The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1890
Page 4
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and wmm of TKM CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PAUL, OOIKO Chicago & Northwestern B'y. GOING NOKTH AND WEST Freight accommodation ALGONA, IOWA, Nov. 26,1890. ALGONA MABK1BTS, (Reported weekly by A. Hough.) Oats 88c. Corn Cattle P.OO Wheat .Tpe. Flax $1-05 Hay $4-00 ..86c Butter 18c. Hogs $8.20 Barley 45c Timothy $1.00 » «» » *5 Chicago passenger \JlLllst»fevr pwww.n —- «»,/•! U UTIQDQ 111 TV I KZ'rP WelsTo Aa,T'to a '& SffiSMS 9 Jnited States and Canada PRQPESSm&MESS DIRECTORY. E..I.DANSON. W.C.DANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTORNEY.S AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Office A. Over Oomstock's. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Meeting of the G. A. B. to-night. Louis Kossuth is almost a pauper in his old age. i John Goeders of Cylinder, Iowa, is in town today. GKEO. E. CLARKE, A TTORNEY. Office over the First National Bank, Algona, Iowa. _____ B. F. REED, A TTORNEY- AT-I,AW Algona, Iowa. Of- ucelntlie Galbraitli block, JAS. BARE, M. !>., and L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN .... door to Ford's Warehouse and STTlUiEOI*. Offlco next Algona, Iowa. W. E. H. MORSE, M. D. ALGONA, IOWA, DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, ' oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Cora- er ol State and TUorington streets Alfiona. Iowa. E. E. Bayers, D. V. M,, Veterinary Physician t Surgeon Algoua.Iowa. For Information in regard to lauds in Northwestern Iowa, write to the Real Estate and ibstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. — IOWA. and SX&N PAINTER- Country work a speciality. Corn for sale. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. llesidence south of Sponberg's tailor shop. Algona Iowa. F/E. FOSTER, Opposite Court House. A.lj;ona, Iowa. ijgfWork first class in every particular. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money \onned, lovelgn aud domestic exchauge uouitut uiid sold. Collections made promptly and a Reneral banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W.H. INGHAM. President. J. B.JONES, Vice President. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier Dlrectiors-W. H . Insbaiu, Jno (J. Smith. .1 B Jones, T. Cbrischllles, Lewis H. bmitli, J. W Wadswortli. Barnet Devine. Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Burt. Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LADIES try Dr. LeDuc's Periodical Pills, from Paris France. Established — Europe 1839: England ISM) -, Canada l«78 ; United States 1887. $2 or tiu-ee boxes for $5. Positively remove all jBRK<iui,AJUTiK8 or money refunded. THE AMERICAN PILL CO.. royalty proprietors, Spencer, la. The trade supp led by wholesale agents. H. Boswltli & Son, Milwaukee ; Kobt. Stevenson & Co. Chicago. Retailed by Dr. L. A, SheeU, Algoua. 10-40-yr $1,000 Address : Can be made in 6 months selling Tunlson's A.tlaa- 08, Charts and Wall ilui>». Particulars free H. C TOS1SOH, Chicago, Bis, The Abbie Cavrington Company put up at the Thorington. "To the victors belong the broils," says the New York Tribune. A son \vas born to Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Doxsee Monday morning. Dr. West reports Miss Bessie Quick to be quite sick with pneumonia. The W. C. T. U. will meet in their room Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Kev. Whitfield has moved into the house formerly occupied by J.R. Laird. John G. Warwick who is to succeed Maj. McKinley in congress is a millionaire. This is one of the finest falls within the memory of the most venerable inhabitant. Five members were received into full connection with the M. E. church Sunday morning. Tom Little and Charlie Erickson •went to Lu Verne Monday to do a job of plastering. Mrs. Dr. Garfielcl returned home Saturday night from an extended visit in Cleveland, Ohio. Thanksgiving services will be held Thursday morning at 11 o'clock at the Episcopal chapel. Bev. Fans, of Burt, commenced a series of meetings Monday at the Black Cat appointment. Burt is to have a select school in a few weeks. We have not learned who is to have charge. Dr. Dick Fields came up from Storm Lake yesterday to eat turkey with friends tomorrow. John Goeders' special sale is nearly over but if you hurry up you can catch it yet. Bead his ad. Mary Paine Parsons came up from Des Moines last Friday to spend Thansgiving at home. Mrs. Nebergall who was injured two weeks ago by being thrown from a buggy is gradually improving. Miss Luella Starr, of Osage, has been visiting relatives in the county, and returned home this morning. P B. Grose, of Bancroft, has bought out a barber shop at Livermore and will move clown there shortly. Emmetsburg Democrat: Father Tierney will deliver a temperance lecture at 'Algona Thanksgiving evening. A number of people from Bancroft and Wesley availed themselves of the opportunity to hear Mme. Carrington. Gen. L. Minkler and wife drove down to Lu Verne Sunday to visit