Evansville Press from Evansville, Indiana on August 24, 1925 · 4
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Evansville Press from Evansville, Indiana · 4

Evansville, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1925
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Hk JL 4- TUE EVANSVILLE PRESS MONDAY AUGUST 24 1923 J 5a : Mother Jones Fights Her First Foe Yellow Fever Husband and Four Children Taken By Scourge in Memphis Motliur JmieH daughter ot tiiillle for mure than half a tM-nturjr hna been u flamlnK fistula) In AmerU'un Imlualrtul life X achool teacher and drcHi-mnker In her earlier career alie VlunKed Into a Memiihl Tenu flKht aRBliiHt a yellow fever epidemic a few yearn after her marriage The epldrniie coat the llvea nf Mother Jonca' hiia-hmid and four children Moon afterward aha went to Chicago and became identified with t lulu bor movement lty X0TIIKK JONES triibllrhcd by permlaxlon of Charles II Kerr & Co Chicago Copyright 1923) I wus born in ths city o( Cork Ireland In 1S30 My people were poor For generations they had fought for Ireland's freedom Many of my folks have died in that struggle My father Richard Harris came to America In ISSii and as soon as he had become an American citizen he sent for his family Kla work as a laborer with railway construction crow took him to Toronto Canada Hero I was brought up but always as the child of an American citizen Of that citizenship I have ever been proud After finishing the common schools I attended the normal school with the intention of becoming a teacher Dressmaking ton I learned proficiently My first position was teaching in a convent in Monroe Mich Later I came to Chicago and opened a dressmaking establishment I preferred sewing to bocslng little children Hushnnd I'nlon Man However I went back to teaching again this time in Memphis Tcnn Here I was married in 1861 My husband was an Iron molder and a staunch member of the Iron Monld-iTE Union In 1867 u yellow fever epidemic swept Memphis Its victims were mainly among the poor and the workers Ono by one my four little children sickened and died I washed their little bodies and got them ready for burial My husband caught the fever and died I sat alone thru nights of grfcf No one came to me No one could Other homes were ea stricken as mine All day long nil night long I heard the grating of the wheels of the- death cart After the union had burled my husband I got a permit to v nurse the sufferers This I did until the plague was rtamped out Iiack to Chicago I returned to Chicago und’went again Into tho dressmaking business with a partner We were located on Washington Street near the lake In October 1871 the great Chicago fire burned up our establishment and everything that had I became acquainted with the labor movement I learned that in 1863 after the Hobo of the Civil war a group of men met in Louis ville Ky They decided (bat the time bail come to forinuliito a program to fight Industrial slavery Out of this decision had come the Knights of' Labor From the tiinp of the Chicago fire I became more and more engross jd HOST TELLS IfSUE SHE IS “PEHFECT "TO TIIE TANGLE BRAIDED STRAPS NOVEL YELLOW FEVER EPIDEMIC SWEPT MEMPHIS ALL DAY LONG ALL NIGHT LONG I HEARD THE GRATING OF THE WHEELS OF THE DEATH CART AFTER THE UNION HAD BURIED MY HUSBAND I GOT A PERMIT TO NURSE THE SUFFERERS THIS I DID UNTIL THE PLAGUE WAS STAMPED OUT" in tho labor struggle and I decided to take an active part in the efforts of the working people to better the conditions under which' they worked andlived I became u member of the Kuights or Lulior An Early Strike One of the first strikes that I remember occurred in the seventies The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad employes went on strlko and thoy sent for me to come to Pittsburgh to help 'them 1 went One night a riot occured Hundreds of box curs standing on tho tracks were soaked with oil and set on fire' and sent down tho tracks to llic roundhouse The roundhouse caught