The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1890 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1890
Page 7
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f HE BOUNTY NEWS. Special Correspondence. vyiuAi'ltotOKK, Dec. 2.— The „„, ifi Covered with snow and atlll ik«omes. ! The Good Templar youtig pfople are I anticipating n pleasant H}f «h ride to I West Bencl this even in/for the pnr- " attending mi/entertainment t the I. O. G Jr- at that place. , Munch is improving, also Frank Tin so nearly lost his . doing nicely under rFelling's/reatmeut. ftnio and Zora Newman are attendiiij^cliool at West Bend. They ire two departments, with u • hired us assistant, will be a special I. O. G. T. !lng of the Hiimboldt district No. i at Whittemore next week com- ,v,ing Wednesday evening and clos- iig Thursdey evouing. All Good r Templars earnestly invited. Evening meetings are open to the public and Jio admission fee charged. Bertha Hotelling is home from the Algona Normal. She expects to commence teaching in a few daya. Ladies Aid society expects to meet at Mrs. J. Rawson's next Thursday p. m. A little son of, Mr. Cook, who lives About two miles north, died this morning- or tWOi It adds much to the appearance of our little town. Dr. Armstrong is having a fine gf ft . n * ite monument erected on liis lot in the cemetery. The granite came from Boston and is a very line quality. II. C. Parsons started on a ttip through Illinois and Indiana the first of last week. The Normal School Entertainment. Below we gjVe the program of the Entertainment to-ibegivea-by the students of the Uormal Schori Friday evening. It is to be. a pattafrtic program All are invited!. ^•••••^»——^^•••••^^^^••—' Teachers' Department. i eP*(?o&iiiM)ni*atlon8 for this Department are •eitriiestly soKoUed frotr> the tuacher*. toay .;.s ^.-^..Tl'^lvnW.m FETOMMI J,OCAT,S. Special Correspondence. FISNTOH, Dec. 1.—Mr. and Mrs. Ed Clarke of Winnebago are visiting at his father's, T. M. Clarke. Miss Myrtle Tibbitts spent Thanksgiving at home. A good time is reported at the dance Thanksgiving, 40 numbers being sold. Mrs. J. M. Moores' mother, of Cedar county, is making them n visit. At the creamery meeting last Saturday tlie directors were instructed to have a tubular well put clown, and as soon as the well is completed they will commence building. Will Dixson goes to Lu Verne today to work on a hay press. Irwin Tumbliii was seen on our streets Thanksgiving night. • Wonder if he Was looking for cattle to dehorn. Oratlou ...... W. P. . Oration .............. "*.?'•• .lee and .Jacksow Kecltatlon ....... ."" . . «e*ttiittoe Peace-Make* Sadie A. - Thanksgiing and Orat,on .............. .......... The Oration ........ ^ * Women In the Wftr ... Country Nelllci TvO FORK. Specliil Oorrespdiide.uce. BUFFALO FOHK, November 28.—Miss Flossie Smith left, for Chicago last •Tuesday, where she will stay for about .a month. School began Monday. The Ladies' MAto Society is to meet •with Mrs. Ilofus next Thursday. Mrs. Whitney,who lias been spending several months at Buffalo Fork, left for her home in Cleveland Tuesday. L. C. Smith's sale was well attended and most everything sold well. Mr. Smith and family will move in a tew days. 11 AM SAY. Special Correspondent RAMSAY, Nov. 29.—An important . deal in land is about to be transacted in this section of Kossuth. Geo. Wells, of Grundy Center, who already owns four sections of land here, has just sold 1700 acres oi: land in Grundy county and will invest the proceeds of said sale in Kossuth county land. Evidently Mr. Wells bus a, good opinion ot tins county and a living faith in its future. Carpenters will begin work the first •of next week on the new house ot Ealph Johnson. When it is completed .a grand dance will be given. Thanksgiving dances were mimer- •ous here and a good time is reported at each place. JJANCBOFT. Special Correspondence. A. Furstenburg has sold his house and lot to II. N. Renfrew. Consideration $1,125. Mr. Furstenburg will build again soon. Mrs. Echelberger went to Elmore last Saturday to visit her daughter, Mrs. Curtis.' P. 11. Crose went to Livermore last Monday where lie will start a barber shop. C. L. Lund and Dr. James Barr were up from Algona the first of the week. A Mr. Martin from Cedar Rapids is here visiting with his nephew, W. L. Jordan. Peter lleimer lias sold his interest iw the