The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1890
Page 1
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VOli. XX. ALGONA, KOSOTTH OOtJNTY, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOV, 19, 1890. No. 7. PUBLISHED EVMBY WRDNKSDAV STARR & HALLOCK, Proprietors. JOS. W. HAYS. Editor. Terms of Subscription. One copy, one year, in advance .$1.60 One copy, stx months. In advance 76 One copy, three months, in advance 40 One copy, one year, If not paid in advance. 2,00 Subscriptions continue till ordered stopped and all arrearages are paid. BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. The equipment of the REPUBLICAN Office for Book and Job Printing is unsurpassed in tills county. Steam power. ^^Advertising rates made known on application. This paper is PRINTED BY STEAM POWER. Algona got a system of water works in Bepublican times. The times have •changed to a great extent and the next thing will probably be a distillery. The Tipper Des Moines thinks that this country is big enough to take ctre of itself. "Jess so"Harvey, and that's the reason we purpose to have a protective tariff in spite of England and the Democrats. A Democratic victory falls like a bllgt- ing frost upon the industries of the country, A. syndicate in Pittsburgh which purposed to invest $500,000 -in a tin plate ^plant, has 'given up the enterprise through ; fearof aiepeal of the McKinley bill. To desert the Republican party upon 'account of the alleged corruption of a •man named -Quay and swallow the entire Democratic party at a single gulp—gerry 'manders election frauds, whisky plat 'form, 'Oobden Club funds, and unsavory 'history all thrown in is scarcely consistent. A certain lot of free trade papers claiming to be Republican ought to be • uoosted clear out of the party before VI ley do any further harm. The party > as no use for them.—Emmet County nmblican. (We say Amen to that. So long as /ie Republican party permits such pa' pers to. occupy a high place in the synagogue, it must be prepared for defeat. The mugwump should be drum- imed out of the Republican camp. The Democrats are somewhat intoxi- cated'witk their recent-success and imag ine that they have c a mortgage on the -entire 'country. They have forgotten all * about the "Me •Kiflley bill" and "advancing prices" •to such an extent.that'they have actually >commenced 1o tell the truth about the ifall trade. The great question now agi- •toting the Democratic mind is the division of the spoils, and who will get the presidency. 'One of the shortest roads to Dixie is by way of the Prohibition party. Hundreds of men who deserted the Republican party because it refused to put a radical pro hibitiou plank in its national platform, and *who made stump speeches in the in terest of the.third party are now voting with the Democrats. The infamous tax on tin pans is destroying 'the morals o the people, and it must be removed Meantime what has become of the great •temperance question? The<attempt to blacken the name o: Henry M. Stanley before the world has reacted with startling suddenness upon its originators, and the great explorer is vindicated. The stories of Barttelot's cruelty as they slowly come to light cas a shadow upon the history of the grea exploration, but detract not a single iota from the glory of Stanley. The awfu pictures of .Jameson's and Barttelot': .cruelty aad fiendish brutality seem scarce ly credible. The civilized world will turn its face in horror from the pictures •of these two men, but all nations wil •bow in reverence to the glory of Stanley The result of the election in Wisconsin s a sufficient comment upon the general uncompromising attitude of the Republi- an party when it once assumes a posi Ion, and the general predilection of the )emocratic party to cater for the preju- ices, and magnify the imagined wrongs f a certain class of citizens who generally give the Democracy its majorities. The history of ihe Democratic party has been a standing advertisement for an al- lance with the liquor interest or any oth- ir interest that would help lo boost it in- o power. The Republican party has generally been aggressive, even impolitic n some of its measures and it has been occasionally forced to undergo the,humiliation of defeat until time has demon- itrated tho wisdom of its plans. The tand taken by the Republican party in Wisconsin upon the "free school" ques- ion was eminently patriotic. The Bennett law contained one or two features which were very objectionable to a certain class of the citizens of Wisconsin. The Catholic element was of course opposed ;o the law, and the feature requiring En- ;lish to be taught in the schools was very odious to the German Lutheran citizens of the state. The German Lutherans are a very clannish class of people, and there are many settlements in Wisconsin where the German language is spoken exclusive- y. The German Lutheran pastor also stands in the capacity of teacher to the children of his nock. He teaches the German language for he can teach noth- \ng else. • Not only the language but the ustoms and traditions of these people are perpetuated in this manner, and they regarded the Bennett law as an invasion of their natural rights and local