fire Over 100 locomotives belonging to the Pennsylvania Railroad company were destroyed It was a wild night The flames lighted tho sky and turned to fiery Haines the steel bayonets of the soldiers The strikers Were charged with the crimes of arson and rioting ul-tho It was common knowledge that ttvas not they who instigated the ffre Then and there I learned In tho early part of my career that labor muRt bear the cross for other’s slrs must be the vicarious sufferer for the wrongs that others do These early years saw the beginning of America's industrial -life Hand and hand with the growth of factories and the expansion ot railroads with the accumulation of capital and the rise of banks came anti-labor legislation Came strikes Came violence Caine the belief In the hearts and minds of the workers that legislatures but carry out tho will of the Industrialists NEXT: Industrial warfare In Chlrngo and the bombing of Huy market Square LETTER FROM MELVILLE SAR TORIS TO LESLIE PRESCOTT I Y’ou may bo surprised to hear from me In tact I am not sure that you will read this latter after the first two or three paragraphs I didn’t ask you If I might wrlto you for I was afraid you would re-fuso and then of course I would have to forego the exqulslto pleasure I am having tonight of sitting here alone on the deck out ot sight of land with nothing but the waste of waters round about me — talking to you I look all over the wonderful restless sea and then I retire into my own mind where only you are and I find rest He’s Poetic I know that as far as I am concerned you and I are the only two people in this whole universe Everything that nature has made up until now has been for us alone It Is a gorgeous night— made for love The water Is singularly calm The moon Is making Its customary path of silver studded with diamonds from my yacht straight up to where — somewhere on tho solitary star that seems to be sailing along beside the shining orb— rests my Lady of the 8nows You see lady fair I'm taking all sorts ot liberties because I know you will not answer— 1 know that-you cannot answer— I am quite sure that I do not want you to answer - Frank Too If by any possibility I were vain enough to expect au answer I would be writing you a totally different kind ot letter Now however I am outside of any conventional restriction I am going to indulge In the luxury of showing you myself as I am I have' no fear in doing this for I never expect to look upon your face again I have not words dear ludy to tell yon the Bharp agony that was mine that day you fell into the water from off my yacht I suffered a million pangs so much worse than the pangs of death that his r' These pumps have narrow straps of braided leather that form the strap-work over the instep The effect is decorative without destroying the simplicity thst Fashion insists on Lighthouse for Dane PARIS— An airplane llghthouso has been completed on a high hill on the outskirts of Dijon to mark the route of the Farta-Alglcrs air route A Lighter Cake If you use water Instead of milk when mixing your cake batter you will have a lighter cake and it will be less likely to scorch when it Is baking Xarrow Striped Belts Narrow bolts of Roman striped ribbon are worn with Jersey and silk sport dresses Tulle and Taffela Tulle is again coming Into prominence for dance frocks and la frequently ihown In combination with taffeta Eggs of the Argentine partridge are ao highly glased as to appear varnished Be Here Early! Be Heire Early! Continued Drastic Reductions In Our Press Patterns onn Vengeance of Pal Leader of Gang Feared By I'nltrd Frwm WORCESTER glass' Aug 24— Both the rectory ot St Stephen's church and the home of Walter Derosler slain gangster were surrounded by police today following reports that John Troy notorious bandit planned to avenge the death of his lieutenant and also attend the latter's funeral Police admitted they had ordered the rectory guarded as a result of a telephone call received by tho Rev John