The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1890 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1890
Page 7
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IOWA HTATB NBW& LIQUOR DEALERS WILL FIGHT. Result of the llucnnt Orlfflnnl-PJiekjige Decision In KniiAaa. A systematic scheme on the part of the liquor mon of Iowa to bring- back the original package to a loEfal lifo was "iiscoverod in Fort Dodge. A number of the mon who wore openly engaged in the original-package business last summed received circulars purporting- to come from tho secretary of "The State Original-Package- Dealers' Association." Every saloon-keeper was urged to contribute liberally to a fund to be used in an attempt to secure an injunction restraining Iowa courts from prosecuting original-package dealers under the old prohibition law. It was claimed that a recent Kansas decision gave good ground for such action. Wnltor \Vnn surprised. Walter A. Koss, of Minneapolis, arrived in Fort Dodge, expecting to be married to Minnie Culloy. Boss had been engaged to tho young lady for some time, and had a cozy cottage in Minneapolis ready for her occupancy. Ho was astounded to find that his prospective bride waa the wife of Prod Reese, a former lover, to whom she had been engaged before she met Ross. The girl had changed her mind at tho last moment an I persuaded her father to accompany her to Sioux City, where she was married to Itoose. | Snnday-Rnat Convention. At the State convention of tho Sabbath-Rost Association in Uurlington it was resolved to petition the State Legislature to so amend the Sunday laws that public officers who willfully neglect or refuse to enforce them shall be fined and deposed. The opening of the State fair and the Sioux City corn palace on Sundays was condemned, and a petition would be addressed to tho Columbian commission against the opening on Sunday of the exposition or any department thereof. { loirn O.M-Fellows. At the Grand Enoampmentof the Iowa lodges of Odd-Fellows in Dos Moines, the report of Grand Scribo Garrett showed that there are in the State ISO encampments with a membership of 4,699. Now officers were elected as follows: Grand Patriarch, J. C. Koonz, of Burlington; Grand High Vrlcst, S. L. Winter, of Woodbine; Grand Senior Warden, J. S. Bellamy, of Knoxville; Grand Scribe, William Garrett, of Burlington; Grand Treasurer, J. Norwood Clark of Iowa City; Grand Junior Warden, S. P. Smith, of Iowa Falls; Grand Representative, Herman Block, of Duvonport. Strange Deatli of a School Girl. Miss aiina Huddle, ag;ed 16 years, whose parents reside at luka, 111., had for some time resided with her sister, Mrs. Spencer, in Des Moines, attending school. She mysteriously disappeared and her friends made diligent search, aided by the police and citizens, and in three days her body was found in the river. It was undoubtedly a case of suicide, though no possible motive could be given. The National Guard. Governor Boies has commissioned the following officers of the Iowa National Guard: William W. Foy, Second-Lieutenant Company D, Fifth Regiment; James Lucas, First-Lieutenant, same company; Lyle F. Button, Socond-Lieu- tonant Company E, First Eegiment; and Matt Leech, Captain Company K, Fifth Regiment. >• An Important Decision. Judge Shiras, of the United States District Court at Das Moinos, made an important ruling involving Iowa's prohibitory law. He ruled in effect for tho regulation of sales of liquor whether in original packages or not, and held such cases must bo sottled in State courts, and through them in tho United States Supremo Court. News m Itriet. Rev. Henry A. Rogers, pastor of Forest Avenue Baptist Church in Des Moines, died the other morning aged 43 years. The proprietors of the Central stock yards in Sioux City, who are completing an extensive plant there, announce their intention to put up a paoking- . house at once equal to any in that city. Michael Cannon died at Davenport from the effects of burns received while sitting in his chair. His clothing took lite from sparks from his pipe while asleep. All tho saloon-keepers in Sioux City wore arrested by order of the Mayor and lined $50 each. Jacob Kleiner, of Highland, 111., was found doad in his room at a Davenport <I«.) hotel. He blew out the gas. Counterfeit silver dollars to a considerable number have of late mingled with tho common mass of money in Fort Dodjce and vicinity. A a-yoar-old child of Mr. Vanderplate, living