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Evansville, Indiana
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i' a VP- I 'wu rpw rtr- trr'v'T n'' r- --fc 7-i Trttr fc isN "W'T t' -i THE COURIER EVANSVILLE IN IV WEDNESDAY! NOVEMHEtt 1003 wyVSW-taWv' Vpt ami 7)awma jo '8 I i SfciffA Jtrt Store "Wsartbe Best Your Money enn Sav ftly Dear! I want yon to go right down to THE ram and got yourself a now suit of Cloth lng Thoy are selling the latest styles and the newest weaves at the lowest prices Sslaeted Haw Malarial M4M Politics Is a game of chance (kToimm If In Your Enthusiasm for Party or Friends You have lost a Hat Suit Overcoat emserg Shirt Neckwe-iror' a pair of Shoes on the election direct the winner High Artward For a third of a century or more the election beta of gmndsire fither and flon have been paid at this store Continue the good old custom and stipulate lhat your brtb be made payable at this store Designed out and fitted In the height of modern tailoring art finished In a degree of perfection that outranks ALL OTHER OFFERINGS THC8B SUITS are certainly the best bargains offer od In Evansville today NO MONEY can buy better material neater Jtyles or greater service anywhere THE PROGRESS 309-311 MAIN ST MOTE-Ladles are Invited to call and Inspect our large lines and help to make selections Mo trouble to show goods jm ju' if-'fe1 -aswan MRS fISKE APPEARS IN CASE FOR GRAND JURY An election clerk haa sworn that a republican city employe attempted to bribe him to wink at fraud in the election booth Where one such attempted fraud comes to light othera are committed In the dark The penalty la the prison line and disfranchisement The neat grand Jury must act on this case MIHANTIIROPY Julrrel up a tree linanli ih there a dainty a And ha will with placid glee store When fruit und aiiiianlna are no mors Ha dulh not lulk In tiuu-a of grief With friends ulunit Ilia prlua of hdrf The polar hr nr 111 rough Arctic snow Ills wav doiu nil verunuly track Because his nvcri'isit you know la glowing Hit ly Ills Luck He nuver has to fret hla Bold With guesamg at I lie price of coal 1 But I a biped fciithorlcsa Must Ubor with these problems dire And Struggle 'gainst the wee tiler's stress While others pcuiwfully retire' Oh were it mu a rule more fair To be a siulrn-l or a bear? Star Tha Clua That Fallad Deduction! In tha manner of She lock Holmea do not alwaya work out auccaaafully aa la shown by the fob lowing story A group of reporters were talking together and one of them who liked to play the amateur detective devulud purl of hie time to watching a man (lauding some distance away "That man uaed to be In the army" ha aald do you know?" "See how he puts hla hand Into hla trousers pocket He llfte up the aide of hie look he's doing It Instead of pushing the coat bark as wa do He acquired the habit from wearing a fatigue coat In tba army A fatigue coat you know la ent square about the body To put the hand In the trousers ppeket one must lift up the Some dlHCimalun followed with the result that one of the reporters vol unteored to lay tlieir a peculations before the stranger Ha proved to ho a wealthy real estate dealer After listening to the reporter's explanation he replied wllh much amusement: "I'll tell you why I put My band in my pocket that way I used to be a butcher In New York thirty years ago and got that habit ralalng my butcher's apron to make change" Effective Threat A man hired by John Smith A Co Loudly doclarrd that he'd tho Man tlutt ha saw Dumping dirt near the store -Tha drivers therefore didn't do Jester Greet After-Dinner Speech Philadelphia Record Bpunger The beat after-dinner speech I ever beard was ones when 1 was out with Qoodley Winks And who made the speech? Bpunger Goodlcy Ho laid "Let me have the check please Hard to Believe Washington Star "Well I never!" exclaimed Mrs Bllgglns tha asked her husband In a startled tone aa ha turned around from hla shaving glass Idea of a grown man Ilka you a tending there for five minutes at time admiring yourself" not admiring myself My feelings are those of astonishment not admiration 1 realize that I'm tha same person who years ago wan called pet' and held on people's knees and klaaed by