Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England on June 20, 1930 · 18
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Evening Standard from London, Greater London, England · 18

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1930
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73 TTrr: EVENING STANDARD Friday June 20 1930 Diplomat Sent to Gaol tMl LCiLED lOHCll) BANKNOTES FROM LONDON IN AN inemoi s bank CONSPIKACX LISBON Friday Minister to Holland Antonio Mandeira was formerly Portuguese Minister to Holland while Hennies was the foreign agent for the bank established by the conspirators to put their false notes into circulation Hennies was sentenced in his absence Senhora Alves Reis wife of the principal conspirator was sentenced to 10 months' im-prisonment but was released at once as she had been long in gaol The case lor the prosecution was that these persons had by a forged order obtained Portuguese banknotes front the official' printers in Kitgland and had smuggled them into Portugal m diplomatic bags with the aid of the then Portuguese Minister at The Hague As the notes were printed from official plates no one could tell that they were fraudulent notes unless it was realised that the series numbers had not been authorised by the Government Special Bank Founded The conspirators had established the Banca de Angola e Metropole to put these notes into rapid circulation on a large scale and had tried to buy up shares ii the Bank of Portugal itself so that they might obtain control oi that bank and then obliterate all traces of their activities An inquiry was opened discreetly and the conspiracy then came to light It has been an easy matter for the conspirators to utter the notes in Madrid through the channels of their own successful bank — British United Press FOUND HE HAD SA VED HIS WIFE Mr 11 L Hollam of Romford (Essex) while swimming 400 yards out at Herne Bay (Kent) heard a scream for help and saw a woman’s hand disappear lie dived and seized the woman i the hair He found that she was his wife whom he had left on tl le beach NEWS IN BRIEF All traffic on the GWR main line between Swansea and Cardiff was blocked for three hours to-day through several parcel vans being derailed on a junction near the Neath ltiver bridge Viscount Brentford will preside at an international mass meeting at the Albert Hall on July 14 at which an appeal will be made to the Russian Government to withdraw their opposition to religious teaching and worship 1 he Postmaster-General (Mr H B Lees-Smith) announces that on March III there were 720') telephone kiosks in use in Kngland and Wales From the majority of them full trunk facilities were available Belfast constables complain that their trousers are too long and aag over their loot s in three or four folds Mr and Mrs James Ford of Eastbourne (Sussex) have received congratulations from the King and Queen for their diamond wedding — GO years The Marie Curie Hospital Fitzjohn’s-a venue NW the new centre for radium treatment for women will be opened by Mr Stanley Baldwin on July 10 The Rev F G Swindell formerly Archdeacon of Singapore has been nominated by the Archbishop o Canterbury to the Rectory of Isfield (Sussex) A broody hen owned by Mr F Wicks of Orts-road Reading is foster-mothering a kitten The EMS have been asked to place a halt to be called Harrow Weald between Weald-stone (M iddlesex) and Headstone-lane stations THOSE IMAGINARY ILLNESSES ACTIVITY THE CURE FOR MENTAL TORTURE By a Doctor There are many people living to-day whose lives are made miserable through their fancied ailments Added to their mental sufferings in this connection is usually another factor— the fear of contracting other illnesses in addition to the ones they are already supposed to possess Although their illness are imaginary