The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 17, 1890 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 17, 1890
Page 3
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IOWA STATE NEWS.. A Military Pageant. Adjutant-Genera! Green has feaeltad * circular from the secretary of the World's fair commitkoo at Chicago tflv* ififf the preliminary plans for a grand •JJlltary pageant, with which it is proposed to open the fair. The circular contains an invitation to the guard of tho Northwest and West, and especially of Iowa, to attend in a body for a ton days' camp to open the fair. A larcre ntimber of prize drills for companies, *0£iments and brigades will bo held. Hunt for Cover. W. S. Foster, the Iowa weather forecaster, since the subsidence of Couch, has discovered that Jupiter and Saturn will create a terrible terrestrial disturbance next year, with August as tho storm center. Taking his cue from an electro-dynamo, he concludes that when the earth passes between tho equators of two such electro-dynamos as Saturn and Jupiter, revolving at such terrific speed, the electrical force will bo felt throughout the earth's orbit. After Shopllttcrg. The Port Dodge Business Men's Association is taking active steps to prevent tho depredations of shoplifters, who have boon doing a land office business in that city for some time past. At a meeting it was resolved to keep a "stolen account," in which all articles missed would be itemized, and the unfortunate who was caught would be compelled to shoulder tho entire account or receive the full extent of legal punishment. | Tin-no Yours In Prison. John Murphy, who killed Antone Heim in a drunken row in Eurlington some months ago, has been sentenced to three years in the penitentiary at Fort Madison, tho jury having returned a verdict of manslaughter. The men were old soldiers, and quarreled over some of the battles they had participated in—Murphy in the heat of passion •stabbing Heim with a jack-knife. Iowa Woman Suffragists. At the nineteonWi annual session of the Iowa Woman Suffrage Association in Dea Moines the following officers were elected: President, Mrs. Coggshall, Des Moinea; Vice-President, Mrs. M. T. Bomis, Independence; Recording Secretary, Mrs. E. T. Smith, Fort Dodge; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Callanan, Des Moines; Treasurer, Mrs. B. Anlce- ny, Des Moinos. ; Thousands Arc In AVant. Headquarters were opened in Des Moines for the receipt of supplies to be sent into tho districts of Nebraska and Oklahoma, and canvassers are at work in behalf of tho sufferers. A commission appointed by Governor Thayer of Nebraska submitted a report showing an almost total failure of crops in twelve counties and 10,000 families were in want. Sconrereil by Diphtheria. The Sioux City board of health has ordered a quarantine on the Franklyn school in that city, there being no less than twenty cases of diphtheria within a radius of three blocks of the school building. Dr. Schott, the city health physician, said there were about sixty cases in the city and a number of deaths hud occurred. She Failed to Sliow Up. Charles B. Ostrander, who within the past year has boon publicly horsewhipped, stoned and shot at by Miss Dora Hatfleld, was on trial at Burlington charged by the lady with seduction. When the case was called Miss Ilatflold had disappeared and could not bo found. The case was dismissed. NOWH in Brinf. This season's honey crop in Iowa is away below the average. The people of Mount Pleasant are talking of building a "stone palace." Boone has seourod an abundant supply of water from an artesian well. Tho flow was about 150,000 gallons per day. One of the ladies of Rice's "World's Fair'' company drew the corn palace in the ralDo at