The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 10, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 10, 1890
Page 4
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MHtmi &M m_mm oi mm. CHICAGO. MILWAUKEE AND 8T. PAUL, NO. Mo. No. No. NO. No. No. ,, 7 :18 a m apiwa 0 freight 18 way f 5 freight.... ............ •• ........ 10:05pm OOIKO BAST. apftssonfier ...................... MJ'i&US? 4paesenger ALGONA, IOWA, Dec. 10, 1890. AtOONA MARKETS. (Reported weekly by A. Hough.) 87c. Corn........ Butter Hogs No, 10 way freight 12:35 a m No. 14 freight 2:30 P "| No. gfrelRlit 12:05 pm Chicago & Northwestern B'y. GOING NORTH AND WEST. Freight accommodation n :5i> a m Chicago Mall and Kxpress 3 :5G p m OOIN» SOUTH AND KA8T. Freight accommodation ' :35 p m Chicago Mail and Express 12:30 p m Chicago passenger reaches DM Moines at 7p.m., oluoaRO 0:60 a. m., and Kansas Olty 0-30 a.m. Tickets for sale to all points in the •Jnlted States and Canada, PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY, Oats Eggs 18c. Cattle $2.00 Wheat 75c. Flax $1.00 Hay $4.00 ..35c , .17c. $8.00 Barley 45c Timothy $1.00 B. J. DAN80N. W- C. HANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Ofllce Over Oomstock's. GEoTE. CLARKE, A TTOKNEY. onice over the First National Bank, Algona, Iowa. " B.F.REED, A TTORNEY- AT-I-AW, Algona, Iowa. Of- llce in the Oalbralth block, OUR PREMIUM. Those Maps are here. Those new Premium Maps. If you are entitled to a map call and get it, or send for it. If you are not entitled to a map come in and subscribe, or if you are an old subscriber, pay up a year's subscription in advance and you Avill be. This is the only map out corrected up to date, and it shows every township in Kossuth county. The plate Avas revised at our instigation. This map will be given as a premium with every new subscriber or sold at retail for 75c. JAS. BARR, M. D., L. KOARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN and BU1MJEOX. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. W. K. H. MOUSK. - 1 - M MORSE & PRIDE. ALGONA, IOWA. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions tilled. Deals In paints, ' oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Oora- er of State and Thorington streets Alfiona. Iowa. OU» CtUllHINO T,IST. The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: Des Moines llegist.ei- $200 lowaCapitat 200 Iowa Homestead 2 40 Sioux City Journal 2 :io Keokuk (late city 230 Marshalltown Times-Bepubllcan 2 15 Omaha Bee 2 |» Chicago Journal * ••" Chicago Inter-Ocean 230 Prairie Farmer 225 Western Rural ^ 85 Orange .Jndd Farmer 240 Housekeeper 215 National Tribune 240 American Kconomist 2 55 Scientific American * <» Litinincott's Magazine* * °^ Demorcst's Magazine 3 05 Harper's Weekly ,.. •} J5 Bazar 475 " Magazine 455 " Young People •! <>•' (lodey's Lady's Book 3 05 These rates are given for a litnited period and will be subject to revision from time to time. This is only a partial list. Subscribe now. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. E. E. Sayers, D. V, M,, t Surgeon K^-Offlce west of the. Tliorington House, Algoua.Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. For information in regard to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. — IOWA. G. J. ADAMS, HOUSE and SIGN PAINTER- Country work a speciality. Corn for sale. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Residence south of Sponberg's tailor shop. Algona lOAva. FE. FOSTER, IB .A. :EBIB IE zeei Opposite Court House. Algona, Iowa. <@rWork first class in every particular. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws oi Iowa. Deposits received, iVioneyToanefi^aoruagis .HMW domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections Biade promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHA1M. President. J.U.JONES, Vice, President. LEWIS II. SMITH,Cashier, Dlrectiors—W. H. Insham, Jno. (T. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Cbrischllli's, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Barnet Devine. Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Burt. Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LADIES try ]>r. LnOue's Periodical Pills, from Paris, France. Established — Europe 1830 : England iw.o ; Canada 1878 ; United States 1887. $2 or three boxes for $r>. Positively remove all iBBK(!Ui.Aim'iKS or money refunded. THE AMKUIOA.N 1'ILL CO., royalty proprietors. Spencer, la. The trade supplied by wholesale agents. H. Hoswith & Son, Milwaukee ; Kobt. 6ieveiison & Co. Chicago. Ketailed by Dr, L. A, SUeetz, Algona. lfl-10-yr $1,000 Address; Can be made iu 6 months selling Tuuisou'b Atlases, Charts uml Wall Maps. Particulars tree. H, C TUN1SON, Chicago, Ills. SHIP YOUR Butter. Eggs, Cheese, Apples, Pears, Beans, Peaches, Pears, Honey, Beeswax, Grapes, Hops, Poultry,0oru,0ats, Wool, Maple Sugar, Lumbs.Yeal, Mutton, Venison, Wild Game, Dried Fruits, Potatoes, Hay, Fe»tUers. Cider, Vinegar, Furs, Skins, Onions, Tobacco, Broom Corn, Ginseng Koot. 50 tons live Poultry wanted. AVill pay cash or sell cu commission. Send lor daily market prices. W. H. V. Ilallard & Co. Produce Commission Merchants, 20 and 22, Des Plain St., Chicago. 111. 10-20 Court Convened Monday. Dr. Morse spent Sunday in Bancroft. C. B. Matson spent Sunday at home. II. A. Paine sports a bran new cutter. Judge Carr is stopping at the Thorington. Geo. E. Marble, of Burt, was in Algona yesterday. Capt. Cooke went to Des Moines on business, Monday. Mrs. Bedhead, of Des Moines, is visiting her brother, Dr. Morse. E. C. Tuttle is around taking orders for juvenile Christmas books. Glen Branson is expected home from Independence in a few days. Miss Liraie Billsborough is now teaching in Fenton township. Fred Waterhouse started on atrip west last night, selling cigars. E. B. Soper of Emmetsburg is assisting W. C. Danson with his cases. There will be a meeting of the W. C. T. U. Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. S. B. Heed was down toEenwick last week looking after creamery matters. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Walt Henderson last Wednesday night. Elder Sumner has lately moved into Dr. Bead's new house in the south part of town. Dr. Barr reports that there are no new cases of scarlet fever or diphtheria in town. Next Sunday evening the Baptist pastor will describe "How self-denial brings evil. A special meeting of Algona Lodge No. 174 K. of P., is called for next Friday night. D. A. Buell and family will spend the winter in Florida. They expect to start next week. *H v ,T<1 C- Fj'ftnpJi opened up his stock ot holiday- goons' ki»\ .oai>i(!uu7 B..UU reports a good trade. The hammering at the stand pipe continues. A month of good weather will see it completed. A car load of Sioux Indians went east over the Milwaukee Sunday night under a heavy guard. Mrs. 11. B. Proctor and daughter, of Kirkland, Illinois, are visiting the family of E. C. Tuttle. The second annual convention of the Algona district of the Epworth League is in session at Webster City. "Bead what Tama Jim" says in another column under the heading, "Nine Months Foreign Trade." Durant Brothers have the floor in this issue of the BEI>ULICAN to talk about their stock of Holiday Goods. D. II. Hutchins expects to leave in a few days for San Bernardino, California, where he will spend the winter. Wm Kempster of Geneseo Illinois has been visiting at David Kings during the past week. He returned home Monday. Presiding Elder Black reports 488 votes in the Algona district for the admission of women as lay delegates and 116 against. Marriage licenses have been issued since our last report to Esther O. Smith and G. J. Beke, Abbie E. Fox and Edwin Casler. Geo. Galbrath calls attention to his bargains in dress goods, Cloaks and so on. A useful Christmas present is always appreciated. Zina Holman and wife returned from Ht. Cloud, Minnesota, last Saturday morning where they have been visiting for the pa,st few months. The Normal School entertainment at ..the Congregational church last Friday [evening called fo::th a very good house. I All who took part in the program ac- Misa Stow left today noon tot Ames where she will visit for ft few days. James Fairall, the cook at the Thorington, who has been sick, has so far recovered as to be able to go to his home at Missouri Valley. Eugene TelHer is about through with the typhoid fever and he says he ia glad of it. Five members of the family have been down sick. Bev. Davidson was surprised the other evening with the gift of a very fine gold watch, a token of the esteem in which he is held by his church. A marble works is just the thing for Algoda. How we have managed to get along so well with seven physicians and no marble works is unexplainable. We will wager one of our famous premium maps that the