The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 31, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1890
Page 4
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of MS, CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL. VTRST. . ., _ NO. NO. No. No. No. No. 1 passenger V ::;f »pj«»?.? Ber "-\v::":.v.v:.v.v.V7:'i5 3 nassen 0 freight a m a m ALGONA. IOWA, Dec. 31, 1890. 2 passenger. 4 passenger. OOINO KAST. .10 :2!> am . 0 :30 P HI .12 :!"> it 111 No. 10 way freight ................... '< •«' m No. 14 freight, ..................... .'".to r.6 pm No. 8 freight ........................ Chicago & Northwestern- B'y. OOINO NORTH AND WKBT. Oats, Eggs Cattle Wheat Flax Hay ALGONA MARKETS. (Reported weekly by A. Hough.) ... 88c. Corn ... 20c. Butter .fS.OO Hogs ...75c. Barley Timothy.... ..38c . .10c. $3.00 .. 45c .fl.OO .$4.00 Ohlgo passenger -aches - Mo>m» g Jnlted States awl^Oaniula. ____ R. ,T. DANSON A TTOliNKYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Ofllce .O. Over Comstoek's. ~~~ CLARKE, OIllcc over the First National A TTOuNW"-. uinuuv 'Bank, Aliiona, Iowa. B. F. REED, TTOKNKY- AT-LAW, Algona, Iowa. Of- OUR PREMIUM We have been offering our premium map of Iowa to all of our old subscribers who would pay up all back dues and a year's subscription in advance before the 3lst of December. Many have taken advantage of the offer, and to accommodate those who have not,we will extend the offer to the first of February. New subscribers who pay $1.50 in advance will receive the map as a premiuin. Maps delivered at BKFUD- LICAN oilice. _ OUR CLUIVHING LIST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: lies Moines llcglstor •'* »o Iowa Capital * ou Iowa Homestead Head our premium offer. Read the cash store's new ad in this issue. J. S. Blunt of Pen ton was a caller yesterday. The stand pipe has been painted a beautiful red. Postmaster Easterly of Burt was in Algona yesterday. Editor Ellis of the Bancroft Register was in Algona yesterday*. Mrs. Prof. McCollum will of whom Mr. Watterson is one. It is said that his burning thoughts crack and ruin from two to five glass eyes every week. George Call returned from Sioux City Monday. He reports Stanley's lecture to have been somewhat disappointing. This seems to be the general verdict wherever Mr. Stanley has lectured. As a public speaker lie is a failure. Emmetsbnrg Democrat: Miss Wilson of Algona commenced to teach her •« . _. __1.««1 .,1 Vnt-rnn^ft lltlll TSlOQfl'W teach in the'Nofmal School the coming term. The Y. P. S. C. E. gave a social last night at the residence of A. D. Clarke. The Epworth League -will meet Sunday evening at «:30 until further notice. Mrs. J. K. Fill has so far recovered wandering around the country, "fas Indeed from the man's actions that he was insane and he was taken to Lu Verne and brought from there to this place Monday morning. He refused to tell where he was from, but said he was on his way to see a Mr. George Howard who lived at Rockwell City. He is a man about 85 years of age. tail and light complected. He was violently insane and it required several men to manage him. Miss Zoe Gay ton, an actress, has nn THE COUNTY NEWS. JAS. BAKU, M. pUVSICIAN and SUHGEON.^ Sioux City Journal L. K. GAKFIELD, M. D., Ofllce next cona. Iowa. > HYSICIAN and STTKGEON. door to Ford's Warehouse, Alp Omaha Bee....Chicago .Journal Chicago Inter-Ocean.. Prairie Farmer Western Kural • • Orange .Judd Fanner.. Housekeeper National Tribune...... American Kconomlst. Scientific American 2 40 2 ;tfl •2 30 2 in 2 S3 2 30 2 25 M. I'UIDK. W. K. II. MORSK. MORSE & PRIDE. ALGONA, IOWA. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions tilled. Deals in paints, ' oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and Thorington streets Alcona.Iowa. E. E. Sayers.D.V. M., Veterinary Physician»Surgeon Linnincott's Maga/mrf Demorest's Magazine Harper's Weekly Kazar " Magazine " Young People (iodey's Lady's Book Home Market Bulletin • 3 05 4 75 4 75 4 55 3 05 3 05 These rates are given for a limited period and will be subject to "vision from time to time. This is only a partial list. Subscribe now. