Evansville Courier and Press from Evansville, Indiana on October 18, 1977 · 1
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Evansville Courier and Press from Evansville, Indiana · 1

Evansville, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1977
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The Evansville Courier KENTUCKY EDITION TUESDAY OCTOBER 18 1977 ELEyEN Progress continues on Southern Indians Gas and' Electric Co's AB Brown Generating 8tatlon in rural Posey County Ind SIGECO is building the plant in -Morning assignment- v "" ‘ t:' L - "V tt ta a certainty that if you were to asp me shuffling wearily along 'the sidewalk them dkya having obvious difficulty in advancing one foot beyond the other you would be alarmed by my haggard expree- I don't suppoee you would actually gasp for dramatic gasping has fallen on hard times but you undoubtedly would notice that a human alertness was lacking from my demeanor Were you to atop me for a more detailed Inspection and perhaps an interlude of idb chatter you would deacry a blotchy puffL ness below the' eyes and a pronounced list-bssnsm ta my conversation 1 PROBABLY would have to search for even the simplest words And you might wonder as you would have every right to do just what the matter I jpnd how much longer IYegoL r8o I mean to tell you thus heading you QfifT at the pass no to speak It ta all the result of the bed on which I am currently sleeping — or the bed more correctly an which I lie each night while sleep which ideally is supposed to mend the raveled sleeve of care bypaasss me entirely- It all came about after a four-year interim of relative’ serenity because the solitary bed ta my household finally collapsed one night and fell to the floor with a confounding clatter of wooden slats - It had not been from the beginning the most dependable of beds for we had bought it sixth hand at a second-hand store and during the first week of our ownership the railing had splintered out of the headboard i on a downhill course to the - But we propped the rail on four thick and ancient volumes of a set entitled “The Layman's Medical Encyclopedia” and ttangh tha mattreas was forced into a slight tilt the arrangement was serviceable : BUT THE BED which we bought under the impression that tt was constructed of sturdy wood and chortled in triumph at our bargain was actually of a flimsy sawdust-and-glue composition and an erosion of its durability continued to the moment of its collapse which ta a mighty nnnerving thing to occur at three o’clock in the morning - Dundee said it was my fault because she said when I turn over ta bed I do tt like a whale practicing hb belly flops go we began scanning the classifieds for a good used bed that was within our financial grasp- We scanned for daya — for WEEKS — but tt was a search without a happy ending ' ' Whether it was some manner of international conspiracy or something lass sinister I cant say but all of a suddea people just nt selling used beds anymore Wa had no choice but to buy a new one 1 pay for it on time aad CONTINUE telor tt until the indeterminate hour of Aad that b what wedid though Ifeinted three times and Bernice who ta lean I white we were checking Power plant growing the West Franklin area of the county The company Is building a 250000 kilowatt plant at the site at a cost of about $134 mfllion (Courier photo by BIN Adkins) -by Joe Aaron — Mattress not worth losing sleep over Since we were ao benumbed by the price of the bed itself neither of us thought to test the consistency of the mattress that came With it V And when we got it home and lay upon tt tt seemed that we were reclining on the sidewalk Not in all my life and I have lived a very long time have I coma across a harder more unyielding mattreaa When you sit upon Us edge to remove your shoes there b ao more “give” thaa that afforded by an ordinary park bench I TRULY BELIEVE that if we had kept its packing carton and discarded the mattress our chances for restful sleep would haw been more promising -But that aa bad as tt was wasn't the worst of it The worst of U is that we erred ia believing wa wanted a queen-aiied mattreaa which ta not only wider than a normal one but longer too Andthat for me is a tremendous drawback— a drawback that for more than two weeks baa robbed me of any semblance of normal slumber The reason b that I am a stomach-sleeper — what the psychiatrists call a fearful quaking flinching specimen of Oh I have a routine — a ritual actually — that I mart go through each night before dropping off first lying on my right side then on my left then briefly on my back than back to my right again my arm curled beneath a doubled pillow But when