Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 19, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1896
Page 3
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PIW'F^F fe^v:': .•,/;•. Ministers Should Use Dr. Miles'Heart Cure. MMHERE IS NO PROFESSION, whose, I" labors sone vorely tax the nervous iyt-- ..... -tern, Mthatof the ministry. ThodeW Mngemant of the nervo centers of tho brain by over work, frequently'brings on attacks ot heurt trouble, »nd nervous prostration.' Ber. J. "p. Kester, M. D., Pastor U.- B. church, London Mills, 111»., hloiself a phyai-' Clw>, writes Fob. 28.18D5: "Beart affection andvAervo.tu prostration bad- become to . serious last fall that a little over wo* In tho pulpit would so completely prostrate me that " «>cmed'certain "I. must relinquish the work of tbo mlnl3t: . r y entirely, Heart palpltutlou became so bud that- myaudltom would ask me IM did no have honrt'dlseaso. • Last November I commenced taking Dr.-MUes New tloart Cure alternately with .Dr/MUcs Nerrlno and derived the greatest possible benefit. I have Just closed revival jvork o 10 weeks, prouchlng nearly every night and twice on'the Sabbath, ; I can sneak for hours without suffering sis 1 formerly did, Hare Wdrklng ministers should keep Dr. Miles grand remedies on hand." : . Dr.' -Miles' Heart Cure Is sold on-guarantee flrtt bottle will benefit or money refunded, THE Tpfiler Is a Good Machine. standard of eicelKnoe, Mani <uen of the "Uunton" oonildet It • ;THE BEST. TOD win Bad It ft valuable assistant In j oar ot' , . ' flee. lddie«9 for particulars • THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO MANUrACTUBEBS. • 840-344 W««t lake St., Chicago, 111. Greatest Dlseovery of the 19th , Century. Br. KTWRKMIDT Medicated Air For the Cure ol Catarrh, Aathma and sit Pulmonary Dlneaaei, It Ha* no equal tor atokind Nenoos Headache. 1,000 000_people die annually from the above named dlseaMi. guaranteed to care jrou. «*dlc»t»d Air and Drug Co., . • . Blcnmond, Ind., U. 9. A. Ill* the best remedy on earth for La x..^p«. It will give Immediate relief jit will effect a cure where all other <MMdl«* faJL . : ' •old by B. P. Keeallnff. KMaONALBANK : "'- ; _. LOGANSPOBT, IND. • S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnion, Preeldent a W. Ullwr, Vlc« Pr««iaent f. r. John»on. B. W. UHery. J. T. Elliott. ,W. M. -EUlott W. H. BnW«r. , 'and *»1 Government boiid*. ' Loan •n penonal leourlty and collater- ue ipeclal certlflcatei , of depotlti ,t per cent, Interrat when left one p«r cent, per aaoun when depo»- D«po«lt VaulU ot -fhli for th« deport of deeds, ln»urmnoe i. mortocMi ana •th«r Y at from »5 to US r«r year. ;OEQER& STRAIN, ertakers L.WOLLj UNDERTAKER K» 411 Market Street >'.- :<SU1« attended' to prompt^, day 01 Retrenchpient., Is In 61J. Many BIglLines. '' NO PY?THIAN RATES General Newi of Railroads and Railroad Employes. On the Big Pour, the Wabash, tho Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago and Pennsylvania orders have been received by heads of departments to maice further reductions.in expenses to partially meet ,the : inlil.ng -off in business, and the officials interested-, .are casting about to see -where a mjiiri can be spnreil. Thus far no disposition lias been : showu to cut down •wages;-Economies'(ire forced In the railway sen-lee i it the : present time as tlioy.novortiefoi'c have been enforced, but fortunately employes are spared as long as it Is possible to hold them in service. The economies are planned to effect a saving in material and In tho purclmso •of supplies, while if iv.eurtailmeut of •'train.service is decided on. train men are reduced in rank temporarily but still are given the menus ot earning. :\ livelihood until business takes :i turn for the better. Conductors are taken from the caboose and put to brnkinir and those remaining,' who are 'always tho older lu the service, are given extra "runs in order to equalixo the falling oft In the train service. Instead of hiring new.men the old are continued in less Important capacities. AYhere managers are trying to save at every corner it is not easy for passenger officials to induce them to maintain the high standard of passenger service which has been inaugurated. In mnuy cases.