the neighbors an awful thought" Tha Cloeaflsts Comfort "Think of It my said Mr Closeflst laying down hla newspaper are more than two thousand million dollars In circulation in thla country!" that replied hie wife cheer fully Judlglng from the rtiffi-culty I always experience In getting you to give me a quarter 1 thought there wasn't more toon three dollars and a hoi? in the whole Too Much Cathollo Standard and Times Mrs Mamma la talking of closing her house and coming to live with us Do you think you could support both of ua? Mr My dear I can support you very nicely now but I'm afraid your mother would be Insupportable Mualcal Detroit Free Press Mies De Jones Are you musical Professor Paddy rueky? Professor Oh yes but If you want to play don't mind my feeling Revenge Nw York News Little Boy (who has been chased out farmyard by a turkey All Juat wait till Christmas and knock the stuffing out of you! A WORD OF GOOD COL'K8FI-VIn bits are bleak and nlnhle are Ihmk Id keep Parry Davlr IRlnkillr in lniiNs It ia your faithful frlt-ml it wns your parents' friend Kxti-riini i Int'-rnul use Don't Argue Tf when toii ask a dmaglHt fnr Cold the famous couch ami mill n-m --h you ha hss aomeinui -i giixl' or "better" don't mail' will Hm bn Insist on setting what you (m- 1 Unri-t'olil dors what Its name lini-li- it vuri-a colds 2f cento Pay Your Election Bet WITH a Tori an Hat New Books "Th a story of defeat and vl liny Hurt on Btevenaon calls hie nett novel and It tells with much power two-fold tale The scene la laid In a few years after tha evolution and the hero takes part In Ml cialr'fl Ill-starred expedition a imim iln- Indiana He is taken prisoner ni held captive for three years but i-iiuia-a and afterward! Joins General In Ihe victorious attack at Fallen Timbers On returning wounded train hla success on tho frontier the hern linria another euccesi awaiting him wlili-h is all the better because Is uiuvpfi'it'd It is a thoroughly good luh of adventure and shows an ad vain In skill and power over Mr Btuv'-iimn's earlier work Soldier of Virginia ilcrilage" la an Incentive to resume study of that portion of Amorian liUory pertaining to the set tlcrni'iii of Ohio The names of St Clair tV'iiyn! and othera are familiar It Ik i i ia but not many could pa a kia -s-rul examination concerning Ihe pi tiii-I ml events in the Uvea of tlMii' men Thla story clothes these historic characters with reality and gives a vivid picture of the difficulties they i-pi'ountcrcd in striving to secure vast tiaciH of territory for their ration Moat of tha Important topics in coniic tlon with thla period era touched upon by the author and tha tala la very well nr Hi reading whether the object I'? profit or simply entertainment Heritage by Burton Btcv-enHou Cloth Illustrated $160 Houghton Mifflin ft Co Boston) There have been few writers at res talcs who excelled Clark Ruaaell in d(mrldiv power and only one or two who equalled him in ability to evolve difficult and fascinating plots from unpromising material Indeed Mr RiiKKf-ll occupies perhaps the moat toitHpli uous place emong writers of that tinn whose whole motive is the sea nn-1 hlps of the sea Moat of this author's work haa been notably good and bln latest romance "The Mate of thp (lend Ship York" will attract no little attention from hla early admirers If the whole truth he told It must be aald that thla tale while fresh and dear and full of interest lacks tha finlvh of some of Mr Russell's earlier volumes It would ba hard to say in just what essential thing the last romance falls short of the mark previously marie hy this delightful writer Perhaps It ia due to the too great Improbability of the more exciting even Ik sa perhaps the ending le too lame Whatever the reaeon one la apt to lay down thla story of aea life with a xfgh that plainly says: "Give me an nnret old tale of the sea one that tells of dare-devil sailors and bloody rifl'd We want no mild love stories in our sea Mr Russell's style la always clear and io read anything from hla pen Is to enjoy It In Uila case however there Is not great deal t-v praise ulnut Mate- of the York" Boms will enjoy it others will not And after all what more can ba aald of any book Mata of tha