editor of the Courier doesn't know but what "follicular tonsilitis" is the scientific name for diphtheria. All young people interested in the work of the Epworth League are invited to attend the meetings of the League at the Methodist church every Monday evening. A good audience turned out to the Old Folks' concert last night, and it was voted a first class entertainment by all present. Some have expressed a desire to have it re-repeated. If you need anything in the line of Winter foot wear call on Forrest Stough. We judge by his ad. in this issue of the BEPtrntiCAN that he has what you want and that his prices are all right. Corbin Hyde, of Pomona, California, who has been here the past few weeks on business, returned home yesterday. B. F. Hyde and mother, of Algona, returned with him. They will spend the winter there. Corwith Creecent: The Algona Courier seems to delight in nothing more, than in hitting an old soldier and when the soldier hit is a disabled or crippled pensioner of the U. S. its glee becomes hilarious. The following were elected officers of Algona lodge No. 236,1. O. O. F., at the regular election last week: 11. F. Hedrick, N. G.; B. F. Beed, V. G.; Frank Parish, Becording bee.', Henry Mason, Permanent Sec.; Chris Heise, treasurer. called up into the Dr Sayers was LEGAL BLANKS o FOB SALE o . _.—-—.—. ,.—. vri . IT /YTTTVrrfn I -All wuu kuuu. *u u*o piugiauj At EEPUBIlIO AN OFFICE | quitted themselves very creditably. northern part of Hancock County last Monday to see a sick horse. The doctor has a practice which fully warranted Gov. Boies in reappointinghim to the position of deputy state veterinarian. Capt. L. B. Baker, of Livermore, is iu attendance at court this week. Capt. Baker was elected to the office of clerk of Humboldt county at the late election, and his principal business here is to familiarize himself with the duties of the office. A Mr. Olmstead a graduate of the state Agricultural College is in the city and lias made application to the Normal school board for the position occasioned by Prof. Dodges necessary absence next Winter. The board have not yet taken action. • • The Demorest Medal Contest provided for by the ladies of the W. C. T. U. will be held in the the Congregational Church the evening of December 15th. There are to be 13 contestants. Further mention of the contest will be made next week. ATopeka, Kansas, newspaper says a farmer drove into that city with a load of turnips the other day and insisted on storing them in the state house basement. He said the farmers had captured that building and were going to make a practical use of it. At the meetinsr of Algona Lodge No. 174 K of P last Friday evening the following officers were elected C, C. L. A. Sheets; V. C., C.W. Creed; K. of B. andS.. Leo Pugnet; P., Dr. J. M. Pride; M. A., Dr. W. E. II. Morse; M. E., J. W. Bartlett; M. F., Chris Ileise. Mr. Stadtmiller, of Pomeroy, who has the contract for building the Fenton creamery, is on the ground and at work. Jacob Nelson of Algona has the mason work to do. but Mr. Studtmiller will himself superintend the carpenter work, and will push the contract to early completion. Algona is soon to have a marble «v«>v<*... This is something the city has needed tor .years. iix.i»a«afi e of dollars have been sent out of town every year to build up other places that might have been kept at home had a good marble works been located here. More particulars of this new enterprise will be given the public next week. Bev. Davidson will not leave Algona. The board unanimously refused to accept his resignation and he will remain, at least until the end of his pastorate year, which will be sometime in June next. This action upon the part of the board is in harmony with the feelings of the entire church. We are glad that Bev. Davidson is to remain. Frank McCall returned last Wednesday from a week's visit to his old home in Wisconsin bringing with him Wm Conner a brother of Mrs McCall who expects to make his home in Kossuth County. Mr. Conner is a young man and for some time has been in poor health but it is hoped that the salubrious climate of Kossuth will soon bring him to health. The net work of button hooks in the window of F. S. Stoughs boot and shoe store is completed and any one buying $1.00worth or more of shoes has a guess on the number of hooks. The prize is a pair of fine shoes. Providing two persons guess the right