I go to sleep finally having first enumerated my debts against society and my sins against the Almighty it is an my stomach It is obvious that if one sleeps in saefa a position his toea must hang over the end of the bed It ta obvious to me anyway because my toes get cramps in them othsr- On a normal bed for a man of normal stature this is no problem He simply lies on hb pillow at the head of the bed and hb feet by mathematical necessity hang off the tnattress at the foot But a queen-sized bed b a source of a different choier you might wish to call it for a man has to scoot far down in bed to cater to hb toea and he awakans under the stifling covers with the belief that ha b suffocating r I DON'T KNOW where people got the silly Men that they need an acre and a half of mattress to sleep on anyway Wen once you have bought a mattress as you undoubtedly know thaa you ore simply stack with it for them are ao refunds in the mattreas trade There b even a federal law and the penitentiary for And that ia answer to your i tiou ta why there are bap under my eyes and a cert sin sleepwalker's unsteadiness to my gait If I weren’t afraid of bugs I'd sbep on the lawn and if I weren't afraid of death by drowning Td sleep on the basement floor Two thousand lousy bucks for a waterproofing job and I have got enough water down there to float the Spanish Armada Illinois owes US SPRINGFIELD 111 (AP) - Illinois i mote than 790 million to the federal government that it borrowed to pay unemployment benefits when a record high jobless rate exhausted the state's unemployment insurance trust fund Now Washington is pressing for repayment and no matter what Illinois decides officiab say private employers are going to pay more after Jan 1 for unemployment “The dilemma faced by the Illinois General Assembly and by me b the federal deadline of Nov 10 for paying back the money' nays Gov Janies R Thompson Technically the entire amount b due Nov 16 But the federal government aays Ulinob can stretch out payments until 1081 Anyone By BOBMATYI OWENSBORO Ky - Betty and Barney Hill McMinovUle Ore and Detains Kan all have one thing ia commoa They have lace in Stanton T Friedman's r of flying saucer cases are classic cases that Friedman a Uy-known nuclear physicist feeta help substantiate Us belief that all Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) citings are sot necresarilly figments of tha Imagination In fact the self-proclaimed UFO expert left no trace of doubt in hb conviction that flying saucers do exist “After 10 years of stutty and investigation rm convinced the evidence b overwhelming that our earth b being visited by A Posey County farmer put himself In a pracartoua position to get tha job dons Tha two men apparently Kentucky truancy effort stays off church schools FRANKFORT Ky (AP) - Xante ky truancy lawa will not ka enforced for at their cUldwnoaaccwJltnd rharrh affiliated trlmih mi a hearing in Franklin Circuit Court official laid Monday The hairing originally wae ichaduled Monday before Franklia Cbcalt Court Judge Henry Meigi on a nit brought by the Kentucky Association of Chrlotlan gchoob (KAC8) and aeveral “born-again Chriatian parents" challenging the state's regulation of the church schools ' The 24-page eult charges that the atate law authorizing the regalatioa of private achoole by the atate Board of Elementary and Secondary Education la enconetitution-ally vague ana doea not authoriae the board to accredit or approve auch achoole The auit eontanda that requiring the Chriatian achooia to meat minimani atate atandarda would limit and interfere with the reiigiCHomiaaion of the achooia The controversy over the church schoob began laat May when the atate board rafted to accredit 10 Chriatian Police break mine STEARNS Ky(APj - About 79 riot-equipped atate police arrested about M in a crowd of pickets blocking the road Monday at a strikebound coal mine near Sterna in southeastern Kentucky officiab said Several people were injured — including at least three state troopers — and two atate police cars wen damaged a newa-manaaid State police at the Londoa post said the situation was under control Monday aftar- The situation at the Justus mine has grown teuae since lari week when nonunion miners began entering to work in the mine John Cm an organizer for the United Mine Workers union mid them arrested Monday included SO to U womea who had hem in the area 8tata police said they could not confirm that women had been arrested Several treated Cm said he saw aeveral people injured at the picket line “They cracked some bulb Several Kpte were bleeding and there are proba-one or two with broken arms" Coz said 8tate police mid aeveral people were taken