entirely con- Mar '9—Village of Joncsville, S. C., destroyed. Mar. 10—Clothing house of Stem & Meyer, Cincinnati: MOO.OUO. Apr. 3—The old Greeley homestead in Chap- P! Anr! > 14^-Gilbert Starch Factory, Des Moines, May 6—Singer Sowing Machine Company Works at Elizabathtown, N. J.;. *<°°;WJft May 11—Property to amount of 5a,000,000 in. Government warehouse at Nillett's Foiut, L. I. May 15—Flouring mill and elevator at Winona, Minn.; $300,000. , , , May 10—Town of Covington, Neb., entirely e jlay y s4-Every IIOUSR in Coolidgo, N. M.... Thirty-seven lioness in Port Loydeu, N. i. Jui ifo-Plant of tho Allen-Bradley Distillery Company and the Standard Oil Company's Ru- U YuLO-Steamer C Soagold and other property ttt jui a 13-Lumber yard and wall paper factory in Philadelphia; tOOO.OOO. Jul. 13—Warehouse at Minneapolis, Minn., $7 J u'?°3b-A large number of tho best buildings i Seneca Fulls, N. Y., Including throe newsiui- in! wheel works at Fort Wayne, Ind. Aug. 14—Distillery and pork house at Louuv V1 Scp 1V 28.'-Fowier 'Bros.', packing house, Chl- Ca ^ct '25—"warehouses, steamboats, cotton, etc., it Mobile, Ala.; too.),; 00. Nov. 1-Cargo of cotton in New York harbor; ^Nov^'a—Grand and Burlington hotels and other business houses in San Francisco; ititXV U °Nov. 23-Bamford Bros', silk mill, Patorson, N Deo 5—Four large business blocks in Pitts- ^D^^cf^Tsikeston, Mo., nearly de- Bt DcaV-Six business buildings at Montpo- Hcr, Itid. Nov."l7—Several hat factories shut down at Danbury, Ct.; 5,000 persons thrown out of work. Dec. 3-Six thousand coal miners in Alabama went out on a strike. . Dec 11—Three thousand men and girls m Ciark's thread mill at Newark, N. J., struck. METEOIIOLOGICAL. Jan. 12—Severe cyclone at St. Louis,, destroying lives and property.... Severe blizzard in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.... Two churches and several ether buildings destroyed by storm at Sardis, Miss. Jan. 13—Cyclone at Clinton, Ky., demolished over 50 houses and.destroyed several lives. Feb. 8—Earthquake shock at Princeton, N. J. Feb. 25—Destructive hurricane at Gainesville, Tex Tornado didi much damage at Carson, Nev' Feb. 27—Great damage done by tornado at Torrance, Miss. Mar. 12—Cyclone (iestroyed the village of Excelsior, Tex. Mar 22—Much damage done to property, one man killed and several other persona iajuredby eycloae ut Edgemore, S. C. Mur. 24—Great damage done by severe windstorm throughout. Oklahoma; man,, wife and child killed by falling timbers of house-, Apr. 1—Destructive cyclone at (jurrettville, Apr. 3—Destructive cyclone at Galena, Monmouth und Champaign, 111. Apr. 4—Severe and destructive tornado at Thoinuhton, Gil. Apr. 1— Destructive cyclone at Prophets- Apr, id—Destructive cyclones in sections of Virginia and Pennsylvania.,... Severe floods in Western Pennsylvania. Apr. 11—Severe earthquake shock at Dover, Mo. yon City, Col. Sep. 11—Two ILK HUH i MJ i i. iu^jvi .» »* i *-•- •- ~ i_- - - Ftb a-Soveu b..iys drowned by capsizing of sat at New Oneuus.... Six persons fell irouL-hU'O and drowned near Kingston, N. Y boat through ice Feb 1-j— A Mrs. . . ixty Kerr and three children killed in killed and many drowned by chimren mine at WiUtesbajcre, Sen 11—Two engineers, fireman and brakeman killed in railroad collision near Albany, N Y Ben. 10—Twenty-one rorsona killed and many others injured in a railroad accident at Shoe- mukersville, Pa....Six persons drowned near Evansvillo, Ark.... Four men killed by mine explosion near Wilkeabnrro, Pa....Five, persons killed and several othors utjnousiy injured {a railroad accident in Chicago. Sep. SB—Ei|/ht men killed in collision of freight tniiuw iicar FU-iwunt Vullty, O. Oct. 8-Fivo men i'.mv.aitly killed by .saw-mill boiler explosion at Chervallu, T«»n. Oct 4—Mrs. Jo'.:u McBec, Dubuque, la., and her throe chili.ron perished in binning dwelling. Oct 7—Ten persons killed and many othors injured by explosion in Dupwt powder works ueiir Wilmington, Del. . . Oct. 51—Four persons lost Iheia 