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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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APRIL 10,1907. WEDNESDAY EVENING, OAKIiAND "TRIBUNE PLAGES LARGE BRIEF ei or Mil PERSONS fliSTlRIE SITiUO AT THE PIER BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS CLEARS UP BIG MYSTERY Body Passes Ordinance Rechrisfening Names of Many Sfreefs--: 0fier Wafers of Importance. I but! 'Attractive Real Estate Adver A GREAT INDUSTRY. The California Fruit Canners As Commissions Visit 'Russian Famine District and Appeals for Relief. Promoter Escapes Pursuers May Be Caught In England.

tisements Being Placed. sociation met yesterday and elected directors, who croRe officers: President. William Fries; first vice-presl MARSHA' Is the Standard "Authority used Th9 TRIBUNE'S PROVERB EDITOR and from Which he selected the 11ST QF CORRECT ANSWERS. It contalrs over 6300 the "wise, and witty sayings' and Sent ty. Return 2 1 Mail Prepaid for VV Tti book Is a rfjular 50c edl-' tlon Alphabetically Clastlfled.

tinker subjects and Indexed for -quick reference. Its us is In-Hrtnabl In aecurinoi the cor-. reet wordlna and construction of-the "proverbs." Silver or stamps accepted. Write your nam plainly and address f. Marsha, Publisher E-149 Cherry Toledo.

Ohio. N. B. My reference, any bank In Toledo. At the regular, weekly meeting of ihe H.iarH nt PhMIo VVirli all members With a position already far In the forefront' of the Rogers-Chisholm has within the last week placed two new real estate accounts dent and treasurer.

S. L. Goldstein: secretary. Charles B. Carr; general manager, R.

L. Beulley: general superintendent. Mark J. Fontana. Secretary's report a'noivea assets of DES MOINES, Iowa, April 10.

D. C. "WlUoughby Is charged In Judge Cope's court here with obtaining mon LONDON, April 10. Dr. Kennard, Commissioner of the' 'ociety of Friends, who was 'sent to investigate the Russian famine, writing from Samara, in the heart of the famine dis 600.09.

About $700,000 was made last Ha is sala bef ore 1 ne Public which promise to ey under false pretenses, nere present when called to order at 10:55 o'clock. The first matter to come up wan changing of front of the Sparks building at the corner of Sixteenth street nnd Telegraph avenue. The contractors asked to he allowed to use wooden columns In arranging the plate glass year, Including a $200,000 profit on the Ruby street Is changed. to Twenty eighth street. Bella Vista avenue is changed to Kl-vood Summer street between Perry, street rnd Santa Clara'avenue is changed to ran stMet.

East j3s8 avenue Is changed to Moss evmiic. i. Frank street Valle Vista avenue and isunny Slope avenue is changed to Valfle Vista avenue. 'Franklin etreeV. betweenr Piedmont avenue and RlchSnond BoulevarJ is changed to Warren street.

De among the nnest pieces or exploitation this side of. the has seen. sale of one plant. A factory ana ware trict, under date of April 3. aweals house Is to occupy the six flfty-vara lots at the.vfoot of Montgomery ave to the United States and Great Britain to promptly send lielp.

He says: nue on the bay'shore. Ashland Orchard Tract for the O. E. Hotle Company has Just made its Initial appearance in the press in half to have sold thousands of acres of land, giving In return fraudulent bills, and is said to have victims in Denver ant. Omaha.

Carmon Lay ton, a well-to-do Is the complainant in the case' here on; which a warrant was Issued. Officers! "There are .26,000,000 people distrib page Illustrated advertising under the uted In the southern provinces of Rus direction or this live advertising agency. publicity of the entire tract Richmond Boulevard Is charged to sia without aid, cannot live to see Richmond avenue. window and door entrances. Instead Iron.

The building being irfslde the fire limits objection was raised by Mayor Mott, but he paid he did not want to be unreasonable in his position. He was willing to grant permission If It could be done, but he thought the board was powerless. City Attorney McEiroy decided the board could grant the permission and il was granted. EXPLAINS DELAY. another is to be handled by the Rogers-Chis- Harrison Boulevard from TwentlettT Mreet to Twenty-fourth street; also at New York yesterday tried to 'serve holm staff of writers and artists.