meat market to Chris Baettcher. Peter says he has not yet decided what he will <io this winter. A party of young people from Bancroft went out to the John Dundass school house the other evening to organize a Good Templars lodge. »• * m***' — [own Woman Suffrage Association. The nineteenth annual meeting; of the Iowa-Woman Suffrage Association will be held in the Christian churcll in Des Moilies on Dec. 4th and 5th. Miss Anthony will be present. Addresses will be given by TSev. A. L. Frisbe of Plymouth Cong't chnrch, Mrs. M. H. Dunham of BUrttngton, Rev. Ma C. Hilton; O. IE. ILangnell, President of Highland Normal College; Judge W. F. Conrad; MTS, Margaret W. Campbell; PresidBirt B. O. Aylesworth, of Drake University; Hon. Lafe Young, Bditor-of Capital, and others* Mrs. Welch^ wife of ex-President Welch, of Ame& Agricultural College, is president of the association. An earnest invitation is extended to all Mends to be puesent at this convention. WKST Journal: Will Kellum and Cora Kelly were married sit Emmetsburg on the 18th. They have our best wishes for their future happiness and prosperity. Tlie West Bend cornet baud has been making marked improvements ot late. They have rectfivfl several new p'iec'es lately which arc very fine. Messrs. O'Rouvke & Randall have purchased S. P. Crismau's liverj-outfit and took possession last week Iriday. The new men take hold of the business as though they would make a »nj;« e »s •of it. S. I'- is undecided as to what lie will do in the future. Last Thursday, the 20th, was Miss •Stena Nation's sixteenth birthday, and the event was duly observed by a social party in the evening at the home ot John Tomey. The merry young people .spent a few hours in tripping the light fantastic to Rood music, attei; wlncli choice refreshments wore sened, ana the guests took their departure. HIM. Stoirn received a plush cloak from Mr. and Mrs. Tomey. AVESMSY. Bpecia' Correspondence. WESLKY, Dec. 2.—Winter has finally come to remind all that it is time to lay by plowing and other tarm work. The corn crop is now nearly all m and it tarns out better thai, was expected earlier in the seitson. We are inform- Id that there will be lots o f corn mai- kpted here this winter. All othei cereals are plentiful. The flax crop Sds well and there will be marketed Lre of this season's crop 45,000 bus - U VKKNK. ... Correspondence. Mrs. Finnell has gone to Illinois visiting her sister. John Devine has started his new steam hay press. Mrs. Conuers is improving. Henry Ford's son-in-law from Milwaukee is visiting him. Mrs. James Stevens' father and grandfather and mother are visiting here from O'Brien county. Lu Verne is on the boom. We have several line residences on the string. Charles-Lichty, Dr. Lacy and ILKlmdt are each getting ready to build soon. Our farmers are about through gathering corn and report a fair crop. I. P. Harrison has an uncle visiting him from Wisconsin. His name is Pearson. Mrs. Geo. Hanna's mother from Goldfield was visiting her last week. Our young peoples' Library Club is progressing nicely, with greater attendance and good exercises. They have a public entertainment next Saturday. Mr. Platt, tlie Courier's huckleberry bush, is awfully excited over the returns. He curies tlie State Register in one hand and tlie McKinley bill in the other, hurrahing for the Republican party and prohibition. He says the higher the tariff the cheaper the article. ' • EMINENT DOCTOU'S PKESCltH'TION. Ifr. C; P. Henry, Chicago, 111., who has practiced medicine many years, says.: •'Last spring he used and prescribed Clarke'& Extract of Flax (papillion) Stem Cure in 40 or 50 cases and never knew a case where it failed to cure. I know of : no remedy I can rely on so implicitly. Positive cure for all diseases ot the skin. Applied externally. Clarfce's Flax Soap is best for babies. Skin eure f 1, soap 2»c at L. A. Sheetz drug store. •> Organs. L. Lessing has several styles of organs which he will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and cheap. . 47 " M Mens' buckled overshoes $1 a pair. Mens' leather covered gloves 25c. at GAMJKArru's. .S»yn tlie Southern Medical World: "Mother's Friend" is growing in favor throughout the south and is highly recommended by physicians. We consider it indispensable to those who know they must pass through the ordeal o? childbirth Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Dr, L. A. Sheet/, and F. W. Dingley. 