two miles south of Sioux City, was instantly killed by a runaway team. At Ccnterville a passenger train on iho Keokulc& Western railway struck a wagon containing 1 Isaac Bremer, wife and won. killing thorn instantly. Nicholas Wills, of Palon, Webster County, a bad-ridden cripple for four years, says he has been entirely cured by a faith healer from Des Moines. Th« recount of Iowa City taken b. the Census Bureau gives the city a pop* illation of 0,684, against 5,638 by th« JUIMJ count. <''.lonol William Pattee, of Janesvjlle, died in Cedar Falls. Ho was the Democratic Auditor of the State under Governs iiotupatead. The Western wheel scraper works, «in ploying 400 men, will remove from Mount. Pleasant, la., to Aurora, IU The latter towa gives eighteen acnes ilUAJ. •'?.»'.),O'JO GUSli. Joint Oldham, aged 30 years, who bai Louii living with bis married brother four wilos south of Burlington left suddenly lor parts unknown with all th» juoaey s»ved by bis sister and her husband. .folio H. llarned, a Chicago traveling }uo4)%0 near Oilman by %||MaTx yhp *et U/u t,w the building ftB<T^l^j|j|, jpr»y. NON-PARTISAN^ w, c, T. u, A Nitlonal Convention of the Organlca* tlon to Die Heltl In Allegheny City, ta., November 19 to 81. CLEVELAND, O., Oct. 29.—the following call for a National convention of the Non-Partisan National Woman's Christian Temperance Union was issued Tuesday; "To THE NoN-pAtmsAN TEMPERANCE WOMEN op inn NATION: A little over nine months ago tho reasona for an uacompromised, unequivocal ana untrammeied National organization of temperance women were given to the public at larfte, followed soon after by a rallying call, not only to the members of Non-Partlsan Woman s Christian Temperance unions and members of other unions opposed to tho partisan alliance, but to women outside of tho organizations who are in sympathy with our principles and methods, to attend a mass convon- tlon In Cleveland, o., January 33, 33, 24, 1890. This convention was attended by women from eleven States and the District of Colum- ma and its outcome was the organization of tho Non-partisan National Woman's Christian Temperance Union. "Inobedience to a provision of tho constltu- tlon adopted ut this convention for the guidance of tho new organization, which stipulates that this association shall meet annually In the month of November,' we call upon tho dole- gates from all auxiliary State unions, chosen upon tho basts of one for every 100 paying members, and delegates from unorganized States and Territories on the basis of one delegate for overy 100 members or fraction over fifty, to assemble in Allegheny City, Pa., to transact the business pertaining to the first regular meeting of the Non-ParMsan National Woman's Christian Temperance Union. To this mooting wo invite all women in earnest sympathy with us, oven if they can not constitutionally bo members of the convention because lacking tho required constituency. "Let nil who bolievo with us that alliance With any parly whatsoever tends to hinder if not defeat genuine temperance work feel themselves specially invited to this first regular meeting. The discussion of vital questions will be helpful to all and dispel the mists that befog so many minds. "Tho reasons which led to this separate organization still exist. Although this movement has led the parent society and many of its auxiliaries to repudiate partisanship by official utterances and otherwise, the tacts remain the same and tho necessity for a new rallying center for tho non-partisan temperance women of tho Nation has been further emphasized in the experiences of the year. Out platform is broad enough for all. Neither denominational creeds nor party preferences are a test of membership nor of loyalty In tho new organization; total abstinence from allintoxi- eating beverages, fealty to gospel temperance work and the payment of dues is the simple basis on which we unite for the extinction of the deadly enemy against which we are arrayed. "The non-partisan party has just received triumphant vindication in Iowa by a vote of 315 to 63 in favor oi severing its uuxillaryshlp to the partisan national. Tho Pennsylvania meeting, held October 22, was one of tho most notable conventions on record in that wide- awake State, brinping together representatives from moro local unions than the old organization had at the end of the first six years of its existence. Maine has attained remarkable growth in six months, and