The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1890
Page 4
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mmi ana mmm of THAWS, 'CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAtJL, ' QOIKO WK8T. No. I passenger 6:02am No. 3 passenger 4:3' P™ No. 0 freight . 7:16 a m No. 13 way freight it:45am Ho. 5 freight I0:05pm OOING HAST. No. 2 passenger 10:29 am No. 4 passenger .2 :5 ? pm No. 10 way freight 12:3o o. m No. 14 freight 2:30 p fti No. 8 freight 12:05 pm . Chicago & Northwestern R'y. GOING NORTH AND WEST. Freight accommodation !) :C5 a m Chicago Mail and Express 3 :55 p m GOING SOUTH ANtt KA8T. Freight accommodation 7 :35 p m Chicago Mail and Express 12:30 p m Chicago passenger reaches Des Monies at 7 p.m.. OlueaROB :BO a. in., and Kansas City <9:3nu, m. Tickets for sale to ail points in the Jnited States and Canada, ALGONA, IOWA, Dec. 17, 1890. PROFESSIONAL & BUSIHESS DIRECTORY, R.J. DANSON. DANSON TTOHNEYS AT LAW L Over Comstock's. W. C. DANSON. BROS., Algona, Iowa. Ofllce GrEO. E. CLARKE, MARKETS, (Reported weekly by A. Hough.) 85c. Corn Butter Hogs Barley ,.85c ... .18o. H . .$2.80 45o .. .$1.00 Oats, Eggs 18c. Cattle *2.00 Wheat 75c. Flax. $1.00 Timothy . Hay ...f4.00 OUR PREMIUM. Those Maps are here. Those new Premium Maps. If you are entitled to a map call and get it, or send for it. If you are not entitled to a map come in and subscribe, or if you are an old subscriber, pay up a year's subscription in advance and you will be. This is the only map out corrected up to date, and it shows every township in Kossuth county. The plate was revised at our instigation. This map will be given as a premium with every new subscriber or sold at retail for 75c. Office over the First National Bank, Al(,'on:v, Iowa. A TTOHNEY. B. F. REED, 'A TTOKNEY AT-I.AW, Algona, Iowa. Of.£1. lice in thu (.ialbraith block, JAS. BARR, M, D., an.1 L. K. GAKFIELD, M. D., •pHYSICIAN and STTUGEON. ^ M .^,.. _ . Office next dVoTto'Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. »V. K. II. 3IOHSK. ,J, JI. VKIDE, MORSE & PRIDE. ALGONA, IOWA. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals in paints, ' oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and ThorinRton streets Algona. Iowa. E. E. Bayers, D. V. M., Veterinary Physician $ Surgeon ^^•Office west of the Tliorington House, Algona,Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. otin ciAJimiNU I.IST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: Des Moines Register .................... $2 00 Iowa Capital ............................... 200 Iowa Homestead . ....................... 240 HlonxOity .Journal Keoluik Gate City ......... ••• MarshalltownTlnics-UepuWlcan Omaha Bee Chicago Journal ........................... 2 JO Chicago Inter-Ocean ...................... ^ *; Prairie Farmer ..................... ...... 2 Western Hural ................... ...... J Orange Judd Farmer.. Housekeeper ....... Nation alTrlhune ...... American Economist. Seientllle American. . Uppineott's Magazine Demore Harper' need of a bank, drupt store, slide shop, barber shop, and other business buildings. Mr. and Mrs. Denlson JPaine, of fort- land township, rejoice in the birth of a son born Dec. 18th. The youwg farmer is of standard weight and gives promise ot being a rustler. Some of our former original package men are again infesting the town. We are not anxious for that class -of citizens; they will please move on and continue the motion. Prof. Dodge left last Thursday to join his son lloy in Minnesota. Prof. Olmstead, the young man referred to in last week's REPUBLICAN, has been engaged to take his place. An exchange pertinently inquires whether it is the hog element in human nature, or the human nature element in the hog that makes some men and some hogs act so. Mrs. Harrington, of Clayton county, a sister of Mrs. A. P. Hall, has gone to Ventura, California, to spend the winter. She has been visiting her relatives in Algona for some time. Mr. Tubbs was exhibiting in town last Wednesday a large white owl that he captured. He found the owl caught on a barb wire fence with its wing 2 jo 2 .),» the way in which a haliUrowtt gosling will ilearly break its neck to catch thB flies upon which It subsists in the summer time. Little Thecla Lund died yesterday about noon. She was taken sick Saturday and seemed to be doing well, when a brain complication ensued and nothing could save her. She was about six years old and an unusually bright child for her age. The funeral will be held tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. This