The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on December 3, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1890
Page 4
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. W. Wheeler has been down with and DEMURE of TRMBS, OttlOAQO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, NO. No. No. No. JMOt ~* t-«—-——--=,- . . No, 10 way freight ALGONA. IOWA, Dec. 3, 1890. To all PREMIUM. subscribers of the BEPUULI- 2 passenger 4 passenger.. ................. ia'»m ................... Chicago & Northwestern B'y. UOINO NOBTH AND WKST. Freight accommodation ............. T $3 n m CbiAgo MaU^d^s^.^ ; r. P » Freight accommodation ............. ;.. | m CAN who pay $1.50 in advance for the liwo expects to leave for Seattle in about ft month. The tax sales this year are said to have been the Hgetest that they have ever been. We present president Harrisons' message to congress in supplement form Jutted States and Canada PROmSIOEL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY W.C.PAN80K. DANSON BROS., TTOHNEVS AT LAW. Algona, Iowa. Ofllce Over flomstocU's. TTOHNEY. omce over the First National . Bank, Algona, Iowa. B. F. REED, L TTOUNKY- AT-LAW, Algoua, lice In the. C.allmvith bloeU, Iowa. Of- year 1801 we will give our fine new premium map of Towa free. This offer extends to December 31st, and applies, of course, only to such as have not received the map as a premium already. Parties who may be in arrears must pay the same in addition to the advance subscription. The season is a prosperous one, and all will be able to pay the small amounts they may owe the printer before the first of January, and put their accounts with their home paper on a cash basis. raying $1.50 for one year in advance will get the map as a premium. TTIK 3IAV. The map is worth 76 cents and cannot, we believe, be bought at retail for less. The map of Kossuth county is printed from a new plate, engraved from a map furnished by ex-Auditor Ilutchlns, and revised by Auditor Ho- ilus and is a correct map of the county up to date. Our supply of the old this -week. Frank Pariah has secured the Cleary building in which to open up his new tin shop and store. Mrs. Hall commenced her school fit -- • She teaches m Corwith Crescent: Algonawag here last w»sl here in the interest of * lad who had been defrauded out of $t-5 and javeml month's work by one of our dtteens. The matter was adjusted to the saws* faction of all parties. J. G. Edwards, of Bancroft, has bought out the livery stock and the old livery barn of J. F. Lacy & Son, Mr. Edwards will devote his attention exclusively to the livery business and diphtheriticfferm, "Who.shall^decide when doctors disttttWe?" While the is still a-stibfect of dispute be. our phsicians it is interesting ffllde. Davidson ftoaigns. At the conclusion of his .Sunday IE B M morning sermon Bev, W, E.Davidson to'n"teThaVtireTfttlents""have all go\ tendered lite resignation as pastor of well or at present are on the rapid road t]]e congregational church, announcing to re&overy, A traveling photographer has put up his shot» on State street right beside AI10 O"vfJ _. • . JUs •»!*»«•* ^iiJ¥11« the Courier office and is ottering ^B' 1 rpen tin tspeS for the small sum of 25 cents. An interesting fact to note, the itroofed and sided up with tin ^^^""•^i^ss^sr^ss JAS. BARB, M. D., il " <l 8URC i^bNA, L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., W. K II.MOIWK. ...M.VBIDK. MORSE & PRIDE- ALGONA, I°WA. T I — — DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Vrescrlptious tilled. Deals in paints, ' oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corn- urol -Stare and Thorinfiton streets edition is exhausted and this new edition will be ready for delivery about the first of January. This premium applies only to subscribers living in Kossuth county. OUK ClAJKlttNG LIST. I The REPUBLICAN and any one of the journals named below will be sent to any address for one year at the following reduced rates: Des Moines Register ^ oo Iowa Capital „ 40 Iowa Homestead % 30 Sioux City Journal Whittemore Monday the Hatch district. A few of the members of Co. F. indulged in target practice at the range last Thursday afternoon. At the Sons of Veterans meeting last evening. Fred Fuller was elected captain for the coming year. Miss May Colburn has taken Mrs. Ilorton's place in the public school for the