The Cleveland Star from Shelby, North Carolina on April 6, 1917 · Page 1
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The Cleveland Star from Shelby, North Carolina · Page 1

Shelby, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1917
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, ,. Work tbe 1 jjiiotyjie '.Way Let 7 r v - : - ' Published' Every. Tuesday and Friday The Oldest and Best Paper, in This Section. rW Figure on i our Work. Thone No. 11 VOL XXV. NO. Zi THE CLEVELAND STAR, SHELBY, N. C. FRIDAY, AFRIL 6, 1917 $1.50 A YEAR IN ADVANCE 71a Sgaa-'M-Alfl W WAR RESOLUTION PASSES SENATE PLANS MADE FOR ARMY OF MILLION House was Expected to Pass War Resolution Yesterday Afternoon Germans Trying to stir up Negroes Government to stop Exorbitant war profits Congressmen threatened. Washington, April 4. The resolu-.'10)1 declaring that a state of va.-exists between the United States and (itTuiany was Passed in the Senate t, .night by an overwhelming major- li will be taken up for passage ;n the House tomorrow. The war resolution was passed by he Senate tonight by a votl' of ?1 ;u tl. It goes to the House, where .jfi,ate will begin tomorrow mor.iing ;it in o'clock to continue until action taken. Senator-; wh.i cast the negative vetes were: (Jronna, North Dakota; La Follette, Wisconsin; Morris, iseurasKa; Lane, vfu:; Stone, Missouri, and Varda-, .Mississippi. The resolution, drafted after con sultation with the State Department and already accepted by the House t'onimitreo, says the state of war trust upon me unnoti aiaies ny Germany is formally declared, and directs the President to employ the tire military and naval forces and . r --uiiive- of tin' Government to ;,rrv on war and -bring it to a suc- --fa! termination. I.aFollette Denounced A il'.n in the Senate camu just af-,r 11 i.Ylock at the close of a de-,iti that had lasted continuously ,;i,e in o'clock this morning. The ;::i;'-: wa- reached late in the af-rn v In n Senator John Sharp '.Viiiiiii;..- renounced a speech by Scn-'ollette as more worthy of -I- voi: Bethmann-Hollweg than ' ::. American Senator. T:i- ;i.c--agi' of the resolution was tii ' r-: by any outburst from t:t!!eries and on the floor the ,-. :m' r- themselves were unusually .r:i-. e 1 cpiiet. Many of them arts--.. ,,: : . ; i i ' ! names in voices that i'v I with emotion. The galleries were filled to over-S..wir.g, and on the floor back of the S.nators' seats were almost half the mUr.-lmi of the House. In the ::p!oniatic gallery was Secretary Lansing Counselor Polk of the State Apartment, Minister Calderon of K-!;via and Minister Ekengren of In. Earlier in the evening !oc-t'-r Kilter, the Swiss Minister in tharge of cferman interests in this 0"untry, had been there. Secretary McAdoo was on the r during the last few hours of the debate. As the last name was tailed and the clerk announced the vote 82 to G, there was hardly a murmur of applause. The great crowd was awed y the olemnity of the occasion and sobered by the speeches they had heaj-d. An Army of a Million Detailed plans of the War Department for raising an army numbering millions, if that is necessary "to 'bring the Government of the German Empire to terms," were placed in President Wilson's hands in the form of a bill prepared by the Gen-tral staff and reviewed and revised :n part by Secretary Raker and the '-'neral c tlieers who are his military advisers. Secretary Baker said today that the bill would go to the House and Sr,ate Committees as soon as the war resolution had been adopted. Major General Scott, Chief of Staff. "1 explain the plan and the military 'a-ons fur the need to train the "amber of nien- the bill will produce, believed to be not less than two mil-1:r. within two years. I" the Navy Department, Secretary "' -el, announced during the day -t contracts for approximately two hundred submarine chasers or coast ;'"tr)f boats had been let and addi-tlonal contracts were being signed each day. -Preparations to take into the ser-1 a huge flt.t.t 0f small motor-"aft for inshore patrol work also fe being completed, 'erman Kfforts to Arouse Negroes gingham, Ala., April 4. Re-'is that agents of the German