The Junction City Weekly Union from Junction City, Kansas on October 11, 1879 · Page 4
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The Junction City Weekly Union from Junction City, Kansas · Page 4

Junction City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 11, 1879
Page 4
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JUNCTION CITY, OCT. 1 1, 18 79. Subscribers finding an "X" attached to their names on their papers or wrappers are notified that their subscriptions are about to expire and are requested to renew. Wo renewals can be made nor any tie w - names entered on the subscription books, without ad ranee payments. KKPLBL1CA. COUSTY TICKliT. For Sheriff, S. C.HOAG. For Treasurer, MARTIN MULLINS. For Clerk, KOBERT O. KiZEP.. For Register of Deeds, : .. C. II. HORION. For Surveyor, CHARLES B. Sl'tBBINS." For Commissioner sefonI District, AUGUST RUBIN. THE BRIDGE BOND PROPOSITION. On the fourth of November the people of Davis couuty will be called upon to vote on a proposition to issue bonds to the amount of eleven thousand dollars for the following purposes: Seven thousand dollars fey the construction of an iron bridge over the Ilepublieau river at Milford ; one thousand dollar, for the building of an iron bridge over Lyon creek at Fredrick's crose-ing of the - Juuctiou City and Marion Center ' slate road; oue thousand dollars for the building of an iron bridge over Clark's creek, at Honey's crossing of the Davis creek county road; one thousand dollars for the building of an iron bridge over Clark's .creek road at the crossing of the Dry creek county road, and one thousand dollars . for the building of an iron bridge over Clark's creek at Mitchell's mills. Now, then, the building of these bridges is a necessity. Sooner or later they will be built and the sooner they are erected the better it will be for the finances of the county and the people will be accommodated at an earlier lay. Building material is on the rise and will be considerably higher a year hence than it U now. The people at Milfoid and in ths western portion of Riley and the southern portion of Clay counties require a bridge at Milford. A large quantity of block and grain in western Riley that is now taken to Manhattan for shipment would be shipped at the Milford depot if there was a good bridge across the Republican at that point. A bridge there would materially help the busi uesa of Milford, and what helps Milford, or any particular section of the county, helps the whole county. The people of Milford now pay taxes on bridges that do not directly benefit them and it is nothing more than fair and just that those who are directly benefitted by these bridges should .tist Milford in obtaining what she i-easouably" demands, a bridge. All le aaks of the county for this purpose is 67,000. It will probably cost double mat sum to build it. The additional muii than $7,000. The four creek bridges proposed will be directly in the interest of Junction City. To build them the sum of $4,-000 U asked. They are needed for the convenience of farmers in their respective vicinities and in Dickinson and Morris counties, having business atJunctiou City. While Milford is -asking assistance to build her bridgeof Junction City and her immediate friend, Milford will also vote ?!fc.tetoue? for the erection of the Vfeek bridges that directly interest Junction City. When this fact is considered, in addition to the fact that Milford pays her proportion of taxes on several bridges already constructed for the direct benefit of Junction City, surely nowise or fair-minded citizen I or friend of Junction will hesitate to vote for the boud proposition. It always pays to be fair and generous. No city can flourish on a narrow-contracted basis. It must'deal justly with all sections. Now, Messrs. Republicans of Davis county ,the delegates of your party in a harmonious and full(exceptiug Milford township) convention, have presented you with a ticket for your support. It is your duty to ratify at the polls the action of your conveutiou. You all know the candidates. They are all wen of integrity, of unquestioned re pulilieauisai, and each is capable of tilling the position for which he has , ' i. . , . . .1 oeeu nomiaaiea. iow let us see what party metat you possess, ut course there are disappointments. There always must be in conventions. The true test of party fealty is faithful ad htieuce after the experience of dia appointment in seekiug a nomination at the hands of a convention. Stand by your colors like men,and eventually ym will all be rewarded. Oue week ai?o last hunday Prof. WLseanda banker bv the tmniA nf JJurr weni up in a naiioon rrom St. l.nuiit Kince that time nothing h 1.0UU. DHje inac time nothing has .? vivivaBui nuu 1x19 f companion, ana mere now seems no . 