The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1890 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1890
Page 3
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IOWA STATE NEW& BUTtER MEN. A Convention with Delegates Rnpreseat- Inc »60,000,rt()0 )» Products. th& fcJurtoenth annual convention ol the Iowa Butter, Egg and Choose Association was held at Fort Dodgo, and re- Solutions wore passed officially indorsing the action of tho representatives of kindred associations of the United States, assembled in Chicago in Sop- tembo': last, in voting to hold a ropro* sentatlvo dairy exhibition during the Columbian Exposition. A resolution was passed requesting that the duty of the State Dairy Commissioner should teen enlarged, and that ho should be charged with the enforcement of tbe State laws against the adulteration of food products. The following officers were elected: President— O. L. Dennlson, Mason City. Vice-President— C. L. Qabrlelson, Ncwhamp ton. Secretary— J. \V. Johnson, OsUaloosa. Treasurer— O. W. Sibley, State Center. Executive Committee— A. C. Tupper, A. Freeman and D. Parsons. The convention represented an industry whose revenues in tbo State amount to $50, 000, 000 yearly, Iowa be ing second only to New York in tb.8 value of its products. THE HIGH SCHOOLS. Statistics Showing- the ProgreRft of Those Institution)* in tho State. The Superintendent of Public Instruction has issued a pamphlet containing tho statistics of the high schools of the State. This is tbe first time any thing of the kind has been attempted. It contains the length of tbe course of each high school in tho State, the number of years spent in labor and tbo number of girls and boys in attendance. On October 15 there were 10,680 pupils, 0,885 were girls and 4,031 boys. During tbe school year of 1889-90 the total attendance was 11,093—of girls, 6,837, and of boys, 4,220. Tbe additional pupils who will come in will carry this year's total far above that ot last year. An interesting feature is the greater proportionate increase of the number of girls in attendance than boys* SECRETARY RUSK/ A flyfioptit of tho Annual tteport ot th« | ' Equal to Jersey It can not be said tbat justice was tardy in the case of James F. Thompson, the colorp''' porter of the Wagner sleeper who/' jbod a passenger on his car of , $3S. lie was taken to Marshalltown by officers, his case taken up by tbe grand jury, that body indicting him upon his own admission of guilt. Ho was taken before Judge Weaver, wbo sentenced him to fifteen months' hard labor in the Fort Madison penitentiary, and the sheriff took him there. All was accomplished in four days. | Iowa's Officials. Every man who has occupied the Gubernatorial chair since 1860 is alive- Kirk wood, Stone, Carpenter, Merrill, Newbold, Sherman, Gear and Larrabee. Grimes and Lowe aro tbe only Kepub- lican Governors who have died. Of the Democratic ex-Governors all are gone, Governor Hempstead being the last to pass away. Of tbe United States Senators tbo State has had all are living except Governor Grimes and Generals Dodge, Jones, Harlan, Wright and Kirkwood. _____ An Old Watch. A peculiar old time-piece was brought to a Kookuk jeweler for repairs. It was an old-fashioned, turnip-shaped silver watch made by Ed F. Faulkner, of London, tbo number being '425. The escapement was the old verge model. Tho dial was silver, the figures being raised from tbe face and being in both Roman and Arabic numerals. Tbe watch was an inch and a quarter in thickness and is one of the very fewold^ timers of tbat model now in existence. Will Try Rabbits' Eyeg. Frank Beslin, the blind editor, who at one time conducted a paper at Cherokee, and who Is now engaged in newspaper work at Salt Lake City, is soon to have a remarkable operation performed on his eyes. This operation will be tbe transplanting of rabbits' eyes and connecting thorn with the optic nerves. There are several instances on record where tbe operation has proved successful. _ (inquest* for Mlsilonarles. Tho will of the late Franklin B. Jag- tfor, of Burlington, has been filed, and among the bequests made are $5,000 to •the American Home Missionary Society of New York; 85,000 to the Iowa Congregational Home Missionary Society; £5,0 0 to tho Iowa College at Grinnell, and $2,000 to tbe public library of Burlington. News in Brief, Thirty-five farms in Franklin County contain over 1,000 acres each. Nelson Thompson, a farmer of Deui» son, was gored to death by an enraged ; bull. The State Board of Health has been notified of