Lunney pastor of the church in which a man who Hald he was Troy threatened to kill the priest because Derosler had- been refused a Christian burial How Puny Weak Boys Grow Strong! Yew Way to Take Cod Liter Oil— McCoy's Cod Liver Oil Tablets Are Sugar Coated and Kids Take Them Like Candy New Fall Millinery FELT HATS Velvet and Suede Colored Felt Hats arc very appropriate for Fall and early Winter wear Medium small close-fitting shapes In colors of Mack pansy gray fawn and bine Priced at Velvet and suede materials with Eatin trimmings are very popular Shapes are a bit larger this season Black and pansy are the leading colors Priced at See Our Win dows! A STYLE ATTRACTIVE FOR SLENDER OR STOUT FIGURES 4717 Plaid suiting in tan and brown tones is here portrayed The collar and tho vct are of tan wool crepe This style Is good also for alpaca pongee rnd linen The pattern li cut in 7 sizes: 33 33 40 42 44 46 and 48 Inches bust measure A 28-inch size will require 31-2 yards ot Si inch material For collar and vest ot rnnstrciting material 1-2 yard of 54 inches wide is required The width at ths foot is 1 1-2 yard Patterns mailed to any address on receipt of 12 cents in stamps nr silver Be sure to state size wanted b1m number of pattern as given on illustration I PATTERN ORDER BLANK EVANSVILLE PRESS EVANSVILLE INI) Inclosed find 8 Please send mo pattern: Size Catalog No Name Street following iifiMi e e f iilM City eii i e e e e Slate oprd grow Make Mint uiulcr ilevel-oliod boy or girl of your ' strong vlgor-ouh nml robust ' in just a short (lino by glvln-: li i in McCoy' i Mod Liver Oil C o m p o ii n (I Tablets for 30 days j It'a the nsw I way to tnko i nasty (anting eod llvrr oil You’ll be stir-! prised at the results and especially if tlie child baa I'irkPla i Your doctor! will tell you i that there Is nothing tn tlie ! world ao Roml ! lor rickets an cod liver nil So now Mother you enn help the little under - (level-backward child to normal again no that he ran VWWAVLVAVAWVVLVWr'lBAWVaVAVA “Everybody’sGoingAgain” INDIANA’S GREATEST $131000 in Premiums and Purses STATE FAIR ' 230000 Attendance SEPTEMBER 7 8 9 10 11 yMe—'ee-VJVtW -V F i -j-'f VXXL 5 Beauty pattern fall and winter - trutzulnea IS ceiyjU by malL play and romii with other children And remember that If yon aren't delighted with results after 30 days' trial— why H A Woods nr any druwriat will gladly return your money Try them on this fair basis but he sure— very sure — to ask for )li Co£a Cod Liver Oil Compound Tablets — the original and genuine — 60 tablet— CO cento — Adv havk vocit masmi H tEWEIlACE AD GAS KITTISiU — Dana by— WM G MAURER I'ay for It O lb "Evansville Morris Plan" If ya havea’t tbe ready cnab to have year plnotblnir dene— Let MAVRKK De It— Pey fee It Ihre - The Kerris I’lae Ce 1206 FULTON AVE PHOXES— Office Mala SSBSl -Sn Male INM A few things that are making this year's State Fair so great: I $68000 In premiums for horses cattlo sheep swine and poultry $13500 for agricultural and household display! and cooking $37000 special purse for Grand Circuit Races $ 3250 for Boys and Girls' Clun work $ 600 for Better Baby Contest $ 400 for Horseshoe Pitching Contest In fact 214 acres chucked full of exhibits and display such is were never gathered together before and don't forget the greatest Midway of all time with night shows CLEOPATRA iu front of grandstand 5000 extra scats SOCIETY HORSE SHOW IN COLISEUM INDIANA BOARD OF AGRICULTURE Indianapolis Indiana Lin Wilson President Jonesboro Indiana E J Barker 8ec-Treas Room 234 Bute House Indianapolis Ind Now in Fair Weather is the time to give your property inside and out the protection of fresh coaU of Red Spot PainU Stains and Varnishes Raw damp cold weather soon at hand will have no terrors for painted surfaces covered with Red Spot RED SPOT Paint A Varnish Co 110 Main St Phone Main 6800 FAREWELL ° A" Sp- — — Summer Apparel ALL SUMMER STOCKS MUST GO! grizzly hand has now no terrors for me I also know that the story Is true