The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1890 · Page 6
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1890
Page 6
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THE REPUBLICAN. iff Ann A ttA.Lt.ocK, ALGONA, : . IOWA. :The News Condensed. Important Intelligence From All Parts. CONGRESSIONAL. . Second Session. THE Senate passed tlio time on the 8th In dis- «ussinff the elections bill....In the the McKtnlcy bill providing for a rebate on tobacco was passed. A bill was Introduced for the erection of a new posl-ofllco buildlnc in Chicago to cost $1,000,000. BILLS were introducnd in the Senate on the t)th to reduce thfMirnounfc of United Slates bonds to be required of National bunks and to replace their sui rendered notes, and to provide for the free coinnfje of silver, nrnl for the amendment ,of the tariff bill on the subjectof cables, cordage and twine. The elections bill was furtlier discussed. The bill to establish a public farm in each county within the limits of tho Republic was indefinitely postponed....In the House the resolution to removo tho rcm:tltis of General Grant to Arlington Cemetery was defeated by a vote of 153 to 93. The Congressional apportionment bill was Introduced. It provides that .after the third dny of March, 1893, the House Bhall bu composed of 356 members. I IN the Senate bills were Introduced on the ilOth to provide for coinage at tho branch mint »t Denver, Col.; to amend the silver act of last .session, und to define tho line of tho army and •to increase Us efficiency, the number of en- illstedmen not to exceed SO.OiX). Tun House ibill to authorize the payment of drawback or •rebate on tobacco was the House (a bill was introduced to restore the law in re- Jation to importations of tin plate as it was before the McKinley bill was passed. A bill for the relief of the mission Indians In California was passed. J. W. Hathaway, of Montana.was elected postmaster of the House. A T3ir,i, was reported favorably in the Senate on the IHh appropriating SWO.OOO for the education of children in Alaska. A resolution was presented to Inquire into the practicability and the advisability of establishing postal savings banks. The elections bill was again discussed. In the House bills were passed to prevent the manufacture of counterfeit dies and molds- providing a penalty for any person who shall violate the election laws of States, and the • formications bill. Rills were introduced to pay to the widow of Chief-Justice Walle the balance of the salary for the year in wtiicli he died, and to readjust the salaries of postmasters. ' DOMESTIC. THE will of Daniel D. Fayorweathor, the lato millionaire leather dealer of Now Yot-lc, gives S3,100,000 to diflorent colleges and 895,000 to hospitals. TUB visible supply o[ grain in store in tho Unitod States on the SUi was: Wheat, 2-1,5(59,834 bushels; corn, i>,a78,- 385 bushels; oats, S,:;0!),S75 bushels.' A Finn at Montpolier, Inch, destroyed six business building's in tljo center of tho town. COI.ONKT. BKK, the Chinese Vice-Consul at San Francisco, declared before the Congressional committee on immigration that there wore 1,^00 Chinese murderers in this country. TIIK firm of Roberts, Cushman & Co., hatters' materials, of Now York, failed for about §500,000. OFFICIAL figures from tho Census Bureau show that Des Moinos, la., and Evansville, Ind., each have 50,0(57 inhabitants. JOHN P. CLOW, the ex-pugilist, was shot and instantly killed in a drunken quarrel at Denver, Col., by Frank C. Marshall. FIVE persons were badly injured in the wreck of a Missouri, Kansas & Texas express train near Ray, Tex. MOSKS LEJIO.V (colored) was lynched at Roebuck, Miss., for proposing- to avenge the recent lynching of De'iinis Martin (colored), who Hlled Ous Aroii. AT Lydonville, Vt., the mercury was SO degrees below zero on the 9th. THE American National Bank at Arkansas City, Kan., closed its doors. ONE white man was killed and another wounded in a battle between the races near Birmingham, Ala. THE Jeff Davis residence at Richmond, Va., is to be used as a museum of Confederate war relics. OWING to tho presence of a stenographer in the grand jury room the indictments against tho assassins of Cbief-ol-Police Ilennessy, of New Orleans, were quashed. THE Crow Indians in Montana decided to cede 240,000 square miles of land to the Government. A CYCLONE in Walton County, Ga., blew down several houses and killed four persons. IN a saloon brawl at Armago, N. M., Thomas Franklin attacked two Indians •with a billiard cue, killing one and fatally wounding tho other. JOSKIMI -Biiow.v, living near Dougherty, Ind. T., was called to his