the parents of the latter. They returned Monday. The Methodists at Sioux City voted unanimously for the. admission of women as lay delegates to the general conference. The young people of the M. E. church have organized an Epworth League, which meets regularly every Monday evening. Figures do sometimes lie. We last week advertised barb wire for sale at Howard's for 85c per cwt. The figures should read $3.50. Goldfield Chronicle: Will Hough, of Algona, was a pleasant visitor with ye editor and family the first of the week. 3ome again, Will. The Burlington Hawkeye is at a loss to know why the Democrats, while favoring free trade and free silver, are not in favor of free schools. Henry Winkle has lately purchased a bicycle. With -wise forethought lie selected one with a drop frame suitable for either lady or gentleman. And now Mr. Graham, the farm implement man at Bancroft, says that Hinchon didn't publish what he told him to,on the harrow question. Next Sunday morning the Baptist pastor will speak on "Sin and Salvation," and in the evening on "Leaky Cisterns." Tho people are all invited. A yellow body with white trimmings seems to be the new fashionable color for dwelling houses. J. F. Lacy's house is the latest addition in that line. An exchange suggests that if a couple of pretty young ladies passed the contribution boxes there would be an increase in the receipts at church collections. Eugene Tellier predicts that the census returns will show an enormous increase in the illiteracy in Iowa. This is one way of accounting for the Democratic gains. The Sioux City Journal speaks of a lecture before the students of the University of the Northwest delivered by Prof. Gilchrist. The lecture was the first of a series. Marriage licenses \vefe issued during the past week to Frederic Ban and Mary Kumbath, Joseph Shultt and Mary Black, Anna Cuman and A. M. Gillespie. The Fair given by the ladles of the Episcopal church at the Court House last Friday evening x^as well patronized and was a success financially to the extent of about $70. J. S. Clurkson thinks that the cam paign of *92 will be almost entirely a newspaper campaign. This may be true. The newspaper is an all-powerful factor in politics. Whenever Harvey goes to bat with a mugwump editorial the Courier is al ways on deck and tells him to ge i there. On the question of the tariff the Courier and the U. D. M. are one and the same people. Attention is called to the advertisement of the Sioux City Medical Institute, which may be found in another column. This is one of the leading institutions of the kind In the northwest and is worthy of patronage. Diphtheria is quite prevalent in Des holiday goods that rock bottom prices. If he encouraging patronage, Mr, j* -r- A > will become a permanent resident OT Alffona, The pumps were started at the water works last Friday With a view to testing the well, The water was lowered to the bottom of the well in just five minutes. It is estimated that the pump threw about 120 gallons per minute. The well filled up to its former level in about ten minutes after the pumps were stopped. Mr. Stephens in tends to go on down through the quick sand to a layer of gravel which lies about 10 feet below. If he succeeds in doing this the well will probably prove inexhaustible. The work on the stand pipe has been delayed for lack of some material and tools which have been lost on the road. The Abbie Carrington Grand Opera Company would be welcomed again to Algona. The company is one of the higher order which seldom appears before anything but a city audience, and theirappearanceherewas an event,when the general line of troupes and com- OUR MflGwttME CO-TM. A tlttlo Mo*c About Hitn-.fufrt What H* Old in th« l«*t Cfttitliftlgrn. The tipper Des with what Moifies was not the REPUBLICAN gave tt»i* weeks ago in explanation of the Bepilbtiv B11 defeat in Kossuth, but Harvey toak«i *o serious effort to show that it was »0C K ood history. Instead he makes a perion.*" attack upon the former editor of the pt»J> er » he incorrectly assumes to have been the writer of the article referred to and of a special from this place to the State Begister. These, according to do not entirely Moiries and the "health officers assign the cause to be impure water. Scarlet Fever and typhoid may be often referred to the same cause. Be careful about your well. J. W. Hopkins, of Wesley, was a pleasant caller Monday morning. Mr. Hopkins represents the Mason City Marble Works, and if he can succeed in effecting a satisfactory sale of some property he will locate in Algona. If Dr. Koch will now propagate a bacillus wan-anted to be a sure cure for the dyspepsia, the REPUBLICAN will contribute its share towards giving a certain oue of the Algona editors the benefit of a thorough inoculation. We are in receipt of a report of the International American Conference relative to an international railway line, a plan of arbitration for the settlement of disputes between the American Republics, reciprocity, etc. It is an interesting document. Union Thanksgiving services will be held in the Congregational church on Thursday at 10:30. The sermon will be delivered by Bev. Smith, of the Baptist church. It is to be hoped that the people will turn out to this service better than usual. Come out. Drs. Pride and Morse have formed a partnership and are ready to extend 1. 