The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1890
Page 5
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1 tbeir TflS SPOIUNEJ3XPOSITION. Ool. CVittutoek Writes About the Agrlcul. , tttfftl, Mineral and Art Exhibit*—The Vole for the lotva Block. SroKANK FALLS, WASH., | October 20,1890. f Editor Republican: Notwithstanding the criticism of the U. D. M. for your Bourse in publishing an occasional letter from me, I still think it no sin, nor harm, and therefore write again, leaving it with you to publish or not, as you think best. That criticism, if carried to its logical conclusion, would exclude from the papers everything which comes from outside their own narrow circulation. I have always supposed that the idea of one people, one country, and one flag, was as broad as the nation itself, and that the prosperity of one locality was the pride and not the envy of all. The great event in the Gem City this year, and the theme that is upon every tongue, is the opening of the Northern Industrial Exposition. It has now been open to the public nearly three weeks and the interest manifested on the opening day has steadily increased, and particularly during the evening, when it is brilliantly illuminated with a thousand arc and incandescent elec- ^ j lights. The musical program, tinker thC combinea management of tlie tfar ifameu 1 IIun K ari a n band and the •consolidated ^ and ot ' the 2ml ««inient, Oias.attracted m^ 1 '^ the manv lovers *of sweet Jiarmony; . and tbe y are iin Qpokame. Cliicag^i wer, .Ban Francisco, Tlarge .citfies, have for •expositions, for the purpose of 'before rthe people an aggregation ^specimens-of their products, but..,.. Jkane iia >tbe only city of its size in th# -world 'that 4ms ever attempted an exposition of this character and magnitude. Not'only ;the people of Washington, but Idaho anfl northern Oregon, have .recognized theimportfmceof this undertaking and have put forth .strenuous efforts tto make a creditable display of the various cereals, fruits-and mineral productions of the different localities. Columns cou'ld be written in description of the many wonderful exhibits, but I well mention but a few. The highest record of wheat that I saw was ( 101 bnshels per aore. Sixty, 70 ami 80 %ushels per acre were quite common from most all portions of the state. I ^presume here, MS In older states, tire anany failures and light yields were not mentioned or on "exhibit. Com. in my judgment, in this latitude is a most ' dismal failure. I saw but one exhibit that was worthy of mention, that would compare at all favorably with Iowa, and that was from Key, Perce county, Idaho. That was a very creditable exhibit for any climate, but the conditions of its growth I did not learn. A squash at 149 and a potato ut 4* Ibs. Is the lead in these vegetables. Bat soil under the sun can produce finer -potatoes,beets, turnips, and in fact all vegetables, nor in larger quantities than are grown in these northweftern states. I judge by the products of this season only, winch are on exhibition here at the present time. Peone prairie, 5 miles to the north of Spokane, has a display of grains, fruits and vegetables which would attract universal attention, even at & world's fair. The fruit exliibit from Ellensburg, Yakima, Walla Walla, the Palouse country, and some portions of Idaho cannot be overestimated. The apples, peaches, pears, quinces, plums and grapes, were a surprise, not alone to the thousands of visitors from the fine fruit growing regions of the eastern states, but to the older residents of this state as well. I have visited the finest fruit regions of California and I never saw finer looking fruit, and if my memory of taste at that time is correct, I think the California fruit lacks the fine luscious flavor of these Washington fruits. The exhibit from Adams county, which is among the finest that I saw, is in charge of a Mr. Hutchiason, & gentleman whose presence, if once seen, will not be easily erased from tlw cemetery of ones memory. Mr. Hutch- is an exhibition of the possibilities of this wonderland, standing seven feet and two inches in height. He ex- plains'the exhibits from his county U?ith a sauvity that is entertaining