door by some unknown person and shot. The ball struck Brown in the heart, passed through his body and struck his stepdaughter, who was standing behind him, in tho head, killing both instantly. • A WOIIKMAN named Deegan fell from the dome of the State House at Topel;a, Kan., and was instantly killed. lie Was tho ninth workman to meet death While employed on that building. TIIK firm of Nightingale Bros. & Knight, silk nianufacturara at Patei-scn, U. J., failed for $400,000. AT the annual meeting in Philadelphia of the American Sabbath Union •the secretary reported that there had .never been such an awakening throughout tho country to tho necessity of observing the Sabbath day as at present. Colonel Elliott F. Shepard, of Now \orlc, was re-elected president of the union. IN Boston U'hitton, Uurdctt &. Young, Wholesale clothiers, failed for $700,000, »nd G. VV. Ingalls& Co., shoe dealers! failed for $200.000. They operated thirty stores in tho State. A SYNDICATE was reported to be negotiating for tho purchase of all the typo foundries in the United States. KEXUIUCK. PETTUS & Co., tobacco dealers at Clarksville, Tenn., failed for f 400,000. HATHAWAY WALL, of Henrietta Mills, • JJ. C., shot and killed his wife and brother-in-law and then committed sui- <\ THE Oklahoma Legislature passed , ? |4>ver tho veto of Governor Sieele the <j^«U locating the capital of Oklahoma Kingfisher, AT Chambersburg,' Pa., Polk Wilson Mjrassent to jail for eighty days under L ffee "blue iaws" act of 1794 for swear- eighty proi'ano oaths. OWING to the loss o! property Mrs* Rose Mason, a widow, aged 60 years, comtttitfed suicide at Wftfihfnfffori* O. SENATon SAM PAiir,, o! the ChickaSaw 1 Legislature, and his son, Joe Paul, fought a duel at Paine's Valley, Ind. T., and Joo was killed and tho father was fatally wounded. TiriiKR persons—Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Todd, of Sioux City, la., and their daughter, Mrs. Slayton—woro run over and killed by a train at Minneapolis, Minn. Kirrr.K & Co.'s Jinsoed oil works at San Francisco woro burned, causing a loss of 8200,000. TUB National Board of Tradn in session at Now Orleans passed resolutions in favor of reciprocal trade regulations: of revision of tho National hanking laws; of a postal lok-graph and penny postage on local delivery lottors, and in favor of a unification of tho monetary systems of tho leading commercial nations. TIIK Texas Land Company of Colorado has ofTnrod Chiof Mayos WO,000,000 for tho Chorokoo strip. AT Columbus, O., Mrs. Caroline Swilznr and Captain W. II. Little, her attorney, wero eac.n sentenced to two years' imprisonment for defrauding tho Government on a pension claim. PnisstDKNT PAI.MKK, of tho World's Fair National Commission, named eight members of that body to act on tho board of control. They are: Messrs. Palmer, McKenxio, Massay, Lindsay, Do Young, Waller, Martiiidalo and St. Clair. the post-office at Rookport, Ind., Miss Anna Brown assaulted Miss Bettio Love with an improvised slung-shot, inflicting fatal injuries. Jealousy over a lovor was tho cause of the trouble. EA.srr.AM), Fowr.Kit & Co., wholesale dealers in crockery and glassware at San Francisco, failed for $ 103,000. THE Franklin Bank at Clarksville, Tonn., failed for $200,000; assets, $j!)0,- 000. TINIRK sons of Q. T. Archer, aged 10, t and 9 years respectively, woro drowned in tho Delaware rivor at Valley Falls, Kan., while crossing O n the ice. TIIK total population of tho country, including Indians, etc., will roauhC.V 000,000. OKOIIOR MARTIN-, tho murderer of William Crouch, was executed in tho jaij yard at Meridian, Miss. MIM.KK, a in-year-old boy, who killed Ross Fisbaiigh and VV. B. Kmorson, two boys, while the three wero stealing a ride in a Union Pacific :iox car, was convicted at Cheyenne, Wyo., of murder in the first degree. The penalty is hang-ing-. A KIIIK at Sandusky, O., destroyed a jrain elevator and 15,000,000 feet of lumber. Total loss, $100,000. RKPOUTS wero received at tho War Department in Washington that the lostilo Indians wore giving evidences of submission. Gonoral Brooke stated ,liat tho Indians near White river had turned loose tho cattle which they stole, and wore preparing to come to the agoncy. KVICTIOXS of striking miners wore begun on the llth at. tho Monougahola mines near Fairmont, W. Va. Over 2,000 men were out. JUST boforo tho.death of an unknown man at Tonnyson, Ind., ho mado the statement that ho was the murderer of John R. Bilclerbach near Fort, Brain h, Ind., twenty years ago,, for which criiuo Thomas Camp was hanged. Camp assorted bis innocence on the scaffold. DAN VViij.iAMs, an old negro living near