privileges. The Bennett law, while every provision was just and patriotic, was too radical in its provisions for the welfare of the Republican party. The. Democratic party ueaded by Pedk, of "Peck's Bad Boy" fame sold out i'ts principles and patriotism for the Catholic and'German, Lutheran vote, but the Republican party stood inn in its Championship. of the Bennet ,aw and went down with the "Little Red School House." There will be a good deal of a how for a few weeks now for a change of pol ioy by the Republican party in view o its defeat at the polls. This howl will go up from a class of papers professedly Re publican but which are in fact opposed to Republican principles and policies, and whose influence has been a valuable sistance to the Democratic campaign Tho Republican party will not plead guilty and sneak over to the Democratic sidei of Hisi fence. It will stand by its principles, believing them to be sound aud believing they will be indorsed in 1893. Meanwhile, the Democratic party will be glad to take io new recruits wh were conyeil$4% jeaiisg the returns, The witty pmgfftphflr of the Chicago Evening Post obj&rveB: In Europe But falo Bill appears to be mu«b, more popu lar than tbe McKioley bill.-Dubuque Telegraph. The reverse ought to be true in thi country. The United States has been 4o ing business with Enfland for some time Tbe business relations between the tw< countries are such that ^ Industrial in toregts of England are largely depeodaja uooo tbe United States. Qa0e &m tag been a good customer of EB&*n4 for 909 oses to make his tin pans and other kit* hen furniture at home, England doesn't ke it, but she will have to stand it until he Democrats get control of the Senate. The American people have only a year to wait until the criminal folly of handing over the forum of popular appeal to a party which in all its career has succeeded only in proving incapacity to conduct the affairs of a great people will pe demonstrated. What Democratic Vot«» Mean. More than 100 cases have been chronicled within the last month in which new manufacturing establishments were started or about to start because of tbe recent change of duties. All these, and the 1,000 more behind them, would require the work of mechanics and laborers in building, the work of machinists and iron producers in equipment, and the work of multitudes in producing raw materials for their use. Democratic votes mean that the voters want this Sort of thing stopped. Very well; what next?—New York Tribune. Win Study taw Sixty Day*. State , Register: J. A. McKay, the Farmers' alliance candidate who was elected judge of the judicial district, composed of Barber and Commanche counties, Kansas, never studied law, never was admitted to the bar and was never in court in any official capacity.His alliance will send him to Ann Arbor to study law for sixty days and prepare himself for the bench. The Tariff A Settler. Keoeub Gate City: McKinley made a tariff. That settled him. Morrill made a tariff. That settled him. Walker made a tariff. That settled him. Clay made a tariff. That settled him. Calhoun made a tariff. That settled him Alex ander Hamilton made a tariff. That settled him. JSTo man that makes a tariff can be president. EMINENT DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION. .Df. 0. P. Henry, Chicago, 111., who has racticed medicine many years, says: 'Last spring he used and prescribed Clarke's Extract of Flax (papillion) Skin Cufe in 40 or 50 cases and never knew a a'se where it failed to cure. I know of o remedy I can rely on so implicitly." 'dsHlve cure for all diseases of the skin. Lpplied externally. Clarke's Flax Soap best for babies. Skin cure $1, soap 25c t L. A. Sbeetz drug store. 5 Acts at once, never fails, DeWitt's cough ad consumption cure. A remedy for sthma and that feverish condition which ccotnpanles a severe cold.—Dr. Sheetz. The Abbie Carrington Grand Opera Company will be here Monday evening he 24. Mme. Carrington is the most enowned Prima Donna in English Jratid opera and deserves a crowded house. It is seldom that a company of his character visits Algona. We sell more of DeWitt's Little Early lisefa than any other pills their action fs asyji do not gripe or cause pain, are the lesjt regulator of the liver, stomach and ioWels.—L. A. Sheetz. .James T. Gott, Carml, 111., Says: Helpaid thirty-one dollars doctor's bill or bis wife in one year, and one bottle of Bradfleld's Female Regulator did her more good than all the medicine she had aken before, H. Dale, Druggist. Carmi, 1'..,f Write Bradfleld Reg. Co., Atlanta, 3a'i v J>for particulars. Sold by L.A.Sheetz and?F. W. Dingley. 