1- _!.. .. n nt.! nn i-i«m«* 4-1^n nnl-ivn r>miTiiW panics which favor this town are taken into consideration. It had been arranged to present the complete opera of Faust but it was foundthatthesmall size and meagre furnishings of thestage would not permit. After rendering a short musical program which was highly appreciated, the company presented his way of thinking, agree, and the vital inconsstency complained of U> that while the special in the Begister noted "reconciliation of the conflicting elements" as a good thing for Republicanism, the REPUBLICAN article made no pretence of reconciling itself with the Marsh Stephens kind of campaign work. On the strength, of this discrepancy the former editor of the BEPUBLICAN is pictured as a case of Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde-the former the high-minded benefactor, the latter the passionate and great garden scene from Faust in which Mme. Carrington appeared as Margherita. The stage was unsuited for this act, and the better part had to be omitted. The audience by shutting their eyes and indulging in a wild flight of the imagination succeeded in supplying the scenery, and notwithstanding the difficulties under which the garden scene was rendered, the audience felt very much disappointed that the entire opera could not have been given. May we be pardoned for the suggestion that a consolidation of the Algona Courier and the Upper Des Moines would be a fitting sequel to the actions of those two papers during the campaign, besides highly advantageous to both parties. With Hinchon's rustling for the local page, and Harvey's ability to write the pure unadulterated Democratic free trade editorial, they could get up a paper that would do honor to the traditions of the Democratic party. Among other arguments for the combination would be the saving of press work, whenever the Cobden Club inter- murderous villain whom it is unsafe to their practice over the entire county. Both gentlemen are well known in Algona and surrounding country. They are both young men and stand iu the front rank of the profession. Don't forget about the Old Folks' Concert at the Congregational church December 2nd. We have been treated to a great many sociables and entertainments of late, but this promises to be one of the most unique and entertaining of all. Tickets 30c. Children 20c. Rev. P. A. B. Tierney, of Ossian, is announced to deliver a lecture on "Drunkenness" at the Court House tomorrow evening. An admission fee of 50 cents will be charged. The proceeds of the lecture are to go to the Catholic church. The subject is one which should insure a large attendance. Geo. B. Van Sann, State Masonic Lecturer, will hold schools of instruction in Algona, Saturday, Nov. 29th, and Tuesday, Dec/2d, and one at Bancroft. Dec. 1st, 1890. and evenings ot said days. Masons will take notice and be present if possible. By order of — - - F. M. TAYLOII, Sec. ests should send out a supply of stereotyped free trade doctrine, and a cinch on the county printing which a combination of the two lists would give them; besides, if Harvey and Hinchon were both located in the same sanctum they could then weep on each others cervical vertebrae at short range,whenever a Bepublican Congress might lix up a tin plate schedule to sink the interests of this country in bankruptcy, and beggar the workingman and the dear farmer. The insinuation that the BEPUIVM- CAN maliciously slurred the work of Chairman Chubb is as unjust as the parties who made it are contemptible. The BEPUBLICAN made an honest statement of what it really believed to be the true circumstances. That the Bepublican county organization was not what it should have been we then asserted and still maintain. When Senator Chubb assumed the chairmanship of the County Central Committee he found very little or nothing to work with, and'beirig a' very' busy man and necessarily absent on business much ot the time he was unable to attend to the ttice in his W. M. Beciprocity is not free trade nor a step in that direction as some of the papers would make it appear. It is simply an even exchange which results to the mutual advantage of the parties directly interested. It is protection in one of its highest forms and is opposed to the principles of tree trade. The editor of the BEPUHLICAN got a glimpse of the town of Burt last Friday and the little village presents every appearance of having a boom. Several good si'/ed store buildings are going up and a number of dwelling houses, including a Methodist parsonage, which will soon be completed and which will be an ornament to the town. Mrs. Lucy Bigelow and son, who have been in Algona during the week, left for their home in- Nebraska Monday morning. While here Mr. Bigelow bought a