office Is in receipt of a handsomely printed and decidedly valuable pamphlet on "World's Fairs." It gives the history of all the world's fairs from the London Exposition in 1851, down to the proposed Columbian Exposition at Chicago in 1893. The book is filled with illustrations and views of the different fairs. It is published by the Milton Weston Company, Chicago, and sent out by order of Geo. R. Davis, director general of the coming fair. The Courier of last week insinuates that we are a sick mule and that we need the attention of a veteranarian. It really would not be surprising if this were in fact the case. It would be enough to develop mulish characteristics in Saint Peter, to engage in a controversy with such a perfect specimen of what is known in zoology under the him. His thought Isxsonctse, lucid and direct. He is now Presiding Elder of the Algona district. The Bishop did Well in transferring him to us." The Courier referred again last week to Mr. Wheeler's Case, with sundry reflections upon the AlgonaREPtrtttACAN. We would like to ask Mr. Hinchon why he persists in the attempt to slur Drs. Morse and Pride* As far as our per* sonal knowledge goes we could not discriminate between a case of diphtheria and the Jim jams. Drs. Morse & Pride were called to attend the case and it Was on their authority that the REPUBLICAN made the statement. This we distinctly stated last week, but the Courier reiterated the story that it was a stupid blunder and so on. The only possible inference is that Mr. Hinchon is making a supreme effort to slur these two gentlemen by repeatedly declaring that their diagnosis of the case was stupid, blundering, etc., etc. We are safe in assuring Mr. Hinchon that the reputation of these two physicians rests upon too firm a foundation in this county to bo destroyed by anything which he can say. It is not the proper function of a newspaper to attack professional men of good standing. f HE COUNTY NEWS. 85 40 2 16 2 40 2 55 4 05 4 05 bemorest's Magazine 3 05 Harper's Weekly 475 Bazar ,,,...•.. * ™ Magazine * ^ r > 11 YOUHR People " v '' Godey's Lady's Book •' |» Home Market Bulletin ••• i "> These rates are given for a limited period and will be subject to revision from time to time. This is only a partial list. Subscribe now. in North- For information in regard to lands western Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. — IOWA. HOUSE and SIGN PAINTEB- Country work a speciality. Corn for sale. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Residence south of Sponberg's tailor sliop. Algona Iowa. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Bert Edmonds is in Des Moines on a visit. Co F. is preparing for a grand ball Dec. 23rd. C. E. Jones lias gone to Chilicothe, Missouri. D. IT. Ilutchins started for California yesterday. Mrs. John Connersof Sherman township died last Monday. Dr. Morse was called to Bancroft last night to see a patient. Fred Stockwell came home from Chicago Tuesday morning. The Alcazar Comic Opera is coming. Date will be given next week. Frank Stewart, of Hurt, has gone on a visit to his parents at Dysart. The oldest daughter of Jacob Johns is quite sick with typhoid fever. Supervisor O'llourke has gone to Council Bluffs with a lot of fat cattle. Mrs. Samuel Mayne, of Bancroft, " ' " ' week. F. E. FOSTER, IBB IE IB I Opposite Court House. Mgona, Iowa. first class in every particular. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. . Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domeuUo exe»i».uge bought and Bold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. ». INC HAM. President. J. H.JONES. Vice President. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier, Direction*— W. If. Tngliam, Jno. (i. .Smith, J. B. Jones, T. ClirUuhilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. •\Vadswortli. Uarnet Devine. Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Burt. Partly improved^ For sale at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LA11I15S try Dr. Lc.Duc's Periodical Pills, from Paris, France. Established — Europe 1830: England 1850 ; Canada l«7« ; United States 1887. $2 or three boxes for $5. Positively remove all JKKKtii/LAiiiTJKH or money refunded. THE AMEK1CAN PILL CO., royalty proprietors, Spencer, la. The trade supplied by wholesale agents. 