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. in North- For information in regard to lauds western Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GrEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. - IOWA_ HOUSE and SIGN PAINTBB- Country work a speciality Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Residence south of Sponberg's tailor shop. Algona Iowa. _ F. E. FOSTER, :HJ Opposite Court House:. A.IJIOIUI, Iowa. Oust class in every particular Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws oi Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreigni and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or irom the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INC.HAM. President. 1 1! ,1ONKS, Vice President. UiWlS H. -SMITH, Cashier, DirpcHors-W. If. Ingliam, ,Ino G. Smith. J. B T.Chriscnilliis, Lewis H. Smith, J.w. Wadsworth. I'.arnet Devine. Notice our clubbing list. There is talk of another medal contest. Will Walker left for Illinois Monday night. The land seekers still seek Kossuth county. A few New Years cards at HKPUHLI- CAN office. Will Youiiie, of West Bend, was in town Monday. Ben Haggard is expected back from Chicago tomorrow. Miss Corn Frink is home from Des Moines for vacation. Miss Myrtle Nicoulin now owns a Gypsy safety bicycle. Geo. Call went to Sioux City Friday evening to hear Stanley. \sonwasborntoMr. and Mrs. II. .'Bowman last Sunday night. Miss Nannie Hill is teaching school in the neighborhood of Fenton. Miss Helen Stinson of Bancroft is in attendance sit the Normal school. D \ Ynderson was over from Sheldon Yo spend Christmas at Algona. Invitations are out for a dance on the new canvass in the near future. Regular meeting of Algona lodge No. 174, K. of P. next Friday evening. Tints McDermott is home from the S.U.I. I le is a member of the Senior class. Hepnlar meeting Sons of Veterans next Tuesday evening. Installation ot oflicers. S Wilcox. of Fenton, was in town Saturday looking for a teacher for las district. as to be able to make a trip to Spencer on a visit to her daughter. Supt. Carey and Mrs. Ilorton left yesterday noon for Des Moines to attend the State Teachers Association. Lew and,Lottie Waters at Court house hall Friday and Saturday evenings. Prices within the reach of till. Miss Amy Hough, who has been visiting in Algona the past few weeks, left for her home near Atlantic yesterday. A. J. Bush has sold his farm in Union township to one Julius Kressin ot Wisconsin. The consideration is $3,875. Sunday evening the pastor of the Congregational church will preach a sermon appropriate to the New Year season. The regular quarterly meeting of the Northern Iowa Baptist Association will be held at Ayrshire January 20th to22d, '91. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O. Blair, of Lakeview Oregon, have been visiting their brother-inlaw Mi'. G. S. McPherson of Wesley. Miss Delia Richardson and Miss Charlotte Ripsimon Avent to Clear Lake last AVednesday afternoon to spend the holidays. Mrs. E. F. Harrington of Maintou Colorado who has been visiting her sister Mrs. P. A. Ilplman returned to Colorado Monday night. The week of prayer will be observed by the Methodist church. Special services Avill be held every evening commencing with next Sabbath. Go to the Waters entertainment Friday and Saturday evening next. Music and character acting. Fine without limit. Remember the date. Miss Hattie Tromanhauser, a teacher in the public schools of Minneapolis, has been spending the holidays with her uncle, Mayor J. 11. Jones. Says the punster of the Sioux City Times. "The prosperity of Iowa is a SOn OI ^VlgUIHl VAJllllllCHV/vi.. vy in-uivi" "«» JML1SS £"JO ttllJT Will, «H 1VV/1/1.COO, *"«« "" dancing school at Joyce's hall Tuesday ,i er taken to walk across the continent evening. About forty of our young from San Francisco to New York in people attended the first meeting. She 2 20 days. If she succeeds she is to re- L..H 1. AI.„„!