the work gathers momentum 'as the days are going by.' Ohio has added nearly half to its former membership within the year. "These facts, too, go to show that the nonpartisan movement struck a responsive chord In this country, which will continue to vibrate till a great army Is enrolled under the standard, to hasten the emancipation of America from bondage to drink. The principle, no partisanship in temperance work, but the fullest liberty outside tho organization for tho exercise of individual political preferences and rights, commends itself to fair-minded men and women in the country at large. Come, therefore, one and all, not only delegates from organized States and unions at large, but any woman who believes incur platform and principles, come to the National convention of the Non-Partisan Notional Woman's Christian Temperance Union at Allegheny City, Pa., November 19 to 21,1890. "Delegates and visitors should send their names as soon as possible to Mrs. H. C. Campbell, 187 SandusUy street, Allegheny City, Pa. "ELLEN J, PHINNEY, President, "1243 Lexington avenue, Cleveland, O. '•P. JENNIE DUTY, Vico-President,. "180 Arlington street, Cleveland, O." GAVE UP HIS SJCRET. An Incllanlan on His Death-IJecl Confesses to a Murder Committed in 1874. COLUMBUS, Ind., Oct. 39.—About the year 1874 a stock-buyer named Jamison from Ohio made his appearance in Brown County, the wildest county in this State, not even now having a railroad. He was known to carry big sums of money with him. He stopped at the residence of Elisha Curry for the night, and was never heard of afterwards. His mysterious disappearance at this time created considerable stir, as Curry bore an unsavory reputation and was suspected of many lesser crimes. The matter soon blew over, however,, and has been buried in profound silence ever since until Monday nipfht when T. S. Flag- gott revealed the terrible secret which has been weighing on him for years. Just about ten minutes before his death he stated to those about him that he and Curry and another man had murdered Jamison for his money, and did secure 51,800 cash off his person. Curry has been dead six years, and the whereabouts of the other man if still living are not stated. A CRUEL DISEASE. Terrible Itavagea ot Diphtheria In a WU- oonalu Family, DODGEVJIAE, Wis., Oct. 29.—Robert Paul's family at Middleton has been fearfully afflicted by diphtheria. About four weeks ago a stray cat came to their home and one of the children handled and played with it. Nothing was thought of it until the little boy came down with black diphtheria of the most malignant kind that the doctor said he bad caught from the cat. He lingered for a short time and died; then Alva, a lad of 14, took it and died. The father, mother and daughter were also stricken with 'the terrible disease, but recovered. Allen, the only remaining son and support of bis parents, oared for them all through their terrible sickness, holding one of the boys when dying aod preparing them for their last resting place with his own" hands. Then the disease took a bold on him and he soon died. Quick Justice Jo Tenue»»ee for Three CUl- <?(U»o MEMPHIS, Tenn.,Oot. 29.— As 4$ ample of quick justice this city furnishes t&e following: At 3:45 Tuesday morning Charles Davis, James Dallas and Pat Glavin, three Chicago crooks, robbed a jewelry store of $400 worth of watches and at 4:30 were in the station-house. A preliminary egMniaatioa was held, they were indicted fey ti»e gran4 jury iu the afternoon aad senteifoed t,o three years' IwpriwjjMftt fc$ lo^pen. ** 10: W »., and W«*»ta#W% A CLCSTEft bF BRILLIANTS. HUSBAND—"Let us go to tho lecture to-night." Wife-"! have nothing to wear." Husband—"Then let us go to tho opera.'' . ETHEL—"So our Benedict is married at last. Cupid conquered h»m. w Maud —"No. It was cupidity. He married an heiress." ' HUSBAND—"When I made your acquaintance, you wore quite a nice girl with only one fault." Wifo—"What was that?" Husband—"You wore not marriedl" CmcKEinxG—"Some of the new houses up-town are so narrow Wiat a piano can not be put in." Baus (excitedly)—"You don't know tho rent of the houses next door to them, do you?" IP there is ever a time in life when a man gets thoroughly disappointed, it is when ho persuades somebody to get him up a dinner of the things ho used to like best when he was a boy. MRS. BJINKS—"Did you have a rouph passage to Plymouth tho other day, Mrs. Bjones?" Mrs. Bjones—"Well, I