Qniney, Fla., was lynched by negroes for firing buildings. AT .Jenny Lind, Ark., Charley Joplin shot and killed John Miller, Miller's wife and grown daughter, Dr. Stewart, a physician, and a man whose name was not learned, five persons in all. Afterward he killed himself. AT rCalama/oo, Mich., Louis Scott shot his wife and killed himself. Domestic trouble was tho causn. IN New York Vonable & Heyman, wholesale liquor dealers, failed for $•100,000, and Henry Siebort, a tobacco dealer, failed for ,1250,000. SEVERAF. carloads of coal, feed and grain reached Huron, S. D., for distribution among the needy settlors in tho northern part of tho State. AT Unadilla, N. Y., ox-Senator Frank B. Arnold committed suicide owing to despondency over his defeat in tho last election. THE annual report of the chief of the "—^^^wi^^MMMill THE South Carolina Legislature on. the lith elected John L, M. Irby, the Farmers' Alliance candidate, fts tiftitod Statds Senator. This retires Senator Wade Hampton, who has represented the State m the National Senate for three terms. SPENCRU. MOIITON . CLARK, who de jsigned and printed the first greenback died at his homo near Washington' aged 80 years. ' TIIK antt-Parnollitos held a mooting in London on tho 8th and authorized Justin McCarthy to draw up an address to the Irish people. Mr. Parnoll would make a tour of Ireland. Tint Norwegian bark Barjheldo was wrecked at Codroy, Newfoundland, and thirteen of hnr crow drowned. TIIIIKK iiUNmtK.n lives woro lost and many houses wrecked by the blowing up of tho Government powder mills at Tai 1'ing Foo, China. A noAT containing the captain and fourteen men of tho crow of the Japanese training ship Monju capsixecl oil the coast of Japan and all woro drowned but two. TIIK .Spanish expedition against tho rebels in tho Caroline Islands took tho fortified position of Ketaai, and during tho attack ono Spanish offlcor and twenty-Jivo soldiers woro killed. Tho Spaniards burned all tho villages in the district. JOSKIMI BoimiMiREY & Co., corn factors and commission merchants at Liverpool, failed for ft:j!)0,000. TWKNTV Chinese Christians wero masssicrod at Floong Tuy Tsin by members of the Loo Iluy Sos Society'during a celebration in honor of the society's patron deity. Tho mission buildings and many others wore burned and tho corpses thrown in tho flames. FOYN'S blubber-boiling factory at Toensborg, Norway, was destroyed by ilro, causing a loss of a million crowns. ATTipton, Eng., six children wero drowned by Breaking through thin ico. A WKDIHNU procession at Clormont, France, was on its way from the church whore tho ceremony had been performed when the bride and groom were shot dead. Tho assassin escaped undetected, but it was supposed tho awful act was committed by a rival suitor of tho bride. THK Italian Parliament convened at Rome. In his speech opening tho session King Humbert said the recentelec- tions for members of tho Chamber of Deputies had rendered the state more solid than over. SKNOH ANTONIO VKNTO, a Cuban planter who was kidnaped by bandits, has boon released on payment of $5,000. TIIK British steamer •Wostburno was hemmed in by ico in the Black sea and twenty-one of the crow were frozen to death. MARSHALL P. GILLOIJ and his wife were found doad in tho woods near Halifax, N. S., and beside them was an empty laudanum bottle, Gillou was tho man who obtained thousands of dollars from tho Noedham (Mass.) widow who sought to christianize him. Mis. PARNKLL and his party arrived in Dublin on tho 10th. Mr. Parnell seized the plant of the United Ireland, ho being a director of tho company owning tho paper, and deposed Acting Editor Bodkin. The anti-Parnollitos secured assistance and returned and recaptured tho newspaper ollico. Mi:. PAUNKLI. loft Dublin for Cork on the llth. Previous to his departure he and his friends stormed the ollico of United Ireland, which had been recaptured by the an ti-Parnellites, and once more took possession of tho paper. Dit. WKI/IT has been elected President and M. Hausor Vice-President of tha Swiss republic for 1891. LATER NEWS. THE resolution to ascertain whether the right to vote at any election was denied to any legal voter in tha country was discussed in the United States Senate on the 13th, as was also the election bill. The House bills for public buildings at Davenport, la., and Bloomington, 111., were reported favorably. In tho House the reapportionment bill, based on a representation of 350 members, of the House, was favorably reported. Bills were introduced to revive tho grade of Lieutonant-General of the army; to establish a limited post and telegraph service, and providing that applications for citizenship shall be advertised so that persons wishing to op- -iin-.