an epidemic of diphtheria in Union. Shelby County. Hiram Loomis, Thirty-Seventh Iowa Infantry, an inmate of the Soldiers' Jlowe at Marsbatltown, is 89 years old, A bald-headed bird of freedom, measuring eight feet from tip to tip, was shoo and killed near Otcumwa. Mis,s Mary Purcell was burneft to 4 crisp at Mason City by her clothes caich Ing. fire from a stove. Gardner post No. 90, G. A. B., pre* sen ted the Nora Springs public schools with a fine United States flag. The Rodd,ewjjr SobmWt Cracker Company's factory a$ Paveuport was burned. Loss, $'J5,OQQ. A golden-crowned, eagle, measuring eight feet frpm tip to tip, was shot near Little Sioux. Auditor Wolflnpy, o* Fort Dodge, a prehistory relj^Jn, the soape of a Bd human skull, which be fpund coni-tteld neg-r ^hjftt city the other tho Agricultural Department. WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.—The Secretary of Agriculture has presented his annual report to the President. By comparing prices at Chicago fot October 16 of 1890 and of 1889 he shows n marked increase ia tbe values of agricultural products* especially of cereals. A tabular statement of agricultural exports of the last fiscal year, including live animals, barley, hay, potatoes, hops, cheese, eggs, flax, ^vool, tobacco* wines, etc., tbe old and new tariff rates being given- for each, indicates a material increase In the import duties on these articles and shows each to have been imported in considerable quantities. Tbe Secretary asserts tbat without ignoring the effects of natural causes, in enhancing values, it is evident that the economic legislation of tbe last session of Congress has directly benefited tbe farmers, the improved value of oereals, as he believes, boing largely due to the silver legislation, which, moreover, has lessened the influence of Russia and India, our whnat competitors in British markets. Our increased export trade in cattle and animal products, another cause for congratulation, he traces to tbe energetic and cftejtive measures adopted for the eradication of pleuro-pneumonia and to tbe growing appreciation at home and abroad of tho department's ability to suppress or effectually control contagious animal diseases. Tho outlook for a home sugar industry is considered favorable. A good ' article of sugar is shown to have been produced profitably from sorghum, varieties of which with large sugar con- 1 tents have been -developed through the j efforts of tbe Department of Agriculture. The Secretary announces the establishment of three National sugar experiment stations, devoted one each to cane, sorghum and beet sugar. In the provisions of the tariff bill Secretary Busk finds what he regards as some glaring inconsistencies, in that it gives the entire control of sugar manufacturing and bounty payments to a subordinate officer of the Treasury De- partnAmt, in spite of the fact thatjiere- tefore the Department of Agriculture has been charged with the general supervision of the sugar industry, both in its cultural and manufacturing phases. In tbe Bureau of Animal Industry arrangements have been perfected for a dairy division, tbe establishment of which has been delayed some- .what by the lack of necessary legislation. Co-operation with the experiment stations has been undertaken on important lines, including experiments with grasses in tbe arid j regions and tbe trial of new economic plants, the collection of agricultural -tatistics, of reports of the growing rops and of the probable supply of taple products in tbe markets of tbo world. Tho production of raw silk as an indigenous industry is referred to in not very encouraging terms, though its importance is emphasized by reference to the imports of rav, silk, which have largely increased during the year and are valued for the year at upward of 824,000,000. Encouraging words are spoken with reference to flax culture, Secretary Eusk believing tbat the recent changes in the tariff on linens will serve to encourage manufacturers to provide a market for tbe home-grown flax. Irrigation and the artesian supply of water are made the subject of special reference. Reference is made to the forthcoming transfer of the Weather Bureau to the Department of Agriculture, with a declaration of the Secretary's desire to widen the scope of tbe bureau so as to increase its benefits to agriculture. He ends by declaring that be looks forward with confidence "to the time when in the high quality of its work, as well as in the magnitude of its enter-* prise, the agriculture of the United States