„„» n.»oin in two wanks. ce [ ve $2.000 and all her expenses. She arrived in Des Moines last Friday 247 miles ahead of her schedule time, having walked an average of 17.04 miles ner day. As a general rule she has taken the railroad track. Her route from Des Moiues is to Chicago via the Rock Island track, and from there east over the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern. Write down your choice for the next governor of Iowa on a postal card and *•* i *< i_ii "r%... r-\-rrt\f n-< t -k-r "X^Tn \tr/\n 1 (1 IftiV/ IJ J.V l*vv^"«v-*- v-— ^ •_will meet the class again in two weeks. The quick and long continued ringing of a lire alarm about four o'clock Thursday morning awoke many from their slumbers. They rushed to the door to see where the fire was. to find that it was the Catholic bell calling the 1 _ l _„_.!,» v*A nt*«* 1 »* If /"Ml 1*1 ut*tYl Cl Q people to an early morning Christmas service. Dr. Garfleld received a Pomona, California, paper last week giving an account of his wonderful feats on a bicycle. The paper related that the Doctor was 79 years old and FORK. Special Correspondence. BUFFALO FOUK, Dec.26.—Mr. Butterfield and family spent Christmas in Algona. The "hop" at Mr. Bartlett's came off last night. Thirty-five numbers, were sold. The granted school will not keep between Christmas and New Years. Mr. Manley and family have gone to Hancock county to spend a few days. Mrs. Fox has gone to Illinois to visit relatives. The school house was crowded long before church time Sunday evening. Everyone was delighted with the new Presiding Elder. Davie Smith of Ilamsay is painting the church. Mrs. Case Wiltse goes to Dakota this week to visit her daughter. that he had issued a challenge to any living man send it to the REPUBLICAN. We would like to get the sentiment of the Re- Atju iLY^vi iw «•»»«.-.-^--,-, ~ i • 4.1 over 75 years of age to meet him on the race track. Miss Mary P Wright a former missionary to Turkey spoke in the Congregational church last Sunday morning on the subject of missions, and addressed a children's meeting in the afternoon at 3 o'clock. She is a very pleasing talker and interested both of her audiences. The lamp in John Goeders' show window fell down last Friday evening and before the fire could be put out the goods in the window had sustained a damage of about $185. In addition to this the large plate glass in the window was cracked and broken with the heat. Everything was fully insured. Geo. E. Clarke has gone to Hartley to try a railroad case. The Farmer's Alliance at Hartley have determined to handle their own coal and save the profits of the middle men. The Milwaukee road has refused them ground for their coal sheds and they purpose to have it in spite of the Company. Henry M. Stanley lectured in Des Moines last Friday evening and in Sioux City Saturday evening. The Stanley party consists of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley, Mrs. Stanley's mother, Stanley's manager and his wife,and a number of servants. They travel in their own special car. What might have terminated in a conflagration took place at Bpardman Bro's. poultry factory at the Milwaukee depot last Friday night. A hanging lamp fell from the ceiling into a bin ot feathers. The lire was immediately discovered and promptly extinguished with no further damage than some scorched hands. We have arranged that a sample publicans of Kossutu County on the n- question as to who will make the strongest candidate for governor on the Republican ticket next tall. There are a dozen possibilities for the nomination in the field. An expression from the people might settle the question . Send in your nomination; it may help your man If a sufficient number respond we will publish the returns from time to time. J. O. Reaver leaves today with his family for Knoxville, Iowa, his old home, where he will go into the newspaper business. He has purchased a half interest in the Knoxville Express, the leading Democratic paper ol Marion county. The REPUBLICAN wishes him abundant success as a newspaper WKST IlENI). Journal, Dec. 25: Mesdames Booth and McFarlaud returned, Saturday, from a week's visit at Dakota City. A number of friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Jones north of town Tuesday evening,it being the tenth anniversary of then- marriage. It was a happy gathering and a happy occasion. Rev. Pratt was installed as pastor of the Presbyterian church of West Bend on Monday evening. Rev. Caldwell, of Livermore, preached the sermon, Rev. Bailey, of Cedar Rapids, delivered the charge to the people and Rev. Steele, of Estherville, delivered the charge to the minister. Rev. Duty was expected but did not get here. UANCKOIiT. Special Correspondence. . - -. BANCROFT, Dec. 80.