-annual, report 01 tne cniei of the -«» .™ uuc*u ^oinuuo wtsuuig 10 op- Bureau of Animal Industry in Wash- pose tno £ rant i n g of naturalization pa- inn-ton sa .va iiin ^mnn nou>-n.7 ,..:ti— i ipors may be notified when to appear and that applicants for naturalization ^....u,vu wi journal juuubuy in vvasn- ing ton says the year passed without pol ! s the discovery of pleiiro-pneumonia in ""' any new district. The expenses during the year were $374,385. and 28:J,5U9 animals were inspected. Tho report says "there is no foot and mouth disease in tho United States and has been nope since 1884." RKPOUTS wero received'at Pine Ridge Agency, S. D., on the llth that the hostile Indians .had boon fighting among themselves in tho Bad Lands. The fight was for l-ho leadership between Two Strike and Short Bull, and the result was from twenty to fifty dead Indians. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. THE first State Legislature of Idaho met at Boise City on the 8th. There are ;iO members of tho House and 18 of the Senate. The Mouse stands 30 Republicans and (j Democrats; the Senate, 'r Republicans and 4 Democrats. WASHINGTON McLiiAN, for many years well known in journalism as the proprietor of the Cincinnati Enquirer, died at his residence in Washington in his 74th year. JOSEPH JACKSON (colored) died on tho 8th at Jacksonville, Fla., aged 113 years. JOHN BOONK (colored) celebrated his 10-.M anniversary on tho Oth at his home in Rocheport, Mo. His wife is 9S ye^rs old. ^ GENERAL GEOKGK C. GINTV, United States Marshal for tho Western district of Wisconsin, died at Madison. Up was editor of the Chippewa Falls Herald. COLONKL A. H. YOU.NG, Quartermaster of tho United States army, died at Dover, N. H., a^ed 03 years. MKS. EutAUK-rii HANCWETT died at Lima, O.. aged 90 years and S months. B. F. SHAW, inventor of seamless stockings and tho maching to knit them, died in Lowell, Mass. shall pass a satisfactory examination on the history of the United States, the Federal constitution and tho constitution of tho State where the applicant resides. THE firm of Collier, Robertson & Hambleton, wholesale grocers at Keokuk, la., failed for $175,000. IN New York the Irish-American Parliamentary Fund Association, through which such generous contributions havo been made to Ireland, declared against Parnell. EIGHT persons lost their lives by the burning of a. factory at Cameilow, Poland. THE business failures in the United States during the seven days ended on the 12th numbered 374, against 312 the preceding week and 390 the corresponding week last year. WILLIAM WALLACE BLANCI/ARI> was hanged at Shorbrooke, Ont, for the murder of Charles A. Calkins on November 18, 1889. FREIGHT trains collided on the Union Pacific road near Coyote. Wash., and Brakeman James was killed and Engi- ninoor Nichols and Fireman Giese were fatally injured. THK steamer Baton Rogue, valued at 8150,000, and plying between Now Orleans and St. Louis, was wrecked at Hermitage, La., and ten poi-sons were said to havo been drowned. PKCK, MAISTIN & Co., brick manufacturers at Now York, failed for §300,000. TIIIUSK was a. bloody encounter on the 12th four miles from Pine Ridge agency in fcouth Dakota between the United States troops and some 400 or 500 Indians under Kicking Bear, and a number were killed on both sides. The Indians wore put to rout and a large number captured, including Kicking Bear. Political Oomjrfeadoft 0f th6 and Mouse. TflE SENATE. Republicans, 46; Democrats, 88; doubtful, 4 The terms of office of one-third of the Sen ators -will expire on March 3,1891, and their sue cessors will be chosen by the Legislature which will meet eorly in the new year. In so'm States choices havo been made, and tho Sen ntors chosen will servo until March 3, 1891 Following Is the list to date, and the probabl political results when elections are held! ALABAMA. 'ItrmeX ~ John T. Morgan, D. 181)5 James U Pugh, D.1807 ARKANSAS. James H. Berry, D.lSOr D..189- CALIffOltNIA. R..18(T George Hearst, D..1803 COLORADO. R..18(17 O. E. Wolcott, R...l£9: CONNKCTICUT. R..1R!V; Jos. R. Hawloy, R..189! DELAWARE. George Gray, D....1868 Anthony Biggins, R. 1805 I'LOUIDA. .. Samuel Pnsco, D... 18U3 OKOROIA. A, H. Colquitt. D.. 1 John B. Govdon, D.1S97 IDAHO. R..1897 R..1897 ILLINOIS. Shelby M.Cullom.R 1805 INDIANA. W. D. Voorhoes, D.1897 David S. Turpie, D.1893 IOWA. Win. B. Allison, R..189 1 , Jsis. F. Wilson, R...1895 KANSAS. P. B. Plumb, R 1895 (f).18«7 Wm.M.Stowitrt.R. .180; NEW HAMPSHIRE. -- J..1807 W. B. Chandler, R..1895 HEW JERSEY. r. RMoPherson, D.18P5 Rufus BlodRett, D. .1893 NEW YORK. D...1S07 Frank HIseock, R..1893 NOHTH CAHOLINA. D..1807 M. W. Ransom, D..1895 NORTH DAKOTA. R..1S97 Lyman R. Casey, R.1893 OHIO. John Sherman, R..1893 "Jalvin S. Bi-ice, D..1897 OBEOON. R..1897 Jos. N. Dolph, R... 1805 PENNSYLVANIA. R..1897 KENTUCKY. J.C. S. Blackburn,D1897 John G. Carlisle, D.189,i LOUISIANA. D..189? R. L. Gibson, D 1S95 MAINE. Eugene Hale, R 1893 William P. Frye, R.1895 MARYLAND. A. P. Gorman, D.. .18P3 E. K. Wilson, D....1SD7 MASSACHUSETTS. George F. Hoar, R..180.