remainder of the term. Deck Jones of Biverdale township has moved to town and taken possession of the Paterson residence. There is talk of starting a marble works in Algona. We hope that the talk may result in something definite. Mr. G. J. Adams is going to Lu- Verne to undertake another job ot painting the latter part of the week. The Phoenix House at Bancroft has changed hands. The former editoi of the Bancroft Begister is the Hind- stable at the old place Look to the condition of your well. Diphtheria is prevalent in Des Moines and the cause is attributed to impure well water. The health officers have g W1D „„„„„„„„, —„-. ordered that 200 samples of water used ^ arkable foresight in setting up his , . ., l_ „* Tina TMTniTloa Vlfi n]1I»> IOII1W1.»»"» , . P ,. £^..^4-nirt liafjfl Moines be sub- lord. Mr. E.N. Weaver left for the north- with school orn part of the county Monday a force of men to put up a house. Bemember the BBUUWMCAN is thor- ouchlv equipped to do all kinds ot job ougniy Wft> t . satisfactory by the people of Des Moine jected to'chemical analysis. Anderson sold out the** K.V-— r"'~- — i «~4. A meuts at public auction and rented their farm for a period of three years. The boys will spend the winter at South Bend, Indiana, and look for an opening in the far west in the spring. Mr. Charles Faulk, who lives near Burt, lost his barn and granaries by fire last Thursday. .A team of horses and a bull were in the barn at the time and when the fire was discovered it was impossible to save them. We have been unable to learn the cause of the fire or the amount of the loss. James Fairall, of Missouri Valley,— the cook at the Thorington House- has been quite sick but is improving, lie has the good fortune to be an Odd Fellow and the lodge at this place has taken the best possible care of him. The Odd Fellows as a secret organization are especially noted for their fraternal spirit. . Bev. P. A. Tiernay, of Ossian, lectured in the Court House Hall Thanks- sivins evening on the subject of mtem- fi»""p> .. _?__..i!_™ 4.^ onriminr>p- to believe lro7Hinchon it will rise to a fabulous price after the tariff on tin takes effect Now is the time to lay in a supply of tin types. The fellow who runs the establishment displayed - able foresight in setting up his KIUKUJ right beside the fountain head — - - , el democracy in this county. The Cour- Bros., of Bancroft, have ier's readers will do well to avail them- stock and farm imple- selves of this opportunity while tin is • ' still within the reach of the poor man. II. J. Edens tells about a lively little runaway Monday forenoon. He leit his team standing in the alley near the meat market and when he returned toi them the horses had gone. They had si-own tired of waiting for II. J. and started for home. In turning a corner the wheels of the delivery wagon came in contact with a barn. When the wagon became disengaged from the barn the tongue was down. _ Ihis frightened the horses and they started for home on the run, going up through the alley by Dr. Barr's barn. Beach- inc the barn the tongue encountered a pile of rubbish and the wagon rose straight in the air. Luckily for the team the whiffletree became disengaged and the horses soon stopped. The wagon will need a few repairs. When it goes in to impart to outsiders valuable information about the Alcona post office election, the U. D. M. is as unreliable as when it copies Dem- at the same time his acceptance of the call of another (toch. Following is the formal resignation, which was accepted by a brief orar^tatement: ALOOWA,\OV. 80,1890. To the First Congregational Chutch of Algona: Dear Brethren^ It is now two years and % months since I was called upon to assume the duties of pastor of this body of Believers, and I now ask you t& aecety my resignation of the office then com to my trust, to take effect Dec. 1.,., It is not for me to pass judgment u my labors in this period. It only 1 with me to thank you for your suppor 2 30 2 30 Omaha Bee Chicago Journal Chicago Inter-Ocean I'raivie farmer Western Rural Orange. I udil Farmer HouseUeepr 2 40 National Tribune..... ...................... 2 55 American Economist; ...................... ffi Sclentlllc American .................... * , B. Bayers, D,V. Veterinary Physician Surgeon Algomi.Iowa west of the Tlioriiigton House, UOSPITAL Accommodations. JUC.