1 lives to a hotel'ttre in Chicago. Oct 12—Five men drowned in the mer at Kinkoro, N. J. OlllCCS Ut i. UIL&I.UIIH, *"••••• ~-~-----rj --. _ incut of S. R. Barnaby & Co., ut Providence, B. L Doe"'* — Town of Minden, Neb., nearly do- St Do£ d 'l6-DardaneUe and Monticello, Ark., almost destroyed. Dec. 17—Business part of Orick, Mo., St D% ( !liO-Business part of Boonoville, Ind. Dec. S3—Business part of MJlhird. Mo. Dec S3—Two hotels and half clozt-n stores <le- stroyeu at San Augustine, Tex. Due. 24—Largo portion oJ Azalia, Mich., do- Apr. 23—Mffieh damage to property by terriflo oyclono ut Kyle, Tex. Apr 24—Severe earthquake shock at San Francisco.... Destructive Hoods, in the South. May S—Many lives lost and much damage to property by cyclones in Texas....Severe tornado at Natches and Jackson, Miss. May 12—Destructive hurricane at Jefferson Muy S3—Severe earthquake shocks in vicinity of BilUn?s, Mont.... A very sevoro rain and o cctrical storm in Western Pennsylvania; much damage to property and many lives lost. Miw 2,V-Severo shock of earthquake at Glov- ersviilo, N. Y.... Destructive hurricane at New Jun°%—Great damage by waterspout at L jlma l -Villaso of Biadshaw, Neb., destroyed "Ju.u li r>—Tornado in neighborhood of Hubbard, la destroyed many dwellings and farm build- Destructive cloud-burst at Red Wing, Sep'2'j-Ex-Congressman William Heilmon, at Evansville, Ind. r aged08.... Ex-Congressman Frank L Morey, of Louisiana, at Washington. Oct. 13-Ex-Secretary of War W.W. Belknap, at Washington, aged 01.... Associate Justice of the U. B. Supremo Court Samuel F. Miller,, at Washington, agcd74. Nov. 7—General and ex-Governor E. A. O'Neal, at Florence, Ala., aged 73. Nov. 8-Ex-Congres.sman Sunday Martin, at Columbia, Tenn....General D. B. McKibtaen, U. S. A., retired, at Washington, aged 00. Nov 22—Ex-Congressman Sapp, at Council Bluffs, la., aged 69. Nov. 25—Ex-Governor James M, Smith, at Co lumbus, Ga. ,,•,••, * Dec. 3—Ex-Congressman Isaac M. Jordan,, at Cincinnati. . Dec. 4—Dr. J. H, Baxter, Surgeon-General U. S. army, in Washington, uged 53. Deo 11—Colonell A. II. Young, Quartermaster U. S. army, at Dover, N. H., aged 03. Dec 13—Judge T. A. S. Mitchell, of tho Indiana Supremo Court, at Goshen, Ind., aged 54. Dec. 15—Ex-Congressman John A. Hiestond, at Lancaster, Pa., aged 60. Deo. 10—Colonel. Glover Perin (retired), U. S. A., St. Paul, Minn.. Deo. 17—Major-General Alfred H. Terry, U. S. A.. New Haven,, Conn., faged 63. Deo. 18—Ex-Congresuman Henry D. MoKen- ry, at Hartford, Conn. Deo. 26—Chief-Justice W. D. Simpson, of the S. C. Supreme Court, at Columbia. POLITICAL, SOCIAL, RELIGIOUS, ETC, Jan. 13—Mormons elected all the officers of the Utah Legislatare....Massachusetts State Senate adopted au order that the U. S. flag should be placed on every school-house iu the State A deadlock prevented tho organization of the lowev house of the Iowa Lejpsia- Jan. 10—Committee reported in West Vir ginia Legislature on Gubernatorial election, the majority giving Fleming (Dem.) 237 major ity for Governor, and tho minority report 6'V ing Golf (Rep.> 137 majority. Jan. 17—Special committee of nine on the world's fair question appointed in the U. S House....An Afro-American League of tho U S. organized in Chicago, J. 0. Price,.N. C., pres ident. JaUi. 29—In the lower House of Congress the Speaker counted as present and helping to form a quorum Democratic member* who hat refused to answer to a yea and nay call fo votes,. &nd long debate ensued amid much excitement. Jan. 30—The question cf a quorum was settled in the lower House of Congress by a party vote sustaining the Speaker in hte recognizing as present Democrats who refused, to answer to Sep. 30— U. S. Senate agreed— 33 to 37— to conference report on tariff bill.. ...Ex-President R. B. Hayes re-elected president of National Prison Congress, in session at Cincinnati. Oct. 1— U. Si Congress adjourned tin* die.... President Harrison signed now tariff bill. Oct. 31— Bulletin issued by Census Bureau stating population of United States at 62,180.