Good Ship 1-y Clark RuaaelL Cloth Illustrated tlfio Page ft Co Boston) "The Diary of a Arlo Batea's latest novel gives the story of one year In the life of Ruth Privet a New Eng-Ibnd girl It waa a very eventful year crowded with experiences and imprea-sions At the beginning Buth waa engaged to the man who had been brought up with her and educated by her father At the end of the year ah bad established her right to the title of Saint hy her aelf-aacrlflcr and moral fineness and incidentally had spread a sweet Influence in the community The central thought of the book la lhat talntahlp la a matter rather of conduct than theory la ethical rather than religious The strurtura of tha in tha form of a la vary simple and makes the development of events and character nnnaually dear "The Diary of a la essentially a book and women will weep over Its multitude of touching chapters and taka Into their hearts tha noble girl who la Its central figure Judged from the standpoint of literary worth and of human interest this volume Is a notable addition to tha lit eratura of th year Diary of a by Arlo Bates Cloth $160 Houghton Mifflin ft Cou Boston) I Tha power of narration which la one of Elisabeth Stuart rare en-i dowmente ia present in full measure in her latest novel it la the story of man and wife of a beau liful love of a passing act of neglect and Its tremendous consequences and of a physician's almost superhuman skill and heroism All Marshall Avery asked for waa another chance Few men ever suffer ao rude an awakening as waa hla yet the unexpected outcome of It 11 la stimulating and satisfying This story recently appeared in aerial form under the title of There le an attratlve frontispiece Illustration by Albert Sterner Mrs Phelps has gained an enviable position In American literature by reason of her tmltahte style and her broad human sympathy which la reflected In every volume from her pen Her little novels always point a good moral and are of undeniable benefit in teaching wholesome lessons to men and women In "Avery" the style la clear bold and concise but the pervading charm of the book la Its grip on tke Eternal secrets of th human heart by Elisabeth Btuarr Phelps Cloth Illustrated $LOO Houghton Mifflin A Co Boston) Few are able to write lasplred non sense but Uura Richards le one of tho few Her rhymes are as truly literature In their waya aa "Captain and Tree' la theirs These Jingles are hardly captivating than tha Immortal child lyrics of Lear and lewis Carroll Mra Richards gives remarkable evidence of her versatility by entering thla dig- A NEW BIBLICAL PLAI MISS EDNA LITTHAUER Tfuggata mf 7ama A New York women bee been married seven times Chicago women have discovered th dew bathe ere good for the eomplexlon It la reported hns bought tin "Seven lamps 00V Henry Flagler has had built In his naw home at Palm Beach Fla the largest pipe organ ever placed In a private In thle country "Ha calle the bebye a name! What does ha call It that for?" "Rrcaute It keeps him awake Philadelphia Evening Bulletin "Jiilmaon writea that ha's Juat killed the hero In Ills new I worry over any Jury Atlanta Constitution Alexander tha Orest used his sword a gal net women rather than for them and one of hie favorite paetlmee waa beating hla wives with tha flat of his atael blade One of the mnet magnificent ballrooms In Ihe United Kingdom la In Lord In-veagh'a house In Dublin It la seventy feet long and forty feet wide and tba floor Inis a delightful Japan's la teat curiosity Is a baby boy who at the age of ton montha weljrlia nearly four stone and la over three feet In stature Hie parents have taken him In Tnkio to have him educated by a wrestler An Eiucllahman haa Invented a machine for receiving and registering theater tlch-elM which when ones Inserted cannot he abstracted This Invention will shortly lie given a trial at soma of the leading Lonilim theaters One of the Unmet co ft set lone of eharms In Europe Is nwrn-d by Queen Alexandra It conaletH mainly uf tiny elephants In malachite Jalc porphyry sapphire and turouota and humming birds and swallows baea ami lio-tles which era real works of art CdHri1 llit mud Jfemr Motor cycles end the footliall game are removing some of