In Samara alone, the commissioner ARCHITECTS FEAST. Members of the State Board of Architects met yesterday at 1343 McAllister street. A biennial election was held: Northern district branch President, H. A. Schnlze; secretary and treasurer, Lionel Deane; southern district branch -President, John P.

Krem pel; secretary and treasurer. Fred L. Roehnlg. Clinton Day entertained the visitors at lunch at the Union Club, and there was a dinner at Tnit's last nierht at which former Gov Oakland avenue from Twenty-fourth the warrant, dashing to the pier juav Key Boute Terrace for the Ferrler-as the Kaiser Wilhelm, on. which W11-S Brock Company of Berkeley, appear- adds, thousands are dying and 750.00 are starving.

Of the latter only 372, street to the southern end of Wais-worth avenue; also AValsworth avenue fiF'EVER AN pODy vytCANFITHIM Vjf I throughout its whole length In the City are getting relief of one meal In loughby was a passenger, was steam4 exclusively through newspaper 700 Engineer Boggs of the Oakland Trac of Oakland, are all changed to Iiar- publicity in one-half and one-third Layton says he will cause: 24 hours. As a tneal Is only 'two out tlon Company was before the Board street. I'ublir Works this morning. He ex Fairmont avenue from Oakland wiuougnoys arrest wnen the steamen avenue to that portion of said Fair page size, is the second account of the week to be put on the market by the' Rogers-Chisholm office. The rapid sale of this property has made arrives in England.

pounds of bread and a bowl of soup, this, according to the commissioner, means dying by degrees. There are only sufficient funds on hand to last until May 1. whereas mont avenue that runs approximately parallel- to and one block northerly from Twenty-ninth street (said latter-named portion of Fairmont avenue ernor George C. Pardee was a special guest. CLKRK KNDS LII'K.

Clayton J. McKenzie, a hardware clerk, aged 21 years, employed for ui-cn vfars bv the Mavdwell Compa- KNOWN IN DENVER. room for a second tract to go. on for the Berkeley firm which will be han- died by the agency staff of photographers and publicity Probably the largest single adver- i having fornrftrly as Yo-semite street) is changed to Hawley DENVER, April 10. D.

C. Willough4 nyi ended his life by drlnklng'launda- street. money will be needed until the end of by was secretary of the Naturita Val Fairmont street, and also that por July, when the harvest will bring re ley Water Company, which opened off tlsing in the real estate fied in this num in a lonely footpatn near strawberry Hill. Golden Gate Park. He resided with his mother at 250 Jersey street, and he was her sole support.

tion or Talftnont avenue that runs approximately parallel to Twenty- lief. The commissioner especially ap pan or ine aiate is tne tteea Keaity Co. of Berkeley, which uses on an' average of one to three pages of dls- flees In Denver last summer and sold land in Southwestern Colorado fof plained why delays had been had in completing work on several streets. He said rails and material had been delayed In transit and this was one reason. Relative to rock bflng used in nra-.

Hdamlzinsr between the tracks. Mayor asked Boggs why it appeared so soft. This was answered by saying the rains had mixed dirt with the rock and this worked soft, but the rock settled and made good The rock was hard but the dirt was- one detriment the company was against. Mayor Mott asked if It was not possible to have construction trains run nt ho'urs when crowds were not congregated on -the corners. He thought thev should be run late at night or in the day time when people were not going home.

Mr. Boggs replied this was ouisldo of h's Jurisdiction but would take it up with the superintendent and the matter would be satisfactorily ar-' ranged. Mayor Mott said he appreciate th irreit work being done by the peals for canned milk. He says there are 200,000 children in Samara province who have no milk and are forced play advertising daily, aside from columns of classified and smaller in-1 which, in its prospectus, it guaranteed cidental periodical This a supply of water for irrigation. This SKULL FRACTURED.

