The Daily News from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania on January 5, 1911 · Page 1
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The Daily News from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1911
Page 1
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V " r ' ; . rv em fc&TiiV X2L MEW VOL. 33-No. 90 MOUNT CARMEL, PA., THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 5, 1911. PRICE TWO CENTS 1 PAJESTiC Something new! toddy POLICE FORCE IN NEW YORK CIT POLICE FORCEin NEW YORK CITY . Great feats of horsemanship HUNTING CHANNOUS Scenic TYRANTY OF FLORENCE Dramatic ETHEL HYLAND soloist TRIG Western, Lyric Western A GIRL OF THE PLAINS A story of the western wilderness and ' THE MILLIONAIRE MILKMAN A clever Thanhouser drama Pete Hinkel, soloist WEATHER EVERYWHERE. Observations of United Slate.s weather bureaus taken at 8 p. yesterday follow: Temp. Weat!:i Albany. 10 Clea.-. Atlantic Oil y 22 Clear. Boston IS Clear. Buffalo li Clor.r. Chicago in Cler.r. New Orlean s ... . "4 Clear. New York L'l Clear. Philadelphia..,. 22 Cl.-ar. St Louis 3u ("ear. Washington . 2tf Clear, Watl,er Cloudy today; brisk west winds. Forecast. tomorrow, fair; KILLtD III INJURED AS CAR IS PULLED INTO ENGINE Hammon Colliery Hoisting Engine Gets Beyond Con trol of Engineer and Boat With Huran Cargo is Drawn Into Engine House Several Jump At the Hammond colliery, a Reading operation, near Connorton, at four o'clock yesterday afternoon an acci dent occurred in which the boot I Thomas Clark, Girardville David Lavelle, Girardville Charles Becker, Ashland. The last seven were only slightly in was drawn up into the engine, house jured. Kenney and Carroll were and one man, waa killed instantly and nine more or less sreiously injured. The dead man, is Anthony O'Don-nell, of Lost Creek, and he is sur vived by a widow, four sons and one, daughter. The injured are: removed to the miners' hospital for (treatment. I The men, had completed their day's labors and were being hoisted up the timber slope, when the throttle struck .and the engineer, Anthony Gaughan of "Lost Creek, was unable to stop Souire Peter Kenney. Lost Creek, , the engine. The boat was drawn up left hand crushed off and severe into the engine house, home jump V ... . mi hnriv hniises s ed and thus saved tnemserves. me j . Frank Carrold, Ashland, leg broken engine, drum and engine house were and bruises George Copley, Mahanoy Plane William Miscavich, Girardville John, Sife, Girardville; Thomas Tauschino, Girardville badly wrecked by the accident. Engineer Caughan is almost distract ed from grtef at his home. An in-.' vestigatlion is being made today by Reading officials. NeW (Members and Feed The Haymakers, No. 456, held a banquet last night in Moskaltis" Hall Green, who died at the home Mrs. Green Buried The funeral of the late Mrs. at Sixth and Market streets. Ttwen-ty-eight new members were initiated into the mysteries of the order. Two weeks from last night another .meeting will be held in the same place. A genuine good time 'was had by all last night. Base Ball at, Green Ridge The Green Ridge Base BaiyAssocia- DR. A. L. BUDDINGER DENTAL PARLORS 17 N. OAK STREET Latest Appliances for Dental Work in all its Branches. t at s. the coming s ase tlon met last evening and organized for Richard Penman w ger and David Brown The team is ready for Manager Penman states he cept any and all challenges. Advertising means success feeil Ridge season. ected mana-president. games and will ac- LAMPS Harriet of Thomas Richards at Green Ridge on Tuesday, took place afternoon. Service were conducted by the Rev. G. J. Jefferiies, of the P. JI. church, and interment wasi made in Girardville, the cortege taking trolley cars to Mount Carmel Junction and going to Girardville via train. Undertaker Irvin was in charge. Mrs. Green formerly resided in Girardville, but had made her home with the Richards' for the past 24 years. Paralysis was; the cause o death, and she was 73 years old. She is survived by the following three children: Carter, Girardville; Theodore, Schylkill- Haven, and Mrs. David Davis, Freeland. AT SPECIAL PRICES Thyos. H.:Tiddy 126 North Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa ATS for ME N and BOYS We are as well up in the HAT business as in onr other lines. . . . . We sell the HATS made by the mo t noted HAT MAKERS. . . . . . . NO UNCERTAIN HATS HERE $3.00 4 $3.00 is unquestionably the best line of $3.00 HATS in the Country " All the newest and best' styles . . . . $2.00 Gold Bond $2.00 A . guaranteed Hat that Rives the very best satisfaction OTHER MAKES at $1.50 and f 100 Come in and see the shapes and the styles that the most , exclusive stores are selling and the best dressers are wearing. IDaniel D). Bolicli & Son Outfitters for Men, Women and Children South Oak Street Mount Carmel, Pa Don't Mind a Little Thing Less concerned than their neighbors, two families named Igo and Brennau occupy a block of houses at Jacksons, near Mahanoy, City, which may be swallowed up in a mine