and Instructive, and discourses learnedly upon the atmospheric changes of the higher altitudes from actual daily ex-: perlence. Col. Thomas, of Mictrigau, said yesterday: "You can see farm nm'a» chinery and art' galleries at any.expo- sitlon. but the equal of the agricultural exhibit here cannot be found anywhere on earth." It is useless for one who is not an and Salmon river, embracing e08 frot n "early 600 mines, and all with.'" a radius of of 50 or 100 miles of SpokanC 1 * of which it is as much the natural centt't' «s tlie sun is of the solar system. The art gallery, » room 150x75 feet, contains much to attract the eve of the lover of this art. I understand a car load of these pictures were brought here from the eastern cities. We were attracted by a mob of people around a very unique pattern of a crazy quilt. We found it to contain a block pieced by the ladies of the W. C. T. U. of each of the separate states, in the center of which was tlie signature of its governor. We feasted our eyes upon the well known signature of "Wm. Larrabee," and were proud that we had lived in that the grandest old state of the union. By paying 10 cents we could vote upon the prettiest block. We put in our mite and cast one more vote for old Iowa, knowing that under the aegis of the old flag in Washington and under the banner of the W. C. T. U. it would be counted as cast. We were pleased to see the loyalty of the old citizens, as the vote of that block was far in the lead, but as we stepped away we had to make a mental reservation that South Dakota had a most beautiful block. Hut I fear I am encroaching upon your space and will only say that all "he Algonians are in the best of health and are seemingly prosperous and contented, j. M. COMSTOCK. THE COUNTY NEWS. Teaohers^Dega^tment WKSMSY. I'lUNCIl'AI/S KOOM. Enrollment an Average belonging ....'..' £4 Average attendance '.'.'.'.""m Cases tardy A Truants 3 Visits by the school' officers! '.'.'.'.'.'.'. 2 JIISH 1'KTTIHONK'S UOO.M. Enrollment 49 Average belonging! '.'.'.'.', 45 i Average attendance .'.'."" '42 No. neither absent nor tardy 28 Total enrollment .... g^ Average number belonging !!.'.'." "TH Average attendance. ."73 A. A. SIKBUT, Prin. We can only present "a starter week for our Teacher's 1ID11T. Special Correspondence. Nov. 3.~IIenry Wilder is ..„ a house east of. the depot. had a>»" airie fire totla y caused park- i torn J 1 " engine north of town 1 . AU niv'ailable J orce in town and many fiifmtei^ frmied 01,'* and extin- guished'it beltotte'ift reached- Mrs - Coster's housel Business coiitthuetf gowt Dr. Garfield and ! a young friend of bis paid our town a vm» on 1 Saturday last. Both rode bicycled ftotn- AJawna and ai'ter taking dinner at C'. F, Stow's and a pleasant visit with our people generally returned home tbesato&way. Our people were delighted V> see' him ami all admit when taking Ms T&years of age into consideration thai it was a me sight and shows that the Doctor uis vigor and courage notwithstanding us many years of toil, and we Iiope he will be able to visit us the sarr* way :or many years yet. Will J. Easterly is not so well,lmving taken a backset Saturday night and is quite sick, but it is hoped will be-out again in due time. Mrs. Mary E. Lloyd of Cedar' Bapirls lectured on Thursday evening last to a rather small house, but the lecture was very good and should have been much better attended than it was.' Grant Whitney's new store building is progressing. Bessie Mayhew and Edith Cork are on the sick list at present. The Good Templars elected officers Friday evening last. The creamery company held a meeting on Saturday and decided to put «in a feed mill in the near future. i..v ,"""• j -^"^«^^«- o Department, but expect to furnish an interesting column m a few weeks. All teachers a u in y ited to assist by the way of contributions in making this department of the UKPUULICAN a success. This column is open to the teachers of the county for the discussion of all topics of interest to the educational world. Will Bowen commenced his school a week ago last Monday. lie lias a fall term m the C. E. Walker district. Miss Florence Thompson commenced her school in Greenwood township last Monday. Hard ou Helen Hunt. Conundrum.