and their fears grossly exaggerated sufferers from hypochondria are certainly ill and to a very grave extent though not in the uay they think Theirs is a mental affliction and like all abnormalities of this nature it is a very difficult one to combat What are the (symptoms of this disease ? (They will be well recognised on enumeration) Sufferers have a constant feeling of ill-health and yet on the most exhaustive search by doctors no sign of physical disease can be discovered The general appearance may be quite good and there is nothing in this to convey that the patient is ill Yet he or she lacks energy and power of concentration and finds it difficult to complete any task Kxaggerat-ed fear of catching cold or of chest or abdominal troubles is a very usual symptom of hypochondria Painful Obsession In fact the fear of acquiring any disease becomes a painful obsession The patient is always concerned about himself Peculiarities about clothing and food are prominent especially about food Kpecial diets are always being tried and probably none ever persevered with For a little while it may be vegetarian then mostly meat or it may be that abstinence is practised Or again special foods may lie the order of the day — fruits vegetables and special bread — all to be discarded in turn for tlie latest fad or fancy Continuous occupation is the keystone of treatment The days should le planned to have every available moment completely occupied in order that there is no time for introspection A life of the highest degree of activity should he led Active exercise is strongly indicated ns are all activities and once the mind is turned from one's ailments by occupation the cure is half completed The other half of the cure consists in keeping up this regime THE FIRST RUGBY TEST MATCH GREAT TUSSLE LIKELY WELLINGTON (NZ) Friday The British Rugby touring side meets Key Zealand in the first Test match at Dunedin to-morrow The prospects of a British vietorv are obsenrr i by difficulties the British selection commit have to contend with They have been sinKu larly unlucky in the number of injuries the m have sustained and the final composition of t team consequently has been delayed The first serious trouble was the injury to Sol ley and the lack of an efficient sul-t itute but the recent form of Murray as scrum h df has been a source of satisfaction and it is honed that he and Spong will turn out to be a really efficient pair The Vital Factor Against Otago on Saturday the last match before the test the hard Befumniiiging ot tin forwards and their duelling play in the loos© enabled the backs to show their paces and they gave a rcitlly brilliant display The ability to reproduce this form on the part of the forwards will be the vital factor in tomorrow’s game They must heel the ball quickly and follow up any passing movement of their backs in order to counteract the extra man outside the scrum which is the strong feature of the New Zealand play No Seats Left New Zealand takes its rugger much more seriously than -t does its cricket Within a few minutes of the tickets being put on sale theie was none left and many enthusiasts who spent most of the night standing in a temperature below freezing point in the hoipc of getting a seat had to go away disapipointed Without doubt there will be a record crowd for a Rugby match in the Dominion FRANCIS L0RANG AT BOULOGNE From Our Own Correspondent PARIS Friday Francis Lorang who is being extradited London concerning the affairs of the Blue Bint Oil Company left for Boulogne to-day in i prison car He will stay at Boulogne for two days and will then leave for London under the escort of two English detectives — International News Service PERSONAL 3s a lire tPrivatO Trade 6a jBOIISll IIRt'DCJKRt BLACK ' l! lasts lor mo jery and expense Dries qu Is bottles