quarter section of virgin prairie three miles west of Ledyard, of J. E. Stacy. Before spring they will return, with others, and become permanent citizens of the county. It is unnecessary to state that the alleged interview previous to election between the post master and Mr. Ford, referred to in the Upper Des Moines of last week, existed only in the brain ot Harvey Inpham. The statement is false in every particular. The public will probably require no affidavit Irom either party before the denial is accepted. The Toledo Weekly Blade, the most popular weekly newspaper of the United States, will in a few weeks commence publication of a new serial story, now being written especially for its columns by Oliver Optic. Send postal ' Blade, Toledo, Ohio, for duties of chairman. The ottice in his case was almost an imposition. The REPUBLICAN distinctly stated in the issue in which the Upper Des Moines Marsh Stephens article appeared that no reflection was intended upon Senator Chubb. The office of Chairman ot the County Committee is of course an important one, but it is not everything. Had the Bepublican party in Kossuth county stood together behind Chairman Chubb the result would have been different. If the party will present an unbroken front in the next campaign it will not be lacking in the enthusiasm to make a county organization almost unnecesary. FOB SALE—A Sna-p Bargain if taken now. Two lots near Normal School, corner property. H. B. HA.LI-OCK. SHIP YOUR Hutter. Eggs, Cheese, U-s, Pears, Beans, __ Penches, Pears, Honey, Beeswax, Grapes, Hops, Poultry, Coru.Oats, Wool. Maple Sugar, Lambs.Veal, Mutton, Venison. Wild Game, Dried Fruits, Potatoes, Hay, Feathers. Cider, A'iiiegar, Furs. Skins, Onions, Tobacco, Broom Corn, Ginseng Boot. 50 ton* live Poultry wanted. Will pay casii or sell ou eojuwissiou. Seud for daily market prices, W. H. r. Ballurd & Co. Produf.0 CoJiiinLs&iou Merchants, 20 and 22, Des Plain St., Chicago, 111. •»-•«> LEGAL BLANKS o FOB SALE o The Quiz Sociable at the llutherford House last Thursday night was something entirely new, and judging from reports it proved to be a very successful entertainment. Bead that extract from an address of Stephen B. Elkins. It appears in this issue of the BKPUULICAN, under the heading. "Our Progress Under Thirty Years of Protection." J. W. Bartlett returned Thursday from Des Moines, where he went to attend the marriage of his brother, F. W. Bartlett, secretary of the New England Loan & Trust Co. There are now no serious cases of scarlet fever in town and there is no occasion for alarm. It is well, however, to preserve all possible care to prevent __,_..___... -.« . •.-.• riTiTTrrfn w> preserve »u yuoaiuic toac w pi At REPUBLIC!AN OFFICE 1 any further spread of the disease. card to the , , free specimen copy of the paper, and at the same time send names • of all your friends, also. Bev. Dayidson occupied the pulpit of the Congregational church at Spencer last Sunday, and Prof. L. F. Parker, of Iowa College, filled his place here, speaking both morning and evening. Prof. Parker is one of the best known educators in Iowa. He was connected for years with the State University, but is at present a member of the faculty of Iowa College at Grinueil. Algona ought to have a good opera house. It would be hard to name another town of its size in all northern Iowa with as poor an excuse for an opera house as Algona. A good opera house would attract more of the better class of companies, and there are sufficient play-loving people in the city to make it a paying investment for some of the idle capital for which Algona is renowned. E. C. French, a sou-iu-law of G. M. Howard, has rented the room formerly occupied by F. W. Dingley and will put in the largest stock of holiday goods ever brought into Algona. Mr. French has been on the road for Bedhead, Norton Lathrop & Co., of Pea Moines. and has on hand an enormous stock ol Small in size, great in results; DeWitt's Little Early Bisers. Best pill fov constipation, bes't for sick head auhe, best for sour stomach. Sold by Dr. Sheetz. HOUSE TO RKNT. Desirably located Inquire at Bepub- lican office. Our friends should give DeWitt's cough and consumption cure a trial. No disappointment follows the use of tbis reliable medicine, and it merits the praise received from all who use it. Sold by Sh*etz. Fou SALB—My house and lot at a bar gain. Near Normal school. A. C'. CABY. E. G. Bowyer calls special attention to the prices on that elegant line of silver knives and forks and spoons in his show case. Ladies, clean your Kid Glores with Mather's Glove Cleaner. For sale only by Setchell & Setcbell. A full line of Gloves in dressed and undressed Kids, Material for Art Needle Work. Stamped goods and Stamping done to order. 