- Nov. 20-Mrs. Potter Palmer, Chicago, elected president of. board of lady managers o( World's Columbian Exposition .... Mrs. E. J. P,hinnoy, Cleveland, O., elected president of Non-Partisan W. C. T. U"., in session at Pittsburgh. Dec . i— Fifty-llrst Congress reassembled at Washington ______ Second annual convention ol National Farmers.' Alliance and Industrial Uniontnetat Ocala, Fla. Deo 3— Copyright bill passed— 139 to 75— In U. S. House of Representatives... National Colored Alliance convened at Ocala, Fla. D eo 5 — L. L. polk re-elected president of National Farmers' Alliance in session at Ocala, Flo. Dec. 8— First State Legislature of Idaho met at Boise City. Dec. a— Col. Elliott F.Shepard re-elected president of American Sabbath session at Dec 12— John L. M. Irby, Farmers' Alliance candidate, elected to United States. Senate by South Carolina Legislature. Doc 13— In a, battle between the soldiers anil Indians close to Pino Ridge agency several on both sides wero killed, tho Indians were routed and a number of them including Chief. Kicking Bear, wero captured.. Dec. 15-Silting Bull, the Sioux warrior and seven other Indians including his son and two chiefs wero shot at his camp by Indian police. Fivo of tho police were also killed. Deo. 17— House passed bill fixing membership of House at 336. -,..., , ^ Doc. 19— It was reported that fighting had de- their names. Feb. 3—Tho New York Presbytery declared —£B to 43—in' favor of revision of the Westminster Confession of Faith....U. S, Supremo Court alarms constitutiouality ol test oath preventing Mormons from voting. Feb. 4—Centennial of formation of U. S. Supreme Court celebrated by a public meeting at Metropolitan Opera-Houso, New York City.... Tho Gubernatorial contest in West Virginia settled by the Legislature—43 to 40—in favor of Fleming (Dem.). Feb. 10—Chicago Presbytery voted in favor of, uiladelphia and Sau Francisco Presby- ci—Block of bfts-iaoss buildings destroyed ""iXT^M^onic Temple at Baltimore de- stroycd; loss, $3:ACOO. In addition to the foregoing, destructive eon- flaerations occurred in the business portion of the following towns: Wardner Wart> : city building, Levrtston, Me.; Muncie. Imi.; Ureeiv v/oiL fnd.; oourt-bouse and stores. Gallaiin, Mo., Floru, Miss.; ^rdlnand.J^; Bunker Hill Infl.: Coviugton, Neb.; St»nton, Neb.; fiiwooO, tad.-. DauWy, Cow.; U .Tuii 10— Destructive cyclone at Lincoln, Neb. Jun. 13— Destructive cloud-burst Bear Appomattox, S. D., and cyclouo near Lebanon.... Cy- elono diJ much damage at Lo;;an, Kan. Jun. 20— Destructive cyclone in. Lee ana La Salle counties, 111- , ,. Jun. 2^;— Terrible and destructive cyclone at Pleasantou uud Swoetwater, Nub. Juii. sr-Uestructlve tornado in vicinity ol LOM us Kv Extreme heat wi many Western sections, wia many fatalities from "un-Btroke. Damaging tornado in eastern part of Wash ge by cyclone at Portland, Cal .Destructive toruado at GaUatin. Tenn. Mouth of June reported to have been the hottest on record iu United Stated. * Jul. 7-Toruactow in Minnesota owi North pakQta, and great <lw»aje at MoplewoeO, and Philadelphia teries voted against, revision....Municipal election in Salt Lake City, Utah, resulted in defeat of the Mormons by over 800 majority — President Harrison 1 issued proclamation open- g Sioux reservation, South Dakota. Feb. 14—Now code of rules adopted—161 to 149 —by lower house of Congress. Feb. 17—At a meeting in Washington tho three National Woman's Suffrage associations consolidated, with Elizabeth Cady Stauton as president and Susan B. Anthony as vlce-prosi- Fe'b. 18-Extradition treaty with Great Britain ratiUcd by U. S. Senate. Feb. 10—Now York Legislature passed world's taken place in the Bad Lands between, troops and some of Sitting Bull's friends. Deo. S3—Bis Foot's band of 150'hostile Indiana wore captured near Standing Rook agency. Doc 24—In a skirmish in Pratt County South Dakota, tho Indians killed throe white men. Doc 24—President Harrison