-, Henry L. Dawos, R. 1893 MICHIGAN. F.B. Stookbridge,R. 1893 Jas McMillan, R.. ..1895 MINNESOTA. 0. K. Davis, R 1893 W. D. Washbuvn,R.I89u MISSISSIPPI. E. C. Walthall, D...1895 Jas Z. George, D....1893 MISSOURI. D..189? F. M. Cockroll, D...188 _„ MONTANA. W. P. Snnders,R....i89 Thos 0. Power, B.. 180 NEBRASKA. A. S. Paddock, R, ..189o O.P. Manderson, R.1895 NKVADA. R..1897 Matt S. Quay, R.... 1893 RHODE ISLAND. N. W. Aldrloh. R...1S03 Nathan F. Dixon, R.1895 SOUTH CAROLINA. D,..18»7 MattC. Butler, D..1895 SOUTH .DAKOTA. R. F. Pottlgrew, R.180. ! . R..I897 TENNESSEE. William B. Bate, D.1893 Isham G. Harris, D.1895 TEXAS. John H. Reagan, D.1893 Richard Coke, D...1895 VERMONT. Tustln S. MorriU,R.lS97 Geo. F. Edmunds,R.1893 VIRGINIA. John W. Daniel, D.1893 John S. Barbour, D.1S95 WASHINGTON. .R..1897 JohnB. Allen, R....1893 WEST VIRGINIA. Jhas.J.Fuulkner.D.1893 John E. Kenna, D..1895 WISCONSIN. Philetus Sawyer, R.1893 ?..1897 WYOMING. Tos. M.Carey, R....1895 Fr'cisE.Warren, R.1893 Pres*8t Senators whoso successors ore to be chosen »il!>) winter: J. K. Jones D. Ark.; Leland Stanford, R., Cal.; H. M. Teller, R., Col.; 0. H. Platt, R M Conn.; W. Call, D., Fla.; C. B Farwell, R., ill.; j. j. ingalls, R., Kan.; J. B. Eustis, D., I,a.; G. G. Vest, D., Mo.; J. P. Jones, R. Nev.: H. W. Blair, R., N. H.; W. M. Evarts, R., N. Y.; Z. B. Vance, D., N. C.; G. A. Pierce, R., N. D.; J. H. Mitchell, R., Ore.; J. D. Cameron, R., Pa.; Wade Hampton. D., S. C.; G. C. Moody, R., S. D.; W. C. Squire, R Wash.; J. C. Spooner, R., Wis. THE HOUSE. Republicans, 88; Democrats, 234; Farmers' Alliance, 8; vacancy, 1; uncertain, I; wliolo Dumber, 333. Those marked * served In tho Fifty-first House. Those marked t served In a previous House. Those marked J wero unseated bv tho Fifty-first House. ALABAMA. 1. Rieh'd H. Clarke* D 2. HU'ryA. Hert>ert*D 3. William C. Oates*D 4. Louis W. Turpln|D 5. James E. Cobb*..D 0. J. H. Bankhead*,.D 7. Wm. H. Forney*..D 8. Joseph Wheeler*.D 1. William H. 2. C R. Breck'rldgetD 3. TUos. C. MeRae*..!) CALIFOIiNIA. ARKANSAS. 4. William L. Terry.D 5. Samuel W. Peol*.D 1. Thos. J. Geary....D S. Aut, Camminette.R 3. Joseph MoKenna*R 4. John T. CuttinR...R 6. Eugene F. Loud..R 0. Win. W. Bowers..R COLORADO. 1. Hoteu Townsend*R| CONNECTICUT. o -£r ew ,! s s P err i' ..... D l 3. Chas. A. Russell*. R 2 Wash. F. Wile-ox*. D| 4. Robt. E. DeForestD DELAWARE, 1. John W. Causey.. D | FLORIDA. I. Steph. R. Mallory.Dj 2. Robert Bullock*.. D GEORGIA. 1. Rufus E. Lester*. D 2. Hrfnry G. Turner*D 3. Charles F. Crisp*. D 4. Charles L. Moses. D, 5. L. F. Livingston. D IDAHO. 1. Willis Sweet* ..... R| ILLINOIS. 0. James H. Blount*D 7. R. Wm. Everett.. D 8. Thos. G. Lawson.D 9. Thomas E. Winn.D 10. Thos. B. Watson. .D 1. Abner Taylor*....R 8. Lttwr. E. McGann.D 3. Al'n E. Durburow.D 4. Wm. C. NewberryD 5. Alb't J. Hopklns*.R 6. Robert R. Hitt*...R 7. T. J. Henderson*..R 8. Lewis Steward...!) 0. Henry W. Suow..D 10. Phillips. Post*...R 11. Benj. T. Cable....D 12. Scott Wlke* D 13. Wm. M. Springer*D 14. Owen Soott D 15. Samuel T. Busey D 10. Geo. W. Fithlan*.D 17. Edward Lane* D 18. Wm. S. Forman*..D 19. Jas. R. Williams*.D . Geo. W. Smith*...R 1. Wm. F. Parrett*..D 2. John L. Bretz.... D 3. Jason B. Brown*. D 4. Wm. S. Holrnun*..D 6. Geo. W. C3oper*..D 6. H. U. Johnson...,B INDIANA. 8. E. V. Brookshire*D 9. Daniel Waugh....R 10. David A. Patton..D 11. A. N. Martin* D 13. C.A.O. McClellan*r> 13. Benj. F. Shively*.D 7. Wm. D. Byuum*.D IOWA. 1. John F. Seerley..Di 7. John A. T. Hull...R S. Walter I. Hayes*.D 8. Jurnes P. Flick*..R ?' Sf B ; Henderson*.Ri 9. Thomas Bowman.t> 4. Walter H. Butler.U 10. J. P. Dolliver*....R 6. John T. Hamilton. D 6. Fred E. White 11. Geo. D. Perkins'.'.R 1. OaneBroder!ok.. R S. E. H. Funston*...R 3. Benj. H. Clover...A KANSAS. 4. JohuG. Otis.. .'.'.'.A KENTUCKY. 5. John M. Davis,..,A 0- William Baker....A 7. Jerry Simpson A 1. William J. Stone*. D 2. WiWumT. Bills*.D 3. I. H. Goodnight*.D 4. A.B.Mimtgoruery*D 5. Asher G. Caruth*.D C. W. W. Dickerson*D LOUISIANA. 