—Where will all those Democratic editors that have lied so outrageously about the McKinley bill go to whon they die? Ans.—To Helen Hunt Jackson. BS'-Old school books wanted. Must be complete and m good condition. DCKAWT Bnos. »S W .°"H cajTthe attention of our Iowa Norm ff aCt that the ^ ortlier . a irsiM/rf 4 JJ i A ^ . oJi *'•' ^* Jj ItSinOSH U Hi" verslty, located at Garner, Iowa is now SKtitSfttettS"** Notice, Mint my n ue. home without j,.,, any bills which .site of this notice. Notice .. ToOhttrtes J, Clarke ...Jy, has left mi that I will not pai ontract after the date PJtrrcK CABMODY. Tax Deed. IrSr l o? rt w?H«M' |l tV l f rtel ' IMIteroi NCCCUili Milrt.V- range SO wns H0 |,| by of Kossuth tlie ton from of Certificate. Notice for Tax Deed. To Mary C. Fnrlmid : wttot-fteA S &«^ t ^^'^S*Sj ^^^KxwSx r»e%t T^-£^^$Z® Holder of Oertincate. Notice for Tax Deed. 'q_Andre\y Fulton': eby notified tliiit on the >T,-!. e £ 011< V vl "?, < i pscr1 ^ 11 rp!l1 esl; »te -- ••• '""' county of Kos.sutli. and sfnti. uf own. the north half west rtt- aiul outliwesMmai-H'r of southwest <nia t •• of iSe, 8 townshli. inn range w was «olj by M c Treii. 1 irerof said county to (ieo.U, Call who is now hi'iei'f. Tliiit Hie rljjht of i'i>ile»ii>tlon' w?l1 xnire imd n deed forsal.i lanrl he made m ess edeinptlon troin sueli sale he mnde within •-'.y days from the comi'lt-lo ayrviee of this •* BIG IN VOICED -OF- CROCKERY, GLASSWARE AND LAMPS AT THE CASH STORE. a Few of our Bargains: WE ARE AGENTS FOB ROCK SALT. All kinds of 5 cent, yeast for Soda per package Axle Grease per box Lewis Lye per box Uloss Starch per pound Clothes Pins per dozen .03 .05 .06 .10 !oi I'atert this mm day of o«l, A. 1). ixno. 3-5 (,K O . 0. UAI,L, Holder ut Ct-rtillciite. Original Notice, TATEOF IOWA, U c< KosSUtl) County. )• ?. A! ford, Jaiiiee Ciilhman M al, Defendants To Phoebe .T. liprnard. Uefeml-.uit: Vn,, o,. u l,n,...l... llotlnw , t|mt "• Townsend & Langdon title in . In J«« > iislilpiiuinbnr"mie"h'imdre('i ,„.., •••••-•• '". iiilljjfl number t\V(!iitv-nim> tw\ ^fiMrcSffi^^^!"*® ^1 O l^TYl I AOTIC1 AT °» 7 ' y auda half, and 8 ncr i arm Jboan^G'orpaHssr. &«£>% | ^f^^^^^m^^^/ torert oan be paid at my office, ' * B . . Save money by calling on me before you apply for Loan. J. W. BARTLETT. M. LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. ^^^^^^!L^_^__ M. 2. GROVE, MANAGER. Vour cough will not last all winter- You will not be kept nwake at night- You will get immediate relief if lou will use DeWitt's <-ough aad con- anmption cure. Sold by Dr. Shectz. HOUSE TO BKNT. Inquire of Miss Jennie Mclntyre. O-ffl , M , in said county, on DecHiiiber. A. I), mil, default against you and judjrn ent and «i!wl iiieivou. J,o«ic A I.FOKJI, 1'laintiit'. BUFFAI.O Special Correspondence. BUFFALO POKK, Oct. 29.—August Swanson and Albert Olson are building the chimney for the church. The little girls' mite society will meet at Mr. Butterfleld's next Saturday. Miss Myrtle Hunt is teaching the granted school of four scholars in the adjoining district. Cold weather is pinching the birds and news all out of the country. . ^..^ ^ ^ ^ __ Alg'onu District Conference. The People's Farorite Remedy, «fte most perfect specific ever formulated for the successful treatment of bronchitis-;, catarrh, liver, kidney and 1 stomach trouZ>^ le, coughs ov colds. Try it and you wiW never do without it. Asfc your druggist L. A. Sheetz. ' 44 tf Headache is the direct result of indiges-' tion and'stomach disorders. Kemedy these by using DeWitt's Little Early Risers and ybur headache disappear*. The favorite little pill everywhere. SbM by Sheetz. Fred' Willson keeps the Iowa> soft coal for sale. Best in the market. Our friends should give DeWitt's cough and consumption cure a trial. No disappointment follows the use of this reliable medicine, and it merits-the praise received from all who 'ise it. Sold by Sheetz. Choice new B'uck WlVeat Flour and Maple Syrup at the Cash Store: Fon SAMS:— A. BTiglv Bicyle in good' condition'. will be sold at a bargaita'.. .liepubhcan office. Safety The wheel Call at tlie expert in the technology of the mineral products of tliese widely scattered and diversified miues to attempt even an ordinary description of the very exten- ,siye display of the mineral products of [this vast field. You can imagine a >ace 100 feet by fifty literally covered r specimens, in fine cabiqets and up- stair tables, of all tlie ores and tea found in old mother eajith. Jjere i laid before you ou a rniuiag > Whole modern pefcbod* of ort Below we give the program of the Algona District Conference which will be held at Humboldt, Nov. 11—13: PJUST DAY, TUESDAY, Nov. 11. 