Sioux City. Mrs. E. J. Lapsloy was killed by. a Union Pacific train at Sioux City. Rev. John Garlock, a traveling revivalist, has declared war against dancing at Iowa Falls. Wolf-oxterminating societies are being organized in different sections of tho State. Brooklyn was tho first Iowa town to vote against woman suffrage in the Methodist church. The vote there was 31 for to 43 against Over 3,500 barrels of apples were packed at CUenwood this season. A dining-room girl in a Carroll hotel wax married to a German baron of ancient lineage. Plymouth County's new jail at Lo Mars is nearing completion. Mason City pays each member of tho city lire department two dollars for «very lire attended. James MoKinloy, a bricklayer living at Council Bluffs, fell from a building and was instantly killed. William Scott, a Keokuk colored man, lias been presented a silver medal by tbo humane society for stopping a runaway team of horses at the risk of bis Jlfe and saving a little boy from a terri- I»IQ death. At I»ako City an old stable in whiqh William Ford's team was standing caved in, killing one of the animals and 80 badly injuring the other as to make its recovery doubtful. Tuo team was valued at $350. The Jow» State Council of the Catholic Knights of America will be held in Des Moinos the second Tuesday in January. Mother Francis, who for the last ten years has boon head of the order of Sisters of Humility in Iowa, with headquarters at Ottumwa, has removed to Marshalltown, where ahe will take charge of St. Mary's institute. The Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul railroad has completed negotiations by which it obtains the control of Arnold's Park, the summer resort near Fort The old hotel there will be torn 4owa and »large erected. OFFICIAL FIGURES. Vot« on 8tiU« Oftleefg and on Oon» SOCIALISTS BARRED. The Executive Council finished the work In Des Moinea of making the official canvass of the returns of the November election, and tho vote of the counties for Secretary of State was: /-.^-r,,* ... McFar- Cham- Drown, McFar- COTOTIES. land.n.berlaln.D. V.-ll. Un, I'. Aaalr 1i743 , 2(W 95 3 Aaams. 1304 j o 39 0 38 Allamakuo 1,788 2007 It •A?W° OSO S.883 8,037 74 '? ££? tunb ° n 1,M5 1,335 18 11 j-> on ion, ...... 2 rtio P NrtM 3 on Blackhawk....;: 3 ', 0 HO 2,410 a U 5°°"° 2,5f>7 1,889 Cft 17 Sienna ! ' r> ^ 8 1 . tor> 1! > 7 xiucnanan BSMO mi'iO «>•, a Buena Vista....', fosi *§£ ,& J JJ u , l ' er 3.054 1,3«7 ti Calhoun i,,; 0 i '943 e Carroll 1,400 3,33!i as 22 X^; «-!«* 1,008 14« i/eciar 2 UK) a yu(5 K sn Cerro Gordo !/,«> i,' W 8 a 45 Cherokee i,. Wi 1,33 JOB 86 Chiclcusaw i <f<ja j 7Hi 17 g Clarke I,'SR O 1^7 147 B Xf ay 1,033 87U 1!i7 14 Clayton 2, KW 34.'t7 8 10 citnton '. a!sfii 4,mi r, a Crawford j, m a,W> 13 5 £*l!, ns 2,-'KM 1.B51 129 45 DPP,,?;;; H 35 ' iWr< ;jtl " *» ^ e catur i 795 ] 0 ; )5 Kl jj g5 Delaware a'^i 1684 n?^n« lncs " hal 4 ' 8M '20 13 JJiCKlnson f,(i() ]9y j.j.) P," b uquo .' s,8HO 6,6liH '» '3 J'jmnini. f fc v0 ggjj jj ^ s,5B8 y,r,:w ny 47 1.842 136 1 S.'tt ... 3 1,«73 103 13 l'a-.'8 58 20 1,353 a 13 1,514 75 10 UB7 - , £to.V<J. ; i, 7(W Franklin }KU Fremont 17^4 Grcono '. I.'TBSJ Grundy | ojjg Outline' Hamilton 2 ^'111 Harrison ' y'i(J4 Henry a,313 Howard \ \'SS Humooiclt .'. I'ofS 8,793 2,457 1,055 3,121 8,878 2,779 3.133 4,01)8 4,471 1,0.0 i.vsa 774 1,420 2,841 Hancock 8'J3 «»« 1,542 2,auo 1,8!)U 1,110 678 i^'l «89 1.1H7 Iowa 3.432 Jackson 1,485 Juspcr 8,001 Jcftersoii 1,002 Johnson 1.814 Jones 2,310 Kcokuk 2'rja2 Kossuth 1,285 Leo 3 loj Linn 4;r,n Louisa. 1,714 Lucas I,(i6l Lyon 752 Madison ].88g MaliasUa 3,:i89 Marlon 2,^0 2,551 Mursliall 3,053 2,119 Mills 1,614 1,682 Mitchell 1,494 l.OIJS Monona 608 018 Monroe 1,494 1.3.