7. W.Breokinndee*.D 8. Jas. B. McCreavy*,D 9. Thos. H. Paynter*D 10. John W. Kendall.D U. JohuH. Wilson*..R 1. Adolph Meyer D 2. M. D. LaKant D 3. Andrew Price* D 4. N. C. Blunchard*. D 5. Chas. J. Boalner*.D 6. S. M. Robertson*.D MAINE. .V S 11 ??; R , Reel*- --HI 3. Seth L. MtlUken*.R a. N. Dingley, Jr.»...ll| 4. Chas. A. Boutelle*ll MARYLAND. 1. Henry Page 2. Herman Stump*.. D 3. H. Welles Ru=k*..D 1. Cbas. S. Randall*R S. Elijah A. Morse*.R 3. John F. Andruw*. D 4. Joseph H. O'Ncll*.D 5. Sherman Honr D 6. Henry C. Lodge*..R M ASS A Ca USBTTS. 4. Isidor Raynert D 5. Barnes CumptonttD 6. Wm. M. McKalg..D MICHIGAN. 7. Wm. Cogswell*....R 8. Moses T. Stevens. D 0. Ueo. F. Williams.D 10. Jos. H. Walker*..R 11. F. S. Coolidge D 13. John C. Crosby....D 1. J. L. Chlpman*...D 2. James S. Gorman. D 3. Jas. O'Donut)ll*..R 4. Julius C. Burrows*R 6. M. H.. ForUt D 6. Byron G. Stout!'..D MINNESOTA. L Wm. H. Hun-lea..D 2. John Lina* it 3. OrrinM. Hull.. .D .. Justin R.Whit1ug*D 8. H. M. Youmans..D 9. H. H. Wheeler...D 10. T. A. E. Weadook.D 11. 6. M. Stephenson*R, 4. Jus. N. Castle....D 5. K. Halvorsen*.F.A. 1. John M. Allen* ...D S. Jolm O. Kyle... .D 3. T. 0. Catching**..D 4. CJurke Lewis*.... D Missmsippi. 5. JOH. H. Beeinan. D 6. T. R. Stoekdalo*..D 7. Chas. E. Hooker*.D 1. Wm. H. Hutch*...D 3. Cbas. H. Mausui-*.U 3. Alex. M. Doi;kery*D 4. R.P.C.Wilsou*....D 5. JuhnO. Tarsney*.D 0. JohnT. Heard*...D 1. Rieh'd H. Norton* D MISSOUHI. MONTASA. 1. Willia»W. Dixoa D| NEWtASKA. 8. John J. O'Ncillt ..D 9. Seth W. Cobb D 10. Samuel Byrues..,D 11. Rieh'd P. Bland* D 12. D. A. DeArmomi..D 13. Rich'd W. Fyunt..D 14. Marshall Arnold. ,D 1. William J. Bryan.U a. W. A, McKeaglntn FA 8, O. M. Kora ..... FA A BAMPSHTRB. MeKlnneyt..Dj 3. W< fi» NBW ,tER8KY. . A. Bergen*. .... It . arttes Buchanan* R & Jacob A, 'Qefsseh I. 0. 8. Ja .. i p. A, .Cadmus ..... D , , HiVADA. 1. IIor'aoeP.BttrHae+R| NKW YORK. 1. Jfts.W.Covert*...D 2. .fJavld A. Boody..D 8. Wm. J. Coombs...D 4. John M. Clancy*.D B. Thos. F, MaRner*.D 6. JohnR. Fellows..D 7. Ed. J. Dvmphy*...D 8. T. J. CampbolM-...D 9. A. J. Gummlngs*.D 10. F. B. Splnola*..,.D 11. J. DeW. Warner..D 18. R. P. Flower* D . onhld.D 18. John A. Qunolten* bush* ........ R 19. Charles Tracoy'*.'.D 20. John Sanford*....R 81. .TohnM.Wover....R 13. AshbelP.Fitch*..D 14. William G. Stahlnecker* D 16. Henry Bacont D 16. John H. Ketcham*R 17. Isaac N.Cox D oo .usse . R 83. H. W. Bontley....D 84. OBO. Van Horn..., D 38. Jas. J. Beldon*...R 20. Geo. W. Rayt ..... R 37. Sereno E. Payne* R 89. John Raines* R 80. H. S. Greenieitft..D oo £W.Wtidswortht.R" 32. D. N. Lookwoodt..D 33. Thos. L. Bunting.D W. B. Hooker.... B 1. W. A. B. Branch..D 3. H. P. Cheatham*.R 8. Benj.F, Grady....D 4. Benj. H. Bunn*...D NORTH CAROLINA. B. A. H. A.Williams.D NORTH DAKOTA. 1. M. L. Johnson... R| • S. B. Alexander...D 7. J. S. Henderson*..D 8. W. H. H. Cowles*.D 9. Wm. T. Crawford.D 1. Bellamy Storer. .R S. Jno A. Caldwell* .R 8. George W. Houk.. D 4. Martin K. Gantz..D 5. Fred. C. Layton...D 0. D. D.Donovan D 7. Wm. E. Haynes*..D 8. Dodge D. Hiiro.... D 9. J. H. Outhwalte*..D 10. Robert E. Doan...R 11. John M. Pattison.D OHIO. la. Wm. H. Enochs...R 13. Irvine Dungan ....D 14. James W. Owens*.D IB. Michael D.Hartor.D 18, John G. Warwick.D 17. A. J. Pearson D 18. Joseph D. Taylor*. R •9. EzraB. Tavlor*...R m' ^i noen tA.Taylor.R at. Thos L, Johnson...D ORKO'.)N. 1. Blnger Hermann*.R| PENNSYLVANIA. 1. H. H. Blngham*...R 3. Charles O'Neill*...R 8. Wm. McAleer D 4. John E. Rayburn*.R 5. Alfr'dC. Havmer*.R 0. John B. Robinson.R— .u..,,» lutJl ,uii- n 7. Edwin Hallowoll..D 21. George F. Huff.'. i'.R 15. Myron B. Wrlght*.R 10. Albertc.Hopklns.R 17. S. P.Wolverton...D 18. L. E. Atkinson*. R 19. iS 1 . E.Boltzhoovert.D 20. Edward Scull* ... R 8. Wm. Mutchler*..'. - D It. LemuelAmorman.D 13. James B. Reilly*..D 14. John W. Rife* R —"—~n u ••• • «*.«*» , > i . j. •-'3. -John Dalzell* i'. T, in. Mxuuuiiiui-... u zx, -lunn uaizeil" 1 . . K 9. David B.Bnmner*.D 23. William A. Stone'R 10. Marriott Broslus*.R 24. Andrew Stewart..R •i5. E. P. Gillosple..;; - - — — .«........^^ .~,. ft ^i, j. . vjninjotJiO t . , , JL* 12. Geo. W. Shonk....R20. Mat'howGrUwold.R 37. Charles W.Stone*!R 28. George F. KrlbbN.D RHODE 18LAN11. 1. OscarLapham — D| 8. (Vacancy) SOUTH CAROLINA. 1. Wm. H. Brawley..D 2. Geo. T. Tillmun*..D 3. George Johnstone.D 5. John J,Hemphill*.li 0. L. T. Staokhouse..D 7. William Elliotttt.n 4. 'George W. Shell..D SOUTH DAKOTA. 1. John R. Gamble ..R| 3. John >\. Plcklor*..R TENNESSEE. 1. Alfred A. Taylor*.R 2 L. C. Houk* R 3. H. C. Snodgrnss...D 4. Benton McMillin*.D 0. J. E.Washington*.D 7. Nicholas N. Cox ..D 8. Benj. A. Enlow*-..D 9. Rice A. Pierce*... -- -— -•-.»--.*.»