'doubt but they have been lost perhaps -! BmA nf thA irraat lakPA nr in tnmJ i.r fnrAaf at all eventa. h h hr. -b , ' nMri tvrn wAAtr nrl i gone for neany i wo weeKa ana no ti- dines has come as to his whereabouts, ... ana ma mow cious uuuseuueiices are ; lu.MM.fiP feared as to nis iaie. tequired amount will be raised by the antees of their future. Abilene has an tovnshinnf MUfnr.i rrko , ,sn advantage in the wider scope of comparand L Li i county will tivey level.and exceedingly fertile land, oe neia responsible for a larger Junction Citv has ihpt ndvantncft in r.iil- A COMPARISON. : Hon. J. M. Cooper.of the Chambers-burg (Pa.) Valley Spirit, who recently visited Kansas, has, aince his return home, written a voluminous report of his visit for his paper. We make the following extract: Abilene and Junction City are jealous of one another, and it behooves a man who has friends in both of them, to be careful of his steps, lest he fall and flatten his nose, or get it flattened by somebody's fist.- I shall endeavor to be iust and impartial, and at this distance I feel pretty safe. - - ' - - " Junction City does not present as pleasing an appearance as Abilene, in passing it on the railroad , nor does tie tirst glance at it when you reach the business part quite satisfy the eye ; but it "wears well." It lies too high ahove the railroad to be seen to advantage in passing, and the buildings in the business portion do not present a very attractive appearance, though many of them are highly substantial stone structures. Ornamental cornices on these flat-roofed stone buildings would improve their appearance, though of course they answer the purposes for which they were erected ju?t as well without. It is only when you walk or drive through and around Junction City that you take in the beauty of its situation. It lies on a high and nearly level plateau large enough to accomodate a city of one hundred thousand inhabitants if closely built. The Smoky Hill river is off a mile or so on one side, and the Republican flows down the other, whilst the plateau is backed by a line of bluffs from, which beautiful magnesian limestone (called Junction Citv marble) is quarried in blocks and slabs of any size desired. A public Square planted with trees, embellishes the heart of the town, and many trees have been planted on the streets and in private grounds, but this has not been carried to the same extent as in Abilene. Junction City has some fine dwelling houses, both of stone and frame, large and fine school buildings, and at least one church (Presbyteriau) that would be a credit to any town. Stores and shops are numerous, and some of them are quite large and give evidence of a heavy business. A brick hotel building, with stone corners and window and door sills and caps, is now going up, and when finished it will be larger and finer than any we can boast in the Cumberland valley, as large and tine as our Chambersburg hotels . At Abilene you mav chance to meet somebody who will tell you that Junction City has grown prematurely old and is pretty well dried up : and at Junction City you may chance to meet somebody who y i 1 mildly insinuate that Abilene has grown "too big for its breeches," which will be .rent someday. Junction City, under the influence of the Texas cattle trade, did spring into proportions not warranted by the regular business of the surrounding country, and when the cattle trade went to a point farther west she found one-half of her houses deserted. But the country has been filling up with farmers and the empty houses have been re-occupied, and Junction City is far removed from a dead or a "finished" town. She stands, in truth, only on the first round of the ladder of permanent property, with every chance in the world to ascend very "much higher. Abilene has grown fast and is growing still, but she is not a whit "too big for her breeches." The country around her is filling up fast and will for years continue to fill up. so that Abilene must hereafter do a larger business than she is now doing. Both Junction City and Abilene must and will become large and important places. Their ituation and surroundings are sure guar- lty has the advantage road facilities, with land equally fertile but not quite so deliirhtfullv SDread out. Abilene has some sandv land close at hand that is not a fair sample of the splendid soil of Dickinson county, and Junction City has a line of sand hills back of her uluffs which are verv far re moved from fair samples of the exceedingly rich soil of Davis county. But the sandy land near Abilene and the sandy i i -r . . . r. tana near junction tjitv are but small patches on the broad and smiling face of the counties in which thev lie. Thev would pass for good land in "some of the eastern states. EXCELLENT ADVICE. Fxchange.J - Jut a few words, girls, and don't get mad. Go slow on getting acquain ted with every stranger that stops a day in your town. Men are on the lookout for vouncr women to flirt with. Don't try to be the first to catch a corn- mercial traveler or receive bis com- pany at your homes, or go with him to social gatherings. This class of men make fun of you to your friends. Don't "snub" the young men you know to gain the momentary attention of strangers. It never pays. You may mean all right, but an un just public is sure to bint many wick ed things about you. Many young ladies fall out