The Cleveland Star from Shelby, North Carolina on October 5, 1917 · Page 6
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The Cleveland Star from Shelby, North Carolina · Page 6

Shelby, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1917
Page 6
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iuj CijAw.U iiTAi iiLLtiilf H. C HUDAY, OCT., 5, 1917. L - 1 " 1 : 1 1 t -1 in;' ! 1 I 1 ii i' I J, ."i it ": 1 J ' . 'I'M , t f 1 t i 'I 1 i 1 .1 I More Money For Your Cotton! You get abetter grade a bigger turnout and Cleaner Seed, when your cotton is ginned on the inmmius Bm Gin No brushes to "nap" damp cotton, or shorten staple by "gin -cutting" Air-Blast dries, cleans and fluffs the lint makes it worth more to buyers. Look for the Lummus Sign SOUTHERN COTTON OIL CO. 1 Shelby, N. C, 4 Seed For Fall Planting Rye, Vetch, Crimson and Red Clover. Alfalfa, Rape, Turnip Seed, Field and Lawn Grass. If you are going to paint this fall don't fail to see-Webb the Drug, Paint and Seed man. PAUL WEBB. Phone 21. The Rexall Store. SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT OF ALL RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS OF NO. 6 TOWNSHIP ROAD FUND. July 1st, 1917, Balance . . July 20th, interest collected July 28th by W. D. Lackey -.. ...:.$G,772.C7 Catarrhal Cough 1,171.46 8,199.68 Disbursements ........ $1.20 26.36 ..1 6.00 175.60 12.10 1.26 27.50 14.65 .2.86 , 7.35 30.28 137.95 9.05 ' 2.00 3.00 25.00 114.21 12.90 o o-. 3C.0," (i.OU 2 1)0 -: i B moo STOCK OF GOODS YQ'X SALE Wo offer for sale the entire stock of goods belonging to the late M. A. Grieg. We have had a complete inventory made and prospective purchasers can inspect inventory cand stock of goods any time. We desire to sell the entire stock in bulk. See us at once, CLYDE R. HOEY J. F. ROBERTS Executors. DR. J. S. LAFFRTY Practice Limited to Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and Fitting Glasses Office in Royster Building Phone Hours 9 to 1 " 2to5 Total .. ... : July 1917 Paid Piedmont Telephone Company, for phone rent A. P. Poston, for expense trip for prisoner ..... C. C. Spake, for two cords wood W. H, Blanton, for feed supplies . W. H. Blanton, for shop work ........ L. C. Bost, for bread . J G. Dudley, for top soil.. S. P. Pavel, for shop work :....i.i.J-.. The Thompson Company, for lumber ... Major Hopper, for supplies .' Farmers Hardware Company, for supplies ------ --- J. L. Suttle Company, for supplies ..T- ' . Lattimore Drug Company, for drugs , - Coleman Blanton, for helping capture prisoner ----- Cleveland County, for straw v C. C. McMurray, 12 1-2 bushels corn . J. E. Webb, for supplies .... I. W. Wilson, for shop work Eagle Roller Mills, for beans . Claude llarrill, for guarding ..... . 45.00 A. P. Poston, -for guarding . 45.00 John Justice, for guarding 30.00 L. A. Blanton, for one and one half days time 4.50 J. E. Blanton, for one days time 3.00 L. A. Gettys, for one and one half days time - 4.50 W. P. Gold, for two days time 3.00 First Natonal Bank, interest coupons 2,390.00 Turner Graham, for work on well at camp . 3.00 August Paid. First National Bank for interest coupons 25.00 Shunk Plow Company, for royal road blades 21.00 Star Publishing Company, for publishing report 8.0 ) Champion Supply Company, for convict clothing 23.00 Piedmont Telephone Company, for phone rent ' 1.00 O. Poston for hauling 17.50 Eagle Roller Mills, for 12 1-2 bushels corn - - 25.00 J. W. Wilson, for shop work.. J. D. Lineberger's Sons, for 6 Ames Shovels H. E. Kendall, for drugs L. A. Blanton, for freight and express Farmers Hardware Company, for supplies 17,27 Major Hopper, for supplies C.25 W. H. Blanton, for shop work lj.yu W. H. Blanton, for hauling top soil 73.;;:; W. II. Blanton, for feed supplies . 253.99 F B. Blanton, for two loads of slabs 4.00 L. U. Arrowwood, for piping , 23.55 J. A. Iiummer, for hauling top soil 17. 07 John Borders, for hauling soil 25.02 J. L. Suttle Company, for supplies 251.98 LB. Allen, for hauling soil 39.03 C. R. Doggett & Co., for work of mule . 29.00 Good Roads Supply Company for one road drag 23.50 Claude llarrill, for salary J . 50.OO Ab Poston, salary , 50.00 John Justice, for salary 31.00 Griff Borders, for mule four days 4.00 L. A. Blanton, for three and one half days time 10.50 J. E. Blanton, for two and one half days time 7.50 L A. Gettys, for 2 days time '. 0.00 J. 0. Poston, for top soil and hauling 27.07 E. G. Gantt, for freight jr,;; Julius Mull, for six and one half hours haulng. 