The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 24, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1890
Page 4
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„ ; jo. ; *o. .o, and BMffln of TRMH8, , MILWAUKEE AKD ST. I»AUL, OOtNO W1WT, 1 B&ssonRor ................ ...... o :02 a m 3 jmnsfinRor ...................... 4::vr p m nlrclKlit .... .................... 7:mam 18 wivy fri'lKht ................ 11 •.•inn in 6 freight .......................... n : i7 p m OOINO KAHT. 2 piMwimunv ...................... 10 .-an ft in No. wo. No, to way fi'o.iHht ................. :tr> it, m No, M (rolKlit .......................... 2 ::ii) p in No. Chicago & Northwestern H'y. OOINO NORTH ANI> WEST. Freight accommodation 1) :nr> a m Chicago Mali iiml Kxpross :t ;f>r> p m OOINO BOWTH AN» KAHT, FrolRlit niicominodiiMon 7 \'M p m Ohtongo Mail ami I2:;io p in ChlciiRo imssotiKnr machos Dos Merinos nt 7 p. in,. OhiiHiRe) it :r>o ii. in., Mid Kansas City 9:30 ii. in. Tickets for salo to all points in Uib •Jnltoil Hlivlns and Canada, PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY. ALGONA, IOWA, Dec, 24, 1890. Oats, MA11KKT8. (Unportoil wookly by A. Hough.) 8!lc. Corn .. lOc. .$2.00 Cattle.. Wheat 75c. Flax $ .03 Hay $4.00 Butter.. . Hogs Barley ... Timothy.. . .Me . ,18c. .18.00 ..45c .$1.00 II. .1. HANSON. DAN SON. DANSON A TTOHN'KVS AT I,AW Ovoi- (loui.Hloek'.s. BROS., A|;;IIIIII, Iowa. Oillco G.KO. Ifl. A TTOK'N'KV. Hanli. Alu A TTlHiNKV Dec In MIC (JLARKE, l-'lrst National Iowa. Of- B. F. RUED, JAS. HARK, M. ].)., P HYSICIAN and Sl'lJC UON. AI.CONA. IOWA. L. K. GAUKIKLD, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SUKOKOX. Oilier next dour to Kord'.s Wuvi'luuiso, Aljjoim, lo\vn. W. K. II. MOliSK. ,i. .M, riuDie MO R8 1C & PRIDE. ALGONA, IOWA. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. I'lvsi-riptlons fUU'd. Deals In paints, oils, books, iK'rfumerk'.s, etc. Corn- orof St;ilo iind Thorinjttoii strocls lown. OUR PREMIUM. Those Maps are here. Those new Premium Maps. II' you arc entitled (.0 ;t map call and get it, or solid (or it, I f you are not entitled to u map i-oino in and subscribe, or if you are tin old subscriber, pay up u year's subscription in advance and you will bo. This is the only map out corrected up to dale., and it shows every township in Kossuth county. The plate was revised at our instigation. This map will be given as a premium with every new subscriber or sold at retail for 76c. OITK CMUUUNr, LIST. The UuninurAN and any one of the journals named below will bo sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: DCS Molnrs liujji.slci 1 .................... 52 o» lowu capital ............................... "aim Iowa Homostoiul ...................... .' a 40 sionx (illy .immuil ......................... g ;«) KonUiik (into oity ..................... ,...u:in MarslwlHown Times Ui-|Hil>lU-an .......... a ir> Olllalia Ki'i! ................................. .j ;(,-| i'l\loii.uo .iniiriiiil .......................... a ;K) (Milfnjjo lntt'V-O«>!iii ..................... « ;io 1'1'nlvlii KavnuT ........................... » »•} Western Kiiriil ......................... u us Oranui' , I mid Karmev .................... u 40 a in ......... a 40 » r>5 405 405 a 05 4 7f> 4 75 4 r>,-> ;t or. u on i 7f> Those premium rmips have been iro- g ike hot cakes. A map of Iowa is a taking premium. Quarterly confrence will be held at the Methodist parsonage. Thnrsflnv evening Jan. Istat7.«0. Amusaa y Chris ITeise is rejoicing over a now hoy. and John Fouliy over a now Both arrived Saturday morning. A. W. Bigsbeo, of Lotts Creek township was called to Fayette county last week to attend the funeral of his mother. Mr. and Mrs. 8. Benjamin and Mr and Mrs. M. B. Chapin leave for Minneapolis tills morning to spend the holidays. LaCrosso Wisconsin is a bad town At, the last term of tho district court held there, .'5(i divorce cases wore the docket. 