11. Uoswitli & Son, Milwaukee ; Kobt. Stevenson & Co. Chicago. Ketailed by Dr. L. A, Sheet/, Aljjoua. l'J-40-yr has been visiting in Algona this Dr. Morse's sister, Mrs. Bedhead, of Des Moines, returned home yesterday. F. W. Dingley calls attention to his prices on holiday goods in this issue. Mrs Chas. Walker left Monday noon for an extended visit in New lork State. Mrs 11. M. Richmond of Bancroft visited in Algona the latter part of last week. Mrs F. II. Vesper left for Marshalltown on a visit last Saturday afternoon. George Johnson, of Minneapolis, is spending a few days in town visiting old friends. Geo. W. Ilauna was called to Waterloo last week to attend the funeral of his father. A grand ball is advertised to take place in the court house hall Christmas evening- Tickets $1. J. B. Winkel, D. A. Buell, A'. C. Cady and II. B. Ilallock took in the sights at Burt on Thursday. Goldfield Chronicle: Miss Hose Smith, of Algona, sister of the editor, is making us a pleasant visit. The ladies of the Baptist church will give a supper at their church on Thursday evening at 6 o'clock. broken. It was a line specimen and a beauty. Every Republican should take some protection journal and keep himself informed on the tariff question. We offer the Home Market Bulletin and REPUBLICAN for $1.75. Notice our clubbing list. Marriage licenses have been issued since last reported to Oscar Naudain and Sarah Harvey, James Armstrong and Dora Sharp, John Bollinger and Kate M Brass, and II. L. Khnball and I-Iattie M Walker. Thos. Ruddy, of North McGregor, a Brakeman on the Milwaukee road, had the little finger of his right hand so badly crushed while coupling cars at the depot last Saturday night that it had to be amputated. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thomas of Dakota, Humboldt county, have moved to Algona and will make their home with their daughter, Mrs. E. Tellier. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas have lived in Humboldt county since 1856. They are well known to the old settlers of Algona. Santa Glaus will visit the M. E. Sunday school on Wednesday, Dec. 24th. All who wish to contribute presents will come early in the evening. The school will render a program, assisted by the church choir. All are invited to be present. Ben K. Stacy, of Sioux City, who was injured a few weeks ago on the motor line in that city, is able to be around again. Ben was caught between the engine house and one of the cars 'and had two ribs broken and was otherwise bruised. Remember the grand ball to be given in the Court house Hall the evening of Dec. 2oth. The gentlemen who have the affair in charge assure us that the music will be first class, and that it is to bo, the big dance of the season. Every body invited. Work on the standpipe has been delayed somewhat owing to an accident which happened last Thursday. In raising a section of the pipe into position it was dropped a distance of about 40 feet and so badly damaged by the fall that another section had to be ordered. Can be made iu c months sulling Tuuisoii's Atlas- GB, Charts uiul Wall Maps. Particulars free. TOHISOH, Chicago, Ills. SHIP YOUR Butter. Eggs, Cheese, Apples, Pears, Beans, Peaches, Pears, Honey, Beeswax, Grapes, Hops, Poultry, Corn.Oats, Wool, Maple Sugar, Lambs.Veal, Mutton, Veu- isou. Wild Came, Dried Fruits, Potatoes, Hay, Feathers. Cider, Vinegar, Furs, Skins, Onions. Tobacco, Broom Corn, Ginseng Koot. 30 tons live Poultry \vuate<l. Will pay cask or sell on commission. Send for daily market prices. W. U. V. HullarU & Co. Produce Commission Merchants, uo and 23, Dee Plain St., Cnicago. Ill. w-20 LEGAL BLANKS o FOR SALE o At EEPUBLIOAN OFFICE day evening Presiding Elder Black was present at the dedication of the new Methodist Church at Corwith, Sunday. F. II. Vesper, has purchased a Columbia Safety bicycle. The wheel has a drop frame and Mrs. V. will learn to ride. Regular meeting of Algona Lodge No. 174, K. of P., Friday evening. Work on the ranks of Esquire and Knight. Rev. Davidson's subject next Sunday morning will be"The Gospel of Work." In the evening he will preach a Christmas sermon. This issue of the REPUBLICAN contains some interesting information —news to us—for which we are indebted to Prof. Colby of Wesley. Pride & Morse have been making some improvements in their office. When the work is completed they will have very convenient office rooms. Lee Walston, a former Algona boy, is to be married December 31, 1890, at West Mitchell, Iowa, to a Miss Chambers. Their home will be at Estherville. This afternoon, at the residence of Peter Weisbrod. occurs the marriage of Mr. John. J. Bollinger and Miss Katie Brass. May happiness be theirs. A new man is on deck in John Sharp's shoe shop and they are now prepared