The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1890
Page 5
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t • •* Special Remnant Sale! For Ten Days Only. THE COUNTY NEWS. 500 yds Dress Q-oods 200 yds Scarlet Heavy Flannel 600 yds Black, Brown and Gray Waterproof 500 yds Good Dress Ginghams 200 yds Good Shirting 10OO yds Good Dress Calicos. Fascinators, Hoods, Toboggans and Wool Mittens at One-half price. BE SURE and see these Bargains before You Purchase, JNO GOEDERS, JR. FORK, Special correspondence. ) FOUK, November 21.— The young folks in this neighborhood were invited to spend Tuesday evening at Mrs. Eddy's to celebrate Charlie Smith's eighteenth birthday, with his cousin Helen. All spent a pleasant evening with games, charades, music, etc., and maple sugar for sweetening. School begins next Monday. Corn is nearly husked. Thanksgiving will find most of the corn fields stripped of corn. Miss Laura Faus is visiting at Mrs. Eddy's. _ \VHITTI5MOBK. Special Correspondence. WitiTTEMoiiE, Nov. 26.— II. Munch is on the sick list. We hope to see him out again soon, and at his accustomed place in the store." Last Wednesday evening quite an accident happened to Frank Scott. While driving a team his loaded gun-which he was handling— exploded, badly wounding his right arm. It was Teachers' Department. WHEN MOUTH MEETS MOUTH THEN COMES THE TUG OF JAW—GEORGE •WAS O! RILEY, AND HE 1'OUSDED THE GBOUND WITH HIS ADVEKBA11Y. Bancroft Register: We are told that Bro. Ingham and Geo. E. ]Joyle had. a battle—witli words—on .the streets in Algona Saturday, and that the former was somewhat out-talked. Both gentlemen know better than to engage in such controversies, and we hope no newspaper man will allow himself ,to be drawn into such an encounter again BUT NO—ONLY ONE OF HABVEY'S BRILLIANT DASHES OF HUMOn. Algona Courier: Nonsense! They were only laying plans for next year s •campaign. Harvey says the defeat ol last year was a mistake, and that lie wants the same old ticket nominated again, that they may be vindicated at the polls. He would substitute Bro. Platt for Wm. Ward, as Wm. has moved out of the county. The plan would unite the republican press, anil the democrats would have to scratch hard. IMPARTIAL ESTIMATE OF "UNHirOUTANT DISCORDANT FACTOR," »* BOYLE. Harvey, you have always been an unimportant discordant factor in the politics of Kossuth county. A Ixepub lican on the surface for the mercenary purpose of gaining financial patronage from Republicans in office. A Demo- •crat for all other purposes. We thought when we saw you presiding at the late county convention that the whole thing would be struck with mumb palsey, and any candidate who could come out of the wreck would be a dandy. You have been the Judas ties a specialty. Many cases of cross eyes, club feet, curvature of spine, etc., entirely cured. Testimonials furnished upon application. Two Physicians of the Institute at the Hotel Tennant, Friday, November 28th, for ten days or two weeks, taking orders for braces and deformity apparatus, etc. Free consultation with anyone afflicted. Call, or write the Sioux City Surgical & Medical Institute, 499, Fourth Street, Sioux City, la. 89 EMINENT DOCTOR'S FRKSCIUPTION. Dr. C. P. Henry, Chicago, 111., who has practiced medicine many years, says: "Last spring he used and prescribed Clarke's Extract of Flax (papillion) Skin Cure in 40 or 50 cases and never knew a case where it failed to cure. I know of no remedy I can rely on so implicitly. Positive cure for all diseases of the skin. Applied externally. Clarke's Flax Soap is best for babies. Skin cure $1, soap 2oc at L. A. Sheetz drug store. o Organs. L. Lessing has several styles of organs which lie will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and cheap. We sell more of DeWitt's Little Early Risers, than any other pills their action i easy, do not gripe or cause p'ain. are the best regulator of the liver, stomach and bowels.—L. A. Sheetz. Matson, McCall & Co. have on hand a large stock of fine felt hats, which they will dispose of at remarkably low prices. A complete stock of millinery goods for the fall trade. Matson, McCall & Co. We would call the attention of our i readers to the fact that the Northern ! Iowa Normal College and Business University, located at Garner, Iowa, is now IT 11 \r mt\* * M-* pj *.