27 yr E. C. French has rented the building next door east of the Post Office and will put in an immense stock of Toys and Holiday goods. From many hundred rheumatics comes the welcome news that the Infallible Bheumatism Bemedy is the best they ever used, for rheumatism of all kinds. Rheumatism is a blood disease and to be cured must be treated constitutionally with this tbe only sure remedy on the market. For sale only by Dr. Sheetz Attention. I must have my book accounts settled Dec. 1,1890. Please call and settle. F. S. STOUGH. NOTICE All parties owing me ou accounts and notes are requested to call and pay up at once, as I have to make my obligations good, and must have what you owe me, and by doing so keep your credit good. If not setteled by Dec. 1st 1890 wffl put accounts and notes ui bands of Justice or the Peace for collection and make you cost and expense of Law suits. Yours Respectfully. J, B. GALLA.OUBB. WBSLBY, IOWA, Nov.18 1890- meet after dark. We note this attack ofBro. Ihgham upon a third party as one of those brilliant editorial performances of his which ought not to go by without appreciative mention. It is not surprising that the U. D. M. should undertake to punish everyone inclined to protest against party treachery of the kind exemplified by Sheriff Stephens, for the U. D. M. was engaged on the same side of the campaign. We are inclined to make great allowance for honest difference of opinion on such questions as the tariff and we are also inclined to assume that papers and persons are honest unless there is good ground to believe that they are not. The Upper Des Moines' pretense of being a Bepublican paper is against the theory of its honesty, and it must be so long as Bfepublican defeat is its only way of vindication. During the late campaign the U. D. M. followed the lead of the Chicago Herald in unscrupulous misrepresentation of the McKinley bill, and along with the Courier it published the democratic campaign document claiming an immense advance in prices of the necessaries of life. When the Bepublican papers of the country were giving the public the facts and disproving the false assertions of the Democratic press, the U. D. M. kept silent or made weak attempts to justify its statements. The U. D. M. never published n word, we believe, of what was said by the thousands of merchants who guaranteed to continue selling at the old prices, but it published an alleged; interview of John V. Farwell, since shown to have been false, to show that Bepublican statements were.false. It quoted ex-President Hayes in violent denunciation of the McKinley bill, but when the Chicago Tribune published a letter from Hayes repudiating the interview, it had no room for it. In everything it said of the bill, which was the chief subject of dispute, it took the Democratic side, and so partisan! was it that it would not correct its mis statements when they were shown to be such. When the Cedar Bapids Ga y.ette made its silly and contemptible attack on Beeson the U. D. M. herald ed it as a great stroke of journalism. Its present articles are aimed to show that the only thing left for the Bepub- lican party to do is to take the Democratic side of the tariff controversy, aud the Democratic side in> the dispute about the force- bill!. The fact is that Harvey is a disciple of Cleveland, and since the "stuffed prophet" issued his messages on pensions and f ree- tradie the latter has had no more sincere foHower than he. About those McKinley bill supplements: It is immaterial to the BKPUB- LICAN who paid for them. The only fact we wish to establish- is that the U. D. M. did not circulate them as it should have done, and as it most certainly would have done, were it only honest in the support of the political faith which it professes. There was something in the supplement which he did not approve, Harvey Ingham says by way of apology for not circulating the supplements in his paper. We presume it was the tin plate schedule. The supplement contained very little but facts and figures and Bro. Ingham certainly could have no excuse for refusing to give the reader of his paper a copy of the McKinley bill and allow him to draw his own conclusions. If the casual reader of tbis article will stop at this point for a moment's reflection, the real cause of Harvey's course in the supplement matter will be apparent. The naked bill without any comment was sufficient to give the lie to all the abominable stories which Harvey had written and published in bis paper about tbe monstrous iniquities of the bill, and Harvey knew it. The Bepublican party owes its defeat largely to the misrepresentations of the t Democrats and their mugwump allies of the Harvey Ingham character. The campaign was fought out on the tariff question, and we challenge the Upper Des Moiues to produce from its back files » single line or letter that was written in support of the Republican side of the question.. On the contrary every syllable which the U. P- M. ut* tered upon the McKinley bill was but this echo of some Democratic lie. liar* Vey 5 InghamV treachery to the party that helps support his paper finds its counterpart in the treachery of the the Mexican greaser who asks his fellow traveler for a match to light his ci gar and While reaching for the proffered favor stabs him to the heart with astilletto. The same loyalty to the