to turn out good work in quick time. The Scotchman has gone. We hear complimentary remarks of the growth of Burt. They are, according to one of her business men, still in Miss Cora Henderson represented the Epworth league of this place at the district convention held in Webster City last week. A growing interest is felt throughout the district in the work of the League. It is growing to be a very popular organization among the young people of the M. E. Church very- where. W. IT. Schweitp.rt. of Burt, was in town yesterday on his way to his old home at Golesburp. Towa. and called at the REPUBLICAN office to get his map. Mr. Schvveitert carries back with him a trood impression of Kossuth conntv. He has purchased lo() acres of M. L. Mayhew and is going to be a permanent settler in Kossuth county. B. F. Reed writes us from Bedford Iowa, where lie went last week to attend the trial of Foster, the murderer of his brother Emmet: "After a whole day's fight the Defendant's motion fox- change of venue was over ruled Saturday evening and 50 men were summoned from which to select the jury, we begin selecting this morning." Johnson and McConnell, the champion corn buskers of Pottawattamie county, had a ten hour's husking match for the championship and $100. At the end of ten hours each man had husked and cribbed exactly 140 bushels of corn. The money was awarded to Johnson, as his corn presented a cleaner appearance than McConnell's. name of JSqms Asinus, and in every day parlance under the name of"jass-ack,'' as our much esteemed friend the editor of the Courier. Tiie Bancroft Register is going" to have Kossuth County divided and gives as a reason for the move, the fact that the citizens of the northern part of the County have too travel to far to pay their taxes; The umourit spent by these citizens in Car fare and board bills going and coming to the County seat is sufficient to warrant establishing another county seat at Bancroft, according to our neighbor,the Register. Algona, the Register intimates, is all right as a town but as a county seat it is no good. An exchange thus fitly describes the meaning of the term "local enterprise." "If you think of anything that can be done to beautify or build up your town, go do it. Keep your capital at home; patronize home industries; help your merchants so they can sell cheaper; always get your work done in your own town if possible; subscribe and pay for the home papers, don't steal or borrow the reading of them. If you follow these suggestions and your town does not improve or build up it will not be your fault. Try it." Court is still in session and will probably not adjourn before the middle oi ! next week. The only case of any particular interest so far was the Schichtl divorce case which occupied the attention of the court for about five daj's last week. Mrs Schichtl was granted a divorce and the custody of the children. The costs of the case some $160. were taxed up against the defendant, Mr Schichtl, and it was furthermore decreed that he should contribute $10. per month towards the support of the children. Another instance of Harvey Ingham's consistency: Two weeks ago he pitched into a Mason City newspaper correspondent for starting the story that scarlet fever was raging in Algona and that the schools had been closed; last week he declared with all the assurance of Ins dyspeptic temperment that the editor of the REPUBLICAN started the. story through a special to the Sioux City Journal. The facts ate that the only contradictory report to th« Mason City scarlet fever story sent out, so far as our knowledge goes, wns sent out from the REPUBLICAN office. incorrect report, facts became false report corrected by The two surviving Humboldt papers, the "Kosmos" and "Independent," are dancing a hilarious jig over the grave oi! their departed contemporary, the Humboldt" Republican. "They may have reason to be glad that the Republican has been called to its reward, but they should b« less demonstrative, and even go so far as to say a kind word for their unfortunate contemporary if th«y could conscientiously do so. It is hard enough to starve to death in this world of mortgages and mugwumps, without having a former more successful contemporary yawping around at the funeral, and glorying in your downfall. Eugene Tellier received a postal card last week post-marked Iwacura, Kansas, and bearing the following request. The signature Mr. Tellier was unable to translate: "dear Sur:—i want an Affadivate. i want it for A witnis. i want an Affadivate sined