*»« . j^ tr . AVUJO Ji, x IV31 VJv3 T . t . U 6. J. D. Richardson* D 10. Joslah Patterson . D TEXAS. 1. Charles Stewart*.D 2. JohnB. Long .... D 3. el B. Kllgore* D 4. D. B. Culberson*..D B. Jos. W. Bailey D 7. Wm. H, Grain*....D 8. L. W. Moore* D 9. Roger Q. MJ.lls*. .D 10. Joseph D. Sayers*.D 11. S. W. T. Lanharn*D 0. Jo Abbott* ...If) VEKOvONT. 1. H. H. Powers R) Si Wm. W. Grout*...R VIRGINIA. 1. Wm. A. Jonos D 2. John W. Lawson. D 3. Goo. D. Wisett... D 4. James F. Epes...D 5. P. G. Lester*....D 6. P. O. Edmunds*..D 7. C. T. O'Forral*...D 8. Wm. H. F. Lee*...D 9. J. A. Buchanan*..D 10. H. St. G. Tucker*.D WASHINGTON, 1. John L. Wilson*..R| WEST VIRGINIA. 1. JO. Pendleton{..D 8. J. D. A.derson*....D 2. Wm. L. WUson*. .D 4. Jas. A. C»\>ehart. .D WISCONSIN. 1. Clinton A. Babbit. D 2. Charles Barwi"*. D 3. Allen R. Bushncll.D 4. John L. Mitchell.. D 6. Lucas K. Miller..D 7. Frank P. Coburn.D 8. Nils P. Hiiugen*..R 9. Thomas Lynch...D 5. Geo. H. Brickner*'.D WYOMING. 1. Clarence D. Clark*R| DELEGATES FROM TERRITORIES. ARIZONA. 1. Marcus A. Stnith*.D. NEW MEXICO. 1. Antonio Joseph*..D. OKLAHOMA. 1. David A. Harvey*. R. UTAH. 1. JohnT. Calne* D. THE MAN OF MUSCLE. The Standing: or tho Collect) Athlete Among HU Fellows. The athlete in a recitation is very amusing. When he enters some admirer usually whispers to his confidant: 'Look at him, isn't he a dandy?" Tho •vthlete always looks too large for his chair in the class-room. You wonder why it does not break down. The book, ;oo, seems all out of place in his big lands, and a pencil looks positively funny as he handles it. Ho wears an air of patronage, as if intellectual pursuits wore well in their way, and a ihing- to be encouraged, even interesting on occasions, but just a little unworthy a man of muscle. He likes to stretch out his big limbs ind watch them in repose, knowing low much they can do when occasion •equires, Tho professor even defers to him a little unable to refuse his nstinctive homage to power, even .hough it he physical. When he strolls across the yard men look out of their windows after him. He is pointed out to the young lady visitors, and the fair areatures look with awe upon the god- ike being whom they have seen bat-ling in mud and gore for tho honor of Harvard in superhuman fashion. The athlete during his season of activity does not study much. He has .o reserve his energies for physical ef- ort. He can neither smoke nor drink. About all that is left him is to taUk athletics, and for this purpose he can jet plenty of listeners, hut when four ''clock in the afternoon comes he is in bis element. And from four to six he oils away like a young giant— liostg* Traveller. A HARPY OLD WHALE. Carried n Harpoon m Jtg Body fop SJsty The steam whaler, Beluga, arrived rom JJehring sea, in San Francisco, ays the Chicago Herald, bringing the emarkable news of the recovery of a harpoon which had been thrown into a vhale sixty years before in the South eas. Every whaling vessel has its name tamped on the harpoons it uses. Last August, in Behring sea, the Beluga's row killed a big whale in which was ound an old harpoon bearing tho narao Koctessuma on it. The head of the har- xjon was perfectly preserved, but the hank had been rotted away close to the kin of the whale by the salt water. The records show that the Moctezuma uit whaling in the South seas sixty •ears ago. She was a New Bedford raft, and while lying idle at the port uring the war she was bought by the aovernment and sent with other old mlks down to Charleston harbor and unk at the entrance of the bay to break p blockade running. The whale that amed the harpoon for more than hall century proved a formidable fighter. *. Wt t0 run across tha f w ft $jgn tbat ^ Q *t*> r l» you * MANITOBA AND THE CANADIAN) Official Crop ttettohi Show a The woMfttM ftfodttdtiveness of great wheat lands of Manitoba and the< Canadian Korfchwest Territories receives a splendid indorsation in the ofop- o! 1890. That theso Canadian lands aw- peculiarly adapted to the growth of the- very finest grades of wheat and other cereals is already well known, and, In. addition, they produce what are un-- questlortably the greatest crops of potatoes, roots and all sorts of garden vegetables grown on the American continent* Small wonder, then, considering the" many advantages possessed by the Canadian country, and the millions of acrea of fat lands now offered in Manitoba,. Assiniboia and Alberta, that settlers are< flocking thither eager to secure farms/ in a well-governed, peaceable country,, where the climate is most healthful and the soil does not wear out, but yields a rich return year after year for the labor, bestowed upon it. The following dispatch in this connection will no doubt be read with interest. It refers to the province of Manitoba: "WINNIPEG, Nov. 27.