wherein we are told that one may review his whole life In one infln-i itcsimal moment of lime I know that In the moment when I saw your beautiful body hurling lUelf downward to what I was sure was csvtaln and sudden death all the things that I have wanted to say to you from the first' moment I mot you uttered themselves to you in my distracted mind The Perfect Woman I told you that I had found you the one desirable woman of all the earth I railed at society for making me keop this all in my heart until the moment when I thought I would never be able to tell you I railed at myself for thinking I could ever tell you this for I knew if I did try to do it and I found that you woud listen it would dissipate all my regard for you Thut you are unapproachable to such as I makes you the perfect woman If you had stepped down from your pedestal for one moment while I was with you my disappointment would havo been almost more than I could bear Thank God you never did! And so you remain perfect In my eyes enshrined in my heart forever (topiTlfkt 1KU Of AKA Service lac) TOMORROW— Letter from Melville Sartorls to Leslie Prescott COATS DRESSES? AVWWWWMWWWWWVWVWWftWVWWVWWWWlSVWVWftWWWWWt il Clearance of Women’s Summer Silk Dresses We are dosing out our entire stock of Women’s Tub and Rayon Silk Dresses at a ridiculously low price - Fine quality washable silk materials in very attractive striped patterns Neatly made andtrimmed Sizes 1G to 42 Clean up price Silk Charmeens Sports Materials —for Every Occasion! 6 Coats were 3000 CIO 7 Coats were 3500 I H 3 'Coats were 3975 1 w 4 Coats were 4500 $0 3 Coats were 4975 v 8 Coats were 5975 If Q fl 4 Coats wers 6500 g 3 Coats were 7500 WW 1 Cost was 15000 §"1 " 1 Coat was 17500 v " i ENSEMBLE SUITS 3 Suita were 2500 4 Suits were 3500 U 4 Suits were 6500 SOD 3 Suits were 7500 v JjTl 5 Suits were 8500 2 Silk Suits $EQ were 12500 Of Every Type— All Greatly Reduced 12 Cloth Dresses wer 1975 15 Cloth Dresses were 2500 10 Cloth Dresses were 2975 17 Silk Dresses were 1975 13 Silk Dresses were 2500 23 Silk Dresses were 3500 4 Silk Dresses were 3995 5 Silk Dresses were 5000 10 Silk Dresses were 6500 6 Bilk Dresses were 7500 3 Silk Dresses were 7975 18 Silk Dresses were 1500 8 Voile Dresses were 1000 t LADIES' WAISTS 49' 40 Wash Waists were 195 15 Wash Waists were 350 22 Wash Waists were 500 i 50 Pongee Waists were 395 K 27 Crepe Waists were 595 12 Crepe Waists were 750 4 Silk Overblouses were" 350 12 Silk Overblouses were 500 7 Silk Overblouses were 750 3 Silk Overblouses were 750 10 Silk Overblouses were 1000 8 Silk Overblouses were 1250 USE PRESS WANT ADS FOR BEST RESULTS Knr Satis Is Our ?ss- Waiting for Fall or cold weather to put in your coal supply for the coming winter is taking a long chance You may get the kind of coal you want at the price you want to pay but the odds are all against it Staying coal now and storing it in your basement' is making money You buy less and there’s no drain next fall when expenses are heavy Our Price for August Delivery— 6-inch Shaker Screen Lump 17c Bu ' gtim BEGS JH&KTC7 20 NORTH 8th ST EVANSVILLE INDIANA Phone Main 99 PANEL BODIES iTOlORDERlt The design or type panel body for your chassis built to order in a shop that has the facilities by men who specialize on this class of work Let us figure with you on your job and save money I Evansville Carriage Works Coachniakerqr and Bodybuilders for Over SO Years 411-413 S Fourth St Phone Main 4986 Ill III I ROOM A' F"Il: To Satisfy those whom we serve is our ( first duty and during all the time that ‘we have been in business we have bent every effort in that direction Expressions of appreciation have been proof of the desirability of service based on such a policy Only those members of our profession who bear this in mind are qualified to truly Serve those in need Jos Schaefer & Son FUNERAL DIRECTORS 13-15 N Fifth Street shone iiepno 256 I A I ' - Y ' - ‘4 Al' 4 '-? : lit Bm i '

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