Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 14, 1907 · Page 23
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 23

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 14, 1907
Page 23
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' SUNDAY MORNING, OAKIiAKD TRIBUNE. - CHAR OT AT LAKESIDE Another Interesting Event to Be . Held at the Popular -1 , Rink. LONDON SNEERS AT THE: COURTS OF AMERICA Does Not Like the Way inWhichthe Trial of Harry K. Thaw Was ; Conducted. ; fiRREST iAFJY '( ; AUTO DRIVERS 1 : E-o popular and Interesting was the chariot rtice pu'led r.flf at tha Lakeside' roller skating rink recently that the management of th popular amuse- ment place immediately made arrange-rr.fr.ta for another similar event, which will be held tonight. These contests nro a novel feature and always draw a largo crowd. This afternoon there will be a graceful skating contest for ladies more than eighteen j ears of age and both this afternoon and this evening those of . the gentler sox will bo admitted free of charge. Monday' night also ladies will be admitted free. , vANCIENTS ONLY MADE 1 NOISE LIKE OSCULATION PIIITADELPHIA, April 13.-rThe climax of Interest at a recent session of the American Oriental Society, was reached when Professor Hopkins of Yale read his paper on ' The Sniff Kiss In Ancient India." The paper was a history of the kiss traced it from its birth and proved that the- earliest peoples and earliest times knew it not. That there- might be no mistake he labelled the kiss of today "the genuine kiss" and "the perfect kiss." - Oddly enough, he finds that the genuine kins "was invented by a woman. The description Is given in the epic-of aadnt I India which treats of the science or love, i- "She laid her mouth to my mouth," recites 'the poet, "and made a noise which ' gave mo pleasure." i With that discovery, said Professor 1 Hopkins, grew the fashion which has Jlnce known no abatement. "The early -peoples," : he continued ' "knew nothing of the kiss fn any form? Had they known or It they would nave told something of It in the mass of records that has come down to us. for surely an act which conveys such pleasure could not have been forgotten. "With the development of the genuine kiss, the sniff kiss disappeared, never to reappear. It had. served its purpose nd soon was forgotten." ' , , THIEVES STEAL WINE; GUESTS ARE VERY DRY NEW YORK, April 13. A melodramatic story of how Millionaire Steers Lake failed to entertain his gliests with rich and rare old whitt; wine the other night when they gathered at his home, 71 Central Park West, was unfolded by the police. They arrested Jacob Horn of 123 West Ninetieth street, engineer of th. building In which Lake lives, and John Davison, of 160 West Fortieth street. At Horn's the police found-six bottles of ithe missing wine, and also six empty bottles. When Lake's friends assembled Wednesday night for the dinner, the host expatiated eloquently on his white wine, of which he said he had ten case in the cellar. When the servant came back and ' reported every bottle had vanished, there was a loud outcry. LONDON, April 13. The disagreement in ths Thaw trial waa a general topic of conversation today, while ail of the papers coramented.on it. TheT general tendency was to sneer at the American system of conducting criminal cases and to praise the manner cf conducting similar trials in England. The Star says. "The jury, after being saturated for nearly two months with every form of mendacious hysteria, naturally was In such a -state cf mental chaos that It could not agree either to convict or to acquit. - "YELLOW MANGE." "The yellow mange, which is creeping over the press of both America and Kngland, is a loalhesome disease. It 13 absolutely without conscience and without morals. It has no standard or decency or dignity; no sense of reticence and is quite as ready to beslobber the notorious harlot as to boom the predatory millionaire. It has no interest in truth, except as an obstacle to overcome, in pursuit of a sensation. It prefers a lie which maltes a good story to verify which makes-" a bad one." .."