to Lake Cumberland Medical Center at Somerset for treatment if it increases the amount private employers pay into the state unemployment ioaur-met trust fund Otherwise Washington has said it will bike even more drastically the contribution rate employers pay into a similar federal fuad “That's going to whack a lot of small employers” Thompson says Thompson met last Friday with House 'and Senate Isadora of both parties to map out a strategy for striking an agreement on the complicated unemployment insurance The General Assembly reconvenes for the annual fall session Oct 4 aad Thompson told the legislators he wants to seequick action in resolving the problem there ? UFOs are real says physicist intelligently-controlled vehicles from off the Earth' 'said Friedman during a discus-sion on UFOs at Kentucky Wesleyan College Monday night He referred to the UFO eaigma as a “cosmic Watergate” just heggmg to bo unraveled Unfortunately Friedman said no one has stepped forward yet to carry the torch of serious UFO research to its finish-' tag line And it will be a long hard road full of ntdeqiabl “official” government deoiata ta tha existence of flying saucers Friedman warned ' The government's alleged UFO “cover-pp” largely has boon successful ha said suae of what ha called indifference or Ignorance by researchers in On the brink achooia far falling ta meat atate atandarda in areaa each as textbooks teachar cartlfl-id phyieel farlllllea J oftha achoob reopened thta fen without atate accreditation and the board ' tef —tnn papii paraonnel io enforce the datri truancy atatutea againat parenta of children enrolled at anaoeredited achoota However Judge Meip teed a temporary rartrainiag order Sept II preventing the atate board from enforcing no truancy law in caeea involving the church achoolB and an similar achooia Ed Fonett attorney for the atate education department said Monday the court order wao ao broad the department adviced echool pupil peraonnei diracton not to enforce truancy atatutea whom a pupil ia attending a rellgioue achooL Be aaid a policy of aoncaforcamaut would be continued pending the court hearing rescheduled for 10 am Nov It A special meeting of the state board has been called for Wednesday and Tbaraday of thia week Pupil peraonnei director! wan ached- Thoae arrested wan being taken to coanty jaib ta the area state police aaid and Palatal County Jailer Roy Hunt said 16 miners ware brought in by the atate police Hunt said the 16 were charged with violating a circuit court injunction that limits parted at the mine near Stearns to six State police were sent to the McCreary mine Monday i of pickets gathered and blocked the road to the mine saying they would not nllow mm seeking to work In the mine to About ISO minen have been on atrika for 19 months seeking a United Mine Workers union contract at the maw operated by Staarns Coal Co a subsidiary of Blue Diamond Coal Co Knoxville Tens Chuck Schiiford a UMW spokesman said pickets blocked the road became they believe "their jobs era at stake and this is one lab attempt by the company to break the strike by allowing meata to work the Cbcait Court Judge JBJohssen Jr has issued aa Injunction limiting pickets at the mine torts During Monday's standoff UMW organizers Cm and Lee Potter carried messages between the pickeb and the atate police who were grouped about one-half mile away BchufCrd aaid fund $750 million “I think we'll do something on tt the second week we're back la" said Sen Terry Bruce DOiney an assistant majority leader A Democratic House staff aide who has worked closely with the issus aays “It b really simple We just have to do it" But be said the federal loan repayment has been muddled by being tied to a more comprehensive — and complicated — unemployment insurance measure that extends coverage after Jan1 to about 479AM Ulinob public employee farm workers aad domestic help- Ta qualify for the deadline extension Ulinob must increase the mtahnam contribution rate private employers pay into the state unemployment insurance trust fund seeking the truth about a mystery he feeb ranks moom! to none For example he cited the widely publicised “Condon Committee Report” ta the late 1060s at the University of Colorado News media aecounb qnoting the report's offldal findings prodahnsd UFOs as' being virtually non-existent and the subject not worthy of further scientific study he said All bat lost in tha flying saucer shuffle over the years are large scab scientific studios like one performed by the Battalia Institute ta Ohio in 1099 That study pro- flying saucers am not hoaxos phsycoiogi-cal aberrations or misidentificatioas of natural objects but are reaL “These stories I