free brush or i id- rId®— 6I lOd i BE FA I R TO CARPETS' Show them at their best f: Just sill give shabby DARK ALIN E 2s 6d Also Mahogany U alnu There is a special DAK K ALIN K f ill £fany colour 2 3l mongers and Paint Stores Shade card free from Colt hurst and Harding Bristol f'l OWNS — Customers own materials perfect VX cut work style and fit : mod charges-— Desire 6 Quadrant-arcade Regent-street Ger-rard 2294 MISCELLANEOUS CLUBS THE OX II E Y GOLF CLl B Wednesday 25th June Exhibition Match in aid of the Professional Golfers' Association Benevolent Fund Mr R T (BOBBY) JONES JAMES BRAID SCHOOLS COLLEGES EDITION Etc ABI S1NES8 training at PITMAN S COLLEGE aualifie ' Post a ’ he best posts Booklet free — i Day ‘ Evening ’ or 172 Southampton row WCl LOST AND FOUND MAN U SOME R EW AR D — Lot long grey squirrel lur scarf Duke ol York Theatre night June 16 — Umtnun llarewood Court Hanover square Niav 0441 REWARD Lost Wed 18th inst betw Cricklewood— bus to Charing Cross — train to St Leonards in Ilaf-tings or on return journey DO! BEE ROW PEARL NECKLACE 101 and 103 graduated pearls with BLACK OPAL AN paid by JUDWARI Assessors Abchur EC 4 READERS PI A CLUSTER SNAP The above In recovered will be LFNDON AND CO Juse Sherborne-lane PRIVATE BARGAINS 2s a line 16 words) FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS TTOVELIST'S artistic furniture foi sle quickly at very low prices modern dining-room suite by Stark etc — Bt x E&6'J MOTORS AND MOTOR CYCLES AUSTIN 12 2sr 1926 ex condition: £45 or near oiler Must sell Real bargain —St reat-fcam 7133 jA'ICHLF- ST A N DA R aJ 1 ditnn Thorn! 1 n Death 1925 J? V 1929 gf taxed year £225 —2 Klmrd Sutton Ember brook 1729 (P() SI N SHINE ro d ESSEX Challenger S b guaratieed peifect condition 140 gin Groven r 1768 BARGAIN 'om watiul for another ar Lagnrj dh coupe 119 hp 1923: low ik l - : -vt rha uled : r1 -enamelled good tyre- 2 limn n: - clock wipr tools taxed —41 Viet nrin-n Blit t erhill Wellington Riley 9 Monaco £40 MISCELLANEOUS A ""Mr: £2C j 1 1 i i F'W take deli- 32 Smith' ill Lib 1 Ogu 63 Ill I I'? 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arranged Could remaiu in store free Call and inspect or write lor full particulars WEBB'S DEPOSITORIES Holcombe Hall High-road Tottenham (opp Bruc e grove Station) Tott 1609 (Eat 30 years) Packed and put on rail free Sent any distance FURNITURE HOTEL closing and reconstructing Quantity ol high-class furniture comprising every item for complete furnishing 4ft Oak Bedroom Suite with chests of drawers full-panel bed and triple cheval mirrors £17 the lot Double burr Walnut Suites £18 Beds to match with spiral spring 30 real leather Lounge chairs loose aown cushions £4 250 Oak Dining chairs in leather 12s 6d Mahogany sileboard ball and claw feet £10 3 piece Suites in brocade and other coverings 9 guineas Chesterfields £3 10s Bureaux Carpets Cabinets and Bookcases equally cheap Stored at : — GRAHAM FS FURNITURE DEPOSITORIES 640 642 HOLLOWAY ROAD N19 3 minutes ilighgate Tube Station Buses and trams from all parts pass doors ‘Phone: Archway 2859 Goods purchased stored free for 12 months MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS UH A I lUYC BABY GRAND RPECI-ALISTS Prices from 82gns New Stock of second-hands at reduced prices — 14 Ilanover-street Regent-street Wl MISCELLANEOUS ULKCT t! 1C S WEE PEP-3 all makes inc HOOVERS 4 to 12gns guaranteed — Show rooi 91 Baker-st Wl Welbeck 8521 9000000 '? pm "hr: ing 33 100 feet ain x 6in PTG 511 in x 6in PTG 611 Vain x 6in PTG Flooring 7 3 in x 4ii Weatherboards 29 2in x 2in Quartering 511 2iu x 3in 711 2in x 4in 10 9 1' ”ii: x 4in (job) 511 Free on rail List post free 500 Special Bargain-s details of dooi to door lorry de! very service and our Free Timber Offer Bat tans Plywood Iaths Poles Ioois A-bestos Wire Netting Felt