> a •"««"-*j « — . j These rates are given^for-alimited pe- For information in vowinl to lands in Northwestern Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. Subscribe now. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. manner. Dr Gatfleld was called to Bancroft by telegram last Friday to see one of Dr. Cutler's patients. It was a case of peritonitis. The case of typhoid fever at Abel Worsters in Biverdale township is much improved. The patient is on the road to recovery. The billiard tables at the Thorington will be put in the last of this week. A room in the basement has been fitted up for the purpose. An exchange suggests that.inasmuch as the attempt to educate the Indun has failed: It might be well to try and educate his squaw. Prof. Dodge has received a number of applications and will have no difficulty m finding a suitable teacher to Shis Place for the remainder ot the year. Next Sunday morning pastor will speak on :„„*.„ /^Ui.iofo vpcnvv perance, according to announcement. He was greeted by a lair sized house and spoke for an hour and a halt, holding the closest attention of his audience. The proceeds were lor the benefit of the Catholic church. Webster City has just put in an electric light plant and the. people down there now sit up nights to watch the arc light flicker. An electric light plant would not be out of place in Algona, and would make up its cost 111 the Baptist "The faith that IOWA. HOUSE and SIGN PAINTEE- Country work 11, speciality for sale. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Residence south of Sponberg's tailor shop. Iowa. Algona F. E. FOSTER, _E3 Opposite Court House. Algona, Iowa, rk first class in every particular. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign anil domestic exchange bought and sod Collect ions made promptly and a general bunking business transacted. Fassiige tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W.H. INGHAM, President. J. H. Tax sale took place Monday. Boardman Bros are calling for turkeys. It snowed on the 2nd day of December 1890. Prof. Colby of Wesley was in Algona last Saturday. Yesterday was-an unlucky clay for Stewart's sale. M. Taylor, of Wesley was an Algona visitor yesterday. Rome Woodworth of Bancroft was in town Monday. Sheriff Stephens was in Topeka, Kansas, last week. The new roof of the Baptist Church is about completed. A. D. Clarke returned from Minneapolis last Saturday. Mrs. G. J. Adams has been quite sick since, lust Saturday. Wilfred Jones is keeping books in the First National Bank. Mr. Taylor the lumberman of Wesley was in town yesterday. \ I). Clarke went up to Minneapolis on business last Thursday. Sid Blossom moved into his new house the lirst of the week. County Superintendent Carey is still calling for first class teachers. C B. Matson was in Bancroft on business the first of the week. The fire at Eagle Grove is now supposed to have been incendiary. L. C. Smith has moved into the house vacated by Sid Blossom rejects Christs resurrection unable, to " In the evening on "Ihe secict, fcMJUtli* CAUVt. »»v/v*_«. —« --i adding to the value ot Algona real estate. Let us have an opera house and a system of electric lights and more Republicans in the Third Ward. G-rinnell Herald: A gentleman was exhibiting on the street Saturday an arrangement to prevent injury in case of a runaway horse. By means ot a simple, "you pull the strap, we do the rest" apparatus the horse is set tree vom the buggy and allowed to run, vhile the driver steers the buggy to the ivery stable. It certainly is an mgen- ous invention us well as a useful one. case of mistaken identity: A AO lt& MJJJ.»-.-*M'W*V --•_ •• ,1. * i ' I ocratic lies about Republican legislation. The election was Mr. Dolhver's suggestion, but the voting was restricted to the incorporated town and thrown open to the Democrats at the instance of those who represented the IJ. D. M s side at Ft. Dodge, and with the assent of the other side. That the Democratic vote decided the result is pure assumption, and as such is the opposite of the theory of the campaign managers of the II. D. M's side on the night of the election. The restriction of the voting to two candidates was the agree- . ° „ * ,1 _ • 1 .. J. W*- T\/\rl rt>fl O TW'I to bear witness to the help you have afforded me in growth of mind and heart; and to visit you, as a society working in Christ's