-5 Montgomery 2,029 1.S8-J Muscatlno 2,218 2,702 O'Brien l,35'J 1,149 Osccola f>4.") 428 Page 2,505 1,518 Palo Alto 829 904 Plymouth 1,355 2,027 Pocahontas 1.005 790 Polk. 0,163 4,00-1 Pottawattamie.. 3,800 5,029 Powcshielc 2,208 1.8'J6 Ringgold 1,6'JO 1,057 Sao 1,610 1,168 Scott 1,818 5,423 Shelby i,[>43 1,781 Sioux i,(V.>3 1,540 Story 2,319 1,017 Tatna 2,320 2 .WO Taylor 3,024 1.433 Union i ,{>-,:( i f,;,3 VanBuren 1.809 1,799 Wapello 2,880 3.038 "Warren 2,211 ],589 Washington .... 2,:;08 2 079 "Wayne 1,856 ].'i09 Webster 2,030 2,(«f> "Winncbago 795 257 WlnnoshloU 3,228 2,2-18 VVoodbury 3.733 3,825 Worth ; 935 517 Wright 1,731 yuy 1 131 0 138 20 3 311 14 '"i 33 1 11 S3 «r> 7 17 286 800 152 41 05 125 49 19 87 15 191 23 834 'Hi 243 120 50 81 'ioo 44 23 35 2B4 510 26 189 178 40 71 178 a a G9H 11 10 10 29 20 2 5 13 30 .'19 80 38 ii 80 18 6 2 10 89 15 19 10 4 17 13 17 n 3 i 22 2 23 8 13 114 1 12 7 12 9 8 33 3 86 £0 3 7 15 10 10 7 3 ™ _T ot , nls :,••••; - m ' w ° 188.240 8,813 1,046 Met arland's plurality 3,300 The vote ou other State officers was: STATE AUDITOR, Lyons, R 1»1,423 Uorcns, P.. Witters, D ISH.fK) 1 .) " It Ll.llJJ.0, J-/ , Davis,U. L,.... 8,371 Scatlcring Lyons'plurality. STATE TKKASUltiat. .„. . v 190,99-1 UluUoly, U. L... 0 ,. )(1 Will to, D 1811.282 UuaU, 1» J'TOS Uouson'splurality...'. 1713 JITDGE OF SL'PUEMIs'c'oVuT."" ' Rothrock, K I!)!,:i94 Turuey, P 1667 Wolfe, D. 18.S.2I8 Joncs,(Jruonback 3965 Porter, U. L 4,7u:j .Scatleriiijf ' 8« Uoihrock's plurality ,... 3143 AITOUNEY-GENKHAL. ' " ' Stone, K l«l,774|\Viirreu, P.... MiicUey. D 1S7.7S1 Scattering Willis, U. L 8,81H|Stouo's plurality CI.EUK OF SnrUKMK OOUIIT. .... 191,570 Spurrier, P , bunKey, D ....... IMS, 187 Woosier, U. L.. . Scattering ...... Pray's plurality. SUPUEME COTJIIT HEPOHTEU. Raymond, H 191,70S Ivory. O... IBS,t8S Morris, U. L 8,879 . Crawlorci, P ..... Scattering ...... Raymond's pl'a'y Dey, D 189,697 Joscph, U. L.... 0,09i) j g Hamilton, Lewis, P., 18 1.0.1 Jlymiltou'splu... 350 SIXTH OISTII1CT. •»T*,- K 18.510 McMillan. P White, D.. 17,098 Scatterinpf Engle,U.L 1,048 White's plu SEVENTH DISTRICT (FDM.TKKM). Hull, B 18.831 ~ •• " ' D 14,378 £01 593 .-- j!HM>. Scattering Little,'P......... .•••'-&? nuU ' SplU 3l545 SEVENTH DISTRICT (TO Fll.f, VACANCY) Hays,R 16,7ai|Scat(,ering 83 Barnett,D 14,148 Hays' plu. 3560 EIGHTH DISTRICT. Flick, U 10.003 Harris, P 03 Anderson, P 18.887 GiUey,U..L 831 Becd, E.... Scattering. NINTH DISTRICT. ..17,3v8»;Chrlsty, Flick's plurality.. P ...... 10 110 «eca, K i7,;K2;Christy, P fi5 T. Howman, D.... 18,1105 Scattering n W.H.Uowmnn,U.Ll,24S|T. Howman'splt'y I 883 TKNTH . Dolliver. E ....... IH,a9ri;ScaUering ........ Woods, D ......... 17,084 Dolliver's plu'ty.. J.3U Weaver, Pro ...... 89| ELEVENTH DISTRICT. ~ Perkins, n ........ IS, 973 Allison. P ........ I5,o«> WeuUftll, IT. L.... 4.«r.S Fiirnham, P 119 Scattering i I'cirhins' plu'ty. . 807 On tbo question shall a omstttutional convontiou ho held, tlicn: wtmi a7,8i)(> i'.llirinalivi- votos east und 1 :'i».!!<i-l nog'- iilivo votcs:Tin:iinrii- :nr:iirist, Icl fiSS A HOUSE oi, five stories has been excavated in Pompeii, in which important frescoes are still in a good state of preservation. In the principal room is a representation of Bellerophon — a youth holding tbe winged Pegasus with one band, white witb the other he receives the orders from Proteus, who is seated on a richly decorated throne. TUB cigars of Germany are bad, prom those smoked by the Emperor down they are tfee vilest trash 4 yet this is due only to the publio taste, tor some very food cigars are made by tto Germans, but tbe deua&4*to* 1,075 21 2,914 1,661 47 S.9U3 1,638 33 3,433 1,079 45 . 3,520 COMMISSIONER. 