Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 20, 1907 · Page 1
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 1

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 20, 1907
Page 1
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1 ONLY OAKLAND NEWSPAPER THAT PUBLISHES ' ; Associated Press News t . . . ; VxV;. L A EDI T I O H VOL. LXVII. SUNDAY -Fair. OAKLAND.- CAL SATURDAY EVENING. APRIL, 20. 1907. Ps&OO SUNDAY Fair. No. v59 TO X 0) Mbit mum Hill" i M D) I 0 1 13) fo) D)T V Eti IIP! ELY AT i PHOTOGRAPH OF INTERI OR OF, THE GAS KITCHEN, WHERE : THE MURDER WAS COMMITTED. CROSS SHOWS CHAIR IN WHICH JOHN MARCOVICH: WAS SITTING. WHEN SHOT TO DEATH PHOTO BY STEWART. 7' - JOHN MARCOVICH, ONE OF THE PROPRIETORS OF , THE GAS KITCHEN, W HO WAS MURDERED BY A DISCHARGED WAITER.. 7 ' as ou SAtt FRANCISCO, April . 20. Ethel Hergerton, a ' aeventeen-yearvold girl, employed at Qm RenoVm Candy Store , on Market atreat, battled with a thus ahortly; before midnight on the corner .of Central and Point Loboa avenues. The young; girl who was on her way come after her nlght'a work, started , uncertainly in the direction of Geary street, but retraced her steps. A strange t man who bad been prowling about the saloon on the corner ap proached and asked what she wanted. the hesitated to tell him her business. Sna, halt turned away, then she catted to ask htm to direct her home: be respdnded by saying that he would how her and told, her to follow him, . 'When 'she bad' reached Central and Point Lobos avenues, without a word, her aasaJlant seized her In his arms. She fought him ? and vhe forced his fingers down her throat in order to line her cries. , She bit his - Angers. That aagered him and he struck her vidofes blow on the forehead. The blow opened her head and the blood flowed down her face partially "I feel rare they will never take Frank olive. There 4 will be another' horrible chapter' to this tragedy before this , Is over," Vaobbed the twentji-year-old wife of t Frank Smith as she related thrf atdry of fast night's Murder Jgf John -Marcovlch. , Her convulsions bi grrief unnerved her.' - -" ; - !Oh. that this dreadful, dreadful thing should have happened. I am are . Frank must have been crazy cat of" his senses when . he. did it,? and the little woman. who is scarcely more than a girl, trjed to main tain her self-control as -aha. related , the events that led; up 4to' the .shooting..';-. "When Frank came -home -yesterday I.knlr Bv. form.rlv of th Imt).nI 1'wuun';1 raaiulleu iwmm WK..M Palace of tha Sultan of Turkey, the lookedas , if! he had been drinking for world renowned collector of rare ii- ' ' ' " ' ental russ. who used to eair at Bove Toy Co'., San Francisco, 22 rear ago, has Just arrived In Oakland with an ' Immense etock of renulne antlaue Tur--; ltlah aad Persian and carpeta, which ! mil M on ex!-"""'on on Monday, April TZA, t Munro ' Co.'s Auction Rooms. lt06 Clay street, ahd'sold at auction on iTutidij and . Wednesday. April 2id and .' 24th. beginning at XI a. m. I . . J. A MUNRO, . Auctioneer. ; -r : , t at Munro & . ' Co.'s Auction i Rooms, 1007 Clay Street. -iJoe,ssJb ii r 1 ',' . i- PHOTOGRAPH OF MRS. FRANK SMITH, WIFE WAITER WHO SHOT. JOHN MARCOVICH. i OF v.. rri 0 I 1 ilil s a ! week.' . His face was flushed ' and his ' eyes .'bloodshot. " He was excited acd -worled. . -He. said he had not been drinking' and I. do not think he 'had. Then., he said .. he' wa34 all -"cut up W-(Cause'MarcOvlCh threatened to Are him the next day. ? I 'asked him why, .and he. rsald that wMarcovich aocused - him wine ! served at a little ; banquet . the hjght'before: - He said that three other men were' to be discharged or had been discharged I don't know which.- They had : all discussed .this affair and said that if Marcovich -would discharge them on this .account ;it would make them lose their 'cards with' the union, and they could get no employment as waiU ers In- this town.' ' . V . :'. y. ,.; .i - S .B5ATIJMG SUGGESTED. .; j ": -He ; said " the 'three of - them aug - . ..' V- v - . '; i. ' : 4 (Continued on Pager ?2.)i I Edition ; THE TRIBUTE PRESENTS. TODAYA, SPECIAL- ILLUS-TRATED " -EDITION OF" TWENTYAGES;-RRmRnTNr, ;TM INDISPUTABLE ! -FG3flE.