number the one guessing it iirst is entitled to the prize. The hooks will be counted New Years Eve. Notice what Jas. Taylor has to say this week about a special blanket sale. Whenever Taylor talks in the newspapers about special sales it means special prices and his goods are always found to be of a uniform quality. Remember Taylor's blanket sale. If you have any occasion to buy an article in that line it will prove a profitable memory exercise. A story is going the rounds that a New York physician lias discovered the seat of consciousness to be ia the appendix vermifprmis. He has made numerous experiments iu removing the "blind intestine" and in each, to* stance It faulted In blotting tbe mot* al sensibility, In 6ne c*» a man who had submitted to the opetation murdered bis mother-in-law in eold blood within two years from the time the operation was performed. An exchange says: The meanest man in Iowa, has been discovered in Kossuth county. He sold his son-in- law a half interest in a cow, and then refused to divide tho milk, maintaining that he sold only the front half. The cow hooked the old man, and now he is suing his son-in-law for damage. The old man's end of the animal is likely to kick the O. M.'s head off, but the young man isn't kicking about that. The following named persons took out their naturalization papers at this term of court: F. G. Standburg, John Wilson, Theodore Anderson, H. O. Wilson and Alfred J. Johnson, natives of Sweden; Nikalous Wieeant, Wm. Wertzel, Julius Biebsam, H. C. Brewer, Peter C. Boahalz, J. Loaft, Chris Miller, S. M. Miller and August Doering, natives of Germany; M. Lang, native of Hungary. The Courier's unblushing cheek was exhibited to the public gaze last week in the statement: "The Courier is the first paper in the county as usual to publish the President's message." Why the Co.urier should make such a statement directly in the face of the fact that the BEPUHLICAN published the message in full two days before the Cour came out, we don't know. We present this as an additional testimonial of the Courier's general reliability. In last week's Courier Hinchon sets up his opinion as to the correct diagnosis of a case, against that of a regular physician. It is possible that Bro. H. mistook his call to the editorial chair of the Courier, but we are quite sure that he has no special adaptability for the medical profession. With diligent application he might become a fair "surgeon to old shoes." If he insists upon the medical profession however we would recommend that he turn his attention to the profession of a veteranarian and make a speciality of the diseases of mules. Court convened Monday under Judge Carr. Very little of general interest has occurred thus far. The divorce case of Alice Fullerton vs. C. II. Fullerton was disposed of Monday. The divorce was granted and Mrs. Fullerton given the custody of the minor children. The divorce case of Mary Schichtl vs. Jos. , Scliichtl is still pending and is exciting considerable inter- wfls filled with Demoeffttie mlfctewe* ssntattons «f the; McKinley billv aw. Ingham ctt«®ot deir% That thd columns of the tTppef Dea Moine* W.ere open to prove Mat the_Bep;ubUcan tfwas wrong in its position upon tho * '. ....... ^ 1 fL,±-'±~ 'AaJt ' l.t^ .. LM.U ^u^^-^. I'^U^S A.I. *i MfS. McDonald's new store building, to be ooftujled by Cady A Hallock, Is beinftpGahed forward and will beta- closed in a few days. A ^arsonage is belli . lathed, and it is hoped to ue flnlehe V.I " »ww " ».»---i-j i; * 4 • *t 1 • i .— — »—-— — j -- i --" j» w» ttw PUYJ Ull JQ great questions of the cafiipalgti, the I «nd ready fof occupancy by the first campaign nufflbe^ of the Jupper^Des) January, Our select scliool commenced Monday of this week. Prof. Kennels lias charge, The school starts out with about twenty students success. rnbefs of the Upper Des) January, Moines~bear testfmotty, Instead of otirsel trying to answer the general and stte* ciflc charges to this effect in the Be* punueAN of Nov. 26th he dodges the real question at issue, and quotes an article from the Gate City which is utterly irrelevant to his case. "What the Gate Olty says is true and we cordially endorse it. We always admire independence—consistent independence. Professing one thing, and act* ing another on the side, is not independence, but it is a characteristic disposition of some people who are work- Ing for a