1'. M. Barslou of Bancroft and Dr. McConnick of Hurt attended tho camp lire in tho (I. A. 11. Hall last Wednesday night. Matthew llilcy lins gone to Winstcnd Cloud county, Minnesota, where ho will spend the winter with one of his daughters. on have engaged Umbria which for Liverpool Niilloiiiil Trlliuiu 1 Aiiieru'iin Krononilst SfU'iitllU 1 Amevlwui I.ippincolt's Mapi/.ln/ Dt'iiiori.-Nt'.s MjiKii/.inc 1 Ilirprr's Weekly ' Voiinj;- IVople ( I otlcy's I, aily's Hook Home Market Unlit-tin E. E. Sayers, D. V, M., Veterinary Physician ® Surgeon E8T"Ol\\oo \\vst of tlio Tlioi-in.ulon llouso. AlK<mu.lo\v;i. UOSIMTA1, Acromtnoibtimis. Those rates arc Riven for a limited period anil will bo subject to revision from time to time. This is only a partial list. Subscribe now. - *• -44} *. 4 .— LOCAL NRWS AND NOTES. F. M. Taylor is on tho sick list. C. \V". Stoekwell of Hurt was iu town Saturday. AV^rLj^l. V^,_| Kor Informal inn in ivy-an wostoru Iowa, \\nu- lo'ilic t.n laiuls in Nnrili- Real Estate and Abstract Office C. Mrs. ,1.U tives in the . Hawaon cast. is visiting rela- of GKO. ALGONA. CALL, IOWA. G- J. HOUSE and SIGN PAINTEE- Conniry work a speciality. jYJ.OONA. lOVS'^-V. CBTom t'oi-Milc. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal i-ard promptly attended to. ixesidenee south ofSponbers^'s tailor shop. Alucona Iowa. F. E. FOSTER. ass in every particular. I] Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. liu'iM-poi'uti'tt miitiM'.^iMii-rnl laws of lo\v;i. l)oj»oslts roivivt'tl. in>ini\v IO;UHM|. foivisn ami domestic e\cli;muo Nut-in'ami sold. ColUvtions a[ insult 1 i\roni|itly :nul a m'iu'ir.1 banUiiii; business tft UTUl.sai'l (><!. l';i.vs;|$:i- tickets In or from till' oiil Countries sold ai lo\\i'M rales W. H. IXiai.VM. I'lVM.tem. __ <i r-. .IONKS. Vive ri-esiiiem CJ l.KWIS ll. SMITH. Cashier, C Direi-'.iors \V. !l. l>u:li;nti. ,ln<>. <!. Smith .1 ,,B. .lones. T. i'hn-.i-liili<".. Lewis 11. Smith .1 W HVadsworth. Ua ar Farm for Sale. I'JO IUTOS m»nr tlie village of Partly unproved. For at a bargain. Imiuiiv at publican oftuv. (icorgi 1 Call returned from his Texas trip last Saturday. IM-. Pride had a call to Wesley las Thursday morning. The cold wave (lag went up at '2:1- Monday afternoon. Two new members were added lot-lit M. 10. church Sunday. 1C. (.'-. French will close the Ua/.ar o Fancy Saturday night. Sid Hist has lu-t'ii acting as salcsmai at the of Fancy. Ueo. Minkler's new house is aboul ready Cor the plasterers. Miss Kdith Call is in New York visiting Dr. aud Mrs. Shore. (Jleu Hnmson returned home i'roti Independence last, Saturday. .las. Taylor has about the most attractive sliow window in town. Miss Nettie Duraut is home, from Iowa College for the vacation. Irving Harrett. of Hutte City, Montana, is visitm;.;- L. M. H. Smith. Services will bo held in the Kpis- copal church Christmas morning. Court adjourned Saturday afternoon, after an unusually long session. Frank Slavic will be home from Cornell iu a few days to spend vacation. Miss Ada Smith is home from her school iu Minnesota for the holidays. Missticrtie Clarke came home yesterday from Notre Dame for the vacation. Misses Jessie aud Mary Smith are home from Minneapolis for the holidays. Hev. Whittield will commence a series of revival meetings about January tirst. Hev. callor terdav. Fans, of Hun, was a pleasant .u the HKITHUCAN ofliee ves- Moines at home, Walker came up iu spend up en . Christinas GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. Ou.vs IVriiuliral Tills, from I'niti'd Mafis is>: AIM US m ni. i . l-'rai'iv. K>ial'!i itglaiiil !>••(> ; t'anaila i.-.;? w tluvo b,i\v-s for j.;,. . l.usinis or money vi'l'uiiili'il"" .MKK1CAX PH.I. CO . loviltv i'r'm-1 uoer. la. Tin-trail,' snpplu^bv u i lo •Mis. 11. IV-.