The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1890
Page 5
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O'Eourke appeared and took his seat. The board completed the canvass of votes, which resulted as follows: For the office of Secretary of state there were cast 2409 votes, of which Wm. M. McFarland received 1285, W. H. Chamberlain 1123, E. P. Brown 1. For the office of anditor of state there were cast 2408 votes, of which Jas. A. Lyons received 1285, Geo. S. Witters 1125. For the office of treasurer ot state there were cast 2407 votes, of which Byron A. Beeson received 1282, W. L. White 1125. For the office of attorney general there were cast 2330 votes, of which John Y. Stone received 1285, C. II. Mackey 1044, T.F:'Willis 1. For tlie office of Judge of the supreme court there were cast 2421 votes, of which James II. Bothrock received 1285, P. B. Wolf 1125, Geo. D. Porter 1. For the office of clerk of the supreme court there were cast 2411 votes, of which Gilbert B. Pray received 1285, E. J. Sankey 1125, Alf. Wooster 1. For the office of Reporter of tlie supreme court there were cast 2411 votes, of which Nathaniel B. Raymond received 1286, Theo. W. Ivory 1124, D. J. Morris 1. For the office of railroad commissioner there were cast 2411 votes, of which John W. Luke received 1267, Peter A. Dey 1148, J. M. Joseph 1. On the question, "Shall there be a convention to revise the constitution and amend the same," there were cast 1448 votes, of which "yes" received 264 and "no" 1184. For the office of representative in congress there were cast 2405 votes of which Jonathan P. Dolliver received 1207,1. L. Woods 1198. For the office of judge of the district court there were cast 1292 votes, of which Geo. II. Carr received 1292. For the office of clerk of the district court there were cast 2388 votes, of •which A. A. Brunson received 1312, D. S. Ford 1072, and 3 scattering. A. A. Brunson having received a majority of all the votes cast was declared elected clerk of the district court. For the office of county recorder there were cast 2409 votes, of which L. C. 'Smith received 1216, M. F. Randall 1191, and 2 scattering. L. C. Smith having received a majority ot all the votes cast was declared elected county recorder. For the office of county attorney there were cast 2382 votes, of which W. L. Joslyn received 1279, W. B. Quarton 1103. W. L. Joslyn having received a majority of all the votes cast was declared elected county attorney, For the office of member of the board of supervisors there were cast 4707 votes, of which G. H. Peters received 1303, L. D. Lovell 1201, Grant Benschoter 1168, J. B. Mousel 1140. G. H. Peters and L. D. Lovell were declared elected members of the board of supervisors. The following were declared elected justices of the peace and constables in the different'townships: Algoua—Justices, 8 A Thompson. V VI Taylor; constables, 0 B Matson, K 0 'I'uttle. Burt-Ju8tice6,JNEasterly,Geo Angus ana Pfttterepn t||i;«oB8j»bles, H U Badway, Obw McOoruiack. ,«'«•• Buffalo-Justice*!, E WPa'mer, X P Gr»y; constables, J H ftrarVT » Wink• E ?»taW.»»w aWco^-jiujJiieefr J .8 Duttou, 0 HickaM ; constables, Artlmr Duttoo, TUos Colliuson. Fentou-JusSwVQ Cfcbbetts, F Newell; constables, Wm pack, S a jfeweU. Q Austin; coustable^ j£ L Hudson, 'Geo V Pa,- V Germau-Justlftes, P B Johusou, 8 Myer constables,'A Meyer, Jo" Krause. Domellei', J Mertz M Smith ws. A Carl- Hebron-Justices constables, Wm «o Harrison-Justices, son; constables.Neto l«s, (J W 8luiuwu* v W .jAMUtfc Kainsay-Justices, 8 Snyder, H P Smith; constables. Jas Uhrlstlanson. A Pett. Kiverdale-Jnstices, Alex Fraser.l, M Kasey: constables, M Jones, Thitges. Sherman—Justices. Max Miller, O M Parsons ; constables, S A Dunn. John Conners. Seneca-Justices. Oeo Fuller, W Klain : constables, M Klein, W W Alcoj-u. Swea—Justices, K M Bvavender, 0 A Molln- dor ; constables, 0 A Evlckson, Union—Justices, W T Hourne. August Dau ; constables, K Donovan,'John Hopkins. Wesley—Justices. A E Kennedy, Obed Hob- nson ; constables, Wm walton, K Ash. Whittemore-Justtces, W It Jones, H P Hatch ; constables. H. S Dally, J V Wlchler. On motion D. A. Buell was authoriz- d to sell lot 2 in block 54, Algona, to J. G. Green on contract for $400. On motion M. O'Eourke was appointed a committee to repair the bridge over Purcell creek in Irvington township. Resolved, That consent road petition of Alex Fraser and Jas. Young, in