general stand-in with everybody for what there is in it. All we ask of the U. D. M. is that it be "inde- pendenf'and let the people know where it stands; if it believes in free trade let it say so; if it proposes to stand by the Republican party let it say so; if it pro- It is hoped it will be a est. Geo. Clarke and S. S. Sessions represent Mrs. Schichtl's side of the case and Cliggitt & Bule, of Mason City, represent Mr. Schichtl. Mrs. Schichtl asks for a divorce and the custody of the children. The grand jury was impanelled yesterday but adjourned, there being no business to come before it. A man from up the track 'was in town last Saturday, and but for the efforts of some of his friends to steer him home he might be here yet. He had evidently imbibed just enough "democratic enthusiasm," to keep his legs from performing their accustomed functions. When last seen by a BK- PUIVLICAN reporter he was trying to get to the North-Western depot, but his feet would'nt track, and it required the constant vigilance of a friend who accompanied him, to keep him picked up and away from the ditch. We regret that it is necessary for a man to come to the county seat whenever he wishes to get beastly drunk. We are rid of our original package men but some body in Algona posesses a very capacious boot-leg. A good story is told on two Algona swains. Thanksgiving day they drove over to West Bend with the expectation of taking two AVest Bend damsels to the hop which occurred at that place Thanksgiving evening. They called at the home of the young ladies and were told that the girls were out but would be back in a few minutes. When the few moments bad expired the ladies appeared each with a West Bend young man in custody. After a few moment's conversation, during which the Algona boys made a desperate effort to seem entertained, the girls took their West Bend young men in tow and started for the hall, inviting the Algona boys "to be sure and come over to the dance." The boys said that they certainly would, but as soon as the coast was clear they hitched up their old pelter and pointed his nose towards Algona. The old horse made the best time on record between West Bend and Algona. The moral to all this is— patronize Algona «irls. We have refrained from publishing the names 61 these two young men but they can be had by culling at BBPUULIUAN office. The scissors manipulator of the Courier took exceptions to the statement in last week's BEPUBLICAN that Mr. W. W. Wheeler had been suffering with a light attack of diphtheria and offered his diagnosis of the case. The Editor of the BEPUULICAN was careful to consult the physician who attended Mr. Wheeler—Dr. Morse—with a view to ascertaining if the report that he had actually been down with diphtheria was correct. We made the statement upon Dr. Morses' authority and the doctor stands as high as anyone in the medical profession in Kossuth County. Where Hinchon got 1,5* ''follicular tonsilitis" theory, don't know. \V~e regret rUJJJUUUuilu inu.vj iou in aa.j ou, IL iu yiv« poses to stay on the fence let it say so. In short, let it quit its skulking methods and come out in the daylight and tell the people where it really stands. That is independence. The salvation of the Republican party in 1892 is in the Republican press. We insist upon honest journalism. . »-*••»-< THE COUNTY NEWS. BUFFALO FORK. Special Correspondence. BUFFALO FOUK, Dec. 8.—L. C. Smith and family have moved to Algona and Mr. ButterUeld has taken the post office. Our first snow to amount to anything is here and sleighing is good. Miss Clara Matthews is visiting near Algona with her brother Elmer. GKBMAN. Special Correspondence. GERMAN TWP., Dec. 5.—A pleasant time was enjoyed: at the social hop at R. Johnson's Wednesday evening. Adam Fisher, a former merchant at Irvington, has opened up a general merchandise store in this vicinity. Mr. Fisher is a hustler and we expect a big boom in the grocery line. Fred Patterson has opened his school in the Pannkuk district with a good attendance. This is his third term in that district. Nothing could imply a better recommendation for a young teacher. A number of boys from this neighborhood started Thursday last for a sojourn of a few clays to Blue Earth City to enjoy the mild climate there,we suppose. Quite a young student has recently taken up his home with Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Sheldon. It