\\ith \ son. Milwaukee ; ,_V«>«son >"v Oo. Ohli-aso. >t Slieel.. Algona. Kclailcii liolu. Pr. 1.. C.t» t>o nijiiU 1 ui t; months fYl!i:!i: 'ruuisoii's Atlit»- i % .», i'liiirtft iiiul Wu 11 MJIJIS. raruoiiUirs free. ,000 U. C TOKISOI, ebicago, Ills. 3HIPYOUR oumau are this daughter near an, a iary |,Bw»\\u . Majd \VlUli Ho. ills, . li.m- l»r: ll.'I'V I'MUll ,.i.-.Ks.\ o;.!, •ii Viu-.ts, 1\ ,i..l. I'tas. ^ utM'.i. Vi-u- luUvs. H;>y. K'.ilx, Onion-.. auu' I'UlOl. Vl!\i Wsvoiu Coin. tiiiiM'i . \\i\l ( (or vi.i:!y market juices «. Ii. 1'. Itallaixl A to. Coiiitiiissiou Moivhanis. ,\> ;tud •-• lil. I..-,--M p.i\ *LEGAL BLANKS {. o—-R>K .SALK - u i BEPUBLIOAN OFFICE The Haptist Sunday school will take presents from their Christmas tree this ove'ninjr. C\ H. Paul was over from Whittemore Suiulay. to witness his brother's wc-ilding. Miss Cora \Vise is visiting friemls in the Urover neighbvn'hood. east of Burl this week. A little girl was born last week to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Slaglo. of Sutherland. Iowa. Mr. and Mrs ,1. D. V week visiting their AVhittemore. C'harles Coheuour has gone to his old home at I'ana, Illinois.' for a three week's visit. Mrs. 11. F. Watson returned the latter part of last week from au extended visit in tin- east. Hudson ox Shadle have just received i a couple of handsome back-grounds for their art gallon. IK»rry llillsborough is going to Livermore for a wvek or'two to help in Dick (.'rose's barber shop. Mr. 11. S. Ciouse of the La Ciosse \Vis. Uopublican and Leader Stall' was an Algvma visitor last week. There uro &tf corps of the Salvation Army in America with o7 outposts aud l,iH>t> officers in active service. Mrs. Ilaupt. of Spencer, with her little ilaiighter Houuie is visiting her parents. Mr. aud Mrs. ,1. K. Fill.' \Vui. Kike and Amelia Schrader were married yesterday at the home of August Schrader in Buffalo township. Dr. and Mrs. Shore passage in the steamer sails from Now York January Srd. There will bo u special meeting of Company F at the armory next Tuesday night, All of the boys are urged to be present. A. L. Goddard aud daughter, Crete arrived in Algona from the east Sattiv- urday night. They will stay till after tho holidays. Elmer Shvsjle has received an appointment in tho mail service and will commence work as soon as he is assigned to a, route. The winter meeting of the Upper J)cs Monies Editorial Association will bo held at Emitsburg Thursday cind Friday Jan. 22—28. Mr. J. E. Paul aud Miss May lluth McCall wore married Sunday morning at the home ot'the brides parents. Hev. Whitfield officiating. Mrs. Ellen Kelly wishes it made known that she will go out nursing in all cases of sickness.' She can be found at her home near the Court House. Mrs. T. M. Clarke, of Fenton, died Monday evening. The funeral will be held today at 1:80 p. m. the exercises •to be conducted by Rev. Fans of Burt. There will be a social in the Congregational church this evening to which every one is invited, the children especially. A short program will be rendered. A small boy who had faith in .Santa Clans, wrote him a letter and delivered it to Dr. Sheet/.. The Doctor said he would see to it and of course that boy will get his present. A special invitation is extended to all the young people, in town to attend the. meetings of the Epworth League which are held in tlie Methodist church every Monday evening. The Misses McCoy returned from the I'liiversity at Minneapolis last Saturday to spend the vacation aud Misses Cornie Imrhain and Jassamiue Jones came home from the S. U. I. The beet, sugar industry is attracting attention everywhere. A company has been formed to build a factory at Ke- wannee. Michigan. $100.001)' has already been subscribed to the stock. II. Baldwin, from the north end of big Kossuth, was an Algona visitor Monday, lie reports everything prosperous, and land on the rise. ' lie is one of the lucky farmers who owns a flowing well. Tlie Grange store has a very attractive show window. In a pine forest is built a log house and Santa Clans with his pack is just ready to yo down the chimney. "Too cute for anything" is the general comment. .las. Young aud daughter were vis- ilors at the Hi-:i't'i!LK;.