-' OPINION OF GLOBE. The Globe says: "The crime' was merely a common -variant of the eternal problem, two men and one woman, has bew overlnM with leyal embroidery and forensic eloquence to an extent utterly disproportionate to real complexity. It is not too much to say that If the chief personages had been two Bowery toughs -and a street girl. Instead of two millionaire and an actress, the Ual wodld hardly have lasted as many hours as the actual In vestigation did weeks. Whatever the outcome for Thaw may be, the affair can hardly help having deplorable effects upon public opinion In the United S totes. Nothing Is more calculated to destroy respect for property- than the spectacle cf wealth without -responsibility, leisure without' wisdom and luxury without refinement." , - STAGES REVIEWED. Othor papers' review the -various stages of the 1 trial,' and declare that American prestige has suffered severely, and the case is called a" "signal proof ot the utter Inefficiency of American statesmanship to evolve a practical legal system." J ' y Another paper says: "A strong English judge would hatse made short work of the trial, reducing to a minimum its degrading sensationalism." . - Surprise is expressed .that Justice Fitzgerald did not dominate the proceedings as would an English Judge. REFERENCE TO TRfAL. " Recorder George C. Cave. M. P., In opening Guildford Quarter Sessions today, referred to the Thaw trial indirectly in charging the grand Jury. He said: - "We are apt to congratulate ourselves on comparing the English and American criminal systems. - Counsel In this country are disposed to have the time.of the court and there is tradition of prosecuting counsel should not struggle to obtain a conviction. We trust our juries more than do the Americans. ' "I hope that the proposed criminal appeal court will not give the. rich an advantage oyer the poor." ACQUITTED OF GRAVE CHARGE Head of Indian Commission Not Guilty of Forming Trust in Territory. NEW BUILDING IS CONSIDERED Speeding Chauffeurs on Tele graph Avenue Come to v Sudden Grief. Chauffeurs fell Into the toils of the law yesterday and 'those who did. not carry license numbers "on their machines were escorted to the police station, Vhere $10 cash bail -was demanded and deposited. Those who were arrested were taken on Telegraph avenire and are as fellows: Roy C. Sumner, at Thirty-fifth street and. Telegraph avenue; , F, R. - Fogoel, Thirty-third street and Telegraph avenue; J. F. Vanbo&risch, Thirty-third and street and Telegraph avenue; M. H. Bernard Twenty-seventh street and Telegraph avenue; W. G. Wood, Thirty-fifth street and Telegraph avenue. The arrests were made by Officers Thompson and Silverla. - mi&m u list vmm. To Bo Qivoa FREE To Tb Scksl Children ciJAracnsa; BOY DISTRIBUTES HIS FAMILY'S SECRETS ABOUT a postman, considerable SYRACUSE," N. Y., - April 13. Through the desire of five-year-old Willie Grossman to be neighbors have, gained knowledge of the Inside workings of the Grossman family.. The boy start -ed out unknown to his mother with a bundle of letters, most of which had been written by William J. Grossman, who is a traveling man, to his wife. i These the boy carefully distributed in the mail boxes of the neighbors. They were surprised to find airs. Grossman's letters; but did not hesitate to read. them. The mother soon found out what Willie had done and went around collecting the letters, but not before most of the family secrets had become public property. ' Jo tbMMw JcM m AAmm, This sketch was made: by PAUL A. WURTHE, aged 11, Franklin School. Oakland. Cal. We give a cash prize cf $1.00 for any -drawing of this character which we iac- . eept and use. Alt IS YOUR HUBBY BAD? ! THEN IT'S POOR FOOD WASHINGTON. ' April 13. Secretary James Rudolph Garfield of the Interior Department tpday Issued a certificate of healthful official character to Tarns Bixby, who, as head of the Dawes Indian