Mouldings et-c always in etock — Swedish Bar king-road La-fct 11am 'Phore Grangewood 0913 APPOINTMENTS SITUATIONS Etc 5 lines 3s Trade and Appointments 2s a line VACANT Cl AH ABLE young lady clerk v s office Stale age experience Box E966 CTHAMOIS leather gloves ladies' useful needle- work at once lucrative work demand now — Letters Mitchell's 69 Newrnan-street London EXPERIENCED Lady Canvasser lor crigiiaJ and attractive work salary and commission L65 H’SK-TO HOUSE canvasi owns and districts for only live men need apply wages and commission basis — Write only Empire Products 511 Mornsoy-rd London N19 INTERESTING and Highly remunerative spare time outdoor occupation for well-ed tW elling International firm — Write Homefiuders 74 'ictoria-st SWl 15 to 40 of good education and nice by Beauty Specialists for work frim own home real oppor-oDian with personality Box E96R smeri and others requiring good 6d lines showing half profit write Velruit 511 Hot nscy-road London N19 SHORTHAND-TYPIST well-educated young man must be accurate fficient and know Engiibh commencing salary £2 — Lae 281 High 1! lborn WANTED— Young Lady Traveller for Baby's vv knitwear and C'liild’s Frocks with connection expt’nsis and 7 Vb per ceut commission — Box E983 JARPETS ci p FFICIENT and secrctai French Institut Huhla Seaside tint" ns etc cleaning dyeing nrk low cost advice free— 89 Addison-gdn W 14 cli English shorthand-typists DOMESTIC HELP WANTED I hree lines 3s Trade 2s a line CAPABLE Cook-Gt o-eral required live in two in fa m good references essential — Apply Willis 6o W oodside Wimbledon Hili bVV19 GOOD Gcut-ral wanted able to cook family 2 wages £1 weekly — 51 lledston-id Hornsey ’Phone Muuitview 4512 CIOOK-GENERAL or experienced General Maid required middle July small modern house family three help given eay place— Allen 96 Woodeoto r aL Wallington Surrey (TOOK GENERAL Aantea sleep in plain cook J 3 in family ooml uuiet home help given good references needed— Write or call after5 4 Scarth-road Barnes COOK-GENERAL lo larlourmaid required age under 30 good wages reference rt-qd— Ashley ” 3 Bran stone-road Kew Gardens CTOOK-GENERAL wanted at once must te ex- perienced and have good refs 4 adults good wages— At home between 9 and 12 am 6 Devonshire House Brondesbury NW6 COOK-(diNEflAL wtd for small lam house-parlournaid kept gd outings wages £52— 117 The Chine Grange Park N21 CIOOK wanted 4th July for Godaiming 4 in family housemaid parlourmaid and nurse kept good wages— Write Mrs James Ilurtmore Cottage Godalming GENERAL-MAID required easy place no children good outings — Apply in persou 32 W stbury-road North Finchley GENERAL 2 in family small house no stairs sleep in references Good easy place— 285 Brixton-road SW9 GOOD General small horn essentia’ street Cbeli GOOD capable General wanted plain coolring small family: good wages— 313 Finchley- road NW3 Telephone Hampstead 2645 HOUSE-PARLOURMAID 3 maids kept good wages comfortable home -Mrs Falconer The Manor House Petersham Richmond fc’urrey IMMEDIATELY Maid wanted for mornings occasional evenings Phone Fitzroy 1392 Newfield 44 Gordon-square WCl Kent county menial hospital CIIARTHA M near CANTERBURY— LAUNDRY MAID required— Apply to the Matron Kent county mental hospital CIIARTHAM near CANTERBURY— HOUSEMAID required Wages £25 to £35 per annum according to experience with board lodging washing and uniform — Apply to the Matron MOTHER'S Help required experienced wit-h children able to do plain cooking daily maid kept — Apply Jones J06 Net! m-street North Finchley Phone Finchley 2439 REQUIRED immediately experienced Chamber-maid-Waitre&s must have good references — Apply Stanstead Hotel Sutton Surrey REQUIRED motherly person age about 20 some experience to help with small boy 37 and few household duties sleep in: business house— Mrs Linton 