•wero It not for the heavy excursion business many -trains would he run at a loss. front, and.ip,attached to .the side'.of the door, protruding enough -to be, of. good service. : ASSIGNING WAGES. The Pennsylvania company, officials have taken steps in a radical, direction to-stop the habit of maiiy employes of assigning their wages to other parties. This was done mostly among the shop employes, but not a few-of the trainmen were frequently found guilty of the act. When' a man bccnuie hard up for money he hunted up some one who wns willing to accept an order for his wages on .a discount and advance him n certain amount of cash. Other men contracted debts at stores and gave the proprietor an order on the paymaster for their wages. This so complicated the paymaster's accounts that he protested, and the,-officials of the company, believing that the habit was detrimental to the men and to the rond, decided to shut down on if at once. If a man Isln need of money and can give a reasonable excuse he will be given .a chock In advance, but no assignment of wages or.garnishees will lie recognized or permitted In the future. ' REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Reported for the Journal by F. H. Wlpperman, Abstracter. 'Eva .Green.to. Chas. -Barnes lot 20 Ouster's 2il fidd,, Northslde, quit claim, $70.' . ... , ,.'...: *''",•..•'.. Sarah J. Morrison to Ed D, Ciosson pt outlet .22 LnRose's 3d add., Hamilton Heights, warranty, $125, John T. Harrison to J. T .Elliott, E % lot .7 F. H. Wilson's odd south side Toledo street E of II St.,. warranty, $1.050 Susan,;B.'tenon to.David H. Miller, lot 5 Mullendore's add, Onward,. .warranty, 275. ; 'Samuel C. Barker to .Anna..E. Sweet K -UU-Ci lot 5 Behren's 1st add., wor^ rantj, $1,100. • Isnbelie Maurcr to.Geo. W/und Lillle Walters, W % lot 53,admln., 1st add,, Xortti St'., .bet. Oht and 10th St., war- rnnyt. $3,000.' ' John Hildebrnndt to Patrick Grady and wife S 50 ft., outlot lii admin., 1st ndcU JJE cornn- Smeiul nnd 12th St., warmnty, $2,000, John Jfangus to Ida. Smith et al., und 'y> i>t. lot 20 O. P. City, E side 3d S of Mkt St., quit claim, $1,00.' , Maria Penrose to Jos. M. Cnlp lots 10 to 14, Mo tea, Beth. Tp., warranty, $1,100. Burl'ON] Bauta, gunrdinn to Wm. 1 D. Wafts, pt E Mi NW y, Sec. -11 Noble Tp. (HiIt: L-l:iim, $CiS4. .Mary .0. U'aylor to nnrrk-t Williams and husband, lot IS Backus :idd., Alloner, Harrison Tp.; warranty, ifuO. . Twenty-one mortgages filed aggregating $.10.39(1. • . '••''••' ' '" : '•'• ' •• • ' •-•• •••'''•'••'' '-•'• '^^.v^^l We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new an&^pl^^ to date. Read the following prices: Our $ 12,00 Suits go for $9.0O Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5 Stt ' •; •-.'••'•' :.."£$$; 50G fOR CHOICE OF M STRAW HAT IN THE 25c choice of any of our Children's Straw Hats. Suits one third off, they are bargains. Now is the time To buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents nishing Goods, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. PYTHIANS .MAY FAY FULL FARE. •It seems very probable that tho Western roads will refuse to make any reduced rates for the .meeting of the Knights of Pythias at Cleveland next month. The meeting was originally scheduled to be held In Minneapolis, and a rate of one'faro for the round trip was made by the Western roads. The same roads afterwards made a rate of 1 cent per mile for the encampment of the Grand Army, at St. Paul and the Knights demanded the same reduction. It was refused and they then changed the place for their- inoct- ng to Cleveland and ;the roads made them a rate of one and one^thlrd fare. Now the Western roads have .been Informed by the lines of the Central Pas: senger committee, In whose territory the meeting Is to be held,, that beca-nse of the obstacles cast in their way by the. managing committee of the Knights