commission, ruled over the destinies of the Indians In the Indian . Territory. Bixby was charged by Attorney Marshall L. Molt, representing the Creek Indians, with being interested In a trust company dmg business in the Territory and with furnishing side information of commercial value to friends. Sec- Members of Schoolhouse and Site Committee of School Direc-- tors Meet. There was a meeting of the school house and site committee of the city Board of Kducation Inst right in ' the office of Superintendent MeCiymonds The Longfellow School , building matten. on Market street, was considered,but no decision was arrived at on account of conflict in prices and the- matter will bo threshed out in the board meeting Monday night. , retary Garfield. !n a letter to Mr. Bixby, tells him that the charges have been dismissed. r .. CHICAGO, April 13. Judge Mi-Kerzie Cicland thinks he has discovered a remedy for bad husljands. He has been experimenting for several weeks and has rounded up llfty couplps to see if the wives had, any complaint to make. Not one was hrard. The Judjre made up his mind that bad food made had husbands. Instead of sentencing (he briitiil or drunken husband to the city pen he has varied the sentences. "Two weeks cn ham and eggs, with hot hisicuits, viricd with steak and sweet potatoes," or "one week on ro.ist lamb, one week on roast chicken, varie-1 with corned beef and cabbajre. and roast beef." The Judge says where the wives knew how to -cook the new sentences have worked like a charm; where they didn't more trouble ensued." ",. : Jiow lo Secure a Prize- la drawing the pictures and writing the jingles, yea must follow the simple instructions as to. size, etc., which will be furnished free upon application to the Egg-O-See Cereal Company, San Francisco, or which you will find inside of each package of EC CORN at your grocer's. Remember it is not a condition in any way that you must buy E. C CORN in order to compete. . A postal addressed to the Egg-O-See Cereal Company, San Francisco, CaL, will bring full particulars. , Remember, full instructions about how to make the drawings are in crery package of E. C CORN. Cet yours today. Large package 10c school children can compete. A FLAKES More strict than the strictest Food Laws, are the rule9 that govern the making of E. C. CORN flaked and toasted. In the World's largest most sanitary Pure Food Mills. All vessels and machinery are sterilized Only filtered water is used for moistening. t E. C. CORN is untouched by human hands. j H " . i And E. C. CORN is as delicious and nourishing as it 13 purei and wholesome. packages. 10 cents t your grocer s. Made in the famous EGG-O-SEE way. More EGG-O-SEE was Ji eaten during the past year than all flaked wheat foods combined. ! This speaks more strongly and unqualifiedly for the actual purity and merit of EGG-O-SEE. Company s products than all the claims we might put forth. If .your grocer has not received his supply of E. Ct CORN, send us" his name and 10 cents and we will send you a package prepaid. EGG-O-SEE CEREAL COMPANY, Sail Francisco, CaL, Generous other 3C a GREAT ir ma j i ni (nv utml , ,7,'" i'iliiMiiiifiTi I' ------ hi Mil " - "!Tmmm"i ...AT... . '. ' 1347 Van Ness Ave., Near Bush, San Francisco This is the mark of quality on Japanese art goods. The quality remains but the values are sacrificed ' .-AT THE... GREAT BANKRUPT CLEARING SALE .OF. F. T. KURANAGA'S Enormous Collection of Japanese Art Ware, Chinaware, Kimonos, Silks, Drawn Work, Waist Patterns, Paintings and Carved Furniture Seo Our Largo Display of KimonasaU sizes -Way Below Cost -'"-"'J''1 11 " (! 'J'" ' ' ' il' .H" i HI il .i I. nrn ' l mi ruin I itiiiici n 11 inn nfr 1.1 iitii n i i I i.i.iiyiM iiin.Mnliiiiri a I in in in mmi ii Hi i -mm i . "'ili allTalT" tffff-fl aTiill The Winedale Company's MNEWHGMEM Tlie new foiir-story building on Thirteenth, street, near Franklin, is rapidly being completed and we shall move into it as soon as possible. In the meantime we are doing business at the old stand, with the entrance on Tenth street. ----- COPO D'ORO WINES LEAD c A sale inaugurated to introduce the new store to the public, to introduce the worth or the goods and 1 Hh r HhlN UiylrLiN ALL: Y W rKlCES. The goods we are offering are from fadories with a reoutation- a- . proven the quality of their products through unceasing efforts to exce 1 ! .1 1 1 1 - f .1 XT ' !! 