—Miss Hilda man, with few of the discouragements st j nson went to Algona Monday where and unpleasant experiences incident to she will a ttend the Normal School dur- thelifeof a country editor. We be- i ng the winter term lieve he is making a mistake in leaving Algona and buying an interest in a Democratic paper, but we wish him success just the same. Mr. and Mrs. Reaver will be missed by a large circle of friends in Algona. A. L. Goddard, whose return to Al- was noted last week, has made cereal story. Gov. Boies has not yet familiarised himself with it." The stories of destitution in Dakota which have been lately going .the rounds of the daily papers are _ indignantly denied by Dakota people. A Minneapolis man walked three miles through the sewers of the city. The Minneapolis Journal says that he was in training to run for ofhce in St. Paul. 15. A. Meyers has ordered a for the New Episcopal Church will be. placed there in memory wife who was a communicant Church. pulpit which of his of that Dr. Bavr assisted the Masons at Bancroft in the installation ot officers Monday evening. Onarterlv conference will be held at the Methodist parsonage tomorrow evening at 7:H(). Miss Edith Clarke spent Christmas with her friend, Miss Eva Kamrar, at Webster City. W. B. Qmirton has business in Estherville the latter part of this week, ot Says an exchange: Congressman Dolliver is highly spoken of by eminent men at Washington. They say he will be one of the leaders of the fifty-second congress. There will be a meeting of W. C. T. U ;s o'clock Friday afternoon. Arrang- inents will then be made in regard to a second Medal contest. All members invited to be present. The Adventisl people raised nearly $.50 for foreign missions Christmas day. The church has a membership of only ;-',0,000 and expects to raise $90,000 this year for foreign missions. The cost of marriage licenses has been advanced fifty per cent. The new law will take effect in this county to- copy of the Home Market Bulletin be sent to every subscriber of this paper. The Bulletin is one of the best protection journals published. Every Republican ought to take it. By arrangement with the publishers we can offer the RKPITHLICAN and Home Market Bulletin for one year for $1.75. AVhen the tariff on eggs of 5 cents per do/,en went into effect last October eggs were worth about .15 cents per dozen: since that time the price of eggs has been steadily advancing. Eggs are now worth 20 cents a do/en. Is this a case where the tariff has been added to the cost ol' the article, and if it is will somebody explain how it robs the farmer? The attention of all tobacco dealers in the city is called to a notice which is posted'over the money order window in the post office. According to a recent act of congress those having manufactured tobacco on hand Jan. 1st will be entitled to a rebate of ^ cents arrangements to remain here. He has rented Dr. Ensign's house, and will make Algona his headquarters for the distribution of his famous 1 'Silver King" seed corn. Speaking of this seed corn, it is really the finest corn we ever saw. Kossuth county should be thoroughly stocked with it. It is a white corn with a well developed ear and large, deep kernels. It is a beauty, and, added to all this, it is early—ripening early in September. This is a free advertisement for Mr. Goddard but the corn is worth all that can be said for it. In view of the fact that he could not possibly give any further attention to the Normal School this year Prot. Dodge "presented his resignation _as Principal last week. The resignation was accepted at a meeting of the Normal School board Monday evening and Prof. McCollnm was elected Principal. This arrangement will be eminently satisfactory all around. The real duties would have devolved in fact upon Prof. McCollum in the necessary absence of Prof. Dodge. Prof. McCollum is amply qualified for the position, hav- had sufficient experience as a heen connected, with the Normal morrow. This is an infamous tax on one of the necessities of life. There will be a meeting of the Womans' Relief Corps at the G. A. It. Hall tomorrow evening. Election ot officers is the business of the evening and a full attendance is desired. Give us a farmer for the next governor of Iowa,a man who will not stoop to malign the very industry which has Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Burt. Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LADIFS trv Dr. Li-Dw.'s Periodical Pills, from Paris Fnn'ico. Established — Knrope 1H3'J : Enuiand ixrio ; Canada l.vrn ; United States 1887. $2 or three boxes for $5. Positively remove, all IKRECUIAIMTIKS or money rtlmuleil. IHfc. AMERICAN IMU, CO.. royalty proprietors. Sponger, 1 a. The trade supplied by wholesale Scents H Uoswith & Son, Milwaukee ; Stevenson & Co. Chleaso. Retailed by A, Sheel/.. Al^oua. Uobt. Dr. I.. iu-40-yr Can be made in C mouths selling TunUoii's Atlases, C hurts ami Wall Maps. Particulars free. H. C TUNISOK, Chicago, Ills. Hutter. Kggs, Cheese, Apples, Pears,Beans. Teaches, Pears, Hou- ev B»"eswax.Crapi's. Hops, Poultry,Coru.Oats, Wool. Jiaplc Sugar, Lambs.Veal, Mutton. Venison Wild (Jame, Dried Fruits, Potatoes, Hay, Feathers. Cider, Vinegar, Kurs. Skins, Onions. Broom Corn. (Jiuseug Hoot. 5O tons wuutc-tl. Will pay cash or sell Send for daily market prices. W. H. i*. HuUard & Co. Produce Commission Merchants, '20 and •-".>, Des Plain St., Chicago, 111. SHIP YOUR Tobacco, live 1'ouliry oil commission. a legal nature. Prof Dodge was in town a few days last week lie left last Wednesday at noon for Peoria, 111. Ben Haggard left for Milwaukee last Wednesday, via Chicago, to spend the holidays with the boys. A D Clarke came home from Minneapolis Christmas day, where he had been on a business trip. Miss Delhi McCall has been visiting for the past few days at _H. A. Matson's in Riverdale township. Glen Brunson accompanied Earl Stephens on his trip to Independance with the insane man Whitney. Mrs. John Carmiachel and Miss. Elema Bradshaw of Omaha sisters ot Mrs. Dr. Burr are here visiting. Grandma Crabbe returned from SuthSnd, Iowa, last Friday where she spent almost the entire tall. Prof. McCollum entertained the teachers and students of the Normal school at his home Monday evening. Presiding Elder Black will occupy given Iowa her splendid position as one of the first states in the Union. Mr. and Mrs. II. F. Watson expect to leave the last of this week tor Southern California. From there they will go up the coast and then travel east. l*\J III' Li**- 1 V/w*vtJw «.-— _ They will spend some time in traveling for the benefit of Mrs. Watson's health. The co-operative housekeeping plan at Evanston is reported to be a complete failure financially, and a productive source of late dinners and cold meals The old fashioned, home made boiled dinner is about the best thing after all. At the regular election of Prudence odae No. 205 A. F. and A. M., Dec. per pound upon application to the Internal Revenue Collector. Those desiring to present clsiims will find forms for the purpose at the post oilice. Christmas eve brought the customary festivities and entertainments. There was a tree at the Baptist church, a sociable at the. Congregational church and a short program by the children, while Santa Clans visited the Methodist church with a sleigh load of presents. The Episcopal geople gave up the church to the Adventists and had their entertainment at the residence ot Geo. Clarke. It was a merry Christmas all around. The ALGONA RISPUHLIOAN is the only Kossuth County paper with a farm department that means anything. There is no abler agricultural writer in the west than Mr. Wilson. We have secured his services for the RK- I'ur.LiCAN at considerable expense, but feel amply repaid for the expense in the interest manifested in the department by our farmer readers. We aimed to give the people, a good thing and are glad that our farm department is appreciated. ing teacher and having during the past term. School. The New York Tribune of Dec. 25th contains a write up of a down east athlete by the name of Benjamin Capen, who 'is 87 years of age and a fancy skater. The Tribune refers to our own Dr. Gariield as the champion trick and long-distance bicycle rider, and A. C. Owen, of Mason City, aged 84, as the champion 4o-rod sprinter. The Irib- une is of the opinion that Iowa is natural home