\\ shop Monday. It was the voting lady's first view of a printing office and after examining the little type she concluded the paper was cheap enough at $1.50. Marriage licenses have been issued since last reported, to II. M. Kimhall and Hattie. M. Walker. J. E. Paul ami May Ruth McCall. Abijah Batter*on and Alvina Blauchard, William Hike and Amelia Schraeder. The music of the hammers at the stand pipe will soon cease. The last section is in position. When completed aud painted the stand pipe will be .>«> iMiiaiiiem 10 me town. " further has been done on the well. Henry Turnball, of Dwight, 111. bought I). S. Miller's farm and ake possession thejtjrst of March, irrivod in Algona with his family kins is one of the pioneer Kossuth county ami one of our most successful farmers. \Ve are glad that his change of residence brings him to Algona. The ladies sewing circle of the Con- grogational church is indebted to Mr. * I Hr H ? IIo l >k ' editor o£ the Christian JJLV 0 }*' Jto a , nice little donation of wh being the subscription money for a cub of twenty-five subscribers to the Christian ut Work, raised by the sewing circle. Mrs. John Connors whose death was reported in the UBPUIIUCAN last week was buried last Thursday in the Catholic cemetery at this place. The funeral exercises were held in the Catholic church and were conducted by Father McNiernny, of Livermore, in the absence of Father Nichols. Editors can work the meanest tricks on each other without flinching. Al. Swahn of the Oskaloosa Herald Is very dark complected and wears his hair long like an Indian. The Brooklyn Chronicle published his portrait at the head ot a column containing an account of the death of Sitting Bull. Fully no per cent, of our exchanges have worked off a gag about Sitting Bull now being "a good Indian'' or something to the effect that he has joined the ghost dance." It seems a little remarkable that the joke editors of the different papers should all have boon inspired to make the same pun. Tlie Bulletin of the Iowa weather and crop service for November reports the average daily temperature for the month to have been GO 55 above normal tlie mean temperature for the month beincSS QO^.Tlie average precipitation for the State was 1.46 inches. The month was favorable for plowing, corn husking and other farm work. A Denver genius has secured a patent on an electric car which will have a speed of 168 miles an hour, or across the continent in 30 hours. A road for it is proposed from Denver to San Jbranciscq. Its advantage over the ordinary railroad car is that the car track needs no cuts or fills, but goes as easily up and down hill as on the level. i,« 41 ffMlftJ i Courier, for the .»»„„.„ etliflcntion of the crowd. After he had finished reading the ffrertt Kossuth county organ of free trade and no pensions, Bro. Tellier asked for the paper with the remark that his wife had asked him to buy a box of concentrated lye, as she wanted to make some soft soap, but that there was no use to blow In 26c.for lye when there was enough of the stuff in that one copy of the Courier to make a barrel of soap. We would suggest that Bro. IE. should start a soap factory in connection with the Courier office, or that he should keep a quantity of soap grease on hand to Rive as a premium with the Courier. A cute yankee has been working a number of the senators pretty sttccess- f'W fo f various sums of money. Diftorent senators have been receiving letters lately from n, man in Baltimore who signs himself William Duval 825, East Baltimore Street. The letters each contained a certificate of baptism and a letter from the said Duval announcing that he had named a new born son after the senator addressed. Each senator llattered at the notice promptly mailed a sum of money as a present to his supposed name-sake. It is said that the fellow has successfully worked senators. Dolph, Evtirts Higgins, Carlisle, Paddock, Squire wolcott, Edmunds, Andrews, Pettigrew, Power, Stanford, Sawyer, Stock, bridge, Blair, Hale, Washburn, Quay- V eat. Shfirmjm an/1 rinvmnn TI- !