-MAJtVEd.US ' PROGRESS-SflY THE POLICE' FAIL UKUVy Txt ; OF POPULATION AND THE .EXPANSION-OF ITS BUSINESS AND 'RESIDENCEIqUARTERS 'SINEfTHE ; REAL ESTATE AUCTION ' SALE. We' will sail the following described p!eca erf . real property, at public auction, on Iondy. April 22, at S p. m. at our auction rooma, 1007 Clay at. Oakland. J4?t Castro t, flva-room house, lot 25x H f .t . tlKOQ ran niniiii a uc? fcchtSa. r luir Wort ! DISASTER WHICH OVERTOOK SAN FRANCISCOLAST ZTMnln& THE EDITION CONTAINS ? NOTHING THAT IS fS.0uo can remain on this valuable piece 3613i on about 111 $1000 can and rour-roon ounrmow. lot 3&X13S on rnoila atrat. about 111 21 'waat aid - of Ma OVERDRAWN; ;OR EXAGGERATED. THE .PICTURES. WHICH REPRESENT A, FEW ONLY OF THE MULTITUDE . rhS-SS aTcp,.T.1,ofVonTdl F CHANGES" THAT HAVE AND AlfE TAKING PLACE, 5rxSAK.ll-Ug UENTLY I LAND'S s PROSPERITY. Term 10. Pr cnt on fall of the ham- f SPEAK. ICLOOTIF.rJTTJV "POT? TTTPTUTCl'R'T trT?; A MT T?rkT At' 10 dava al owed for n.arch I - tm a ejeer. J. X. MUNRO a cn.. - & A. X-UNKO CO, Auctioneers, , 1 1 I I f A ; pfr ? -! . v 4 Y THE TROUBLE ' BE-MARCO VICH ?H SAID HE MURDERER, - RE- V SKETCI$.;&F FRANK SMITH; ;'i MURDERER, DRAWN ' BYRIBUNE ARTIST FROM POLICE DESCRIP-t jon. - . . , , j . - - - T- ee e a. ii "what Was the cause of TWEEN MYHUSBAND AND MR. MK5. FRANK SMITH, WIFE OF TI PEATING THE QUESTION OF THE jTRIBUNE REPORTER. '"IT WAS. MORE THE TROUBLE BETWEEN MR. MARCOVICH AND HIS PARTNER, TONY CLECAK, THAN IT y(AS WITH MY HUSBAND. IT WAS ALL OVER A BOT-TLE OF WINE. THE BOTTLE COST $2.0 AND IT WAS SAID, THAT MY HUSBAND STOLE THAT AMOUNT. I AM SATISFIED THAT THERE IS NO TRUTH IN THAT BE-. CAUSE MY-HUSBAND TOLD ME SO. ', ' '"THE! WINE WAS TO BE PAID FOR BY TONY CLECAK, ONEr OFTHE' PROPRIETORS HIMSELF, BUT IT WAS NOT PAID;, THE CHECK WAS PUT ON THE FILE, BUT IT DISAPPEARED. - MARCOVICH" LEARNED ABOUT THE TRANSACTION AND SPOKE TO CLECAK ABOUT IT. THEY REFERRED TO. THE FILE AND FOUND THAT THE CHECK WAS MISSING. I CLECAK THEN- CHARGED MARCOVICH WITH DESTROYING THE CHECK AND THEN A FIGHT OF WORDS TOOK PLACE BETWEEN THE TWO PART-NERS. ONE ACCUSED THE OTHER OF TRYING TO DO THE rlKM UP, MY HUSBAND WAS INNOCENTi.OF THE rtr A' rsn-B" ,. . . - , ;. It, . i . 1 I. .1 f.Wita v-mrrtent' warning,' fjohnj. Marcovich, for twenty . fiveyears a:restaurau in this city arid ' known the " Jength and breadth of ;the; Coast was shot down in cold blood, shortly bef or?'' 11 o'clock last ' nighv in. his resUurant, the Gas Kitchen, on Thir- - teenth streetby Frank; E. Smith, a waiter, from the place but a few' hourjs previous. , ; The tragedy -was witnessed by he dead man's bride of a few month's, 'and she is now in a precarious coridition atyber home. The murderer escaped and is still at large, Staying coyered up all clues as. to his. whereabouts. ! The entire detective force of the nolice rl who had been 'discharged - YO D 0 ' 4 THE ? DU T Y artmCnt " the case and it is thought that Sipith-is now The cause of Smith's desire to kill Marcovich is not known, but S0' DECLARES WILLI A fj:- D. VJITCHEK tupposed;Aat,he; bore a grudge; th4 result of w6rds of hi jiormer empwyer.'macle to him after he had been discharged. Con- r WiUiamV Witcherwell known as .the1 heaviest stockholder' in trary to the report made that Marcovich had discharged Smith on u ' ii'1 '''ifjru''' - - ' - i -vr- " ' - vacC0OTtM extQrtms money trom some of; the guests ia the place, the-BlakMofntt .Company,: states that -being unable to-secure the ' .t 1 i . - L ; . w.wre.B, , . - - uiiiuic io secure uie intone Clecak,' the other partner in the business, stated that it was assistance cf an officer to pursue the fugitive murderer, Smith, iast,he wto had'accused and let out Smith, and he saw no reason why :ued.ca Page 23.) (Continued on-.Pag? -; 23.)

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