of aged athletes, Rev. Cummings is do\yn at Ilum- boldt this week assisting in the revival meetings which are being held there. Henry Smitli and his sister Emma were home to spend Christmas with their parents and friends. They returned to Iowa Falls Monday where they are attending school. Bennie Smith of North Dakota is visiting his relatives and old friends in Bancroft this week. Sheriff Stephens was on our streets last Monday. C. W. Parker, of Algona, was visiting his daughters, Mrs. Roba and Mrs. Hartshorn of this place, lust week. Messrs Campbell and Reynolds have bought the Davis property east of the Economy store and will move then- stock of'hardware into the same. Register: Lon Sessions was in town last week en route home from Minnesota, where he has been selling tombstones. He has to go out of Kossuth to do much business in that line. Miss Kennedy of Algona, arrived here Monday evening to take her place in our public schools. The enrollment has reached 18!) which gives about 88 scholars to each teacher. Wni. Goodrich, the tall Sycamore of Hebron township, was in town last Thursday and shook hands with friends. He reported that u neighbor of his hired a man to work for him and in a few days sent him to Elmore with a load of wheat to sell. The fellow got his boss' overcoat to wear and when he the but does not think that they are wholly confined to this state, and cites the case of Mr. Capen in proof of the fact. The Tribune gives the following account of a recent exploit of the old gentleman: "The present winter reminds him much of that of 1807, though the snow is not so heavy. The old gentleman had the misfortune to skate through a hole in the ice last week, which had been cut to water Ilarlow Gate's cattle, but he readily floundered out, cut his name in the center of the pond three or four times and ran into the house and dried himself by the kitchen lire, putting his feet iuto the oven and hanging his red mittens over the teakettle handle. A strange coincident in connection with the accident is that he went through a hole in exactly the same place on the same day of the month in 1810—precisely eighty years ago." The special meeting of Co. F, which was held last night, was planned by Capt. Cooke as a reception for Lieutenant Reaver, who leaves Algona for got to Elmore he had the ticket made out in his own name, drew the money on it, and skipped with the overcoat but left the team tied to a post. GKKMAN. Special Correspondence. GKIOIAN Twi'., Dec. 29.—Last Wednesday while hauling hay for G. Wells Pete Olmon sighted two wolves, but not having any gun with him they were allowed to escape. Pete says they were big old fellows and he intends to It seems a little ridiculous that the heat from a common kerosene lamp should be enough to heat and thoroughly warm a bed, but C. B. Paul's bed warmer is built in such a way that gathers this heat and scatters *\ i IT r~t\i _ t n x .. ;. 4U-20 LEGAL BLANKS you SALE-—o OFFTflE j. icaiwiuti j-jiv*.^*. *-•——- .-.the pulpit in the M. E. church at Algona Sunday morning, January 10th. The Winter Term of the Northern Iowa Normal school opened yesterday with the promise of a good attendance. The American Pill and Medicine Company of Spencer has incorporated. Their medicines are becoming very popular. See their advertisement elsewhere in the REPUBLICAN. Mr. Hughes, of Grinnell, who was expected to be present and address a meeting of the TJible Society, which was held m the Congregational church Sunday evening, failed to arrive. Treasurer. W. K. Ferguson; Secretary F.M.Taylor. Marrying and giving in marriage still continues. Marriage licenses have been issued during the past week to Geo. D. Peck and Maude Means, Jacob Hies and Louisa Kleppen Curtm Eiseuman and Ida Fox, Nicholas Weidert and Sussie Wagner. Iowa was just 45 years old last ; Sunday and has a population ot 1,011,000. This is a larger showing than any other State has been able to make at tlie same age with the exception ot lexas. Texas with its immense territory has a little the advantage of Iowa. Minneapolis Tribune: Mr. Watterson wrote from the heart when he tossed off this paragraph: ^People who have to pay duty ought to readily see f ' the high taii«. four one-eyed edijbQJ! to Qt» through