Samuel Rodgers, a machinist at the Union Iron Works, was struck on the head by an air drill, dropped from above on him by a careless fellow worker on a vessel under repair, and his skull was fractured. He lived at 42 4 Bartlett street. land, it is charged, was pulllc land anoji no water rigTUs for it had been secured. to eat coarse bread made of acorns, powdered wood cucumbers, result- big account is limited to the Berkeley papers now and has been handled since the first of the year by the Rogers-Chisholm Co. the near fu- ninth street, are changed to Hagar street.

The short-street along the shore of Lake Merritt at the head of the northeastern arm thereof between Grand avenue and Lake Shore avenue Is hereby named Cove avenue. 6. Streets and portions of streets In the Seventh ward of the city of Oakland: Montgomery street from Thirteenth avenue to the eastern boundary line of the city of Oakland is changed to Bay View avenue. ing in thousands of deaths and much willoughby disappeared last Januar ture tne locai ana san 'Francisco neid disease. and detectives have been scouring th I Is to be Invaded under the careful and In conclusion, tne -commissioner ap- country in search of "him.

About a holm Cos office. that would lust longer, than an peals to the. Anglo-Saxons for J2.500.- month ago, it is said, he was located ii MANY LINEMEN GO 000 to save "twenty millions of human; Chicago and his grips were capture Glen avenue from East Twentv- company and the conference today w-as tPAPERIAL nt what use could the extra OUT FOR MORE PAY I FATAL ACCIDENT. Early this morning a car struck hack at Washington street and Van Xess avenue and demolished the vehicle, and Injured the two. occupants, Kmile J.

Zimmer (who was fatally hurt) and Mrs. Wellington Gregg, wife of the cashier of the Crocker National Bank. Zimmer, official of the beings who are dymgdingering deaths there, but he escaped to St. Louis and to enable the ooara ana cumini tii.c-cm.n avenue is D-t ton-ether wanace street from starvation." from there went to New York. I Valdez sometimes rnllprt PROVIDENCE, R.

ApriMO. At a -1 CLEARS UP MUDDLE. quality be. Don't you realise that the style would be.obso- lete If you had it two If a hat's out of date it belongs I meeting here last night 150 linemen I East Veldez street, between the Central Pacific railroad and Canal street Is changed to Mill street. ii voted to strike for more pay and out of U3e.

THE IMPERIAL lasts just Pacific States Telephone Company, had, with his companion, been at sup shorter days. SUN IN Hi" OPENS as long as anybody could ex-1 pect any hat to wear. per at Talt's. His wlfeand Oregg, who were of the party there, left for the Zimmer home on Green street, in Its price is 3mQQ second hack, You can have the $3.00 back COFFEE Beginning with good, Schilk whenever the hat goes back GRIM IS INJURED. TO MIS DEATH IDQRA PflHK on our warranty.

This morning the Board ot Public Works recommended the following ordinance to the Council. The ordinance clears up duplications of names, gives streets that are extensions a uniform name and makes the streets more uniform. Following is the ordinnance. The names of the following streets In the City of Oakland are hereby changed respectively, and shall be known and designated as hereinafter forth, to wit: 1 Streets and portions of street la the First Ward-of the City of Oakland: Howard street between Piedmont avenue and the western line of the Thermal Hill tract; also Gasklll street f-om said western line of the Thermal Alfred R. Grim, son of A.

K. Grim, recorder of Alameda county, is. at the Lane hospital suffering from hurts mg'-S'Oest goes on to thej finest: all moneyback. i occasioned by being dragged by a Ftllmore-street car which he was es Unbalanced Indiana' Farmer Dies Splendid Cast, Good Settings and saying to board at Waller street. His Oppose Your grocer returns your money if you don't like It; we pay him.

ankle Is broken. He lives at the Bo 4237 on Brosdwv From Fright Before Lunacy Commission. Union street, and also its continuation called Spring street, between Lincoln street and Millbury street. Is changed to Bruce street. Lowell street, between Hopkins street and White street, is changed to Emerson street.