is thought that he is quite a bit too young to yjo to select school. Aaron ought to nave a high hat. Winter is here, and it ilnd» most all prepared for it. Across the street Mr. Wolffe's crew are finishing Grant Whitney's store, and his stock of goods are arriving. Mrs, 8. J. O'Neill entertained a number of her lady friends at an afternoon tea. A pleasant time is reported. The M. E. Ladies' Aid Society gave an oyster supper at Mrs. J. D. MeDon- ald's on Wednesday evening last T and all were satisfied with the evening spent. It was a success financially as well a» socially. Mr, Goodwin has moved into his raew building. A turkey shoot will be the attraction atE. Hulbturt's on Saturday of this week. He lias, a large Hock, and they are nice wa» WEST MENU. Journal:. Mis» Ora Thatcher over to Alg0n«. last Saturday. Mr. and; Mm Harrison Iluffaker, off Silver City, Iowa, were visiting in West Bend last week. They are relatives of. the Posts. Mrs. Pohlman, mother of Mrs. Fitschen, departed last Friday for her home iu New Albui, after an extended stay in West Bend. Mrs. Fitschen in- much improved. Those who attended tiie Thanksgiving dance say they had a splendid time. We felt sure they would have, for the managers were determined that such. would be the case. The dance proved a success in every particular financially and otherwise. Miss Katie Falbt daughter of Fred Falb, died at the family residence,three miles north of town, Tuesday night of last week. The disease which terminated her earthly life was dropsy, from which she had been a sufferer for some time. Miss Falb was, about seventeen years of age and was respected by all who knew her. The funeral occurred Thursday. FENTON. Special Correspondence. FKNTON, Dec. 8.—Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Petitt, Dec. .5, a daughter. Clark Peck, of Plum Creek, was seen on our streets Saturday. Mr. Stahl, of Bancroft, mis the contract for putting down the well for the new creamery. Ed Keeler, of Marshalltown, is visiting his brother Lew. School commences in, No. 2 to-day.. Henry Elvedge has rented his farm. T. M. Clark's daughter has returned to her home in Wisconsin. his we the necessity of referring to the matter, as Mr. Wheeler will probably fail to appreciate such public comment upon his case. We note Mr. Hinchou's attempt to slur the REPUBLICAN in this matter, as but another one of those exhibitions of his assininity which the public has long since learned to look for at regular intervals, and we feel confident in assuring him that his drivelling attempts to say something have long since been carried to the "anauseum." degree iu the eyes of the general public. Last week's issue of the U. D. M. was very quiet on the question of county politics. The public can only infer that what the REPUBLICAN had to offer on the question of Harvey's course during the campaign and his general unfaithfulness to the Republican party, was absolutely correct— which was the case. Harvey could uot answer the charges for lie could not go back on the back files of the Upper Des Moines. He is privileged to ruu a mugwump sheet if he chooses to d° 80 > but we decidedly object to tu<? busin being conducted in the i Republican party. That IUVINGTON. Special Correspondence. lii VINOON, Dec. 9.—Everything quiet and news very scarce. Mr. Scott of! Algona was upon our streets Monday. He WHS putting in a line stove in the new church here. There will be an oyster supper in the new church in the near future. Keep watch for the date. C^uite a number of our young people enjoyed coasting on the Maun hill north of town Saturday evening. There will be another next Saturday, we understand. The concert at the school house last Friday evening by Miss Georgia McNeal was a rare treat to all. The program was very well rendered and & good audience was present. A class of about twenty members was organized. We hope by spring to have a singing class equal to, or superior, to any corresponding number of singers in the county. UNION. Special Correspondence. UNION, Dec. 9,—The first snow of winter found the corn nearly all in the criD. Mrs. Amos Finch has returned from a visit .with relatives in Buchanan county. Rev. Faus, of Burt, is holding revival meetings in the Frwik school house this week. Much interest seems to be felt. Let the good work go on. C. B. Sarchett is preparing to build u fine new house on his farm. It begins