**u *»jy—• — —- —— feared amputation would be necessary but at present it seems to be doing nicely. Dr. Felling thinks the arm will be saved. The banker, Mr. Bidgeway, and family, are now settled. We welcome them to our town. Mr. R. occupies the Chris- chillis building as a bank and already seems to be doing a good business. The Christian Endeavor society hold very interesting meetings each week. We notice that our depot agent, Ma lone, has an apprentice. Have not learned his name yet. The new Lutheran church seems to be rapidly Hearing completion. It will be an ornament to our town when finished, which will probably be this fall. A Mr. Moyer, of Chamberlain, S. D., is visiting friends here this week. Mrs. Adrian of Emmetsburg is here on a visit to her sick brother for a few ays. ' Last Sunday evening Elder Thrasher preached to a very full house, and ev jry one seemed much interested. Mrs. Sporan has returned from quite in extended visit to her old home at cluthven. An interesting Band of Hope meeting is held every Friday afternoon immediately after school. The children invite their parents and friends to come and visit the meetings and judge tor themselves. Lots of lumber is being hauled into the country, and all the carpenters are very busy—showing results of good crops this season. Department are earnestly solicited from the teachers. The schools oFfhis county are in need of a few more first cities teachers. If there are any in this county who wish to teach they will confer a favor by letting Miss Carey know before Dec. 1st. The teachers don't seem to take hold of the opportunities so kindly offered by the IlEi'irnLtcAN and Courier. Let Us come to their columns with all difficulties, and if we find everything lovely and no difficulties in the way let us make some for each other. Let us write so much that they will have a chance to reject some good things from the many good and bad that we offer. I append a couple of examples from a mental arithmetic which are not very hard yet require a little thought to solve: "If a farmer plows one acre of land for every four cows, and allows one acre for pasture for every five cows, how many acres will it require to keep sixty cows?" "My friend's watch loses 2 minutes in three hours, and mine gains 20 minutes a day; they were set by correct time yesterday noon and are now 80 minutes apart. What time is it?" GKA.MMA11. 1. To be or not to be— that is the question. Analyze. 2. This sentence is not too difficult for me to analyze. Analyze. C. 13. PAUL. Thanksgiving and the Holidays Near at Hand* Get Beady for the Turkeys. Until January 1, 1891, we will sell all sizes of Platters CJ. & G-. Mekin's Iron Stone China} at a Discount of 20 Per Cent. We have a nice line of Lamps and Chamber sets. Call get prices before you buy. a Few of our Bargains: WE ARE AGENTS FOB ROCK SALT. Eggs 18 cents. All kinds of 5 cent yeast for Soda per package Axle Grease per box Lewis Lye per box Gloss Starch per pound Clotbes Pins per dozen .03 .05 .06 .10 .05 .01 -ocniis, uuu mull IT»« "" —- 7 looked as innocent as a SUCK In (jt. E. FOR SALE-Fulf Blood Poland China Bomflt for se^icc, at $8.00 « taken^by Says the Southern Medical World: "Mother's Friend" is growing in favor • throughout the south and is highly recommended by physicians. We consider it indispenBable to those who know they must pass through the ordeal o'. child- •™rth. Write Bradfleld Reg. Co, Atlanta, a., for particulars. Sold by Dr, L. A. ;andF. W. Dingley. 710 tendance to u minimum. The winter term opens December 1st. Parties desiring room please apply at once. Address the President, SAM'L I. LINDSAY. 5-12 FENTON. Special Correspondence. FKNTON, Nov. 24.—Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Will Weisbrod, Nov. 20, a daughter. Will feels very proud. The sub-director in No. 2 has two schools and no teachers yet for them. The report is that he will take one. He wilt be a good teacher—U. S. Monney. T. M. Clark has a daughter visiting him. F. L. lianney's housa is nearing completion and when done will be one of the nicest houses in the town. There is to be a foot race this -week between P. C. Newell and Lew Tibbets with $10 on a side. . Rev. Fans preached to an attentive congregation Sunday last. .. i , Dr. Pride was called to Fenton last week. We are glad that he has located where he can still come to Fenton. Do you burn soft coal? i and buy of Fred Willson. Then be wise Prices low. DeWitt's Little Early Risers; only pill : for chronic constipation, indigestion, dys- ,pepsia. None so-good. Bold by Sheets. Butter Crackers 5c. per pound by the box, at Townsend & Langdon s. The Christmas number of "Godey's Lady's Book" is here, and it is a gem •worthy of the richest setting. This is a .real Xmas gift.full of stories both grave and gay; fashions, work designs, and general information suited to the season. How is the time to subscribe. $2.00 per •year. Godey Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Constipation poisons the blood; DeWUt's Little Early Risers cure constipatien. The cause removed, the disease is gone—Sheetz Matson, McCall & Co. have on hand a complete line of feathers, plushes, Bunan Bilks fancy veilings, etc. You will do well to give them a call before purchasing elsewhere. • James T, Gott, Cawnl, IU., Says! He paid thirty-one dollars doctor's bill for his wife in one year, and one bottle of Bradfield's Female Regulator did her ' more good than all the medicine she had taken before. H. Dale, Druggist. Carmi, II' Write Bradfleld Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by L.A.Sheetz and F. W. Dingley. ™ u 11JSAJ- ESTATE I.OANS, Money to loan on real estate. No B»» *.:„ J ; u hand aa soon as papers FOK SALE.