1SX),(K)7 Duiley, P 1,687 Scattering 31 Luke's plurality, 310 The total vote for Governor in 1SS9 was: Republican, 173,55.6; Democrat, 180,120; Union Labor, 5,773; Prohibition, 1,803. Compared with the vote of 1889 the Republican ticket gained 17,600, tho Democrats, 8,110; the Union Labor party, 3,t)40, and tho Prohibitionists, a87. The aggregate vote this fall is 389. 7-t8, and last fall it was :3(>0,8li, an increase of 28,937 votes. The Republicans made net f?ains in sixty-four counties and the Democrats in thirty-livo. Tho canvass of the votes within the Congressional districts resulted: FIRST mSTHKJT. Oear. R ........... 10,388|Gibson, P .......... iso Seerley, D ........ 17,4»o|Seorley's plu ..... 1,071 SECOND t)ISTIUC.T. Seaman, R ........ j l,73S!Tugg<Tt, P ....... «4 Hayes, D ........ SKWKlHayes 1 plu ......... 9,010 THIRD DISTRICT. Henderson, R ........ 16 Couch, D .......... 19,401 IHunderson's plu... 108 irouimi UISTUICT. Sweeny, R ........ 16,033iPartjor, P .......... 101 Butler, D .......... 17,9731Scuttoring ......... 16 Butler's plu FIFTH DISTICiG-r.' 17,860 Sc.attiring Important Action by the Federation Of X.abop at Metroit. l)ETnoiT, Mich., Deo. 10.— The coflven* tlon of tne American E'ederation oi Labor resumed its session at 10 a. m. The announcement of the formation of two new National unions— the retail clerks £»nd the waiters and bartenders — waS received with applause. The treasur* er's report shows receipts for the year, $24,715.04; expenditures, $21,078.57, Most, of the morning was taken up with receiving resolutions, they being intro» duced on about every subject. Among them were the following: To levy a quarterly tax of ten cents to support men out on strike; to organize State branches of the federation; protesting against the action of the amalgamated association against the pattern makers of Cleveland; indorsing the eight-hour adjustment act now before the Senate; calling for Government control of telegraphs; providing for a world's labor congress (n Chicago in 1893; to declare ogainat the Knights of Labor; protesting against the use of soldiers, policemen and Pinkorton thugs to intimidate labor. A chango in the constitution was asked for limiting the election of president of the Federation to two consecutive terms. The Federation was asked to indorse woman suffrage. The report of the special committee on the admission of Saniol, representing the Now York Central Labor Federation, was called for. Secretary Foster aroae and reported as follows: "Wo have concluded that we can not admit any political party without admitting others." In short, tbo committee reported unfavorably to the admission of Saniol on tho general ground that ho came up from an organization without a charter from tbe Fedoratio'n. The previous question was called for and a poll vote nsked for. This resulted in eighty delegates casting 1,099 votes for tho adoption of tho committee report, while twenty delegates with a total of 535 votes cast thorn negatively. The report was thus declared adopted, and the American Federation of Labor thus took its stand upon the socialistic element's entrance into the organization. _ NEED OF SUNDAY REST. A Great Avralcenlng Keportetl — The Amrr- l«a« Sabbath Union Listens to Ennour- HKlng News UoK-iriling: Its Labors. PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 10.