shall not only lead all other industries in this country, but shall be the leader in this great industry of all other countries." WHAT CURES? Editorial Difference of Opinion on an Important Subject. What is the force tbat ousts disease; and which is tho most convenient apparatus for applying it? How far is the tegular physician useful to us because we believe ia him, and how far are his pills and powders and tonics only the material representatives of his personal influence on our health? The regular doctors cure; tho homoepathic doctors cure; the Hahncmannltes cure; and so do tbe faith cures and the mind cures, and the so-called Christian scientists, and the four-dollar-and-a-half advertising Itinerants, and tho patent medicine men. They all hit, and they all miss, and the great difference—one great difference—in there- suit is that when tho regulaf doctors lose a patient no one grumbles, and when the irregular doctors lose one the community stands on end and howls.—Rochester Union and Advertiser. Nature cures, but nature can be aided, hindered or defeated in the curative process. And the Commercial's contention is that it is the part of rational beings to seek and trust tho advice of men of good character who have studied the human system and learned, as far as modern science lights the way, how far they can aid nature and how they can best avoid obstructing her.—Buffalo Commercial. It is not our purpose to consider the evils that result from employing the unscrupulous, the ignorant, charlatans and*quacks to proscribe for the maladies that afflict the human family. Wo simply declare that the physician who knows something is better than the physician who knows nothing, or very little indeed about the structure and the conditions of the human system. Of course "he does not know it all."—Rochester Morning Herald. I have used Warner's Safe Cure and but for its timely use would have been, I verily believe, in my grave from what the doctors termed Bright's Disease.—D. F. Shriner, senior Editor Scloto Gazette, Chlllicothe, Ohio, in a letter dated June 30,1890. 1. 100 Lessons ness. Short Outs in Figures. How to Write a Good Business Letter. Wothlns elee would Induce government officiate, buslnewiiinen by thedoKaw,heads t>t banks, prominent manufacturers, clerks by thousands, to Bend for this splendid work at the rate of over 10Q a day. Is a book. The book Is a now and a good one. Fifty per cent, of the orders arc from Experienced men, many more from those who have seen It In the hands of others. Tho book is eancctallv valuable for boys and yonna men who are nmbitlou* to get an in toe world. This publication will be to many a young man the stepping stone to a successful business career. It has lota of point*. It Is a book of Icnsont—buainett lessons— <mt hundred business lessons. Th e arithmetic of its lessons Is the arithmetic of tho cash-desk, tbo counting-room, and the bank. The lessons on ,,4. —i^^^^^-^^-^™- Interest and Discount ' will he iound side by side, with actual notes and drafts.printed In colors, and written up In commercial form Bank checks, reproduced by photography and printed in colors, also form a most attractive feature. PRICE, $1,00 CUnDT OIITC III CIPIIDCO This is the title of 32 panes of new OnUnl bUlO IN NuUntOi?? a " er .<Mldodtotbo boo&.recently. __, c —, **•• explains a new multiplication rule which ia turning the arithmetic of the country upstdo down, or rather, right side up. Of course, this rule does not apply to all numbers, but it applies to an immense number, and by ten minutos r study of the explanation, as Kiven in the book, you will be able to tell at a glance which will nu which will not. Moro short cuts than you will find in any other blUU, 1 book. Some~of~ the besYwere secured frorn'oermany andare 'entirely' new in this country. " HOW TO WRITE A GOOD BUSINESS LETTER" is the title of another 32-pase section which is bound in with the edition of «»ME ISUNI>KEn in IUIB country. CORRESPONDENCE SONS IN BUSINESS. . It was first published as a separate book and 30,000 copies were gold, illustrated throughout. Tlie chapters on envelope addresses, styles of penmanship, and U. 8. postage are particularly attractive. THE BURROWS BROTHERS GO., SHORT-CUT. 8x3-44. Put down both figures and carry one (always carry one), 5x8=-30. Put down both fig- ares, and you have the product 3024. THOUSAKDS OB 1 EXAMPLES 0 AS, BE WORKED LIKE THESE TWO. LEARN WHICH. 63 48 3O24 I hare received a. copy of "One Hundred Leggoni la Business," and It is worth Its weight in gold.