44 Lewisham High-road New Cross SE14 SUPERIOR person or girl for light housework cook-gen kept refs req good home — Rennie 97- Soatli Side Ciapham Common SW4 SUPERIOR Maid experienced good plain cooking for now labour-saving house help given and woman 3 mornings good wages pergonal interview and references essential — 9 Berwyn-rd Richmond 8y Tel: Prospect 4980 rilWO General Servants for houses next door 1- to each other iu WatErd Herts — Box E970 AT ANTED capable Iomc-t c Help maid kept 7 —Speedwell 4744 59 Dunstan-rd Golde-Ts Green Endoli iNTED s-cn-ible woman as General comfortable home — Litchfield 72 West End-laue NW6 'Phono Maida Vale 7007 "YyAN 1FD Ho use- pa r 1 rjur mai d experienced — r- 153 Sutherland Ma:da Val 'Phone Abeicrn 1305 borough Hants on or good plain cook nded experienced kitehenmaid taking her first place would do Easy and comfortable place Modern house no basement two iu family 3 servants kept separate rooms: age 25 to 35 Personal references usual outings state wages — Box K967 WEEK — Capable cook-general not over 35: small flat one lady personal rels — 30 Harvard Court Hampstead NW 6 P A —Married Couple middle aged dLXLHJ no children as Cook Gen and Handyman — Macgregor 1 North-grove Highgate N 6 DOMESTICS WANT PLACES LADY recommends reliable daily cook for Wimbledon Hill: free end of J uly— Letters only Mrs A la Grosveuor-hlll Wimbledon IT as working housekeeper to widow Ciood HOUSES FLATS AUCTIONS Etc a a line (6 words) BARGAIN for qnick sale New Malden — Mod house nr s-tm good road 4 bed bath 2 c and a el light and power £835 freehold — ‘ETERS 40 La mb ton-rd Ray nos Park SW high posn adj pte park 8 mins 2 stns shops buses 4 gd bed 2 rec kit or brkfst mi scl brk Gar Gravel soil— HUGH F THOBURN High-street Bromley Tel Ravens bourne 3293 FREEHOLD Eight bedrooms (h and c lav basins) 2 dressing 3 bathrooms 3 reception and billiard room Two lodges and bungalow 75 acres Lovely grounds beautifully laid out rose gardens Ac Electric light water tele phone Garage (3 cars) stabling kennels Modern drainage Central heating Splendid condition Owner leaving England Great sacri fice £6500 Grounds cost £6000 alone to lay out mile station 20 miles Exeter Oke- hamptoo 8 miles — Photos Ac application Child Ashridge Court North Tawton Devon 'Phone Hounslow 2952 TT'SSEX — Cottage Residence 3 bedrooms 2 te--1-2 ception-rooms bathroom and offices with 3 acres of land and gardener's cottage high posi r i un V o U HOUSES FLATS AUCTIONS Etc (Conti nued) Well Hall 2087 ELTnAM (best part) — Soundly bnilt pre terrace residence : 3 bed 2 rec bat hr kitchenette Price £835— Edwards L Kinch DOWN— ORPINGTON— Del 3 - rooms bath 2 sitting-room all vices station 10 minutes garden a acre age £1200 Freehold — Apply W Lcvens auJ F A I Orpiugion Kent TO LET Tc tion £1350 — “ K 2 Warrior-squ 8ou t hend semi-detached freehold corner Residence (Hall 2 Rec Bath and 4 Bedrooms) All Services Garden with space for garage Vacant possession — Auctioneers: GODDARD k SMITH 22 King-street St James’s SW’l cat — Leaving Enguand — Apply H o aI1tBlRY pj6ldg--Compt rills abt 63 its Olerken well 6225 KENTON no Kingshill-ave)— Forced sale Bargain £925 Well-bit corner s-d res : 5 bed bath 2 rec Lge gdn Sp grge View Sunday 10 330 or ‘phone Mus 1676 NORTH HARROW CHURCH DRIVE £50 DOWN ge three bed-roomed houses each with for garage £993 FREEHOLD All road and law charges paid )nly 5 left iu this excellent position WITH POSSESSION v 3 mins from station shops cinema Vrite for ILLUSTRATED BOOKLET AND 1 TRAVELLING VOUCHER from Bakcr- CLTLERS BUILDERS the hillside atlon TAn attractive contract- built house (det): 3 bed bath 2 recep and usual offices all conveniences Pretty garden (room for garage) Freehold £1200 — Gilbert and Thomson Purley STOKE POGES Bucks Residence for sale 2 rec hall cloaks kitchen