„ „ trunk led to the discovery of the crimp ' in and a large sum of money in his sion. tr« »*.,, r ,. "*""oj in HIS poses, . . He was indicted for the murder tried and sentenced to be handed hi t was successful in securing a Sew trffi {h e e n p°enlSKfy With tt "* se "" AS USUAL. The for AN has stated three weeks that the Upper was i "filled with Democratic m sentations" of the MoKinloy bill before election, and in its last issue adds that we cannot deny the charge because we TT!?n 1 i 0 Ti g0 i£ a ? k °J? the flles of th e Upper DesMoines." Kow simply for seeing that sheet confess to another Vest, Sherm cute swindle. and Gorman. It is a >, Jr 1 ',, 1 - 1 ' Tv »nkall and Miss Hattie M. Walker were married last Wednesday, the 17th, at the residence of she Litter's brother, Hev. F. M. Smith officiating. The bridegroom is a recent comer and a thrifty young tanner of Burt, and the bride is the well known and estimable sister of John K. Walker. Thevwill live near Burt. The jtfew York Mail and Express man has successfully made the journey across the continent in a canoe and is on his way home after having navigated over (i,000 miles of water. The canoe has received the honor of transportation homeward in a special Union Pacific car and will be placed on exhibition in front of the Mail ami Express building. An ingenious four-year-old boy up town amazed his father a day or two ago by swaggering into the parental presence with the remark: "Papa, I've made a good motto for the undertakers to put in their shop windows." 1 And venmg 0. B, Paul has patented a device to warm a cold bed in the winter time, ine heat is generated by means of a common kerosene oil- lamp and conveyed into the bed by means of a tin tube. Mr. Paul claims to have a device that will lay the old fashioned method of a hot Hat iron in the shade. It he will now invent a machine to get up in the morning, build the lire and get breakfast his fortune is assured. Matt Richardson and W. II. Rilev have purchased the right to use the Inglesbee. patent fence machine, and will soon be ready to till all orders fw a reasonable amount. The fence retails at. ii") cents per rod, will turn anv- t lung from a chicken to a herd of cattle. It is impossible for it to injure an animal. It possesses none of the objectionable features of barbed wire, which alone is a strong recommendation. , has will He last \iturday night and will live in town" uitil spring. Still they come—the new settlers. Men Langdon earne over fromSavau- lah. Illinois, where he is engaged at »vsent, and spent Sunday, returning Monday. He is expected "back again or the Christmas festivities. Mrs. Langdon is hero and will remain over he holidays. Miss Mary P. Wright, a former mis- 'ioiiary to Turkey, is expected to be in \lgoua next Sunday and speak iu tlie Awgivgatioual church in the morning >n the subject of missions. In the at- ernooii at :!. a children's ineetitur will H" held, addressed by Miss Wright. There will be a meeting of the Bible .ociety in the Congregational church text Sunday evening at 7 p. m. Mr. luglu's. of (irinuell. agent for the vnierioan Bible society, is expected to >e present and address the meeting, t is probable that union services will «.' held. | We advertise in this issue of the RE- i 1'i'in.H'AX. the European chums agency ol •>!