party which prompts our Dodge street friend to write Democratic editorials prompts him to stand around on the street corners and talk Democratic talk and call our representative in Congress a "putty man." Harvey's paper is Democratic, his mouth is Democratic, and we infer that his heart belongs to the same party. »-<•>•-« — SIFTINGS. Twalowit Girls. Ex: An Iowa women has named her twin daughters Gasoline and Kerosene. Boston Commercial Bulletin: The old man's name is probably Peter Roleupi. Cape Cod Item: The man who marries into that family will strike oil; Boston Herald: We hope 4he babies will grow up a paraflne girls. New York Mercury: Such a family ought to be able to keep the domestic machinery in good running order. Two Species Of Gerrymander. Hanson Journal: A state that gives 8,000 Bepublican majority and only elects five Bepublican congressmen out of 11 is not very badly gerrymandered. That is an Iowa Bepublican gerrymander. Ohio goes 20,000 Bepublican on state ticket, and only elects eight out of 19 congressmen. That is Ohio Demecratic gerrymander. Did It In One Month Davenport Tribune: The McKinley bill has been in operation nearly a month, and as a result 158 new manufacturing establishments have been created. The new industries include 78 cotton mills, 41 woolen mills, ]20 knitting and hosiery mill*, 6 worsted mills, 5 silk mills, 2 linen mills, 1 carpet factory, 1 lace factory, and 6 tin plate works. New tin mines and new sugar factories are also being established. '•Love IH Blind." Paris, Mo., Nov. 18: Miss Nellie- Branbam, the celebrated dwarf of this city, is to wed one of tbe leading society young men bere ia the near future. She is 23 years of age and is 22 inches high, haviuga fanltless form and winning ways. Her intended husband has within the past few weeks become of age and declares that be will disregard tbe protests of his amily aud marry his love. He is unusually tall, and as the couple walk along, he street togather tbe young lady holds- o the tip end of her beaux' coat tail, pro' vided it is a long one and she can reach t. The prospective bride has a sister 18> years of age-who is exactly her height, icing just 3a inches higii. ; Word Of Advice For The Mugwumps. Sioux City Times: IP Carl Snyder, Fred Faulkes,. Lat'e Young, et al., would 1 do less talking about themselves and thejr respective papers, and devote their editorial pages to- the intelligent comments on the events of the day which they are so competent to make, their readers would be better pleased, and tbe counting room wouW feel tbe healthful influence of a better policy. The Kins Of Mugwump Marshalltown Times Republican: The free trade editor of the Chicago Tribune is now hiboriiag hard to prove that the McKinley bill ought to be repealed. The Tribune did 'an immense deal of harm to the party as a professed Bep- ublican journal before election and now it would hafe it adopt a suicidal policy. It is possibte the tariff law may need- revision in time, but that work can be safely left to the future, when the good policy of such revision is demonstrated.. Kmiii 1'aalia And The Rebellion At the Equator. The above is the title of a book just issued ia toodon and New York, com/- pletein one volume,that will be read with great interest throughout the civilized woild. Lieutenant Monteny-Jephson, the author, waa one of Mr. Stanley's officers in the Emm Pasha relief expedition, and when Mr. Stanley found it necessary to return through the Great Forest for the missing and ill fated rear column of the expedition he seat Lieutenant Jepbson with 20 men to carry to Brain Pasha's followers and troops in Equatoria, at the stations which he had established io> the province, the message of relief, and explain Stanley's mission of rescue. was there when the BebelHou broke ou and both he and the Governor were; mad] prisoners while anarchy reigned iu t' Province. Mr Jephson'a narrative of exciti incidents is as thrilling as his descriptio of the character of the people and soldier; is interesting. His book is so graphic and detailed a picture of the Province, of the native tribes, and of the Egyptian Soldiery that held it against the Mahdis forces that its pages throw a flood of light upon the real nature of the problem which Sir. Samuel Baker, Gordon, and lastly Emin have tried to,, solve. He weaves into hia narrative much interesting information about the birds and wild animals, the surface and resources of the country, habits and customs of the natives, modes of warefare, etc. No more interesting book on African exploration and adventure has ever been written. Mr. Stanley says of it: "There IB within tab covers of your volume much matter that is quite new to me, much that is extremely thrilling and excitoog, and the whole is related with very enviable literary tact and skill." . The book is sold only by subscription, and persons desiring to secure agencies will find tne punlisUers anouncenwn in another column. ^ Ladies, call wxd look over our line of F. S.

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