Eiv- erdale township, be granted and each of the parties be allowed $3. Adopted- On motion the action of the committee in employing S. W. Nelson as stew, .ird of the poor farm at a salary of $30o per year was approved and the auditor was authorized to bny the salary when , due. On motion tlie action of the committee in regard to bridge between sec- ions 9 and 10, township 97, range 27, was approved. On motion Alfred Anderson was allowed $30 additional damage on road No. 327, through error in former allowance. At 11:55 a. m. the board adjourned til 1 p. m. Board met at 1 p. m. as per adjournment, members all present. On motion the bond of T. H. Lantry as member of the Soldiers' Belief Commission was approved. The consent highway petition of D. A. Buell and Frank Nicholson for road beginning at the west end of Elm street as laid out in the recorded plat of Burt, Kossuth county, Iowa, and running thence west parallel with said Elm street 383 feet, was granted. On motion G. H. Peters was appointed a committee to view location of bridge petitioned for on the center line of section 30-98-28. Eoad No. 347, petitioned for by Leander Barton and others, was located as follows: Commencing at the southwest corner of section 34-94-27 and running thence north on section line to a point 17.25 chains north of the southwest corner of section 34-95-27, thence north 45 degrees, east 2.12 chains, thence north parallel with section line 4 chains, thence north 45 degrees, west 2.12 chains to section line, thence north on section line to the southwest corner of section 22-95-27. Damages were allowed as per appraisers' report»and costs assumed by county. Road No. 384 petitioned for by Jacob Hein and others was located as follows: Commencing at the northeast corner of section 8-100-27 and running thence south on section line to the southeast corner of section 32-100-27. Damages were allowed as per appraisers' report and costs assumed by the county. Eoad No. 349, petitioned for by N. E. Bradburn and others, was located as follows: Commencing at the southeast corner of section 26-100-28 and running thence west on section line and terminating at the southwest corner of section 30-100-28. Damages were allowed as per appraisers' report and costs assumed by county. Eoad No. 350, petitioned for by C. H. Lichty and others, was located as follows: Commencing at center of section 81-94-27 and running thence east on section line 115 rods to the east line Lu Verne cemetery. There being no claims for damages cost of location was assumed by the county. On motion the auditor was authorized to have appraised and offer for sale the school lands in townships 98 and 09, in range 28. On motion D. A. Buell and M, O'Eourke were appointed a committee to view road petitioned for by C. Rip- pentrot and others. On motion the auditor was authorized to buy 10 volumes Code of Iowa, revision of 1890. On motion the treasurer was ordered to refund to A. P. Nelson $6.33 tax of 1889 on the ni of swi section 13-98*27 on account of exemption for trees. On motion the treasurer was ordered to refund $8.60 tax of 1889 of Joseph Menz, on se} section 31-97-30, on account of exemption for trees. Qn motion the treasurer was ordered to refund to C. W. Parker WM tax of 1889 on ei nw and sw nw 22-95-29 on account of exemption for trees. At 5:20 p. m. the board adjourned till 8:30 a, m. Jfov, 12, November lg.—Board met at 8:80 a. m. as per adjournment, members ail present except M. O'BqiJrt On motion the school fund loans made by the auditor in vacation were approved. Resolved, That the treasurer be and ia hereby directed and authorised to ~ m from &U tax sales , »si of the «wi of section on account of erroneous taxation, the sawe being a U. S. homestead and not subject to be taxed. Adopted. On motion Geo, V. Davis, 8r., was appointed deputy tax collector for the lorth part of the county, as requested by the treasurer. On motion the auditor was authoriz- to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this session. On motion the board were allowed he sums set opposite their names i'or services at this session. \ ? £ et ?, rs 21/ » da -vs, 10 miles .............. 911 »2 > A BuellZHdays ...................... 10 no C A Olson 2'/, days, 25 miles ............. 13 oo t« miles .................. n 015 - U days, M O'Rourke 1 Any, 7 miles . . . ; ........... 