Summer street, Hopkins street and Millbury street, is changed to Fourteenth avenue. i East Summit street, formerly called Summit street, between Hopkins street anl lands belonging to California College is changed to Stuart street. King street, between Hopkins stre-t end White street, is changed to Kingsley street. Bay avenue, between Excelsior avenue and the Boulevard on thj eastern snore cf Lake Merritt, is changed to WeisW avenue. Peralta avenue, between Fourth avenue and Lake Merritt, is chansred to Cleveland street.

East Lake street, between Bay avenue nd Prospect avenue, Id changed to Newton avenue. Matthews avenue Is changed to Fourth avenue. Excelsior avenue, from Watson avenue to Alma avenue. Is changed to Clinton street. Avon PUce, between Athol avenue and Lester avenue, is changed to Acton PI see.

Very Appreciative Audience. hemian Club, and is manager of the Aachen and Munich Fire Insurance Company. LO AN PORT, April 10. ii DIED FROM MILE KICK. I.

According to announcement, Idora II 12th and Clay ittreet over Eiler'i IU1 tract to Gilbert street; also rrea-erlck street -from Gilbert street -to Broadway, are changed to Ridgeway avenue. Pearl street from Thirty-eighth 'nrHpth Is changed to Clarke town Summoned to the office of Dr. John W. Wicenty Orllck arrived in SAVE MONEY AVOID PAIN Toath Ptraptoif Pain Park Theater opened Its summer season He ia from Russia two weeks ago. last night with the performance of Ballard, supposedly for a frndly call, Music Store.

EXCLUSIVE STYLES. "Van." The evmt nroverl mnro than Stoughton, a farmet, found Bal dead, having been fatally kicked by a mule at the stable of Young Alabama and Twenty-fifth 'streets. He Acknowledged to be the easiest and bel painless extraetori-in Oakland. -a mere summer onenine-; it marked mill Bnvnl Wnrnutor. Kn lard and others assembled as a lunacy new epoch in their work; yes, a new era Bon Ton.

to $7.00 was an employe there. in Until-: Aprh 30 we havi decided to i make our best acts of teeth for S3.00. comic opea stocK eompany history: Sapphire to $15.75 board to inquire into his sanity. for I doubt if any comic opera stock No charge for alteration or Xlt-v HIP BROKEN BY CAR. Spring street between Sixtieth street rnd Ayala street is changed to Howeh street.

Spring street between Piedmont av-ntie and Fairmont avenue is changed to Montell street. Summer street between Claremont Manila avenue is changed Timothy Murphy, machinist, whose "MX God John, would you send me company ever produced anything equal the mad house?" screamed Stough- to the present rendition of "Wang." In to home is at 25 4 Harriet street, has had ting. Repairing. Phona Oakland 6977 MISS CONNELLY our own old Tivoil days, artists of per-; haps greater reputations have been in ton, then fell 'unconscious from his his right hip troken by being struck by a Castro-street car, on Market street, near Sixth. The street on the eastern shore of Like Merritt known as the chair.

When revived he was speech- I the cast, but for intelligent "comprehen-j tc Cavour street cnmmit street between Monte vista less and totally paralyzed and died a sion of the music and drama and lavish' scenery and costumes. Ferris Hartman rrom fcst iweirth street northerly to its Junction with Lake shore avenue ia changed to Lake Shore Boulevard. Winter street between Honkln SOLD OTHERS GOODS. RET OP .12. few hours "later.

M. Zoes bought furniture on the In S2K GOLDr CROWfJS 2.0 and' his players excel all previous achievements. Rupture and Millbury street is changed to Elston Stoughton's relatives had petitioned stallment plan from H. A. Brassch, avenue.

The work ts a favorite, full of charm SILVER FILLINGS .89 RRinflEWORK I.0 for the appointment of a commission and beautifully written music, plenty of Center street between Division street and Millbury street la changed to dealer. Mission streeL near Twenty-eighth. He is under arrest for selling It. Brassch claims Zoes defrauded Cured, lo stay Curefl, hoping a few weeks treatment would cvereii avenue. i-norai worK.

catcny airs, ana tne orchestral score high. -and gracefuL The hv Dp. Pleroa'i Biectno avenue and the northern boundary of 'he City of Oakland is changed to Kingston avenue. East Moss avenue and also west Mors avenue between Telegraph avo-iiue and Vernon street are changed to Mcfs avenue. Vernon avenue between College ave-r ut and the eastern boundary line of the City of Oakland, Is changed to Xiftv-ni'nth street.