government are using Elm Grove, a ro settlement near Greensboro, to lea(1(luarters for a capipaign 'J!,01'6 Southern negroes against ;ne Government of the United Sta-' today were confirmed by local wal agents. The activities, ac- . t , viiiiv.lttis nave f a- belt fl th tobacco nd cotton ol Georgia, Alabama, the Caro- "1 Parts of Florida, with Cv .,efforts however, have met ?ro"lltU 'sympathy among the ne- who have pledare themselves ilidntVn3UlnbrJB t0 8Upport the thev Tj ":'Kier wnatever service J could to the Nation in case of t.. farme7 hav reiched here that some agricultural districts have formed Ku Klux Klans to meet possible uprisings or disaffection, j Government agents declared today that information reaching them leil 'to the belief that in the event war w?lh Germany is declared, efforts iwill be made by German agents to induce negroes to migrate to Mexico with a view to crippling industries in the South which depend on negro labor. Stops Exhorbitant War Profits Washington, April 4. The (Jovernment has invoked for the first time its drastic powers to strike a death blow at exhorbitant war profits. Under authority of the last naval appropriation bill, a manufacturer was directed to furnish a large 'order of war supplies at a price fixed by the (Jovernment far lower than the figure voluntarily submitted If the order is not obeyed the plant will be taken over and operated by the (Jovernment. Oflicials would not disclose the name of the manufacturer nor the 'agency through which the order was given. Europeon Governments are paying an average of 10 per cent profit on war materials purchased i:i the I'nii-ed Slates, it w;is asserted authorita-jtively that the (Jovernment of the j United States intended to buy its' l"w:. supplier at less tfu.n that rate jof j rotit to the seller. Germany is Stronger Than Kver j London, April 4. Germany is .stronger today than at any time dulling tiie war. and the retiiement of jlier armies in France nit an thai sh" is moving back in the hope of In -jcoming still stronger, according to General Sir William K. Lolurtsu,,, : Chief of the Imperial Staff at Army 1 1 leaibjuarters, who addressed a conference ,yf the trade unionists today, .explaining the Government's proposals on man nower. Congressmen Threatened Several members of Congress turned over to the Department of Jus tice today telegrams and leters i threatening their lives for supporting the war resolution. The Department's agents are seeking the send-eils. TAX LISTERS APPOINTED COUNTY OFFICERS FORBIDDEN FROM BECOMING SURETY ON NOTES, ETC. JAILER ALLOWED INCREASE FROM I". TO 65C FOR FEEDING PRISONERS. At the regular monthly meeting of the county board of commissioners Monday at which all five members were present, an order was passed forbiddinir bonded county officers from becoming surety on money obligations, the tax listers for the scv-jeral townships were appointed antl the pay allowed jailor R.- R. Lackey ior ieeoing prisoners was auwuin-u ifrom 4"c per day to ti."e per day, the result of high cost of living, j The surety order reads: "It is ordered by the Board that hereafter all ! county officials who are required by Taw to give official bonds for the faithful performance of their duties and for the safe accounting of public funds passing through their hands, be and they are hereby forbidden to become surety on obligations involving the payment of money antl they are forbidden to incur liabilities of jarty kind which would tend to in anyway jeopardize the public funds which are placed in their hands by law." 1 Tax Listers I The following were appointed tax listers for the year 1917: No. 1 J. 'A. McCraw; No. 2 J. W. P. Hill; No. 3 W. D. Earl; No. 4 Forest Floyd; No. 5 E. L. Whitworth; No. fi J. Frank Williams; No. 7 J. G. Lattimore; No. 8 Andrew J. Lattimore; No. 9 W. A. Gantt; No. 10 S. T. Carpenter; No. 11 J. C. Newton. I Two Townships Want Road Bonds I Two orders were made for elections in No. 5 and ! townships to vote on $40,000 worth of bonds for each township to budd good roads. 