4 84 On motion the board adjourned sine die. J. B. HOKIUS, Aud. SCHKDUM: OP CLAIMS. OOUNTV FUND, A I, Deane & Oo. two vault fronts ....... $MO oo II lyinley. setting vault doors etc ...... 24 oo j W Holm, half (loxbrooitu fore h ....... i 35 Je< tha Carey, salary and postage ....... 24n 80 lallev Bros, Roods for c h ........... ..... 3 go ) A Haggard , tax collector . . ........... 20 75 aatt Parrott & Sons, stationery ........ B TO Carter & Hussoy. stationary .............. r>2 oo V It LHHjoreux, reportee district court. . IB oo Starr & Hallock, printing ................. 4 75 Wm Goodrich, posting notices in fl ebron i oo lorace Mann, surveying roads ........... 1100 latt Hoi t/,bauer, work at c h ............ 45 no A A Brunson, clerk hire October term. . . 12 oo S H Stephens, ball Iff October term ....... a oo O V Holloway, bailiff May and Oct twins lo m Jas On;, glazing at c h .................... i no AOsborne, work ate h ........ ......... B oo Hyson, use of room for election.... ... 200 VHHiley, same ....................... -200 } Benjamin, ballill Oct term court ...... u oo Jpper Des Moines, printing, etc ......... 200 01 y erne 8 Kilts & (Jo, printing election proo 20 oo A A Bruuson, report to state board ot health .............................. 3,1575 F W Hlnchon, printing, etc .......... 14311 OAMolinder.JP and other fees state vs tJarl Tegelberger ................... 510 E H Olarke, justice and other fees case State vs Jos Alderman ................. s co U Clarke, justice and other fees case State vs Mrs Peter Johnson ........ 15 oo Geo V Davis, justice and other fees state vs Elias Curtis ...................... s so A A Brunson, lees in State cases and Com of insanity of Parts <ireen ........ 5175 •I Stephens, sheriff .................... 130 go 'as Orr, painting ......................... i oo )urant Bros, goods for c h ............... 4 50 ohn Uundas, trustee Swea ............. 2 on ' A Hale, do ....................... 2 oo ' B Mousel, trustee Ramsay .............. 4 oo 1 1.. Ward, trustee Buffalo ................ 2 oo 1 1< ergnson, trustee Plum Creek ....... 4 oo t Stephenson. trustee J.otts Creek ...... 2 oo 8 W Stantou, do ........................ 200 M B Chapiu, trustee Union .............. 4 oo lus Archer, trustee Lotts Creek .......... 2 no ^athan Studer. trustee Prairie .......... 2 oo M Emke, trustee Hebron ................. 4 oo ohn Isenbrans, trustee German ........ o oo 'ohn Klppentrot. do ................. ... o oo Yin Clement, do ..................... coo 3 A Olson, trustee Greenwood ........... 2 oo C B Kewis, trustee Irvington ............. o oo A U Bush, do .......................... 400 W B Pratt, trustee Plum Creek ........... e oo Jeo Steward, trustee Ittverdale ....... lo oo w M Cook, trustee Burt ...... .......... 400 Martin Rahm.tnutee Pralrfo and returning poll book ........................ 530 K J Hunt, trustee Plum Creek and returning polfbook ...................... 460 Teachers' Department D A Wallace, trustee Irvington and returning poll book 420 Geo W Eddy, trustee Wesley and re- > turning poll book 720 Weisbrode, trustee Fenton 2 on 200 9 9 Tjbbetts. do and returning poll book r> GO r A Simpson, Whittemore returning p b 3 oo Fas Archer, Lotts Creek returning p b... s 30 WF Hoflus, trustee Union 400 Geo H Nelson, trustee Buffalo and returning poll book 020 W Uauey, trustee Kiverdale and returning poll book 9 20 r D Davison, trustee Portland 4 oo C A Olson, Harrison returning p b 4 70 " H Blossom, judge of election Algona and returning poll book 5 oo TG Smith, do 3 oo )LLund. do 300 < 8 Sessions, clerk do 3 <IQ C H Wadsworth, do 300 ) A. Buell, judge 2d ward and ret p b 5 as ,... 325 AW Moffatt-do .......... 3 25 2 0 Tuttle, clerk do 3 25 G 1) Pettibone, do 325 John Wallace, judge 3d ward Algona ... 3 26 J B Wutkel, do 3 25 Dormoy, do and returning p b 5 25 A Clock, judge election 4th ward 3 25 J F Nlcoulin, do 3 25 .<" M Taylor, do 3 25 A Peugnet, clerk do .. 325 W H Nycum. clerk and returning p b ... 5 25 ep H Nelson, judge Buffalo township.. 3 no iL Ward, do 350 Win M Lameroux, do 350 3 Keib*imeii, clerk do 350 350 Wm Cook, judge Butt 3 50 Alt Nafus, do 350 Tlios Hanna, do 350 Jteve Nicholson, clerk do 3 eo W O Hodgson, clerk do 3 50 Chester luekard, judge Oresco 3 50 3 8 Potter, do .......7 3 BO Lewis Miller, do 350 Win Johnson, clerk do 3 eo Win H Oo veil, clerk do 350 Mike Welsbrod, judge Fenton 3 50 O 0 Tlbbetts, do 3 50 Fred8ta3er, do.. 350 j M Moore, clerk do 350 lij Newell, do 350 OA Searl, judge Greenwood and returning pb... 7 70 E L Ward, judge Greenwood 4 oo Geo O Austin, do ....' ....... 