Second avenue between College ave-nnp nnd the eastern! boundary World-renowped! CHIEF MAKES REPpRT. restore his faculties. wnoie performance went with a swing. htm of $175 worth of that and other furniture dealers want mat must nave proven a veritable tonic Different fromall other trusses. No charge, for extracting whan teetl are ordered.

A written guarantee for Ji years with all -work. BOSTON DENTAL PARl0ft3 1165', VVASHINGTON ST. 1 4 i-i In the Are nnd police board meeting to conductor Stelndortl and a source of $1800, due them' from that same cus Prices 112, to io. ai yea'' vino uiujiiiii, me v.invi maao nisxrport embarrassment; to Manager Pilling, for Call or address. tomer.

periejee. on two occasions the performance came at. icor. iur iiib iiiDiiin marcn. i nis snows a total of 983 arrests made In the month.

Of these 639 were for intoxication, ail of to a Etan(5stiU. so very insistent was the Tl at A'tVnl AlT ApmnnrI fnr otimroa ALA, IUM, Phestnut PRESBYTERIANS MEET. wnom were convicted. Seventy-two ar Presbyterian church societies met rested ror gambling came next on the of the City of Oakland is changed to yesterday- afternoon at Lebanon THE PIONEER FRENCH BAKERY Money and property taken from nHson church. Sanchez street, and, as a Surprises were in regular order first perhaps in performance being Arthur Cunningham's appearance as a comedian in the role of Colonel Frlcasse.

the military ruler of 6iam. He brought out freely the motive of the character. Walter de Leon In a minor role nroved him ers and returned when discharsed presbytery, elected Professor E. A Wicher of San Anselmo for moderator amounted to Warrants served 1J2; suoooenaes served. 261; prisoners band 3crch 1, 124; average number of LAS SALLE E.

Cor. Tenth and Webster Streets. Telephone Wtite 866. Oakland. for the ensuing term.

Rev. J. WN Ul Evans, pastor of the Welsh church, prisoners eaen. us; number meals served. self a winning dark horse, making) a hit as conductor of a banjo orchestra.

Four little girls, the youngest a tiny mite of i tiny who is to visit Wales, was given ere First uallt- French Bread delivered EVERYBODY Is pleased at the New -Liberty Bakery and Res taurant Our Sread Unsurpassed and our service the best. 857 VVASHINGTON STREETi JACOB RENZ. Prop. If I dentials. The rebuilding committee more than four years, o.oe.

rafters accommodated 106. ACCEPT RESIGNATION? Resifirnatlon of J. R. Wiekat mm as any 1 -u parts cf Berkeley and Ala- Judge, with Mayne and Hartman meda. lxlvk nisi reported that churches East had contributed $122,600 for rebuilding pwr- Salome" Is Produced at'Macdon- member of the police force was accepted here.

At the banquet held at sarg a- sextette, "Baby. Baby," which was encored again and again. Hope Mayne as Mataya made, a graceful and vivacious boy. Her solo. "The inua.v ny me ponce commission.

Richard Kessler applied for appointment as special police officer to serve at PabstTs "cafe the church there were addresses by Rev. Moses Bercovitz and others. Rev. ough and Large Audience Likes Weird Play. iLL BRANDS OF TH LtST WHISKIES wiinoui pay.

The bortrd concurred in f-hHfter avenue. Third avenue between Collega and the eastern boundary line of tht City of Oakland Is changed no avenue. Fifty-seventh street between Adeline street and San Pablo avenue is changed to Alleen street. Fifty-eighth street between Adeline street and San Pablo avenue Js changed to Fifty-seventh street. Merchant street between Adeline street and Grove street is changed to Arlington Harmon street between Telegraph avenue and Dana street is changed to Sixty-fifth street.