7:00 P. M. Song Service, led by A. W. Luce. 7:80 Epworth League: Relation to Worldliness, C. F. Kirk. Relation to Literary Culture. W. D. Phifer. Relation to Biblical Instruction, R. Bagnell. SECOND DAY—WED—MORNING. 9:00 Devotional Exercises, S. Callen. 9:30 Conference Business. 10:30 District Stewards Meeting. AFTEKNOON. 1:30 Devotional Exercises, E. Robbins. 2:00 Atonement, Necessity and Nature of A. S. Black 3:00 Evangelical Convers'n, A.W.Luce 8:45 Proper attitude of the Methodist Minister toward so-called liberal Christianity, F.II.Sanderson. EVENING. 7:08 Song Service, led by A. W. Luce. 7:30 Sermon—Deity of Christ, A. S. Flanagan. TmiiD DAY-^T/HUBSDAY—MORNING. 0;00 Devotional Exercises, A.G. Ward. 9:30 Conference Business. AFTERNOON. i : §9 5«yqtlon^j._ .. E,L, Thompson, , . . 2:00 Relation of Methodism to Missions, Wm. Whitfield, IW4^? emj , . 2:45 Church Extension— What? W, W. Tyrrell. 8:15 Claims of tlie Freedmen, H. DeLano. 3:45 Our ChurcU Publications, B. L. Stevens. 4:15 Pensioning the Veterans, V. H, BigUmy. EVENING. 7:00 Song Service, Ie4 by A, W. Luce. 7:80 Sermon— Salvation, P. Q. Hanna. - -**Hfcp . 4 comototo stock of /or tJie f»il trade. We sell more of Do Witt's Little Early Risers than any other pills their action is easy, do not gripe or cause pain, are the best regulator of the liver, stomach and howels.—L. A. Sbeetz; New line Men's Clothing at Galbraith's. A Twaay In Texan Wrlteo: My case is of longstanding; has baffled many physicians; have tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradlield's Female Regulator is all that relieved me. Write The BradfleW Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by Dr. L. A. Sheetz and F. W. Dingley. 51.2 Matson, McCall & Co. have ou hand a complete line of feathers, plushes, Surrah silks, fancy veilings, etc. You will do well to give them a call before purchasing elsewhere. From many hundred rheumatics comes the welcome news that the Infallible Rheumatism Remedy is the best they ever used, for rheumatism of all kinds Rheumatism is a blood disease and to be cured must be treated constitutionally with this the only sure remedy on the market. For sale only by Dr. Sheetz Constipation poisons the blood; DeWitt's Little Early Risers cure constipatian. The cause removed, the disease is gone—Sheetz Matson, McCall & Co. have on hand a large stock of fine felt hats, which they will dispose of at remarkably low prices. If you want an Overcoat or a Suit of Clothes look at Galbraith's. DeWitt's Little Early Risers: only pill for chronic constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia. None so good. Sola by Sheetz, Ladles Have Tried It. A number of my lady customers have tried "Mother's Friend, '* and would not be without for many times its cost. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. R. A. Payne, druggist, Greenville, Ala. Write Bradfleld Keg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Frank W. Dingley and Dr. L. A. Sheetz. 31-3 FOK SALK-*-TWO storm windows 30x %9 inches and two 27x64 inches outside measure. The four windows will be soW for $5.00. Inquire of Willis Hall- OCR at BEPUIJLICAN office, Acts at once, never fails, DeWitt's cough Qua cooflumption cure. A remedy for antbiua and that feverish condition which aowmpanJief a severe cold:—Dr. Sheetz. To sad for the People. Do you want a »ood, square meal? . Do you want t^ood, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass Do> you want to trade or sell yonr farm or otlher property?, Db> you wa»i! to buy a farm or unimproved land on tony time- with but little- or no cash paytnmnt??. D6 you : want wo make a loan on your rarm at the jowes* current rate of inter- eat and favorable Berms? BoypuvvantiiDj-Hiing in » legitimate line of banking? For.any and all of the abo^fe, please consult B. M. Uicltmoiid at the Commercial Hotel and Farmers' and 1 Traders' Bank Block, Bancroft, Iowa. ttHiSrfF»^»T« ? ss^."