the Hrrmrtmt Americana of the youthful Uuffulo News Cuba and Colombia are two pouting youngsters with whom your Uncle Hum may yet have to retire to the Cleveland Plain Dealer General Uiilw-Urllie la evidently a member of one of the oldest families one that waa established before lh Invention of ditto Washington Star Probabl ythe Danish West Indies will ba marked down again after the hulldays Uncle Bum can afford to Bt Louis Olobe-Dumocrat The people down round the Isthmus could have hlasted a ditch across with ine powder they lisva burned In popping uway at each other In tha last thirty or foriy Minneapolis Times Tha prince of Wales tha crown prince of Germany Prince Henry and thi- kins I ef Hlum are to visit tha United Htutes Thla In getting to be qultq a royally Toledo lice 1 We outfit the coming voters as well as the present voters flcult realm of nursery verse and carrying off the laurals with tha same case aha haa shown in other fields of literature Even her very titles are an Inspiration What child could resist Little Dame Benching and Billy Bobwig?" Tha one hundred pictures by Mr Mora are irresistibly amusing and deserve a place In tha company of these droll and fascinating verses This Is an Ideal book for children of all ages Substantially bound clean In tone and to the last degree humorous and clever by lAura Richards Cloth Illustrated 85 cents Dana Eatea ft Co Boston) Who does not enjoy the rollicking ryhmea of verses of the college boy or girl? Every on whose good fortune It has been to run across the Cap and Gown series will welcome Its newest addition It la a selection of the beat verses collected by Paget from college magazines It ia ihe third volume of the aeries the other two having proven so popular that but few words of praise will be needed for this one The college publications represented are The Cornell Widow tha University of Chicago Monthly Bryn Mawr I-anters Harvard Advocate Lampoon and Monthly Princeton Tiger and Nassau Literary Mazarine Smith College Monthly Vassar Miscellany Wellesley Magaxine Yale Con rant and tha Harvard publications Tala Literary Magazine and Record and a great many othera One ia not called upon to criticize college verse (It ia never called poetry) ao all that need ba aald of thla volnme la that It fulfil la the promise made by the author In a brief preface College men and women will take no little pleasure In thla volume and edited hy I Paget Cloth Illustrated $L00 CL Page ft Co Boston) Energy all gone? Headache? Stomach out of order? Simply a cane of torpid liver Burdock Blood Bitters will mske a new man or woman of yon For sale by Bomm Drug Co Fourth and Walnut streets and Bomm Drug Co Fifth and Main streets ZPmrmfnpJkt (rhlcago News) Success never comes to tha man who sits on an empty dry foods bo xarnl whistles for It It's coaler to make a tool of a dull man than of a sharp one True happiness consists In th pursuit of a thing rather than tha catching there-of A street car runs twice aa that when a man I trying to catch It aa It does when he la riding In It An Iriahmnn saya It's folly to light with a rolnred man became If tha latter gels a black cya It doesn't ahow THE MENUS WEDNESDAY BREAKFAST Fruit it Cream Ham Omelet Creamed Potatoes Coffee LUNCH Eacallopcd Oysters Grilled Tomatoes butter Cuke Cocoa DINNER Clear Vegetable Soup Hlcwed Apples Ulased Onion Mnahvd Tnmlus Celery Bnlart Compote of Prur Whipped Cream Cuffe bh row" Speaking of Shirts Now Honestly Do you know of anyone better equipped to handle your business than us? As Llttla gkoa Next to tha Oanus I THE EVANSVILLE COURIER THE EVANSVILLE COURIER CO HENRY MURPHY Manege Office sf publication 19 Mein Street TELEPHONES: Butlneee Office Editorial Room SOI 833 eeieeeaaeei (Entered at the Poet Office at Bvanaville Indiana as aecond-rlaae metier 7 SUBSCRIPTION Or THE COURW: By Postpaid DAILY AND SUNDAY Oee Year IJ Six Montha a Three Montha I DAILY One Year a Sx Montha I a One Month a SUNDAY One Year eaeeeaeaeeeaaeeaeeeeeactl ell TO CITY iuisCRTBRRS: Deny delivered Sunday Included 19 rente per week THE TWI CN-A-WKEK COURIER: One copy IM leeuea one year by nail WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5 1902 In Evansville The