the Eastern roads cannot.hon- or any certificates issued by. the Western lines. The entire matter ;wlll be ended by the Western roads refusing to make any reduced rate.a.t all. RAILROAD NOTES. Orla Harlan of the lathe room will go to -Richmond today for a short visit, .William H. Joyce, general, freight agent of the Pennsylvania, has returned from abroad. Paymasters on the Panhandle', in making. their rounds, .'are paying' off men .known .to be t warm advocates of free-sliver .coinage .in silver -dollars. The men are rather disgusted, but 'cannot murmur. < • ' ' ' P. A.. Bonebrake, superintendent of the' Louisville division ,of;the/Pennsylvania, lines,, and-two of his, -.Subordinates are -now going over the-line look-' n'g'-for places where the expenses-can be'further curtailed.', '' ''•'•'• : l - ij!he Wftbush people are., making^ ex- e'nBlye ji m'prbyements .• to• ithelr. pasBeu- ;er,;statlon. at.Lafay.etieivall/of „,which- 8£loQlted-ap6n-. In railroad circles Vaj There l« more Catarrh In tb'«. 'Section of the country than .all other diseases <put together, and until the last few years It was supposed' to, -be Incurable. For a. great -many yeats doctors pronounced It . a .'.local disease, and. prescribed . local. ! remedies, and by constantly' failing: to cure with local treatment, pronounced It incurable. Science has proven catarrh: to be a constitutional dlsense;.and theri- fore requires constii"tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh, pure, manuractored by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,. OhJo ; 1s- the only constitutional-cure on the market. It is taken Internally »n aosea from 10 drops to a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood and mucous, snr-' faces of : the, systesa. They offer one bundr'ed : ,dollarfl for any-case .It falls to. cure. iSend for'circulars and testimonials. Address. . . .;.-.' F. J.'CHENET'& CO., Toledo, O. • Sold by 'DitigglstB; 75c, . . . EXCURSION TO FT. WAYNE. Excursion to Ft. Wayne via Wabash' Sunday'August 23, rate $1.00 for round trip, leave Logansport at 7 a. in., train return-Ing leaves F,t. Wayne at 7:30 p. mi Grand reunion' of German singing' societies of,Northern -Indiana under the auspices of the Ft. Wayne Saenger- bund. All the.German singing .societies will appear in a musical program at Robison's ', park. \ The Ft. Wayne Saengerbuud will entertain Its friends at its new and magnificent boll at No. 55 West Main street. ' ' '• •'; 426 8 ROAD WAY. ;Go.to the picturesque Mackinac Island viaJthe D., & C. (Coast-Line). It only costs $13!CO fiwm Detro.lt, $15.50' from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleveland for the rouxfl trip,.'including meals and berths. Titkets good for 60 days, Wcycles carried free. One thousand miles of lake and nlver ridlimg on new modern steel steamers for the above ra.res. Send 2c for »ustJFated pamphlets. Address, A. A. Schantz, G; P. A., Detroit. TO CLEANSE THE SYSTEM Effectually yet gently,. :wl»»;costive or bllloua,-or when the Blood la-Impure or sluggiflhilici^permanentiy' overcome ^habitual constipation, to awaK" the -kidneys and liver, to'a healthy activity, without Irritating or weakening them, to dtepel headaches, colds; or fevers, use Syrup of .Figs... .... . NOTICE TO. CONSUMERS . OF IL- , : "' " We desire to notify those who are favoring us with their patronage, that the, price on Artificial Gas consumed after September 1st, 1806, will be reduced to a'inaxlmum of $'i.2D PIT thousand cubic feet net. •.'.'''; We trust that this material reduction will result .not .only in. a continuance of present custom, but also In increased patronage, which we will continue to endeavor-to' merit by good service and low prices.