710 The building next door east of the Post Office has been rented to E. C. French, who will put in the largest stock of Holiday goods and Xmas gifts ever shown in Algona. He invites you to call and see his elegant display on or about Dec. fl th. . Several communications for this department have been crowded out this we0k< owing to lack of space. We will give all communications the preference In the order in which they are received. We-are pleased to note the interest manifested by the teachers in this department.. All teaakevs in Greenwood and adjoining townships are requested to meet in Bancroft School House Hall on Saturday, Dec. (i, at 2 o'clock p- m. for the impose of organizing a Beading Circle. And not only the teachers, but advanced scholars, and others, come, and help along an organization that Will be a benefit to us all. No teacher can fail to be impressed with tb* difference in his pupils in regard to the amount of general knowledge which they possess, and no teacher cam fail to perceive the advantage a boy oir a girl lias, who brings to his or her work in the school room a mind awakened and broadened by healthful reading on general topics. Nor can a teacher fail to note how much more easily a scholar is interested in study, when he has previously formed some conception of tlie subject from books or papers. Especially is this true of the subject of Geography. What vague ideas most children, have of the countries about which they study I If the country be remote it seems to be almost impossible to make- it seem a real country, in which people live and move,a»ui with whom we have commercial relar tions. What a coUl barren subject the arctic regions always prove! Yet let one boy enter the' class who has read Dr. Hayes' "Lost on an Iceberg," and if that boy does, mot awaken an interest in the class, ansU make that seem a living country, it fe because he has aot the love of adventure that most soys possess, and lias, failed to enter into the spirit of toe book. . What wide-awake boy or girl is not more interested in Africa and her people because- of Stanley's expedition P Give the child a little interesting knowledge of llussia, Japan or Siberia. Let him see illustrations that awaken curiosity and he is eager to know what his text book has to say on thsse subjects. Can we not, as teachers, do much in the way of stimulating the desire for healthful reading'? Can we not, in our recitations, give suggestions that will be helpful to the child in forming correct literary tastes? Can we not so occupy the ground with what is pure and upbuilding that there will be no room for anything that is poisonous to the child-life'? There may be parents in some of our communities who teel that they cannot afford a paper or a magazine for the children, and who really think they are not able to supply them with a few standard books. Could we but make them teel that this is a necessity of the child's growth,and that economy in this direction is false economy, we would have done much for both the child and the parent. It the child is to have a fair chance to make Near at HantU. Get Beady for the Until January 1, 1891, we^will set all sizes i of Platters CJL& GK Mekin^ Iron Stone 0Hi* naD at a Discount of 20 Per Cent. We have a nice line of Lamps aad Cliambw sets*. Call gettprices before you buy. a Few oi our Bargains: WE ARE AGENTS F0K ROCK SALT. Eggs Ifccents. All kin<fc-of 5 cent l Soda poripackage Axle GtfcBse per box Lewis Ilye per box*. Gloss Starch, per pound Clothes-Pins per doaaa .03.'. .03 .06 .10 .05 . .01 We are still selling Boots and.Shoes vei?$ cheap, in and let us fit you. Come • & Lanmton arm Loans AT «, 7,,7awfca. half, sind 8 per cent, on, live to lea.yeais time witli privi- •lege -of partial payments. before., due. In- • "terest.can be paidiafemy* office. mie before J. apply lor, Loan, W> BARTLETT. z - JOHN GROVE LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE, Best of* Horses and Carriages. West ol Tuorington Hoase. .GROVE;.MANAGER,, ™^ HOXIE & BE4.VEB, Algoua, Iowa- Farm Loans, Abstracts, OCX Foil SALE—A Snap Bargain nil News: J. L. Price has moved with his family to Bntt. where they expect to abide for a time at least, and perhaps permanently. George Holt, of Bassett, has moved his family to this place and is permanently located upon the property recently purchased by him of It. V. Scott. Word comes from G. C. Hurtis, from Roseburg, Oregon, that we may look for him home about the first of March. 