Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 3, 1941 · Page 46
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 46

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1941
Page 46
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Page Eight Arizona Republic, PEoenfe. Tueflay Morning. June 3, 194f V TelepKone 3-1 Swedish Ship Rites Set For C Reported Sunk NEW YORK, June 2—(AP)—The new Swedish motorship freighter Venezuela, traveling with a "safe conduct" from the belligerents, Is 30 days overdue at Rio de Janeiro •nd is "presumed lost" In the South Atlantic with 12 passengers who boarded the ship after surviving the sinking of the Finnish steamer Carolina Thorden. Maritime circles said tonight that German planes and submarines had been attacking Swedish ships despite Nazi promises of free passage. Some agents were so alarmed that they had canceled sailings for Sweden. The loss of the Swedish freighter Japan, 5,230 tons, by torpedoing in the South Atlantic also was reported. The 6,991-ton Venezuela, one of the finest ships in the Swedish merchant marine, left Gothenburg April 8 and was attacked by Nazi planes near the Faroes. She escaped and nicked up the Carolina Thorden survivors at Thorshavn, Faroes Islands. Sweden, choked off from trade fcy the blockade, has lost 97 ships during the war. She recently persuaded Germany and Britain to permit her to sail six ships f month. The Venezuela was the third reported sunk in a month. Former Arizona Treasurer Funeral sen-ices for Charles R. Price, former Arizona state treasurer, who died Saturday morning while on a fishing trip near McNary, will be held at 10 o'clock this morning in the A. H. McLellan Funeral Home chapel. The Rev. Rollo C. La Porte, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, of which Mr. Price was a member, will officiate. Burial willi be in the volunteer firemen's plot in Greenwood Memorial Park. Mr. Price was born in Union Church, Miss., and came to Arizona from Texas in 1898, entering the real estate business here. At the turn of the century he joined the volunteer fire department and was active in its work, until his death. He attended the annual reunion banquet held May He also was associated with the Arizona National Guard and for a Twin Sisters of that group. He took his first political office in 1925 as a deputy county treasurer. In 192S he was elected state | treasurer and served in that capacity in 1929 and 1930. At the completion of his term he served as chief county recorder, a post which he held until 1938. At the time of his death, he was a deputy in the office of W. H. Lanville, county treasurer. He was active in Democratic party activities and was a member a friend, in the White mountains. Three Injured In Car Wreck HOLBROOK, June 2 — (AP) — John W. Wells, 57 years old, Wichita, Kan., suffered a broken neck this afternoon when a car driven by his daughter, Mrs. Seward Mich- Plstetter 33, Hutchmson, Kan., overturned four times 11 mHes east and her son. Billie, nine, were taken to ?he Park-Navajo Hospital mHol- irook. Dr. J. M. Park said Wells in- resulted In a near comp ete jury paralysis". He chance to live, was given slight Mrs. Michelstetter and her son we're treated for cuts and bruises. A Civilian Conservation Corps ambulance from the Window Rock camp brought the injured here. John Paul Jones of the Arizona Hishway Patrol said Mrs. Michel- stetter told him she lost control of Jie car. They were en route to Los Angeles on a pleasure trip. They left Phoenix Thursday, plan- week-end in of the Independent Order of Odd He is survived by his wife, Loma; Fellows and the Fraternal Brother- a daughter, Mrs. Norma Owens hood. I of Long Beach, Calif.; and two Mr. Price was stricken with a I grandchildren. He resided at 1320 heart attack while with R. C. Baker, East Moreland street. their death today from a fourth- floor bedroom window. Neighbors saw Eva Grinvert, one of the little girls, fall to the cement sidewalk and rushed her to a hospital. Police, sent to the home to inform her parents of the accident, found the crumpled body of Eva's Sister, Ellen. Their mother, Mrs. Rhoda Grin- vert, was doing housework in another room of the apartment when police told her of the tragedy. Hysterical, she was taken to a hospital. Police said the children crawled from their cribs and managed to open a screen in the window. Ellen, officials said, apparently fell when she attempted to find out what happened to her sister. o Spain To Ship Labor To Nazis NEW YORK, June 2—(AP)—An agreement has been worked out between Germany and Spain by which 100,000 Spanish workers will be sent to Germany to alleviate labor shortage in the reich, the