7-10 A RE AX ESTATE LOANS. Money to loan on real estate. No RED ^B. Money in hand as soon as papers are made out. Low Rate of interest and no Bonus. Give us a call. 7-10 BANK OF WESLEY, Wesley, la. FOR SALE—My house and lot at a bargain. Near Normal school. A. C. CADY. THE KBN&VLUM THEOJlt. From the JCeokuk Gate City. You tbrnk you never knew the like before but you did. It happened under Lincoln, <under Grant, and over and over in the history of American politics. You ask what caused the general less to Republicans everywhere. We answer merely tbe general and usual i}&ws and condition of American politics. With but two exceptions in a hundred years the party that carried a presidential election, and then the congressional election following it lost the next presidential election. Tke Democrats elected 'Cleveland in 1884 and carried congress in £1886,' two years later, but it cost them.tthe presidency in 1888, and the Gate City said at the time it would. Tbe fact that American politics works in this way is the reason Grover Cleveland said a few days ago that he hoped the Republicanswould carry congress now. He thought it would give the Democrats a far bettor chance to carry the presidential election in 1892 for the Democrats not to win this election That is tbe universal rule of American politics. En 1860 the Republicans carried the presidential election and for twenty- four years they carried the presidential year and <the Democrats carried apart from the war and the fight witfh Andrew Johnson every congressional -election in between th« presidential years. The principle seemsto be that the American people with wtee purposes and discernment want both parties and all American peo* pie to have their share and part in tbe conduct of the government. The people do not want the half of the citizens that form one of (Sie great political parties to have the ^carrying on of the .government and the other ball that form the other party excluded .as though they bad ao interest in their oountry and could aot be trusted with affairs. 80 tbe people, like a pendulum, swuag back and forward between tbe two parties every two years. And so almost invariably one or both houses of congress are given to one party and tbe presidency to tbe other. 4' Democratic congress now almost iasa.res a Republican president to 1892, A Nut For The Free Trader To Crack The Burlington Hawkeye asks: Will some obliging free trader please crack this nut for us? The Mckinley duty on steel ties is 2>£ cents a pound. And the Illinois Central railroad has just bought 5,316 pouads of steel ties at 2J£ cents a pound. Is the tariff a tax? Piease don't talk in a chorus. I/ikes Big Things Boone Valley Gazette: Tom.. Reed crawls out from under the political wreck arid says good-naturedly: "The Republican party always did like big things, and sflways strives after big things, and tins time it has surely got a big thing—the biggest licking 9t ever got in its life." The Short Editorul. Sioux City Times: The shortest item in the newspaper may have taken the most thought and research, and contain the.most truth. This is especially true of Democratic newspapers—the fewer the lines, the less lies. The good old bird is pretty sick, He can't crow as he use'ter. But wait two years—ihe'll live to The democratic rooster. —Chicago Tribune. lick 8IFTING6. , .0 president notes Thanksgiving 4ay, Jwrt as tne ooualiy wwied;, ., . For many a goose wa* cooked of late, And many a duck's been dished. -Exchange. Wait For T«e Reaction, , Philadelphia North American: We have lost the Fifty-second congress fc«, youd doubt. This result, however unfortunate, was not unexpected. But if we have failed to eject a republican house to succeed that we b»v§ at present, we shall elect a republican, bouae ia'1893. Tbe crisis of public ludtgejteftoe to sound policy and good goveruwot »iwaya fol lows the election, of a D A Philadelphia, Hero JL man come to the cwicluJMon that it was an act of moral cowardice to tip a waiter in a restaurant. The cowardice lay, he argued, in being afraid of the waiter's scorn at the .-apparent parsimony. He determined '.to be morally brave thereafter. The opportunity came. He -finished his dessert and the waiter, in the customary manner of solicitude assumed by waiters when the customer looks good for an.ample tip, placed his coffee before him. He weakened a trifle, but resolved to brace himself. He drank his coffee somewhat moae deliberately than usual, hoping to .attain a state of mental composure, but as the time approached for disappointing rthe attentive negro, who already saw i» his mind's eye a big round shining coin, the brave man grew less equal -to the deed he hac resolved to commit. , He handed the waiter a greenback payment; of bis bill And dallied with the finger bowl while the waiter went to gel the change. The ichange came back on the silver plate, two quarter pieces lying, as usual, a bit aloof front the resi of the change. The man's eye soughJ that of the waiter as he tremblingly reached for the change, and he beheld on the negro's face an expression of expectancy almost realized. With a difficult simulation of calmness he succeeded in grasping all the change, including the two quarter pieces. Darfng not to look at the waiter's countenance, he hastened from the room looking as if he had committed a crime. "I felt "so, too," be said, as he related the incident afterward, "and J won't subject myself to that ing again for any consideration. I could feel that waiter's glance of contempt upon ray bsok." 4 woman finds it quite easy to be mor. ally brave under such ctrcumstan Why is it 8o?