of notice,- socially, by being ruled by a desire to flirt with strangers. Take the advice we offer and see how much happier you will be when you settle down in homes of your own. Various Causes Advancing years, care, sickness, dis appointment, and herditary predispo sition all operate to turn the hair era v. and either of them inclines it to bed permaturely. Ayer'a Hair Vigor mill rcotnra Ta.iart nratr lir.t.1 I ' vv .ucu bioi "uiheidon r v. uair to a ncn orown or aeep oiacK as may be desired. It softens and cleanses tne scalp, giving it a healthy action, ana removes ana cures oau- dtuff and hnmors. By its use falline nair is cheesed, and a new growth will oe produced in all cases where the folli cles are not destroyed or elands decay ea. ltsetrectsare beautiful! v shone on brashy, weak or sickly hair, to which a few applications will produce the sHosa and freahnpoa nf rnnth Harmliuaa ami nrin ittnnaniinn it iL f-fS n j n U8 operation, It IS especially valued for the soft lustre and I richnpsa of tnnn it imnarta Tt rrxn. I w" Heuw u" uor "J". nu win noc uids npunprn nnr hfa nmi will nnt wiw nunc wuiura, yet ifc lasia ,ong OQ tne hair and keepa it fresh i and vigorous. For sale by ail the deal ers. - Stolloh's Catarrh Remedy. tnu, iPu- i tneria. canser mnntri and hnadnPhA itrtu . 7 tTZ i .1. , v With each bottle there is an ingenious nasal injector for the more successful tftmAn Af thtt nmni.inf ftKM1 extra charge. Price 50 cent. Sold by Bailey & Bowers. sep!3 5m BUSINESS NOTICES. Charm baking powder, best in Ihe wsrld, for sale by John E. Boss 4 Sons. ': The best is always the cheapest If you want choice groceries go to JOHN E. ROSS A SONS, Where you will fiud all kind3 The best sugars, The best coffees, The best butter, , ' The best cheese, The best lard, The best flour, The best fish, The best fruit?, Always on haad and at the lowest prices, aad where you can sell all kinds of farm produse at the best "market rates. Try them and see. LEGAL. NOTICE OP FINAL SETTLEMENT. HEIRS, creditors and all ethers interested in the estate of Catherine Briggs, deceased, are hireby notified that I will make final settlement of eaid estate at the office of the Probate Judge, on Saturday, November loth, at 2 o'clock p. injunction City, Oct. 7, 1879. James Tully, octll 5t Administrator de bonus nm. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION..'.. Laxd Office at Salisa, Kansas, 1 September 24, 1873. j "VTOTICS IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the following 1 named settler ba3 filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and secure final emry thereof at the expiration of thirty days from the date of this notice, viz: Nicoial O. Sorenson.homeatead application No. 13,16 for the north half northeast quarter section !2, to.vnship 11, range 5 east, and names the following as his witnesses, viz : George Beartield ahd Edley H. Norton, both of Davis county, Kansas. T. L. Bond, ocU-ow Register. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. Land Ojfick at Salixa, Kaxsas, September 15, 1879. "VfOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the following .LN named settler ha3 filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereof at the expiration ot thirty days from tha date of this notice, viz: Thomas Freeman homestead application No. 14,043 for the east half of northeast quarter section 22, township 13, range 7 east, and names the following as his witnesses, viz: James Duffy acd S. C. Hoag, of Davis county, Kansas. T. L. Boxr, sep20-ot Register. NbTICE FOR PUBLICATION. (No. 8.) Laxd Office at Sauna, Kaxas,V October 6, 1879. TyOTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the following i. l named svttler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereof at the expiration of thirty days from the date of this notice, viz : John Graves, homestead application No. 13,894 for the east half of northeast quarter section 34, township 13. range 5 east and names the following as his witnesses, viz: M. A. Thoma3 and W.A. Winan, ooin of Davis county, Kansas. T. L. Bond, octll -ow Register. PROPOSALS FOR CORN. Office op the Chief Qcartf.rma.stek, Ft. Leaveswokth, Kan., Sept. 30, 1879. SEALED PROPOSALS, in triplicate, subject to the usual conditions, will be received at this office until 11 o'clock, a. m., on Wedn jsday, November 5, 1879, at which time and place they will be opened in the presence of bidders, for furnishing and delivering SHELLED CORN, in sacks, at Dodge City, Junction City, Fort Leavenworth and Wellington, Kansas, and" Forts Sill and Reno, I. T. Deliveries to commence as soon after December 1, 1879, as required, and be completed by May 31, 1S30. Proposals for quantities less than the whole required will be ieeeived. Preference will be given to corn of domestic production. The government reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Blank proposals, and printed circulais stating the kind and estimated quantities required at each place, and giviog full instructions i to the manner of bidding, conditions to be observed by bidders, and terms of contract