Gold street is changed to Cherry Silver street Is changed to Shafter avenue. Genoe street Is changed to Genoa street. Fourth avenue between College av-enun in the eastern boundary Una R. Logan was toastmaster. AT ims ana ivessier received his star.

T. J. Oaks was annointod rpu-iilnr SITE FOR GARAGE A trolman In piroe of Wlekstroih, resigned. "Salome," the Oscar Wilde tragedy 1 1-co rnuiLi, about which all the country has been The E. F.

THAYER GO. GQ7 Broadway, Oakland Protest of P. J. Keller against changing The Jerome Garage Company has paid $65,000 to Henry E. Bothln for the.

lot 165x122 feet, northwest corner talking since the operatic presentation Cther Fellow." brought down the house. It is the best singing she has done here and she gives promise of surpassing her success recently made in the "Tov Maker." "Ask the Man in the Moon' sung with Cunningham and Hartman. roused the audience to the heights of enthusiasm. Svbil Page sings one pretty song. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," and Georgie Knowlton as the rfidow Is very good and gives people a chance to- know hew she looks on the street.

-as the character does not call for the hideous "i touiiib vima avenue to -Mann street wa of it was stopped in New York recently, i I GLASSES of Polk and Jackson streets. A gari niea oy tne Board of Public Works tht morning, thereby passing the matter up was played at the Macdonough Theater to cost will be erected last night. There was a large audience. iu me vuuiiuil. MAY GET NEW LIGHT there.

It will be two stories high and 1 an audience that watched and listened with studious Interest and seemed to be edified by the weirdly poetic production. Can only be repaired properly by one who makes that hie busincea. and Qhdiar Treats In reply to a request for a new electric light on Apgar street, nea' Telegraph ave of the Mexican type of architecture. FOUR-LEAF CLOVER "makeup most of the roles require. mum Wilfred Rocer played Herod, the Lillian Raymond ana flora isorrU In Bring the broken pieces n-vlrh wn ritinlicate ex 1 nue, me Board or Public Works this morning postponed action until after minor roles do creditable work.

of the city of Oakland is changed; to tatrarch. and he astonished many with his portrayal of the character. Rojrer ia Conductor Steinaorfi and Ferris Hart There is a- volunteer crop of clover on Sutter street, near the Palace hotel aid guests of that hostelry and other rtople have picked nearly one hundred man as stage manager and as Wang can a tragedian and last- night's success gives WILL BUILD ELEVATOR H. S. Bercovlch was granted per promise lur ifc iieavy wora wmcn he Is soon to undertake.

He made mission by the Board of Public Works congratulate themselves on giving OaK-land a high-class, artistic production of a difficult work, and with summer weather Oaklanders will doubtless give 1 specimens of four-leaf clover on this hilltop which overlooks the 3000 acres this morning to install a sidewalk ele DISCHARGES LELIETED XK 24 Hours Cs? nle ears the name" Bewart afcottnttrfeiU a LI, DltCSGISTS. Herod a sympathetic character, with goodness and humanity showing through Manua avenue. Walsworth avenue is changed to Harrison street. Monte' Vista. aVenue from Piedmont avenue easterly to the western line! of the Linda Vista Terrace tract vis changed to Monroe street.

Monte Vista avenue from the northern end of Fairmount avenue, as now vator at the curb line on Ninth Street, CHAS.H. WOOD OPTICIAN 1153 Washington St, Oakland. -Sign "The Winkin9 Eye" irn uu-u annuities. them support, as Wang Will be a winning number. of burned district.

MISS HARVEY ILL I near wasnington. WANTS One of tbe surprises of the evenlag was furnished bv Izetta Jewell na A Miss Anita Harvey Is reported to be Superintendent BabcocK of the fire alarm and police telegraph aked the Sa lome. She solved the problem of playing the passionate Princess effectively, without" being offensive, by reading the lines with the proper desree of feellne. HUM HUBBIES ARE LIABLE existing, to a point one hundred (100), HIMIXMMMMMMIMII seriously ill in New York City, where she went to purchase a trousseau for Board or ruuilc Works today for perm is slon to buy proper instruments for locat FOR ALL WIFE'S KIN feet northerly from the northern line of Bayo jVlsta avenue is changed to her wedding. She was to marry Oscar ing underground cable trouble.