4-00 K E Uavison, clerk do 4 00 15 0 Anderson, do 4 00 C R Lewis, judge Irvington a so D A Wallace, do 350 AKBush, do 360 J W Bates, clerk do 350 350 Wm Clement, judge German 3 25 John Isenbrand, do 3 25 John K Klppentrot, do 3 25 P E Johnson, clerk and returning p b ... 7 75 John H Bruns, clerk 325 A K Klnney, judge Garneld • 350 Fred King, do 350 Martin Boustetter, cleric 3 50 Henry Porweiler, do... 3 50 0 A Olson, judge Harrison soo 300 Nelfl Munson, do 300 John Bengston, clerk do ,. 3 oo 0 M Wasson. clerk do 3 oo C 8 Pendleton. judge Hebron. 3 25 .."".;...... 3 25 Win KwJte, do 325 L A Hauge, clerk do 3 25 R A Richardson, do 325 Geo Miller, judge LuVeroe and ret p b... 7 John A Robinson, judge do 3 J 0 Raymond, do 350 0 H Llclity, clerk do 360 360 Jas Archer, judge Lotts Creek 3 eo 8 WStanton.dS.... 3 60 & Stephenson. do a 60 alias Houpe, clerk do s eo 3 60 P X Per«uslm, Judge Plum Greek 3 60 KJBunt, do ,.. 360 (Continued next week,) t£TCar load barb Cheaper than ever, wire 85 cets per cwt. wire at Howard's, Genuine Glidden For Sale. Young, brood mare for sale by 7-8 BROS. THE COUNTY NEWS. WANCKOFT. Special Correspondene. BANCIIOFT, Nov. 18.—J. G. Edwards as sold his livery business to Mr. Kinley, and gave possession last Satur- .ay. J. G. will start a feed mill now n his lot north of the Farmer's Home. Gertrude Wheelock was up from Alona last week visiting with Nellie lumiston. Miss Ida Hunt went to Clear Lake Monday. F. K. Anderson has sold his house nd lot to C. 11. Morehouse and will uild another as soon as possible. Mrs. Miller, who has been visiting er daughter in Des Moines for several months, returned to Bancroft Saturday nd will stay with her daughter, Mrs. T . A. Campbell. John Duckmanton has sold his farm lortheast of town and will start a ilacksmith shop in Bancroft in the near future. Misses Mattie and Katie Winkel r ent to Livermore Thursday to visit elatives for a few days, and from there hey will go to Eagle Grove. HOUSK TO BENT. Inquire of Miss Jennie Mclotyre. tf ^ Harper's Magazine for December will be a superb Christmas number. The ill uatrations will include, besides a frontis piece in tints, a large number of full-page engravings representing aome of the bes modern artists. The flcUea, which will be given a prominent place ia this oum ber, is of a character especially appropri ate to the holiday eeaeou,^ and the edit orial departments will be brimful of allusions to Christmas cheer and Christmas duties. A complete stock of millim . for the fall trade. Matson, McCall & Co MeCaU 4Qo.hwsoB] complete Uw of ftttff* P l ^f»'J UefOW Communications for this department ,re solicited. The Twenty sixth anttal meeting of he Iowa State Teachers Association vill be held in Des Moines Dec. Sth — an., 2nd. The railroads have made ne and one third rate for members of he association, on the certificate plan, all who enroll as members of the associ- tion are entitled to the reduced rail- oad and hotel rates and to admission o the lectures provided by the associ- tion. All teachers who can possibly ttend will feel amply repaid for the ime and expense. The board of school directors at Cher- kee has inaugurated a reform that has reated a sensation among school teach- rs. The board announces that here- fter every teacher will be requested to ign a contract agreeing not togetmar- ied during the school year. It has een much troubled by the resignation f teachers for matrimonial purposes tiring the past year, and proposes to bviate the difficulty in this way. NORMAL NOTES. Classes are begining review work ow and students are anticipating the xaminations which will soon occur. Visitors have been more numerous ecently: Parents and others having n interest in educational work have Topped in to see what the pupils are oing. At the close of the term, the evening f Dec. 5th, a patriotic entertainment vill be given by the students, preper- tions for which are now being made. The Principal reports that appli- ations from other counties for teachers xceed the supply. There are several vanted now. If there are any ex- 'erienced teachers in the county, who re without positions, they should ap- ly to Prof. Dodge at once. BUFFALO FORK, 'Special Correspondence. FORK, Nov. 14.