name, health and prosperity in spiritual things. And so, praying for you and hoping for you, I am, Yours in His name, WM. E. DAVIDSON. Elder Davidson has accepted the call of the Congregational Church at Iowa Falls Iowa. The first call of the Church was tendered about two weeks ago, and was declined, but the Iowa Falls Church renewed theiir call which was extended with entire unanimity and with much warmth, and the formal mission was reinforced by numerous personal letters urging acceptance. Elder Davidson states to the EKPUIJLICAN reporer that his first appointment at Iowa Falls will b9 December 21st. His resignation of the Algona Pastorate takes effect on the save;" path." Only 58 cities in the United States have a population of over 60,000. Only three-New York. Philadelphia and Chicago-have a population of ovei 1,000,000. Notice our clubbing list which we publish this week and take advantage of the reduced rates in ordering youi papers for the coming year. You wiJ saw money. Humboldt Independent: A. F. Call formerly of Algona, now ot bioux Ut.y renewed his Humboldt •acquaintance a few days of last week while here on legal business. Work on the standpipe is being pushed as rapidly as possible. It will be a remarkable case ot good luck it the standpipe is completed befoie the 1st of January Mrs. D. B. Dlrcctlors-W. if. IngUatn, .Tno. G. Smith, J. B Jones, T. Chrisclillles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. liaruet Devine. Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Burt. Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. JJepublican office. Inquire at GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LADIES try Dr. heDuc's Periodical Pills,from Paris Fnu'icu. Established — Kurope 183!): England if»r>o ; Canada 1S7K ; United States 1887. 82 or three, boxes for §r>. Positively remove all JUKKCULAKITJES or money refunded. THE AMKK1CAN PILL CO., royalty proprietors Sueneer, In. The trade supplied by wholesale BKents. H. lloswiih & Son, Milwaukee ; Kobt Stevenson & Co. Chicago. Retailed by Dr. L A, Sln'Hi/, -Apulia. lu-40-yr $1,000 Cau be made in 6 mouth selling Tuuisou's Atlas cs, Churls and Will Particulars tree Address ; H. C TUNISOB, Chicago, Ills SHIP YOUR MI. Taylor of Wesley has just returned from a visit to New York State. W. C. Danson made a business trip o Corwith and return Saturday. J. B. Cork, the genial station agent 113urt, was on our streets Saturday. Mr. Jesse Hill has lately moved on to T. W. Sarchett's place north of town. J. W. McMahon started last Thursday for a visit to his old home in Wis. The American people never ate Turkey on a lovelier Thanksgiving day. A song service was conducted at the Congregational church Sunday evening. Mrs. Geo. Woodworth of Bancroft is visiting this week with Mrs. J. J. Wilson. Next Sunday morning Bev. Bow en will preach on "The Second Coming of Christ." llemember the exercises by the students of the Normal school Friday evening. Presiding Elder Black and family Townseiul left Friday morning for a visit at Elgin, Illinois "ml from there she goes to Greenfield' Wisconsin. She intends being absent several weeks. The ground was white with snow Yesterday morning at (layUffht. O. IJ. Matson reports that >t did not commence to snow at Bancroft until about half past eight o'clock. Work on the stand pipe was necessarily suspended yesterday on account of the storm. It was continued again this morning.They are now working on the third section. Regular meeting of Algona Lodge No. 174, Knights of Pythias next Fn- dav evening Work on the rank of Sight Every member of the lodge is requested to be present. The Stucler-Klinepeter assault and battery case before Squire Clarke went against Mr. Studer to the extent «f $2o and costs. Before assaulting anyone it is always well to know your man. The Baptist Society will give a dime .cialatthehomeofM. C. Bailey on evening of this week. A young man at Burt received congratulations on his marriage from aformer solid girl who lives in Minnesota. He was some what surprised upon receiving the congratulatory letter as he is still a "free man." Another young man in a different part of the county bear- in"' the same name had recently been married and the Minnesota girl saw a notice of the marriage in the paper. The Courier declares that a tremendous majority of the American people say that Hinchon and Harvey are right on the tariff question. It is interesting to note that the mugwump always manages to ho on the side ot the majority. The BBi'tmucAN would stand bv it's convictions if there were b2 480,589 majority on the other side Every loval Republican would do the same thing. A weak-kneed party patriotism or no patriotism at all never won back a lost majority. The Thanksgiving sermon by llev. y \JldHt; \j\J Ui»w viv »_*.