—A bran new Winchester repeating shot gun. Never been used. Gun will be sold at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. This is the "ring season" of the year and you can find what you want at Bowyer's. Solitaire diamonds are very fashionable and Bowyer's prices are very reasonable. Headache is the direct result of indigestion a,nd stomach disorders. Remedy these by using DeWitt's Little Early Risers and your headache disappears. The favorite little pill everywhere. Sold by Sheetz. Buy your soft coal of Fred Willson. wire at Howard's. Genuine Glidden load barb Cheaper than ever, wire $8.50 per cwt. For Young brood mare for sale by 7-8 WINKIB Bnos. HOUSK TO 1VKNT. Inquire of Miss Jennie Mclntyre. tf B3f Old school books wanted. Must be complete and in good condition. 5.7 DTJRANT BROS. aremade out. Low Rate of interest 'BAsog WESLEY, Wesley, and Northern Iowa Normal School, Algoia, Iowa, The place for thorough drill in all Common Branches. The place to prepare Teaching. WEST WEND. Journal: The West Bend schools will now employ three teachers. Misses Nettie Younio and Ida Vance drove over to Algona yesterday. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Falb, on Saturday morning of last week, a fourteen pound boy. The annual meeting of the Palo Alto agricultural society will be held at the court house, Emmetsburg, Saturday, December Gtli. It is likely that the brick block opera house will be formally opened at Christmas time with a grand dance. The Marshalltown band will probably be engaged and the affair made the most brilliant in the history of the town. X UANCROIT. Register: Rev. A. G. Ward attended the Algona District Conference of the M. E. church at Humboldt last week and reports a good time, such as is had at any gathering of this kind at that place. C. W. Goddard moved int6 his new house last week, and Mr. Ostrander's residence is now waiting for him. lue former gentleman has also completed a new barn on his farm southwest of town. Wm. Elvidge has moved to Burt now and taken possession of his new meat market. All hope he will do well at our sister town, which has shown considerable activity in the building line of late. ,—,->«•"• We have nearly 100 cases of Arctics, I and they must be sold.—Stougfa. Fred WiHson keeps the Iowa soft coal I for sale. Best in the market. The last annual report of the county superintendent contains information that is certainly of interest to the tax payers of the county. It is an exhibit of the use made of one-half of the county tax for the previous year. It is the financial part of the problem that is being worked out in 185 school districts in Kossuth county—the problem of the future of our children, the place they are to be fitted to occupy in society, in business and in the affairs of state. The other part of the problem is not so easily written. It has its factors in the fitness of the teacher, her proper appreciation of the interests entrusted to her care, the influences at work in the homes ot the children, and the moral encouragement and support the patrons have given the teacher. We should have a supplementary report from the teachers. How many parents visited you at the school and had a kind word for you and the pupils? How many families were careful that their children were never absent and never tardy? Were the pupils always supplied with just the books, slate, pencils and paper that they needed? And did each director visit the school at least once each month to see whether you had everything possible for comfort and equipment? Next to the children .themselves the parents have the largest interest in the work of the school, but how seldom do thep appear to realize that it is so. If we should also have a report from the patrons of the schools, the returns to be expected from this annual investment of fifty thousand dollars would not be so uncertain. IIow many teachers followed their pupils to their homes and showed a real interest in them and their parents? IIow many introduced some general exercise in singing, or supplementary reading, or the relation of interesting facts in history and biography, or the description of other scenes and places, thus arousing in. the pupils an interest in the big world'that lies beyond - the ; -horiibrt- ot their own district. Our localpapers are liberal in opening their columns to teachers, and others interested in school work. We can suit them no better than by making free use of their columns for the discussion of all subjects of general interest. What is the problem in some study, in government, in method or in ways and means in which you would like some suggestion? What can you suggest from your own experience that will very likely be helpful to another? We are still selling Boots and Shoes very cheap. Come in and let us fit you. i Townsend & Langdon if arm Loans A.T «, 7, 7 and a half, and 8 per cent, on five to ten years time with privi liege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling an me before you apply for Loan. J. W. BARTLETT. M Z GROVE __ _ ^-^ JOHN GROVE BEOS- LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. West ol Thorington House. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. We can now makeloans on Improved: Land, from one to ten we can now umtve iumia uu .*mij*<j»v/x» ««..«^ ....... «-•- — ---year's time and give the borrower the privilege o£ paying the whole loan m-any part thereof in even $100 at any time when fnterest falls due This to Iowa Money, and no second mortgage ,or_ coupons ate year H wnits aim give me uunv«o» K»I^ !*«.» *«.«,-»« -*• *•—.• — loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any time when due. This is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or —,-—...— taken. This plan o! making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the Interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address. HOXIE & REAVER, Algona, Iowa. Farm Loans, Abstracts, OO. At Lowest Kates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. IT WILL PAY YOU •TO CALL ATIF YOU ARE IN NEED OF Stoves or Hardware, Election is Over-So is High Prices for Stones yy iii \ \JI. J J.J.1XVJ f US IS •* .»v* £•* -•.»••-. —*- — • How can we use the local paper to best advantage? Will a story f91-the children, a brief biography, an interesting description of some place in our own land, or in foreign lands, be read in the school each week if printed? Shall we have a county teachers' association to meet once a month? What shall we do more than we have done for ourselves and our pupils? P- To and for the People. Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? . Do you want to trade or sell your farm or other property? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved land on long time with but little or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of interest and fayorable terms? Do you want anything in a legitimate line of banking? For any and all of the above, please consult B. M. Richmond at the Com; mercial Hotel and Farmers' and Traders Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. . I have a full line of Cooks and Heaters, among which Is the celebrated ROUND OAK, standing at the head of the soft coal burners. I shall meet all competition, selling at bottom prices. Take one. G. M. for Hens' buckled overshoes f 1 a pair. Hens' leather covered gloves 85e. at GAWBAITH'S a t onceTnever fails, DeWUt's cough aa consumption cure. A remedy for mm and that feverish condition which accompanies a severe cold.— i>r. eueeiz. Gentlemen, I have a complete Hue of geuts fine alu^s. Call aud Bargains »t the CASH STORES. Husking Gloves reduced from »1 to 85c. per pair Slou* City Medical Jiwtitut*. The Surgical and Medical Institute at 489. Fourth street, Biou* City, Iowa. Established for the purpose of curing chron ic and Surgical diseases and »$*orwities is equipped with a full staff of Physic JOBS and Surgeons of the highest stand ing. Patients from m parts of the cow tef treated by correspondence. 4a*fn<" r oases at the Institute we furnished bou, Sr| mry care aadfttteatiou. Dtforw College. The place to pursue vanced Studies in Mathemat ics, Science and Language, The place for practical work in Commercial Branches. The place to study Music, Piano and Vocal. Winter Term begins De~ oember SO, 1890. \ D. PODGE, A. M., Principal. 1. B. MoCoLLUM, A. B., DOOMED TO DEATH! Under prevailing conditions, many hogs are doomedtb deatu%.disease, merely because the owners (all their health. to take measures to preserve We have just added to our stock a fine line of Men's Clothing which we will sell at bottom prices. If you are in need of a Suit or an Overcoat call in and we will try and suit you both in Quality and Price. Our Stock Of Dry Goods, Notions, Boots and Shoes, etc,, etc,, ie more complete than ever before. G, L, GALBRAITH & CO. The building next door east of the Post Office has been rented to E. u „,, , j. « i French, who will put in the largest stock The place to prepare for of Holiday goods and Xmas gifts ever shown in 4Jgona. He invites you to cal and see his elegant display on or about Dec.'5th. ^ Bowyer'a prices on everything in his are away down. He has on hand " " -"•--- -;old and sil- makes. Ex- invest Or. Joseph Haas' before you where. ______ your cough will not last all winter; You will not be kept awake at night; You will get inwnediate relief if You will nse DeWitt's cough and consumption ewe. goldbyPr.Tlheetz. Job lot Caps/in Plush Cloth and Jersey, for Ljdles, Misses, Children, Men I and Boys. Latest styles. Bought by us at less than h*W tbe usual price, we have a big stacked they must he sold &Co. Will arrest disease, prevent disease, ex-worms, «op Wcoughiiacrease the flwfc Wtt4 basteii .. and 5oc, per package unttcaus$i*,M The largest pwEages are F , or sale by J, F. LACY & SON, ALUONA, - IGWA. Haas, V, .•• a 1 HEADQUARTERS Can supply you with eveyyttog you waaf| in building material and fuel, *-* And Don't You Forget -—4U ye Wesleyites (Ml at— Taylor's New

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