Courier UNDOUBTEDLY occupies FIRST rank Printer's Ink Persons desiring TH COURIER dalle-nd at their homo can secure It by postal raid request or order through telephone Ho IVl Should delivery be Inagular please ska Immediate complaint at the office After all somebody waa wrong Good morning! Did you vote yesterday? "You Covert can't lose Charles Hoaest now Mr Hemenway auch did It coat you? how The officeholders from Washington having hemenwayed yesterday will now go home The klnetlscope pictures of the Colombian revolution are a failure The Ights should he pulled off again to uuure good films The more one saw of tba seventh Yard yesterday the leva ha waa convinced of the incorruptablllty of the American voter A careful analysis of tha situation does not seem to Justify the claim that ant to Georgs Washington and Abraham Lincoln James A Hemenway la lbs greatest American who ever lived SMOTHER A COUGH You can smother a cough with your hand but you cure it that way Some medicines only smother coughs Scott's Emulsion cuies them Old coughs and deep-rooted coughs be cured until the inflammation which causes them has been replaced by healthy tissue That is exactly the kind of thorough work Scott's Emu sion dues It changes the entire' nature of the throat and fangs so that there is nothing to cough about awdlwmxenBwpie (0LOTT WWimtliehHeIBiianV Daring that la justified by Its success may characterize the new venture of Mra Minnie Maddern Flake who la no appearing In the title ride of of which as its name implies ia a religious play Mrs Flake gives a beautiful rendering of the sacred role and is scoring another triumph Will the newly elected pro ecu tor after swearing to do hie whole duty pass over the cases of flagrant fraud and dishonesty In connection with the pest house management? may not he a Corsican but my line Italian hand shows up every little James A lleinenway Evidently A seventh ward negro hit another with a shovel yesterday What an open face the latter party must have had! Political history falls to record gamer light than that put up by John 8pencer Nevertheless the Roane county londa are stable evidence of mismanagement It la even told that Hanna left a nice little donation when he was down thle way Whats the matter with the fifty-eighth precinct all right We may now expect to see tha Roane county hondi at IK per cent It la rumored Bill Elliott went behind the barn to vote And the next day It snowed TUB STRONG -AND TUB WBAK "They say tha strong should help the weak so I suppose this egg is giving a rlendly hand to the tee and by Jova wants It!" Election Night Many a cold contracted election night wll' eucumb to Cure-Cold WAI GflTE WILLING i "I want you to understand however aald her father "that 1 consent to your marriage only under pro! set" that's nil tha young man replied "If ysu will let none of tha demands 1 my make on you afterward go SARGENT WOULD PAINT University of Chicago seem to think 1 of the will he Juat as much education In that In- dilution with the "tn" ihR off in the Junior rollrtte course We shall Minneapolis Times right! I'll POEM OF THE DAY DRY EYES MY HONEY (Atlanta Umuitltution) 1 Rnlny day don't coma tar ntay: Dry yn' f-ts my honeyl 'll blow de clnuda away: Dry yo' ryt-a my honeyl 'Wiiy up uirt t-r In de blue Think ilat run le drowned In dew? hidr-rn seek wkl Dry yo' ey is my honeyl If Vl'lct In hie Sunday close Dry yo' rrs my honeyl Hit's di Min dst makes do rose Dry yn' ryes my honey! lak yo' heart would break W'en Ur ruin elch muelo make Dat rtt liinlN site wide Dry yo' rye my honeyl Pills After eating will derive eflhtacpuik If you hare DRINKING TOO MUCH they wlU prompter reUsv the naason SICK HEADACHE i Mtlswsbsbtt which Mows restart the appetite aad remove gloomy feel-iaga Osgaatly eager coated ToLe Mo Substitute John Sargent the famous America portrait painter la anxious to" cure a sitting from Miss Edna Lltthau the famous society belle whose beauty has brought her International faifle FITTIXM on Aiwa -I la assuming an air great virtue Isn't should say ao Hhe sues the papers for all scandals thay publish about tier that hav not been supplied by hur press agent.

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