^ ,j mu tJieieoi /n 6V^n §100 fit any time wfi#B Interest full**. aue. This is Iowa Money, afld no secottd morttratre w mimnna oV*a duc e eT,IsT±tS" <>f ™M»]o a n will en-MoliTCrS to re- n-mf M«n«H K i ll f a 1 y i lrtle alld save tlle Merest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address, HOXIE & iSEAVEK, Algona, Iowa. Farm Loans, Abstracts, At Lowest Eates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office; If you want a loan call on< us. we can save you money. JONES <fe SMITH. IT WILL PAY YOU TO CALL AT IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF WinMe Bro's. Stoves or Hardware, G. M. Howard +~ ______ DEALER IN STOVES, TINWARE, CUTLERY Rhfllf WflTft' T&klfrinrv Oain+n /~WV~— TUT \_ •_ «i f . ^^,_ "Hello I Tom. Glad to see yon, old fellow J It's almost ten years since wo were married. 816 downr let's have an experience meeting. How's tlie wife f" "Oil 1 she's BO-BO, same as ueual.—always want- Ing something I can't afford." u Well, we nil want something more than we've got,. Don't you?" 'Tea : but I cneas' want will be my master.'' B Blotted to keep down expense*; and now 111 say* I'm 'mean,' and she's tired of saving and never having anything to show to It. I saw your wife do wn street, and she looked as happy as a queen! " - -. — ~ . . — - - . — — ~r,^ - wB.i.^a ww «*t»C^>J ••• W U UVUt«t 4 "I think she i*; and we are economical, too,— Imve to be. My wife can nuke a little eo further tliaii anyone I ever knew* yet »he'g afirays surprising we with eome dainty contrivance that adds to the comfort and beauty of our little home, and she's always 'merry aa a lark.' When I ask how (he manages It, she always laughs and Bars: ' Oh 1 that's my secret! • Bat I think I've dis- covcred her' secret.' When we married, we both knew we should have to be very careful, but she mode onecondittoa t she would have her Magazine. And she was right 11 wouldn't do without^ my* self fop double the BnbscripUon price. We read H together, from too title-page to the laat word: thertorteskeep onr hearts young; the §ynop«i» of Important events and scientific matter* keeps me ported BO th« I can talk understanding^ of what U gotag on: my wife is always trying some new idea from the household depurtment; she makes all her dresses an<J tkoeefor the children, and she gets all ber pattern! lor nothing, with the Magazine; and we saved Joewhen he was «o sick with the croup, by doing jost as directed in tha eanterijui Department.^?! I can't tell you h»lf i'» •Wnttwonderful Jftea»inel»ttt" »»r^fliiH5fw^-" And I told her» was an ertr»7a«»nce.' "Well, my friend, that's where yoa made a grand mistake, and one you'd better rectify an eoon as you can. I'D take your 'sub. 1 right here, on my wife's account: she's bonnij to have a china tea-set in time for our tin wedding next month. My gold watch woa the premium I got for getting up a club. H««> » eopy, \,ltn the new Premium list for elate,—the Wgaest tiling out t If yon don't fee In U what you waju, you've only to write to the publisher and U1J kl«i woat you want, whether It U a twk-haavmeroy a new c*rriage,and he will make apecUl terms for yon, either for a club, or for part cash. Better subicribe right off and surprise S^&.^feJ^<P^i3«^»T8««y*S?! . — wwted so bad, " . . . ~ fty times t in six mouths. Or Bend 10 cents direct to the publisher, W. Jenning* Demoieet, 15 East 14th A Liberal offer. Only $3,1O for Algona Republican Clothing Ijave-jiust added to our stock a; fine line of Clothing wMvk we vrill sell at bottom* prices-:. If you are> in need of a Srait or an Overcoat call in and; we will tty and suit you both in Quality and Price; Our Stock Of Dry €roods, Notions, Boots and Shoes*, etc;, etc-., more complete than ever before. G, L, GALBRAITH & CO. J ..-.:, ^_ __„ .^^ •^.•-f ^^P^ HEADQUARTEE'S Oau supply you with everything you want building material and fuel, And Don't You Forget it —AUyeW^leytoOaU^tr--P Taylor s New Office

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