--The local gov- "ernment has just issued another bulletin which gives the following comparisons with 1889 in average yields andi "products of wheat, oats, barley and po— "tato crops, based on tho returns of "acreage and average yields for the re- "speotive years: "Estimated average yield in whea& "12.4 bushels in '89, 21.1 bushels in '90 "Oats, 10.8 in '89, 41.8 in '90. Barley^ "13.0 in'89, 82.1 in '90. Potatoes, 119' "in '89, 830 in '90. Product of wheat,. "7,201,679 for '89,14,665,769 for '90. Oats,.. "8,415,104for'89,9,513,433 for '90. Barley,, "1,051,551 for '89, 2,069,415 for '90. Pota- ''toes,-1,883,385 for'89, 2,540,820 for'90. "Little information is given about;, "flax, but field roots are spoken of as, ''being more than usually productive ''this year. "Largo quantities of hay were put up-"this year, compared with last. During"the harvesting season there was a great, "scarcity of farm laborera "Three persons from Hamilton, Dako— "ta, have been in the city since Monday, "and to-day left for tha West. Their- 'expenses here are paid by the Domin— "ion Government, and their mission is- >: to pick out sufficient good farm land "on which to locate three hundred Da- "kota families whoso names are in their"possession, and who will remove to> "Manitoba early in tho spring." '_A BOOK TO BUT.— Webster's International( Dictionary. This new book is the authentic "Unabridged" thoroughly revised and en larged under tho supervision of WOAH POB- S"?l D -. D -> LL. D., of Yale University. Editorial work on the revision has been un active progress for over ten years, and more than a hundred paid literary workers > have been engaged upon it. The sum expended in its preparation before the first copy was printed exceeded $300,000. This- work, well used in a family, will be of more- value to the members thereof than many- times its cost laid up in money. ITine flaying Cards. Send ten (10) cents in stamps or coin to> John Sebastian, Gen'l Tkt. and Pass. Ag't: CHICAGO, ROOK ISLAND & PACIFIC B.Y., fora, pack of the latest, smoothest, slickest playing cards that ever gladdened the eyes and' rippled along the fingers of the devotee to • High-Five, Seven-Up, Cnsino, Dutch, Euchre, Whist or any other ancient or modern, game, and get your money's worth five? times over. WB value everything in this world by comparison. Water an^ air have no i«trS- we value, and yet Jay Gould, if famishing.- m the desert, would give all his wealth for- a pint of the former, and think it clieap;- hence, life and health are the standard oi: all values If your system is full of Mola- w * a ^? U ii W1 K bo very mi8 erable: a few dose* of Shallenberger's Antidote will make you well and happy. Is one dollar a high price- to pay? "I AM blind, and have been from my birth," said the blind man; "but my father ' has always been quite a parent to me." WASHING powders are strong alkalies, and:. "Jteclothw. The purest spap'obtelnabto is- the best and cheapest. Dobbins' Electric boap lias been acknowledged for Si years to be the purest of all. Try it right away. "I'M feeling groggy," as the pugilist sai* when he put down another cocktail.—St. Joseph News. * ALL cases of weak or lame back, backache. rheumatism, will find relief by wearing one- of Career's Smart Weed and Belladonna JBaokache Plasters. Price 83 cents. Try them. THE miller finds life to bo one continual grind.—Bt. Joseph News. USK BBOWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES fo» Coughs. Colds and all other Throat Troub w~^^-eminently the best.»-Beo. Henry Ward Beechtr. THE small-pox victim is to be deeply pitted. —Boston TraveUer. JOHN YORK, 777,779,781 S. Halsted St., Chicago, does a big busines \ and it is as satisf ao- tory as large. He advertises in this paper *,, free Dry Goods and Holiday Catalogue. Two Giants On the one bant)—Scrofula, the ancient dlseaMt- known tne vroi-ld over, gnawing at the vitals of w ery nation, existing in the blood of nearly every family—descended to u» from our fathers or so- quired by our wrong bubit* njjd Indulgences power!u obstinate, almost impregnable. On the otuor band —Hood's Barsaparllla, th*>* modern medicine, tbe great enemy of Impure blood, accomplishing tho most wonderful cures of: scrofula, salt rueum. etc.,-the conqueror of die- ease, economical, reliable, sure. If you suffer at »U from the Giant of DiseiMt, conquer Ul» by the aid o: t the Giant of HeaU4»r^ Hood's Sarsaparilla ttisiffom P«J 100 Do* e8 One

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