and payment, will be furnished on application to this office. Envelopes containing proposals should be plainly marked "Proposals for Corn at," and addressed to the Chief Quartermaster, Department of the Missouri. Ritfits Sa..kton, octll-4t Deputy Quartermaster General. ELECTION PROCLAMATION. County Cierk's Office, Davis County, 1 Junction City, Kansas Sept. 23, l:7y. The qualified electors of Davis County Kansas, are hereby notified, that, at the general Kleetion to he held on Tuesday, November Ju A. D. 1S79. the following proposition will be submitted to wit : To Issue bonds ot Davis eounty Kansas in the amoun t of Eleven Thousand Dollars for the purpose of building certain bridges in said county as follows, to-wit : fceven Thousand Dollars to be appropriated toward the construction of an iron bridge over the Republican, river at Milford. One TIiors-and for the building of an iron bridge ovr Lyons creek, at Fredrick's crossing of te Junction City, and Marion Center State roat$. One Thousand dollars for the building of an-iron bridge over Clark's creek svt Roseyl crossing ot the Davis ereek county road. One? Thousand Dollars lor the building of an iron bridge, over Clark ereek, at the crossing of the Dry creek county road, and On Thousand Dollars for the buildtngjof an iron bridge overClarks creek at Mitchell's mills. Said bonds shall be of a denomination of not less than One Hundred Dollars each, and shall have interest coupons attached, and shall draw interest from date of issue, at a rate of not more than seven-per cent, per annua? payable semi annually, the first days of Jari'-ary and July of each year, at the Kansas Fiscal Agency in the city of New York. Saki bonds shall be made payable in not less than ten, nor ir ore than twenty years from the date thereof and shall not be sold or disposed of at less man par. This proposition is submitted by the boanl of county Commissioners of said Davis-comity by the authority ana under the provisions ot chapter sixty-eight Session laws of 187J. Those voting in favor of this proposition shall have written or printed on their ballots. For the Bridge Bonds," and those opposed, "Against the Hrtclge .Kernels .By order of the Board of comity comrois- 5luutl- ' . r PROCLAMATION OF THE SHERIFF OF DAVIS COUNTY KANSAS. T.DANIEL KIEHL, SHEKIrr Olr DAWS JL Count v. Kansas, by virtue of authority vested in me, by virtue of the proceedings of the Board of County Commissioner of said Davis county as set forth in the foregoing noliee directed to the qualified voters of said Davis countv. and signed by P. V. Trovinger, County Clerk, and clerk of said Board of County commissioners, qo nereoy proclaim lt iSJiiffiihJ I - c . Tuesday ,the 4th day of JSovtmber ISilK asdesignated in said notice at the several election precincts in said county, they are (vi imi iinon to vote nnon tne louowins nrop- ositior , to-wit: To issue Jbonds of Davis county, Kansas, in the amount or t.ieven Thousand imuars ior ine purpose 01 ouiiaing certain bridges in said county as follows. to wit:; Seven Thousand Dollars to be appropriated toward, the construction of an iron bridge over the Republican river at Milford.- one Thousand Dollars for the bui'ding of an iron brids-e over Lyons creek at Fredrick's cross ing of the Junction City and Marion Center 1 State road. One Thousand lKllars for the building0f n iron bridge over Clarks creek, I at Riwpl's rminrof the Davis creek county I road j One Thousand Dollars for the building i v " ."" " ' " . . . - , crowing of the Drv creek county road, and l One Thousand jjouarsiorine ouuaingoiau I iron bridge over Chirks creek at Mitchell s mitlsL The ballots cast at said election shall have ?rinted or written upon them, For the iridge Bonds," or "Against the Bridge Said election shall be conducted tinder the laws of the State of Kansas for the conduct and regulation of elections, and the return thereof shall De roaae 10 me couniy cierR, as required by law. Given under my hand at my office, in the city of Junction tlty, Davis .county, Kansas, I this 25th day ofeptemter. A. i. iw. d.vxiel I 7- st sheriffor Davis County, Kansas URGE I 'f "'jP 1 My Stock is now Complete, spection. All are invited to call TO MOTHERS ! By using our Jacksonville all wool FANCY FLANNELS. 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WESTERN LUMBER CO., Successors to Laney, Dryer 6c Warner, Will contiuue business at the oW stand with a Largely Increased Stock. Having several large Yards in the State, our purchasing facilities are unequalled. : WE DEFY COMPETITION, Either in Prices or Quality. FREE STABLING , In tkfe Yrd. tilte us a call. .; t WESTERN LUMBER CO., P. V. POX7ERS, Manager Junction Cily Branch K! OwEST i TRIUMPH GRAIN DRILL, Hagerst own Grain Drill, 0 Farmers' Friend Grain Drill, a Mowers and Cheaper ALL KINDS OF AGRICULTURAL 1MPLEMENTS.ST COAL, LIME, j CEMENT & PLASTER PAEIS.u Alwavs CASH PAID FOR HOGS. ,T. O. SCOTT, Tth. St., Junction-Citv Kansas. Kill 4. PRICES-! and ready for in and examine. Hay Rakes, 6) than ever. on hand. H 0

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