by A clerk or A Notry Rupublic, so i can get A Pen- shun, send It rite away." Mr. Tellier was unkind enough not to send the "Alfadivate." We understand that Brother Phil Hanna is advertising a very fine stock of marriage certificates which he has on hand, and which he says "would be very suitable for any young man- to present his lady love for a Christmas present." We would advise Brother Hanna to have one of those certificates properly filled out, neatly framed, and hung up in the parlor of the Methodist i-v!ivcrmo<rn nf. "Rlarrlft fil'OVK. The new store building at Burt to be occupied by Cady and Ilallock will probably be ready for occupancy in the course of a month or so, it' the weather holds favorable. Mrs. J. D. McDonald is putting up a very creditable building, which will be a credit both to the town and to the new firm. J. W. Cur tis, with the assistance of Grant Ramsay, G. W. Cady and Abrani Wolf is pushing the carpenter work as rapidly as possible.. The building, when completed will' be ono that would be a credit to a town of much larger size, and the new firm will start out with every prospect of success. We understand they will adopt the cash system. Mr. O. L. Dudley, the general manager of the Illinois Training School for boys at Glenwood, 111., where so many boys have come from that have found homes in this and adjoining counties, has just been here visiting the boys. He has seen about twenty of them, and reports that in every case he has found the boys in comfortable homes, well fed and well clothed. Some of the farmers have not fully complied with the requirements as to the schooling which the boys are to receive each year, but Mr. Dudley has given them notice that hereafter the boys must receive the amount of schooling their contracts call for. Mr. Dudley expresses himself as being much pleased with the changed condition of the boys from what they were when they came into his hands as street waifs,many of them not knowing what it was to sleep in a bed or sit down to a table to eat. Rev. Bennett Mitchell in a recent paper to the Inland Christian Advocate, tells of the fifteenth annual session of the N. W. Iowa conference held at Webster City in 1886. At this session Rev. W. A. Black was admitted and Elder Mitchell, in his own characteristic way, thus describes him: "Black, it is said, absorbs all the colors of light and gives back none, so that Shakespeare says: 'Black is the badge of hell, the hue of dungeons and the scowl of night.' But W. A. Black is a luminous black. He receives light and truth and grace, and then lets them shine. He was admitted into the Troy conference in 1881. He is just in the prime ol life, strong and active in body ancl According to the philosophy of the Courier and M. U. D., if a contagious disease exists in Algona, the people should be kept in the dark in regard to the matter, lest it might "hurt the town." The man who is always afraid that something will happen to paralyze his town, or is always insisting that something is the matter with the home market and that other towns are paying better prices, will never contribute very largely towards starting a boom. A short time ago our contemporaries were corking themselves because Burt and Bancroft were prospering,and they saw fit to lay it up against Mr. Wheeler's lumber yard'. But people still continue to trade at Algona and Mr. Wheeler still continues to sell lumber. Now it is not Mr. Wheeler's lumber yard but a report published in the REPUBLICAN to the effect that Mr. Wheeler had been down with diphtheria that is "damaging the town." Algona is all right and its prosperity rests upon a better basis than a stranger would infer from reading the two calamity sheets published here. The M. U. D. attempted to establish the ridiculous hypothesis last week, that the editor of the ALGONA REPUBLICAN was maliciously circulating false reports concerning Algona and Algona Institutions for the purpose of injuring the town and its citizens. In order to prove this, our honorable contemporary published part of a special sent to the State Register and Sioux City Journal referring to the Normal school, and another special sent to the same papers referring to Rev. Davidson's resignation. We were so unfortunate as to be misinformed with regard to the action of the board in Mr. Davidson's case, and hence made an As soon as the real known to us the was immediately another special which appeared in both papers. The M. U. D. had room to point out the mistake in special number one and comment upon the