1 We are glad to hear that, as Gale and family are greatly missed here. Joseph Shulte and Mary Block were married on Sunday the 23 inst., at the Lutheran church in this city, Rev. G. „.... if taken now Twcflots near frormul School, cor ner property. H. B. HALLOCK. Small in size, great in results; DeWitt's Little Early Risers. Best pill tor constipation, best for sick head ache, best for sour stomach. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. HOUSE TO B/ENT. Desirably located. Inquire at Republican office. Notice for Tax Deed. here of this season's crop —,— - els bringing to the happy producers the neat little sum ot W4.000; wheie is the place that can beat this ? Don t Si toft at once. This little sum has brightened up times and helps many to come out even financially. Married Mr. A. M. Gillispie, oi Ln VerSe to M as Anna Curham, ot Brooklyn N. Y., Thursday, Nov. 27th, bv Judge BoWnson, of Wesley. Our K wishes go with the contracting Sties Sing them a long and happy Ke It is needless to say much about Mr G as he is well known in tins KK;^" d t g iW ! nss affair all around. Fred M. Bacon went to St. Paul last Tuesday, expecting to stay awhile * ith some of his friends, visiting. AVft noticed our former townsman, Wm wSd, now located at Stilson, on Juf 'streets' and doing considerable trading with our merchants. nnnrterlv meeting services of the m. B. Q Shuicli y will be b held Saturday and 4era. We wish it was not so. Lolir officiating. The groom is our - . well known and popular young blacksmith whose place of business is on north Dewitt street, and the estimable who thus makes herself e tbrt on the 5th .lay of December- A. 1>. 1887, the following described reiUrt tesituHU-din the county of KCMHU ; and State of Iowa : The- south half of the north east quarter and .southeast quarter of northwest quarter of section number six (0)111 tow ship ' No i ninety-six (',)«) north, range No. two - iv-eJBbt west of BtU p. m., was sold by the fteiiiret ot said county to AD. olarke and ti ft ce rttflcate of purchusB of said sole was duly uasi-ned to W. o. McCandless who is now the Kwfu holder of the said ceniflcato of purchase thereof ' Tltat the right oi redemption will expire a id a deed of saJd land be made unless re- flemption fram such land be made witbiii ninety days from the complete service ot this no- 1 "gated this 7th day of N^, Jgj^^ 7 , fl Holder ot Certlileate, young lady, who thus makes herself a partner of his joys, is the daughter of our fellow townsman George Block. May every joy be theirs. Bargains at the CASH STORE. Husking Gloves reduced from $1 to 85c. per pair. „„..„= T. Oott, Canal, HI., He paid thirty-one dollars doctor ei bill for his wife in one year, and one bottle of Bradfleld's Female Regulator -d d her more good than all the medicine shei had taken before, H. Dale, Druggist, Oarmi, 111. Write Bradfield Reg. Co, Atlanta, for particulars. Sold by L.A.Sheetz Original Motice. STATE OK IOWA, I ug KossutU County, i Tn the District Court of said County. V 8 Onnsby. Trustee, and tlie American 111 vestment; Company, °* Emmetsburg, Iowa, .TosepUHeli^l, Victoria Uelnzl. and others: ot Iowa, the tiff, claiming of you the and'FTwrbingiey, 7-10 . sum of six KKAL ESTATE fcOANS. Money to loan on real estate. No RED TAVK Money in hand as soon as papers are made out. Low Rate of interest and payment t hereol on tk So. «, township No. 07 north of yange No. west. And that unless you itppear a »na »» *e defense thereto before neon of the second day of tt e ueTterm°of said Cpurt, to be begun 2 1 ' tjilli(_l 1O l><_/ lit*. T W IV AW**. v~-~ -- g his way in the world he must be given equal opportunities with others, and it he be denied the companionship ot superior minds, in his perhaps, isolated home, so much more is it necessary to eive iiim contact with the best minds in literature. The parent would gam much from the awakened interest ot the child. Blessings on the mother who is never too busy to answer the questions of the child, even though the answer may involve research on her part. Mutual helpfulness creates a bond of sympathy that is not easily broken. , ., What a zest may be brought to the study of history, if the meager outlines furnished by our