German radio declared tonight in a broadcast heard by National Broadcasting Company. The Spanish cabinet recently announced an "agreement concerning an exchange of workers between the German labor front and the Falange national delegation of syndicates", but no details were given in Madrid. The Falange delegation, Madrid circles pointed out, is Spain's official labor union. o Creek Cabinet Streamlined CAIRO, June 2—(INS)—The Greek government in exile, headed by Premier Emanuel Tsouderos, resigned en masse today. King George, convinced that present circumstances make it desirable to restrict the size of his government, accepted the resignations. Tsouderos agreed to the king's wishes and remained as titular head of a new and smaller government to be formed. He will hold the portfolios of premier, foreign minister, and minister of finance, o Germans Claim Ship Sinking BERLIN, June 2—(AP)—German warplanes destroyed a heavily- loaded 10,000-ton merchant ship during an attack c-n a convoy along the eastern British coast today, DNB, official German news agency announced. WASHINGTON, June 2—(AP)— The philosophy of Chief Justice Charles Evans" Hughes is expressed in a number of oft-quoted passages from his opinions and speeches. Here are some examples: "I have the highest regard for the courts. My whole life has been spent in work conditioned upon respect for the courts. I reckon him one of the worst enemies of the community who will talk lightly of the dignity of the bench. We are under a constitution, but the constitution is what the judges say t is, and the judiciary is the safeguard of our liberty and of our iroperty under the constitution."— n a speech to the Elmira Cham- jer of Commerce while governor if New York. "I like to think of the courts as n the truest sense the expert gents of democracy, expressing leliberate judgment under condi- ions essential to stability, and herefore in their proper action the necessary instrumentalities of >rogress."—in a speech to the New "ork State Bar Association while an associate justice. Of Chief Justice Revealed In Opinions, Talks Tinder present conditions of living, and in view of the increased facility of maintaining health and vigor, the age of 70 may well be thought too early for compulsory retirement (of judges). Such retirement is too often the community's loss. A compulnsory retirement at 75 could more easily be defended."—in m lecture at Columbia University while he was 65 years old. "What can be closer to the pubic interest than the health of women and their protection from' unscrupulous and overreaching employers? And if the protection of women is a legitimate end of the exercise of state power, how can t be said that the requirement of he payment of a minimum wage 'airly fixed in order to meet the •ery necessities of existence is not an admissible means to that end?" —in his opinion holding constitutional the Washington law fixing minimum wages for women. "Recognizing individual poin/ts of view, treasuring the traditions which we honor in our separate communions, and desirous of worshipping God freely according to said to have sufferei ge 300 miles west of the Faroe "When industries organize themselves on a national scale, making their relation to interstate commerce the dominant factor in their activities, how can it be maintained hat their industrial labor rela- ions constitute a forbidden field nto which congress may not en- er when it is necessary to protect nterstate commerce from the paralyzing consequences of industrial war?"—In his opinion holding the If «*•»»«• fc* lu*re»i, Vagner Labor Relations Act con-1 titutional as applied to the Jones j and Laughlin Steel Corporation. I 'The greater the importance of 1 riwas safeguarding the community from severe aam- incitements to the overthrow of order to maintain the opportunity for free political discussion, to the end that government may be responsive to the will of the people and that changes, if desired, may be obtained by peaceful means. Therein lies the security of the republic, the very foundation o constitutional government."