•»«*«•«•'•—•• ..-•— _ •' i ment of both sides at Ft. Dodge, and it was naturally agreed to by Mr. Dolliver,in view of the fact that there was nobody to ask for anything else, and in view of the other fact that alter a three months' campaign of reasonable warmth there were but two candidates in the field. "The Riddle of the Sphinx," is the title at' a new book just written by oSl. B. Ashby. national lecturer of the Farmers'Alliance. The signs of the times, so plain that even the careless reader cannot escape them,, flash out from every page of this great work. The book comes at a time when people are calling far reliable information on all topics relating to the general welfare of producers, and it presents tacts in the clearest possible form. The remedial plans discussed embody unanswerable logic, ami point out the wuv to better conditions, greater pros•«'•-- 0£ gm 14th, one week from Sunday next. Elder Davidson is a young man of ability and promise. He has but recently discarded written sermons and preaches very effectively with only brief notes. His sermon of Sunday morning might well be called eloquent. His departure will occasion widespread regret. The church holds a special meeting this evening to take appropriate action in the premises. Pure Buckwheat Flour at Stacy's office or at the mill at 3c per pound. JONES & STACY. Ladies, clean your Kid Gloves with Mather's Glove Cleaner. For sale only by Setchell & Sctchell. A full line of Gloves in dressed and undressed Kids, Material for Art Needle Work. Stamped goods and Stamping done to order. 87 yr This is the "ring season" of the year and you can find what you want at Bowyer's. Solitaire diamonds are very fashionable and Bowyer's prices are very reasonable. perity, harmony and happiness ot all classes. The work is div ded into two parts, and contains, in all, upwards twenty chapters, and 500 pages. Pait . and tre-atVfacts OB they ^ t ^' proposes ad- F M/Smith of the Baptist church was found in Psalms ''What shall .1 render therefore to the Lord lor all his benefits to me." He divided his sub- shown by history remedial means to bring about an justment in the possession and use or property, the making of laws, etc., that shall not exclude any class or people from benefits, and that cannot be constructed in favor of a tew. The Courier of last week had considerable to say about the "beat" sugar industry, and thinks that we ought to have a manufactory here at Algona. Ii ! some of the surplus "beats" around town could be worked up into sugar, Fred Willson keeps the Iowa soft coal for sale. Best in the market. Your cough will not last all winter: You will not he kept awake at night; You will get immediate relief if You will use De Witt's rough and corf- sumption cure. Sold by Pr- Sheet/.. Job lot Caps, in Plush Cloth nnd Jersey, for Ladies, Misses, Children, Men and Bovs. Latest styles. Bought by us at less "than half the usnal price. We have B big stock and they must he sold regardless of cost. GEO. L. GAI/BKAITU & Co. Fon SALE.— A bran new Winchester repeating shot, gun. Never been used. Gun will he sold at a bargain. Inquire at, Republican office. we ject into two parts: Why or what should give thanks, and the manner ot giving thanks. Only a small audience ~ " i .. 1 J.l-»v ,.~.j-,n Irfttr CSIIfffYHCrf-ll I r.Mft it were out and the speaker suggested the thought that if this numbered all ot those who were thankful perhaps the others would prefer a day" of fasting and prayer, on account of the many prevailing evils. Mr. M. D. Courill of ty, Dwight Coun- illiiiois is one of the latest among social Thursday .LllUJLollCfcY VJT*- 1 *'*"*^ '" " , » 14- "liebt" supper will be served at eight. A Swflial invitation is extended to all. the new residents of Kossuth County He has bought the West property five miles west of town. Mr. Courill arrived here with his family last Saturday. Kossuth County is a better place than Illinois and has hundreds