- Very respectfully, LOGANSFORT & WABASH GAS COMPANY/ HOME-SEEKERS' EXCURSION. ! The Wabash Railroad company will sell excursion' tickets'to points, in the 1 West, Southwest and South at very low rates.on. Auguist i and 18, Sept. 1, 15 a!nd 20, Oct. 0 and 20,1S9C. • For particulars as to limits, time of trains and other details, call on or ad dress ... C.G. NEWELL',. Agent: The difference between rills and Simmons-Liver Regulator, is just this: Pills don't go ; down very easy with most people, and you -feel them afterwards. While Simmons Liver Regulator in, liquid or powder is very pleasing to take, and the only feeling that you have afterwards is the great relief that It gives from.C'ons'tlpatlon, Biliousness, Sick Headache and Dyspepsia, ..It Is a mild laxative and' a tonic. .'ADDITIONAL LOCAL. . How . are Your Kidneys? ; For, ten years I suffered with pain in the back so severe I could-hardly walk. After using two boxes of Dr. Ho'bbs's Spara-' gus Kidney PHls the 'pain;entlrely .disappeared. ' I fael better than I ever have in nay life. Chas. S. -Holman, 'Secretary 21st Mo. Inftry V, V... Rutledge, Mo. For sale In Lpgansport by Ben Fisher and John F. Cpulson; drug-: gists/'" : ".'... : ;..:"•.'....-..,.:. '..".. PLAN'. YOUR-. SUMMBB; ; OOTING, NOW-GP--TO PIOTU'RESQUK •;; ;MAckiN p vi '•£. TH» 'COAST". ' 420 Broadway, clothing. ! New capes.—Trade Palace. Read'J.G. Grace, change ot ad. . Oapes, capes, capes.—Trade Palace. , A lively day at the Bee Hive yesterday. ' • •• NeV coque and ostrich boas.—Trade Palace: ,..''.'"' '.''.'.'.! ; . ' Frank Schrader.has returned to •work after,.-a short :vacation. • ..•:.: As i iisiial-the'Bee ; Hive folks are the' lirs't in :: tliie"ina'rket' for fall goods. • ^ _ ; Miss Kate Streeker .has a jiew! JJpr : wood bicycle, • a present ,.froni.-,her fatheri-,,:- •.-. • •/.'' • .-.. .- - • •- : -. >'T If-you- need clb'thlng; or fur'rilshi'ng •_-.^'j-.'....- ^• ; T ^. „ (5r ace clothing ad'.' Drawinigs of All Kinds Made B^R<ON B. QOte)ON^ Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spi-y.Block. Logansport i; read Jos. G: in: this, issue.' '.[.,.'." '. • '. '...'. . r ,, "•; Xhei;e are.nowion file thirteen appll- cations :f or .membership 'to Camp No.- 2, Woodmen of the World. . •' If ji;(3ldn't advertise the fabt—see Otto's ad •-r'liow! could I Inform the. ladles.. • Ail i the"ladies. .Thisissue only., , .. .,•••' Hood's 'SarsoparUia purifies, the blood overcomes. that tired feellngy.'ereates an appetite,- and ; gives' refreshing sleep. ; Special' : $i:0d 'Saturday 'excursion', to; ' ! It only.'cogtSf i$18;50 s -from': ;' Maxnkuckee, ;.; the . 22d.; . Tralri I'eayes yandalla station at 10:56 a.' rn'. ^ • , j Wahted.^Stpck ..to.poatiirje, three .and. on%-half, miles south-'Of, Royal Center, ; on v"' ' "" G. r A: ; R'''iTST.'PArL'. -.Special'Eatca via Pennsylvania tine* •i'• for National Encampment.' ; : August 30Ui and 31st. and September •1st are^ibe-dates,upoa.,w.hlcli lo,w..rate .'round'.'trip.tickets.to St'iPaul will be s'cM via Pennsylvania' Lines, ;the ehort 'route througli Chicago,:- Tickets wlll'be ..good>return.ins until' September <15tli, 'ClncliUBlvei'' and^ If deposited .'with the :'jblat'agent at S*. 1 Paul.on.or before.Sep; .itember : 15,- ;tiiB return Ibnlt- will be ex- ! tended; to Include; September SOtli. The ' rates' for this occasion-.'wltt be excep- low via' PennBylvanla • tlie.bniy .eystein .of rallTCays.over.'wnlch trains ru» from .Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio and Indiana to Chicago Union Station, Gie natural gateway, from those^Statea to tbe:Nortliweat Dally itraliia- from 1 PIttsborfh, '-Cblnm- bus, CinclnnflU;;indlHiiapoUB and Loula- yllle v ' ttake -'coovOTlent ?'connoctloa at Chicago wltteSKipaul'triflDfl:-. meats Jtnaiy-' be ariade"'by ; . G; A. ; Ri I or-^partle3'0ffrleods r ito travel 1 together on special tralnfl^or'SBOdal'cars that will go'throBgh from'-gtkrtln»- ; polnt:to the Encampment iwlthotrt ;chRnge, ; If " the ^ican^^>'4wiO^ : B^'^^^ttUf^r^ :&e'^1>)e^: : wlid^^6eH^(ai^ : e4 ! Mowsptijii$ ;$fce«!!is?:^i;f >^#&^tf$Fri!£ SIX SIX. Special Train EXCURSIONS ..'..TO-. • '- VIA THE. / • ;;j"..;; : VANDALIA LINE : July ipth, a6th, .and Auffust and*. ;' pth, i6th, • : • " . . '''.*, '. | Fore for. the .pound trip., $1.00. learea Vondalla station at 9:56 a D. 17th) and I8ta, excnnloai ddB»

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