maids’ room r (fires garage 4 lels bthrm coy's water el acre meadow land Freehold £2000 Near golf course adjoining Stoke Poges Church — Hartley Wexhain Slough THAMES DITTON— Cotlage 3 beds 2 (its kitchen bath garden near sin 62 yrs lease gr £3 8s redecorated £750 — Quinn 132 Clarence Gatc-gdns NWl Tel Pad 1872 from £1 per week inclusive suitable Ur j pi living iu retirement Charming healthy neighbourhood— Apply Hillen Estate Offics Danburv Chelmsford FLATS AND CHAMBERS BUCKINGHAM -GATE— Mdn fr fiat: 2 Ixl 1 rr-c etc mod rent — 'I'iioiu 'ic 9708 FLAT s-c 3 rooms kitchen bathroom etc— Occuider 48 Leeside-crescent Goldens Green NW 11 'Phone: Speedwell 4082 FLAT 6 rooms s-c g floor Blomtield-st XV 2 Rent £ 1 OO iucl — 25 Norfolk rd Brighton HIGHLY recommended unfurnished servi e flat three rooms and dressing-room m good repair private bath constant not w'cf excellent rooking £225 including servi e— Apply Steward 6 Observatory-gardens XX 8 UNI U RN ISH ED self-oontained flat to 3 rooms ba t h r oom £70 — F ulha m 02 3 1 BUSINESS PREMISES WFJTCLirr-ONSEA-Maiii shoppi: a tfo-vv roughfare in best residential district to railway station Modern shop 18ft fro ntac 19ft depth separate entrance to 8 rooms ever Suit fishmonger florist boot factor confectioner etc Rent £320— Wattemway 2 Warrior & i c Southend BUSINESSES FOR SALE 2s a line i6 words) DED Breakfast house exceptional 1 ’ i 13 position owner retiring after 15 yea: a £ ‘ Box E943 BED and Breakfast House WC takings ap-proath £15 wkly always let out g t c -r £850 a a —Holmes 495 Oxford st Mart' A: Wl Bt B HOUSE loH Bruniwickq) WC1 uer Kiulon rniii Kins X 16 rms W lurntshed always lully let £1300 all it— A Sl Barratt 54 Ilaymarket SWl JURIED fish New Malden freehold £750 - ' ' offer splendid opportunity 3 new p ' and el scope for wet fi?h garage h trance genuine offer— W Crosse and C- Durnsford-rd Wimbledon Park Wiinb C1REENGROCER S business in excellent f ping centre good living accommod t open to every investigation £600- " Beavan 2a East-st Br isbourne 4693 aley Kent — 'Pu- AMPSTEAD-Well Inshed 15 bed Ise 21 yrs HI 15 bed-sitting-rms Tkgs £13 I w " ' £18 Profit- £10 ud rt & m i vm- I j Price £1950 Possession with £1000 -PHI I k WARD 72 New Oxford-st W Musem PIANOS Grams and Records — Olu es: tor disposal shop hse wkslioj and low vent long lease lease and fi'tinj-sum k abt £400 — Write Corsby How Uxbridg WELWYN FESTIVAL RAT JUNE 21 FOR ONE WEEK Exhibition furnished house Welwyn Garden City The Furniture all in Ex designed for the house by All sorts of pecially ‘ £5000 bachelor or to lady all duties good refs 1 cook — Miss Raithby Aberdour Imber F-sher Surrey ) JSoatU He aide nee and Apartments appear' in the Special Holiday Feature on Fayes 20 and her houses from £550 or to let Daily return from King's Cross 27 Estate Office Welwyn Garden City or KNIGHT FRANK and RITEFY 20 llanover-su Wl WESTCLIFF-ON -SEA— Minute trams shops and park 10 mins sea Substantial prewar residence 4 beds bath (h ami c) double recept ion room kitchen culler road charges paid £900 freehold — SORRELLS 38 Clarence-street Southend-on-Sea ( Continued in vert column) MOTORS FOR SALE 5s a line (6 words) CHRYSLER 2 str 75 model reell pui habit fre-m new Grosven-oi 4747 NOTICE TO READERS ADVERTISEMENTS All classified advertisements must be arc panled by the name and address oi advertiser This Is required not nece J for publication but for reference only- BOX NUMBERS -MMrPed Replies to Box numblrl bould b t th Evening standard" T Snoe la London EC4 TO AVOIO DELAY p rlaSM(ed Address all cammunicatians to the a toe Advt Dept “ Evening Standard 47 lane London EC4 The Praprieters reserve the right te "’iTnft advertisement and da net on any specified day although made to meet Advertisers’ requirement

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