cussedness of the Editor o'f the REPUBLICAN in attempting to mislead Iowa Falls people and etnbarass Rev. Davidson but it had no room to mention the fact that we had corrected the mistake. We might mention in this connection that the Editor of the Upper Des Moines has sufficient confidence in our general reliability to warrant him in calling at the REPUBLICAN office in times past for data to make up some of his own specials. Our marble yard is at last a sure thing, and will be in operation before the first of January. The ware house on state street next to Dr Garfield's office has been rented for the purpose, tho necessary tools and supplies are on the road, and as soon as they arrive the proprietor Mr Geo. C. Shelly will be ready for business. Mr Shelly comes here from Emtnetsbiirg having been employed for some time in the marble works at that place. He was formerly employed in the well known marble works at Ripon Wisconsin but was forced to give rip this position on account of his eyesight.which has now so far recovered that he anticipates no further difficulty, It is unnecessary to say anything in recommendation of Mr Shelby's workmanship which will soon commence to talk for itself. He has all the qualifications to make the enterprise a success, knowing the bus-, iness thoroughly from the ground up. He will personally supervise all the Avork himself and it will be safe to say that the quality of his workmanship will be equal to that turned out by any more pretentious establishment in the coutry, It is certanly a matter of congratulation to our town that this enterprise is coming to Algona. Hundreds and thousands of dollars have been sent out from this city, to build up other places which can now be kept at home and invested in Algona. Our citizens will do well to visit the Algona marble works before placing their orders with a tombstone agent representing some foreign establishment. We are told that Mr H. A. Sessions is talking of putting in a marble yard here in the spring. There is sufficient territory surrounding Algona to assure prosperity for two yards, located here. We welcome all such enterprises toAlgona. W»SL«1r, Dec, 16.—What country can beat Iowa's winter weather? No need of going south when farmers can plow and do, all kinds of farm work at this late date.' This part of loWa is good enough for any kicker. Hay continues lively^ 100 tons coming in daily last week. Good loose hay $4.26 per ton. Shipments are lighter owing to the scarcity of cars. We notice some families from Nebraska have moved here and rented the Geo. Snider farm over the line in Hancock county for the ensuing year. That is right, lots of good chances near Wesley yet. Our M. E. parsonage is conpleted and is a veryrespectablejbuilding. Rev. McBride is moving into the same. D. A. Haggard is on our streets today. F. M. Butts and J. II. Ward, the big merchants of Wesley, are in 'Chicago looking up a place of business to begin about the time of the opening of tlie World's Fair—we presume, The Wesley school closes with literary exercises Friday evening of this week. All who wish to hear lively pieces spoken by the youngsters will do well to be present, this being the closing doings of the year under Prof. Adominus Alfonzo Sifert and Miss Pettibone as teachers. The people of Wesley will be called upon to perfect the incorporation of Wesley on the 3rd of Jan., 1891, as we are informed that the district court ordered and approved the petition asking for the same and appointed commissioners to conduct and christen the new incorporation and have officers elected to father tho doings for future time. J. II. Ward is spoken of for Mayor. E. S Rose of Britt and J. R. Jones of Algona were in town recently. L. N. Kimball the meat hasher of Corwith was in town Monday. A. II. Young was at Cedar Rapids a few days last week. The "Whip Crack Band" will render some rare music the 20th. Come and hear them. T. A. Clarke has moved into the Barber house. KAMSAY. Special Correspondence. RAMSAY, Dec. 13.— Ah, therel Our sleighing is all goue. No longer do the silvery bells peal forth their merry music. But never mind, winter is not to be put off so easily. Quite a runaway occurred between here and Bancroft last week. George Johnson was coming home with a load of lumber and it seems he attempted to get off behind the load to walk a short distance to warm his feet when the team started. After circling over the prairie for a mile or two they ran into a hay stack and stopped. Luckily not much damage was done. FOKK. Special Correspondence. BUFFALO FOKK, Dec.13.