believe" said Fried- teamed up to fix the bam roof on a farm near Mount Vernon Ind (Courier photo by Bill Adkins) aled to report on enforcement of truancy lawa That report win now be delayed but the atate achool board ia expected to continue itadiacaaBion of the controveray over the ckurafa achoob The Rev Tom Malone pastor of the Metropolitan Baptiat Church in Louisville Ky and chairman of the Metropolitan Christian School Board will appear before the state board Wednesday to nk that his school be given provMonal accreditation- Metropolitan la the only one of the M nouaccredited achoob attempting to comply with atate requirements for accreditation rather than challenging them in the suit Malone aaid Monday he appreciate the Chriatian achoob association's efforts to wia recognition of tts position but the members of hb church decided the hart approach was “as much as possible to obqy the law He mid in accrediting team visited the achool Friday and seemed aatbfied at the progress made at the institution with the of a few areas such as too few fbd teachers- roadblock The mined aaid they would not stand aside but atate police said they had to enforce the court injunction said Scfauford 8chuford said the crowd on the picket line included striking Stearns miners and possibly UMW members from other mines in tha region Last Wedneaday a six-week period of quiet was broken when II 8teams strikers were arrested on the picket line Three men had entered to work the mine and were leaving when the 16 allegedly damaged tha pickup truck ta wkich the three were riding Following Wednesday’s arrests only six pickets showed up last Thursday F'our men showed ap to work that day and they were allowed to pass unharmed No incidents wore reported Inst Friday Until Johnson baaed hb injunction in August the 8taarns strike bad been marked by fMquant gunfire A miner and seven company-hired guards — including one who accidentally shot himself — were Union officiab have aaid they frit the introduction of non-union miners was an effort to break the strike and provoke the strikers The company has said the men involved decided on their own to croaa the picket line and go to work The fond b naed to pay persons fired laid off or who quit their jobs mid are eligible for benefits Ulinob must set employer contribution rates high enough ao that more money will flow into the trust fond than ta paid out in the form of unemployment checks Besides that a new federal law effective Jan 1 raises from ft AM to 96000 the annual wage cutoff point above which an employer stops making contributions Using averages supplied by the state Department of Labor that means an employeqwho has 10 workers and now pays 9420 a year in unemployment insurance win begin paying $700 a year as of Jan 1 if Ulinob passes the legislation to defer pay-:of the loans “Some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft" Friedman pointed to a three-yearrtd Gallup Foil that showed a majority of Americans believe ta the existence of flying saucers In addition 19 million claimed to have seen the alien spacecraft tt b “thia silent majority” he said through fear of ridicule may have withheld reporting potentially important UFO citings- To illustrate hb point be asked how many persona in the room believed they had a flying saucer Twenty-one raised ‘hlMS But no hands were raised when Fried-asked how many had reported their sightings to military authorities 2nd Democrat in Illinois joins comptroller run SPRINGFIELD III (AP) - State Rep Richard N Luft D-Fekin Monday became the second person to announce hb candidacy for tha Democratic nomination for fill nob comptroller the office now held by gubernatorial candidate Michael J Last Friday Donald F Eslick 49 of saharhan Chicago announred he will seek that nomination The comptroller brespoe-slble for loaning alt checks paid by the state Left 96 said be decided to seek the comptroller's position after gaining the support of about a down downatate county Democratic central committeemen 99 fellow legislators and key Chicago Democratic Party leaders The twotem representative and former TazeweU County auditor said he would use tha post to investigate how many state contracts have ended up costing more than originally proposed because of delays or “The office b the watchdog of how state spenda its money” Luft said Ha disagreed with Eslick who c deed Gov James R Thompson Friday vetoing legislation that would have pu) state on a two-year budget cycle “I just feel that if we came i — — 1 — — ' — teAsl Km law wH tha year that exists And I don’t think we give enough attention to the one-year budget prates" he said

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