text books be supplemented with a course of reading at home. So many of the fathers ot today have had a share in the making of the most important part of our country's history, that it must be a delight to go over, with the boys and girls, the stirring scenes in which they were actors. Personal recollections ot one who was a participant always gives spice. Will the boy, whose father fought at Gettysburg, and who has heard over and over again the exact disposition ot the troops and every detail or the battle be likely to forget? Will it not always be a vivid picture in his memory? When that battle is studied in the school room, one boy, at least, will be ready to recite. Let us encourage bringing to the recitations everything that may excite interest. May we not give this subject a little thought, and while we are faithfully teaching the principles of Arithmetic, Grammar and Geography, may we not be inculcating a love for all that is best m literature; may we not so interest the child that the parent will be interested, and that teacher and parent may u wojfk together for fully developed boys and gl Boys and girls who have learne'd^to think that there are things worth the knowing outside ot text books, who have acquired a love,101 helpful reading, who will be so ful rin svmpathV of the spirit of the times that when» school days are over they At Lowest Rate& and op; tional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan call on us. W & can save you money. JONES & SMITH, IT WILL PAY YOU TO CALL AT IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF Winkle .Bro's. Stoves or Hardware. Election is 810-80 is High Prites toi Staes I have a full line of Cooks and Heaters, among winch Is the eelebratod* OAK, standing at the head of the soft coal burners. I shall meet *«"*«**»• selling at bottom prices. Take one. Cr. M.-HOWABU. Clothing .. .....w.viKtV Acts at once, never fails, DeWitt's cough ""SffSSSjaSBufli £<J8m&*3 - 1J -Dr. Sheetz. IBVIKGTON Special Correspondence, QTON, Dec. 2--r'W- mattei r with taking a sleigh this beautiful snow. the ride on commeaced the first. . Thero is to he an oyster supper this afternoon at the school house, by tue ladies of the Presbyterian church the proceeds to go toward seating the new B. G. Bowyer calls special attention to the prices on that elegant line ot SlvS knives and forks and spoons in, his show case. Our friends sliould give DeWitt's cough and consumption cure - < "« 1 w « Al8a °- pointmeut follows the medicine, and it merit ed from all who use it P raise receiv by S&eetz be ready sibilities. their part in life's •gr stand pipe at the Algona water works is 12 feet in diameter. Ir it is The WU1&8 W i* WOK m «»«!-*«•—- • t --f-, a 100 ^.Maf^s^JsS'^TK ,_„_„ to the square inch at the bottom of the pipeV Q uu Paul's sentences as We liave just added to OUT stock a fine line of Men T 9 Clothing which we will sell at bottom prices. If you aJ» in need of a Suit or an Overcoat call in and we will try and suit you both in Quality and Price. -*Our Stock*- Of Dry Groods, Notions, Boots and Shoes, etc, % e tc,, j more complete than ever before. G. L. GALBKAITE.&CO, FOB SALB-MJ house and lot at a bw gain. Near Normal school. 4- 0. OAPY. We would call the atteatton. of our readers to the fact that the proceeds w gv WWH*** »v»«*"e -— roauero »u •**" »<*«<« A TI in a TTnl- IHM^tMl Turkeys Wanted, Do not sell w contract your Turkeys the our flcult'formeto analyze." Sentence is the subject, mod. by this, an adi. element oi the 1st class; is difficult, the T Is is modified by not, an adv. of 1st classrdimcult is mod. by, too me to analyze, an adv. phrase, for the Kter: meto analyze is the obj. of the phnSe. ''Too" is equal to beyond tfee Eegree which ability extends, etc. "To be or not to be, that is the question.'' To be or not to be, a compound IQ t>hrase, independent by pleo- is the subject, is question. Question is mod. by the Boardman Bros. Gau supply you witli ©ver.ytWug you wi m buMiag material aad fuel, And Don't Yciu Forget hopse to see all along- new churcft is be i-ea-dy for lit. atouce. Address I. LIMDSAV. i Headache is the «..->.. -•"•=• tiMSstoBiach disorder.» KS DeWitt'B Utae Bftil^ m f&achediBftppeags, 1 firerywaere ~ } &Uk*tSu^. Biwr^and ie favorite Taylor's New All ye Wealf jyites Call ftt— &. j. a^-aiaf ite'l'

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