to look as though Charley was going to end his bachelor days. Fred Wheeler will attend the select school at Burt this winter. Wm. Strickler is teaching the Frink school this winter. He walkes two and one half miles besides feeding forty head of stock. William is a rustler. Miss Cora Frink is taking a business course at a Des Moines college this winter. IIANCllOliTi Special Correspondence. We have noticed several items in the papers, at home and abroad, in regard to Thanksgiving in Bancroft. Permit me to say that the day in Bancroft was in advance of any like day in this or any other town in which it lias been our privilege to spend the day, uot as to single events or personal endeavor or achievements, but as a national holiday and religious festival it Avas universally observed. Against a race, two raffles and u dance and other attractions last year, this year there Avas- no gambling, race,' shooting match o»? dance. A large congregation attended public worship in the morning. The stores were closed, and) with many a social dinner party and excellant literary entertainment, excellant in both character and rendering. Ave closed the day feeling that this community \vas vastly improved in its moral aspect, and Avere all thankful that we Avere disposed to be le#al to .our nation's call and disposed'.to render unto God our praise. It is said that Anderson & Taylor have surrendered thein license to sell liquor and released tlmir bondsmen. Died. Alta Luciuai CroAvell, third child of D. R. and Lena Crowell, Dec. 3. 1890. She was born Aug. 26, 1888, in Cobb, Wisconsin. She Avas taken violently il] the evening of November 2!), 18i)0. The pauents and tAVO little ones thus left have the svmpathy of the entire community in their grief. Register: Dr. Jas. Barr Avas in the city on Monday evening, on professional business AVB presume. Mrs. D. A. Ellis visited in Blue- Earth on Friday evening last, returning the following day. Quite a numbei? of felloAVs from Southern Minnesota have been here during the past Aveek looking land in Avhich to hrvest. P. R. Grose departed for Livermoue on Monday where lie has bought out u barber shop and will run it hereafter. Dick's many friends here Avish him well in his neAv liwme. HURT. Special Correspondence. Thanksgiving ^yas quiet and pleasant. Union services were held in the Presbyterian church, Bev. Williams preaching an appropriate and instructive sermon. The Methodist pastor assisted in the services. Turkeys had to suffer after adjournment. The severe weather has been quite a hiuderance to the meetings at the Black Cat school house. Will Easterly, who had u severe relapse, is up and in the office again. The sick at J. B- Cork's are better. Our new meat market is doing quite a. business, not only iu pork and beef but also in chickens ana turkeys. G. B. Whitney Is putting in a good supply of hardware. His new store building presents a Hue appearajaee. The Quarterly meeting of t&e Uurt charge will be held a£ Bujtajp o» the glettndjgnd, - * *»***- ening at seven o £&&*£&£. The display off Holiday Goods at Dr. Sheetz' drug store is a dazzler. It is. one of the finest displays of Holiday Gtoods ever exhibited m Algona, An endless assortment of everything from the child's toy up to the most useful articles suited for Christmas gifts. The stock includes an exceptionally fine line of Vases, Lamps, Plushes, Albums, etc., etc. Examine Dr. Sheetz' prices before you purchase and you will cave money for his prices tire away down. You will find the largest stock of Xmas Goods at the "Bazar of Fancy" ever brought to Algona. Big Bargain ia Stoves -Heating Stoves at cost for the next 30 days. G. M. HOWARD. A Reliable Cougli Syrup. We have been fortunate enough to secure the agency fc>r Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrwp. It is a trustworthy medicine, and we guarantee every bottle sold to give entire satisfaction. We would be pleased to have our customers give it a trial. Sold 1038 NOTICE. have my book accounts settled Bt. Please call and pay up, F. S. SfQ by J^n. clean your Kid Gloves with, Glove Cleaner. For aa]e only by BoicpeU & Setebell. Fancy goM* MM! O for the holidays. and India silks, cords, oruwoeats. auk wad wool gloves and wft wool fascinators, furnishings oj SET CHEH, Jc» s. in size y ., beat for flour stomach. **P<^* w-i"i « III MjW|9U s&uta

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