—in his opinion setting aside the conviction of Dirk de Jonge for assisting in holding a public meeting in Oregon under the auspices of the Communist party. Street cars of Harbin, Manchuria carried 36,240,000 passengers last year and busses only 23,390,000. government. . _ Californian Named First Christian Science Reader BOSTON, June 2 — (AP) — George Channing of San Francisco was chosen first reader ol tne Mother Church, the First Cnurch of Christ, Scientist, in Boston today, during the group's annual meeting. At sessions which brought 6,000 Christian Scientists from many sections of the world. Miss Margaret Crawford of Seattle was named second reader. Earl McCloud, San Antonio, and Oscar Graham Peeke, Kansas City, were the ner* Cambers elected to board of lectureship, while- Miss Margaret Morrison of Chicago returned to the board after serving during the past three years as second reader in the Mother Church. Others on the board of lectureship were re-elected to serve dur- inp 1941-42. Earlier. John Randall Dunn of Boston and Centerville, Mass., was named president of the Mother Church for the ensuing year, and the Christian Science Board of Directors called upon the Scientists to consecrate themselves to the defense of the democratic system of Phoenix Seen Center % Of Soilless Farming Russia is inaugurating an air service between Moscow and the ^hukotsk peninsula in the Arctic and planes will cover nearly 5,000 liles each way. "The eonfrress manifestly b not permitted to abdicate, or to transfer to others, the essential legislative functions with which it in vested."—in hi* opinion holding unconstitutional the Roosevelt administration'* attempt to regulate the interstate shipment of "hot oil" —that produced in excess of state quotas. "Contracts, however express, cannot fetter the constitutional authority of the congress. Contracts may create rights of property, but when contracts deal with a subject matter which lies within the control of congress, they have a congenital infirmity. Parties cannot remove their transactions from the reach of dominant constitutional power by making contracts about them."—in his opinion sustaining the Roosevelt administration's effort to keep from paying off private contracts in gold. "The common judgment., takes note of the fact that the retirement of workers by reason of incapacity due to advancing years is an incident of employment and that a fair consideration of their plight justifies retirement allowances as a feature of the service to which they have long been devoted."—in his dissent to the majority opinion holding unconstitutional the original railway pension measure. "Congress cannot delegate legislative power to the president to exercise an unfettered discretion to make whatever laws he thinks may be needed or advisable for the rehabilitation and expansion of trade or industry."—in his opinion holding the National Recovery Act unconstitutional. land. ands, at the northern tip of Scot- TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY ONLY 5335 down, §24 monthly buys clean two-bedroom home close to schools. Phone 4-3496. our institutions by force and violence, the more imperative is the need to preserve inviolate the constitutional rights of free speech, free press and free assembly in leolunf. Comb* loot* dandruff and Mir KO|» rrlrfi TOc-Mc. Oblslnmbte at Itarher & B»»u(y Shop*. Drat D*l>t. and ChalnSlnrw. Successful Public Speaking TJID yourseli of the idea that •*•*• great speakers are born, not made. You may not develop into : a Webster or a Lincoln, but you j can become a person of conse- | quence in your own group by | your ability to put your ideas across. SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC SPEAKING will help the average person develop the ability to express himself adequately when addressing small groups or large, to overcome nervousness, and to gain poise and confidence. Anyone of normal voice and personality can learn to speak, and to speak well. Send for your copy of this booklet today. Only 10 cents postpaid. Arizona Republic Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, Director, Washington, D.C. I enclose herewith TEN CENTS in coin (carefully wrapped in paper) for a copy of the booklet SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC SPEAKING. Name. Street or Rural Route. City. I State (Mall to Washington, D. C) COHQUER summER HEAT with a MODERN EVAPORATIVE COOLER! Sweltering summer heat stays outside where it belongs when you have an evaporative cooler on the jobl A flick ef the switch unleashes plenty of cool, fresh air to drive warm discomfort from your home! Evaporative cooling is economical too! Get all the facts and you'll get a cooler! Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun may become the nation's center for commercial soilless farming, Ernest Brundin, Montebello, Calif., told members of the board of the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce yesterday. During a tour of inspection of operations of Chemical Farms Inc., at the Tropical Groves nursery yesterday by the board, Mr. Brundin said this section "offers the finest winter sunlight and other climatic and water conditions that we yet have found." Tomatoes Are Grown The first unit of Chemical Farms is specializing in growing tomatoes. This, said Mr. Brundin, originator of the chemical farming method used by the concern, is to be followed three other units. "Luxury" crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, roses, gardenias and carnations will be grown for winter trade, he said. Present methods, it was pointed out, make it too expensive to attempt production of vegetables on a large scale and no competition will be offered field crops. our own conscience and as we understand the Scriptures, let us nevertheless join hands with every man who seeks to strengthen the heart and the good purpose of men, who recognize that there is a God over all, and who feels that there is a divine way for the human soul to obtain help and victory in this world of temptation and of danger."—in an address at Calvary Baptist Church at Washington, of which he is a member. The chamber delegation was the guest of Wyllys R. Belts, president of Chemical Farms, Inc., at a luncheon. Other hosts were George H. Carey, vice-president; Joseph E. Thompson, jr., secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Brundin. The visitors were taken on a tour of inspection and saw ripe tomatoes growing on vines in a greenhouse that supplies only water and dissolved chemical minerals to the plants. Process b Not New Soilless farming, company offici als pointed out, is not new, having been discovered in 1859 and perfected in 1865 by German and Dutch scientists. Its possibilities In commercial fields, however, were not realized until some 15 years ago when Dr. W. F. Gericke began experimenting. As a result of his efforts, three commercial units now are in operation—one at Montebello, another at Mecca, Calif., and the third, here. Labor costs are one third below those for soil operation, fertilization is 25 to 35 per cent less and water costs are materially lower. "We can completely control the diet of the plants by this process, giving them proper chemicals and minerals when needed and producing them during the 'dark period' of the year when other greenhouses do not" attempt production," Mr. Brundin said. Japan's 1940 census, just reported, shows the empire's population to be 105,226,000. an increase of 7,529,000 since 1935 and 14,830,000 since 1930. JOHN RANDALL DUNN For working the pea and shell racket on school children at a penny a guess Willem Maintjies, aged 40, was arrested in Capetown, South Africa. Five Released At Hospital Dr. O. L. Bendheim, temporary superintendent of the Arizona state hospital, announced" yesterday ac- of resignations of five ceptance attaches. Their resignations, which were among 170 tendered the nonpolitical board of directors, were offered in compliance with an ultimatum of he board that all employees at the hospital should resign. Only "about a dozen or so" of those resignations will be accepted, the doctor said, and action was taken yesterday only on five. They included the positions of supervisor of men personnel; night watchman, chief engineer, bookkeeper, matron and dentist. Names of those who lost their jobs were not given by Dr. Bendheim, who said such action might jeopardize their opportunities of re-employment. Two persons were named, however, to replace discharged employees. They are Dr. L. B. Stallcup, Phoenix dental surgeon, and Mrs. Lena Bowling, who will be matron. Dr. Stallcup was the hospital dentist several years ago, and Mrs. Bowling, a graduate of a local hospital nursing school, has been associated with the Pibneer's Home in Prescott. •Dr. Bendheim was not available las night, but names of he new ap- pointees'were given by Dr. Jere- Sale Of Shtpj* To Eire WASHINGTON, June 2-(A. The Eire government today cepted President Roosevelt'i-. to permit the purchase of two. ships and a Red Cross gift of t 000 of supplies for refugees in I Robert Brennan, the Irish ister. said his government w«j appointed at the decision nf United States not to make supplies available, assertii, "if we had the materials the! of invasion would be less." He said also that apparentl»« Irish could expect to obtain n the two cargo ships although i government had hoped to pi or charter 10 or 12. miah P. Metzger, former . tendent, named as a member oft citizens board for a one-year LUGGAGE Matched Stk tars,. M In fabric PHOENIX TR 433 West PHOENIX GOES FOR BONUS SMOKEi No wonder Lorillard'a new King Size BEECH-NUT is the fastest-growing cigarette in town! It's 20% longer ... which Beans it's a cooler, smoother smoke. And... it's a new and finer blend of the world's choicest cigarette tobaccos. Get behind a BEECHNUT. Get more cigarette pleasure for your money. 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