1 :- mercnandise witn a tnorougn Rnowieae or its wortn. ior will the way, as the prices have been made in consideration of your purse. 1 YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD --factories that have l,r and we offer their prices stand in your tt a llmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm a , WejMMMeMiMejeMMiMMeMML M - SJ i : I METAL BED Con- tinuovls posts. Plain filling. Very artistic Finished with three brass spindles In head snd foot board. Anglo Iron end and side rail. Prlca ...$14m35 ENAMEL BED A neat design. Rlgldlv Fmade. Filling tied with cast chilis. Angle Iron side rail.i :' Price ... $2.15 ENAMEL BED Continuous posts. Simple in outline but very effective. Angle iron- side rail. ' . Prico .... $7.85 METAL BED Heavy uprights; plain rill'ns:. Brass top rail and vases.' Angle iron and side rail. . Pricj $6.25 ENAMEL BED An elaborate design.- FI11-I n K Is gracefully "curved and interwoven, ' tied with heavy cast chlils.- Pricj ...$11.75 INLAID LINOLEUM Colors that ro clear through to the 1 hack. A m-ada that will give a lifetime of satisfactory service.. Several choice patterns to select frpm. 1 "f ft k Per square yard Jaid J . i U ROOM SIZE TAPESTRY RUGS Oriental .designs; IS feet long. 9 feet wide. Choice patterns. $17 75 FIBRE RUGS While fibre rugs are new In the market. iney nave met wuti Instantaneous favor. Designs anl and give an artistic effect. . Tha Give very satisfactory sen-ice. colors are pleasing. rugs are reversime. 61 9 Fibre Rug i 9x12 Fibre It ig ...Each, $6.75 ... Kach. $11.00 BRUSH MAT The best mat on the maiket. As closerv : woven as a Wilton carpet. Decoratetl with an art noveau desJgn in oinerent colored nbre. o 7(r . . . . f" Breuner's price, size 18x30. V AXMINSTER CARPET A splendid assortment. Ecautl-i -ful designs, bath floral and Oriental; designs that corr-; form to any color scheme. Patterns to please the most fastidious taste. ' I1 Cft Per yard, sewed, laid and lined. ......... V PRINTED LINOLEUM A splendid quality. Made of i the best jrround cork and pure linseed oil. Patterns I that are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or hall. A ' j number of' designs to select from. i . jg Peir square yard, laid ;.. ............. ..L. OOC . Ranges THE BREUNER RANGE Is guaranteed both for economy anl durability. It . la made of the purrsr of Iron, artistically ; carved, and Is full nickel trimmed. Has a small fire box, wliich insures economy In the consumption of fuf 1. Indestructible damper, which means a great savin? In repairs. can refer.you to hundreds of satisfied customers. Investigate j is , many points-of excellence before pureha ing. Easy payments. ' We employ experts who are competent t0 offer suggestions or submit a color schemes We are glad to make measurements or submit estimates without extra charge. f - j i . - . . S "'' . 1 : We quote a few items from the department: -MADRAS 'CURTAINS Cross 3tripes. . Al colora from which to' select. A popular summer curtain. Special, per; pr.. ....... ............. $1.65 I .,; . k t ' COUCH COVER-hRoman striped. Three yanjs long. 52 inches wide. ' Fringed all around. feeveral designs to, slec from. Each.... ....... ..L90c A vast assortment, prices ranging up to $15.00. . NOTTINGHAM CURTAINS full width and.ngth. Plain and figured centers. A splendid grade of net. Per pr.. i.' ........ .,.............$135 We are agents for the fmperial Asbestos Mats, the only protection for your table top. Come round -or square for 44, 48, 54 or 60 in top; with leaves! to match. ji J . 6 THE WINEDALE 4f 7 0 TE NT H S T R EE T CO ffiira;

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