-PhiladelphiA <r*» Do you burn soft coal? and bay of Fred Then be wise Priceg Jo,w, . McCaJl&Co. bave on hand a large stock of floe felt bats, which they wul dispose of at remarkably low prices for djronio co pepsift. Stoves Stoves Stoves! This is a question everyone is interested m at this season of the year, and everyone wants to buy the stove that will heat the tnost surface with the least amount of fuel, in making my selections of stoves this fall carefully looked into this matter and I am sure I have selected as good in every respect as there is in the market. Please all and see the new styles and get prices. I also have a large number of second hand stoves which will be sold VERY 'HEAP—from $3 up. Some of these stoves are nearly as good as new. Wood and Iron Pumps, Guns, Amuni- tion, Husking Pins of every description, etc., all of which can be found at J. W. Robinson's. Gentlemen, I have a complete line of ;ents fine shores. Call and see them. ' . F. S. STOUGH. ^' Clxej»i> Footwear. Heps' German socks, per pair $ .65 Boy's " " " 50 If ens' aatomatie buckle Arctics..... 1.00 Mens' felt hoots from $1.15 to 1.25 Boy's felt boots for : 1.00 We sell boots, shoes and rubbers also gloves and mittens in proportion. TOWKSBND & LANGDON. SayK the Southern Medical World: "Mother's Friend" is growing in favor throughout the south and is highly recommended by physicians. We consider it ndispensable to those who know they must pass through the ordeal of. child•birth": Write Bradfleld Reg. Co., Atlanta, a.',Jo# particulars. Sold by Dr, L. A. heelrtffid'P. W. .DhJgley;''; . r 7,10,,; Ladies, call, and look over our line of fleece lined shoes. F. S. STOUGH. Organs. L. Leasing has several styles of organs which he will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and cheap. 47-tf Notice for Tax Deed. To Na'ncy Mccandless: You are hereby-notified that on the 5th day of December A. D. 1887, the following described real estate situated In the county of Kossuth and State of Iowa: The south half of the north east quarter and southeast quarter of northwest quarter of section number six{6) in township No. ninety-six (9C) north, range No. twenty-eight west of 5th p. m., was ttold by the Treasurer of said county to A. O. olavke and the certificate of purchase of said sale was duly assigned to "W. o. McGandless who is now the lawful holder of tbe said certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed of said laud be made unless redemption from such land be made within ninety days from the complete service of this notice. Dated this 7th day of Nov., isoo. W, C, JVICOANDIJ5S8, •*i-fc- Holder of Certificate, Notice for Tax Demi. To Mary C. McFarland : You are hereby notified that on the 5th day of Dec., 1887, the following ile»eribcll real estate, situated in the county «f Kossuth, and State of Iowa, the south half of the east half of northeast quarter of Sec. No. 34 township 100 range 29 was sold by the Treasurer of said county to Qeo. 0, Gail who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed of said land be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from tbe complete service of this notice, Dated this 15th day of Oet. A. D. 1890. «-s «EO, 0. Call, Holder of Certificate, Original Notice. STATE OF IO\VA, 1 SR Kossuth County, j"° District Court, December, 1890, term Lore Alford, Plaintiff, Against James Callanan et al, Defendants. To Phoebe J. Bernard, Defendant: You are hereby notified that a petition of tbe plaintiff In the above entitled action is now on file in the office of the Clerk of said court, asking that tbe title aud estate of the plaintiff iu and to the northeast quarter of section number thirteen (13) in township number one liundret (100) north of range number twenty-nine (29; west of tbe 6th principal merldean, in Kossuth county, established, and that the defendants be barred from having or claiming iiny right or title in or to said premises adverse to plaintiff, and lor other reHef. And unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next December term of said court, to be begun and holdeu at the court house in Algona, in said county, 01 the 8th day ol December, A. D. 1890, defauli will be entered against you aud judgment and decree rendered tbereou. LOHK ALFOBP, 5-8 Plaintiff. To and for the People. Do you wan* a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable insurance Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? . ?'": Do you want to trade or sell your farm or othei property? Do you want to buy a f arm or unim proved land, on long time with but little Do you w$n.$ to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of Inter est Do you want anything in a legitimate lice of bankinff? of the above, please . ~~ ...cliwioiMl ftt tbj Cow ;qtel «nd Fanners and Bancroft, Iowa. UNDERWEAR Keep warm in cold weather. To aid you in doing so the Grange Store offers you a large assortment of Underwear. Men's Women's and Children's in all sizes, ages and prices. A full and complete stock. Knitting Yarns "We have an Immense Stock of Saxony, Spanish and German Knitting Yarn and a Complete Line of Hosiery. We bought before the advance in prices and will give you the benefit of it while present stock lasts. Don't delay. Prices will be lower this season. The Grange Store. Ambrose A. Gall, D. H. Hutching, J. C. Blackl'ord, President. 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