of rich farmers awaiting improvement. We are glad to see Mr. Courill come to Kossuth and will be glad to welcome many more like him who come with a determination to stay. Kossuth is the biggest and best County in Iowa. The closing term of the Normal school has been very successful. Ihe number of students has not been large might be a good thing r . We are curious to know if Bro. Hinchon will lay that little typographical, error on his proof reader or the McKraley.bill. It occurs to us, in this connection, that the McKinley bill offers a bounty ot J, cents per pound on beet sugar. Everybody is talking about a beet, sugar fac- torv now and we wonder if the ley" bill has anything to do with it. That same iniquitous McKinley Dill which Mr. Hinchon so zealously misrepresented, has removed the tarin for revenue only" tax on sugar (a taritt which has never yet proved sufficient to promote the manufacture ot sugar in America) and encourages Algona enterprise and the raising ol beets in Kossuth county by placing a bounty ot two cents upon every pound of sugar f j> ec . .5. we produce. The Courier is right. Let us make sugar. It makes no (inference what we use in the manufacture of the article—sugar beets or ueaa beats—we want that bounty of 2 cents per pound. E C. French has rented the building next door east of the Post Office and will put in an immense stock of Toys and Holiday goods. _ The frontispiece is a striking head, "Daphne," by George W. Maynord m "The Century Series in American Pictures," and the opening paper is General Bldwell'snf "Life in California Before the Gold Discovery." Here is also published "Ranch and Mission Days m Alta California," these two articles snowing •with what thoroughness THE CENTURY s new and important series is being carried out. Matson, McCall & Co. have on hand a large stock of fine felt hats, which they will dispose of at remarkably low prices. Foil SAVE—Full Blood Poland China Boars fit for service, at $8.00 if talien by 89 J. B. JONES. DeWitt's Little Early Risers; only pill for chronic constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia. None so good. Sold by Sheetz. A cordial invitation W M. Parsons came up from Des Moines last Wednesday but it has been a very Thanksgiving at the home of his father-in-law,. Mrs. Parsons preceded him Cl 1U *™» ' _ „ «,!«S4- i«1+ll llOV TH1- several days for rents. a visit with her pa- satisfactory term for all concerned." The board were very fortunate in securing Professor Dodge. He is a well qualified scholarly Christian gentleman. His efforts have been ably seconded by those of Prof. McCollum and the other teachers. Every effort is being made to increase the number ot stu- Butter Crackers 5c. per pound by the box, at Townsend & Langdou's. Butter. Eggs, Cheese Apples, Pears, Bean Peaches, Pears, Uou ey, Beeswax, Grajjcs, Hops. Poultry, Com,Oat Wool, Maple Sugar, Lambs.Veal, Mutton. Yei isou. Wild (iame, Di-iod tfniits, Potatoes, Ha Feathers. Cider, Vinegar, Furs, Skius, Oulons, Tobacco, Broom Corn, (jiuseug Hoot. 5O tows live Poultry wanted. Will pay cash or sell on commission. Send for daily market prices. W. H. P. Ballttrd & Co. Produce Commission Merchants, iio audlS, Pea Plain St., Chicago. 111. ^-20 LEGAL BLANKS 0 yoB SALE o At IBPIBIiIOAN OFFICE spent Thanksgiving with his brother at Forest City. Have your visiting cards and wedding invitations printed at the REPUBLICAN office. Bert Hallock and wife spent Thanksgiving at Britt with Prof. G. F. Barslou and wife. County Attorney Mayne was in Algona last Saturday on his way home from Lu Verne. E. C. French will open his stock of goods for sale the last of this week or the first of next. Horace Mann has been engaged lately in platting a new addition to the of Wesley. that a bill of iron and steel which toi- merly cost him $40 will now cost 880, and all owing to the McKinley bill-A sample of the intelligence that votes the Democratic ticket. The national convention of the Farmer's alliance met at Ocala Florida yesterday. It will be interesting to note the sentiment of the convention on national questions as pointing out the atitude of the alliance. "Music hath charms to soothe the savage ,««».