— The second day's session of the American Sabbath Union was opened Tuesday morning in the First Baptist Church by Colonel Elliott F. Shepard, of New York. Rev. W. R. Taylor. D.D., corresponding secretary, reported that there has never been such an awakening to the necessity of observing the Sabbatb day as at present. It was therefore a matter of congratulation that the work of the Sabbath union had been so generally recognized. A petition asking that the date of the -inauguration of the President of the United Siates be changed from March 4 to the first Wednesday in March, the day of Washington's inauguration, had been duly presented to the President and would be brought to the attention of both houses of Congress this session for action. With the consent of tho union the secretary would endeavor to have it acted upon. He spoke of the World's Columbian Exposition and tho efforts made to have the exhibition closed on the Sabbath day, and ended by hoping that the coming year would be more fruitful of results than the last. The next report was by Rev. J. P. Mills, D. D., secretary of the sixth district. His district embraced Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wiscon- in. Good work might be expected from Illinois, where picked men were laboring. Reports were also read by Rev. Edward Thompson, D. D., secretary of tbe ninth district, which comprises California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Alaska, and by Rev. L. R. Dunn, of the first district, which includes tho New England States. Vice-presidents from the dhurches represented in tbe union and from the States were elected, and Colonel Shepard was re-elected president Des Moines, la., was selected as the next annual meeting place. A CYCLONE'S WORK. A Funnel-Shaped Cloud Spreads Death ami Desolation In Georgia. AUGUSTA, Ga.. Dec. 10.— A singular cyclone swept through the interior of Walton County Monday morning. It lifted the house of Jack Henderson und dashed it to splinters. Henderson was killed instantly, his mother was fatally hurt, and a 3- month-old baby was blown 800 yards away and dashed against a tree and killed. On the same place was a negro's house with seven inmates. The house was blown away, but not one of the inmates was hurt. ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 10 —Details of Monday's cyclone in Walton County come in slowly, but it appears to have been more serious than at first reported. Near the town of Moonrise nineteen houses were blown down and seventeen people killed, besides twelve wounded. In the southeastern part of the county the cyclone swept every thing before it. Several deaths are reported from there. Democrats \viu In Uostou. BOSTON, Dec. 10.— Complete returns for mayor give Matthews (Dem.) S2,807j Merrill (Rep.), 19,888; Sfaapleigh (Pro.), 1,937. Matthews' majority is 10,373, H.A against 5, 460 for Hart (Rep. ) last year. The board of aldermen elected comprises seven regular Democrats and throe regular Republicans, with two members wbose names were on both tickets. Hay, Stacks. DKSVKB, Col., Dep. 10.— Two thousand tons of bay in four large stacks are burning at tbe Meyers & Fisher r«uu;h, four miles from this city, and will be a total loss. The fire is supposed to have been started by a eUsebarged workman who was seen prowling around the ranch. The loss will be $18,000, no insurance. Nye SUM Kiley. NEW YOBS, Deo. 10,— Bill Nye, tba humorist, has sued James Wbitcomb Hiley for $30,000, lyhicb he clajmj I* him because the poet failed to fceep agreement t tbe country. Tan BPIHIT o» Tm» Tmas, of New York, Bays:—"Anextraordinary advance in the use of cocoa seems to have taken olace of late years in England. In the House of Commons this last session the Right Hon. G. J. Goschen, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, called attention to it as a cause for much of the falling off of the use of coffee. HO attributed it in a measure to the position a preparation of cocoa known as 'Grateful and Comforting' had taken. In accord with this suggestion it may be interesting to follow the course cocoa has taken in England since 1832, when the duty which had been standing at 6d. per Ib., with an importation of under half a million pounds, was reduced to 2d. per