-~The Mite ocie'ty met at Mrs. Manley's last hursday. There was a good attend- ,nce and a good time. Our new Recorder and wife were at Vlgona Monday and Tuesday of this week. Uncle Benny Smith hxirt his foot so )adly on the tine of a pitch fork that 16 is confined to the house. Mrs. Bartlett is on the sick list igain. Everybody is husking corn, men, women and children. had HEBRON. Special Correspondence. HEBHON", Nov. 17.—Hebron has quite a rain. School commenced in the Brown ichool house the 17th. >>Gustus "Whithorn has moved into his lewxhouse and is putting up agooU >arn. Elmore is to have a flour mill. Thanksgiving and the Holidays Near at Hand. Get Eeady for the Turkeys, Until January 1, 1891, we will sell all sizes of Platters CJ. & G-. Mekin's Iron Stone China) at a Discount of 20 Per Cent. We have a nice line of Lamps and Chamber sets. Call get prices before you buy. a Few of our Bargains: WE ARE AGENTS FOB ROCK SALT. All kinds of 5 cent yeast for Soda per package Axle Grease per box Lewis Lye per box Gloss Starch per pound Clothes Pins per dozen .08 .05 .06 .10 .05 .01 We are still selling Boots and Shoes very cheap. Come in and let us fit you. Townsend & Langdon 'Jlrm Loans AT O, 7, 7 ami a half, and 8 per cent, on five to ten years time with privi' liege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. 9 Save money by calling on me before you apply for Loan. ===== ______ J. W. M. Z. GROVE. JOHN ZBZE3OS. LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. \.$ West of Thorlngton House. |y|. Z. GROVE We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof fn even 9100 at any time when interest falls due. This is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address, HOXIE & REAVER, Algona, Iowa. Farm Loans, Abstracts, oo. At Lowest Rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If yon want a loan call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. IT WILL PAY YOU Winkle Bro's, -TO CALL AT- IFYOU ARE IN NEED OF Stoves or Hardware. Election is Over-So is High Prices for Stoves I have a full line of Cooks and Heaters, among which Is the celebrated; ROUND OAK, standing at the head of the soft coal burners. I shall meet all competition, selling at bottom prices. Take one. G. M. HOWARD. WKST BEND. Journal: A. S. Bookman, of Denver, Colorado, and G. B. Bookman, of Des] koines, spent a ten day's vacation with their parents at this place. The former had not been in West Bend for ihree years and hardly recognized the ;own. Over twenty residences have been juilt in West Bend this year, besides ;hree brick stores, two frame ones, a .arge elevator, two hay barns,two barns for st9ring baled hay of about 500 tons capacity each, and many smaller barns, additions and improvements. II. W. McFarland has gone to Hardy x) take charge of the lumber company's branch at that place. Mrs. McFarland and Neva went yesterday. Their many West Bend friends wish them lots of good fortune in their new home. Mrs. Braley and Mrs. Paddock of Livermore, visited in the family of Dr. Bachman a few days last week. Mrs. Braley went from here to Dakota, to visit her daughter, Mrs. Forrest. Mrs. Bachman accompanied her as far as JSmmetsburg. We have nearly 100 .cases of Arctics and they must) be sold.—Stough. Job lot Caps, jn Plush Cloth and Jersey, for Ladies, Misses, Children, Men and Boys. Latest styles. Bought by us at less than half toe usual price. We have a big stock and they must be sold regardless of cost. GEO. L. GALBBAITH & Co. Your cough will not last all winter: You will not be kept awake at night; You will get immediate relief if You will USB PeWHt's cough and consumption cure. @old by Dr. Sheetz. Fred WillBOft keeps the Iowa soft coal for sale, Beet ia the market. Headache is the direct result of indigestion and stomach disorders. Remedy these by using DeWitt's Little Early Risers and disappears. The favorite • w 8oldbySh**te. , overshoes f i a pair, covered gloves we. at I i -* Clothing *••%$ We have just added to our stock a fine line of Men's Clothing which we will sell at bottom prices. If you are in need of a Suit or an Overcoat call in and we will try and suit you both in Quality and Price. -* Our Stock *- Of Dry Goods, Notions, Boots and Shoes, etc., etc., is more complete than ever before. G, L, GALBBAITH & CO, Can supply ycm with everything you want m building material and fuel, And Don't You Forpt it, —All ye Westers Call &t—• Taylor's New

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