'Attorney C. R. Hoey found conflicts in the general laws and before the 'elections are called he is getting a ,'ruling for the attorney general oh the interpretation of the laws. One 'general law says counties can vote .bonds for good road purposes, the elections t be held May 8th and by Jf tfcn cflt.P which . usuig uie vi vi 4 a u v. v- will sell bonds at a much lower raw of interest than a county or township have the money at 5 per-cent. which will pay interest and mature bonds in 41 years. Another law reads that townships cannot take advantage of the state's credit in this manner without first waiting three months , to see whether the county .EVERY. CHILD IN COUNTY COM-accepts 'the' proposition. It is thought I MENCEMENT PARADE WILL however, that the elections will be held but Mr. Hoey is waiting to find out whether they shall be May 8th or three months later. The following bills were ordered paid and other business transacted: J. M. Carpenter, bridge work $58.GG J R. Reynolds, feeding prisoner $8.23 N.'R. Morris, lumber $9.12. (). V. Warlick, building till $12.50. wnatever the weather might be. He I!. F. Lindsay, d. s. services $8.40; i feels that if the smaller children are W. C. Barnett, bridge work $lt.25. unable to come, it is unwise to post-Mau:iey-Green Co., supplies for pone exercises and if the larger boys Philbeck $12.15. and girls are able to get hi-re for the 1 Rush Stroup ,pay roll culvert work $04.20. I C. P. Peeler, building pier $1.1. ! Noah Hamrick, lumber $li. 07. I M. P. Harrelson, lumber and nail $1.0.1. I M. M. Mauney, lumber $118.82. I W. H. Hoyle, bridge work $5.50. I C. J. Hamrick atl Sons, nails and iron $8.70. ' IG. A. Given, bridge work $4,).2.. West Disinfectant Co., disinfect ant $17.11). stenographer I.. I.. Perkins, court .i'.i.ou. t ,-.. IV 1... 1 ( . - U - I i letunont. leiej'iione i o., iooiie ini, ami calls $;. 'U. J. J. I'ruett, officer on grand jury J?l'i.lH). ! K. I!. .fill. K. M $.",0. J. M. M. (' i.ammore, county pnysieiaa (Jidr.ey, farm dem ns'rator, l.ondoii, judge election Kliis, freight and dravuge ?2.7b Southern Express ("o., expre.-s (He City Cafe, fteding jurors .1.2ii. The Printery, envelopes .1.12. News Pub. Co., jirinting and ad vending;. K. 1.. Wilson, granted release oi j-:; I'.i real estate, error. Good Roads Supply Co., hammock: for jail J14.70. Rutherford county, expenses pau per H. :',"). Star Pub. Co., printing and atlver Using $ printing and atlver- News Pub. Co tising !"). L. A. Humphries, serving notice CUc. R. A. Whit", bridge work $1. I.NZ. Huffman, bridge work $i.2.. A. R. McN'eilly, bridge work $47.71 Herndon and Hambright, bridge iron antl bolts $!H.2:.. C. G. Poston. xpense prisoner $I.40. E. W. Dixon, calling court $12. Arey Bros, auto for jurors $6.50. L. U. Arrowood, cement $136.50. School District No. 78 election or- dered. Shelby Hotel, feeding jurors $18. W. D. Lackey, postage and tele- grams $16.34. Plato Grigg, trip to Morganton $10 Contract made with J. A. Smith ifor hire of Roy Degree. J. C. Eaker, service $2. Young and Boyles, part burial expense Eliza Rcvis account pension $20. Farmers Hardware Co., hardware $19.95. Town of Shelby, in stallment on pavement $277.44. Hannah Whitworth ordered county home. Mary Dellinger's allowance dered discontinued. W. D. Lackey, sheriff elect, pre- sented his bond and took oath of office. H. T. Fulton, service as county commissioner, Dec. 4th 1916 to April 2nd 1917, $49.50. Dr. J. G. Html, damage to land account of road $100. C. C. Martin, culvert work $9. County Home Bills Hull Pros., dry goods $8.84. J. L. Allen, groceries $3.34. M. A. McSwain, groceries 3".c. f'avl and Oxford, shop work $1.15. J. TV. Wilson, shop work $2.10. Farmers Hardware Co., hardware $9.63. W. B Palmer's Sons, groceries $8.45. Tom Tucker, 1 month salary $19.50 J. L. Suttle Co., dry goods and groceries $62.64. I J. C. Mull, salary and help $;!). Total county home $173.98. (JO TO CHURCH ON EASTER It is the solemn day of the Lord's resurrection. "Now is Christ risen from the dead." Make one in the great congregations which throughout Christendom acclaim the rising of Christ and gain in spiritual richness by the acknowledgment of His Lordship. Bow the head and bend the knee in gratitude to God for the passing of winter's perils and in joyful