breach. Within a week the west side of the bui'.iiing has settled more than two feet, while gaping j cracks appear in the foundation and . fissures run through the cellars. I Instead of taking alarm and vacat-, dug, the two families have arranged the house furnishings to an angle jthat accemmodatps temporary condi tions until the Reading Co. carpenters can jack up and reset the lopsided buildings on a cribbing. Firemen to, Break Record B. E. Youngman, secretary of the Six-County Firemen's Association, was in Sunbury looking over the plans made by the Sunbury.. committee in charge of the convention ito be held there next! June. He stated that from all reports that he heard the attendance is going to eclipse that of a former conventions, and that the parade on Thursday of the convention week would he the largest ever held at a convention. Coles on, January Weather In all probality January win Ibring storm periods of greatest activity will ibe on or about the 3rd, 14th, 21st, and 29th. The indications are that the storms, especially during the later half of the month, will be diversi fied from tropical rain and thunder sleet and enow northward. Forger Admitted His Guilt Hichard tSnyder, of Shamokin, was given a hearing before Justice Tierne of Northumberland, on the charge of forging two checks, one for $15.00 on H, Hirsch, and the, other for $30.00 on A. J. Shure. He admitted his guilt in. Doth cases and was held for trial at the next term of court i Ridge, Child Dead A three-year-old, daughter of Vurceli Anfalessi, of Green Ridge, died yesterday and will be buried tomorrow. Services will be held in St. Peter's (church and Interment will toe made in; the parish oen-.ctery by Undertaker Higglns. i ! i i i Marlon, Heights OhildyDead An Infant child of Mifyfi Polio, of Marlon Heights, died yesterday and was buried this afternoon at that 'place by Undertaker Htggins. Stockholders' Notice The stockholders of the Edision Electric Illuminating Company will meet ln the Second street office on Monday, January 9th., 1911, at,7:30 p. m., for the purpose of electing directors. . 5-3t ( Reuben, Kline, Secy. - Notice Assessments 10c, 20c, 30 and $1.00 now due and payable in, the National iCo-Operatlve Burial Association, No.' 7 E; Independence St., Shamokin, U. S. SUES THE ST I STARTS SUIT AGAINST THIRTEEN BIG LINES OFFICERS ALSO IN VOLVED New York, Jan. 5. Papers were filed by the government in the United States circuit court in this city in a suit brought against the leading tians-Atlantic steamship companies under the Sherman anti-trust law. The petition alleges a combination In restraint of trade in the form of an agreement among the carious lines with respect to the handling of steerage passengers. The petition was filed by Henry A. Wise, United Hi.ates district attorney, acting upon the direction of Attorney General W'ickersham. It is directed at the following lines unci certain of their officers: International Mercantile Marine company. Allan Steamship Line, Limited. International Navigation company. Anchor Line (Henderson Brothers), Limited. Canadian Pacific Railway company. Canard Steamship Company, Limit ed. British and North Atlantic Steam Navigation Company, Limited. Hamburg-American line. Holland-American line. North Gernuin Lloyd line. Red Star line. White Star line. Russian East Asiatic Steamship Company, Limited. The petition alleges that the defend ants are engaged "in a combination and conspiracy to destroy all competi tion among and between themselves in the business of transporting third class, or steerage, passengers by steamships between ports in the Unit ed States of America and ports in Em ope," and also are engaged in destroying competition by all persons and corporations other thau themselves. Divided Up Traffic. SUBSCRIPTIONS HAVE GREATEST VALUE THIS WEEK, EOUNT I Tl OFFERS Contest is Very Close and Exciting Many Changes Were Made in Line Up Several are Voting Limit of 1000 Votes Each Day Boosters Week For every club of subscriptions to the Daily News a-mounting to $0.00 cash, we will give 5000, extra votes. This offer includes all cash, paiid before 9 p. m. Saturday, Jan. 14 except the $3.00 subscription on which the first bonus vote was issued. fr, - . "., t-2 A. J. rnphell, $cy. The contract upon which the action is based is alleged to have been entered into in London, on Ftb. 5, !)