should say wo did. I tell you, I hove a sigh of relief when I set my foot on dry land once moro. And frankly, Mrs. Bjinks, between you and me, that was all thorn was left to heave." PECULIAR INFATUATION. In- Different Blothodo of Following the Junction "JLovo One Another." Do men ever fall in love with each other? Women do. Not long ago a young woman in New Jersey vv-as married to a youthful laborer on her father's farm. Sometime afterward it was discovered that the kus- band was a female; the young wife refused, however, though earnestly entreated by her friends, to give up her chosen consort. Tho strangest part of tho discovery was the fact | that the bride know her husband was a woman before she was led to tho altar. If men do not cxh.bit this strange infatuation for one of their own sex, they at least oftentimes give evidence of tho fact that they love one another. There are many instances on record where one man has given his life for another. There are many more instances where men have given lifo to another. It is a proud possession—the knowledge that one has saved a precious human life. Meriden, Conn., is tho home of such a happy man. John H. Preston, of that city, July Hth, 1890, writes: "Five years ago I was taken very sick, 1 had several of the best doctors, and one and all called it a complication of diseases. I was sick four years, taking prescriptions prescribed by thsse same doctors, and I truthfully state I never expected to get any better. At this time, I commenced to have the most terrible pains in my back. One day an old friend of mine, Mr. R T. Cook of the firm of Curtis & Cook, advised mo to try Warner's Safe Cure, as he had been troubled the same way and it had effected a cure for him. I bought six bottles, took the medicine as directed and am to-day a well man. I am sure no ono ever had a worse case of kidney and aver trouble than I had. Before this I was always against proprietary medicines but not now, oh, no." Friendship expresses itself in very peculiar ways sometimes; but tho true friend ts the friend in need. "AT least I can take things in a philo- bophical way," said tho burglar, as he lifted out a pane of glass with a rubber sucker.— Elmira Gazette. 81OO Reward. ffilOO. The readers of this paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure HI oil its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is tho only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease, requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surf aces of the system, thereby destroying the foundation «L, fi, K ea l°'-i'? nd £"^8 tho Patient strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have BO much faith in its curative powers, that fhey offer «1»0 for any case that it fails to cure.Send for list of testimonials. F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, Too, ' ' ' «— « Pins*BUBQI.AK— "Good Lord! let's run; hero comes some one!" Second Burglar— "O! come on; it's only a policeman."— Hoosier. a Excursion to JMiddlotborouirh, Ky, Nov. 7th and 8th.—Hulf Fare Rate. Tho Middlesborougrh Town Company, who are carrying on vast improvements wantoli classes of skilled labor. Mechanics are sure of employment at good wages, investors of large profits either in purchase of lots or engaging in mercantile pursuits.. Assistance is promised by the Company to business men of limited means. 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Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute. THE poet is an idyl fellow, and that's probably why the public stanza verse to being ode by him.—Binghamton Ledger. •>. AN ^x. one ° 9n te ^ Carter's Little Liver Pills, they are so very small No trouble to swallow. No pain or griping after taking. FANGLB—"The "brunette over yonder is a Boston bred girl." Cumso— "Oh! I see! Brown bred, too."—Yenowintfa News. BBOXCHITIS is pured by frequent small doses of Piso's Cure for Consumption. §1-8 cured bij awarding t q ._ W f - m littf H Borne? !«* "No other Weekly Paper gtou tuch a rarttty of Entertaining and In»tructtoe Reading at to low SPECIMEN COKES AND PUI.I, ANNOUNCEMENT "WILI, BE SENT ON APPLICATION. Illustrated Serial Stories. The Serial Stories engaged for the year will bo of unusual interest and Finely Illustrated. Through Thick and Thin ; by Molly Elliot Seawell. Nepigon; by C. A. Stephens. Kent Hampden; by Rebecca Harding Davis. Futeika; by Hjalmar Hjbrth Boyesen. 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