>. Pear! Street. New York. It is claimed that half a billion dollars of mu-lamied fortunes in Great Britain and Germany belong to people in this country. The agriiey charges nothing tor investigating. Geo. Simpkius has rented his farm consisting of 3A> acres to Mr. M.Marey. who we understand will move on tlie place in the spring. Mr. Simpkius will uun e to Algona and live iu the Vaughn residence OH McGregor street which he purchased some time ago. Mr. Situp- We have just received from W. II Ootulit & Co.. of Des Moines. a copy of Lieut. Jephsou's book. --Emm Pasha and the Rebellion at the Equator." It is a companion book to Stanley's "In Darkest Africa" and gives a full and interesting accosnt of the events that transpired in Emin's territory while Stanley was bringing up the rear column. It is a handsome work. Agents should apply to W. IT. Condit & Co. for territory and terms. A delinquent subscriber to the Sheldon Mail sends a draft to square up lus account, and accompanies the draft with a note asking for a receipt saying that he is trying to prepare for tlie coming of the Lord. "Owe no man any thing"—above all don't owe uews- paper men anything, but like the subscriber to the Sheldon Mail be ready tor the summons with a clear conscience and a receipt for a year's subscription in advance in your pocket. Some misapprehension has arisen regarding Prof. Dodge's relation to the Vn-mal school. As stated by the RE- I''AN a few weeks ago lie has been granted leave of absence, but will still remain at the head of the school. p r0 f. McCollum will assume the duties of Principal during in s absence and Prof Oluistead will supply the vacancy in the class room. Any one desiring to Consult with Prof. McCollum with re- terence to the Normal school will tind him in the house formerly occupied bv Prot. Dodge on Call street. Maude Cowan was awarded the silver medal at the Deuiorest Medal Contest last Friday evening. Robt. Davenport was marked second aud Bertha Hancock third. The other speakers were Clara and Belle Ramsey, Luella aud Grace Sifert aud —Clock. The contest drew a very fairsi/ed audience Iht-se contests may be held every thirty days, if it is desired and after ei«ht contests have been held the eight winners may contest for a gold medal, ihe medals are furnished by Mr, W J Demorest of New York city and it is required that all recitations have reference to teuipereuce. Eugene Tellier worked off a pretty uieau joke oil the Algoua Courier one day last we*k. A number of men were m Mr. Tellier's shop aud oue of the number was reading a copy of the last G. B. Paul has christened his patent bed warmer "The Daisy," aud wants agents everywhere. The machines will be manufactured here in Algona. Any one who has ever crawled into an ice cold bed when the mercury in the thermometer was away down in the bulb will appreciate the value of Mr. Paul's invention to the suffering public. It is the lot of Methodist presiding elders, and other f unctionaries,who are forced to travel around over the country and be entertained at private houses, to sleep in the spare bed in the guest chamber. Nobody but a Methodist preacher could stand such an ordeal— in a fresh bed every night for an enttre season. The brethren will understand the importance of Mr. Paul's invention. We want to say right here that Algona has been getting to the front during the past few weeks in the line of a diversification of her industries. With the foundry, and marble works, aud patent fence, and Daisy bed warmer manufacturing establishments in full blast, Algona will assume a metropolitan aspect. S. D. Brear, the weather doctor, has completed his prognostications for '91. Among other prominent features for the year we are to have a cyclone in July and snow storms in September. The weather during January and February is to be very changeable with occasional rain and snow storms. March will come in like a lamb and go out like a lion. April will be changeable with considerable rain. May will be changeable with considerable rain aud a cool spell in the middle of the month. There will be plenty of rain iii the early part of June but the last week will