-!8. Under this contract the, defendant steamship lines, with the exception of the Russian-American line, are alleged to have formed themselves into an as sociation under the name of the Atlantic conference. Under the terms of the contract, it is alleged, the parties thereto agreed to divide up the steerage traffic forwarded by them, each line receiving a percentage of the total, and that each agieed not to carry steerage passengers in excess of the allotted percentage. A penalty of 4 sterling, it is alleged, was prescribed for every steerage passenger .carried in excess of the allotment, the forfeit to be divided among those companies which had not carried their share. The petition further alleges that the parties to the contract later held a meeting, at which it was decided to create a committee of three, consisting of agents of tff)s lines in the United States, with power to select steamships known as "fighting steamships,", and to advertise these for sailing at the same time and from the same ports as steamships of independent and competing lines and at lower rates, the loss on the transaction to be borne ratably by the members of the association. These methods, it is alleged, put the Russian Volunteer fleet ant of business and, as a result of them, the Russian-American line sought and obtained membership in the association. The same practices, it is alleged, are now being pursued against the Uranium Steamship company. Forty-Eight are. Uneasy It now develops that forty-eight people visited the home of George Ort-man, at Danville, who as i 1 with smallpox, when the victim was thought to be suffering from chick-enpox, and alt are forced to be quarantined while their tonics have ibeen fumigated and placed under the surveillance of the state health department. Tener Wins Against Editor In the Lehigh county court at Al-lentown, the grand jury found a true bill against Frederick W. Sell, editor of the Slatington Star, accused by Governor-elect John K. Tener, of criminal libel for calling him a "crook" in his paper. Judge Trexler continued the case until the April term. Board in a Deadlock The Hazleton school board, after a seven hours' session, failed to select an architect to draw plans for a proposed new high school .building. Local firms were among the many iwho were looking for the position, ibut no choice was made. . Glad That It's Over The mail carriers are glad that the deluge of Christmas and New Year ipost cards is over. There will not ,ba much doing in that d'ine until Valentine day, with! Easter following soon after. f Down With Grip Mrs. William A. Thorns is confined to her home on ooucnjiiapje street with a severe attack, of M grlpp. This is "Booster Week in the great contest. Subscriptions that are paid this week will count on the special offer of five dollars in gold to the contestant in fa?h division who has the grea!:: . r of new subscriptions to ti..r v. edit by nine 'clock Saturday night and also- on the offer of 5000 extra votes for every club or combination, of subscrip tions amounting to $6. This offer is good until Saturday, January 14th, and every contestant should grasp this opportunity to secure a great re serve vote for the final days of the contest, Harvest the, subscriptions of those parties' who promised to aid you later in the contest, explain to them the great value, of subscriptions at this time, and they will be sure to give you a subscription for four months or o'ne year and every subscription will count on this liberal offer. Don't let the other contestant think "ycu are down and out." You are not. You can win with ease if you sxei't yourself this week. Take the own of "Worry" off your route, whcV ycu are traveling daily on the road for votes. Make a noise like prosperity and an opulence of votes. Croaking does not get any one's .sympathy or subscription. "Laugh and the world laughs with you, but should you weep you wni have a quiet corner by yourself. If GENTLEMEN 'subscriptions do not come as readily as they might, just put on & little extra steam and get your friends to help you as this week is THE WEEK. Don't think for one minute that you can't win. There is no word in the English vocabulary that has ben bused to greater extent than that little 'word "can't." It has no 'place in the vocabulary of any man. Opportunity opens the door to very man whether he be rich orj poor and the one who enters without hes itation is the one who will succeed. Nothing is so contagious as success, To see others succeed spurs us on to greater endeavor. Tis folly for any man to hesitate thinking he will not act unless sue cess is assured. While fce stands and waits others pass) him in the active competition of the present day. . Stop at the Jewelry store of) J. to Broghamer on south Oak street and examine the prizes we are offering. They are the finest of goods that were ever sold in this town at any thing near the price we have adver tised. They are perfect 'gems; foreijj cut, of many facets and diffuse th light in rays like a mooombeam on, the frosted snow. Never again iwfll such beautiful prizes be given away for so little effort as is required to win those that are offered by the Daily News. Five people will win them. Wall you be one of the five? That is for you and your friends! to decide and the effort you make will be the criterion by which your friend will decide whether to throw) their support to you or to some other con testant. Nearly every family in town who, readsi the English language will subscribe for the Daily Ne'ws he- Tore the close of this contest and you might as well have the major ity of the votes and the grand prize as to let it go to some other competitor. NOMINATED COLUMBIA GRAPHANOLA.. $100.00 The one perfect Musical Instrument COLUMBIA PHONOGRAPH.. 