Ib., and not long after we Und tho homosopathlc doctrine of medicine introduced into the kingdom, and that the use of cocoa was specially advocated by physicians adopting thatmode Of practice. Soon after we find tho first homoeopathic chemisis established in England (the firm of James Epps & Co.) produced a special preparation, which only needed boiling water or milk to be at once ready for tho table, and tho superior character of this production lias, no doubt, done much, as the Chancellor of the Exchequer said, to bring about, (backed as it was bv n further reduction of tho duty to Id. per Ib.) the advance made." 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KTNA.UE THIS PAP£U,,M7 Un< JtMTOU. SOLD MEDAl, PABI8,1878, W. BAKER & CO.'S Is absolutely pure and it is toluble. No Chemicals ore used in its preparation. It boa more Man Hmt Utna Ou ttrmgt* of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and ii therefore for more I economical, catting leu than on» cent la cup. It ia delicious, nourishing, I strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, land admirably adapted for invalid! I u veil u for persona in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W.BAKEB &CO«Dorchester, Mass. Write at once for our HO1LIBA.Y DKTT GOODS CATAJLOGTOX:. Bend uame and address now. JOHN YOE.K, , 779 rand V81 8. EtaUted Street, Chicago, III. SAMPLES OF DRV GOODS SENT UPON REQUEST. •arNiME THIS PAPSll CV.IT Urn. jrou wnU. "«««••• RELIABLE MEN TO BULL OtTR Cfaaaee Nursery Stock. Wo have many now specialties to offer. Per. rnanont employment. Salary or .Commission Bold. Do not delay to writing us for toram. Address! MAY BROTHERS, Nurserymen, Rochester, N;Y. •JMfAatB THIS PAPKl.«n tin. JOQTOU. $50O REWARD will be paid to the agent of any scale company who will say over his own name as agent.that the JONM 5 TON WAGON SCALE, $60 is not equal to any made, and a standard reliable scale. For particulars, address only Jones of Binghamton, Biflg&amton, H, Tenth Anfiiiv®rsary» Our thanks to our customers, and especially to .«onium. Dr, Bronson's Oomp, Pepsin Troches For Indigestion find Dyspepsia. Immediate relief from nil disturbance* of tlie stomach. . We will henil a valuable and useful present to each customer riurlna tbo next thirty days. Bend for Circular. P.O. Box 730. BUONSON CHEMICAL Co.. Providence, B. 1. «3-HA«C THIS P4P£H,,crj Ua. jcnwnU. BOILING WATER OR MILK. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCO LABELLED 1-2 LB. TINS ONLY. LEADING SORTS. LATEST NEW VARIETIES. L»ERAL TERMS, WANTED Labor, Not Experience, Required. Hill! 1 CU Ijril MrN 1111*11 fK° «p38£ Looatioa Permanent, If Desired. S»wSrT«5 LOOK! OUTFIT FREE! B**iw»difi». LET US CORRESPOND. OH). lOUtSOH * SON, Vvloi KuntriM, ROCHKSTSB, K. T«*•» AMS T«W furl*. ««J lim. w «nM, > IKFORMATIONH •ARKANSAS Oar Illeatrated OpRfll I OAU/C _ Catalogue .or OunULL OAlTO» Gloves, Tools, Phe- aea am gm mm tographic Outfits. K" IS? IF E 3,000 Illustrations. • B m HM Mi THE'JOHN WIUUH80H CO.?" * JT " SSOnndOTlBtateSt.. CUeaco.111. ITISCBEOV FOOD lands of young men nn4 women in toe U, 6, A. ow« their live* an* tkelr health «nt their leppincM to Kldga'«Foa4 Itbdr dailj diet la Infancy poa Clilldhoodbiivlggbeei. Bldge'i Pood. By Dr » Palmer, tlntt. Mind wandering cured, Books in one reading. Testimonials from parts ol the globe, Prospec' FBiiE, sent on application A, LoiaeUe. 237 VifUx Aye. N' Patents-Pensions-Claimsr R : i Sucwwwfully PROSECUTES CLAIMS. :*te Principal Examiner V. 8. P«ui«n BurewL i yr» la lastWTftWjwUcatin,} etSw! fttfytSSS? PATFNK Iff I kll I U JOHN M'd {FpRSAl£>wr8ii.._ in Price County, Win. For particulars SRitlT tfl ' H. B. SPEED, 0$o Buty-wveulbBt. Hngle^W^ SOI

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