anticipation of spring and summer. It is time for prayer. Join the worshipers. Evans E. McBrayer, the store that satisfies. adv. FREE FLAGS FOR THE CHILDREN BE GIVEN A FLAGFLAG SALUTE ON COURT SQUARE ,F TEIt PARADE. Although it was raining yesterday ml looked like ur.favorble weather , for county commencement exercises .tomorrow, Sunt. Irvin held out none for a clear sky, warmth and sun shine and said the commencement ex- ercises would not be postpone various contests to be held in publ uuimoiffs amiui me cny, tne day will .be worth while and much good oc-complished. This will be Cleveland county's i.j ..i .... . i . . , (fifth annual commencement and with iavorauie weather, the largest crowd ,in all history is expected. Hereto- fore occasions of this brought 8,000 or more kind have people to- I gethe.r. With several mills agreed to snip worn on mis uay, special ac- in-uc- commodation on the railroads ami terest aroused by reason of the i :ccssiui commencement exercises 'u , . , :ccssful titr iisi, ,nr. irvin COIlUtiently ex ( peers tne largest educational rally the history of Cleveland. I Tomorrow will be a sort of latent iref , none occasion and this is opportune in view ol the impending war witn tne imperial (,erman Gov- upon j( am tnat it take steps not ernment. The county Hoard of E.iu- ony ( ,,ut t)u cuntrv in a more cation at their meeting Monday plac- thorough state of defense, but al-o e.l an order for :!,0(M) flags which will jto exert all its power and employ all be given to the children who partici- ,jts resources to bring the Govern-pate in the parade. These flags are nl(.nt of the German Empire to terms m staff-, and are 12x.)i; and 5 1-2 by 7 ar,i t.m thl. war." When the Presi-1-2 inches. Each child in the parade -tnt ha.l finished speaking, resolu-will carry a flag and after the par- ti, t tleelare a state of war exist - ade is over they will salute I "Old Glory" on the court I tr w .... i large square. ! rungs .Mountain will linng a large flag, so will Patterson Springs and the. Junior Order will furnish a mammoth Old Glory to be carried at the heatl of the parade. The Junior Order flag used on this occasion will be formally presented to the Shelby school on a later date at which time some speaker of note will deliver a patriotic fraternal address. 'seeking no indemnities or material The baseball game, in the afternoon compensations for the sacrifices it gaged to furnish music ami the shaH makl.( the United States must .awndale train will carry special per the war, the President said, to ( coaches to accommodate the travel' ,,1 the world safe for democracy from upper Cleveland. The train willas only on(, of tra, champions of the .remain over in the afternoon until lights of mankind, and would be sat- after all exercises are over. ,jsfied whell those right,s were as se- The committee on athletics is com-Jcure as tnt fai,h anil frce,lom of Na- posed of S. C. Lattimore, Prof. Sb-ari and Frank Orr. Races will be run around the square where the asphalt paving furnishes an excellent track .for running. As is noted elsewhere :jn thi s issue, automobiles will not be allowed to. park on either side of the sireeis arounu ine square. The basebal lgame in the afternoon will be between. Fallston and Kings Mountain, while Kings Mountain basketball team will either play Fallston or Elizabeth. Exhibits have been coming in i'aat and will be on display in the Graded School building. The exhibits which have always been a great feature of county commencement will be much ! better this year than ever before. 'crediu t0 those Governments so that to The eighth grade of Kings Mountain the resources of America may be ad-will send its entire exhibits which ded g0 far a8 possibe t0 theirs. or- ,won first prize at the school fair held i "Organization and mobilization "of , there a short time ago, while the 'aU the mieTla resources of the I, rover school has engaged eighty square feet of space for its exhibits. Important Meeting based on the people of universal The Board of Trade in the very be- liabili(v t0 service, and the authoriza-ginmng decided that anything tion of addUiona increments of 300.