be the finest weather of the year. July will be changeable and wi'll wind up with lots of ruin and a cyclone. August weather will be variable but we may look for heavy rains during the last week. September will open up with cool weather aud rain and snow and will close in the same way. It wiil be winter the rest of the year with just one week of line weather—the second week in October. There will be lots of snow aud rain all through November aud December. Altogether '91 will be an unpleasant year, as far as the weather is concerned. The camp tire at the G. A. R. ball last Wednesday night was perhaps the most successful affair of the kind ever held in Algona. The house was crowded with the members of the G. A. R and their families. The program was interesting and well received, and the customary camp lire rations were disposed of in a manner which reflected favorably upon the skill of the cooks The meeting was called to order by the commander of the G. A. R. post, J. B. Jones, who welcomed the members of the Womans' Relief Corps aud the Sons of Veterans. The address of welcome was responded to by Mrs Dr Sheet/, of the Relief Corps." Dr. Ban- came next on the program with a paper on the "Sanitary Commission." This was followed by a piece of music after which J. W. Bartlett read a paper on the subject "The Mothers of the Boys Mrs. W. II. Ingham then read by the asked for an endorsement fYom V the'au- dienc-e. The endorsement was unanimous. The resolution condemned the issuing of intoxicating drinks in the regular army. After another son" comrade John Reed made a short a<f- dress on the Rise and Fall of the Southern Confederacy, and Mrs. Jennie Ford we will open our files to the m nw i 1 AN e , d f tor anUai >y witness he may select and if he can find a single instance where we have quoted from a Democratic speaker, Democratic paper or other Democratic authority, and used the quotation in criticism of the MeKinley or any other bill proposed or passed by the Republicans in the last ««Tr« f co l\ gres A * e wil1 ff^o him &!o.—upper Des Moines. The above is one of Harvey's smart dodges. In starting out he quotes a certain statement of the RKPUHMCAN, but he does not stake his $25 on the correctness of that statement. He stakes his $25 on the truth or falsity of something the BEPUBUUAN has never said: that he has quoted from Democratic speakers or papers in misrepresentation of the MeKinley bill and other Republican measures. What we have said has been mainly specific, and when tlie U, D, M. comes to make denial of those specific things there may be room for controversy between us. At present there is none, as its futile attempt to dodge the point is a confession and not a denial. When it denies that its campaign was one of bigoted, narrow and dishonest opposition to the leading Republican measures it will be time to talk, but in the mean time its resort to the bully's tactics of flourishing big bills will avail nothing. If Harvey dares to put up that $25 on the correctness of the statement quoted from the KKPUULICAX, we will be glad to get our witness and accommodate him—providing he will place the money in the hands of Capt. L. M. B. Smith. Eugene Tellier or some other responsible person. Should we cite Bro. Ingham to a do/.eu misrepresentations in each issue of the U. IX M. and demand our money, we know very well that he would try to crawl out of it. We want some kind of a guarantee that he means business as we have no time to go racing around over country after an imaginary 82-5. the of Soft Coiil for !