2.27 Rodney Mauney, for 18 1-2 hours hauling B. Allen, for forty and one half hours hauling S. M. Poston, for 22 hours hauling J. C. Mull, for 28 hotrrs hauling A. I', Poston, for 22 hours hauling First National Bank, f6r five coupons I J. W. Wilson,for part on road contract September Paid. L. U. Arrowwood, for piping 44.15 United Duck Company, for tent top 54.75 J. W. Irvin, for 1000 bundles of fodder 25.00 R. E. Roberts, for one bag beans 4 75 W. H. Blanton, for food supplies 192.45 First National Bank, for one coupon 25.00 W. F. Gold, for supplies 28.75 W. H. Blanton 3, 1-2 hours hauling 11.72 J. 1). Lineberger's Sons, for supplies 1.2,1 S. P. Favel, for shop account 2.75 J. B. Porter, for repairing roads 4.50 Major Hopper, for supplies . .... 9 qo Paul Webb, for drug account 9.40 A. B. Blanton, for shoe?; 15 25 Farmers Hardware Company, for supplies 47.30 J. E. Webb, for supplies j 45 John Justice, for guarding 31.00 C. M. Camp, for hauling 1.70 ,R. E. Campbell, for supplies 10 45 J. M. Gold, for seven hours hauling 2.15 .T. II. Lut., for repairing roads q (:-. Claude Harrill, for guarding 50.00 A P. Poston, for guarding 50.00 L. A. Blanton, for five days time 15.00 J. E. Blanton, for five days time. 12.00 L. A. Gettys, for two days time and express 7.20 Blanton Brothers, for 174 hours hauling 00.90 D. C Weathers, 24 days hauling 72.00 C. C. Owens, for 120 hours hauling 37.72 I T. Gantt, for 105 hours hauling 31.50 J. W. Wilson, for .shop work 4 90 J. L. Suttle Company, for supplies 132.78 Piedmont Telephone Company, for telephone rent 1.00 Grady Wilson, for hauling 21.00 John Spangler, for 120 hours hauling . 35 00 Henry Well mon, for 100 hour3 hauling . 30.00 John Poston, for 80 hours hauling 24.0C Coleman Blanton, for 30 hours hauliig . 9.00 C. D. Hicks, for 45 hours hauling t. ?,Zfj W. P. Wellman, for 110 hours hauling .... 33.00 Grady MetCalf, for 125 hours hauling 37.5 J. M. Gold, for 118 hours hauling :i3.40 G. H. Simmons, for 120 hours, hauling 33.00 L. A. Blanton, for 85 hours hauling 9,".50 Chas. Cornwell, for 120 hours fiauling .. 3c 00 W. L. Si mmons, for 125 hours hauling 37 50 Frank Cornwell, for 115 hours hauling 34 ,r)() F. R. Humphries, Work 03 06 xr w si Rrown. R. P. D. No. 4. Box ' 82, Rogersville, Tennessee, writes: , "I feel It my duty to recommend Peruna to all sufferers of catarrh or couuh. In the year 1909, I took a severe case of the la grippe. I then took a bad cough. I had taken all kinds of cough remedies but got no relief. I then decided to try Peruna. 1 used five bottles. After taking five bottles my cough stopped and my catarrh was cured. My average weight was 115 and now I weigh 148. Any one suffering with catarrh In any form I will advise them to take Peruna,' '. Any cne Suffering with f C ofsvrI in v V VMIUIU 1U Any form i win v Advise them To take Peruna pr5 A r h 4 m A Those who object to liquid medicines can proour Peruna Tablets. 6.47 15.65 7.87 2.10 1.64 125.00 50.00 n TotaI T- $5,834.18 October 1st 1917, Balance 2,365.50 ?8,199.G8 I, Rush Stroup, Treasurer of Cleveland County, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. - RUSH STROJP. Subscribed and swoi;n. to before mc this the 2nd day of October 1917., F. L HOYLE, Clerk Superior Court. k.ii ka &3 Tk ZJ En every tetter to your boy tto tend forces cr the ffesu ssnd.htaM tew bars or a -package of The times when it's hard to get are the times they prize it. They want the lasting refreshment, the cool, sweet comfort of this handy confection. 'After every meal fflma JS7ff &1k.i.'igM JjT-JfV fAX.V)' l'0TtRSfr(0S''C The Luzianne Guarantee : If, after using the contents of a can, you are not satisfied in every respect, your grocer will refund your money. s loasi tter Crisp, crunchy toast dohe to a golden brown, spread with rich, creamy butter that and a cup of good, old Luzianne. There's a breakfast in itself that's hard to beat mighty hard. You buy a can of Luzianne today. If it doesn't go better and farther than any other coffee at the price, your grocer will refund your money, without question 01 quibble. Ask for profit-sharing catalog. lMAfofee The Reily-Taylor Company, .New Orleans 1 ESSE FLOWERS Seasonable cut flowers and potted plants. Homegrown and shipped fresh with each order. Floral arrangements for any occasion. Prompt attention to out of tovoi orders. SCHOLTZTHE FLORIST, INC. Phones 441, 442. Charlotte, N. C. 4 Paul Webb, Shelby Agent. '.. at Evans R XZJ" F K W in J& v,hn 2 y ,TV i ne man Shoes; and Hats, see Evans o who buys early will jsave money. BraycJ. .. ,

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