a bed. The "Daisy Bed Warmer" is a success. But it is so simple that only a trial will convince one ot its merits. With one of these bed warmers going to bed in a cold room is robbed of its terrors. It is just the thing to have in the house for use in the "spare" bed. An affair of considerable interest to sportsmen will probably take place here tomorrow. C. W. Budd, of Des Moines, one of the directors of the Iowa State Sportsmen's Association, is expected to be here and shoot against John Smith. Mr. Budd held the championship of the United States for two years. It is now held by M. A. Elliott, of Kansas City, who is to shoot against a St. Louis man by the name ot Haggerty in the near future. Budd has challenged the winner in this contest to a shooting match. An unknown man giving his name as George Gould, was Monday morning adjudged insane by the commissioners and sent to the asylum at Independence in chargeof Earl Stepheusand Glen Bruusou. From letters found on his person, it is thought that his real name is A. L. Whitney. Where hebe- loners is not yet known 'liursday, by good today, and a good social time for the boys as a fitting wind up for the year's work of the company, which has proved on the whole to be eminently satisfactory, winning the company second honors in the regiment. The present fine condition of the company is largely due to the enthusiastic work of Captain Cooke and the boys appreciate the fact. After the meeting was called to order last evening, C. B. Matson stepped forward and in a few appropriate words presented the Captain with a fine gold headed cane in behalf of the members of Co. F,and as a token of their appreciation of his services. The Captain responded in a short speech. The remainder of the evening was spent in a social way. If the citizens of the town are capable of feeling the sentiment of pride they ought to be TM'niKl f\f Or» T? \\Mfrll nVHY'.t.if'.n 11V 11f> rope them in yet. Mrs. Albert Mire was taken se'rious- ly ill Christmas night but is somewhat better again. While at church last Sunday J. Rip- peutrop's team got unhitched some way and went home without him. Very slight damage was done to the outfit. John Isenbrand starts for Hardin county today on business. Some wandering wreck of poverty has caused much annoyance here lately. I'KNTON. Special Correspondence. FENTON, Dec. 29.—Miss Hattie Stephens is teaching in No. 2. T. B. Clark and family spent Christmas at Fred Dehnart's. Win. Peck and wife and two daughters spent Christinas at Fairmont, Minn. AVill Dehnart starts this week tor Wisconsin to visit his parents. News reaches us of the death of Mr. Moulton's father before he arrived home. Lew is batching it now and we presume he is surprised at the noise one cat can make. miivr. Special Correspondence, BUIIT, Dec. 30.—Mrs. J. Easterly and son have returned from Mt. Vernon, where she attended the tuneral or her sister. Christinas eve was enjoyed very much here. Both churches were well filled with children and adults. The program was very good and all seemed to proud of Co. F. "With practically no encouragement or financial aid from the citizens, the boys have made the Company a credit to the town. To keep a military company up in proper shape entails an item of considerable expense. This expense has heretofore been borne entirely by the boys. If the citizens are given a chance to subscribe a little for the benefit of the company they ought not to be slow in responding. I still have a few thrifty good style Poland Boars for sale at $6. 13 J. B. JONES. Hudson & SUttdle. Fine cabinets, family groups, pictures. Worfc ajway first cli8& be delighted. Although many were compelled to stand in the aisles, yet they wanted to see what Santa had for them. The many gifts were distributed and all went home feeling that they would have a merry Christmas. Mr. Bacon, the S. S. Supt. received a very nice new chair. Mr. Benedict's new blacksmith shop is about ready for business. John Hennings is visiting friends in Cedar Kapids and will return by way of Waverly where he will spend a few days. The creamery and mill are doing a good business. * The subject ol the Methodwt.preach- $r Sunday I vent ijato f

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