-done for the good of the county would oon fh as theV are needed or can be good lor the town, therefore a committee on Agriculture was appointed consisting of Col. J. T. Gard ner, C. T. Hord, W. J. Arey, and Dr. R L". Hll!)orKl'r' ' -1 . I i 1 1 1 1 1 , I (I Ki M ' . I .... 'I U . , 'committee met yesterday afternoon and agreed to recall a conlerence ol the farmers and dairymen of the county to be held next Saturday, Ap- nl 7, at the court house for the pur - pose oi seiecung a sianuaru graue oi cattle for Cleveland county antl to discuss a proposed plan to bring sev- I l l .. I U-...I ......... :- e.a. car ,oaus o. u.e oreu ue to the county. All are agreed hat th ht of thp executive (iepartments Cleveland county is well adapted to,which will be ch d witn the con. the cattle industry and this move- jduct of the war and be besought con. ment on the part of the Board of lsideration fo r them in that light. Trade should meet with hearty co- Ppo.;Hont h,snn., Bn.rancP he- operation on the part of the farmers ttlu uuir men. iur. ail-) , iriMcaeiik- ing the State Department of Agriculture is in Shelby today and will remain over for the conference Saturday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock. He will give an illustrated lecture in the court house at this hour, using some very interesting slides that every one 'should see. STOVE WOOD FOR SALE J. D. Lineberger's Sons. Also Clevelan Big: Boll Cotton seer. PRESIDENT WILSON CONGRESS TO DECLARE THAT STATE OF WAR EXISTS Army of half million more men is asked Course of German Government is nothing less than WAR against Government of UNITED STATES Wants full co-operation with Entente Allies. Washington, April 2. President Wilson tonight asked Congress, assembled in joint session, to declare a state of war existing between the United States and Germany. In a dispassionate but unmeasured denunciation of the course of the Im perial German Government, which he characterized as a challenge to all mankind and a warfare against all Nations, the President declared that neutrality no longer was feasible or !lesirable when the peace of the world was involved; that armed neu- tralitv had become ineffectual enough at best, and was likely to produce I what it was meant to prevent, ami urged that Conirress accent the guage of battle with all the resources of the Nation. "I advise that the Congress de- "i dare the recent course of the Imper ial German Government to be in fact m nothmtr less than war ni'MinKt the Government and people of the United States," said the President, "that it formally accept the status of bel- j ljrent, which has thus been thrust were introduced in both houses !0f Congress, referred to appropriate committees and will be debated to- morrow. There is not doubt of their passage. The objects of the United States in entering the war, the President said, were to vindicate the principles of peace and justice against "selfish and autocratic power." Without sel- fish ends, for corunlest or dominion. tions coul.. make tht,n. To Help Other Nations The President's address was sent in full to Germany by a German ofli- ;rini nws a,r(.m.v' fnr nublication m that country. The text also went to yann, ami a summarv of iN eon- tents was sent around the world to 0ther Nations J To carry on an effectjVe warfare against tne German Government which he characteri?ed as a "natural 'foe to Hbrty" the President rec- 'ommended: j..Ulmost practicai co-operation in and action wilh the Govern- 'raenlj a,ready at war with Germany, I e., ,,,,; r literal financial 'country. plenum Full equipmcnt f the Navy particularly for means of featuring with 'submarine warfare. "An army of at least 500,000 men. be handled in training. "Raising necessary money for the United States Government ko far as possible without borrow ing and on the asis of equitable taxation A 11 nrnnnrn t inne: iho Prpcid on t urged ghou,d l)C ma(iu jn sui;h way a . not theck the f,ow of war supplit8 to the Nations alrtad in the RM ' ;ngt Germany. , m.nnpmlinn ItPMiiaht w Measures to accomplish all those ends, the President told Congress .cus UK woul( beprest,nted with the best, fore Congress was mapked by a scene of the