He said the Instruments would cost The but as ii sne was ignorant or tne meaning of them. It is evidently Miss Jewell's conception of the maiden, that while she Cooper here on Wednesday, April 1 airmouni avenue OXFORD, April 10. Aisertlng She is the daughter of Mrs. J. Downey that bv statute a man is forced to has all tne passion that tbe author at oiinmau aoou, opening oi me next fiscal year, July 1 Harvey of Webster street, who is back Sherman street, between Telegraph tributes to her jhedoea not understand Uupport his brothers-in-law and othef realixe what that GRANT MANY PERMITS or passion means.

At mini. all times Miss Jewell avoided doing any- Lnebc" J1 7 6 8 Permits were granted by the Board of tast with her. TWO RAILROAD MEN wonts this morning as follows tniner tnat excfDtJon rouin Be rttn in nvm iuu Mr. Benedict Mcuuarrie made a Die-1 ueorge Aiason arrestee, upon a cnarge To D. J.

Snell to move a three-story building across Adams street' to a point L. H. Snyder, general agent of the turesque John the Baptist and read his I of non-support and extreme cruelty. MexleaJi Central, Is to office at the Spring Lamb With Green; Peas served juidy and tender, requires skillful cooking. A Gas Range gives you the skill steams the juice within the meat f-- lines wun vigor ana ieeung.

ine oai- He wanted to put desertion In the 400 reet soutn or ferkir.s; S. H. Wil son and son for installalon of SO-horse Flcod building with i the Chicago and ance ui ine cuEiipn.ny were cry gooa. 1 T1 The one stage aettlng of the play. Alton and Nickel Plate lines.

James power steam boiler at 10S4 Franklin street; Oakland cream Eighteenth showing a terrace of Hrod's palace. Horsburg general passenger agent r.iony. Scott Has made his home with Mason for years, being a brother to Mrs. Mason. Recently he has been street, ana aeiegrapn avenue, a 5800-gal was a oeautirut scene, xne electric el ftcts were good.

"SnloTno" will ba seen at th Mae, of the Southern Pacific, is in northern California on railroad business. He Is ion on tana. ACT ON ENGINEER'S REPORT acting so strangely, according to ac donough Theater for the balance of the week, with a matinee Saturday and Sun- counts, that Mason ordered him to Acting on report of the city engineer cring the private car Sunset. RUTH SUES SISTER change hhK behavior or leave. Scott relative to-ine sewer at tne root of Elsrhth oay.

Ninth and lenth' avenues, the Board of then brought the suit tor non-support. John J. Ruth, stepson of the late t'uDiic worKs passed acceptance of th Several weddings at Lombard, HI, ARE WEDDED TWICE J. G. Wa'ker, a wealth Fresno bid of the Atlantic.

Gulf and Pacific Com nanv one week. The bid amounts in tir which is not far from 'Chrome, have Is suing, in Juasre Hunt's court, hi avenue and Gold street, Is changed to Thirty-sixth street. Sixty-first street from the western boundary line of the city of Oakland to the dividing line between the Glascock tract and the Paradise Park tract changed to Doyle avenue. 2. Streets and portions of streets In the Second Ward of the city of- Oakland: Collect; avenue, between Broadway and Webster street, is changed to Hawthorne avenue.

Center street, from Twenty-eighth street to a line drawn parallel to, and rltaunt four hundred sixty-one (461) feet northerly from the northern line cf Verba Buena avenue, is. changed to Peach street. Locust street. oetween Telegraph and Broadway, changed to Twenty-third street. 3.