-." John Adams is doing the soothe act for the Indians at the Indian school at Genoa NeqrasKa. lie writes that he is playing in the band at the Indian school. of the Woman's Belief veterans at . savage breast. The ladies thing to recomeud it to all who teel an interest in laying the foundation for a higher education. The Lu Verne News of last week reported the tragic death, near Acton, California, of a Mrs. Farmer, a former resident of Goldfleld and a relative of the Hanna boys. It seems that Mrs. Farmer was alone at the house with the children when a half-breed Indian entered the house and shot her through the heart, killing her instantly. Ihe children escaped to a neighbors and told the story. A party was made up immediately which started in search ot List of letters remaining uncalled for in the Post Office at Algona for the week ending Nov. 29. P. Gustafson. Mr. J. A. Rideard- son. Miss. Alice Miller. Mr. Garner Starr. Mr. George Stultzer. Mr. Frank Allen. A. Bradley. Anyone calling for the above please say advertised. M.JTABK. P. M. We received the following special dispatch from Minneapolis this morning. Miss Tromanhauser is known to a number of Algona people and all unite in wishing her happiness. Mr. Leonard is not known in Algona, but the position which he is so ably filling as managing editor of the Tribune would be a recommendation to any man: MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 8.—Miss Olive M. Tromanhauser, of this city, niece ot Mr. J. 11. Jones, of Algona, will be married tomorrow afternoon to Mr. John II, Leonard, managing editor of the Tribune. The ceremony will ue Constipation poisons the blood; DeWitt's Little Early Risers cure constipation. Tlie cause removed.the disease is gone—Sheetz Matson, McCall & Co. have on hand a complete line of feathers, plushes, Burrah-i ; silks, fancy veilings, etc. You will do-/ well to give them a call before purcbs ing elsewhere. Buy your soft coal of Fred Willson.. ( jgpCar load barb wire at Howard Cheaper than ever. Genuine Gliddea wire $3.50 per cwt. Bowyer's prices on everything in his line are away down. He has on haooi an unusually fine line of gold and silver watches of all popular makes. amine them where. before you invest else- Corps visited the hungry veterans ai the (I. A B. hall last Wednesday eve- nine and brought Avith them the eub- stantfals. The Belief Corps were promptly relieved of their forage- The "Old Folks' Concert" at the Congregational church last evening failed to call out the audience which it deserved. It was what it promised to a novel entertainment, and was en- '2t T£, ; «m TO-ftaftnt. fiive us more of the Indian, but at latest reports they had not succeeded in capturing him. What his motive tor the deed could have been is a mystery- The members of the medical fraternity of Algona have been occupied dur- iag the past few days in a dispute. One faction declares that it is possible for a patient to have a complication of scarlet fever and diphtheria, that, the one disease may supervene upon the other. The other side as stoutly maintains that a germ that has started out to. be a ~ ** • . n _ _ __ — ._— j. Vkna »i f\ i*ir_>liT r/\ performed by Bev. J. J. Faude, Rector of Gethsemane Episcopal church. Owing to the recent death of the bride's mother, none but the immediate relatives are to be present. The bride is becoming well known in literary circles and the groom is one of the best known newspaper men in. the west. esent, menta. scarlet Jfevea change its mii; has no right to develop into a "Kidds' Getna Bradlcfttor" at Dr. Sheets. We sell wore of PeWitt's Little Earl/ Risers than any other pills their action is easy, do not gripe or cause psin, are the best regulator of Uie Uver, siosaacb and -L. A, Sheet*. Sioux City Medical Institute. The Surgical and Medical Io.titute_at 499, Fourth street, Bioux City, Iowa. Established for the purpose of curing chronic and Surgical diseases and Deformities is equipped with a full staff of Physicians and Burgeons of the highest standing. Patients from all parts of the country treated by correspondence. Advanced cases at the Institute are f urnislaea boara and every care and attention, Deformities a specialty. Many cases of cross ^y. e »» club feet, curvature of spine, e\ c -»,*> ntu i?" ly cured. Testimonials furnished ; upon application. Two Physicians of U»e institute at tlie Hotel Tenant, Fnd»y> WrtJ vea»ber28tb, toy tea days or |w? «« taking orders lor braces and defort et», Free «-*»«« «

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