nominated Col. Charles Sutherland to be Surgeou-Goneral of the army .. President Harrison nominated Henry B. Brown, of Michigan; to be Associate Justice of the United States Supremo Court. Deo 24—President Harrison issued a proclamation declaring that the World's Columbian Exposition would bo opened in, Chicago en May 1893, and would not bo closed before the last 'hursday in October of the same year—Mien- gan's two-cent railroad fare law was sustained >y the Supremo Court of the State. SPOUTING. Jan. 5—Joseph Donohue skated five, miles at Minneapolis in seventeen minutes and eight seconds, beating the best previous world's Peb ' 3—Hugh McOormick defeated Axtel Poulsenin a lu-mile skating race at Euu Claire, Wis., and claimed the title of champion fkatet of the West; time, 46'/ a minutes. Fob. 17—J. J. Corbett defeated Jalca Kilrain in a six-round fight at Now Orlsans.. Feb 18—Collins, an American, won annual sprinting match at Sheffield, Eng. Apr. 25—In a boat race at Sydney, N. S. W., for world's championship, Petoc Kemp defeated Neil Wattorson by lifty lengths, May 6—John Mcaghor, at Detroit, Mich., beat world's record for 13 hours ot heal-and-toe walking, making 67 miles with 15. seconds to jfl O v 15—seullinR. race for world's championship at Sydney, N. S. W., between Kemp and Wade; won by the former. Jun. 18—Cornell, erew won boat race on Cayuga lake, N. Y., over the Bowiiom men—17m. 30 1-53. Jun. 27—Yale defeated Harvard in a four-mlla boat race at New London, Conn.—21:29 against Aug. B—John;H. Clausen, Boston, made a running hop, step and jump of 44 foot 5 Inches, beating all previous records by 3>i inches. Aug. 18—Davis Dalton (American) finished the task of swimming across the English cnan- nol in 23!4 hours. T , T11 . AUK. 28—At Independence, la., Roy wanes paced a mile in 3:09, boating all previous stallion records.... Salvutor run a mile in l:3j'/, at Monmouth Park, N. J., tho fastest time on reo- Cl g' e p_ I_E. O. Anthony, at Hartford, Conn., broke the world's quaver mile bicycle record by making the distance in 32 3-5 seconds. Sep. 0-Roy Wilkes paced half-mile in 1.01M at Independence la., beating previous records. Sep. 80-At Kankakee, IU., Nelson lowered the world's stallion record toS:ll'/,, and Faustina tho 2-year-old record to 2:23',&. Oct. 4—Close of the Players'-and National leagues' base-ball season, Boston leading in tha former and Brooklyn in the H»« or - , ^ ..„ . Oct. 0-Tho stallion Nelson trotted a mile at the Terre Haute (Ind.) track in 3 =14, break, ing the world's stallion record, und Hal Pointer, on the same track, paced the throe fas eat consecutive heats ever made—S'.OJy, A.\A%. and O '1^ '6ct 18-The stallion Stomboul trotted a mile atNapa, Col.,, in 8:W4, breaking Axtell'o time 'c^ a "l—NelsonTtb'e Maine stallion, trotted.a mile at Cambridge City. Ind., in 8:UUf, heating trotted a half mile on the the world s . Oct. 87— Belle Hamlin and Justiiia trotted a milo in 8:13 at Independence, la., beating all nrevious team records. Oct. 28— Louisville base-ball team defeated the Brooklyns— 0 to 2— ut Brooklyn in seventh ame for world's championship — the clubs _ieing tied — three games each, ono beiuK a tie. Remaining games postponed till spring. Nov. 1— Stallion Allertou lowered world's record for 4-year-olds by trotting a, mile 3:132i, at lndejjcndo:.ce, la. Deo. 1— Jacob Sebat'ter defeated Geo. F. Slossou— 800 to COO— in a billiard contest at New York for tho world's championship. i m ru«ww«,«».. „•*.—• , Deo. 24— At the International amateur skat- CamD SO of Chicuao fc- its untovontole action ing tournament in Cambridge, Bug., the obam- in Iowa House broken by a compromise, Demo crats securing speaker. Fob. 20—Farmers' Co-operative Brotherhood of the United States incorporated at Spring field, 111. Feb. 24-U. S. House of Representatives votes for CWcago as site of world's tairln 1893.... Clau-na-Gael convention in Philadelphia expels .._, steK 'M.A. J, 1 .

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