Streets and portions of streets. In the Third Ward of the city of Oakland: Hocart street is changed to Twenty-first -street. Walnut strpct Is changed to Twenty-second street. 4. Streets an1 portions of streets In the Fourth Ward of the city of WITHIN FIFTY YEARS I postponed because the prospectiye 651, which th engineer thinks is too hfkh by $000.

or $12, W0. ortaegrpoms are not: wining to unaer- siFter, Lottie, wife of F. W. Kron, to eompeWpayment of a $2000 NEW CASTLE. April lO.i-After matrimony if the law upholds drawn in June, 1503.

and to mature in fifty years of happy married life. Mr. and I Mr. Scott three years. It is averred the note Mrs.

Henry Drschr. of thta city, haw lust celebrated tbelr golden wedding an wa? made to keep- Ruth from contesting Walker's Mrs. Krone de niversary at their quiet noma nere. A feature of the eelebratkm was a aeconl clares that relatives of Walker had to have their claims satisfied her, the marrlaae ceremony. In which the brld with IT IS FOR YOU SICKLY FOLKS! and bridegroom of.

half a century hen tnis comes up next week th bt3rrt will decide whether to reject the bid. readvertise for new bids or butl.t tho sewer under direction of the citr engineer. Harvey Bcckwith who says has an interest in the automobile Ice machine lft at the corner of Bush and Second streets, was given delivery todav by the Board of JVorks. The machine ws sent to the corporation yard by- Street Superintendent Ott and Peckwith is to pay all costs when he takes the mechfne. RESIGNS FROM' BOARD.

t. A. O'Brien resiimed this morning from the Board of Fire and Polic Coai-missionsrs. He has been orm nf again plighted their trot.i ana renewed principal inneritor She virtually ac cus-es her brother of an attempt at ex their vows to one nation.

Walker left property worth Standing upon the came spot where they had stpod fifty years before, thi ver $150,000. Hostattsr's Stomach Bitters has proven itself the, Ideal medifcine for every man or woman who suffers from Poor marriage ceremony was repeated, the Ask for our lady demonstrator Rev. John Frank, of St. Faul Lutheran PETTY LARCENY MEN Churcb. officiating, tbey being- members I Appetite, Headache, Batching, Nausea, CAUGHT REDHANDED Oakland: ot tnaicongrgauan BiH ineir -mar- sour rttsinga, Oyapepaia, indigestion, lifeT'ASKlV: Cold, Grippa, pnn9 I TrucK company No.

1. Elliott Whitehead Short street from Pine street west- wti appointed in O'Brien place sn'd Ar- Two petty larcenlsts were sent In this erly is changed to Shorey street. tteur Coziens was appointed to fill thv morning, being. caught red-handed. John Division street between Wood street rosition or foreman of Hose No.

1, vice Noonsn was seen to take a robe from Mr. Drescher is 72 years, old. and wss bem in Saxonburg. Butler county. Kls Fiw-w Malaria, and since we gnar- wife.

whoca maiden name was Marv ntee it absolutely pur no one need EhrUer. was bom in McKeasport, an'l hesitate in trying a bottle of I two years the Junior of her husband. John Rowan. and the Bay cf San Francisco, is bUEKv- on Washington street, near Sev enth. Sergeant Mulgrew was en hand She one sister and three brothers and immediately arrestee Noonan.

liliSUITcR'3 Oakland Gas.Ligh and Heat Compaiiy Clay end Thirteenth Streets living, and Mr. Drascher has two brether and a sister. All but on-j of thasa cap changed to Eighth street. Maple erreet between Chas stree tr.l Ninth treet is changed to Elroy street. Etreets and portions of streets in th Fifth Ward of the City of Patronize THE TRIBX'NE Job Print ing Department for up-to-date work.

Folding by machine dor.e for tha trade at THE TRIBUNE Bindery. Alitiano Sotd 'lifted'' a small roH af copFf wire from a factory- near Franklin and First streets and was arrested by Officer Wood. Both men will be confronted with the good when la court tomorrow. X. STQL1AGH DITTERS tives attended the golden "wedding.

Mr. Drescher is a snntlelan of abfiitv and has for many wears played the cor aet in the Kew Castle at once Zt alwaj-s gives aUsfacUon.l.

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