35.00 Including attachment for 4 min. Records ; j COLUMBIA GRAPHAPHONE. 28.SO Including double disk 12 Records of your town selection Hearing is believing, call and hear this new and most complete Instrument. J. C. BROGHAMER JEWELER and OPTICIAN 38 8. Oak St Advertise in the BAILY NEWS $5.00 IN CASH will be paid to the person bringing into the store hty i Number of Votes From Sul scriptjons or NswsDftDer 1 Coupons to THE OAlLtJ NEWS I P to Feb. 4, 1911 WM. A. THOMAS, 128-130 W. Third St.. Mount Carmel Theatormm Mike Manning Holy Name Society... 4990 Robert Mowe'ry, Anthracite Fire Co 430 Ambrose Deloamp, S. of V , 3940 George Delcamp, West End Club 3690 George J. Moyle, Anthracite Fire Co 3650 Jno. Ruths, K. G. E 3620 Thomas Thompson, K. of P 2700 John Harbold, Jr., P. 0. S. of A. Camp 231 1760 Ji;o. F. Ploppert, Ind. Order Red Men 1740 Howard Wardrop, P. O. S. of A., Camp 231 1730 American Hose Co 1460 Charles Morris, Modern Woodmen 1400 LADIES NOMINATED Mrs. W. H. Yoder, M. E. church 6600 Miss Gertrude Moyer, Grace Reformed 5890 Miss Keziah Davis, Cong, church 5000 Miss Jane Tiddy, P. M. church 4140 Miss Jennie Smith, M. E. church 3930 Miss Anna Geist, M. S. M. Society 3860 Miss Bessie Moser, teacher 2990 Mrs. Wm. A. Thomas, L. A. to S. of V 2410 Miss Anna Dechant, Grace Lutheran church 2280 Miss Bertha Latshaw, High Schlool 2000 Miss Maude Wright, teacher 1690 THE READING A VERY BUSY "Yes, the volume of business, both passenger and freight, done by The Reading on this division in 1910 is largely in excess of that of 1909," said a Reading official at Tamaqua, "but if you want figures you must So to the general office." There has not been a month that the passenger business did not show gains.. The freight business, fluctuates, some months showing large gains and others less, but the year shows a substantial gain. Brisk Demand for) Coal Sunday was a very busy day on The Reading. About 1,400 cars of anthracite coal were brought down It was a sort of cleaning up day, from the mines and storage yards, and very little coal mined on Saturday remains over. The men employed at the storage yards have been working day and nig". ,t in order to get the fuel into the market, The demand for coal: has never been so brisk atj this season of the year. Reading to Build Twenty Engines The Reading Railway company is short of ipassenger power and it Is said that) It is the purpose to build twenty locomotives at the shops of The Reading. Three, are to be similar to engine 305, which has been performing such excellent service plnce turned out o the shop. Tha remainder are to be , used for express and accommodation runs on the various division. 1 Mrs. Robert Gable, of Shamokin, is visiting her dujsntr, Mrs. William Jenkins, south Mspl strt, New Industry at Sunbury A new industry is in progress at Bun bury. It is the manufacturing tt th Kline Hydraulic Ram, which has toefei patented by J. M. Kline, of Beaver-town, and which is toeing 'promoted by the Sunbury parties who have tak en an interest in, it. Notify Us of Poor Service Readers of the Daily News are requested to notify this office, either personally, by telephone or letter, of poor service on the part of carrier boys. Don't be afraid to let us know of any trouble. We want the carriers to deliver their papers promptly and be obliging to the customers. LEGAL NOTICES Notice to Stockholders The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the Union National Bank will be hteJd at the Banking House between the hours of one and two oclock, January 10, 1911, wihen a Board of Directors will be elected to serve for the ensuing year. Geo. E. -Berner, Cashier. Mt. Carme!, Pa., Bee. 16, 1910 tjlO Western Melies Western A WESTERN WELCOME Western) Comedy , Depicting the incidents oPtwo es- "ped convicts, who in, ord-,tc make good their sscaper-tUiange clothes with a young married couple who goes west on their Honey Moon. Fun, Cowboys, Ponies and Chases Miss Irene Williams, will sing THE GREATER CALL A great dramatic story of the stage HANK and LANK (Blind Men) Fire Insurance J Nine companies with Capital ami Surplus of over Twenty Million Dollars assure prompt settlement in case of loss. : 4- Isaac Goldscliaidfe : FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY 25 North. Oak Street, Mount Carmel, Penn'a. P TTTTTTTTTT VV Tr t Do You Wish ! to be classed among the "WELL DRESSED?" If so give us a trial and we assure you that you will be satisfied with yourselfand self-satisfaction means a customer. ; Louis Gidding 2 LAMPS i J CARBON and TUNG8TON LAMPS sold cheaper than elsewhere we sen me unioi x 1 Have your home wired and use ELECTRIC LIGHT; CHEAP, CLEAJs ana nuanin i . Become one of our many satisfied consumers. Get your wife an ELECTRIC IRON for Christmas. work easier. LAMPS bn8ALEt OFFIE I Open from 8 a. m. to 7:30 p. m. It will make her X - I E. E. I. Co. SI East 8econd Street. r" v. .... 1

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