{i:5.,-,o per Ton. Naudnin Bros. & Winkio at the X -W depot are selling a good quality of soft coal for §3 50 per ton. Three other grades of soft coal, also hard coal. 13.15 Ladies, clean your Kid Gloves with Mather s Glove Cleaner. For sale only bv Setchell & Setchell. Fancy goods' and notions for the holidays. Ivorine, China and India silks, cords, ornaments. Kid silk and wool gloves and mittens. Ice wool fascinators, furnishings of all kinds 20 , yr SETCIIKT.L & SETCITKLL. Sheep issues regular Go's guarantee to cure all ailments with Kidd's Germ Erad. XOTICK. All persons owing me on book account or on notes past due, please call aud settle at once. MRS. J. D. McDoHAi,D, Burt, Iowa. se]1 more of De Witt's Little Early Risers than any other pills their action is easy, do not gripe or cause pain, are the best regulator of the liver, stomach and bowels.— L. A. Sheetz. A good room to rent to students Inquire at, the red house across the street from Isormal School. WANTED— A good girl for bouse work and care of baby. H. B. general ,, -. T _ T »' T --..x* *.^-n,, i/v,**lj*V- Xlllit ot .New lork gave a short recitation by request. After the supper which fof- lowed Capt. liailey was called out and brought down the house with a parody on Barbara Freitchie in which comrade tngene Tellier was made to ii<mre to Ins own disadvantage, \fter a response by Mr. Tellier au<l an address bv Capt, Cooke. of Co. p. the camp lire adjourned with even- one present sure that they had had a good time. A telegram from B. F. Heed yesterday brought the information that Foster, the man on trial at Bedford, Iowa for the murder of Emmet Heed over two years a«o. had been convicted of the cruue and sentenced for life at hard labor in the penitentiary. The particulars ot the terrible crime which will be remembered by everyone liviii"- ni Kossuth eounn at the time it was committed, are as follows: Emmet Keed, the murdered man, had been working on a railroad in Taylor county as sub-contractor during the summer ana tall ot lbi>7. Having completed his contract he was 011 bis way home in company with a man by the name of -M. «. .roster, driving across the country with two mule teams. Saturday evening, Isov.5th, they camped on the banks of the Plane river uear the lit- ot Moriuondale in Taylor tv. suuday moruiug a trunk was floating iu the river uear the spot where the men had camped the night before. Circumstances seemed to Indicate foul play^ and a search discovered the body of Euuuet Reed iu the bottom of the river weighted down with iron. The murderer had attempted to siuk the truiik with the body but fatted to do the work well, and the floating! tle town county seen Acts at once, never fails, De-Witt's couffh and consumption cure. A remedy for asthma and that feverish condition which accompanies a severe cold.— Dr. Sheet?.. TRY iT-Strictly pure soda for 5c per package at Townsend & Langdon's. Go to Mrs. S D Hamilton's for board, with home privileges. Town boarders particularly invited. 11-13 NOTICE. .knowing themselves indebt- to J. H. Queal & Go. will please call and settle either by cash or note on before January 1,1891, left with our Attorne 11-13 Vf or same will ney for collection. W. or be . WHEELEB. Agt. liiuUou & Shatlle. Fine cabinets, family groups pictures. Work alway first clals baby A Cough Syrup That Can «e Kelit-a l>ou. ' satisfaction wherever it is tried. It allays irritation of the throat and bronchial lubes, makes expectoration easy, and relieves all soreness of the lungs and chest. Every bottle is warranted to give satisfaction. Price 25c, 50c. and *1 per B°i!i1' » ^ a i? e bott les are cheapest. Sold by P. W. Dingley. 10:23 Buy your soft coal of Fred Wilbon. Must be BBOS. school books wanted. complete aud in good condition. ' Wii»U?r Exi-ursiojis to Warmer Climes. Excursion tickets to Mexico, Califor, n h^'i? e i7^ a< No ^ c a ro "'na. Florida, Uje Gulf Coast^ Texas. Hot Springs of Arkansas, and Excelsior Springs of Missouri now on sale by agents of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry ADolv for rates and other information to foe sarest agent, or address Geo. H. Heafford. general Passenger Agent, Chic^o, » ii ~ wil1 1313 bear in " G. M.

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