greatest enthusiasm ever shown since he began the practive of delivering his addresses in person. Crowds on the outside of the Capitol cheered him frantically as he entered and as he left Congress roared cheer after cheer in an outburst of patriotic enthusiasm. From the galleries the only members who appeared not to be joining in the demonstration were some members of the group which the Presi- (Continued on Third Page) ASKS ARMY OF A MILLION Will Have Been Marshaled if the Ifalf Million, Asked by President Wilson Are Added to Full War Strength. Washington, April 2. Army and Navy preparations were believed by officials tonight to have reached a stage of guaranteeing against all immediate defense needs, ami insuring that the more sweeping steps Congress is expected to authorize can became out promptly. During the day more National Guardsmen were called into the Federal service for police duty, making a total of more than 60,000 of the State troops now assigned to guard against internal disorders. The War Department also announced that in order not to handicap Government construction work, all Guardsmen who are Government employes of private plants doing (Jovernment work will be musteretl out. The guard organizations called out today are as follows: Virginia Fourth Infantry, First and Second Coast Artillery, Battery D., Field Artillery. West Virginia Second Infantry. Vermont First Infantry. Connect reilt Second and Fourth Companies Coat Artillery. (Jain in Recruiting Returns today from recruiting sta tions showed big gains in the number of men accepted b ythe Army and Navy. During March the train in the Army was 5,723 ami while de clining to go into details, War De partment officials said the total strength was nearing the authorized peace maximum of 120,000. The daily returns to the Navy Depart ment showed that today hail set a new record with 73 applicants accepted. Another indication of the Govern ment's preparations for a large army-was evidenced today in the announcement that the old Fort Ringgold military reservation in Texas has been restore to the War Department for military purposes. It is assumed that the transfer was made to provide training space. War Department plans for the mo bilization of a wur-Jjme army has been completed for some days, and are ready for submission to the mili tary committees of the House and Senate. No details of the proposal to be made as to the method of as sembling the force have been given out, but President Wilson's words to Congress tonight indicated the scope of the first step to be taken. , Officers for Army The War Department recently di rected that sixty or more non-commissioned officers and enlisted men from each regiment in the regular army be selected by their commanders to form a provisonal list of men available for duty as ' officers. No examinations were required. These lists now have been completed and with the steadily increasing Officers' Reserve Corps furnish six or eight thousand men who will hold commands in the half million army to be mobilized. Officials of the Army General Staff ire virtually unanimous in believing that troops should hot be sent to the battle front with less than twelve months intensive training. If the plans adopted call for 500,- 000 Federal troops in addition to bringing the present regular army and National Guard forces up to their maximum strength, the United States army would number more than 1,200,000. GET You a dollar bottle of KEN-TONE, TIIE SYSTEM BUILDER for 50c. This offer will close Saturday night April 7th. See coupon in this paper, cut it out and send or bring it and get the dollar bottle of KEN-TONE for 50 cents. KENDALL'S DRUG STORE Ken-Tone will put VIM in your entire system, Color in. your cheeks, will build and strengthen you in ev ery way. Get you a bottle NOW. Special Attraction at the Princess Come out and hear Professor Gray render music on our Seeburg Photo Player. Music to suit the picture Toay is your last chance. adv. Evans E. McBrayer always has th style of collar and the color of tie you are looking for. av. 1 1 !- 1 1 y i ; ''. i.f" , . ,' . , 1 .1

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