— This neighborhood is depopulating. Recorder Smith and family have moved to Algona, Mrs. Butterfield's brother— Bert Matthews— has gone to visit his brother Elmer west of Algona. and their sister Clara- is teaching school in Seneca township, seven miles from Bancroft, Mrs. Whitney returned to Ohio— making an even dozen that has left us in the past week. We mourn and live on. We are, hard at work on our church now. It is to be heated with a furnace, which will be in place the first of this week, and it is expected to keep the church warm enough to enable the masons to go ahead with the plastering at once. So we hope to hold services in it before 1891. E. B. Eddy and family came near being "blown up" last week. They filled their lieuter with coal that had too much slack in it, and it caused a terrific explosion, lifting the pipe and drum from fastenings and scattered it about the room and filled the house with soot, dust and smoke. UANCKOFT. Register: B. F. Smith and family of Ramsay went to their old home in Wisconsin last week to visit old friends and relatives. Mrs. Bradfleld, of La Porte City, Iowa,who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Wm. Hedge, for a month, departed to-day to visit another daughter in Dakota. Geo. C. Call was up from Algona with a party one day last week to show some land west of town. parsonage at Eagle Grove We publish elsewhere a program of the Demorest medal contest which will be held in the Congregational Church next Friday evening. The Demorest medal contests,which are held throughout the country were instituted by Mr. W. Jennings Demorest of New York City who provides the medals at his own expense. There will be eight speakers on the program. It is hoped that a good audience will be present. "As a dog returneth" etc, Prov. xxvi, 11. So our Dodge street Co-Tern., the M. U. D. returns periodically to its diversion of throwing mud at the REPUBLICAN. The way Harvey IngUam jumps at the slightest opportunity to ana he lias the courage to expi slur the REPUBLICAN reminds ua of I convictions, however many diJCer with. mind. He has positive views of things, and he has the courage to express his The REPUBLICAN says it published the president's message before the Courier did. We have a copy of last week's REP and can find no such document in it. Does the RED issue two editions in one week?—Courier. Strange that Mr. Hinchon in going through the columns of the REPUBLICAN should have missed the local saying that the president's message was presented to the readers of the REPUBLICAN that week in supplement form. NOTICE. All persons owing me on book account or 011 notes past due, please call and settle at once. MBS. J. D. MCDONALD, Burt, Iowa. We will close out our stock of Felt Boots at 90c. and $1 per pair. Now is a good time to buy. Townsend & Langdou We sell more of DeWitt's Little Early Risers than any other pills their action is easy, do not gripe or cause pain, are the best regulator of the liver, stomach and bowels.—L. A. Sneetz. Hobby Horses and Sleds at ridiculous low prices at tfae "Bwttf of Fancy." Special Correspondence. BANCROFT, Dec. 10.—Peter Winkle was up from Algona visiting his brother John last Thursday. Rev. Wolf wa,s up from Algona the latter part of last week. L. Can- has sold his meat market to. John Ducknianton. Dr. MeCormick was up from Burt last Friday evening. The young people of the Epwoutu League will give an oyster supper at the school house hall next Friday evening. Come one come all. Miss Edith Jordan went 'to Algona last Saturday for a few day's visit with her many friends at that city. Geo. E. Marble of Burt was on our streets Monday. HURT. Special Correspondence, BUUT. Dec. 15.—-The new buildings are being pushed forward to completion. The creamery is doing a good business for this time of the year. TheM. E. parsonage makes a fine appearance. It is ready for the finishing coat of plaster. Mrs. McDonald's new stove building is ready to be lathed. Why should Algona have a marble shop when Burt has a Marble store? New students are being added to our high school. The school by all appearances will be a success. Prof. Rewiols is making many friends. The revival meetings at the Frink; school house are closed. Quite a number were converted and several added to tUe society. There will be meeting every evening tuis week at the Grange aebopl b-ouse, by Bev. J. B- Faus, Marriea, o» TUujsday, Dee. «, 1890, by Eev. J. B. Faj^ |fc, Gotlij* J,

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