—K. Hor- dcnbervh, Handout, ff. T. Your book Is a jewel. I would not part with it for anything, and feel that I never made a better invest ment.— A. W. tetter, Albany, N. T. Quito recently a Philadelphia Banker ordered * dozen copies for bit clerks. AS an evidence of my appreciation, I gend fl»e doK lars. for which send flvetnoro copies.— J. J. Atu>eU,O, 8, Department of AyrteuUttrt, Washington. I have never been to well pleased with the Invert- mcnt of a dollar as in this instance.—.4. P. Setter, Mant- JIM, Ohio. Tour book Is what I have been looking: for. Vigor- Ing IB now mode a pleasure instead of the tiresome routine It formerly was.— B. it. Colt, with Benry W. King & Co., Chicago. One of the best books I ever saw. Would not take anything for mine if I could not hret another.— ff. P. Howard, Standard Gig Saddle Co., Jacl::on, SHchiyan, POINTS One snccesrful bDslneas firm gave $200 for a single wrinkle. Another in thttf book cost us 985. We hare seen business men pick out a single lesson here and there, saving 1 , as they did so, ''that on* lesson is worth to me the price of the book." t3T We refer to any Mercantile Agency In the f. 8., or to any Cleveland Bank or Business Man. PUBLISHERS, BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS, 23-25-27 EUCM5> AVENWE, CLEVELAND, OHIO. AUTHOR—"What ie y'our opinion of my new book?" Critic (after a long pause)— "—Rerman "The punctuation Paper. is first-class."—German Catarrh Can't Be Cored with LOCAL APPLICATIONS, as they can not roach the seat of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or con .titutional disease, and in order to cure it you have to take internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hatt's Catarrh Cure is no quack medicine. 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WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.—The following is tbo Thankseiving proclamation by the President of the United States: "By tbo grace ivnd favor ot Almighty God the people of the Nation have been led to the closing days of tbe passing year, which has been full ol the blessings of peace and tbe comforts of plenty. Bountiful compensation has come to us tor tbe work of our minds and of our bands in every department of human industry. "Now, therefore, I Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States ot America, do hereby appoint Thursday, the 37th day ot tbe present month of November, to be observed as a dayol prayer and thanksgiving; and I do In- yite tbe people, upon tbat day, to cease from their labprs, to meet in their accustomed bouses ot worship, and to join In rendering gratitude and praise to our beneficent Creator for tbe ricb blessings Be has granted us as a Nation, and invoking tbe continuance of His protection and grace for tbe future. "I commend to my fellow citizens the privilege of remembering tbe poor, the homeless and tbe sorrowful. Let us endeavor to merit tbe (promised recompense of charity andtb* gracious acceptance of our praise. "la testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal Of tbe United! States to be affixed, "Pone at the oity of Washington this eighth day of November, la the yea? of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety, and o| the Independence of the United States the one hundred and fifteenth. "BENJAMIN HARBISON. "By the President: JAM»S Q. BMJtj^, Secretary Qf SMW-" _ A Kevolt Pwt Down, « VIENNA, Nov. 10.—Advices Iron* tko south of Eussia state that the peasant Insurrection has been entirely eu,p- pressed, an.d the leaders aev^ly iahed, fifteen of the chief being PWt t» deall* and fifty «oj& ban iabed to the soiBSa of Uoi'theastern Si beria. About W ffg£»iH$ wave various THE MARKETS. NEW YoSK.TS'ovT'UL LIVE STOCK—Cattle 81 85 ©4 95^ Sheep 400 ® 5 50 Hogs 360 @ 4 30 FLOUR-Pair to fancy 415 & 5 35 Minnesota Patents 515 ©600 WHEAT—No. 3 Red 1 00>,i<6» 1 00W No.SRed 95Vt@ 98 CORN—No.'S 58%© 59)4 Ungraded Mixed m> © 61)4 OATS—Mixed Western.... 1 .... 47 © 51 RYE—Western 73 © 78 PORK-Mess 1125 ©1350 LARD—Western Steam 6 35 ©6 37V4 BUTTER—Western Creamery. SO © 38)4 CHICAGO. BEEVES—Shipping Steers.... S3 00 © B SO Cows 1 S» ©275 Stookers.... 310 ©360 Feeders 860 ©310 Butchers 1 Steers ..... 380 ©380 Bulls 150 HOGS—Live 340 SHEEP 300 BUTTER-Creamery 13 Good to Choice Dairy 15 EGGS-Fresh 81 BROOM CORN— Hurl 3 & 5 Self-working 3 © 4 Crooked.., '.... 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' PATENTS.... JOHN mm VpORHEES PATF ioi ast, w'MWngtoB, o.'c, I n 11*

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